Some notes from Saturday

Mark Stuart is a healthy scratch for this afternoon’s game. Stuart will be replaced in the lineup by Adam McQuaid.  McQuaid has played very well this season and is sporting an impressive +14 rating.

Matt Hunwick will be facing his former team for the first time since the Bruins dumped him to Colorado for Colby Cohen earlier this season. Hunwick has struggled with the Avs this season posting a 0-3-3 line and being -9 in 23 games. Hunwick was a healthy scratch for the Av’s last game.

The Bruins also got an opportunity to see Peter Forsberg skate today, as he is practicing with the Avalanche to determine if he will make a return to the NHL this season. Forsberg was one of the most dominant players in the league in the late 90’s, but injures restricted his career there after.  Growing up the Redwing-Avalanche, Sakic/Forsberg – Fedorov/Yzerman rivalry was great to watch.

In somewhat of a surprising move, the NY Islanders claimed goaltender Evgeni Nabokov off waivers after the Red Wings signed him to a contract.


135 Responses to Some notes from Saturday

  1. Spencer70390 says:

    does anyone have a stream for the game?

  2. Haus says:

    Campbell just doesn’t do anything wrong. What a pickup, hell of a character player

  3. Spencer70390 says:

    ive tried atdhe,, livescorehunter and p2p4u and none of them work, pekese did that stream actually work for you?

  4. pekese says:

    Yes, it’s working right now.

  5. moast says:

    Lucic is loking solid…..whole team is on fire!!

  6. Bruins says:

    Go suck a dick, Hunwick. What a little shit.

  7. BosBrn77 says:

    Oh CRAP!!! Please tell me Hunwick didn’t just take out Savard??!!

  8. moast says:

    That was or sure a head shot… least falls in the category.
    Wold love to see Marchand kick the shit out of em!

    • #4 says:

      You know what I disagree savard was out of control was not a head shot. Savard needs to watch himself or hes going to get killed out there.

  9. Haus says:

    What a unselfish beautiful play by Marchy

    • BosBrn77 says:

      He is surprising a lot of us! That was an awesome play!

    • pearson says:

      that looked like a fucking high school level goal. there was a defenseman right there and the goalie was way out of place.

      not to take anything away from marchand/recchi, but shit, that was an AWFUL goal if youre colorado…

  10. ELWOPPO says:

    Whats Savards deal? Everytime he gets hit hard he leaves the game! Retire if u cant hack it! Fuck!

    • pearson says:

      wow. you serious?

      • moast says:

        It was asked the other day, can Savard take a hard hit or is he too fragile now. I’m sure it will take a long time for him to be fully back. I was a little disapaointed that nobody has answered and continualy go after Hunwick. That hit falls under a hit to the head as far as I concerned.

        Lucic is moving his feet and its payoing off.
        Marchand is what this team needed!
        GO B’s!!

      • ELWOPPO says:

        Lets hear ur opinion pearson! This is getting fucking ridiculous now! He got hit last sat aswell againts the pens and stayed down on the ice! This guy is CLEARLY NOT GONNA MAKE IT THROUGH THE ENTIRE SEASON PLUS THE PLAYOFFS! U DISAGREE?

      • Haus says:

        I honestly don’t see much of anybody getting up quick from that hit though.

      • pearson says:

        you seem to be confused, and complaining, as to why he left the game…

        remember he had that concussion….. he just got his head smashed.

        how about instead of “RETIRE IF YOU CANT HACK IT,” you say “holy shitballs, with the issues savard has with his head i hope he didnt just get another!”

    • Haus says:

      Did you see the hit ElWoppo??

      • #4 says:

        Saw it Dont think it was a targeted headshot this is hunwick why whould he do that???

        Probably didnt mean to at all. IMO savard was out of control reaching his head/shoulder out to go for the puck. He needs to watch himself out there El Woppo in not so nice a words said what I am sort of thinking

        IF he cant hack a hit from hunwick whats going to happen with PRonger in the Playoffs?

