Seguin a healthy scratch

According to, Tyler Seguin is a healthy scratch for tonight’s game against the Buffalo Sabres. Seguin, the second overall pick and fastest skater on the team, is being scratched over goal scoring machine Daniel Paille.


59 Responses to Seguin a healthy scratch

  1. Bruins says:

    If Julien pulls this shit when I go to see the game on new years I’m showing up with torches.

  2. Bruins says:

    Lucic gets called for checking a guy and the Sabres score after the goal horn goes off when it’s not even in. Of course.

  3. willisss says:

    I hate bashing on coaching or bruin fans, but if you really think that this move is what’s best for the team tonight, or if you think this move makes the team better, your foolish. Yes claude is an nhl coach and I’m an office cubical shmuck, but the stats and skill tell the tale. Bad move.

  4. Bruins says:

    I hope Seguin’s learning alot in the pressbox. This is how you play with a lead, kid. Smarten up.

  5. Bruins says:

    Ryan Miller is a little cocksucker. What a bitch move at the end.

  6. Bruins says:

    Oh and fuck the refs. They screwed the Bruins over the whole damn game.

  7. ELWOPPO says:

    Come on u stupid flyers, hold on to this lead and do us a fucken favour!

  8. zamer says:

    the bruins screwed themselfs in there own defensive zone like always.beregon looks lost with his wingers how i call yogi and booboo.savard has no big wingers guys how can fight for the puck and this is going to hurt us down the road.the first line caueses teams problems,wake up folks tim thomas is the one winging us games.

    • Mate says:

      good point…Tim is the reason we look so good and the proof is in Rask’s record even he can’t win games for this team. We don’t have wingers it’s time we trade some centers and get a fast winger or two. This team is too slow and we are still missing a sniper.

  9. Manitoba Fan says:

    lol, learn how to spell!!!!

  10. Manitoba Fan says:

    i just got home from work, did we look like crap tonight?

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    I wouldn’t say total crap, but definatly some shitty parts. Some bad calls clearly went against Boston, giving 2 P.P. goals to Buffalo.

    The Seguin benching for Paille was a total bust. I think Paille played about 45 sec. and was brutal for every second !

    The B’s P.P. was awful and did nothing with a 5 on 3….must win tomorrow for many reasons. We HAVE to start beating the Habs.

    Seguin better be in tomorrow !

  12. Manitoba Fan says:

    They are not very consistent this year. Seems like they play 2 or 3 good games, then suck terribly for a game or two. Its to bad i thought we would come out flying this game, from the way the last one ended. The game against philly was awesome I thought the team looked great, even the savard line. I do feel bad for bergeron to, fuckin wheeler is soo off and on again, pretty sad. I also feel bad for Rask such a solid goaltender and gets nothing from the team defensively when he plays.The bruins are a fuckin deep team they got to figure it out and put a sweet stretch of wins together. I am not sure but maybe CJ has got to go, they just seem so uninspired all the time. Anyway lets hope for the best boys and take down the fuckin habs tommorrow. I hope someone fights lapierre also, LOSER, guys got no balls, all talk

  13. seguin>hall says:

    I love the merlot line but by god… We need to fight MUCH MUCH more

  14. Gcole says:

    In the poll it ays “look what it did for kessel” and I don’t recall this happening to him but whatever. I’m not going to call him a genius if this somehow helps him, just lucky. So retarded. “hey were gonna healthy scratch you tonight, we have this guy who’s going to replace you and kick ass, while your watching the game you can learn from it” learn from watching? Only thing he learned watching this game is the team sucks, and paille is useless except while killing a penalty, which we have plenty of guys who can go on the PK

  15. Haus says:

    2 shit calls= 2 pp goals. Paille for Seguin was a bad move, maybe Tyler still had the runs or was late for practice, who knows… I doubt it was a strategic move. Funny how Wheeler gets trashed when it seemed to me Rex and Bergy were off their game tonite and he was the best of that line. Savard has been a turnover machine since his return, hes overthinking it out there in my opinion. Kampfer has looked the part, distribution has been solid, an emerging PMD.

  16. mook says:

    i was at the game…seguin took the warmup but was not 100%. it was obvious he was sick.

    tsn is reporting he was out with the flu again.

    maybe nesn fucked-up. maybe you guys like complaining. i dunno…but either way, sometimes players need to watch the game from a different angle. it helps them learn. last year, they did it to marchand…now everyone has a boner for him.


    and seguin is shit defensively. sorry, but it’s true. he needs time before he can play 30 minutes a game (which is what it will take before everyone is happy).

