3 up 3 down


1. David Krejci. After two mediocre games Krejci was back at his peak. He was back to playing his crafty, patient and well rounded game. When Krejci plays games like this, he shows why the Bruins consider him a number one center.

2. Tyler Seguin. Earlier this week Seguin was informed that he will be with the Bruins for the duration of the season. That news may have contributed to Seguin’s game tonight. He looked much more relaxed and comfortable on the ice, with and without the puck. He added a powerplay goal with a beautiful pass from Mark Recchi.

3. The fourth line. This line continues to impress with the energy they bring. Marchand really adds an element that was seriously lacking on that line in the past.

Obviously Tim Thomas. Wow is he on fire. Third shutout of the year.


1. The refs. Horrible calls again tonight. Campbell and Wheeler receive the only penalties when clearly there should have been matching calls, to say the least. Chris Neil attacking Seidenberg at the of the game and only receives an extra roughing call. A blow out and an enforcer goes after a guy obviously not looking for a fight, should have been an instigator.

2. Jason Spezza. Pretty invisible in his return tonight.

3. Hunwick/Seidenberg clearing attempts. Obviously not much negative for the Bruins tonight. However, both had a few bad breakout passes/clearing attempts which resulted in immediate chances for the sens.

53 Responses to 3 up 3 down

  1. Jefe77 says:

    Well I guess Timmy isn’t done yet, and continues to defy the odds. We gotta get Tuukka going though.

    Everything the Bruins have needed to do, they have done. If they continue to shore up on defensive mistakes which they have game by game, we’ll be looking good to take the conference from Washington and Pitt.

    Marchand needs to stay.

    Go Bruins!

  2. Seguin>Hall says:

    I love the team right now… Marco and Marc should take their time!!!

  3. Gcole says:

    wheres all these oiler shit stain fans coming onto this site to talk shit about how halls so much better then seguin, or the toronto fans thinking their tough shit after starting 4-0. what have they done since? lol. fail like usual.

    anyways tim thomas is a fucking god right now, cant say anything else.

  4. willisss says:

    I thought hunwick had a real solid game tonight

    • UEDkop says:

      Seidenberg and Hunwick have been a GREAT D pairing. Seids is riding a three game point streak and has been the third star in the last two games. He’s lookin real good.

  5. ryan says:

    ok here is my thought… the bruins look like the best team i have seen since ive been alive. everything is going perfect but we do have a problem. what happens when savard and sturm come back? do we trade ryder/wheeler/danny/sturm? i think we cant send caron to providence because he is deffinitly nhl ready and has been putting up great #’s. i love our team and i just hope peter and the jacobs family dont fuck this one up. maybe 4th line of savard, sturm, and either (marchand,cambell,thorton) i love them all haha!

  6. seguin>hall says:

    Although wheeler has looked good this year, bringing a lot of intesity, the guy can’t score in a whore house. He’s the expendable one in my opinion

    • Gcole says:

      Agreed, wheeler has nothing on savard or sturm. And as far as what to do? In all reality SOMEONE is probably going to be injured sooner or later so it’ll give way to get rid of wheeler and bring in sturm and savard

  7. Whopperfoo says:

    Yea wheeler or ryder are the duds to go. Ooops, I mean dudes. If we have to package them up with hunwick and/or a pick, so be it.

    • #4 says:

      and Paille probably too. I think they need to chose Thornton or Paille because marchand has basically taken Paille’s role over. Id choose thornton every time. Heres what I see happening (perhaps)

      To PHX:
      Tor 1st 2011

      To Bos:
      Kieth Yandle

      To ????
      Wheeler or Sturm

      To Bos
      mid pic/?????

      • Jefe77 says:

        Phoenix won’t trade Yandle. Those rumors got hot before management came out and identified him as a franchise player.

        It would be great, but Yandle aint going anywhere.

      • Mate says:

        thank GOD you are not the GM you sound like a retard, hunwick? ryder? and a Top ten pick!!!!! for who? you must be retarded. And what the hell is to???? wheeler or sturm for ??? omg you need stop writing in to this blog you make bruins fans look bad

      • #4 says:

        Pretty sure Ive never seen you before and I ve been here for 2 years. Why dont you go play with the little kiddo’s at the maple leafs board. Because Yandle is an Upcoming franchise defenseman and ryder and hunwick are an ounce of effort away from being pylons.

        Do you know how hard it is to draft a franchise Dman? No because your fucking stupid and no shit of hockey.

  8. #4 says:

    Absolutely great game though. I spent last night going hard at Sissy K’s, Kitty O sheas, Clarkes and Sullivans(briefly). I was one of the Blues Brothers with a Sexy Vampire date. We were with a group of chilean miners if you saw us. Woke up this morning hurtin haha.

    I watched the game heres what I noticed:

    Tyler Seguin did you see him burn alfredsson/clarkson with those 2 strides to get his goal?? Damn that kid can skate he might be faster open ice then Phil.

    Horton needs another goal, I wish he had that Breakaway goal. But Lucic all of a sudden can finish like he’s always been doing it.

    Krejci/Siedenberg back to form, not that I ever doubted them but they are 2 great 2way players with offensive smarts.

    Jordan Caron wow. Just wait 3 years guys this kid will put up a 40+ goal season just watch him around the net. He will be a force.

    The father the son and the holy Tim Thomas

    Go bs go

  9. Gcole says:

    WOW tim thomas didnt make one of the 3 stars of the night according to the nhl?? WHAT!? ARE THEY RETARDED?

