3 Up 3 Down

1. Brad Marchand. Marchand continues to bring speed and energy to this team on a nightly basis. Records his third shorthanded goal of the season and played strong two way hockey all night

2. Milan Lucic.  Showing he’s worth the annual 4.083 cap hit. Scored his team leading 14th and 15th goals of the season on a  nice shot from the faceoff dot and finishing it off with an empty netter.

3. Zdeno Chara. Chara had a dynamic game, both offensive and defensively. Chara was all over the ice and seemed more involved then usual. Despite a bad pass on the powerplay which eventually lead to the Islanders first goal, Chara played one of his best games of the season.  


1. Ice time distribution. Tyler Seguin only skated 9:51 on the night, compared to Thornton who skated nearly 13 minutes. Seguin was explosive whenever he was on the ice tonight and clearly needs to be given more ice time.

2. Three men at the blue line. Might be the worst offensive gameplay in the NHL. Three players standing at the offensive blueline is something  that started with P.J. Axelsson years ago. Clearly, that did not work. On multiple occasions tonight, the Bruins implemented this offensive “strategy”, with obvious no results.

3. Trevor Gillies. Who has the better stach Gillies or George Parros? That’s a tough call.

47 Responses to 3 Up 3 Down

  1. mook says:

    i disagree with a few points here…

    – seguin should not get more than 10mins icetime…yet.
    – 3 men at the blueline got us 2 goals tonight, so…

    up: wheeler. played hard.
    down: tuukka. rebounds-a-plenty.

    • Bruins says:

      Why shouldn’t Seguin get more ice time?

    • #4 says:

      The Seguin thing is a wierd subject. But I dont like how its being handled.

      Lets see vs the Islanders Seguin should’ve gotten more icetime than his usual 10:50. Then sat vs philly i can see giving him less.

      But Up: Lucic a 30goal man?
      Down: Recchi is he too old now? Maybe limit his shifts to offensive zone faceoffs and the PP?

      • Brendan says:

        i cant see tht happening with rex…hes on fire this year, putting up quite a bit of points, so i cant see rex losing any time on ice…maybe gain if anything

  2. mook says:

    If you can’t see flaws in Seguin’s game then you’re clearly watching through Jack Edward’s glasses…

    plus he was a -1 and lost both his faceoffs. he needs to develop…or he will disappear like tavares.

    if he played 15 mins i’m sure people would be crying about that too, considering how he turns trhe puck over in the neutral zone on the regular.

    hey, i’m nrot baching him, just saying he needs to learn the ropes.

    • Bruins says:

      Of course he has some flaws (mainly play along the boards) but if you haven’t noticed he’s getting progressively better in all areas, including cutting down on his turnovers (mainly from those drop passes).

      He has one of the best turnover ratios on the team now (11 takeaways to 6 giveaways).

      Lost both faceoffs? Well he’s over 48% on the season which isn’t bad at all considering he takes them sparingly. Like Bergeron said last year after his faceoff percentage was way down in the Olympics, it’s way harder to win faceoffs when you don’t consistently take them, hence Seguin going 0 for 2. Wheeler is 40% on the year, but I guess we can’t blame him. Seguin actually the 4th best percentage among all rookies as well.

      As it stands right now he’s the fastest player on the team, has the most deadly shot out of anyone not named Horton, is one of the more creative, and can play all 3 forward positions. There is no excuse why he shouldn’t be playing more. He’s getting Stamkos’d right now.

      You love guys like Hunwick and Wheeler but don’t like Seguin. Weird.

  3. jimmy50 says:

    Seguin will be an amazing player in the near future. But he is teenager playing on a playoff contender. 99% of his production comes from pure talent and skill. He has an infinite amount to learn. Same goes for Caron. Be patient and give it time.

  4. pearson says:

    seguin is garbage. we shoulda drafted a goalie because we’re fucked at that spot………………..

    relax everyone. he’s improving with limited ice time = good. look what happened to tavares with loads of ice time….. how do you think an 18 year olds body would hold up against some of the monsters of this league?

    hes going to explode eventually… let it happen.d

    • #4 says:

      What about Hall and the kid on the Canes? Isnt Seguin as good/better than them?

      Their coaches dont seem so hesitant to put them out there. I know I question Claude from time to time and Im hoping seguin is playing less till Savard gets back to form and/or the next move by PC is made.

