3 up, 3 down

1. Tuukka Rask. Rask played well and came up with huge saves all night. Amazing diving stop on Martin Havlat in the second period. Rask kept the Bruins in the game all night.

2. Martin Havlat. The former blackhawk was all over the ice and by far the best Wild player. Havlat scored the first goal of the night and was creating plays all night.

3. Claude Julien. Julien held a veteran player responsible tonight for possibly the first time in his tenure as a Bruins coach. By sitting Savard after a bad turnover, Julien deserves some credit, even if it was a few years late.  The fourth line’s minutes were also limited(somewhat, more so last game) and Seguin skated at center for the entire game. The powerplay personel was also changed, with Seguin and Wheeler seeing ice time and Chara moved up front. Very un-Claude like. Now the question is, is someone else influencing these decisions or is Julien feeling the heat?


1. Marc Savard. Horrible turnover leading to the game winning goal. Only saw two shifts after being benched for his bad turnover.

2. The powerplay. Just awful.

3. Zdeno Chara. Chara wasn’t effective tonight. Weak shots on goal and very little emotion from the captain tonight.


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  1. Bruins1 says:

    We need to trade Chara and savard. But Nice going Chia, we have them for at least 5 more year!! Chara isn’t the same defenseman he was 2 years ago. He looks slower, no hard shot,and isn’t a top defensemen who you can look to to help win games. I look to Nashville and try to pry Weber or Suter away, or better yet jack Johnson.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      You are a fucking idiot…plain and simple

      • CCMGoalie says:

        I agree with TheBellEnd here. There’s no need to trade Chara just yet. If we could pull f a deal like that and pull Weber to Boston I’d pull the trigger too, but Nashville’s GM would have to be high as a kite on some Ether or come down with a severe case of Downs on the spot. I say maybe take the “C” of Chara’s jersey and give it to Recchi or Bergeron and hand Chara their “A”. It’ll take a little pressure of Chara to perform while hopefully kicking him into gear and getting him to start taking that 105.4 mph slapshot and breaking some ankles again.

  2. zamer says:

    It was a sad game to watch,this team looked awfull and our defence looked like shit again.Why in the fuck is this team so jekkle and hyde.So much talent and we seem to fuckup more then other teams,bless our goalies because of them we are in first place in our division.

  3. moast says:

    OK, so now that I have relaxed, I am going to say my 2 cents:
    This team will never win the cup. This defensive style of game is beyond boring and is innefective come the playoffs. Poor Rask and Thomas having to play lights out just to give them a chance. Put one of these guys on a playoff team and instantly they become a contender. This would be the case with the Bruins but again this year, they cant score goals. Every top team that will make a push have two offensive threats

    Pitts: Crosby, Malkin
    Det: Zetterburg, Datsuk
    Van: Sedins, Kesler
    St.Louis: Stamkos, St.Louis,Lecavalier

    Who does Boston have? Not one player comes close to these players mentioned above. All of the “offensive” players on this team go invisible all of the time and on top of that, get stiffled by the system.
    Chirelli and Neely need to grow some balls and do what is needed.

    -Fire Julien and bring in a new school coach
    -Strip Chara of his “C” as he is not a leader
    -Tell Lucic to go back to basics and hit, then hit and then hit some more.
    -Give Seguin and Marchand more ice time
    -Chara needs a legit #2 PMD to play with.
    -Savard needs to go!

    I’m so sick of hearing people credit the other team when Boston loses. How is it that they can have so any shots on net and cant score….oh wait its because they on’t have real offensive talent and the little they do have is wasted with that fat fuck Julien. How is it that they are always coming across “amazing” goalies…..well they aren’t…..they just cant score like the big boys.
    Boston will make the playoffs, and lose in the first or second round, not because I am angry or bitter, because they don’t have the right players and the players they do have, are expected to do too much.
    This team just isnt that good, period. First in a bad division gives alot of fans delusions of grandure.

    • Bruins says:

      LOL how is Tampa a contender? Having a couple top scorers, no depth, and the worst D/goalies in the league does NOT make you a contender.

      Bruins are built more in the mold of the Blackhawks/Flyers. You do realize we roll 4 lines right? We have a Canadian Olympian on our third line… While we don’t have offensive players quite at the calibre of a Richards/Kane/Toews we do have two of the top 5 goalies in the league, so it more than evens out.

      If you want to suck ass for years to land the Crosby/Malkin/Sedins/Stamkos/Lecavaliers of the world be my guest. Actually Chiarelli was able to land a top end offensive talent without sucking ass.

      Just chill out. This team has been built better than any other team in the league for the present and the future combination. Give it a little bit of time.

      • pearson says:

        changes WILL be made. somehow i feel like the ownership/gm know they wont get a similiar chance at the cup and therefore changes will be made at the deadline. and there will be a star brought in. i unfollowed eklund on twitter and havent missed anything, but somehow i feel like the b’s will grab something unexpected and turn it to gold. i think theyre the team has the ability to sacrifice some future for a ‘win-now’ type player. (bergeron, savard, wheeler, boychuk, b’s 1st round pick are something that teams would want that i think if they want the cup this year, they can afford)

        keep in mind, no team is after a package of ference and ryder

  4. Bruins1 says:

    Moast you are saying what I have been saying all year and then some knuckle heads like haus say we are crazy. THis team has no heart and no top stars at all! We need a change big time and start over. Go young and have a team that is fun, fast and exciting to watch. I rather lose enjoys watching the game, rather than seeing the same old boring shit, and hear its still early. We haven’t blown out anyone yet and never look like we dominated an opponent. Did anyone notice the Penguins destroyed Tampa 8-1. They are the contenders. we are the pretenders that can’t accept reality!

    • moast says:

      Well said! really hate hearing:
      -They were up against a good goalie
      -Bad reffing
      -Lots of time in the season

      They are slow, boring, no heart, not hard to play against, proven to choke, and to top it off not even that good defensivly.
      The only reason that they are classified as a top defensive team and are first in there division is because of goaltenig.

      I am not fair weathera and have been bleeding Black and Gold for three decades now…..do what it takes to make it happen or quit calling yourselves Bruins!

    • Bruins says:

      Did we or did we not just draft second overall while still making the second round of the playoffs, and are projected to get a top 5 pick while winning our division this year? Jesus, you people are tough to please.

      Oh and we also beat Tampa Bay 8-1 this year. But other than that, great point.

      • moast says:

        Words like relax really bother me…..40 years. Patience is one thing but come on. Its interesting how you will pin point Tamp in what I said earlier but nothing else. No, Tampa may not be a contender but Yzerman will have them as a contender real quick anddidn’t they win a cup not too long ago?
        No, I don’t want to shit the bed just to get picks, why not utilize the picks and prospects and players we have to get some of these elite players. Get a new coach, new, exciting style with players that have heart and want to be a “BRUIN”. Thats what I want. Chara is not a captain….you think the largest guy in the league would have the largest heart…..he also has the hardest shot and where has that gone?

        Krejci, Seguin, Marchand, Thornton, Lucic, Bergeron
        Rask ,Thomas

        Start from there and build around.

    • Haus says:

      Knucklehead? You are pissing your pants over their first in seven that they didn’t take at least a point out of. I’m 100% sure that if the Bruins were playing run n’ gun and losing you would piss your pants just the same. You are a chronic whiner, as evidenced by you only posting after losses.
      One point I think was missed is Rask keeping us in the game. Didn’t Theodore keep Minny in the game in that first period? Kampfer has looked good since he’s been up, a couple of big defensive mistakes here and there, but he’s learning. Let’s hope he holds up seeing that after next week he will have played more games than he has in any of his past 4 years in the NCAA.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        Exactly, Haus…also…anyone else bother to notice that if the playoffs started right now we’d have FUCKING HOME ICE ADVANTAGE!!!!!…what in the blue fuck is everyones problem…what do you possibly need to be happy???…62 point lead for first overall???…alot of the people on here are fucking retarded…

      • Bruins1 says:

        The problem? U ask that? The problem is we are not good enough to make it far. Our division is the weakest one in the league. 48 pts puts you in 8th seed if not the leader in the division. My point is we are only winning by goaltending. Even in this last stretch, we haven’t dominated the weaker teams. It just shows we can be as weak as them. If u look at the scores: 3-2 florida, 2-1 toronto, 7-6 buffalo,even 5-2 NYI (which was closer than score indicates) these are teams we should be winning by a lot and making a statement. All of them could have been losses. We need a difference maker in a big way. Lucic is not the big hitter that he was 2 years ago. This year we are depending on him o be our leading scorer, NO WAY! His job is to strike fear in the d-man and make them pay for going into the corners. Our goal scorers should be Savard, Krecji, Bergeron, Wheeler, and it isnt happening.

        Saw a rumor or Hemsky. I say do it if we could trade Savard for him straight up. Hemsky is an amazing talent. Way better than Savvy. And if we make a trade I want a younger guy, not no over the hill veteran playing for the last chance to win. LOve Recchi but needs to go. Taking too much time off of Seguin n Marchand.

  5. Bruins says:

    I agree on Julien. He’s starting to show a bit of creativity with the lines and isn’t being as conservative. I even saw Seguin out there with Marchand and Kampfer in OT at the Sabres game.