  11. Haus says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Savvy is out for awhile.

  12. Haus says:

    I asked it today in response to the Savard trade talk and why another GM wouldn’t take a risk on him.

  13. ELWOPPO says:

    U guys are all nuts! I cant believe u cant see a trend here! Hard hit or not he’s a liability out thier! Twice in a week, And ur blaming it on the hit! Lets see how long he lasts the season, maybe im wrong?

    • Haus says:

      I agree there is a concern, but that hit is another story.

    • moast says:

      I think that that hit was a non intentional hit tothe head. 200lbs sanwiching head to glass and he will have a hard time getting up from that. Thats all.
      I do agree though….he is too fragile out there and I truey don’t see him fully complete the season.

    • pearson says:

      so they should just sit him? and yea, you blame the hit, its not like hit ran head first into the wall? it wasnt a dirty hit but you make it sound like savard is doing this on purpose

      • moast says:

        I don’t say sit him…..not sure what to say as he will have this happen to him and will take a while for him to be back for good. Hope all is god for Savy!
        Wicked Win!!!!

  14. moast says:

    Ference owes Timmy dinner after that….fuckin brutal!

  15. Haus says:

    Colorado with ALOT of borderline hits today.

  16. Haus says:

    Terrific win

  17. ELWOPPO says:

    I told u guys he’s my favorite bruin! I wasnt lying! He now leads the NHL in shorties! As for Saavy, i hope he is ok…..?

  18. Bruins says:

    Savvy just can’t catch a break. Hopefully it’s “just” a facial fracture or something.

  19. tomfergus says:

    Head hit, no head hit, the real question is how much can
    Savard take before he has permanent lifetime issues with this. LaFontaine, Lindros. Is it worth it? Twice in 10 days? Not sure if the hit warranted a team response, but the lack thereof was very telling……

  20. Jefe77 says:

    He has been guilty of his head being down on those two hits to his head. But, he is not a liability, he’s just learning the hard way that he needs to keep his head up and think about protecting himself better along the boards.

    Not sure what the big deal is, aside from the fact that he will be missing the Kings game because of it. Anyone who cant learn to do that (keep their head up/protect their head), of course is going to have lifetime issues. Pat Lafontaine, and that bitch Lindros to name a couple.

    Julien said he has not displayed concussion symptoms, but is heading home for re-evaluation. Sucks…I’ll be there in L.A. ready to go at it with all those Boston haters.

  21. Vince Mendella says:

    What a night. We go out to dinner and just so happens there is a fundraiser for a 9 year old hockey team. One of the prizes in silent auction is a Bergeron jersey with name, number (even fighting straps). I put in 5 tickets and I end up winning. Last year when we did went to another one I ended up winning the winter classic Bruins jersey. Hooters is my new favorite watering hole. Let’s Go B’s!!!

  22. gibbz says:

    i would like to see something like:




    Lucic/Frolov Krejci Horton
    Recchi Bergeron Marchand
    Lucic/Frolov Seguin Ryder
    Thornton Campbell Wheeler

  23. ELWOPPO says:

    Just to let everyone know the B’s lead the WHOLE NHL in goal differencial at an incredible 41. ALSO julien said Savard sounded fine when they spoke and they hope its something minor! Maybe back after the All-star break?

  24. ELWOPPO says:

    *Goal differencial plus 41*

  25. Bruins1 says:

    It wasn’t a head hit for those faggots that think it was. Know your hockey before you make fools out of yourself!
    Some of you really make asses out of yourself when I read your blog. You have no clue on hockey.

  26. Bruins1 says:

    Here is a trade proposal if Savard is done for the year.

    To edmonton: Wheeler and Stuart
    To Boston: Hemskey and a pick

    Oilers need size on the wings and Boston would need a playmaker.

  27. ELWOPPO says:

    How fucking stupid do u feel now Bruins1? Fucken goof!

  28. ELWOPPO says:

    YES!!!! Basically called us faggots and also stated that we make asses of our selves! Who is this new commer anyway?

