Lineup when healthy

Marc Savard has passed his latest conditioning test and has been cleared to practice in non contract drills.  An early December return is not out of the question, as is the same for Marco Sturm. Krejci is expected back within a game or two, meaning the Bruins will be at full health in just a couple weeks.  However, there is always the cap issue, one that may force Peter Chiarelli to demote or trade off valuable assets from the current team.  For Sturm and Savard to be activated from LTIR, they will need to shed 4.9 million in salary to fit both under the cap.  Who should the Bruins move to fit Savard and Sturm in? Remember, the Bruins are carrying two additional players on the active roster.

Here is a potential lineup:








As the lineup above is broken down, Blake Wheeler(2.2), Andrew Ference (2.25), and Daniel Paille (1.075) are the guys shipped.  In this scenario the Bruins would be below the cap by 625K. Jordan Caron would be a reserve forward, however, he may be better suited in Providence, with the Bruins recalling a defenseman in case of an injury.


133 Responses to Lineup when healthy

  1. Bruins says:

    I’d go:




  2. Bruins says:

    Apparently we have to free up $4.9 million (according to Cap Geek), so Wheeler and Hunwick can stay.




    That looks way too crowded. We’re stacked.

  3. Bruins says:

    Just watched Colin Campbell’s defence on TSN. Basically his excuse was that he didn’t know his emails would be exposed and he would have written them differently if he’d have know.

    Uhhh what?

    • pearson says:

      well hes got a point. everyone knows the internet is a very safe and secure place. especially when your a person in a position of power/fame.

    • Gcole says:

      not knowing whether or not people will see your emails (his thoughts about a player) doesnt mean that hes innocent!! thats like saying i dont deserve to go to prison for shooting someone in the head, i thought no one would know. you still did wrong

      • pearson says:

        i dont think its a fire-able offense. his language in the emails were the part that i thought were most offensive. i mean shit, i fucking swear alot, but im not at work. i do understand that it shows bias, but the email in question was written 2-3 years before the savard issue last season.

        thats not to say i think that he should stay. lots of people have been complaining about him for awhile now, and the “wheel of justice” is a common saying now. i think that this email thing is just another straw that brought alot more light to how poorly he does his job.

        i just think hes either gotta stop making headlines to keep his job. and if he doesnt change his act, i wouldnt be shocked to see him out of the job next season

      • Bruins says:

        It’s not that he should be fired for the Cooke/Savard incident, it’s that he’s very clearly not impartial. I mean he went and bitched to the head official about his son taking a penalty that he never saw and went into a huge rant about calling a guy a little fake artist that he appears to have a personal vendetta against.

        And like Gcole said, all he really said was that he wouldn’t have done it if he knew he was going to get caught. He only sounded like more of an idiot by trying to defend himself.

      • pearson says:

        yea, i did catch the interview. he did absolutely sound like a jackass. he said the right things, sorta, but he did studder every other word and you could tell he sounded real nervous.

        im just saying, we’re all biased be bruins fans during this. but yes, campbell is definetely on a short leash as well as his last straw

  4. BosBrn77 says:

    Unfortunate news…. Pat Burns has passed away! What a great coach he was! I will always have the utmost respect for him! R.I.P. Coach Burns!!

  5. Studlycodfish says:

    R.I.P Burns, thanks coach.

  6. Vince Mendella says:

    Pat Burns, you will be missed. One of the great coaches ever in the NHL. My Condolences to the Burns family.

  7. lucic crew says:

    r.i.p pat

  8. zamer says:

    with the cap if i were gm i would trade ryder,campbell,paille,hunwick.look for a veteran dman maybe some middle picks and send caron to providence.marchand and wheeler can both play center and wing which i would not trade,

  9. Gcole says:

    CMON MAN! allow a goal on the first fucking shot???

  10. Bruins says:

    The one time we come out on fire we go down 1-0 right away. I’ll never understand this team.

  11. Bruins says:

    This is bull. Arguably the best we’ve looked this season and we’re down 2-0. Rask should’ve gotten the start tonight.

  12. Ward says:

    really your going to complain about thomas lol that adorable.

    • Bruins says:

      I just don’t understand why Rask wouldn’t have gotten the start. Golden rule is that you play a goalie the next game if he gets a shutout. First goal on Thomas was weaksauce. Still love the guy though.