    • TheBellEnd says:

      yeah…I was there too…I got there late and just caught the tail end of warm ups…coulda sworn I saw Seguin out there and was looking for him the entire game…then I come home and hear that he was a healthy scratch and see shots of him in the press box…I thought I was losing my mind, but I’m glad someone else on here saw him dressed!!!

      As for the “healthy scratch”, assuming it was determined to BE a healthy scratch…my only reasoning behind Julien doing it would be to get Paille into the lineup seeing as he usually fairs very well against his close to home crowd and former team…unfortunately that didn’t work last night

  17. mook says: and also reporting it was the flu.


  18. #4 says:

    CJ needs to do something about secondary scoring pretty fast. Yes seguin was sick but you need to try something different.


    3rd line is a checking line. Hopefully Bergeron is as good defensively as people claim so that he can cover up for Seguin-Savard. Oh and someone needs to tell teh D to step up. That 2nd goal was caused by Siedenberg backing way off depsite having Defensive Numbers.

    • #4 says:

      Oh and next time the team goes to get on a plane someone should stop paille and be like uhhh heres your bus ticket to Providence! Rotate scratching Recchi/Thornton. Recchi’s age is catching up with him, he could be a real weapon if kept fresh for the playoffs and big games. You dont need thornton every night he hurt the team last night.

      • Neely8 says:

        lol…thats funny! Boston better win tonight and show ballz! This is a statement game tonight, We will see what the Bruins are really made of? If we win tonight and Sat I wont feel so bad about last night! We will see! Lets give them one more chance to prove us wrong ok? If they lose 2nite everyone can jump down thier throats!!…Including me!!!

  19. Neely8 says:

    Guys, For the love of god stop crying about Seguin being benched! Do you guys watch Bruin games? The guy records a point once every 15 games?! It makes no difference if he is in or out of the Line up? Yes he has speed and is talented but i think we can all agree he gets no ice time and is still very young! Stop blamming the teams loses on him! Its the Team, NOT Julian benching Seguin! We would have lost last night regardless of the kid in the Line up! He’s taking up usefull cap space if you ask me! Could have used that money for a NHL ready scorer! No dis respect for Seguin but come on guys, Get real!

    • #4 says:

      Yeah all 850k of that cap space he is wasting.

    • Gcole says:

      “hes taking up usefull cap space” WHAT?! are you retarded dude, who the fuck else has the talent he has thats waiting for play? and yes now apparently he wasnt a healthy scratch he was sick or whatever, which is a big difference between benching him. but wake up and realize this kids got amazing skill, just needs time to adapt in the league. seguins making somewhere around $1M, and you think thats a problem?

      • God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

        guys, for once i somewhat agree with what neely8 says. i dont however agree with the cap space part. but when seguin does play hes nothin special, yeah hes fast, but thats about it. now i truly think seguin should have been sent back to junior for a season and we should have resigned Miro the HERO!!!! for one more year.

  20. mook says:

    sometimes a benching is good…it’ll wake-up a player. look at pk subban, joe thornton, etc etc.

    relax. it wasn’t a benching, but if it was, relax. why should the coach play paille in the city where his entire family lives? fuck i dunno…what an asshole. there was an entire section of people wearing bruins paille jerseys…must be family.

    anyways there’s no point trying to convince you…

    not that i completely agree with what neely8 is saying, but 850k IS a lot of cap room. consider we signed satan last year for about that, and you were all ready to suck him off after the buffalo series…”resign satan and let bergeron walk”, and all shit talk like that. seguin needs to play, though. maybe not against the dirty flyers, but he needs to get time in against defensively weak teams.

    recchi is the man, btw. who is gonna buy a ference jersey? playing GREAT.

    • Bruins says:

      Yeah because they should base who plays on Paille’s homecoming party, not talent.

    • #4 says:

      Ference was terrible last night. Allthough he has a suprisingly good year.

      Kampfer is making a good case for himself. Lets say Kampfer keeps it up.

      Who gives when Stuart Comes back?


      Have to get rid of one. Knowing CJ it would be Kampfer but I think thats a big mistake.

      • Bruins says:

        YEs knowing CJ it will 110% be Kampfer. I think one of Mcquaid or Ference should be benched with Stuart back though.

