Ryan Miller is not expected to play tonight for Buffalo due to a lower body injury.

Tim Thomas is expected to start for the Bruins once again.

As for the rest of the lineup, it is expected to stay the same. That means Wheeler will play on a line with Seguin and Ryder, moving Recchi up with Bergeron and Caron. While Wheeler adds some offensive punch to that line, it may be an issue on the road. Lindy Ruff loves to match his top trio vs opposing teams weaker units, which could spell trouble for that line since Buffalo gets the last change.


86 Responses to Bruins-Sabres

  1. Bruins says:

    Wheeler? Offensive punch?

  2. Mat A. says:

    is there anywhere I can watch this online?

  3. Craig says:

    What a slash by wheeler, what a fuuu joke call. Now they get a goal on Timmy

  4. Gcole says:

    Wow way to be retarded lucic

  5. Craig says:

    Bruins are winning and the refs are still shit.

  6. JRy says:

    Do you think wheeler is now looking for a raise because he actually lit the lamp?

  7. Bruins says:

    This team is sick. Even when they play a bit sloppy at times they can comfortably get the win. Now that’s:

    Offense: 4th
    Defence: 1st
    5 on 5: 1st
    PP: 11th
    PK: 1st

    Timmy against Washington, Tuukka against St. Louis.

    • willisss says:

      great post man, seeing those numbers, FACTS not opinions, really shows what this team is all about. This team is scary good

    • UEDkop says:

      Don’t forget the massive +16 goal differential (best by 7) and perfect 5-0-0 away record.

      • Bruins says:

        Not to mention we’ve played less games than anyone in the league so the differential is even more impressive. That’s winning every game by an average of 1.78 goals lol.

        Some more impressive stats:

        Every time the Bruins have gone up by one goal this season they’ve scored again. Every time. So much for blowing leads.

        Thomas’ streak in October was equaled or bettered 4 times in the last 62 years. Stamkos’ 19 points in 10 games was done 4 times last year, yet he still won player of the month.

  8. pearson says:

    i met, and saw, enroth play about a week or two ago with the pirates and he gave up 4 shitty goals to the sound tigers. i didnt see the game live tonight but i said before it started the bruins will easily score 5 or 6 if hes allowed to stay in that long.

    was that an easy win or was that an easy win?

    but shit WTFFFF IS UP WITH THOMAS!*(&^(*&^(*&^???? 2 GOALS!????

    its TUUUUKAAAAA TIME. im dying for tuukka to show he aint in thomas’ shadow. like yeah, absolutely ride the hot goalie but real bruins fans here knwo that tuukka is THEE goalie.

    heres a question for everyone. and i dont want to sound to cocky and to quick to ask BUT: if thomas keeps this up, and is the mvp in a cup run… what is his legacy? retired number? hall of fame? to me, he represents what it is to be a TRUE athlete. rocky style.

    queue the “gonna fly now”

    • Bruins says:

      Retiring his number would be a possibility. Pretty amazing when you consider how he’s made it to the NHL let alone play this well here. The dude is a battler.

      Good thing about Timmy is that you can tell he’s really thankful for this opportunity. His Vezina speech showed that:

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Dude Timmy is playing great right now. If Julien were to start playing Rask (who isn’t playing terrible) over Thomas (Who is playing phenomonal right now) Chiarelli would be looking for his head. Don’t forget, Chiarelli could trade one of them away to make cap space, I doubt that’s going to happen, but it may be in the plans that we have yet to see or hear about. Tuuka’s time will come. He played great last year when Thomas faultered, but now that Timmy has to fight for his job again he’s playing with that extra edge he needs to compete. Personally I love Timmy Thomas, the dude’s got a great outlook on the game and knows that his time in this league, though short, will be something special. If Timmy is given the opportunity he can carry this team to the end and a serious winning record.

  9. mook says:

    just relax with the tukka talk. remember who our #1 is…right now.

    • #4 says:

      I agree. Tuuka had no problem waiting for his shot before and when he got it he played strong. He’ll be fine Timmy cant play 80 games in a season like this (or can he?)

  10. Seguin#2 says:

    We will see what the Bruins are made of on friday when we take on the caps!
    If we win i will say thier the best in the east! 3 in a row over that team is really impressive!!! We will see!!!

  11. Oneandonly#4 says:

    9 games are in the books – any mention yet of whether or not Caron is staying put?

    • #4 says:

      Judging by Juliens Comments and what I heard Neely saying on the radio this morning I think he’s staying. Neely said “he plays like a veteran with a bunch of years in the league but hes only 19. Hes defensively responsible.”

