Seguin back in tonight

According to Joe Haggerty, Tyler Seguin will be playing tonight after missing the previous two games. While Seguin does have a lot of learning to do to improve at the NHL level, sitting him in favor of a player like Daniel Paille is a very questionable decision.  According to CSN, Cam Neely is not happy about last nights results, both regarding Seguin and the outcome of the game.


 Interesting interview with Bruins President Cam Neely on WAAF with Greg Hill and former Bruins enforcer Lyndon Byers this morning. Neely sounded miffed with the entire game against the Sabres at HSBC Arena – and rightfully so – actually wouldn’t address the healthy scratch of Tyler Seguin.

 Neely said flatly of scratching Seguin: “Coach’s decision. You’ll have to ask the coach.”Several times Neely harkened back to a B’s playing style that hasn’t exactly been lighting up the scoreboard lately, and the importance their defensive system places on scoring during the power play: “Goals against isn’t an issue. Goals for is an issue. The power play is an issue. I think the name of the game is that you still have to score one more goal than the other team. It’s not about trying to win 0-0.”It sounds like the heat might be turning up on the Bruins coaching staff if trends don’t start turning around for the Black and Gold.


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  1. backbruin says:

    wow……………..i have never in my life seen a play like that called a penalty shot!!! it was almost clean for god sakes!!! unreal!

  2. moast says:

    When is Horton going to pull the tampon out and start playing like a man?

    • Bruins46 says:

      Nastiest shot, quickest release, worst puck handler on the team. It’s driving me CRAZY.

      • Bruins says:

        Actually I think his release is unbelievably slow. If he gets some time and space though, that shot is money. I also find he’s really good at maneuvering his body and the puck in traffic to create those chances, but he definitely hasn’t showed that in the last little while, and especially not last night.

      • Bruins46 says:

        Sorry, second worse puck handler to Chara, of course.

  3. moast says:

    Is anyone else going to stab themselves in the eye if they see Chara flip the puck to the corner again?

  4. pearson says:

    shiiiiit. marchand took a trainwreck of a hit. if subban would drop the gloves EVER id think he’s legit. cant blame the guy for not dropping em with campbell… created a powerplay.

    i dunno guys, im fully emotionally invested in this game. might dip into my 4loko reserves if we dont get a comeback. backchecking and quality shots is the key.

  5. Birdman2403 says:

    The P.P. is fucking brutal !! Why not try Seguin out there CJ you clown !! I’m getting sick of his routine of same ol’ fucking everything !!

  6. backbruin says:

    well all i know is that last goal again can be credited to the fkn refs….campbell takes a forearm to the face after the hit on marchand and he gets the roughing call……same story in montreal, refs give them everything!!!!

  7. Bruins says:

    The calls that led to the Cammalleri and whoever scored the 3rd goal were complete bullshit but we’d still probably losing without them.

    Only positives I saw were Thomas and Kampfer. This team is so fucking inconsistent.

  8. Bruins says:

    Welp 2nd starts off with HTomas saving the team with 2 circus saves. Looks like Claude did a good job riling hte team up.

  9. Bruins says:

    Savvy! lollll at us still being in this game.

  10. Bruins says:

    If anyone was watching CBC it was hilarious. The whole game they were giving Cammalleri so much credit for taking on Bruins tough guy David Krejci.

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    Yeah…Bob Cole is 98 yrs. old he’s losing it !

    Thomas was the only reason this game wasn’t 8-3 ! I just don’t understand how the Bruins are always so flat aginst the Habs ??

    Thomas, Wheeler and Seguin were very good I thought. Seguin, in his limited time, made things happen. Seguin-Bergy-Wheeler would be good. Savard is soft…maybe scared of another injury ??

    Oh well….Caps next.Everyone beats the Caps….right ??

  12. Vince Mendella says:

    I don’t comment here much, I just sit and read what other people say. I agree with some and totally disagree with other. But the time has come where something has to be done.

    The Bruins are not hard to play against! The Bruins are a fragile team that gives up the first goal. They will claw back but most time come up short. Everyone thought when Savy came back that would solve all the problems. Sorry but 1 man can’t solve the whole teams problems.