      Then he gets unleashed for the 2nd half of the year and is better for taking it slow to start. If he plays 9mins for the whole year thats questionable coaching if you ask me.

      • Bruins says:

        Exactly. Hall and Skinner should probably get a bit more time because Boston has better depth, but the amount of time he’s getting to play is ridiculous.

        He’s played more than 15+ minutes once, over 14+ 3 more times, and under 10 3 times, with 2 of them being in the last 5 games so it’s not like he’s slowly giving him more time.

        In fact Julien is slowly decreasing how much he’s on the ice. Just over 13 minutes his first 13 games, now just over 12 minutes his last 14 games, despite the fact that he’s getting better.

        Julien’s a fucking moron.

      • jimmy50 says:

        b/c neither team has playoff potential.

      • Bruins says:

        Oh and one 14+ minute game in the last 18 games. I swear there’s a million of these retarded stats I could tell you.

      • #4 says:

        But who plays more than seguin that you wouldnt replace with seguin.
        Horton/Lucic/Krejci/Bergy are the obvious ones.

        But would you really have

        Out there more than Seguin?

      • TheBellEnd says:

        anyone remember when we all gave Burns shit for only letting Thornton play 3-7 minutes a game???

        anyone wanna reiterate how good a player Thornton is right now??

        anyone wanna shut the fuck up and let the fucking coach COACH??

      • backbruin says:

        Savy and Seguin have played 4-5 games together clowns….do you expect instant chemistry from a rookie and a guy who’s been out since last years playoffs?? let’s use are heads here boys, i have seen some near great plays develop with these guys and their only going to get better and start clicking more and more…wow some people on hear expect instant success because of the nema ona jersey!!! it takes time to gel and i think with are current record we should all be happy they are coming along! and that we are a few points from first in the conference…..shouldn’t we be???

      • CCMGoalie says:

        He isn’t playing as much as Hall and/or Skinner, because the Bruins don’t need to rely on their young players like the Canes and Oilers do. We have a lot of depth in our system right now whereas the other two don’t. A small amount of playing time against the best in the world is going to benefit Seguin so much without all the rpessure that Hall and Skinner have on their shoulders right now. Hall is supposed to be Edmonton Oilers new Gretzky and scoring 30 plus goals a year, look how that kind of pressure has treated him already this year. Skinner wasn’t supposed to make the team, but ended up making the big roster because he’s such a good skater and has really good hockey sense, but again he’s one fo their top forwards and it is going to stunt his growth to have such high expectations this early in his career. Look at Carey Price. He was supposed to be Montreal’s new Roy, but after everyone figured out he was slow on the glove side he was getting lit up. It took him two more years to find his game again and this was when he had the Montreal brass behind him all the way and they dumped Olympic hero Halak off to St. Louis for virtually nothing so Price would be the number 1. Granted this year he is playing like he should be there, but it took him forever to find that game and he is still eaten up by that pressure from the Montreal fans. Give Seguin a break. He doesn’t need huge amounts of time right now and we don’t necessarily need him to pull those kind of minutes in a game…yet. I say we give him two years to hone his game and he’s going to be SCARY good. Claude’s been known for developing young talent, aka David Krecji. Krejci was playing on the big roster for a while when he took over, but seeing that Krecji needed the time in the AHL to season up. THen when he came back later in that season he teamed up with Ryder and Wheeler to form a line that was the best scoring line for the B’s two years ago.

      • Bruins says:

        CCM, while Julien did develop Krejci he still gave him 15 minutes a game, even though he was older. And that’s with a much lesser prospect coming up midseason.

        We haven’t had a prospect this good under the Chiarelli/Julien regime (and even further back before that) so those rules don’t really apply. I think Julien is just coddling him right now. The kid has already dealt with his fair share of pressure it’s not like he’s going to break if he sees 3 more minutes of ice time.

        And this has nothing to do with development. He’s going to develop either way. This has to do with bettering the team right now. He’s hands down more talented than most of the team already, even if he is 18.