    • moast says:

      Oh, and Chiarelli had a horse up his ass with TO’s pick.

      • Bruins says:

        Under what circumstances would you like to land these top offensive stars you’re talking about? Being forced to deal a player in a contract dispute to land 3 top picks isn’t good enough? This was the most earned top pick by a GM in a long time.

      • #4 says:

        Im actually pretty doubtful of a Cup this year at this point. Barring a major overhaul Bruins.

        You think this team has the grit to beat Philly in 7? Or the skill to down Wash or Pitts? Or the speed to skate with MTL

        I dont agree with the knuckleheads comment and obviously top stars arent really attainable. But some of this dead wieght is killing me.

        Horton WHERE ARE YOU! Ryder took last night off, Krejci isnt even on course for 60pts. God bless the goaltending but this team has holes man…

        If PC wants to make a splash this year past the first round im thinking you need to add a player like Moulson(15 goals 30 last year) and a top 2 defenseman. Wheeler, Piledriver, Recchi, Savard havent been good this year. Krejci-Bergy-Chara-Siedes-Horton all mediocre..

        Maybe a shakeup would light the fire under their asses again? Because yes they went 8/10 on that roadtrip with 2SO losses in games that they shoudlve won if they could’ve brought the heart we saw them play with in ATL to start the trip.

      • #4 says:

        I dont mean major overhaul I mean 2-3 players out and 2 players in and I would like Arniel on the 4th line kid is tearing it up in providence.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        horseSHOE, fuckhead…..god!!!

  6. boston says:

    Everyone needs to stop complaining. We weren’t outplayed tonight, some mistakes were made that shit happens. If we got some ugly garbage goal at the end no one would be whining. Im a die hard fan and don’t like to see these guys loose…. but stop bitching. We have a talented team and we are gonna get a playoff spot and we have a bright future. If u want to go through what tampa did in order to get a few top offense then you are an idiot. Tampa has had a few blowouts this year… I don’t think they could dominate in playoffs.

    • moast says:

      You put Thomas on the Lightning and they will make the eastern finals. I’m not talking about blowing up the team or shitting the bed to get the good picks. Im talking about use what we have to make a more consistent team that plays with heart and can show up in front of their fans and play well in front of Tuukka.
      Question: Do you really enjoy watching our top line? How about Chara? How about 1-2 goals a game. Do you feel bad for the goalies? What about the rest of the fans? Do you think they deserve better?

      Really though…..who is the #1 offensive player on this team and how do they compare with the rest of the elite palyoff teams top players?
      This I would love to know!

    • #4 says:

      They got outplayed until the 3rd period and couldnt finish then because it was too late. Inconsistent effort kills me I never complain about the talent just the heart.

      Wheeler-Horton-Chara-Ryder all have a better disapearing act than a performing magician.

  7. Birdman2403 says:

    Ryder waivers…get Caron back in line up…move number 1. Somehow try and deal Chara….move 2.

    • boston says:

      If we are not gonna make any moves then I think we should send Mcquaid back to providence …. Kampfer is too good and fun to watch..Nothing against mcquaids game, he’s been alright. I think figuring out how to keep this kid in the line up is a priority

  8. Bruins says:

    Haha Chara is like +15 playing against the best players in the league 26-30 minutes a night. He’s quite easily our best player and only defencemen like Lidstrom and Pronger are as reliable as he is. If you take him out, things go downhill VERY quickly. But yeah, let’s cut him and build the team around Thornton.

    If Tampa’s not a contender, why list them as one? You’re trying to find ways to bring the Bruins down. As for pinpointing them, of course I acknowledge that the others are contenders, but the Bruins should be thrown in there as well.

    And since when does someone like Savard “not want to be a Bruin”?

    • moast says:

      Dude…..Im not trying to bring the Bruins down, there play and lack of heart does it all on its own. Your telling me that last year and all of this years play is making you happy as a fan? There aren’t any moves that would make you happy or be beneficial to this team? You truley believe Chara is as good as you say? He’s a turn over machine and thereason he is such a plus player is because he plays most of the game!
      Question: Who is Bostons best offensive player and try to compare them to any of the contending teams best players.
      Im not here trying to be the asshole.
      As sad as it is, the Bruins are third in my life only to friends and family but there comes a time when you have to ask, why are they serving us shit and calling it Pie?

      • Bruins says:

        “thereason he is such a plus player is because he lays most of the game!”

        That reasoning makes no sense. I don’t know what to make of that. If anything playing more would make it harder because he’d be more tired.

        Is this team perfect? No. But it’s a great team, with a brighter future than probably any other team in the league.

        Trade our best player and blow the team up while we’re leading our division with games in hand? Are you even listening to yourself?

        Counter-question: what team has better offensive depth? Flyers? Yes. Red Wings? Probably. Anyone else? It doesn’t have to be about the stars. Depth is just as important. Being able to roll 4 lines is huge. We’re 13th in goals per game while being 1st in goals against per game. That’s one of the best differentials in the league.

      • #4 says:

        My main complaint about Chara is that his offensive game and Grizzly attitude has all but dissapeared. He is still the #1 shutdown man(well except St.Louis) but I wish he still had the anger and scoring touch that gets the team pumped up.

        Im sick of watching the guys wait for TT or Rask to make a highlight reel save before they bring the effort. Someone else needs to get the blood flowing like Thornton did in ATL.

  9. moast says:

    I fully agree Bruins about this team having a bright future.
    The reason they are first in goals against is 75% goaltending and 25% system.
    I really dont want to get carried away with the Chara talk as he is elite, norris winning and a work horse but, he turns the puck over alot, has troubles passing, has no heart and really needs a true #2 to help him out.
    Depth is nice, so is rolling 4 lines but what about heart, effort and scoring goals?
    Teams with jsut as much, if not more depth:

    Isn’t this the same depth/rolling 4 lines that choked and had one of the most embarrasing collapses in sports history?
    You truley have no ideas how this team can be better, show more heart and be more consistent.
    I see your points about Chara but he will never be the leader that takes this team to the Cup.
    Doughty, Lidstrom, Weber, Yandle, Byflugien, Keith, Seabrook…….these are all defensman that I would trade Chara for in a heartbeat.

    • moast says:

      A younger Lidstrom

    • Bruins says:

      Goaltending is part of the team… They aren’t a separate entity. If we win games through awesome goaltending, who cares? A win is a win. It’s not like we’re in danger of overworking a goalie because we have two number 1 guys!

      Nobody is Bobby Orr. So Chara isn’t perfect and yes you can find faults. He’s still a top 3 defenceman in the league. And of course you’d trade him for someone like Doughty or Keith, look at how young they are. It doesn’t make them better than Chara right now or for the coming years.

      Pittsburgh? PITTSBURGH???? Hahahahaha their offensive depth consists of the best player in the league, an underachieving star, a good checking center when he’s healthy, and a bunch of filler. That team goes as Crosby goes.

      Vancouver? They have a great top 6 (even though there are still some holes there), but try comparing our third line to theirs. Or our 4th line to theirs.

      • Haus says:

        Its nice to see someone else not shitting a brick over tonight. I guess all that feel good time after the road trip is gone. As for the Bruins not being hard to play against, with the exception of the Buffalo game they looked damnned hard to play against during the trip. Ask Stamkos, Weiss, or Kessel if the Bruins were hard to play against. Minnesota came in with a gameplan, 6 solid D, and Theodore played top-notch like he has the last few nights and it fell in place for them. It happens over the course of an 82 game schedule. If you say the Bruins need to improve at home I absolutely agree with you. To say blow it up, then your just overreacting. Add a gritty winger and a power play point man, and we have a deadly serious cup contender.

      • #4 says:

        Well said Haus thats what I am thinking. The trade TT or Trade Chara posts are absurd but so is waiving the PomPom’s and acting like theres no problems at all.

      • pearson says:

        i want penner. ive wanted penner for awhile (nohomo) big wing, shot, and a change of scenery could boost his stats.


      • moast says:

        No Chara is not even close to being Bobby….but for over 7 mil a year all im asking for is concistency and to use the body and shot more.

      • moast says:

        Your kidding right about Vancouver? the best team in the league gettting contributions from all four lines on a nightly basis. Bostons most consistent line on a nightly basis is the fourth.

      • Bruins says:

        Consistency? Who else goes up against the other teams’ best every night? The guy succeeds way more often than not. Will he get burned sometimes? Sure, but who doesn’t. You can’t expect the guy to be perfect.

  10. Haus says:

    I would have to say Washington, Vancouver, Philly and Detroit are the only teams that rival the Bruins when it comes to 4-line depth.

  11. seguin>hall says:

    How can anyone say we need to trade Chara? Who do we replace him with? Bobby and Ray ARE NOT coming back!

    Another alarming thing that people are saying.. “We need more offensive threats to win the cup”. What wins championships is 1) goaltending (we have it), 2) defense (we are pretty good there) 3)depth (we have the best 3rd/4th line in the nhl. All that is missing right now is line chemistry, consistency, and sustainability. As long as savard comes back into form (remember how long it took bergy), we WILL be a contender.

    Do me a favor people.. Stop panicing after every loss. Its tough to play with top level intensity for every game in an 82 game season.