  21. Bruins says:

    Anyone figured out why Lucic got that penalty yet?

    • Loooch says:

      He was chirping at the ref from the bench, calling him a “disgrace” and “embarrassing”. Brutal call by the ref tho. Cant be making that call with 2 minutes to go and a tie game.

      • pearson says:

        look, i love lucic. but hes young, and with the style of game he plays he cannot be doing that. im not saying that i like the call, but that is how you get unsportsmanlike penalties. the easiest way of keeping the ref from making that call is shutting your mouth.

        if it was ference that got that call, i think the outcry would be alot differant.

  22. Bruins says:

    Yo Mook and Bell End, do you guys know any good places to eat at in Buffalo besides the Anchor Bar? I’m going down there early next year for a couple games to see the Bruins game and a WJC game and would probably kill myself over-eating going to the Anchor Bar two days straight.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      depends on what you’re lookin for…there’s the Pearl Street Bar just down the way from HSBC…standard pub fare…

      If you’ve got wheels and love Italian food…do yourself the biggest favor of your life and go to Mulberry’s Cafe in Lackawanna…it’s a 10 minute drive from HSBC and I swear to you it is THE BEST Italian cuisine I have EVER had…the place has been on The Food Network a few times and for good reason…was just there last night and it was unreal…

      Enough hype, though…Duffs is another good place downtown…but the same as the Anchor Bar, really….you could also Try the Lake Effect Diner which is pretty good shit, too!!!

      But if I were you….Mulberry’s my friend!!!

    • Loooch says:

      Washington Square!! 5 minute walk from the arena. Great wings. Place is packed with Canadians/Bruins fans before the game. Tough to get seats tho. Went there last night before the game.

  23. Haus says:

    Seguin still had flu, case closed.

  24. Haus says:

    Neely8, I saw on a previous post you were from Serbia. I know its not a big hockey playing country, when did you start following the Bruins and hockey in general?

  25. Et Le But says:

    Round 2 tonight boys. I think the last time I posted before our win over the Bruins that you Bruin fans were shitting on your players. Seems like nothing has changed. You guys are only 2 points back with 2 games in hand. It will be 4 points behind after tonight. This is the closest you will get to 1st place in the northeast. PK, Cammy and Lapierre will teach you a 5-1 lesson tonight to end our losing streak. Ha – even by losing 3 in a row we still can’t be caught. Ole, ole ole, ole, ole.

  26. Neely8 says:

    came to Canada with my folks in 90 , And the whole country was glued to the TV to watch the stanley cup finals between Boston and Edmonton! Took a liking to #8 and followed the Bruins ever since! Than we drafted Milan and I went even more crazy, His nationality is Serbian! And has many similarities with Neely! Many Serbs follow the Bruins back home because of Lucic believe it or not!

  27. Manitoba Fan says:

    sports center just reported that seguin sat out last nights game because of paille’s exceptional play of late???When??? And according to coach julien seguin will be a game time decision. He has got to let the kid play. I dont hate paille but other than penalty killing he is useless. and we have enough penalty killers.

  28. Gcole says:

    Well this game is off to a great start Jesus Christ….. Boner kill

  29. Manitoba Fan says:

    no kidding they look crappy nothing is going

  30. Manitoba Fan says:

    thornon with a bad shot block leading to a goal and a puck off of ference…fuck me

  31. Et Le But says:

    Revision – 7-1 Habs!!

  32. Gcole says:

    Krejci and cammaleri, pfft knew that would come

  33. Caperfan says:

    I said it all last year and I’ll say it again, this team is not tough enough and no one is afraid of them. That is why the flyes were able to storm back last year as they did because they just kept beating the Bruins players in the one of one battles and their tougness took its toll. The game against Montreal is the same. Montreal is a team of a bunch of little fucking men who can skate and that’s it. They are not afraid of the Bruins players and it showed. This team needs some players who can play but also instill some fear on the ice. Bergeron, Ryder, Wheeler, Savard, Krejci,Horton,Seguin… holy shit boys outside Lucic who lead the taem in scoring and Thornton (4th line) do you see pattern? Big Pete better move a few of these guys and get some gamers in here or this bad movie is just gong to repeat itself over and over, Just watch the beginning of each game and watch the other teams pour it on by trying to hit the bruins to get a lead. If they accomplish this it almost a guaranteed win for them.

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