Lucic’s hit on Allen



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  1. mook says:

    why isn’t the game on tsn2?

  2. Craig says:

    It was close, but allen turned at the last second.

  3. gibbz says:

    it doesnt even seem like seguins playing.

    • Lucic_is_a_stud says:

      lol, this is suppose to be about lucic i thought, but yea, he isn’t receiving a lot of ice time. Although lately, he has seen some more. When he is out there though, he is making a positive difference. I would like to see him out there more, but we have 4 solid lines, so it is hard to play out.

  4. #4 says:

    Great fucking game. I dont think I heard tyler seguin all night though your right.

    Lets hope they can keep up the attitude BTW marchand was the shit tonight. Aside from recchi’s clutch goal tonight id still try marchand-bergeron-seguin. But that was a clutch goal Recchi can still get it done.

  5. lucic crew says:

    beautiful boys go bsssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. Bruins says:

    The old man is clutch.

  7. G-Rant says:

    Recching Ball!! Beauty keep it goin boys, 3rd place and lookin good

  8. DudeMan says:

    Seguin is a bust

  9. Studlycodfish says:

    Seguin is a bust lol lol lol just like we should have fired coach and traded half the line up lol. Real fans are there through thick and thin which I am starting to wonder about a few posters on here!!! Go Bruins Go!!!

    • DudeMan says:

      There was a hint of sarcasm with my comment. He’s got talent but would you not agree that he is under achieving. Look at Marchand, he’s not a skilled a seguin yet he’s constantly creating chances. I don’t think I should be a real “fan” and not notice these things. I guarantee that seguin isn’t happy with his play so why should we be

      • pearson says:

        he’s a rookie. he’s 18.and the NHL is a far differant game than anywhere hes ever played.

        this “underachieving” you talk about is actually called “learning”

      • bruins4eva says:

        yea marchand has been in providence for the past 3 years…totally different situation for seguin

  10. Studlycodfish says:

    Well for starters Brad allready has a year in the AHL which makes a big diff, no I don’t think that Seguin is under achiving cause I don’t have big expections for him yet. We are lucky we have a team were he can take his time and figure out the beast we call the NHL. The kid is going to be a stud in this league he is way to fast and has way to good of a hockey sence to not figure it out!! We got to give him time and not jump all over him , talk to me at the end of the season early next season. Go Bruins Go!!! By the way I love the edge Looch is playing with loved the hit and I think everyone needs to back off Ryder!!

    • pearson says:

      i thought the hit on allen was questionable. i try not to be incredibly biased, but either way, his mean streak lately is a big reason there has been a change and i aint complaining

  11. Haus says:

    As for Seguin, I will refer you to Stamkos rookie year, or Joe Thornton for that matter. I have to issue a ‘my bad’ on the fire Julien bit. (1) My thinking was the coach was too friendly with the players and in turn the players felt unaccontable. It was a little too hasty on my part and after thinking about it I realized I was being an irrational idiot. (2) the aaaaaaaas at the end of my last post was my cell phone shitting the bed, which is how I read this site. That’s why I haven’t been on in awhile. The dead cell is the fallout from getting 2 beers knocked on my lap when it was in my pocket at the Islander game.

  12. mook says:

    watch the play heading-up to the hit on allen…best shit ever.

    lucic is sparring with him up the ice back into the bruins zone (hacking at allen’s legs). lucic gets the puck, sees allen, and dumps it into his corner on purpose…anyone who has played hockey has done this. when you really want to hammer some asshole defenseman, you lob it into his corner, and skate as hard as you can into his back. allen knew it was coming, that’s why he turned, and why he immediately looked at a ref, and why there was no call (the refs know).

    we used to do this in practice with new players at downsview arena. high-lob…2 forwards obliterate the defenseman. it’s not dirty. it’s hockey. it’s a tough sport…only pussies call lucic dirty. french pussies.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      I’d love to agree with you but I have a feeling that if this happened to one of our guys, alot of the people on here saying it was clean would be changing their tune….

      However much I love the edge Lucic is playin with, he’d better be careful, man…punchin that dude in the back of the head during play was very reminiscent of Bertuzzi back in the day…obviously nowhere NEAR as dirty or deadly…but the “feel” was there….just be careful, Looch…

      On another note…fuck the habs in their stupid asses and GO BRUINS GO!!!!!

  13. #4 says:

    Habs got Wizniewsky for a 2nd+5th conditional. Would’ve been nice if the B’s coulda grabbed that offer.

