Should Claude Julien be fired?


66 Responses to Should Claude Julien be fired?

  1. Whopperfoo says:

    re-evaluate in a week or two.

  2. pearson says:


  3. willisss says:

    Dude the bruins are getting in fights at practice….not good

  4. JIMMY50 says:

    Also line shuffle with Savard playin on top line.

    Lucic Savard Horton
    Wheeler Krejci Ryder
    Recchi Bergeron Seguin
    Thornton Campbell Marchand

  5. mook says:

    Trade Seidenberg and Boychuck for Bryan McCabe.

  6. Caperfan says:

    Give Claude two weeks. If the same unenergized bunch keeps under performing time for a coaching change. Bring in a misaerable son of bitch like Iron Mike to kick some ass.

    • pearson says:

      alright alright. everyone is talking outta there ass about canning julien. but if your telling me mad-mike milbury would take a job as the head coach of the boston bruins… i would say fire up those duck boats now cuz we’d have a parade scheduled for june.

      you think theres any chance of the bruins playing lackadaisical under milbury?

      lets all start the campaign HIRE MILBURY!

  7. Bruins46 says:

    Doug Houda!!!

  8. willisss says:

    Dude just fucking hire me…I’ll do work

  9. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    fire claude hire neely

  10. moast says:

    Im not sure anymore about wether he should stay or go.
    I was originally thinking that it was the system and that system is Claude. This is the same system that had them one point out of the presidents trophy. With that being said, this team has better players now than then. so, I am thinking that it has to do with these players, which makes me think:
    -Why is Chara captain? No leadership, isn’t playing like the largest man in hockey.
    -No body is hitting, fighting or sticking up for each other.

    We really need to see Chara step up or fucking move on. The rest of the team, besides Marchand, Timmy and Thornton, start hitting and shooting the puck.
    If this doesn’t work than, im looking at you Neely and Chiarelli……put people in charge and on the roster that will give a shit.

    How about send Paille packing, bring up Caron and McGratton, put O’Reilly/Milbury behind the bench and trade Chara/Picks/Prospects for Byflugien.

    • #4 says:

      It was good until the trade proposal moast lol. I dont think ATL would do it. BUff only has a 1yr deal as well. I dont love the Chara contract but the B’s are more or less stuck with it.

    • Andy says:

      Couldn’t have said it better about Chara, moast! He’s not the leader we need to win a Cup. It’s not all on him, but as far as the players go, it starts at the top!

  11. zamer says:

    For sure the bruins need some wingers with size and banging boards like the bruins of old,not ryder nor paille or recchi can do this all the time and speed helps.Ever since the sturm news and trade things have not been right.

    • willisss says:

      i would almost go as far as saying savards return….i hate it and it kills me to say it, but for whatever reason, and i am sure its coincidental, the bruins played worse. How does a hockey team play worse when more talent is added?

      • #4 says:

        Chemistry.Didnt it seem like the attitude changed completely too. Those first 9 games the team was like on fire. Horton’s ever-present smile and everyone lighting it up and playing hard.

        NOw all of a sudden???

      • Vince_M says:

        All of a sudden?? Those first 9 games?? Did Savard come back after missing the first 9 games of the season? Sorry but it sounds like you are blaming everything on the return of Savard.

        Not sure but first it was Claude now Savard. Is there anything else that is wrong?

      • #4 says:

        No savard came back later. Krejci got hurt right around then though. But yes bringing in a top10 playmaker(in the league) does effect chemistry.

  12. mook says:

    good thing we didn’t get hossa or kovalchuk…you guys would be crying so hard right now “fire chiarelli too!”

    kovalchuck sucks nuts, and hossa is injured 4 life.

    trade wheeler! now he’s a beast.

    just relax…things work themselves out

  13. Bruins says:

    When healthy:




    This team should be beastly, but they haven’t been. Fire Claude!

    • pearson says:

      you didnt change much… so im wondering how it goes from uninspired to beastly.

      i say drop savard and mcquaid to edmonton for penner.



    • Andy says:

      Think about it this way, though. In the summer, we were ALL clammoring for Savvy & Horton together. Maybe now that they are together, things will work…

      • Bruins says:

        Yeah I actually liked it better. Savard had by far his best game last night. All the lines looked pretty dangerous. And now there is really no first line. 3 lines (and maybe even 4) that you can just roll.