  12. willisss says:

    Haha trade chara…I love itttttttt…I can’t wait to see who you guys want to axe next year. I’m guessing krejci

    • #4 says:

      lol.. Well willis eventually one of Savard-Bergeron-Krejci has to go to make room for Seguin to be the #1-2 center next year or the year after. Unless you move Bergy back to wing.

      • willisss says:

        I’m fine with losing savard

      • pearson says:

        if youve noticed, bergeron has been taking the faceoff, and then seguin sorta rotates in for center positioning.

        anyone else notice how many pre-faceoffs bergeron gets kicked from?

  13. jimmy50 says:

    Here is a Down: 1-3-2 Record against the Western Conf.

  14. mook says:

    When the Bruins beat the habs on saturday, all of you will be back to planing the cup parade.

    So fickle…

  15. Bruins1 says:

    Summary to get better: Trade Chara and Savard!! Chara is so over rated. Tyler Myers from Buffalo is just as good as he is and a better skater. We live in the past with Chara. He is not intimidating or a beast on the blue line. A 3-4 defenseman who gets beat every time by faster skaters like Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Buffalo, & Montreal have. Check out the games he plays against them, they aren’t pretty. I rather have Jack Johnson from LA for him.

    Trade offer: To Ottawa Savard
    To Boston Jared Cowen (d)

    To Edmonton: Bergeron, Wheeler, and our 1st
    To Boston: Hemsky and Eberle

    To Phiily: Thomas and Ference
    To Boston: Hartnell & Carle
    (hate to trade Thomas, but we need Rask to be the man. It shows what he can do when he is playing more)

    • Haus says:

      Ok this should be easy to break down….
      I’d do Cowen for Savvy. But the problem is that Ottawa would not part with their top prospect unless they felt what they got in return would be what put them over the top for a cup run. Judging by their roster and the standings, as well as the cap, it don’t make sense for them. Also there is talk of a rebuild up there and taking on a 33yo with a long contract in exchange for your future #1 Dman isn’t how you rebuild.
      Edmonton has no interest in dealing away their future captain in Eberle. Bruins would be giving away too much and Edmonton would be taking on quite a bit of salary to not make the playoffs.
      So, your expecting the Flyers to: take on more salary when they have literally 0 cap space, take on a 4th NHL goalie. Didn’t you just read they waived Leighton to get him into the farm? They have $0.00 in cap space!!! Then also add another 3-4 Dman when chances are they will want to deal one of their 7 NHL vet Dmen so they can improve elsewhere.
      As reported by NHL players to Sports Illustrated last year, only Pronger rivals Chara as the most intimidating player in hockey. You don’t trade that for a guy who projects as a good #2 D.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      cuz its that fuckin easy to pull trades in the NHL…not to mention the trade with Philly who is probably gonna contend for the cup AS IS…what do you put in your pipe, dude…seriously….

      and BTW…if you had Eberle…would you even CONSIDER getting rid of him???…at 19 years old….christ, man….WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

  16. Bruins1 says:

    To LA: Chara
    To Boston: Jack Johnson and a pick

  17. Bruins1 says:

    This all makes Boston a much more physical, faster, and fun to watch team!!

    • Haus says:

      Go to the emergency room immediately and get that hemorrage taken care of. That’s all I can muster up right now in response to the waste of bandwidth you just made by showing me your fantasy hockey team.

  18. moast says:

    Its pretty entertaining to me to see people responding to what i am saying by calling me a fuckhead, and retarded etc. Why are half of the people on here so fucking delusional about this team?
    Being a Bruins fan does not mean that you have to be optimistic all of the time. Seriously, people are talking about how they are first in the division and how they would have home ice advantage.
    Who the fuck cares if they have home ice advantage, they suck at home!
    I thought this site was to talk about the team and have ideas for success. I mention the thought of trading Chara and all hell breaks loose.
    Pros: -Plays tonnes of ice time
    -Shits down top players
    Cons: -Not a leader…not a captain
    -Turn over machine
    -Can’t pass
    -Has the largest body and hardest shot but doesn’t use them.
    -Has no heart.
    -Costs what 7.5 million 7% of the entire cap

    So, when I mentioned it I was saying hypothetical…..when he plays the way he should, he is a beast and I wouldn’t trade him for the world but 90% of the time he doesn’t.

    How is this team so deep as people like to remind me? Half of the team will not show up each night. Im sick of hearing how they had an off night and need to regroup for the next game.
    This team needs speed, youth, heart and grit.
    Everyone is saying how good they are, by winning some games barely by one goal.
    Where is Savard, Lucic, Krejci, Horton?
    They go on upwards of 10 game droughts.
    The only reason they are as good as they are is because of Timmy and Tuukka, without them they would not make the playoffs…..period.

    • Bruins says:

      Do you have a mental block where you can’t realise that a goalie is part of the team? Goaltending is the most important part of any team and we have the unquestioned best tandem in the NHL. That has to count for something right?

      • moast says:

        I totally agree that they have the best tandem in the league…hands down. If they had a mediocre or average tandem, the forward “depth” will not be able to make them a playoff team never mind a contender.

      • Bruins says:

        That’s irrelevant. You’re talking about goaltending like it isn’t part of the team. It’s like saying Pittsburgh would suck without Crosby. It might be true but the point is moot because they DO have Crosby, just like we have Timmy and Tuukka.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      you’re a retarded fuckhead

  19. Bruins says:

    If the Bruins don’t win every game by blowing the other team out by at least 10 goals from now until the end of time I renounce my allegiance as a Bruins fan. Trade Chara and get it done Chia!

    • moast says:

      Wow….with everything i just said thats the best you can come up with huh?
      This isn’t a personal attack to you BRUINS and Im pretty sure we have had some good points in the past but now I am chastized for my thoughts.
      I just can’t comprehend how people think that this team is a cup contender. A Playoff team yes, contender, no.
      All i want to do is converse with people about how they can be a contender but everyone here seems to think that they already are.

      • Bruins says:

        Chill dude. It pretty much sums up what you and others are saying. You just won’t be happy until everything is perfect, which will never happen, with any team.

  20. JRy says:

    These trade chara posts are making me laugh. Why wild they trade him when they just signed him to a big extension?! Haha same with Bergeron! I agree we are playing boring hockey and chara doesn’t seam like much of a captain but trading these two would be completely ridiculous. And I hate how ppl r saying trade savard after a summer if saying this guy is one of the best playmakers in the game. He just got back from a major injury and it’s way to early to tell if this guy has lost his touch. Calm down bruins fans.

    • moast says:

      Does anyone on here think that Chara has what it takes to be a leader that will lead them to a cup?

      • pearson says:

        i do.

        but no your right, lets send him to a contender so that when we meet up in the playoffs we can crush him with our arsenal of superstar forwards.

        some of you guys are a fucking joke: we have a great road trip and come back and lose a close game to a decent team and here come the childish trade rumors. get realistic here

      • Haus says:

        Are you in the locker room? I’m guessing no so how can you say with any conviction that he isn’t? Its mere speculation that arises generally because he doesn’t appear to be outspoken and he’s got. Funny accent.

      • Bruins1 says:

        No way does he have what it takes to lead us to the cup. Get rid of him

  21. moast says:

    Not sure how else to explain myself about how i feel about this team. i am not losing my mind or wanting to blow the whole team up…..I want to see some heart, effort and consistency. So, if you truley see that in there games this year than Im not sure what else to say……start planing the parade because they are first in the worst division in the league and they have the best goals against…..only because of the goaltending…..the defense is sooo full of wholes and the forwards don’t show up.
    I will always bleed black and gold and I do have all the right to be pissed when they dont give a shit on a nightly basis. i come here to be able to vent and converse but some people really have a hard on the the Bruins just because they have the jersey on and not because of how they play.
    I for one am watching a team that isn’t coached properly, has no heart and couldn’t give a shit about showing up…..minus a handful of players. I understand sticking up for them but cmon 40 years of pretending they will make it really sucks.

    • pearson says:

      heres an honest question. do you watch other teams? and im being serious. i understand if you cant get interested in other teams outside of boston, i feel ya. but do you just look at the stats to compare teams? someone on here called the lightning a contender; which maybe true, but i watched a game the other night where pittsburgh scored 8 goals on them, and the first one came only 7 seconds.

      im just not buying the whole “defense has holes argument.” they seem SOLID to me. a bunch of the goals have come on stupid turnovers, (savard last night, not chara)

      best GAA in the league isnt a fluke. and is it really relying on the goalie if theyre capable of making the [highlight reel] save anyway?

