Bruins-Leafs Pregame

Tim Thomas is expected to start tonight for the Bruins against the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is the first meeting of the season between the division rivals and fan favorite Phil Kessel makes another return to the garden. Kessel is still goal-less against the Bruins as a member of the Maple Leafs.  With Johnny Boychuk out, Adam McQuaid will get his first look of the season, most likely paired with Matt Hunwick as the third pairing. Also in Boychuk’s absence, Andrew Ference is expected to join Chara on the top defensive pairing. The Bruins depth on defense is now questionable, especially since Boychuk regularly receives top pairing minutes. The forward lines are expected to remain the same and expect the powerplay to continue to utilize Bergeron and Recchi at the points.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been on vacation in Texas for the past week. It was 85 and sunny everyday.  Sorry to rub it in.


44 Responses to Bruins-Leafs Pregame

  1. JRy says:

    Time for a Lucic- Komasarek fight….

  2. Gcole says:

    Anyone know what the crowd was cheering after seguins goal, sounding like something about kessel?

  3. Bruins says:

    So epic that Seguin scored. Stamkos-like release right there.

  4. ELWOPPO says:

    I hope thomas gets the S ……T!!! Im not gonna jinx it! I have him in my hockey pool! Come on baby!

  5. Craig says:

    Not sure if I missed something since Horton fight, but where is Horton

  6. Gcole says:

    Marchand has some moves man.

  7. ELWOPPO says:

    I love u thomas! I alwayz had faith in u! Good for u, defenatly the MVP for us thus far! Maybe even the whole League?

  8. JRy says:

    Seguin officially staying.

  9. UEDkop says:

    Only negative I saw during that game: Horton’s streak coming to an end.

    Gotta love who he dropped the gloves against though. Gotta hate the ref’s misconduct call.

    • Bruins says:

      BS call. Phaneuf took a cheapshot after Horton took him down. What’s he supposed to do?

      Funny thing is that Horton made a beautiful turnaround feed to Krejci along the boards before Krejci got it to Chara, who got it to Bergeron for the goal. He was just as instrumental in that play as anyone.

    • #4 says:

      Its ok he still won a fight. Showed a bit of a scary side to him Phanuef didnt want anything to do with it. Except for the opportunity to throw a sucker punch at the end.

      And Bergy proving me wrong, he can still rip that puck. Now he just needs to do more of it.

  10. Gcole says:

    i know this is completely random, but did manny fernandez die or something? what the hell ever happened to him?

    • #4 says:

      He’s enjoying a life of Burritos and Corona now for all I know.

    • pearson says:

      he put up relatively good numbers with us that one year…. the next year teams were turning to huet, legace and garbage keepers like that. i always wondered the same thing.

  11. ELWOPPO says:

    Eh #4 its 4pts in 7 games but i like your thinking!! lol

  12. ELWOPPO says:

    Just curious as to why the anouncers here in toronto said that sturm was a week away and savard 3 weeks away from returning to the lineup? But than I read that sturm said a reurn in November would be tough? And Savvy Dec-January? What do you guys think?

  13. backbruin says:

    I like the chemistry right now, and feel we don’t need to rush “anyone” into this lineup right now!

  14. bruins4eva says:

    am i the only one at concern…cuz lastnights game was scary…there were WAY TOO MANY TURNOVERS in our own end….by everybody..and luckily thomas stands on his head cuz we could have easily lost that game 4-2 thank god for that whistle when the ref lost sight of the puck when kessel got it…its a shame cuz if Rask was in there he might have given up a goal or two cuz we are giving up the puck in our own zone way too much

  15. backbruin says:

    I think you will see a move in the next 3-4 weeks as sturmy and savy are on the horizon. Tons of rumors that Keith Yandle could be coming to beantown.

    That kid will be deadly and could be a staple for our defense!!

    I’m all for it savy,wheeler,ryder get it done!

  16. backbruin says:

    Well i know this will be met with friction but i have to say it. There is no better time to dump salary in the form of Tim Thomas then right now!

    We all know he won’t keep this torrid streak up and with some of the injuries and starting goalie troubles around the league, a huge opportunity is at our midst!

    Not with our heart but with our minds let’s all consider what max value means when trading. I think with Timmy’s start he is at his most maximum value!

    5million get’s Seguin signed and allows us some cap room to grab a quarterback like Yandel and to give us room at the deadline to make some key moves to hurdle us towards a CUP!!!!


    • JRy says:

      I like it. However I think a complement to rask is necessary even if it isn’t the caliber of Thomas.

    • N.Horton18 says:

      I have said that all along his trade value has now tripled so dump him for picks and get another quarterback like yandle or someone who is a good puckmover.

  17. N.Horton18 says:


  18. Bruins says:

    Best defenseman that might become available this year would be Pitkanen, and even then I doubt he’ll be moved.

    • BACKBRUIN says:

      I disagree were not the only team struggling with the cap, and that will be the reason a bigger name dman will be moved!!

      Yandel would be fantastic….but i’m not getting my hopes up!

  19. zamer says:


  20. Vince Mendella says:

    Let’s Go B’s!! Keep it going. 1-0 B’s!!

  21. Gcole says:

    These penalties are BULLSHIT!!!

  22. Whopperfoo says:

    Totally agree with the Byfuglien move!

    BTW – K-tapp’s purple milf shirt is huggin the cows so well.

  23. Bruins says:

    What is with you people and crazy trades? Byfuglien was JUST acquired by Atlanta and he’s playing awesome for them. Why the hell would they trade him and Ryder and Hunwick for him? Jesus.

    These refs are BS tonight. That Wheeler call made zero sense. Nice snipe by Krech though.

  24. Vince Mendella says:

    How about the call on Campbell? By rights it should have been both of them not just Campbell.

  25. Gcole says:

    How the hell did they manage to be 3-0 after two…

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