    Hate to see the habs trying to rite the ship because its sinking fast in frenchy country.

  14. Haus says:

    Since I hate the ‘bag of pucks’ cliche so much, I figured it would be good to put a real world group of trade proposals together that hopefully would be what it would take to sip from the cup this year.
    At the deadline:
    Trade Ryder to a western playoff contender with cap space that needs secondary scoring. I know a lot of people don’t rate him highly here, but the guy can find the net. Look at the stat line. Get in return a 2nd or 3rd round pick.
    Make a deal with the Devils:
    Bruins get: Langenbrunner, Greene
    Devils get: Kampfer, 1st rounder (Bruins) and 3rd or 4th rounder.

    Go ahead boys, pick it apart. Constructive criticism welcome.

  15. Haus says:

    Almost 5 mil out, about 3.8 mil in. It works cap wise.

  16. Studlycodfish says:

    I think I might be the only Bruins fan that likes Ryder, on the same hand I do think he is making to much. I would re sign him at 2 mill next year if it were possible, just think about it as long as he has been with us everyone has been chewing him up trade Ryder this trade Ryder that, has anyone ever heard him complain about anything? He loves wearing the Black and Gold and that’s the kind of guys I want. Bottom line he can put the puck to the back of the net!! Please take it easy on me guys for this is just my opinion lol I also don’t like the idea of trading Kampfer I think he is going to be a solid d-man in this league!!! Go Bruins Go!!!

    • moast says:

      I agree about Ryder…..he is invisible at times, but tell me who isn’t on this team.
      Horton, Lucic, Savard and Bergeron all have invisible stints……which is scary to think of as these are the “offensive powerhouses” of this team.
      Man, i was so stoked to get Nathan Horton on this team and play with Savvy… I’m pissed as he is playing exactly as people have suggested. He looks as if he doesn’t give a shit, gets nocked off the puck like a little kid playing with his older brothers, takes way to long to shoot and isn’t scoring. You can chalk that up to Savvy not doing his job, but he could at least be intense and give a flying fuck.
      Lucic-Savvy-Horton: Right now is the worst line on the team…..what does that say?

      Savvy, Ference, TO’s 1st
      to LA/Any West Team for Jack Johnson and Simmonds
      or to Phoenix for Yandle and Upshall

      Solidify this teams defence and add some players that play like our fourth line.

  17. Haus says:

    My reason for proposing dealing Ryder is strictly a $$ decision and to open a spot for more leadership and grit with Langenbrunner. Kampfer because I’m sure New Jersey would demand the potential PMD to compliment their stay at home group that is signed long term. Getting Kampfer and dealing impending UFA Greene would save them approx 2.3mil next year. Moast, LA would never do that deal, they are sticking with their young core and they have cap room to resign them. Upshall may be available if Pheonix collapses, but Yandle is pretty much untouchable because of his cap hit and production, a lot of bang for the buck. Very important consideration everywhere, but especially in Pheonix.

    • #4 says:

      Im too high on Kampfer right now. IMO Langenbrunner is not enough to put the team over the top. Need to blow it up evenmore than that if your talking 1sts/Kampfer.

      Kampfer is showing signs of being the very defenseman this team needs. Stuart must be getting nervous him and ference one of the 2 will be gone and Ference is having a good year.

      • Haus says:

        How far away do you think this team is? I swear everybody in the world except people on this site think the Bruins are cup contenders this year. I like Kampfer too but you gotta give to get and he is a rookie that’s played 40 games a year the past few years in college. Who knows how he holds up his first full year pro. Andy Greene is a veteran PMD and good on the power play. Langenbrunner is the grit that everybody complains that we don’t have. Maybe a 1st is high but like I said I wanted to make a real proposal not just say the generic ‘picks/prospects’ or ‘ a bag of pucks’. Anyway, thanks bro for giving feedback, keep it coming. This is what this site is for, right?

      • #4 says:

        The bruins are good cup contenders man. 3 in the power rankings. I dont doubt that. I just dont think that langenbrunner is the right piece.

        Im with moast on upshall.

      • Haus says:

        If the standings look similar in february Langenbrunner will be available and Upshall won’t. I think I would rather have Upshall too but package Greene in there too and that’s not too shabby for a pickup. That being said, if I were Lou I probably would deal them seperately to maximize return value so fuck it I’ll try another one soon!