      Add to that his Size+Goals and the fact that him and Seguin look like they learned something new everygame neither is going anywhere.

      BTW Stole mah name. You just added oneandonly to it..

      • Oneandonly#4 says:

        Sorry about that – will change name to Habhater. Hey it works for me. Nothing boils my onions more than the Habs.

  12. Hayden says:

    I love that no matter what happens on the ice Tim Thomas is always smiling. I haven’t seen any goalies with the same ability and the same enjoyment in the game at the same time. It’s fun to watch.

  13. zamer says:

    with the bruins playing good hockey and with the cap problems and with sturm coming back and maybe savard and hoping that we make the right moves and not bite us if sturm and savard end up having problems again this could effect this team

  14. Brendan says:

    1st post in a while but i just checked the standings and the bruins hav atleast 2gms but more often than tht they have 3 games in hand on evry1 else in the league tht is ahead of them and they r only 2pts out of 1st. Tampa has only 2 gms more played than us and r in 1st which says tht they hav a good team (especially with stamkos and st. louis) but the fact of the matter is tht the bruins hav a young and energetic team this season and for years to come with their prospects to giv a good run almost every season….if their is any signs on inexperience for the bruins young players i hav yet to see it…in fact i think the worst mistake this season was by timmy thomas when he tried to dump a puck out against the caps and gave it to the F for an empty netter. this team is here to stay and with ryder, rex and others gone nxt season it just opens up more room for already talented bruins prospects like hamill, spooner, and colborne. i think we will see a cup in boston w/in the nxt couple of seasons if not this seasom. i may be only a sophomore in high school but i did my homework haha and not school work

  15. Brendan says:


    1- Ryan Spooner
    2- Steven Kampfer (with boychuk out it could happen soon but unlikely bcuz of mcquaid)
    3- Joe Colborne
    4- Zach Hamill
    5- Matt Bartkowski

    • #4 says:

      I know your only a “sophmore in higschool” brendan but let me tear you apart here 🙂

      1) Spooner – Needs another year in juniors. Is only 170pds needs to develop to small for NHL. Right now that is.

      2) Kampfer you will most likely see up this year if anything happens to Ferrence/Hunwick he will most likely be the call up. (assuming McQuaid is already dressing)

      3) Joe is a project still needs to grow into his body. Hasnt done much to anything in providence this year highly unlikely to dress for the big
      club this season.

      4) LOL CAN YOU SAY BUST!!! I saw him at a PB’s game and he ws just ATROCIOUSLY BAD This year.

      5) Bart has alot of upside but with McQuaid and
      Kampfer and Potentially Alexandrov/Bodnarchuk ahead of him in priority he is another highly unlikely to dress with the big club this year.

      • Brendan says:

        1- I dont care about sponner’s size…did you see the way he played during the preseason
        2- Kampfer will be up either this year or next year period
        3- Colborne i agree
        4- You are basing this on a single game and i believe he could make the club on the 4th line when paille leaves nxt year
        5- Bart almost made the team this year…nuff said

      • #4 says:

        What? Hamill has been consistently bad and dissapointed at Camp 3 years in a row he is the definition of a bust.

        Spooner I dont think can come back because he’s allready playing for his juniors team. Bart came close but thats no cigar and has been bad provy. You cant just go I like X who would they replace? Julien doesnt like rooks e.g Seguin only getting 8 min of ice time. Thus its unlikely that any of these guys barring Kampfer dress for a game this year.

  16. moast says:

    Thomas, Ryder & Picks/Prospects (9mil)
    Semin, Neuvirth (6.8mil)
    SAVE – $2.2

    Wheeler, Hunwick, (3.75mil)
    Gunnarson ($8000,000)
    Save – $3.0
    Total Savings – $5.2mil

    • moast says:



      Do whatever you want with Sturm…..ok let the hell fire begin!!

      • pearson says:

        i doubt the capitals are willing to part with 2 of their top young “prospects.”

        im not sure PC wants to trade for a young goalie by giving up a goalie that has heart and can obviously still play. plus, we have tuukka for the future.

        im not sure the caps want to take on more money.

        i would try to just unload paille (if he just isnt gonna play anyway) and maybe savard. this bruins team looks almost flawless on offense. savard is good, but he might be something other teams want.

      • #4 says:


        Why cant you all stop meddling.
        Sturm and Ryder to provy is more than enough to make a deal at the deadline if we need too. Hell if ryder is playing good we could even get a 3rd Rounder for him! Basically any deal that doesnt bring in a future franchise defenseman(aka Yandle) ima against at this point.