    CJ is a defensive specialist of a coach. We need someone on the bench who knows offense, someone that will make the Bruins grab the other team by the balls and make them say uncle. Everyone says the players have to be accountable for what happens on the ice. Well, the coach has to be ACCOUNTABLE for the systems he wants the players to run.

    Just a thought – In football you have offensive and defensive coaches. How about kinda the same for the Bruins. What coach out there promotes an offensive system?

    What is everyone’s thoughts on this?

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Vincenzo, I think ur jumping the gun a little! Last two games could have easily been wins if it wasnt for bad calls and fortunate bounces! Than we Wouldn’t be having this conversation! Have a little faith paisano!

      • Vince Mendella says:


        You can’t always blame the refs everytime we lose. I know we can’t win every game but take a hard look at the team. Yes, they claw their way back and work hard (at times). Most every team puts traffic in front of the net, most every team has a breakout, most every team will stand up for team members! Don’t say the Bruins always do (Cooke)!

        You can’t always blame the refs for losing a game. Bad sloppy play, bad bounces and just better teams are all factors. It’s bad enough when the refs give away the game or bounces just don’t go our way. But, when we beat ourselves it’s worse. Why can’t we put a player infront and make traffic and make it hard for the opposing goaltender? It seems to work for other teams against us.

  13. zamer says:

    I dont care what people say the bruins need to make some changes.they need players how want to where the B on there jersey,god theres guys in providence that have haert and would help this team.julien is the problem,he is the coach that is responsible for the teams offensive and defensive problems.

  14. Gcole says:

    I must say, that was one hell of an entertaining game, if only they could wake up and play before the second period they might give themselves a chance to win. I don’t know how Marchand got up after that hit holy shit man I thought for sure he was DONE

  15. mook says:

    bruins should trade wheeler for crosby, and ference for ovechkin. it’s that easy. paille for stamkos too, sure.

  16. #4 says:

    In all seriousness though. Who still supports CJ?

    I was completey done with him after the PHI collapse. Watching Ryder play a terrible game last night and then rewarding him with the most PP time is absurd to me. How come only rookies get punished?

    No1 holds the vets accountable and it must mess with Seguins head. Someone needs to light a fire under this teams ass. IDK who but someone.

    • Bruins says:

      He’s really starting to piss me off, but you can’t fire a coach with a record as good as the Bruins right now.

    • pearson says:

      i think we have the weapons on the team to be one of the highest scoring team if the gameplan is right. it seems like claude is (and always has been) about the dump and chase then forecheck the shit out of the puck plan. its astonishing how much of our offensive game takes place behind the net. this works well if you have huge bodies in front of the net. thats why i didnt like the seguin-savard-ryder line. whos the muscle? put recchi there!

      the other thing that ive noticed was in the final minute. it seems like the other team ALWAYS struggles when they plant chara in front of the net. hes unmoveable and his presence just creates a distraction for the goalie and AT LEAST 2 other dmen. now obviously we cant just start playing chara on a wing, but if they ran plays to get him involved more up front i think we’d be golden.

      on the powerplay i think chara should be standing right above the crease that way there is commotion in front of the net, and essentially a 4-3 going on around him.

      also makes me want dustin penner. huge guy. that can put up points. what would edm want for him?

      • Bruins says:

        Maybe a PP of:


        Kampfer/Seids Boychuk

      • Bruins says:

        That didn’t come out right. Basically Chara in front, Savard working the wall, Horton at the top of the circle, and Boychuk and Kampfer/Seids at the point.

        Then 2nd PP could be Rex in front, Krech on the wall, Seguin at the top of the circle, Bergy and Seids/Kampfer at the point. Ryder could be worked in there as well.

      • Bruins says:

        And I frogot about Lucic. Goddamn it, so many options and so little production.

      • #4 says:

        Thats the sad part.

      • pearson says:

        i was thinking


        and line 2


        buttttttt i know i have a better chance of winning powerball tomorow

  17. jimmy50 says:

    I do. The bruins need CJ. He is 3 for 3 in playoff appearances. He brings stability to our franchise. I was sick and tired of the multiple coaching changes this team went through over the years. Just because the team lost some close games, in December, while battling injury and salary cap issues, does not mean there has to be a coaching change.

    Anyone notice the little things that make this team great? The forecheck, defending the neutral zone, the penalty kill, and of course rolling four lines all game long!