      • moast says:

        Thatnks for being rational and actually asking a question rather than talking down.
        I do watch other teams ocasionally…..mainly Vancouver as I live near there. I really only watch Boston though. I was the one who said that they will be a contender and was using them as an example to do there fire power and GM. I do feel that if they were to do a couple of trades for a top defensman and a solid goalie, they will be a cup contender….Yzerman doesn’t mess around. The did get lit up against pitts and have looked not so good this year but they are coming around.
        I do feel that the defence has holes…Chara needs a solid number 2 so he doesn’t have to be ridden like a rented mule. I also feel that having McQuaid, Boychuk and Stuart is redundant. I know everyone hates it but the PMD is an issue and relying on Kampfer as a rookie, regardless of how awesome he is and he is awesome, come playoff time it will be hard to rely/pressure him. Overall, this team is a great defensive team but it is mostly to do with the goaltending and the system…..can’t look at Chara as the saviour, he needs help and is looking tired from being over worked. Give him a legit #2 and he will return to his physical self on a nightly basis. I don’t want him traded but if he isn’t going to be “Norris” Chara, i have a hard time seeing that much cap space spent on him.
        To be honest, i feel that the goalies and defence are the least of the concerns and that the coaching and forwards are where the problems lie.
        I was just trying to have a conversation about some tweaks that need to be made (1 defense change, I forward change and possibly a coaching change)….thats all.
        But coming hear with some ideas is suicide. I mean really…..retarded, idiot, no hockey knowledge etc cmon…..Ive played for 25 years and been a bruin for the same. I am sick of complaicancy and want a cup just like everyone on here. The future is sickeningly bright but for right now, some changes would help not hurt. It’s not about the loss to the Wild, its about this teams ability to not show up or give a shit on a nightly basis with no accountability from the powers that be. i just wante dto be able to get feedback, not to be called a retarded kid as Im probably older than most of the people on here.

      • #4 says:

        Moast this poster TheBellEnd is simply rude and only shows up to call others retards, dumbasses etc etc etc…. Please ignore him.

      • moast says:

        will do…thanks

      • TheBellEnd says:

        im only rude because most of you think that you know how to solve this “problem”….you’re not fucking GM’s of NHL teams so what the fuck do you know…nothing!!!

        all im sayin is if you look at the amount of trades that happen in this league, you will realize that NONE OF YOUR SHIT WILL EVER HAPPEN…so why bother complaining…enjoy your damn team and be happy you’re not a damn leafs fan…jesus

  22. gibbz says:

    i say trade krejci.
    savard-signed a hometown discount
    bergeron-selke trophy this year?
    seguin-young and has potential to become a league leader.
    campbell-affordable and makes the 4th line beast
    krejci-good passer, but i’d take seguin over him. we could get what we need; either a PMD or sniper. any ideas?

    • moast says:

      Ideas aren’t permitted here….any thoughts will send you to the kids table because your not a real Bruins fan. Meaning, a fan that views them as a Cup Contender no matter what!

      • gibbz says:

        fucker, i’m a bigger bruins fan then you will ever be

      • moast says:

        Hey Gibbz….I was being sarcastic about me getting shit on here with some thoughts….its all good. I don’t agree however…I think Savvy should be the first center to go. We would get a great return with Krejci but he is def a future #1 or #2 centre.

      • Haus says:

        Moast, nobody that posts back and forth with you on a regular basis called you retarded, etc. I have to say I am surprised that you are all about trading Chara though. Funny how I made a proposal a week back and nobody trashed me for it. I think people will call others out for over-reacting and that comes with the territory.

      • willisss says:


      • moast says:

        Dude….I understand that the douche using terms like retarded etc is some punk. You guys havent and are just calling me out regarding Chara….that too is all good. Let me some up my point on Chara. I don’t want him traded, it was a hypothetical idea, what I would like to see is for him to use his shot and his body as the largest man in hockey. I’d also like to see a legit #2 out there to take some slack of him. Am I wrong with that? To me he is a great defensman but isn’t himself.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        moast…seriously…you and Bruins1 are fucking retarded…honest to god…I don’t post here much…to be honest, the only time i do is when one of you fuckheads lose your shit and ask for the impossible…

        cry me a fucking river if you can’t handle name calling…you’re a fucking idiot who knows nothing about hockey…that doesnt make you a bad person…just an idiot…

      • moast says:

        Hey TheBellEnd…..for starters, you can go fuck your face. Your probably a twelve year old Justin Beieber wannabe that wears skinny jeans ya fuckin homo. Cry me a river, adults are here to discuss the Bruins and ideas that may or may not happen, even if they are far fetched. So, the rest of us will try and be adults and we will see your once in a while rants that go invisible on this site.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        you saw my posts didn’t you…..all I’m sayin is you guys come up with the dumbest impossible ideas for this team…this makes you seem like you know nothing…trade this, do that, send him to the miners, fire him…it makes no fucking sense…

        by the way, calling me a Bieber wanna be homo really makes you look mature, buddy…who’s the twelve year old???

  23. pearson says:

    i almost think they should have a whole other section on this site. like the kids table at thanksgiving. a place where half of you can go and talk about the lack of heart chara has, how you could get hartnell and carle for thomas and ference. or eberle for [anyone], maybe a couple comments about how rask is starting to look like raycroft and toivenen.

  24. #4 says:

    Guys lets put some things out there…

    Guys who might have a shot at being traded realistically



    as less likely candidates.

    Definitely not traded are

    Stop trying to trade the captain and best player after every loss jesus. If you guys would post more realistically and less as an emotional reaction to each game.
    A) You would demonstrate actual hockey knowledge.
    B) People wouldnt jump all over your posts.

    • pearson says:

      boom. spot on. it pains me to say it but im throwing savard in the trade bait category.

      • moast says:

        I agree with #4 about this and also Pearson about adding Savard. Lets move past the Chara thought as it was hypothetical based on how he has been playing.

  25. ELWOPPO says:

    Horton hurt! Left practice with undisclosed injury!

  26. moast says:

    Line ups without him?:

    Lucic Bergeron Ryder
    Wheeler Krejci Ryder
    Marchand Seguin Recchi
    Paille Campbell Thornton


    • moast says:

      Wow Im high on that one…..my wish revised:

      Lucic Savard Seguin
      Wheeler Krejci Ryder
      Marchand Bergeron Recchi
      Paille Campbell thornton


  27. willisss says:

    i had no idea there were so many NHL GM’s in here

    • Haus says:

      Hey! Its ASPIRING NHL GM’s. Get it straight.

    • willisss says:

      does anyone else like Caron’s game more then Marchand’s? Marchand’s game is killing me…i hate his decision making,he over skates the puck, tries to play with more skill then he actually has…i get it, the guy is an agitator,but I am no pro marchand…never will be

      • moast says:

        Not as a fourth liner….Marchand is one of the more consistent players that actually shows up for a game. Love Carons ability and would sit one of a few players for him.
        Thats just what id do as an aspiring GM.

  28. Manitoba Fan says:

    I would sit Reechi, and give Caron, Seguin and Bergeron a chance to play together. I just dont know where else to place guys on lines right now. I personally like all of our lines but it would be nice to see a little more consistency for a whole 60 mins. I thought yesterday we had a hell of a first period butthat was it. Lots of people are harping on Horton right now, but i think he has played well. He back checks hard and has just been snake bitten for goals. The opportunities have been their for him, but he just couldn’t barry. I think Savard is coming around more and more and I feel their line has been playing well. I am sure Savvy would like that pass back from yesterday.
    I know people have been saying trade Bergeron but I think that would be devastating. He is our best two way player by far. That kid could be most teams first line centermen. Our team is just so deep at center that they will play Bergeron with, I am just gonna say weaker players because he is soo good both ways. I dont think Seguin sucks or anything but come on he is a rookie, he looks scared out their alot of the times, I find. He makes alot of blind passes because he doesn’t want to get hit. Saying that he isn’t playing his natural position and he is a boy among men. He will be a good player, he’s just a kid. So All i am saying is Bergeron is such a good two way player that coaching staff will play him with two “weaker players”. Bergeron could center the first two lines on our team hands down but look when Savard centerd them, they we weak everywhere. If Bergeron gets traded it will hurt the Bruins.
    And as for Marchand I like his play and I agree with Moast, he is our most consistent player, Doesn’t he lead the league in shorthanded goals?
    Anyway fellow fan mates hopefully tommorrow turns out well for us!!!

    • pearson says:

      ive said it before. bergeron’s value to other teams is just not that high. he fits boston perfectly. you wouldnt see much of a return for him, so there is no way a trade for him happens.

      im down to see caron playing over rex. problem is, it wont happen. management wont sit a vet to have a rookie learn at the nhl level in the middle of a playoff hunt. just wont happen. but rex isnt playing like he used to, age is finally catching up.

      • moast says:

        Managment should concider it though. I’d love to see Caron over Recchi for a few longer stretches over the season then go with Recchi in the playoffs unless Caron is lighting it up. Next year will be so nice when this team becomes the young, fast, talented team it have been working towards.

        Lucic Krejci Horton
        Caron Bergeron Wheeler
        Sauve Seguin Marchand
        Colborne Thornton Cunningham

        Chara Yandle
        Seidenberg Kampfer
        Boychuk McQuaid/Alexandrov


      • moast says:

        *Thornton Colborne Cunningham

      • willisss says:

        i dont think there are enough rookies in that line up

  29. mook says:

    after reasing this, you’d never guess the bruins were first in their division.

  30. bill says:

    easiest solution get rid of humpty dumpty julien.no emotion defence defence fuck that we have speed and goal scorers.

  31. CanMan says:

    I have been reading this blog for about two years an I must say that this is the most fucked up post I have read. I’m a leafs fan from Toronto and we aren’t even bitching this much. You guys are ungrateful babies.

  32. Manitoba Fan says:

    Ya CanMan you guys dont bitch this much on internet posts i guess but you’ll go to a game and throw waffles on the ice! LOL! you frikin BABIES!