    • Jefe77 says:

      Lets see if he can come back with some comedy. If not, we’ll see where this goes.

      Stuart and Wheeler for Hemsky and a pick? Right now? Obviously Wheeler will want $$$ he is not worth next season, so I agree there, but not on Stu.

      If the trend continues, the Bruins will be buyers at the deadline if anything. So, to improve going into the playoffs they need either a bonified PMD, or a proven scoring winger. None of which a draft pick or a mid-tier injury plagued player like Hemsky brings to compete for a Cup this season.

      The Bruins could improve for a run this season with a PMD and proven scoring winger. Fact.

      • ELWOPPO says:

        Agreed! I would love to see Yandel on the Bruins! He’s in the top 10 in assists and can score aswell! I also like Kaberle, proven point getter and previous All star! As for a scoring winger, if this Horton character would start scoring we wouldnt be having this conversation! This guy is wayyyyyyyyy over due!

      • Haus says:

        I think we can find that PMD in NJ with Andy Greene, which works nicely when you hear PC say the Bs have cap space for about a $900,000 player and Greene makes about $787,000 or so.

      • #4 says:

        Yandle is going to be wayy to expensive and if your PHX your not looking to move him anyway’s. Unsure of his FA status but might be worth offering him an offer and making phx match it maybe pick him up like that. Id throw in a 1st-2nd as compensation.

        I think Tanguay at 1.7 would be a great as that speedy winger. Great on the PP fast 11g 22a seems like a perfect fit with bergy/marchand.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        What about Bergfors in Atlanta? He has been in and out of the doghouse all year. Young speedy winger that might be had for a decent prospect and a 1st or 2nd round pick. His salary would keep the Bruins under the cap.

  29. ELWOPPO says:

    Today we find out the outcome of Saavy! Im a little worried? Its usually not a good sign when it takes long! But on the bright side Julien keeps saying he thinks its minor! …..Looked serious to me? We see!

  30. willisss says:

    Game at 1030…..its like a Sr. League game tonight

    • Jefe77 says:

      Holy shit Willisss, as a fellow goalie…does it also take you until 5 AM and a 12 pack to get to sleep after a 10-11 PM game?

      • #4 says:

        Thats true for all players, not just goalie Jefe.

        I had a mens league 1hr 20mins from my hose game started at 10:20-11:40. Got home round 1 never fell asleep till 3am or later. Seeing as I wake up for work around 6:40-7(most days) I had to stop going to that…

    • Jefe77 says:

      Yeah, got to agree, it tears me up the next day. Didn’t mean to disrespect my wandering brethren; when the heart gets going, it doesn’t want to stop.

  31. mook says:

    i think the bruins could use another defenseman, and that’s about it. i don’t want to mess with our forwards. everything is working well, with or without savard. if horton can find some mesh with those 10 shots a game he gets, it’s going to be lights-out.

    bruins have been scoring goals this year, so the forwards are not the problem. personally, i think the issue rests with the breakout. we need a speedy defenseman. maybe not a true “PMD” but at least a guy who can skate. kampfer and ference and good break-out defensemen. chara, stuart, mcquaid, boychuck…all monsters who aren’t as fast as some. seidenberg is sorta in between.
    the ideal solution is byfuglien. clearly, he is unavailable so we should go looking for something like that. big and quick.

    remember we got bergeron on the point for the pp, so as far as that goes…the forwards need to do a better job in the corners.

    let’s face it; savard is soft. he tries his heart out, but you can expect him to be on his ass at least once per shift.

    trading wheeler right now would be a stupid thing to do. we have four #2 lines out there. we need someone to step-up and become a true #1 line. krejci, lucic, horton. let’s go!

    ps: bruins1 you’re a moron. hemsky…

    • #4 says:

      Brainstorm PMD’s with availabilty…

      NJD Greene (maybe)
      PHX Yandle (nope)
      ATL Bogosgian (Maybe)

      I’d like to say Burns(MINN) but he’s having a career year noway they move him.