        BTW Thomas is winning the Vezina and Heart trophies this year so I think id keep him 😉

  17. moast says:

    I agree with the Thomas part as he is a beast and will only help win the cup this year.
    How about:
    Combo of Ryder, Savard, Wheeler, Hunwick
    For Robin Regher?
    Calgary needs some scoring help and a pivot for Iginla
    Boston needs salary dump and solid Dman?

  18. CCMGoalie says:

    As much as I hate to say it, I think it might be time to send Savvy somewhere else. Maybe throw him up for loan to another team in the league for a year or two. Our offense looks great right now and I’d hate to break up the chemistry.

    Sending Paille out, as much as I like the guy, I think it might be one of our best options because yes, he isn’t dressing, but he is a very solid third liner for any team. I think sending Wheeler, Paille, and a pick out west somewhere.

    I think the best solution is to send Savvy out west, where he can’t hurt us. And send Wheeler and Paille to Phoenix with a pick for someone.

    Again we aren’t going to get a big name from anywhere, but it can’t hurt to try and get a little something out of the deal.

    • bruins4eva says:

      remember savy has a no trade clause and doesn’t wanna go anywhere but toronto or ottawa…so thats outta the question

    • #4 says:

      We could just send Paille somewhere for a 112th round pick and then do something with sturm. AHL or something.

      Then you have to make a choice to lose one of the 2 ryder or wheeler and you become cap compliant. You could even dump scratch Thornton and Dress wheeler or ryder on the 4th line and bring up mcGratton when you need a fighter. Its not as dire as some people make it seem.

      Then you have


  19. willisss says:

    Mannnnn…….tough crowd

    • Gcole says:

      I know. Personally I say fuck Marco sturm, team doesn’t need him and are doing just fine without him. When savards ready just switch him with whoever done the worse to that point.

      • pearson says:

        marco has a no move clause. i may be wrong, but i dont think they can simply drop him to the minors.

        last offseason he came right out saying he WOULD NOT leave boston. that was case closed then. why would anyone think thats any differant now? hes making his money and he could potentially win a cup.

      • #4 says:

        Pearson he only has a NTC minors is perfectly fine. They could even give him a 4-6 game “conditioning” stint in the AHL to see if he’s still got legs before they make a decision.

      • pearson says:

        butttt if he has a 1 way contract he would have to be put through waivers to go to ahl. so, if he’s waived, and another team claims him, does that voilate his NTC?

      • Jefe77 says:

        No, they could send him down. He would need to have had a ‘No movement clause’ rather than a ‘No trade clause’ to need consent to be sent down.

        Personally, as one of the best 2 way forwards in the game, I think he will return and make his usual 3 zone impact and contribute. We’ll see how that knee holds up.

      • UEDkop says:

        I want to see Sturm come back. Check out the speed and scoring potential of:


        Yeah, Wheeler’s size is his asset and it helps Seguin and Ryder, but the B’s could use a speed line and plenty of teams could use a more physical fringe forward like Wheeler.

      • Jefe77 says:

        You know, to raise a sore subject, when the Bruins lost Marco in the playoffs many B’s fans basically said ‘who gives a shit, he hasn’t scored’…

        Well, Marco and Patrice were almost equal in 2 way play in the playoffs to that point, so I basically cringed when he went down knowing how much his speed shut down the opposition in the neutral zone.

        The guy can play great defensive hockey, he is a legitimate scoring threat, and he would definitely help them tighten up more.

      • Ward says:

        jeff the reason we lost to the flyers wasn’t because we lost sturm 2 way play. we started losing when kreji got injured. Sturm is gone in my books team has always done fine with out him. Plus he has to major injuries that probally will affect his speed.

      • UEDkop says:

        “Sturm is gone in my books”

        Clearly you didn’t care much about winning the Winter Classic. Bergeron and Sturm are two parts of this team I can’t stand to have gone.

      • Ward says:

        you are correct sir!

  20. Seguin#2 says:

    No doubt the guy has great speed! But are you guys forgeting that the guy ALWAYS GETS FUCKING HURT! he is the most injury prone player in the league next to Gaborik! Also this guy gets about 900 breakaways and penalty shots every year and NEVER SCORES! HE doesnt know how to deke! Come on guys you telling me Ryder’s not more consitant and better scorer!!! Ryder at least almost never gets injured and has one of the best shots ive ever seen!!! His release is discusting!!!

    • #4 says:

      Im not huge on sturm right now.

      But if you had to chose 2 of these three who would it be.


      • Bruins says:

        Well there’s no way Recchi is moving. That just won’t happen.