    • TheBellEnd says:

      and bruins fans have been known to throw ENTIRE CANS OF BEER on the ice….im a fucking Bruins fan, but don’t be bashing other teams because they throw shit on the ice…talk about the pot calling the kettle black…jesus

      • pearson says:

        you cant get a can of beer at the garden.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        cans, bottles, cups…CONTAINERS!!!…good enough???…you get the point

      • pearson says:

        im sure if you threw a cup of beer hard enough to hit the ice, the beer would spill and the cup wouldnt make it too far/have enough force to hit someone.

        oh, and there was shit being thrown last night after the game at chara after your won… so… i dunno that i have to go much further..

      • TheBellEnd says:

        whoa whoa, dude…back up…Bruins fan here…never mistake me for a Habs fan…I was simply stating that other teams throw shit on the ice and Manitoba Fan shouldn’t make fun of the Leafs fans for doing so…

        also, if I threw a cup of beer from the front row…I would simply have to lob it over the glass…just sayin

  33. Et Le But says:

    Time to kick some Bruin butt again tonight. We let you have a brief time in 1st place – enjoy it for the next 10 hours – it’s the last time you’ll be there. The hockey gods will not permit my Habs to lose tonight. You know it and I know it. Do what you will tonight – it will make no difference. The die is already cast and even if you get lucky, we have the refs in our pocket at all times while in the Bell. You guys know I’m right and are pathetic and delusional if you believe otherwise. 5-1 Habs easily!! You Bruin fans might be better off watching football tonight – I hear the NFL playoffs begin tonight. At least in that sport you have a team that cares and has a heart to win. Mind you however, I’m sure our Alouettes would beat the Pats just as easy as my Habs will pick the b’s apart tonight. Go Habs Go!!

  34. Et Le But says:

    Bruin fans are idiots. The fake post by Et Le But at 12;32 proves it. Wake up asshole – see the design by your post – not Et Le but, but a Bruin fan impersonating me!! Man, what a crowd he died for!!

    • Hendrik says:

      It Seems French is your Mother tongue, so saying you’re Gay is a pretty safe guess

    • willisss says:

      Wow…….you hab fans are sharp as a tack…can’t get anything past you

    • Et Le But says:

      Bruins fans are not idiots…this is the real Et Le But…nevermind the design by this post. I love dudes…big…black…husky dudes…since i have no life outside of banging dudes, I enjoy wasting my time on a bruin fan blog to try to stir up shit, however end up both failing, and making myself look like a tool..i am not respected by my peers,nor enemies. Please go easy on me when your far superior, none diving bruins, beat my pussy, talentless habs. God bless all of you, for I am jealous..

  35. Bruins says:

    Eager gets suspended for 4 games for his sucker punch on Armstrong and Walker walked away with nothing for his sucker punch on Ward. Gotta love the NHL disciplinary double standards.

  36. Manitoba Fan says:

    Watching the game on cbc and the commentator says that Moen is the only one left on Montreal that will drop the gloves since Lapierre got traded. Really? Fuck I thought Lapierre was the biggest bitch, always got shit started but would never drop the gloves. I remember the one game last year he wouldn’t even go with Ference.

  37. Hendrik says:

    Can any of you guys Tell me how they’re playin? I just got Home and I’m pretty drunk

  38. fuck the bruins says:

    Fuck this team….. ya we are still first in a weak division… but Fuck them. Waste of time. I hope their charter flight goes horribly wrong.

  39. gibbz says:

    well that was horseshit

  40. Et Le But says:

    i still looooooooooove me some dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  41. Loooch says:

    seriously?? did that just happen??

  42. Caperfan says:

    Claude Julien I am convinced is no fucking good as a coach and he cost the Bruins this game. Montreal with their goalie pulled Claude puts the fourth line on the ice???? After Montreal scored Claude’s face told it all. fire this guy now this team is not playing to its potential under this guy. will somebody please wake up!!!!! and fucking trade Blake wheeler he is the biggest pussy in the league. He is fucking rotten

  43. Haus says:

    Figures that Thomas isn’t challenged all game then lets in 3 awful goals, bad game Timmy.

  44. ELWOPPO says:

    Bad luck…can u really blame them for 2 goals.off skates! Montreal got dam lucky and they know it! Were still in first by games in hand! I thnk the bruins played really good just had bad luck at the end! Lets move on!

  45. Caperfan says:

    I agree there no choice but to move on but how much of this under achieving do we have to tolerate. This team is not playing good hockey and Montreal the past two weeks is playing worse and we still cannot beat them. Outside bergeron where was Lcuic, Savard, wheeler, Ryder??? this goes on every night. I am getting sick of watching this because I keep waiting for this team to turn the corner but the more I watch I dont think they are capable of delivering.

  46. goosegoose says:

    Fire Julian

  47. Haus says:

    Wheeler was good tonight, as was ference. If you are looking for goats you got Thomas, Boychuk, Savard, and Lucic.

  48. Bruins says:

    That sucked. Holy shit what a game by Bergeron though. Gotta give tons of credit to him, Chara and Seids killing the full 2 minutes of that 4 on 3 off (retarded penalty by Wheeler btw).

    I’ll let it slide because of the season Timmy has been having but wow at that first goal… brutal.

  49. bill says:

    humpty dumpty puts the fourth line on fuck you

  50. bill says:

    bald headed xhab you couldn’t coach your way out of your foreskin. fire julien or i mean julie you fuckin faggot

  51. pearson says:

    and here comes the fire julien talk again…………….

  52. moast says:

    Epic Fail once again……and where is this fearless leader thats going to lead us to a cup….oh wait, hes trying to get suspeded at the end of the game then doesn’t have the balls to man up after the game…..oh hes got the flu…..poor Z.
    Bergeron showed up tonight, thats awesome, I wonder whos turn it is to show up to the next game….I wonder if they draw straws?
    Bergeron deserves the C more than anyone on this team….especially Chara….what a joke.
    Is anyone else not surprised anymore at blown leads….I kind of expect it these days.

    No offence….not much defence…..coach sucks and needs to be fired…..C’mon Neely, grow some fucking balls and make some big boy decisions to make this team accountable.

    Fragile, heartless, no accopuntablity……wow can’t wait til the playoffs to be out in the first or second round.

    Where was the depth tonight there guys? We roll four lines…..wow thats awesome…..last fucking minute and the forth line is out there, wow. Lets hope this top To pick is a franchise saving player as this team has a handful of players worth keeping, thats it.

    So, please pepper me with all of the comments you can, everything I have been posting on this specific story has played out tonight, to a T…..except Im not the GM…..just aspiring.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      I’ll do this nicely today….

      This team played to win tonight, man…they got hosed at the end by a shitty goal Thomas let in and then the “Hockey Gods” took over…you could see that second goal coming…was a matter of time…

      Now, in OT…I don’t want to hear you complain about Chara or anyone for that matter…the way they killed off that penalty (which was fucking bullshit, by the way) was nothing short of brilliant…text book, as they say…

      They should have won this game and they didn’t…I agree that someone needs to be held accountable…but I still fail to see the deep holes on this team that you see…

      I know we’ve heard this before, but patience is a virtue…I feel this team is too loaded with talent to not end up on top of the conference at the end of the season…maybe behind a team or two, but still one of the best…

      No wholesale changes required…no coaching change required…maybe some of these guys need a bag skate or 2…and maybe some of them need to get fucking laid….

      I still have faith….

      • Haus says:

        Don’t forget to be pissed about a loss like this, though. Timmy didn’t face a tough shot all night but still they found a way to lose. I agree on what you are saying about not hitting the panic button but when you lose a game like this its quite alarming.

      • #4 says:

        If the some of the “best players” like Thomas and Savard would stop throwing W’s in the trash! These last 2 games I guarantee the attitude would be alot different around here.

        But thats the 2nd time Chara has “lost” his cool right after the end of the game. He mr.Biggs the team coulda used that energy 10mins into the third. IMO if CJ is roling four lines in the 3rd like that Thornton has to fight! He could’ve found a 4th line Hab Mucker to take him…

        But Thomas found a way to lose id say. Not the habs found a way to win.

      • TheBellEnd says:

        I would have to agree that it is disheartening to see them lose like that…far too similar to their epic fail last Spring…..but I still say there is far too much talent for this team to conitnue doing this…we shall see….

  53. BosBrn77 says:

    I have held my tongue for a long time…. but I do agree with some of the things said, and definitely disagree with others.

    1) Chara does not show the leadership on every night. Is this affecting other aspects of his game? Maybe! I definitely agree he is not “Captain” material. He may be in the top 5 of defensemen, but I think we have a few other guys that could be “Captain” better. I agree with Bergeron for captain.

    2) We need to make a trade. Bring in another scoring threat. Move a d-man (Ference, McQuaid).Another PMD could help, but it might be better if we played a more offensive style!

    3) I also think it is time to move Julien. I have never been a huge fan of his style. I know he is a former coach of the year, but his style does not work with all the players on the team. Horton, Krejci, Savard, Wheeler, Ryder, and Seguin to name a few will do so much better under a more offensive attacking style. At the same time, we need a coach that forces the team to take responsibilities. Be a tougher team to play against. Crash the net, knock bodies off the puck, dig in the corners, and of course, STOP all the dump and chase!! I’d love to see Neely behind the bench, but that will never happen. Bring back O’Reilly!