  5. Haus says:

    I had the bench seats at last nights game. Fucking awesome! In the 3rd, Seidenberg took a big hit right into where i was sitting, spilling 2 beers all over me. Donnie Del Negro tossed a towel to me to clean up. Gillies for NYI is a fucking weirdo. He was yelling “Fuck off” to noone in particular after the national anthem. He and Thorts were chirping during the pre-game skate and after the first I think it was Martin that told Thorts Gillies wants to go with him next period. I was surprised to see Naoko was such a hottie! Much better looking in person, Boychuk seemed to be hitting on her before the game. Alot of interesting stuff you see when you are that close. Robbie Schremp passed my old man a puck thru the gap in the boards too, class act when he wasnt even asked.

    • #4 says:

      Del Negro is the best in the biz

    • Jefe77 says:

      Good times, sitting low is great. Worth a couple beers in the lap? Probably! Good for Robbie, I have always been interested in him doing well since he played for the national development team; he’s got some good hands.

      On Seguin; relax, relax,…he is playing out of position, against men in an 18 yr olds body. Much better skill set than Tavares, and faster, but I understand what your saying Mook. The Bruins and fans need to be careful, he will be a top 10 player one day, imo. Everyone should realize the situation is what it is, we cant send him back now, so ditch expectations, sit back and enjoy watching an 18 yr old burn NHL vets. The Bruins should find consistency soon, the pressure will be off him and points will come.

    • Whopperfoo says:

      Naoko did a rink side interview 2 rows ahead of my in the aisle once – she has a slammin ass. And yes, looks better in person.

  6. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    i agree with thebellend let claude do his job, and seguin will be fine. remember stamkos’s rookie season? he sucked. Look at him now

    • Haus says:

      Great point.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      damn straight!!!

      I’m tellin ya…Seguins gonna be more like a Sakic or Yzerman….can’t fuckin wait

    • bruins4eva says:

      stamkos’s first season only sucked in the beginning the second half he had like 20 or so goals after all star break

    • Bruins says:

      Do you know why he sucked? It’s because Barry Melrose barely played him and put him in shitty situations. And when Melrose got fired Stamkos took off. Coincidence? Nope. Coaching is everything when it comes to young players.

      Seguin will pan out either way but he’s more talented than most of the roster anyways so why not play him?

      • bruins4eva says:

        im not disagreeing with you….im saying give him time…i can’t remember a top 5 pick having an impact right away

      • pearson says:

        yea man, your usually spot on. i disagree here. maybe yea, give him a few more minutes, but we are winning (for the most part) and hes learning. its not something to get the panties in a bunch about

        but hey, if they give him 30 a game, i wont be bored.

      • Bruins says:

        I was actually talking to god is on our side bruins4eva.

        And Pearson I’m not asking for 20+ minutes a night. Just something like 15-16. He has less responsibility on the wing and he’s actually playing with good players in Savard and Ryder now. We’ve been up and down again this season. Not bad, but could be better so I say give him a bit more time.

  7. mook says:

    let seguin learn in bits. if julien goes to fast, he’ll get discouraged (and possibly injured). see: tavares

  8. neely8 says:

    send him to providence! Activate Sturm, Marco will have MUCH more of an impact than Seguin! Problem solved!!!

    • pearson says:

      i work for the sound tigers. they send seguin to the ahl and id be puuuumped. he would put up crazy numbers on my bitches. till he meets yablonski… do ya homework.

  9. pearson says:

    ps… enjoy this one… consider it my christmas present to y’all

  10. Haus says:

    Just to set it straight so we can hear no more of it…….Seguin is INELIGIBLE for the AHL. There is an age requirement.

  11. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    Bruins, i see what your saying about seguin and play hime more and all that but he is only 18, just let hime develop. remember when we had kessel? he had 11 goals his first year. 19 his 2nd and 36 his 3rd. and sombody said they cant remember when a top 5 pick made an impact right away. are you kidding me? remember a guy on the capitals, he wears number 8……fuck i forget his name though XD. and what about that guy on pittsburgh sidney something, he made an impact right away also

  12. Gcole says:

    Sturms gone apparently for real. Atleast this time I got the txt msg saying so

  13. dookie says:

    Sturm traded to LAK for future considerations. Seguin out tonight with flu-like symptoms.

  14. Gcole says:

    Savard has paille and Ryder? Guarantee that Line won’t score. Savard always passes and Ryder and paille can’t score for shit

  15. Gcole says:

    A five minute powerplay and they still can’t get anything done… Isn’t savard back and things shouldve been good?

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