    • Craig says:

      Thomas wasn’t worked that hard. The other goalie’s made more saves, and the other had a hat trick. But keep it up Timmy.

  10. WARD says:

    why break up this team. you have to get rid of one player in ryder who is actually playing good and sturm why does everyone on this damn site want to trade 4 to 5 guys. you people should just become tor onto fans.

    • #4 says:

      Thats a little harsh there wardo. Are you saying trade sturm/ryder?

      Thats hard because sturm has a NTC and coming off a bad injury. Nobody would takea package deal of Ryder/Sturm.

      Jacobs will not spend 7mil to put em both in Provy either so GMs have to be more creative. Thats why chiarelli was scouting PHX.

  11. Gcole says:

    Dong worry so much about what’s gonna happen, surely enough by the time savard comes back either Someone will suck and deserve to not play, or someone will be injured and savard will have a spot to take. As for sturm… Who the hell knows it’s still weeks away

  12. willisss says:

    Now with farves broken jaw, maybe we don’t have to listen to that wrangler jean wearing, dick pic taking, pussy ass drama queen douche, bitch about his injuries. I love it, I just wish he was hit harder

    • #4 says:

      I won 10$ tonight. I had a 10$ bet he was going to be taken out with injury tonight. He shouldn’t of played.

      I guess thats fucked up but w.e.

  13. Jim says:

    Anyone else concerned that our “Top Prospects are averaging just over a goal a game in Providence? Time for a coaching change down there.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      ? why would I b concerned that our top prospects are averaging OVER point a game! thats great news! Did you mean the Providence Bruins as a team!

      • Jim says:

        Correction, averaging 2 goals a game

        No, all 20 players are scoring a goal a game! Wouldnt that be nice!

        Yes the team as a whole, meaning the P-Bruins are last in their league in Goals with 18 in 9 games.

  14. mook says:

    thomas is #1 on the tsn player rankings

  15. Seguin#2 says:

    Question, Who do you guys think is better at the moment? Hall or Seguin? Dont be biased either! Hall has been lighting it up lately and looks explosive at times! But than again so does Seguin! I belive thier tied in points right now but Hall has played more games! Also take in consideration that Seguin plays on the third line….What do you guys think?

    • Jefe77 says:

      I think Seguin is better. I’m a Bruins fan; non-biased thinking is not available.

      Why, do you think Gretzky is greater than Orr?

      You shouldn’t.

      Go Bruins.

    • Bruins says:

      Always have thought Seguin > Hall. He brings alot more to the game than speed and shot. In Hall you’re just looking at a better version of Kessel.

      And I always thought Hall would outscore Seguin this year because of TOI but Seguin’seven denying him of that right now. Seguin’s getting 13 minutes right now, Hall is getting close to 17.

  16. willisss says:

    Randy moss just got waived

  17. jmed says:

    Brian McGrattan, Chris Neil’s former running mate in Ottawa, didn’t think much of the bruiser picking a late fight with Dennis Seidenberg on Saturday. After a whistle, Neil engaged with Seidenberg, a non-fighter, and opened up a cut over his left eye.

    “I heard about it,” McGrattan said of Neil’s actions. “That’s typical Chris Neil. I had to protect that guy for three years when I was there. He’d do that and I’d have to fight all his battles for him the next time we’d play a team after he’d do something stupid like that. It doesn’t surprise me.”

    Neil and Seidenberg were tagged with fighting majors. Neil was given an additional two minutes for roughing.

    “That’s the way he does it,” McGrattan said. “He’ll do something where he knows he’ll get kicked out of the game and won’t have to come back and fight anybody. I’ve been around him long enough to know he does that. Then I’m the one who usually has to fight his battles the next time. It’s typical.”

  18. backbruin says:

    No you don’t he’s shit! and not that tough at Nhl standards!

    • #4 says:

      I wonder if hell get a crack at neil next time they play OTT. I think I heard that in response to McGratton Neil has called out Krejci or Seguin.

      • Bruins says:

        Lol called out Krejci and Seguin for what?

      • #4 says:


        That was Sarcasm Bruins. Because Neil Fights non-fighters like Siedes because when he fighst someone even remotely tough like Looch he gets his ass handed to him and McGratts just called him out on it.

  19. willisss says:

    dear EA sports,

    I got the roster update…fuck you, try again


  20. mook says:


    is our leaf 1st round pick looking good again? someone said it wouldn’t be top 5?

    milbury says: “key to beating the leafs is to shadow kessel”

    apparently teams are listening…kessel has been invisible.

    suck. balls.

  21. ELWOPPO says:

    No Miller tomorrow maybe?!

    • pearson says:

      after the olympics i cannot help but root for miller. american hero.

      • Jefe77 says:

        Definitely could never pull for him after the Olympics, but I couldn’t help but pull for him during the Olympics. I have had much more respect for him since, but in the end, he’s a dirty, dirty Sabre.

  22. CCMGoalie says:

    Any more news or rumors coming out Phoenix or Toronto about who we are going to have to send off and whom or what we’d be getting in return? I’ll be very interested to see who goes and whos stays with how we’re playing right now. I wouldn’t be shocked if we see Savard or Sturm go with Hunwick or Ryder and a Pick. I agree with Bruins, don’t expect a huge payoff in this because this is just a salary dump trade. no big names are going to be coming back to Boston from either team merely because we need to cap space, lest we end up like NJ and completely screwed.

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