    I agree the PP and breakout have been awful. But shouldn’t someone else be blamed for the team’s lack of a puck moving defensman??? (PC).

    • Bruins says:

      I think the PMD has been solved by Kampfer. Julien playing him like 3 times as much as McQuaid last night leads me to believe he’ll stick with him when Stuart’s back. Kid’s looking like a stud right now.

  18. Haus says:

    aThis is a major departure from where Ive stood for quite awhile now but I think its time to make a coaching change. I still feel CJ is a good coach and probably a great guy, but things have gotten much too casual from what I see. There has to be a little turmoil generated I think, much like Philly last year when they let go of their coach that the players loved. Its accountability to asaaasaaasaeasaaaaasaaaaa

    • #4 says:

      The thing is even I could draw up exactly what the bruins do in all 3 zones by heart on a whiteboard. I could then draw up the flyers gameplan and explain how it beats the bruins in several ways.

      Now if I’ve figured this out, what NHL caliber coach hasnt? CJ Is unwilling to change, unwilling to stand up to his players, unwilling to show passion and incapable of creating emotion. He never holds vets accountable. Treats youngsters like live hand grenades.

  19. #4 says:

    Boston in the Offensive zone. 1 Man forecheck 1 Man to the Slot 1 man High with the defense. Purpose prevent odd man rushes. Result, lack of offensive pressure.

    Nuetral zone Wingers hang at center ice to “clog” the ice. Center swings. Result Flat footed wingers at center ice.

    What this is is a trap gameplan. Its similar to what MTL does only they have faster players better at keeping there feet moving. A flat footed lucic isnt ideal.

    • mook says:

      it’s not trap hockey when you have 2 forwards forechecking in the offensive zone.

      • #4 says:

        They dont usually. 1 low 1 mid 1 high. Three at the blue line and wingers standing still at center ice is trap hockey.

      • pearson says:

        there seems to aaaaaaaaaalways be two guys digging the boards deep. we’ve been seeing this for the past 4 seasons under julien.

  20. moast says:

    So, who would be his most logical replacement if everyone, including management and myself, is sick of this style of hockey?

  21. zamer says:

    first line lucic,krejci,horton.second line wheeler,savard.bergeron third line arniel,segiun,colbourne fourth line riech,marchand,thorton. coach RICK TOCHETT

  22. Jefe77 says:

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

    Where is the heart,…fuck me.

  23. zamer says:

    We need some young legs in this fucken team and prove there talent with a mixture of quality look at the oilers its working well,fuck ryder recchi pialle campbell are not the fucken answer wake up look at what teams are doing.We are just a average team with hot and cold streaks.Changes are needed other teams are ahaed of us in young players playing and developing.Can you smell what other teams are doing look at there rosters.

  24. Manitoba Fan says:

    Buddy we have young legs and are developing young players. Not to say iam not dissapointed at the play of late but i dont think it has anything to do with young players maybe more CJ’s defensive style. And your talking about the oiler’s, aren’t they under 500.

  25. Manitoba Fan says:


  26. Manitoba Fan says:

    Nice buddy! I am still stuck in the sticks here working as a welder at a mine. love the bruins was born into it, and will die with that B! Just wanna see them win a cup before i pass and this team has potential. Just wanna see that potential exposed cause the elements are their. LETS GO BRUINS!!!!

  27. moast says:

    Awesome….My brother worked up there for a while.
    I agree….this team is so close and Im not sure what they need….new coach, PMD, another sniper? Anyway…its good to know Toba is well represented here! Go BRUINS!!

  28. Manitoba Fan says:

    Thanks bud, I dont think the team needs much maybe just a fire lit under their ass. Team is good, Best team up the middle by far. Feel bad for bergy though all his hard work is never complimented by his wingers. I like wheeler but he is so on and off, bergy is such a deadly centermen and deserves at least one guy who willing to pay the price as much as he does. Anyway buddy thats how i feel, hopefully they pull it out tommorrow. GO BRUINS!

    • Vince Mendella says:

      From Winnipeg here, a friend of mine lived up in Thompson for a couple of years. She didn’t mind it. Good to find B fans in MB.

  29. ELWOPPO says:

    Any Bruin fans here from toronto?