      • UEDkop says:

        Agreed with Bruins. He’s on a one year contract and he’s been huge in our young players’ development. Plus, he’s still skating like he’s 35. Why would we WANT to give him up? I say that if he wants to play another season after this one, the B’s keep him around.

        He’s the next Andreychuk.

      • #4 says:

        Well one of those 3 is gone so is it Ryder or Wheeler I knew Recchi wasn’t going anywhere but had to throw him in for consideration.(BTW This is also assuming sturm isnt in the line up) W/ Sturm 2 of them are gone at least. Bruins have too many forwards right now.

  21. Vince Mendella says:

    where can you watch the game?

  22. Gcole says:


  23. Bruins says:

    Terrrrrrrible reffing tonight. Luckily it’s still 0-0.

  24. Gcole says:

    I’m feeling tonights not bosons night, wayyy to many turnovers and penalties against them, not going so great

  25. Gcole says:

    I haven’t been counting the bruins turnovers in their own zone but it’s probably about 150 by now? Something close to that

  26. MattG says:

    Fucking center ice blacked out in canada because the game is on NHL-US, which we cant get. Heres a free streaming link for everyone.

  27. pearson says:

    got back from work and saw two quick goals to get it back to 1………


  28. Vince Mendella says:

    What a game!!

  29. willisss says:

    Fucking dick tease. Drinking big time

    • #4 says:

      Totally the Face off % is hurting this team. Lucic on the draw as bad wish he could’ve tied him up or something there.

      Rask coulda had that shot, but Ferrence could’ve blocked it crappy goal to end the game.

      • JRy says:

        i feel like tuuk couldnt see it at all and plus it was a blast, but ya that game was a tease.
        tuukka tonight?

      • backbruin says:

        “normally” Julien would go with two centers that late in the game in his own end!

        Not sure why he didn’t but i never saw the game just the highlights.

        oh well will get them tonight!

  30. pearson says:

    not a terrible loss. timmy and tuuk gave up two goals on “lucky” slapshots. they showed alot of energy in the 3rd and got rewarded by it. all in all, its a loss to the capitals, whom they’ve already beaten twice anyway.

    gotta start tuukka tonight, and i have a feeling its gonna be a classic.

    • Bruins says:

      Still though we got absolutely dominated for that whole game outside of the first ten minutes of the third. It is just one game though, and it was against the Caps.

  31. Gcole says:

    going to the game tonight, they better not suck! lol. last game i went to was against the rangers and thomas got the shutout..

    • pearson says:

      the blues are good. they were my preseason pick for the western conf.


  32. Bruins says:

    Our 4th line played awesome last night. Boudreau had the top line matched up against them almost everytime and for the most part our guys controlled the play in their zone when that happened. Outside of that one brain cramp by Campbell on Green’s goal, you can’t ask for much more from them. Too bad the rest of the team didn’t show up to play for most of the game (a 3 on 1 when you’re on the PP? Come on!).

  33. Habhater says:

    Brutal giveaway by Seids & Sobotka scores. Bruins are having great difficulty with the Blues forecheck & are getting skated into the ice. Time to turn up the intensity and start hitting.

  34. Loooch says:

    wooooooo. these 4th liners are beauties!!!!

  35. Bruins says:

    Damn we definitely deserved that game. Outside of the first period we were far better. Halak tonight was as lucky as a goalie can be. Unreal with all those posts.

  36. backbruin says:

    That back check from Ryder tonight was awesome….I’m starting to like this guys effort! He was one of the better bruins on the ice’s maybe dawning on this cat what it may take to stay!!!

    bergy and ryder both snake bitten of the post tonight!!

    good effort boys!!

    power rankings have bruins one and blues two so we can’t get too upset!!

    • #4 says:

      Ryder was playing like a beast. That certain backcheck I think I know the one your talking about was awesome. Then he threw that nice check and went end-end with the puck.

  37. willisss says:

    I would take one point out of that all day. Great game. Both tuuk and halak were studs

    • pearson says:

      stl looked goooood. i think they are the team to beat in the west. halak is just a solid goalie… montreal must be kicking themselves over that…..

    • #4 says:

      Halak got soo Lucky. 4 posts. Story of the game 4 EFFING POSTS……

      Horton was a beast last night and didnt get rewarded in the shootout Seguin and Caron were like benched in the third. Get your head out of yer ass CJ.

      • Bruins says:

        Seguin with under 10 mins last night, although that was undoubtedly hisworst game. Sweet shootout move though.

  38. willisss says:

    Sources say krej has a mild concusion thaat is “not that bad” hope to see him back soon

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