  13. N.Horton18 says:

    Bruins as soon as thomas lets a goal in ur ready to have his head lol, i still think we should trade him his value is sky high now imaagine what we could get

  14. Gcole says:

    Dam what a shift from chara

  15. Gcole says:

    These refs are retarded they’re calling such crap penalties

  16. Bruins says:

    I don’t care what the score is, that was the best 40 minutes I’ve seen from the Bruins in a long time.

  17. Bruins says:

    Seguin with under 6 minutes ice time so far despite putting up an assist.

  18. Gcole says:

    Throw the lineman over the boards and keep playing! Lol

  19. Bruins says:

    I’m gonna go on record and say that’s the best game the Bruins have played since the 08/09 season… and we lose. Frustrating.

  20. Neely8 says:

    We Deserved to lose in the shootout! FUCKING DILDO’S Had chance after chance to score and they couldnt pop one in!! Thomas did everything he could! Next time replace LUCIC WITH WHEELER IN THE SHOOTOUT JULIAN YOU DUM FUCK!

    • Neely8SucksAtLife says:

      You should just shut the fuck up

    • BosBrn77 says:

      Wheeler over Lucic? REALLY? Sometimes Wheeler can’t hit the broad side of a barn door…. AND… Lucic just had a hat trick the other night!!! Lucic has 10 goals on the season and Wheeler has 4! Honestly… I think the players Julien picked were correct!

    • N.Horton18 says:

      yeah man wheeler coulndt hit a barn door with a machine gun. but however lucic isnt a shootout guy, i would have tried recchi or maybe chara. i wish we still had miro the hero for shootouts

    • BACKBRUIN says:



      • N.Horton18 says:

        not so fast, the part about wheels and lucic was wrong 50% looch isnt a shootout guy. wheeler is a little bit more of a shootout guy but like i said earilier he couldnt hit a barn door with a machine gun. but the part about us deserving to lose the shootout, i agree with, shot after shot and all feble attempts. BUT the team isnt dildos this has been one of the best games ive seen in a long time they played extremly well and deserved to win the game in REGULATION. they did deserve to lose the shootout though.

    • Brendan says:

      i wanted to see chara just go up and BOMB one…

  21. Hilroy says:

    Like Jack said last night – PC is not under pressure do to anything right now or when both Savard & Sturm are ready. He can just let them sit until the right deal comes along. While this is an option, I don’t think PC will go that route. despite the way he has been playing, I think Ryder will be dealt to the minors until such time that a deal can be made. This may or may not involve Ryder and if not, it could be that he returns to the lineup after the deal. Pc is trying to weigh his options and get the best deal. In my mind’s eye, that is the best option if we cannot get rid of Ferrence or Hunwick or Paille beforehand.

    • Brendan says:

      im pretty sure that with the way ryder has been playing it shuddnt be hard to find a deal for him tht could land us a couple picks and prospects which is fine bcuz he was out after this season either way

  22. BACKBRUIN says:

    Bruins i agree, i had some budies over and we watched and they looked as dominant as i’ve see in a long time!!

    this team is speacial, look out nhl!

  23. willisss says:

    we should probably just tank it

  24. ELWOPPO says:

    Just out of curiosity, what draft picks do we have come this summer?

    • pearson says:

      toronto’s first….. haha.

      im telling you, its not even fair. its like robbing a baby.

    • ennis says:

      we also have minnesotas 2nd

    • Bruins says:

      Once again we own the draft.

      1st – TOR (Kessel trade)
      1st – BOS
      2nd – MIN (Kobasew trade)
      2nd – BOS
      3rd – PHX (Morris Trade)
      4th – BOS
      5th – BOS
      6th – BOS

      No BOS 3rd round pick because of the Horton trade.

      No BOS 7th round pick because of the trade with Chicago for their 2010 7th round pick (Zach Trotman).

      • hendrik says:

        what’s the point of swapping 7th round picks?? I mean they’re worth nothing… I see the difference between a 10th overall 1st rounder and a 25th overall…. but between a 220th and 235th???

      • Bruins says:

        The Bruins took Trotman with the very last pick in the draft. I guess they saw something in him and thought he was worth taking a flyer on.