  18. Studlycodfish says:

    I for one think that if this team plays on the edge , good physical hockey it will be hard for any team to beat them in a seven games, I belive that the only way they will lose is by beating themselves which is possible. I also belive we will see a cup in Boston sooner than later. Got to belive boys keep the faith. Go Bruins Go!!!

  19. moast says:

    This is a great talk, Haus and #4. I do agree that LA would never do that deal but one can dream. I too think we could get Upshall out of Phoenix and yes Yandle is also a dream. Langenbruner and Green are also nice and would add what is needed.
    Man Haus, that is exactly what i am thinking about this team….how does everyone, other than the people on this site, think that this team is a cup contender?

    Get Horton, Lucic and Savard to there full potential as well as a top 2 Dman and yes, this team will be cup favorites. But if it stays as is, they will be out in the first or second round…..period.

  20. mook says:

    read this article, then you tell me whether seguin should get more minutes…

  21. zamer says:

    If I could could be a bruin GM for a day this would be the trade Id like.I would send Wheeler,Ryder,Colbourne,our 1st and torontos 2nd for Atlants Byfuglien and Kane.Ive allways said that the bruins have so many cards to us,Im sure theres other gms hoping they would have what the bruins have in there stock options.

  22. willisss says:

    soooo did anyone else just here thornton? that had to be a joke right?…. he didnt laugh

  23. Haus says:

    Looks like Atl is gonna need a Dman. Oduya looked like he turned his knee pretty good.

  24. dookie says:

    Are you sure we are not playing the Habs tonight? With the way the refereeing is going I could swear that we are playing the Habs.

    Gotta gut this one out. No break coming our way from the refs!!

  25. #4 says:

    Pavelec played a great game. Too bad the B’s really tried for that one.

    Ryder turned into like the liquid terminator that third period you guys see that shit?? I cant believe he didnt score but those were some nasty moves. No complaints about that effort.

    Anyone notice Seguin lookin disgruntled going into the shootout?

  26. Haus says:

    Yeah it was a shootout loss but there is absolutely nothing to complain about. We were the better team all night on the 3rd road game in a row against a pretty good hockey team. I like the way things are going right now. One question though: Do the Southeast teams have an inferiority complex with us? They always seem to cure whatever ails the Bruins.

  27. ELWOPPO says:

    Thats what happens when you dont bury ur chances! Its ok though! 3 points ahead of the frenchies with 2 games in hand! Must win on New Years againts Buff to get back on track! No slacking!

  28. Vince Mendella says:

    Loved the way Ryder played. I really like Kampfer, tonight was the first time I was able to watch him.

    One question. What is up with Seguin? Just from the games I have seen he seems lost at times. I do wish he would get more icetime and that might get him some confidence. As for Stamkos rookie year, he more than likely had a hell of alot more icetime. I wish Boston had let Sequin play in the World Juniors to get some good icetime and score abit.

    • boston says:

      Probably would have given seguin some confidence. Also love Kampfer being our “pmd’ everyone was wanting. He’s playing great.

    • #4 says:

      Ryder was freaking out of his mind last night some of those moves were sick-ill-nasty. If only he coulda buried it. Any other goalie but Pavelec last night ans Ryder has 2 in the 3rd period alone!

      If he could play like that Every period of every game he could be worth 6mil.

  29. pearson says:

    who still wants to fire claude?

    lucic is one angry ass player lately. about fuckin time. rock out.

    great game though, i had to change my diaper like 4 times in that third period…………..

  30. Birdman2403 says:

    I know it’s Eklund…but he has Bieksa to Bos or Ott possibly. I love this guy !! Good skater, puck mover and tough with a nasty side !! Depending on what goes the other way, he would be an awesome Bruin !

    • #4 says:

      Honestly Boychuck and McQuaid are becoming fringe guys right now. Who knows how well stuart comes back as well. Siedes-Kampfer-Bieska would make the D much much more mobile than it has been in the past 5 years. Id like to get it done. You can see the advantage that Siedes-Kampfer create by moving the puck up ice.

      • moast says:

        I would love to see Bieksa in a Bruins jersey. The only problem is that Vancouver doesn’t want any players back as they are somewhat tight to the cap as well. It would take picks and prospects to get him, which the Bruins can afford but they would have to dump some people.
        Maybe send Ference and Stuart somewhere for picks and use those picks as well as some prospects to land Bieksa.
        Chara Bieksa
        Seidenberg Kampfer
        Boychuk McQuaid

        Solid d group!
        Some Vancouver fans were posting yesterday that they would want Wheeler……no f’n way with the way he is playing. I say if he keeps playing the way he is, sign him to a two year 5 mil deal…..any thought on this?