  30. mook says:

    i’m from toronto

  31. #4 says:

    Funny thing is you Canadian Bruin Fans outnumber Boston based Bruins fans on like all of these hockey boards lol.

  32. willisss says:

    Let’s do this tonight boys FLOUR IN THE CAKE

  33. G-Rant says:

    I’m a Toronto based Bruins fan too. Hard to see many games without the nhl package get I see most at friends places. Let’s get 2pts tonight boys, Seguin shows up big tonight!
    Go B’s!

  34. ELWOPPO says:

    Where in TO u guys from? Im in Scarborough

  35. G-Rant says:

    West end, Runnymede/Bloor. Any bar you know that will show B’s games? Hard to find.

  36. Bruins says:

    Yep, I’m from T.O. God I hate the Leafs.

  37. pearson says:

    so the b’s will be shown on HBO next week. god i fucking hope they dont become “the also struggling team that washington breaks its slump against.”

    i wouldnt be opposed to see chara, thorton, marchand, lucic all come out with a bee under the collar and start fightin bitches right away. lets get some intesity against (what i still think) is the best team in the league

  38. lucic crew says:

    im from scarborough fuck the leafs go bruins need these two points

  39. ELWOPPO says:

    Ur a Sauga boy now Looch!

  40. Manitoba Fan says:

    Seen the best thing today. Some guy at Fas Gas had a montreal decal on his back window with the letters SUCK which took up the whole window! fuckin deadly.

  41. Bruins says:

    Best. Start. Ever.

  42. Manitoba Fan says:

    Does anybody know what happend to marchand?

  43. Bruins says:

    Being up 3-0 has never burned us before CJ, might as well just lie down.

  44. Gcole says:

    Is it opposite day? Great first period and terrible third…

  45. Bruins says:

    Thanks for completely saving the Bruins’ asses again Thomas. What a sweet gameplan that is by that fat fuck. Outshot 26-2 in the third while we’re in “defensive mode”. Ugh, the Bruins still manage to piss you off even when they win.

    Overall Bergeron and Wheeler looked awesome, but what. the. fuck. with blowing another lead and playing like shit.

  46. Manitoba Fan says:

    Grossest third period i have ever seen. Happy they won but that was brutal. I wish they would play like they did in the first all game. All hail TIMMY!!!! I mean i expected the caps to have the advantage in the third because they have lost seven in a row but not completely kill us. This is why i wonder about CJ’s system at times. Hopefully marchand isn’t out too long, i like his play and have no idea what happend to him.

  47. zamer says:

    thank god thomas won this for us,because we are the fucken worst team defending our own zone.I dont care what anybody says fire fucken julien,in this third period it was like watching a lion chasing a zebra.we were fucken lucky,thomas wins the game for his team again.

  48. Studlycodfish says:

    Yeah let’s fire coach lol all you guys are smoking some good stuff lol!!

  49. dookie says:

    The Bruins remind me somewhat of the Capitals 4 years ago when Glen Hanlon was their coach. Their offense was being stifled by the defensive system employed by Hanlon. When Hanlon was fired the offensive reins were also let go and the team became one of the better teams in the league. The problem with that team was they did not have a defensive structure to fall back upon.

    The Bruins are also being stifled offensively. However they are fortunate enough to have the defensive structure to support that. A little more offense and this team would be lights out. Playing the way they are coached right now = no stanley cup. Some, not all, of the offense needs to cut loose and play to their offensive capabilities. Savard, Horton, Seguin, Lucic and Ryder have great offensive talent but CJ’s system is holding them back from what they can and should be.

    When they get a lead, the Bruins play not to lose rather than to win. If you keep knocking on the door of devil, sooner or later you will get an answer. The Bruins have gotten such an answer a few times this year and almost got one again last night. When, when, when will they ever learn? I don’t think i have ever been so disappointed in a Bruins loss.

  50. mook says:

    so do we all love wheeler again?

    • pearson says:

      if ryder is getting 4. and wheeler makes 2… i think we could all say that wheeler is lighting it up.

      im still not sleeping on wheeler. hes still way young, and still shows glimpses of what he can become.

    • Bruins says:

      Don’t really have that many complaints about him this year. Still don’t like him though.