      I have always been a big fan of Ryan Whitney, used to play mens league with his Dad. Doubt EDM would look to get rid of him but he’d be a perfect fit, and a local boy to boot.

      Niskanen nothing there that screams out to me might be worth a shot might not.

      Just doesnt seem to be much out there in the price range. Due to the cap I think they really missed the boat on Wiszniewski(SP) to MTL for a 2nd IMO that was a good steal.

      • mook says:

        would you ever imagine tom gilbert to be available?
        i mean, it’s wishful thinking but at what point do the oilers break?

        they are pussies on their blueline…they’d take stuart and our 1st. ok maybe not…but…

      • #4 says:

        Mook you probably know more about Canadian teams then me. He looks very similar to Whitney in #’s either one would be good.

        Id Imagine it wouldnt take much more than something like Stuart/Prospect/2nd or so. But nobody knows how GM’s come to prices and agree to deals. IE Wizz only went for a second hopefully he set the market for players like that.

      • Haus says:

        I think Greene could be had for a 2nd. It baffles me why the Islanders didn’t wait for the market to develop and get maximum return for Wizz. Then again, what’s not baffling for that franchise. Theater of the absurd.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Anyone see the Bruins pregame coverage, where Kathryn Tappen throws Milbury under the perverbial bus by asking him, “Do you feel bad for what has happened to this program? (Referring to the Islanders)” clearly flabbergasted, for once, he looks at her completely bewildered and says, “WHAT?!” Then some back tracking and a quick cut to a commercial break. Hilarious.

      • #4 says:

        CCM ive seen it happen before. With Kathryn and Barry talking about horrible Isle contracts such as Yashin. Milbury sat there sweated for a minute then went flew into a rant about how its not that bad and blah blah blah…

        I think Kathryn LOVES to do that to him haha.

  32. CCMGoalie says:

    Also this, “Guardian Project” the NHL has been promoting has produced it’s most ridiculous superhero yet. “The Maple Leaf” Enjoy the hilarity that is that entire franchise for the time being….

  33. Jefe77 says:

    I’ll be at the game tonight…look for me amongst the 3,000 Bruins fans that attend in L.A. every year.

    Go Bruins!!!

  34. mook says:

    The Maple Leaf is the largest of all the Guardians. A fact made more obvious when he “grows” infinitely larger as the need arises. His body is composed entirely of wood; essentially he is a living breathing maple tree. Large roots that shoot from his feet enable him to secure himself to any surface by penetrating and forming a foothold. His branches can stretch from his forearms allowing him to snatch up the enemy or grasp innocent victims in harm’s way. He fires sticky “sap” bombs from his fingertips that trap his opponents like an insect in amber.

    On top of all of this, the Maple Leaf has the super ability of chlorokinesis, basically allowing him to communicate with the plant world. The Maple Leaf, or “Trunk” as the rest of the Guardians know him, is one of the funniest of the Guardians. Always quick with a joke or a sarcastic barb, the Maple Leaf often disarms his opponents by bringing levity to tense situations. Don’t let the funny man routine fool you though, because when angered this Guardian can be particularly brutal, and this is no laughing matter.

    • #4 says:

      “Always quick with a joke or a sarcastic barb, the Maple Leaf often disarms his opponents by bringing levity to tense situations.”

      We’ll I guess they are the Laughing stock of the Eastern Conference LOL!

  35. lucic crew says:

    whats the word with savard

  36. lucic crew says:

    Lets get a win tonight boys, good to cj isn’t touching the bergeron line those guys are playing really well together. GOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS

  37. moast says:

    I know that this will open a can of worms and I will probably be shit on for saying it but….I have to see what the thoughts would be to this…..assuming Savard is done for the year and assuming that LA would do this.