  25. North B says:

    Has anyone found a working stream for the game?

  26. pearson says:

    predictions? tampa is tough. and stamkos is alright…

    i think bostons success tonight rests on an ability to stay out of the box.

    4-2 b’s

  27. Gcole says:

    Can someone explain to me why guys like lucic Thornton chara Stuart and so on are letting these little midgets st Louis and stamkos fly all over and do what they want? One big hit and they’re fucking done! …and just as I say this chara owned Malone lol

  28. Gcole says:

    Anyone else think stamkos is UGLY?!

  29. Gcole says:

    Enough of this pussy shIt FLATTEN THESE MIDGETS

  30. moast says:

    This defense is weak when there playing a fast team….holes for days. C’mon Chia!!

  31. Bruins says:

    Yet another case of the team not showing up in front of Tuukka

  32. moast says:

    Ill say it again….they are a good deensive team (except for tonight) so just think how great they would be with a talented defense core.

  33. #4 says:

    o man Chara down!

  34. #4 says:

    I havent seen any netfront pressure from the B’s tonight. Ive noticed when they are not playing well this year that they cant get the puck around the hashmarks or if they do the shot gets blocked. Claude needs to adjust the plan a bit when that starts happening in a game.

  35. moast says:

    Is it just me or can noody pass or take a fuckin pass…ameteur hour

  36. Gcole says:

    I’m going to bed this teams bullshit man

  37. Bruins says:

    Our D is getting completely exposed right now. They can’t keep the puck in at the point to save their lives tonight.

  38. Bruins says:

    When’s the last time a goalie has had a .935 save % and a 1-5-1 record? Bruins need to get their heads out of their asses when he’s in net.

  39. jmed says:

    Ference needs to go

  40. #4 says:

    Im actually not on the Defense about last night. Kind of like in the 4quarter of the pats game on sunday. TB has a Stamkos-St.Louis line of course its going to score!! Stamkos has 20-15-36 in 20 games. Thats crazy.

    The offense had NO PRESSURE last night. No shots from the slot, no slot pressure. CJ Never adjusted and Horton and a few others were completely lack luster.

    How many blue line turnovers did the forwards let up.

    Tough to single out the D especially a single Dplayer like Ferrence.

  41. Neely8 says:

    They didnt show up to play last night, They deserved to lose…Plain and simple! Good news is that we have 3 more games this week to make up for that shitty performace! Teams in our conferance are so close in points that we could go from 7th to 3rd if we win the next three! And with games againts Flor, Car, and Atl thier all win-able!!!!

  42. moast says:

    Savvy is back to no limitation practices……whos getting traded? Any guesses?

    Im thinking Paille for now?

  43. Neely8 says:

    We better fucken win tonight, or else I renounce myself as a bruin fan!

    • pearson says:

      WOW. i think this is the first person to threaten to jump off the bandwagon, and its only NOV 24.

      im kinda hoping they lose now. that way you can jump, and us real fans can get some more leg room

    • N.Horton18 says:

      i tried to defend you about the loss to LA in the shootout, but now your just being an idiot man its not even half way through we have agreat record and u wanna quit? go fuck yourself buddy

      • Neely8 says:

        In my country (Serbia) u could get stabbed for telling someone to go fuck yourself! U dont know me mate so watch your mouth, Ok? That goes for u to CCMGoalie! Enjoy the game and go B’s!

      • pearson says:

        thank god this isnt serbia.

      • N.Horton18 says:

        or what aare u gunna do track me down and stab me? guess what not gunna fucking happen u fuckin serbian cocksukin queer. In my country (germany) we just ignore it when someone says something like that, because we are a civilized and intelligent race of people. and why are you calling me “mate” isnt that a brit thing?

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Your screen name on here is Neely8 and you have the audacity to renounce your fanship already? Well I mean it can’t be that great of a loss with you fanship being only during immaculate weather. The record shows we have a solid team, we just need to skate a full 60 mins every game and the Bruins are going to go a long ways. As far as I’m concerned with you Neely8, I hope Seabass does come out and kick your ass. (Yeah that’s a Dumb & Dumber reference. If you didn’t catch that until now you should probably go stick your dink in a toaster and turn it on.)