      • pearson says:

        there is simply no way hed get a 5 mil deal.

        as soon as he goes in a slump everyone would be calling for his head. hes one of our most tradeable players. young, talented, and cheap contract. you give him 5 mil and teams just wont be interested. SO if he slumps [ryder 2009/10] your gonna wanna commit suicide.

      • Bruins46 says:

        Moast, I can’t agree with you wanting to send Stuey packing as part of a deal in order to get Bieksa. Stu is an absolute animal and one of our more consistent and solid d-men. Injuies aside, of course, but I’d hate to see him go.

  31. mook says:

    hahahaha now you want to resign wheeler?

    • pearson says:

      i go through streaks of hating players, and loving others, but at least i understand that doesnt mean throw money at them, or trade them otherwise.

      – wheelers been playing good the past couple weeks = “give him a 2 year 10 mil contract’

      – team loses 4 of 5 = “fire claude.”

      – savy isnt playing well yet = “trade him and ference to LA for JJohnson and simmonds” (while we’re at it we should try to get kopitar in that deal too, but only if we add hamil….)

      • Gcole says:

        thats the reason none of us are the coach lol. if we were wed be trading half the team away each year! but il even admit i think that way too… we all do! its called being fans

  32. Gcole says:

    im seriously debating whether to watch the Bs and buffalo or the classic…. and dont call me a fucking bandwagon fan or a fake, but the classic should be an awesome ass game with two of the best if not the two best players… and with the bruins lets be honest they can either play dominant and kicking ass, or play like shitttt

    • pearson says:

      ditto. after the ending to the last bruins/buffs game, this one might be heated/energetic/dirty/bloody… something you might not find on the classic.

      what teams play in the classic next year?

    • Vince Mendella says:

      I love watching the Leafs play. Love to see that we get another high pick. The Leafs goalie is from the Marlies. They are really desperate.

  33. dookie says:

    Definitely watching the B’s over the Classic. Moreover, although I am a Canadian junior hockey fanatic, I will be watching the Bruins on Monday while the Canadian Juniors play the USA.

    Go Bruins!!!

  34. Craig says:

    Is anyone on shaw center ice, not showing bruins game on my guide. WTF

  35. Haus says:

    Get online Craig

  36. dookie says:

    I searched my Shaw satellite as well & the game is not being picked up by Shaw. Am watching the game on NHL GameCenter Live – NESN feed.

  37. Craig says:

    Thx, it showed up on ch 471. Just wasn’t on guide.

  38. Gcole says:

    Yeah jack Edwards go talk about how bad buffalo is when allowing the first goal, and they score 30 seconds later

  39. Gcole says:

    “savard apparently breathed on somebody, don’t go away the refs are going to make a game out of this!” I love you jack Edwards (no homo) and how the fuck was that not tripping?!?

  40. Manitoba Fan says:

    how the fuck was that not a penalty on vanek. Fuckin refs blow then call one against us right after.

  41. Manitoba Fan says:

    Boychuk looks hurt fuck

  42. Gcole says:

    What a shit game for goaltending lol

  43. jimmy50 says:

    Fuckin refs!!!

    Tuukka should still be playin considering.

  44. dookie says:

    Gettimg absolutely stiffed by the refs tonight. The B’s cannot even look at a Sabre the wrong way tonight or they will be penalized.

    IMO if the Sabres go up by 2 then CJ should let loose the dogs of war and allow the B’s to takeno prisoners. If we are doomed by the ref to lose, then lose going out with a bang and not a whimper.

  45. gibbz says:

    why isnt tuukka playing?

  46. Ward says:

    because he let in two soft goals.

  47. Manitoba Fan says:

    missed the opening of the third, why is ryder on the first line? Horton hurt?

    • #4 says:

      Hes putting horton on the second line because ryder has been good lately. I think horton will do better on the 2nd line myself.

  48. Vince Mendella says:

    WOW!!! Great 3rd period so far! Sequin and Kampfer are looking good! Savard is starting to look better and better.

  49. Manitoba Fan says:

    Thanks, I find Horton is getting a lot of chances but just cant barry. And for marchand he looks really good on that third line.