  51. Bruins77 says:

    I really like Kampfer, really fast D-men.

  52. Manitoba Fan says:

    Wheeler shows glimpses of promise but then usually sucks for 5,6 games straight.

  53. Gcole says:

    Anyone else thinking Marchand has a legit chance to become a top 12 forward and not a fourth line guy? And before you bash him actually watch the moves this guy pulls off, I mean he looks like krejci/savard with his puck protection and his skill. If he can start to Score too, mixed with his feistiness I think there’s no question he’s a top 3 line guy

    • Bruins says:

      I assume you mean top 6. I’m not so sure about that, but I love him as a agitator/checker with offensive upside.

    • willisss says:

      He’s too wreakless and makes horrible choices with the puck. He’s fast as hell and plays with energy and heart, 4th line is where he needs to stay

      • #4 says:

        He’s too small as well. He wont last long if people keep catching him like Subban did. That said he is an outstanding bottom 6 forward.

    • pearson says:

      maybe eventually. playing on the 4th line for the rest of the year for sure. hard to say that he will keep progressing while playing with thorton and campbell but lets all hope he gets to that point.

      its also tough to keep these players around. its exactly like sobotka. they dont ness. belong on a 4th line, but teams dont really want to shell out more money for 3rd/4th line players…

      marchand-seguin-colborne could be a fun line to wish for a couple years down the road…

  54. #4 says:


    I just fucking finished college(3.9 GPA too). So Im Celebrating like a mofo tonight! Ill be at the GBE tonight and sitting balcony behind the Ducks Goal. I WANT A WIN!

  55. Manitoba Fan says:

    Does anybody know of any live stream feeds for the game anywhere on the internet. TSN 2 is showing an WJHC exhibition game and not showing the b’s game tell 930pm et?

  56. Manitoba Fan says:


  57. pearson says:

    hiller has the coolest helmet. just saying. and hey as if it mattered; why are we in white

  58. dookie says:

    5 shots by the Bruins in 37 minutes. Not gonna cut it!!

  59. Gcole says:

    No luck tonight… Not much effort either

  60. dookie says:

    2-0 Anaheim. Again no passion or jam from the Bruins. WTF? I am really getting sick & tired of the listless effort. The Bruins should be motivated tonight to catch the Habs – but no. They have their head up their asses again. And to top it all of both the Thrashers and Lightning are winning.

    • dallasmith says:

      Give Bergeron the Selke Trophy, great, but he is not the offensive answer they need, not a power play guy, not a shootout guy. I like him, sorry he got hurt 2 years ago, but he’s not the offensive force worthy of power play ice time. I loved Steve Kasper too, maybe we don’t have options, but….just thinking.

  61. dookie says:

    Hit from behind by Selanne on Kampfer. No pushback or emotion from the Bruins? Gimme a break!! The Bruin passion is non-existent. Another game, another piss poor effort.

  62. dookie says:

    Well well well. A shg by ANA. They have 3 chances playing short-handed and put it in on the 3rd try. The Bruins allow 3 short-handed chances on the same PP. That says it all! Absolute garbage play by the Bruins tonight. Watching this I wish they had just mailed in the two points. At least they would have done something which is much better than their doing right now.

  63. gibbz says:

    need a coaching change NOW. claude is a fatass faggot.

  64. gibbz says:

    the wings are down way too low. anahiem’s d-men are wide open. we are playing a collapsing-type defense, and we need to play man-to-man against a skilled passing team like this. Claude is just a shitty coach all around.

  65. Taylor Hall says:

    Gibbz…you’re the worst…but I agree, this team needs to make a change – just not sure what coaches are out there….

  66. gibbz says:

    ference needs to go, so does paille. their horrible play is like a virus and is spreading through out the team.. and couple of trades/ coaching changes might light a fire in this team, i also think we need to play more physical.

  67. Gcole says:

    Coach does a hell if a job preparing his team to play hard and for a full 60 huh? And the powerplay still sucks BALLS even with savard back. What’s the excuse now? Il tell ya, they’re a bunch of pussies

  68. dookie says:

    The Bruins are deplorable right now and in a world of shit. The more things change, the more the stay the same. The Bruins talk a great game but cannot back it up. At best, they are a mediocre team this year effort-wise and I shudder to think where they would be without Thomas. Face the facts – we are not as good as we should be given the talent we have and we probably never will be unless the intensity and passion is ratcheted up significantly game in game out.

