Savard expected to play tonight

According to multiple reports, Marc Savard is expected to play in tonight’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  With Savard back in the lineup, Tyler Seguin will shift over to wing, hopefully on Savard’s line.  Additionally, it means the Bruins are now carrying two extra forwards. Daniel Paille is already a healthy scratch, so the thought here is that Jordan Caron is the second.

UPDATE: According to, Jordan Caron is the healthy scratch.   Here is the lineup






53 Responses to Savard expected to play tonight

  1. willisss says:

    Wait…sooo we’re hitting???…..a shitttt ton?

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    Sturm trade pending due to medical concerns!

  3. Gcole says:

    Holy testicle Tuesday! I got home from class and it was 6-1. EIGHT?? nice!

  4. moast says:

    8-1….Solid hits and very physical….Cam must be stoked. Lightning goaltending is pretty gross.
    Still no Horton WTF. Savy looked good and Timmy was Timmy!!
    Bring on TO!!!

  5. Bruins says:

    savvy back, 8-1 win over one of the best teams, leafs lose 5-0 to… the OILERS


  6. Gcole says:

    Apparently sturms staying. Can you say AWKWARD?

    • Bruins says:

      Weird situation but it’s alot less weird because he agreed to waive his NTC. I heard it still might get done though.

  7. Gcole says:

    Anyone else think boychuk looks like an owl? Random thought of the day..

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    Lucic crew u should
    get tattoos more often!

  9. Gcole says:

    Where’s “kessel” and the other shit talking leafs fans that were on here all the time before the leafs starting their annual TANK-THE-SEASON ritual. Except this year they started early

    • Jefe77 says:

      I was wondering the same thing!

      I miss Et le bue the most. That dumbshit didn’t know when to quit!

      Even as we were sweeping the habs, he tried his best and was eaten alive here. I remember him a few times trying to get some compassion after he tried backing off.


  10. #4 says:

    IDK G But thank you Taylor Hall. Must’ve been painful watching that game last night for fans of the maple queefs.

    Just think if they hadnt traded for kessel and he hadn’t scored his 36g last year maybe they would’ve drafted last and got hall. Hall the 18yo that lit them up last night hahaha. Meanwhile Kessel has less goals the lucic!

  11. #4 says:

    oh and WTB TSN. Try making sure a trade has happend before you report it as finalized….

  12. moast says:

    Yah I really wonder who fucked up with announcing the trade when it hadn’t happened. There is enough respect for Sturm that this is bullshit and he doesn’t deserve to be going through this. Just saying.
    Hopefully something happens quick.

    What would everyone rather?
    Wheeler and Paille gone
    Sturm gone?

      • moast says:

        Wonder if there is too much emotion now to make a deal like this happen.
        Paille and Wheeler to Ministota for a pick?
        Not sure if it would even be enough.
        I have a weird feeling that wherever Sturm ends up or if he stays, hes going to be a beast.
        Trying to be traded, coming off of injury and in the last year of a contract with everyone doubting…….he may just pull a Timmy!

    • Ward says:

      sturm! wheeler has way more talent.

  13. Brendan says:

    i like your thinking moast but sturm is injury prone but i rly would take him over paille and wheeler and with the way wheeler has been playing i think he’d make good trade bait wiith maybe ryder for a decent scorer or puck moving defensemen or instead of ryder do paille with the wild and do picks or prospects like you sed, but if the rumors with sturm do follow out i think a 3rd rounder at least should come to boston bcuz when hes healthy he’ll produce

  14. Brendan says:

    8-1 BOYS!!!!! stamkos did nothing BEAUTIFUL! and siedenburg w/ his 1st haha tht was a laff

  15. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    what is this shit about sturm? is he traded or not?

  16. ennis says:

    ugh poor sturm. traded then not traded… reminds me of mike lowell, just a good guy stuck in an awkward situation.

  17. averynathan says:

    The bruins just have to score the first goal tonight, and when they do`the laffs will fold like a cheap suit.

  18. ELWOPPO says:

    Not sure if thier is Sox fans on here but they just aquired Adrian Gonzales from San Diego! He hit 298 with 31 HR and 101 RBI’s, The year before that he smashed 40 HR!

  19. Bruins says:

    We look brutal again tonight. The D has turned it over like 90 times already.

  20. Gcole says:

    Bruins clearly don’t look like they care about winning tonight.

  21. Bruins says:

    What an embarassing performance tonight. If this wasn’t for Thomas we would have gotten blown out by the fucking Leafs.

  22. Gcole says:

    If they lose I’m going to go punch a baby

  23. zamer says:

    fucken bruins looked like pussies,like I said before we suck in our own zone and we deserve to lose to toronto.when your outshot every fucken game theres a problem and the caches are fucken idiots.

  24. Bruins says:

    Disgraceful. Not much else to say.

  25. Bruins says:

    On the plus side the Thomas save was the single greatest save I have ever witnessed. Too bad the team was shit.

  26. Gcole says:

    I don’t understand this team. Every game goes to a different extreme.
    Badass to fucking gutless. WTF??

  27. Bruins says:

    Anyone else getting tired of CJ? 11.5 mins for Seguin when he’s flying all night and Ryder AGAIN in the shootout.

  28. ELWOPPO says:

    Dont worry guys Toronto would have won againts anyone 2nite! This was a statement game they needed 2 win! A loss would have led to firing or major trades! B happy with the point and lets move on! Because at the end of the day were still great and the Leafs are……..still in 13th place lol lol lol!

    • Pearson says:

      Positivity. I like it. Toronto deserved at least a point out of that game. I never try to blame the coach, but ryders percentage in the shootout is awful. Yet he still gets the call. Its hard to nit pick over one shootout descision, but when you have bergy, wheeler, chara’s slapper, sitting there…. It makes me scratch my head.

      We all knew ryder was going to take a wrister from 15 feet out. When thats the case… Why not horton?

      Shit even lucic has been deking people lately!

  29. Ward says:

    i usually never criticize the coach ever. but putting in ryder was just awful. wheeler, bergy, horton looch and even marchand would have been better ryder.

    • God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

      looch is not a guy to use in a shootout bergy is on the other hand. in ryders defence, he didnt completely fuck up he did hit the post, which was just bad luck

      • #4 says:

        Ryder is like 4-30 in shootouts. Id expect Marchand/Wheeler/Bergeron/Savard/Chara/Horton could all do significantly better than that.

    • Bruins says:

      I just don’t get it. The numbers speak for themselves. I don’t care how much better he’s been on the ice this season, the guy is not a good shootout player.

      You’ve got a guy with the best shot for a Bruins in a long time who is absolutely DEADLY when he gets time to get it off, and Bergy can usually get to goalies even if he does use the same move every time.

      Gotta love how money Seguin is in the shootout though. What a game he had yesterday, in all 11.5 mins of it.

  30. mook says:

    Dupont suggested the Bruins GM might target someone like Matt Niskanen of the Dallas Stars, offering right winger Blake Wheeler or physical rearguard Mark Stuart in a “dollar-for-dollar” swap.

    • Bruins says:

      That would be a legit trade unlike alot of the other ones circulating around this site. I’m sure the Stars would throw in something extra too because Matty Niskanen isn’t a pretty little boy anymore.

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