    BOS – Schenn Hickey
    LA – TO’s 1st, Ryder, Stuart, Prospect

    No money/minimal money in and close to 6mil out. Add in Savvys LTIR that is another 4ish as well as the minimal amount they have under right now, that could be close to 10-11mil off the books (obviously the season is half way in and that amount would be pro rated, but so would the contracts coming back this year).

    So, with that being said, that freed up $ with picks and prospects could secure a gritty goal scorer and a #2 PMD.

    Hickey and Schenn would solidify the B’s future even more than it already has.

    Let me have it boys! Just wanted to kill some time til the Savvy announcement. Go Bruins!!!!

  38. lucic crew says:

    Well krejci you wanted the first line you got it show us what we all know you got.

    • #4 says:

      I gotta good feeling about this. Shitty the game starts at 10:30 lol. Some of us wake up at 5:30am LA WTF?

      • lucic crew says:

        Ouch hopefully the bs give you a good reason for being a zombie in the morning. GOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS. For 4s lack of sleep tonight

      • moast says:

        I am all for the game time tonight, sorry east coasters and early workers. I usually miss at least the first half of every game as they start at 4pm for me.
        Tonight playing in LA means I get to have dinner and then watch the game at 7:30.
        Bruins win 4-1!!!

    • Pearson says:

      This means seguin centers ryder and wheeler?

  39. Bruins says:

    I still think the game we played against the Kings this year might have been our best game of the season. Hoefully we don’t get shafted by bad luck again.

  40. lucic crew says:

    eh is just an honest mistake pretty sure he knows how to spell seguin no big deal.

    • Bruins says:

      I see it all the time from plenty of people. It can’t just be a typo. It’s fine for another team’s fan to do it, but who does that for a player on their own team?

  41. bruins4eva says:

    Tsn Has boston on top of the NHL power rankings…Hmm??
    i like where they’re heads at…but i think top 3

  42. gibbz says:

    Brian Burke is the best GM the bruins will ever have lol

  43. ELWOPPO says:

    I guess Savard got abducted by aliens! Are we gonna get an update or not!

  44. bill says:

    with savard out can the bruins use his cap space if he’s out longterm

  45. Bruins says:

    Savvy with a concussion. Goddamn it you gotta feel for him.

  46. ELWOPPO says:

    Stick a fork in him! We will always remember u number 91! Time to pack it in buddy!

    • Haus says:

      Huh? You remember Bergeron? Don’t give up on him yet. Its a mild to moderate (grade 2) concussion.

      • #4 says:

        Bergy was like 20 though Savard doesnt exactly have youth and time on his side. Also has a past history AFAIK Bergy did not.

        The way Savard plays he’s always going to be open to this like Lindros. I hope he can come back but at what cost and how good can he be if he cant go 100%?

      • Haus says:

        I’m not sure what AFAIK is, and I’m referring to when Bergy was knocked out by Seidenberg 2 years ago. Same (grade 2) severity. I agree Savvy plays with his head down too too much, and there is no better evidence than watching both hits the last 2 weeks. The cost if he can’t go? Pretty steep. 6 years and another 22mil. I know you get some relief but what exactly are the salary cap rules on a player who retires with so much time left on his contract?

  47. G-Rant says:

    Hate to say it but this might be it. Serious concussion or not, its his second in a year. Good love ya savy, get well bud.

  48. Bruins says:

    Fuckin’ Matt Cooke…

  49. jimmy50 says:


    Savard LTIR

    Trade Stuart or Boychuk, picks and/or prospects to Toronto for Kaberle.

    Lucic Krecji Horton
    Recchi Bergeron Marchand
    Seguin Wheeler Ryder
    Thornton Campbell Paille Caron

    Chara Kaberle
    Seidenberg Kampfer
    Stuart/Boychuk Ference McQuaid

  50. jimmy50 says:

    On a side note watch out Campbell! The other 3 centers have all had concussions.

  51. #4 says:

    Thank you thornton someone needed to get them going!

  52. #4 says:

    What a dirty fucking hit. Brown like punched Kampfer in the face. Somebody pound that faggot. I cant believe that was a no-call.

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