  69. gibbz says:

    ken hitchcock

  70. fireclaude says:

    Fire him now!!!!

  71. Gcole says:

    Il be their coach! Il actually let the offensive players PLAY THEIR GAME and not make them think defense.

  72. moast says:

    This team is painfully predictable and boring to watch….
    Ill be back when there is a coaching change….
    Fucking Embarrasing and Brutal!
    Show some balls Neely!

  73. willisss says:

    44 shots is not embarrassing nor is it brutal…how does a coaching change stop a swiss goalie from playing lights out?

    • pearson says:

      forget the coach dude, fire those fucking ice girls. THEY NEVER GET THE TEAM GOING!

      julien is the new wideman. who, by the way, has as many assists as bergeron.

    • #4 says:

      I only saw 2-3 good scoring chances for the B’s despite those shots. I think ANA had more scoring chances in the first 19 shots than boston did all game.

      Overall bad effort, bad game. Kampfer hit looked dirt from where i was sitting and of course they dont do anything to respond.

      im on the fire CJ bandwagon I believe he just isnt the right coach for the Bruins anymore.

    • moast says:

      Dude this team has no heart, not showing any talent, sure 44 shots but c’mon they were all at his chest, they dont listen to Julien anymore.
      When your best/most consistent players are Marchand and Thornton, its time for a change!

  74. Caperfan says:

    This team is too soft and they are giving up on the coach. No desire in this team to do anything positive under this system. Something gotta give and the coaches days are numbered. there is only so much success you can have with a defensive system like Claude Juliens and th Bruins don’t have enough physical desire toake it work. This what got him fired in Montrea and New Jersey. terrible to watch

  75. zamer says:

    I have been a Bruin for many years,theres been many up and down and there are times teams get in ruts.What I se here is acoach that has lost his ability to do his job. and players how are tired of the same old ways.Its time for change in coachs and some players,god we do have all the talent to be a very good team.Recchi ryder paille campbell ference are not the answer we need players that can keep up the speed of the game.

  76. Richardo says:

    Doesn’t PC go if CJ is fired?

  77. pearson says:

    alright, i can see how some people (most people) want julien fired. but answer me this…

    do you REALLY think it’ll happen while we are 17-11-4

    keep in mind if they were going to fire him, they would have done so after the flyers fiasco last year. they went into this season KNOWING what his coaching style HAS ALWAYS BEEN, and really, he hasnt swayed from typical claude julien hockey.

  78. mook says:

    just relax

  79. backbruin says:

    wow sounds like a bunch of whiney bitches to me. great fans we have here when we are in a little rut were calling for heads to roll….haven’t we learned over the course of the past few years that we always go through this every year!!!we play are best hockey in the final 20-25 games of the regular season…we are 17-11-4 and we haven’t nearly played how were capable of…..julien style is proven but he can’t pass, skate, shoot, and score for these guys!!!

    Do we not think that some of the blame should go to the players on the ice???? hahahaha fk julien why did you make krejci throw a blind pass to ovechkin with 8 seconds left in the third in a 3-2 game??? was that juliens fault???

    the onus has to fall on these players and yes we do need to open it up a “little” and i mean little!!!

    they are playing like shit right now we can all see that, but give them a chance to work out of it!!!

    and Horton you score when the puck goes inside the posts, not off them or outside!!!


    • backbruin says:

      and he hasn’t lost the room for those who have speculated, the guys love him in there!!

      “It’s been stale, our offense,” Savard said. “Claude’s trying. He can’t yell at us every single night. It’s on the guys in this room, too.”

      exactly savy!! time to rally the troops and stop it with the witch hunt!!!!!

  80. pearson says:


  81. Andy says:

    My 2 cents :

    1. How convenient that when they lose 4 out of 5, we’re screaming to fire Claude. When they go on a 5 game win streak, we have no problem, though. I have never been thrilled w/ the D style play, but as it’s been mentioned, it’s the players first & foremost. We have to trade a guy to get under the cap and yet night after night, they play “unspirited” hockey. What I love is after the game with the cliche “we didn’t play our best” or “we didn’t skate” or “we have to play better from the start”. For Christ sake, don’t talk about it, GO AND FUCKING DO IT!!