    1) Do NOT trade Chara! He IS amazing against the other teams top players. His reach is unmatched in the game. Yes, he does need to play tougher. Even if he takes a penalty from time to time, other teams will think before they take liberties!

    2) Do NOT trade Krejci or Bergeron! If one of the three veteran centers need to go, it should be Savard. But I am still under the belief that Seguin can play wing…. or Bergeron… with the right linemates.

    3) Panic!! We are still in first place. There are still plenty of games left. We definitely should have wiped the ice with those Hab a-holes last night, but like it has been said….. they got lucky and Thomas had a bad game! How many of those has he had this year? NOT MANY!!

    4) Trade Thomas…. Hell No! I’m still ok with his contract. Ryan Miller, Cam Ward, and Hendrik Lundqvist make as much or more then both Rask and Thomas combined, then add in a backup and Buffalo, Carolina and New York has more money in goalies then Boston does. Not to mention, Calgary, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, Toronto and Vancouver have as much or more into their tandems then we do!

    Now with that said, I will say I am concerned and think changes need to be made. A fire sale? No! But definitely bring in some guys that WANT to wear the spoked B! As much as Reechi looks tired, you can tell he loves being in black and gold! Add Boychuk, Bergeron, and Thomas in to that group! Who else on the team bleeds it? It is about time Neely goes down to the ice to find out!

    But regardless… I bleed black and gold! And I’ll support them in good times and bad!!

  54. Birdman2403 says:

    No need to panic….yet ! However, some minor changes could easily be made with guys in the system already. Ryder or Paille…bye-bye and get Caron back in the line-up. Put Seguin with some offensive players, for the love of God !!

    No disrespect to Thornton and Campbell, as they play their roles well, but Seguin doesn’t belong with them. He is a playmaker/scorer, put him with guys that do the same. Lucic-Seguin-Horton.

    I also think the players are bored of Julien. He is a good coach, but his style is getting old. He is a creature of habit and loves the veterens. That is fine sometimes, but he never really shakes things up!

    This team is still in great shape…..but some minor tinkering might not hurt before we need to really PANIC !

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Doesn’t shake things up? Claude shakes the lines up on the fly pretty much every game if they aren’t working quite the way he would like them to. Julien’s system will work, the boys just don’t seem to skate for a full 60 mins. When the soldiers don’t follow orders it’s not ALWAYS the General’s fault. Give the guy a break. He’s a good coach, but he’s got some underperforming players that need to get going. I say we sit Wheeler and give Paille and Seguin the go. Wheeler has been an absolute joke this year. Yes he’s scored a few times, but Seguin actually seems to CREATE plays whereas Wheeler is just part of the plays Krejci’s hockey sense and Ryder’s hustle make happen. And then when he’s in front of a nearly wide open net he can’t find the handle and bury the damn thing. Wheeler is a joke this year and needs to sit and take some notes from the Press box like Seguin has.

      • Haus says:

        I thought Wheeler was one of the better forwards last night. I really like he and marchand with bergy makeshift line after the pk that resulted in a goal.

  55. Bruins1 says:

    Damn! my guy i wanted for Boston just signed long term. And look, jack Johnson for only for 4 million. What a joke Chara is for 7 million. No way worth it!

    • Bruins says:

      The same guy that’s like -15 to -20 every year despite playing on a good team and not against other teams’ top players? Sounds good.

  56. Caperfan says:

    BosBrn77, you said a lot in your comments above but I think you nailed it. Most obvious to me is we need some change and its starts with Julien. We have good players but night-in and night-out they don’t perform as a TEAM under his system. Try a new system and let these guys go. If that doesn`t work blow it up. we cannot continue to watch this and we all know playing like this they are going nowhere in the playoffs.

  57. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    we need a shake up trade just something stupid like paille or ference out for a pick or prospect

  58. Gcole says:

    I was in Montreal this weekend. As much as I hate the canadiens. MONTREAL IS AWESOME! Right now i don’t even care the bruins lost. Didn’t watch the game. But apparently the game was pretty bad from the headlines on nesn

  59. Haus says:

    Williss in response to what you said I agree Ference has been very good this year. I think some people just stick with the same goats because its easy and they don’t have to think it through.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I don’t look at Ference as a goat, I look at him with some trade value. I have always liked him, but you have to give something to get something!

      • Haus says:

        Well let’s discuss this. What would you want? I like Andy Greene from NJ. I think a young C like Hamill and a 2nd or 3rd would do. Would probably have to deal Stuart to get cap room. Greene could play point on the power play.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I like that Haus, and I think that would work for both sides. Maybe move Paille or someone for a pick or prospect. I think Greene would fit good in a Bruins’ jersey. I would hate to move Stuart though.

      • Haus says:

        When I look at NJ, what they do have in prospects is paltry, but their top guys are wingers, no centers. I like Stuart but he’s solid and affordable for other teams, and we have redundancies in him, Boychuk, McQuaid and Seides. Greene would add a different dimension, he’s available, and got experience unlike Kampfer.

  60. mook says:

    the only good defensemen we have is chara, ference and seidenberg.


    quicker defensemen means a quicker breakout, and less time running around. i think we should go hard for bieksa. he is available, and he is a ufa next year. low risk, and vancouver wants snipers. give them ryder, horton(!), marchand, any of the fringe d i said above, jeremy reich, 2nd round picks, our 1st rounder…whatever they want. if we traded horton, then it would be like trading wideman and a couple picks for bieksa. if u ask me, that’s a fair deal.

    make it happen.

    all you turkeys that want to trade chara, bergeron, krejci or savard…no shot.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I’m still not ready to see Boston give up on Stuart and especially Boychuk. Maybe the whole issue here is with Julien’s defense first system? How is Horton, Savard, Seguin and the rest suppose to showcase their offensive side when they are forced to dump and chase?

      My only worries of Bieska is his injury history. Reminds me of the complaint many have of Ference. I think, with any luck on his health issues… he would be great in black and gold. Offer up Ryder, Hamill and Boston’s 1st.

      • Haus says:

        Vancouver has some cap issues, won’t take Ryder. Also you would have to open a spot on D by moving a contract. Its been said lately that Bieksa isn’t available, they woild move Alberts first.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        You can send Kampfer and McQuaid down which would give us 6 up in Boston.


        Also, Ryder makes 250k more then Ryder. If we had to take another player as well, or they could send one down.

        I’ve heard that he was in some articles and he wasn’t in others. As for Alberts, I always liked him, but I do not see him as an improvement over what we have now.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I meant Ryder makes 250k more then Bieska…. sorry… had a few today watching some games! LOL

      • Haus says:

        I don’t see how Ryder helps them. I think they would rather a sandpaper type. If they were to covet a Bruin, it would be Thornton. But that isn’t gonna happen, and he wouldn’t bring a Bieksa.

    • willisss says:

      Horton trade talk already?

  61. mook says:

    ryder for commodore. possible?

    • Haus says:

      C-Bus wants centers I assume. We get robbed in that deal, 2nd line wing for a 6-7th D who is on waivers.

    • Pearson says:

      He was on waivers the other day. Coulda had him for no one. We woulda had to clear the space though.

      When i read that commie was on waivers i thought for awhile about it. Not a bad fit really

  62. Haus says:

    Kris Russell may be available from C-Bus. I wouldn’t want to give up too much for him though.

  63. Haus says:

    In any event if you were the Canucks why would you want to do anything? They have the best record in the NHL and have depth that compliments each other well. There was talk that some salary would have to be moved when Salo returns, but from what i understand it wouldn’t have to be much if any. They are a cup contender, no reason to move a D of Bieksa’s quality.

  64. ELWOPPO says:

    One of our D is hurt! The bruins just recalled Bartkosky from prov. Also placed Stuart on IR.

  65. lucic crew says:

    what else is new

  66. #4 says:

    Id be really happy if Bartkowski came up and played as well as Kampfer has. Bartkowski is smallish but he can throw some big checks and actually has the speed to catch people with his hits.

    Cohen has been really good too in Provy he could be up b4 the end of the year.

  67. Bruins says:

    Maybe CBJ wants to take a flyer on Hamill?

  68. Bruins says:

    With Crosby out this is a guarunteed win. Chara on Malkin as the rest of the Pens are useless.

  69. #4 says:

    Slow day on here let me get things rolling…

    Chara and Paille to

    Phx for Yandle/Doan/2nd round pick?


    Oh and fire CJ hire Milbury!!!! Bergeron is overrated!

    • lucic crew says:

      absolutely not maybe cj

      • moast says:

        I would concider it if the return was Yandle, Upshall and 2nd.

        What about:
        NJ: Savard, Stuart, TO’s 1st
        Bos: Parise, NJ’s 2nd (which is almost a late 1st)
        *Assuming/guaranteeing Parise re-signs.

      • #4 says:

        *was sarcasm*

      • #4 says:

        I do like Upshall but I dont think PHX would get rid of him.

        If for some reason Yandle/Upshall were available id realistically offer.