  50. #4 says:

    Does this guy seriously have back to back hattricks against the B’s wtf is that shit……

  51. Gcole says:

    How come Thomas can’t stop anything in the shootout? Last game he allowed both, and this game all three!!! And yet he saved everything in the game (besides this freakshow game)

  52. Manitoba Fan says:

    Thomas looking pretty ruff these past couple games in the shootout. He hasnt been all that great actually these past two games. I hope julien lets rask play a few games back to back so Thomas can rest.

  53. Manitoba Fan says:

    Why doesn’t julien use bergeron or krejci in a shootout. Why the hell chara, cause its worked before? Either way this game was gross, we should have won but i’ll take a point over no points any day. We have got 6 out of a possible 8 points on the road, thats not too bad. I honestly think Thomas needs a break cause he has not looked sharp in my mind these past two games.

  54. goosegoose says:

    I hate the shootout

  55. Bruins1 says:

    Im a die ahrd Bruins fan but live in buffalo.The oen thing I am tired of seeing from the Bruins is their toughness. They are not a tough team to play against. What happened? The sabres really knocked them around today, especially with some big hits and no one stood up to them.
    And please dont bash me, but its time to trade Thomas while his stock is high and roll with Rask. He is the future and we should live or die with him! I also would like 2 see Savard gone along with Chara. Chara is too big of a guy who does,t impress me to earn 7 million. I rather have Jack Johnson or Dustin Bfyunlyn(sp)

    Its just my thoughts but I really hate the fact that teams do run over us with the hitting. When is the last time Lucic hot someone good?

    • Haus says:

      Get rid of Chara? Nice try, Buffalo troll.

      • #4 says:

        lol Haus at least your trade proposal was within some scope of reality…. I wonder if hockey fans really think stuff like this can happen.

        Or maybe your right and he is a Buffalo troll.

    • #4 says:

      Bahaha Trade Thomas Savard and Chara oh that makes alot of sense… Yeah lets trade them for the Leading Dscorer who isnt available. Or an inconsistent young dMan with a huge price tag that makes sense.


      • pearson says:

        this is besides the point. and i do think the trade proposal isnt even worth discussing… but how does anyone think byfuglien WONT become available in a year or so? look at atlanta’s track record… heatley, hossa, kovalchuck…

        there will come a time when they cant afford dustin. and move him along. then they will have high draft pick and have the cap space to produce young players just in time to trade them away.

    • God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

      what ive said all along, thomas has very high value right now, trade him for a scorer and roll with rask

  56. mook says:

    um…did we watch the same game?

    bruins did not get physically dominated.

  57. bill says:

    in a shootout can julien put in rask? if so dooooooo it!

  58. Bruins says:

    Went to the game yesterday. That was fucking entertaining. Of course both Thomas and Rask suck when I go.

    Oh, and play Seguin more, Julien.

    • lucic crew says:

      i was there to buddy. i wanted to blow that fucken buffalo horn up. Good game other then thomas and rask. And oh yeah the refs sucked balls

      • Bruins says:

        I still can’t figure out how the refs missed the call on the second Sabres goal. Guy jams his stick between Ference’s legs on a 2 on 1 and can-opens him, then gets in front for the back-door feed. Unreal.

      • #4 says:

        Well the refs win you some and lose you some. May have been payback for that call on Stammer that won the game for the B’s in TB.

  59. #4 says:

    I want Seguin on the first line tonight.

    Lucic-Seguin-Ryder both seguin and ryder deserve a reward. Horton swaps with Ryder on the WKR line.

    This is a must blow-out game not just a must win. They must humilate the maple queefs tonight. Send them back into a spiral and back to the bottom of the league! I also would like to see Tuuka get another shot I guarantee he’s got all that anger and energy and is just raring to go ASAP after getting pulled. I smell a timmah tonight though.

    Go B’s Go

  60. Manitoba Fan says:

    I to hope Rask gets the call tonight. I almost think it is a must so he can get some confidence back. I truly believe if Thomas goes in tonight he will have an awful game. The last two games he has been in, he has not looked himself and has let in weak goals. He is tired hneeds a rest, let rask play 2 or 3 in a row. Look at Carey Price right now, he is alos struggling cause he plays too much. I believe the bruins would have won that game on saturday night if Rask played the whole game. He would have stopped at least one of those shots. But the refs blew a big time call on buffalo’s second goal. Anyway go bruins go. o ya, Go CAnada!!!!!

  61. Gcole says:

    This digital breakup on nesn is annoying as fuck

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