    2. We are a GOOD team, not a GREAT team. I think it comes down to leadership. I don’t think Chara is a Stanley Cup winning captain. Would you rather have Nik Lidstrom or Chara? Do you think Lidstrom would EVER let his team play like this night after night? I’m not blaming it all on Chara, but many nights I see him look sluggish and unspirited. How does that translate to the rest of the team?

    3. For a few years now, it hasn’t been a suprise, at least to me, that this team comes out dispirited. In 08, after an amazing game 6, we shit the bed in game 7 and couldn’t maintain the momentum. In 09, Carolina came into our building and used speed and grit. We were the better team, but CAR wanted it more. Last year, we can use the Krecji excuse all we want, but you had a 3-0 lead in game 7 and let them come right back and take it to you. In YOUR building. The point is that this team simply doesn’t have the hunger night in and night out. Is that Julien’s fault? Partly, but certainly not all of it.

    Instead of giving 45-50 pt scorers $5 mil/yr, maybe we should go and get some young, hungry, talented players that won’t put up with the pathetic effort and bullshit that we see out of this team sometimes. Guys that will actually grab the bull by the fucking horns, say “fuck this” and go and make it happen.

    Our FOURTH line is our most consistent and hard-working line, yet our least talented. Maybe the guys that are getting paid 5-6-7 mil/yr should stop watching them for inspiration and start telling the others to jump on their backs. Otherwise, this team will remain a good, but not great, and certainly not a Cup contending, team.

    • Bruins says:

      Julien is a problem. I think the best example of that came in our win over the Caps. It’s not just like he’s the scapegoat when we lose.

      This team should be a great team, not just a good team. If you look at it on paper we’re deeper offensively than any team not named Detroit and Philadelphia and are packed with guys that can play at both ends. Our goaltending tandem (most imortant position in hockey) is light years ahead of any other in the league. The defense isn’t great, but it’s still respectable and it boasts a premier defenseman and a solid top 3. The goaltending pretty much masks anything negative about the defence anyways.

      This team SHOULD be a great team. I think coaching is a major thing holding them back.

      • Andy says:

        Look, I wouldn’t cry if Julien got fired, but it just seems that everyone is blaming him and taking the focus off the players.

        As we all know, how many coaches have we had in the last 20 years? 12? At some point, the players, as well as the GM for assembling a roster of guys with no hunger night in/night out, have to be held accountable as well.

        We all realize that this SHOULD be a GREAT team, which is why there’s 17,000 posts on this board. I just hope we’re not all pointing the finger SOLELY at the coach, because again, the players have to be held accountable also..

  82. Bruins says:

    Only plus side of that game is that Seguin actually got some time and that he should be on a line with Bergy and Rex.

  83. Jefe77 says:

    Trade everyone.

  84. JRy says:

    Here is an idea…..if we were to fire julien how about cam Neely takes the coaching job as well. I no he likes what he does now but he has been known to lace them up for practices sometimes…we have a team that should look like little neelys, why not have them kearn from the real one?

  85. Haus says:

    Word out of Wilmington is that practice today was a shit show. Seidenberg boarded Thornton and they later went at it. Boychuk was the recipient of a 2 hander across the back and Bergeron was reported to have got into it with Savard. This is per reports by 98.5

    • Jefe77 says:

      It seems to be the very low-point this season, obviously. But at least they’re beating someone up. I would prefer they got upset at the opposition, and wanted to board them rather. I never like hearing Savvy and Bergie not being kosher with the team; they should both be examples of wanting to battle for each other.

      This is very hard right now, the team is good enough to win a Cup, and the lack of heart is downright scary.

  86. Caperfan says:

    Fire Julien, put another coach behind the bench and if this team still under performs ship some bodies out in a hurry. Lots of excellent trade bait here. Jesus! even Don Chery’s lunch pale gang with no talent were better than theese guys because they showed up every night and other teams were scared of them. no one is scared of this team. Montreal is a bunch of shitty little cowardly men with no guts and they have no respect for the Bruins and we skating around last week like they owned this team and our guys pretty much responded that way. “pathetic”

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