        Bos 1st, Wheeler, Stuart/Boychuck, considerations

      • Haus says:

        Wow I’m sure anyone in the world would rather Doan than Upshall. That being said, I don’t think #4 is being serious, just stirring the pot. Mike Milbury is a TV pundit for a reason, and that’s because he proved a colossal failure as a coach/GM. I know Garth Snow hasn’t helped, but Milbury was the one who buried the Islanders.

    • #4 says:

      Damnit moast I was joking lol.

      • moast says:

        I figure you were….you also said it was a slow day on here so if i agree to trade chara, then Haus, Williss and TheBellEnd will come out to trash me!
        I do want Yandle though!
        What about the NJ Yandle idea?
        Or Hiring Dale Hunter?

    • moast says:

      Not sure about Milbury….what about Dale Hunter!

    • Haus says:

      Haha stirring the pot huh? Asshole.

      Just Kidding

      • moast says:

        I spoke to soon…there you are!
        I guess I should stop stiring the pot!
        chara stays….I repeat I want Chara to stay!
        But wouldn’t it be a tasty top 2 pairing of
        Chara Yandle

      • #4 says:

        Yes it would and id take Upshall over slouch wheeler any day. Upshall is like Kobasew’s speed energy and grittiness with but with an actual pair of hands and hockey sense!

        Would have much better chemistry with the other centers on this team than big soft wheeler does…….. He needs a new nickname like “one timer wide wheeler” or “Wicked over the corssbar wheeler”

      • moast says:

        Upshall Krejci Marchand
        Pretty fucking fast with a dash of grit.

      • #4 says:

        I was thinking Upshall w/ Lucic Upshall is great at chasing down pucks and is faster than Lucic.

        This puts lucic in a position to use his open ice presence to get off shots and gives Krejci the space to deal. But close to what I was thinking I just dont think marchand is any better than a 3rd liner tbh,.

      • Haus says:

        You bet yer ass I’m here! Glad you saw the light, Moast. I agree Yandle is exactly what Chiarelli is looking for to play with Chara. Unfortunately, PHX sees the same quality in him and he aint going nowhere.

      • moast says:

        I did see the light….have just been so frustrated with the whole team and took it out on Chara. Hate being the chastized guy on here but I like speculating on trades, even if they are outlandish sometimes.

        Would anyone concider:
        TO’s 1st, Bos 2nd, Ryder, Stuart, Colborne
        Yandle, Upshall

        I know Pho wouldn’t do it but the picks are pretty enticing!

  70. moast says:

    Any predictions tonight?
    Bos 5 – Pitts 0
    Bos 0 – Pitts 5

    Hoping for some offense from Lucic and Savvy.
    Whos goona fight Cooke? Here’s hoping for Looch!

  71. moast says:

    Just a quick disclaimer since Im admitting the Chara thing wasn’t my best thought. I respect and like the opinions on here as most people on here have some wicked knowledge.
    I will never repect or listed to TheBellEnds…..that guy can go fuck himself!
    There…..Im all better.

  72. Gcole says:

    Holy shit I missed one game and everybodys up for trade?! I was even in Montreal for the weekend. But I was preoccupied in strip clubs and bars

  73. lucic crew says:

    lets get a win tonight boys go bsssssssssssssssssssssss

  74. backbruin says:

    You know i don’t mind when this team plays hard and loses, but tonight if we get a lead and sirt on it like we always do, some blame needs to be given and to me and i hate saying it because i have yet to say a bad thing about julien, he is the one that needs to figure out how to keep these guys from playing in there own end for an entire period(3rd)….now i know the responsiblity should fall on the players, but this is happening more and more, and we all see it, the players know it, the coach certainly should know it!!! where does the problem lie?!?!?

    play with the lead the same way you got the lead!!!play to win not to hang on!!!drive it through these guys and if they don’t get ty skate them till they do!!!

  75. willisss says:

    it takes a lot to get me fired up…and i am not ashamed of this team. Thomas’s comments are pathetic. I dont care what player thinks it or says it, but if you ” cant handle the pressure of big games” then I DO NOT WANT YOU TO WEAR THE BRUINS SWEATER! cant handle the pressure? are you shitting me? ” stop acting like every game is game 7 of the playoffs” timmy, go fuck yourself. every player on that team gets paid enough to handle the pressures of the NHL. if you cant handle playing with the big boys then have fun in provi or go play for a low market team…this bothers me beyond belief and it should bother every bruin fan that puts their heart and soul into watching these games. he flat out said that not even the bruin players give enough shit about non playoff games.

    am i overreacting? i understand its a long season, i couldnt do it, but im also not getting paid to do it. if a player flat out says ” cut the off ice drama, its not your problem” then i say go fuck.
    even a huge win tonight will not clear these words

    • willisss says:

      side note…change the word “not” to “now” in the first part of my rant, you better believe that i am ASHAMED of this team

    • pearson says:

      well. i think if anyone is to say it, it should be a goalie. furthermore, thomas DOES play like it is game 7 every game. yea he had a bad game in montreal a couple days ago and if that was a game 7, he’d gladly quit the team and buy us all drinks. he was the one that let it the soft goals to win it. [3 were soft, but thats hockey, sometimes the puck just gets that bounce. so if you wanna say 2 of 3 were soft, thats fine]

      that also bring me to another idea. when was the last time this team won a game 7? everyone keeps saying this team wont go far in the playoffs. but a goalie should know that in this playoff format the team that can get their goalie hot at the right time wins.

      the honor of wearing black and gold is something none of us will understand, but as fans we take it for granted and always have the highest of standards. the city is surounded by winning teams; and the b’s are well aware. but the strategy of the season is not exactly ‘win every game by 10 goals’ rather build the character, the chemistry, face adversity, and win when it absolutely matters.

      your a rational dude willisss, i know waht your saying, but try to see the other side too.

      something i also think about as a fan sometimes… would you rather root for the team that sneaks into the playoffs and gels at the right time run for the cup, or the team that doesnt struggle all year and makes a steady unsuprising run at it?

      think. besides the the 86 year drought, wasnt the biggest glory of the sox’ the comeback against the yanks? when your the underdog, and written off, it makes it soooo much sweeter

  76. Caperfan says:

    I know I am spelling some of these names wrong so I apologize but does anyone else notice how soft this team has become since P.C. got rid of some good gritty players with some skill such as Nikolianen, Sobotka and Kobasew? This team has some good players but they got no balls. Nobody fears them

  77. moast says:

    I agree about some of the comments from the Bruins these days. This isn’t me back peddling and I may have read it wrong a week or two back but Chara had a similar comment to the effect of, “it’s not my job to make sure that players are up for each game, I have enough to deal with”. Which I agree, Chara plays a tonne of minutes, has minimal help, but you are still the captain.
    I am on the fire Julien boat but, more and more I listen to comments as well as you guys, I beleive that its straight up leadership. Doesn’t it feel like there are two or three groups of “friends” on this team and they aren’t bonded like a team should be?
    There is no chemistry with these guys….chara and Timmy’s comments, Lucic thinking hes a sniper, with Savvy and Horton, then Bergeron is with Recchi and Wheeler.
    Not sure about this as its speculation but maybe its Recchi….hes my hometown boy, but he was brought in for leadership and veteran leadership. If he can’t do this than maybe there is a larger issue?

  78. Caperfan says:

    Interesting article in the Boston Herald today where Tim Thomas said there is to much drama surrounding this team. He stated its only game 40 and everyone is hitting the panic button and every game since game three has been a must win sitution. He informed this panic and drama is being portrayed by the media. He said the regular season is just that the regular season and everyone should relax. He is not totally wrong but they have to get their shit straightened out as the fans deserve better in my view.

    • willisss says:

      he is 100% wrong…you respect that mind set? do you think a team like the penguins play with that mind set? it was painful to read

      • moast says:

        Alot of premadonas on this team…..make a statement and trade whoever the “princess” of the team is even if it is a big name guy.
        these guys need a kick in the ass and if that doesn’t work, fire the guy that needs to keep these guys in line.
        It may be only game 40 but how many games have we seen where they give up or don’t show up and lose. How far is that going to get you in the playoffs…..eh Timmy?

  79. ELWOPPO says:

    Keep bashing Thomas guys? He’s only the best goalie on the planet right now? He’s also the reason why the Bruins are where they are in the standings!!! Have u guys all gone mad? Let the man say whatever THE FUCK HE WANTS! I heard talks of him and crosby the other day stating that the MVP of the league is between them! Let the man speak for god sakes! He’s just frusterated and is basically saying to everyone just relax and stop overreacting!

    • willisss says:

      if your defending the words he said then your foolish

      • lucic crew says:

        Are you serious. That man can come on t.v and say he slept with your girl. Where do you get off complaining about thomas. Ummm third place can you say TIM THOMAS!!!!! Wow some of the people on here. I hear tampons are on sale

      • willisss says:

        Maybe timmy can buy some. He has no problem bitching about bruin fans, keep supporting the guy that told you to fuck off…and my girl wants to fuck seguin, not thomas

      • lucic crew says:

        I hear you and understand where your coming from. The reason why i could care less, is because he is the reason we look good. Now put yourself in his skates. Now i dont know about you but if i was in net and i saw these dickheads playing in front of me and im killing myself , i would tell everybody fuck off too. Your entitled to your opinion so preach on fellow bruins fan. PS what a shit first period come on boys go bssssssssssss

      • moast says:

        I agree Lucic Crew….I play goal and have for over 20 years and the worst thing to watch in front of you is a non contributing offense and a defense that doesn’t have your back. Bruins defence isn’t so bad, its the offence that is absolutley horrible.
        Timmy and Tuukka are the main reason they are where they are….I’d be choked too.