  44. Studlycodfish says:

    Is Strum back tonite? Read some jibber jabber on ESPN indsider on how the kid is staying on the second line with the return of Strum.

  45. Vince Mendella says:

    Is the game streaming tonight?

  46. Gcole says:

    Bruins powerplay is 13th in the league?! You can’t tell me there’s seriously 17 other teams that suck worse on the PP!! Dont believe it

  47. Gcole says:

    I might fall asleep watching this game,.. And the crowd thinks this is a library apparently

  48. moast says:

    Claude Juliens system has got to go. Sure they are one of the top defensive teams in the league blah blah blah. The only reason that they are that good defensivley is Timmy and Tuukka.
    The defense are sub par and cant move the puck.
    Does anyone know if Lucic and Horton are playing tonight as I cant see either of them on the ice.
    Tell me why Krejci is right back on thetop line….he obviously going to need some time to get back at it.

    There….I woke myself up with this rant as this is another BORING fucking game!

    • Gcole says:

      I hear ya man, and I wonder how many people on here will call us bandwagon fans for criticizing this team for being heartless and boring half the time. Yes I’m a fan and I pretty big one but I hate seeing a good team play halfass and how some people will just make excuses and find a way to defend their lack of effort and never say anything bad about the team when it’s deserved. All this advertisement and talk about the “big bad bruins”
      P.s. Lucic needs to start busting peoples faces open like he did rookie year, that’s the real lucic everyone loves.

      • Gcole says:

        Maybe I should talk bad about them more often… Right after I do they score two and take the lead

      • moast says:

        Right on the mark with Lucic especially. When a team is sucking balls, they are sucking balls. Julien must have heard all the complaints as he shuffled lines and well you know, it worked. Krejci needs time to get back to speed same as Savvy when he gets back. Right now, Bergeron is the best centre on the team. My biggest concern is that they need to use some of the draft picks they have to get a top 4, if not a top 2 dman at the deadline.
        Solid 3rd period, now just put three of those in a row and we will have good games!

    • N.Horton18 says:

      bergeron isnt an offensive player, krejci is.

  49. Vince Mendella says:

    Is there any place where I can watch the game? Any place streaming the game?

  50. ELWOPPO says:

    Its ok to rant on the team Gcole and Moast! Thiers nothing wrong with it! Most people on here feel the same way about the team when they play badly, they just dont have the balls to tear them apart on here! I’ll say it again the only reason why were hard on this team is because we demand results! We know how good the team is and its frustrating when they play like pussies and lose! Life isnt pleasent all the time and sometimes ur gonna hear negative criticism! So deal with it! This rant is for all the people on here who defend the team when they play like dildo’s! As for tonight I wasnt happy with their play through the first 2 periods but liked thier determination in the third! Thomas was great and congratulations to Recchi! And for god sakes score the first goal,We gotta stop with comming from behind bullshit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Bruins says:

    What’s our goal differential in the third period this year? It’s gotta be the best in the league.

  52. Haus says:

    For the drama queens, its time to tip your cap to Claude Julien. He coached them up, shuffled the lines, and got the win. Huge difference in the neutral zone puck pressure in the third. If you believe CJ logged onto Bruins Rumors and News in the dressing room and took Moasts’ advice, well give your delusional self a pat on the back.

  53. Haus says:

    Also, Wheeler was the most consistent forward on the ice tonight. Suck on that, birdman.

  54. Haus says:

    Its fine to rip the team, but some people look flat-out ridiculous when they do it. Lackluster first 2 periods tonight, everybody posting garbage. When the team deserves credit, its crickets on this site. How many people thought it was the right idea to put Krejci back in with Looch and Horton after all the chemistry they had before he got hurt? He saw that Bergy needed to get back in there and made the switch. He pushed Campbell up the lines and moved Seguin to 4th line to improve the forechecking game. Excellent coaching job but some idiots will chalk it up to hearing it from the fans. Im sure CJ doesnt read fucking message boards for in-game management.

  55. Haus says:

    Good post El Woppo, I agree. Shit, 4 posts in a row. Sorry, bored at work.