      • #4 says:

        4th line Gretzky in full force last night too.

  14. mmmmmmmm says:

    They are looking solid tonight.

  15. mmmmmmmm says:

    Poweplays seem so much longer when they are getting chances

  16. Gcole says:

    Now there’s a fucking hockey game!!

  17. Loooch says:

    Amazing. B’s fans rule

  18. lucic crew says:

    now thats the bruins we know and love wicked game boys go bsssssssss

  19. zamer says:

    hell of a game and they played as a team for once,what I liked is how they backed one another in every situation.Now I hope they realize how good it feels to work for a win.One thing I would like is to see begeron with two big wingers that would fit his style of play like a rayn clowe and a wayne simmonds,theys guys would be awesome,great Win.

    • DudeMan says:

      We have all the players we need. They just have to play like they did tonight and stay consistent. If they make a good run after the holidays we wont be dreaming up any trades or pulling for Milbury as the coach. The only thing about this team that pisses me off is seguin. Yes I see the potential and I know that the b’s have the luxury of developing him at this level,but the kid needs to step up. He seems to force plaays and give up the puck way too easily. I don’t expect much from him in his early career, but he is standing out for all the wrong reasons. Our other young players look great, someone needs to light a fire under this kids ass.

  20. Pearson says:

    I would like to thank atlanta. I know they didnt intend on lossing but they gave this boston team exaaaaactly what they needed. We got 4 GREAT goals. We got lots of presure where we needed its. And the hit on lucic wasnt that bad, but it was enough to wake this sleeping giant with the open invitation for the line brawl. I almost cried when i saw savard throwin em (you could almost tell the other guy was trying to avoid headshots), as well as almost in tears when julien put thornton on the PP to try and get him the hatty.This team has arrived gentleman, and i dont know that youll see an effort like monday for the rest of the season. After tonight just to make a statement in the locker room i would take the ‘A’ from rex and give it to thorton.

    Again, thank you atlanta, you played right into your hand.

    Happy holidays everyone, see you next week, and see you in the cup finals.

  21. ELWOPPO says:

    Suspension for Lucic. Stay tuned! For fuck sakes!

    • Bruins says:

      Let’s hoe signing Campbell will help us out in this department.

    • #4 says:

      I swear to god. If they look at the Scott Walker Sucker Punch that had no suspension and still suspend lucic for this thats just retarded. The Scott Walker one was 10X worse. Yet again this is Lucic so the league always goes over the top punishing him.

    • pearson says:

      cmon guys. really? you dont think that last punch from looch warrants a suspension? hes gonna get at least a game. no more than 2.

      in the words of Olaf Sanderson of iceland “well worth it.”

  22. Bruins says:

    That was just an awesome game. Solid all the way through, against a good team too.

    Can’t believe Savvy droped the gloves. THere has definitely been some emotion lacking this year, but not last night. Horton just wrecked Kane too.

    • #4 says:

      Loved how Horton picked him back up and landed a few more clean rights. Santa all I want for christmas is for this energy to carry over and a 10g win streak.

  23. mook says:

    10g win streak and we might start a “extend julien” poll

  24. backbruin says:

    oh so i see were all fans again…wonderful!!!

  25. Studlycodfish says:

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow Bruins fans, hopefully the boys get down to work after the break and the coments on here go from negative to postive!!! Good luck to Looch tommorow!!!!!

  26. willisss says:

    Merry christmas ya bums

  27. ELWOPPO says:

    Lucic decision today! I say 1, maximum 2 games suspension!

  28. chris says:

    nooooooo the team is 2 points out of the division and currently in the playoffs why would u fire before Thursday the team just needed to man up and start playing bruins hockey it had nothing to do with julien!!!!!!

  29. mook says:


    $2500 for the punch, $1000 for obscene gesture.

  30. ELWOPPO says:

    Helps when u have the son of Colon Campbell on ur team eh??

  31. Studlycodfish says:

    Lol whatever dude do your research Colin Cambell had nothing to do with the desion conflict of interest!!

  32. Studlycodfish says:

    Sorry just a little worked up over all the crap I have been reading on other posts, all the habs fans ripping Looch, maybe they need to look at their own bench with that little rat Lappire (sry spelling)!!!! Go Bruins Go!!

  33. averynathan says:

    fuch lappire

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