      • willisss says:

        It would be one thing if he called his team out…and in that case, I would be on your side. What he did was not only defend, but made exuses for his team, and called out bruin fans..this is the last I will mention it, but it is not right ofr any nhl. Team, let alone a top market team to sandbag regular season games

      • pearson says:

        “its just thomas being thomas” (?)

        he plays awesome (manny) but says untimely things that dont take into consideration what the fans see (manny)

        he loves it here. no doubt. people pay hard money to see this team (i havent been yet) but in the end, thomas is the guy from this generation of team and he aint gonna give in and at least im one that knows it.

  80. moast says:

    So, Savvy will need a lot of time until he is back to normal. Tonight, he cant set anything up and then he takes a stupid penalty because he couldn’t make a play happen and was mad.
    My question is, why is he on the fist line?

    Lucic Bergeron Horton
    Wheeler Krejci Ryder
    Marchand Seguin Recchi
    Thornton Savard Campbell

    Couldn’t hurt any more than whats happening, plus Bergeron on the first line was pretty nice!

  81. gibbz says:

    interveiw with bartowski
    “everything was the same, but i turned my phone off so i didnt have to talk to anyone” haha he thinks hes hot shit

  82. Manitoba Fan says:

    Haven’t been watching the game, how we doing? Looking bad, i see we are losing 2 – 0.

    • moast says:

      It seems like there putting in a full effort.
      Too many penalties and stupid ones at that. Recchi really needs some time off in exchange for Caron.
      Both goals weren’t totally Rasks fault, seems like he was down too early but also screened.
      Same old, same old from the offence…..non existent…..although Savvy set Looch up nicely with no finish thought.
      Bartkowski seems decent in his debut.
      All in all…..Boring Bruins hockey.
      Why no fights? Ahhh, no heart.

      • Haus says:

        I for one am glad they didn’t look for a fight tonight. Why fire up the opponents’ building? The object is to take the crowd out of the game, see Minnesota @ Boston 1/6/11.

  83. Birdman2403 says:

    Savard has looked dreadful since returning. I’m really starting to believe that injury really did ruin him ! Chara and Lucic HAVE to start playing nasty or they are dead weight. This team just has to get back to working and quit expecting good things to happen. And last…..get rid of fucking Ryder….he blows !

    • moast says:

      Awesome! Exactly Birdman…..did you see Savvy sarting shit behind the net and Lucic just watched and skated away? Really makes me think that Savvy is a cancer in the dressing room…..only my speculation.
      I do agree though, where is the nasty in this team, especially whithout Chara and Lucic.
      Ryder and Wheeler both look horrible.
      Where is the beggining of the season Ryder?

  84. zamer says:

    Im watching the bruins playing the penguins,and theres something missing on this team.First rask let in some softies and it seems like we panic in our own zone,secound we are just pushed around we need to make some changes, recchi to slow seguin not nhl ready paille no skill and most off all ryder hot and cold and is not agreat skater.We lack size and grit we are just an average team folks hope we make the playoffs.

  85. moast says:

    Look what happens when you show up for the third….now image how they could play if they showed up for all three periods not only when they have to.
    Nice win though, nopeully this will give them a spark they need!

  86. mook says:

    hahahahahha i don’t know what’s better…watching the bruins win, or seeing all you turkeys eat your words.

    nice prediction #4 with the 4-goal third

    • willisss says:

      yeaaa i wont be eating the words i said about timmys comments, he was the one i was pissed at the most and had nothing to do with the win…but in all fairness i did not see that 4 goal comeback coming

  87. goosegoose says:

    Holy 3 goals in 1 1/2 minutes batman!
    it was 2-0 i saw the first goal i went downstairs go get laundry i came back its 2-2 i go to pee its 3-2
    then i see the ENG

  88. Bruins says:

    Who says the B’s don’t have heart?

  89. Manitoba Fan says:

    Just out of curiousity, I didn’t watch the game how did LUcic look, he’s been look uninspired lately to me. I know he has soo much more in him.

  90. tomfergus says:

    This team can and will play at some point. Savard seems to be physically (chippy) involved tonight, without much back-up. Maybe reading too much into it. 3 quick ones, this team can play. Strange season. Tomorrow night will be interesting. Not ready to blow the team up, not ready to look for the cup either. They seem to play when they want to. Not a great formula, but a glimmer of hope that we may see the playoff team that showed up for a round and a half last year. Wasn’t that Recci scoring the winner with RYDER crashing the net?????

  91. lucic crew says:

    nice third period boys go bssssssssssss

  92. ELWOPPO says:

    Fuck those dirty pens! Did u see the look on thier faces! They were soooo shocked! Btw Savard looked amazing 2nite, his passes were awesome! Looks like hes back! Not quite sure WHAT THE FUCK U GUYS ARE TALKIN ABOUT???? DID U WATCH HIS PASSES 2nite? Its not his fault that these dildos cant score!

  93. jimmy50 says:

    Just want to make one point. Bruins just finished the 41st game. The season is half-way through. Bruins have 51 points. If we repeat that performance in the second half the Bruins will finish with 102 points.

    It would be tough to fire a coach, or trade players on a team that finishes with 102 points.

    p.s. Imagine when the PP wakes up!

    • moast says:

      That is going to be the difference maker with this team. We know they can play when they want to as well as penalty killing. If these guys can find away to cash in on the power plays, it will be the difference makers not only in the standings but in their confidence.
      My shitty stream to the game went down 5 seconds before their first goal and by the time I refreshed it, it was tied….I almost shit my pants….ok maybe I did….don’t judge me!

  94. Caperfan says:

    amazing things happen when the bruins had to open things up in the third. It was actually nice to watch them get chances and I actually felt we had a chance to come back if we got that first goal, which they did. I hate C.J.s system and I truly believe that’s why the B’s forwards look so shitty all the time. C.Js system won’t allow for offensive players to take chances and Shine. I know defense wins but boys look what happened when the shackles were taken off these guys. “A WIN”.

  95. Bruins1 says:

    There are still problems on this team even though it was a great comeback win. However you have to say it wasn’t our so called top players doing the scoring, it was Marchand and campbell doing it! A perfect reason why Boston needs to trade Thomas and savard. Rask is our goalie and we should ride with him, and get rid of Savard. Marchand deserves time on the top 9 maybe top 6. He has outperformed Ryder, savard, and Wheeler.Even Lucic. lucic is not the same player. He thinks he is a score but he is not. He is a grinder who needs to play that way and hit.

    So who needs to go: Savard, Ryder, Thomas

    Interesting trade for Phoenix earlier with NYR for a defensemean. Could this be a small deal for soemthing bigger due to them having plenty of d-men? Yandle? I doubt it but maybe someone

    • No says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about. Just stop…..

    • #4 says:

      Right because Chara(The teams #1 Player) didnt score the first goal.

      I try to be pretty nice to posters on here but you have to be the biggest f*ck head ive seen in a long time.

      BellEnd attack him!

  96. zamer says:

    Every fucken game we play bergeron plays his fucken ass off,and does he ever go through s rotation of wingers and he still gives her.When he was with lucic and horton they looked great,he is right now our best two way player and if somebody says he should be traded like Ive seen on her,YOUR NOT A BRUIN AT HEART,JUST A LOSER.

  97. moast says:

    Forwards B-
    Defence B
    Goaltending A
    Coaching B-
    PK A+
    PP C

    • Haus says:

      That seems about right. Holy shit! Moast, I actually fucking agree with you! Time to start a new thread!

      • #4 says:

        lol glad im on a computer now. Scrolling through this with my Iphone is a nitemare.

        I really think Matt/Pekese should allow one of me/haus/willis/mook to write stuff if they arent going to post dick for a week.

      • moast says:

        It must be time for a new thread if Haus agrees with me! Haha….

    • #4 says:

      PP – F

      Goaltending – A+

      Goalscoring – C

      Pk – B+(slipping over the last month)

      Coaching – INC ( I cant tell if claude is making smart moves or just firing from the hip or being instructed by higher ups)

      Emotion – C- (inconsistent at best)

      Toughness – B (could be A if Lucic/Chara would step it up in this department)

      Defense – B (Ference is a pleasent suprise and good depth with McQ/Kamp/Bart/Cohen!) Transition game still needs work.

      Overall B.. This team is first in the division despite blowing some important division games. This team looks to be gearing towards another push in the playoffs and with a few frugal moves to aquire another PMD and energetic player with some scoring could be a cup contender.

      Outlook : A ( I give them a 40/60 chance of making the ECF this year…

  98. Haus says:

    Word is 1/2 of Ottawas roster could be available. Not sure if they would deal with us or not (div rival vs. Chiarellis old contacts). Many players on their roster are playoff tested. Ruutu could probably be had for a 4th rounder but not sure where he fits. Campoli is the type of D that could help and he would probably cost a 3rd. From my understanding they would rather picks than roster players.

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