  56. pearson says:

    i got to see the p bruins in action tonight. its good to report that hamill actually played very well. he was aaaaaaall over the ice. i dont think he showed up on the score sheet but it was evident he was one of the best on the ice.

    in the pregame warmup (i take this with a grain of salt) he flipped up the puck and pulled off that lacrosse shit as well as some nasty dekes on hutchinson.

    also of note: kampfer went down hard. apparently his knee got f-ed hard. was helped off by 3 other players.

    im thankful for my dvr… forget the macys parade. ive got the bruins going on…. happy thanksgiving everyone

  57. moast says:

    Just to be clear…..Obviously Claude Julien doesnt read these posts….it was just coincidental. I will rant on them when they are shitting the bed even if they come back in the third. This coming from behind is kinda cool but wont last and isnt how they should be playing anyway. When I shit on them, its based on there play at that time. When they get there heads out of there asses and start playing its great, but they shouuld be putting together 3 periods, not just 1. Im just as faithful and passionate as the rest of you and expect/demand results as a fan who is loyal and spends tonnes of money on merch and tickets.
    They are an elite team these days and want to see them show up for games.
    On a side note…..props to my hometown man Recchi! The guy is a HOF’er and deserves nothing but respect form the faithful. 2goals last night….c’mon top line…pick it up!

  58. Haus says:

    Right on, Moast. Wasn’t trying to rip you man, you’re the real deal. You know what ass clowns I mean. But still no credit to CJ from anybody. Proves my point that there are alot of miserable bastards on this site.

    • moast says:

      I am a miserable bastard. The Bruins are one of the things that actually bring me joy! Will bleed Black and Gold till the day I die, unless they sign Maxime Laperierre, then im done!

  59. ELWOPPO says:

    I admit i am one of those miserable bastards! But again im only like that when they play like dummies!When they play the way thier suppose to, I brag and fight for them with rival fans! I think we can all agree that the team is dangerous and can contend for the cup! My issue is people here who rip on us venting on the team! We only rip them because of the love and passion for them! If we cant vent on a Bruins blog, Where can we??? People need to just relax and dont take us so seriously regarding are rants! Its only out of anger and frusteration!!! If you guys cant stand it, imagin what a Leafs blog site looks like? Thier probably complaining all day and all night for the the last six years about not making the playoffs!!!

    • moast says:

      i agree ELWOPPO, this is where we need to be able to vent and converse about how awesome or shitty they are. This is a sick team! Julien just needs to let the reigns loose on the offense.

  60. moast says:

    Thanks for the support…..this site is wicked good and filled with knowledgable Bruins fans (for the most part!) Love coming on here!

  61. ELWOPPO says:

    No worries! And yes thier is alot of knowledge- able people on here! Its kind of like a club we belong to here! If just julin would listen to our rants, we could be in first place by now lol

    In the name of the father
    And of the “SON”
    Boston Bruins
    Number “ONE”!!!

  62. mook says:

    I think Julien’s win-loss ratio in Boston speaks for itself.

    By the way…I was in Boston last weekend. Best city ever! I couldn’t find any ugly/fat chicks, and everyone is drunk and happy. Add-in all the sports and lobster rolls and it’s one hell of a great place.

    Thanks for the hospitalities 🙂

    Celtics+Bruins+Fenway tour+THE GAME+James Hook+Pats=goodtimes (and a pretty expensive weekend)

    • Gcole says:

      Yea man I hate city life as I’m a redneck kinda kid that lives in the woods where no one bothers you and you can shoot what you want and have big parties and no one gives a shit, but Boston is sweet. Get out of the garden and there’s nothing but bruins jerseys and people drinking and having a good time.

    • willisss says:

      How did you become a boston sports fan?

      • mook says:

        i just like the bruins…watching 8 and 77 growing-up. the leafs sucked in the 80’s, so it was hard to like them. other sports, i’m a toronto fan.

  63. Vince_M says:

    As reported by Spector:

    CANOE.CA/RDS.CA: report free agent defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron has received medical clearance to return to action but he won’t be returning with the Montreal Canadiens. Five teams are believed interested in Bergeron but the Canadiens aren’t among them. The Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks are reportedly the five.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Love this guy! Sucks defensivly but what a shot! He will help on the PP for sure! Im sure Chia will try to get him! We see?

  64. dookie says:

    Do you think that we can finally score first today? I’m getting sick & tired with playing to catch up. It takes a lot out of the team and our goalies. It’s time we scored first and it’s time that we play assertively from the get go. No pussy-footing around whatsoever and a take no prisoners approach is required. Especially with Staal. Go Bruins!!

  65. BACKBRUIN says:

    I couldn’t agree more, it does get tiring waiting for the third period to come!! I wouldn’t mind a huge lead after one!!!

  66. Vince_M says:

    At work today and was wondering if the game is streaming anywhere? Listening to it on the Bruins site anyway.

  67. BACKBRUIN says:

    wow, how did that not go in? Keep working boys it will come!

  68. BACKBRUIN says:

    come on paille….every bloody time that guy has any sort of chance he completely mucks it and this time it lead to a goal!!!incredible period once again down a goal!!!


  69. pearson says:

    good period. im not worried.

  70. Gcole says:


  71. pearson says:

    its just seems like they are controlling the play but simply cant connect the right passes to get carolina/ward out of position for goals.

  72. dookie says:

    Thank God it’s the 3rd period. Maybe the B’s will play Bruin hockey – take the f..n body for a change. They are shit right now. Even though it’s the 3rd period, I see no comeback today. We need Thornton and/or Lucic to pound someone. At least we will be able to take comfort in that cuz the score certainly won’t be comfortable playing like this.

  73. Gcole says:

    Man I love these big bad bruins, sure are tough to play agains aren’t they? Bunch of crap. Anyone else think coaching is becoming the real problem? Choke in the playoffs every year and the way they are this year doesn’t seem like anything good will happen..

  74. dookie says:

    Absolutely brutal effort by the forwards today. No net drive, no jam and no guts. Enough of this passivity. I’d rather lose by playing hard-in-your face emotional hockey than this puffball appraoch by the bruins. Absolutely nobody took charge today and to make matters worst, it seems that nobody even cared that no one took charge. So much for being a team that is difficult to play against at home and so much for the supposedly year of redemption. No heart, no desire, no wonder we the pits at home.

  75. Haus says:

    Special teams were atrocious today. Dominated the 5 on 5 but couldnt break the bunker. Frustrating shit to watch today. Seems like Hortons game has fallen off alot. Krejci looked disinterested. Seguin needs to have a little more patience. He panics and throws dribblers at the net with nobody in front. No GCole, I dont think coaching has become a real problem. If you are going to suggest a coaching change after every loss at least come prepared with some names.

    • Gcole says:

      Im just saying, if you think about it, who’s to blame? If there’s no one individually to blame and it’s the whole team, isn’t it coaching issues? I’m not saying fire the coach, but he needs to light a fire under their ass or smack them around a little bit to get them motivated. I’m not gonna freak out and say fire the coach, trade a bunch of players or whatever, but something needs to happen, right?

  76. Haus says:

    You already tanking it, Dookie?

  77. dookie says:

    No I’m not tanking it. The Bruins effort of late is just painful to watch & endure. They have the talent and when they play with emotion & pride they are practically unbeatable. It’s just so damn frustrating to see them play this way. There’s no excuse for not showing up and exhibiting a bit of pride and passion. Living in Quebec I see more than my fair share of Hab games and it pains me greatly to say this, but at least they play with such pride and passion, game in and game out. The Bruin’s inconsistency is turning out to be their identity.

  78. Haus says:

    One thing is certain, there WILL be a change in locker room chemistry, with Savard and Sturm returning and the subsequent salary shaving trades.

  79. Bruins says:

    8-2 on the road, 4-5-2 at home. What the hell is up with that? It’s not just this year that good play on the road and bad play at home happens either.

  80. Birdman2403 says:

    I dont understand why Julien fucks with the lines. Leave the 4th line of Campbell-Thornton-Marchand together. They are very effective. Julien is wasting Seguin playing on that line and out of his role. He’s not a checker….never will be. Put him with offensive guys and see what he can do.


  81. Bruins says:

    So I’m thinking with Savard back we go with the original plan of Savvy with Horton as he’s fallen off a bit lately.


  82. ELWOPPO says:

    Krejci and caron likely to miss Sunday’s game due to flu!

  83. Haus says:

    Allow me to go out on a limb here and predict that one of the next 10 posts will be Vince Mendella looking for a stream of the game.

  84. Haus says: usually high quality streams.

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