Savard has another concussion

According to TSN, Marc Savard is out indefinitely with another concussion.  With Savard out from the lineup, look for Tyler Seguin to be moved back to the middle. If Savard’s injury is long term and Seguin struggles at center, the Bruins may look to add a veteran center before the trading deadline. Here are the projected lines for tonight’s game against the Kings.





UPDATE: Here is what Fluto Shinzawa of the Globe added to the Savard situation:

Marc Savard has been diagnosed with a moderate concussion, as the Bruins feared. Savard suffered his latest head injury on Saturday when he was hit by former teammate Matt Hunwick. Savard flew home from Denver yesterday and met with doctors today. TSN first reported Savard’s concussion.

There is no timetable on how much time Savard will miss. On Dec. 20, 2008, Patrice Bergeron suffered a second concussion when he ran into Dennis Seidenberg. Bergeron didn’t play again until Jan. 27, 2009. However, all players react differently to concussions, and there is no way to project Savard’s recovery until his symptoms wane. Yesterday morning, according to Claude Julien, Savard was complaining of headaches.


82 Responses to Savard has another concussion

  1. Birdman2403 says:

    Thank-you for your time as a Bruin Mr. Savard. It’s too bad useless pieces of shit like Cooke, and Ulf, end great Bruins career’s !
    I hope Savard retires. It is too bad his career will be cut short but he has a lot of years left to live with his family.
    Karma will catch up with that fuck face Cooke !!

  2. Bruins1 says:

    Now go get a player who can make a difference!! Playoffs are coming

  3. lucic crew says:

    Come on boys get it back goooooo bssssssssssss

  4. Bruins says:

    BS reffing, what else is new? Timmy looks a little shaky though. He’s giving up tons of rebounds, although the goal wasn’t his fault.

  5. MattG says:

    It’s way too late for a game this boring.

  6. Bruins says:

    I don’t think the Bruins have a quality shot on net yet…

  7. Bruins says:

    Shitty ass game. One good chance all night (Lucic). Thomas played awesome though.

  8. moast says:

    Sooooooo Boooooooring.
    This Jeckyl Hyde act is worrying me come playoffs.
    Without Thomas 6-0 easy.

  9. lucic crew says:

    well that was fun wow poor thomas

  10. Birdman2403 says:

    Yeah, a shit performance for sure tonight. Here are my concerns….for what it’s worth:

    1. If D wins championships, the Bruins aren’t winning anything ! The D are brutal. Other then Chara, we have 5 6th d-men. Ference blows…I’ve said it a million times !! Brutal giveaway for 2nd goal. Both goals D also stood there and watched Kings put in rebounds.

    2. PP is the shits. A Kaberle type might help in the long run. Kampfer just doesn’t cut it….yet.

    I hope PC works the phones over the all-star break….get some better D…please !!!

  11. pearson says:

    what are the options with savard out. what could we do with his cap?

    • #1 beesfan77 says:

      IR the dude and use the salary for a blockbuster! Savy is done he’s not as strong as bergy he won’t POP back from this one …. he was already hearing footsteps everytime he touched the puck the first time! Ference sucks they need an offensive defenseman still like kaberle… liles would be nice but not going to happen…. Think ? ? What can we do to bring Semin to Boston wash has to decide between him and green … you have to think they will sign green… already have top forwards locked up.

  12. #1 beesfan77 says:

    Word on the street is … ovi is pushing for a new contract for semin with some players contracts already expiring could this mean no contract for green? Either way i would like to see either one in a stoked B!

    • Haus says:

      Liles, Semin, Mike Green…all cotton candy players. As someone mentioned awhile back, what is Ference /-? He has been consistently good all year.

      • #4 says:

        I still think’

        Semin-Krejci-Lucic would be deadly. The USSR line, Krejci can do his matrix shit lucic smash and bang and Semin can finish unlike the goober there right now.

  13. Haus says:

    Alot of lazy hockey plays from the Bruins tonight, but Quick brought his ‘A’ game as well. Anybody see any good rebounds? As far as Savard being out, I’m sure some meathead would disagree with me but its gonna hurt. Anybody else notice the team gained consistency when he was in the lineup? Seguin to me looks not ready to play center, so many times he shies from contact and in turn it became an odd-man rush going the other way. I understand that he is learning but when the games count most he won’t be playing there.

  14. ELWOPPO says:

    Jullen says he hopes for a speedy recovery from Saavy’s “moderate” concussion! Maybe he comes back sooner rather than later?

    • pearson says:

      i mean, we all hope he is, but this is just a really untimely injury. normally, a moderate concussion aint so bad, but this coming after a severe one, and then the post concussion syndrome shit he went through.

      i hope he comes back for a late playoff run, but im not gonna hold my breath, i think they gotta go replace him, and soon, so they can attempt to keep the ball rolling forward, and not be sitting and waiting for their guy.

      we just unlocked 4 mil in space, now i think we use it NOW so that if he DOES come back we still have time to move a contract before the deadline.

      • #4 says:

        Id like to use that money to land a top3 forward who can actually freaking score.

        Its getting painful watching Horton out there lately. Add a 3.5-5mil forward(Elias? maybe) and A. Greene .979,000 move Wheeler(I cant stand his bad penalty’s) and boom I like that lineup.

        Then if Marc Savard is ready around the playoffs they can give him a 5game “conditioning” stint in Provy at the end of the regular season, and call him up onto the roster WITH NO CAP MOVES in the playoffs. That would be real nice.

  15. mook says:

    Timmy: “I can’t remember a doorstep chance that we got off a rebound or a puck laying there. The chances were there, but we weren’t there”

    McQuiad and Boychuck can spend some more time in the minors.

  16. Haus says:

    1-way contracts means you would have to waive them. I’m not with you in risking losing them to someone else and still paying 1/2 their salary.

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    Waive Paille and get Caron back up. Paille does NOTHING !!

    • #4 says:

      Id like to atleast try and get something for Paiile even a conditional 7th rounder or something lol.

      Id like to see something like this.

      Paille to NYI for 7th Cond. Reason: NYI needs to add a bit of money stay above the Cap Floor.

      Wheeler to Cal for Tanguay Frees up .5 mil

      Savard LTIR Frees up 4.075 mil.

      Cap Room now is 5.175. Call up Caron cap room 4.5.

      Add Someone in the 4.5 mil range such as regehr, or Kaberle.

      • Haus says:

        Interesting… Doesn’t change the team chemistry much, either. Now that Ottawa has gone in the tank and said everyone but Alfredsson and Karlsson are available, and if Savvy is out long-term, how about Mike Fisher?

      • #4 says:

        Fisher 4.2mil
        Tanguay 1.7
        A. greene .979,000

        = 6.1mil

        Move Wheeler(2.2) paille(1.1) Savard LTIR(4.075)

        Total = 7.3 Mil Space total.

        Leaves you with comfy 1.2mil to move players around and even add defensive depth *should* someone go down before the TD.

  18. moast says:

    How about something! All the talk on here and around the league is killing me…..why cant something just happen already…..why wait til the deadline and overpay. C’mon Chiarelli what else do you need to see. There is shit that needs to be done. Chia has roster players to move, lots of picks, great stock of prospects.

    -Need another forward to replace Savard and fill the point void of Horton, Seguin & Wheeler
    -Get rid of Paille and have Caron step up
    -Get the ellusive dman that this team needs real bad.

    OUT: -Wheeler, Paille, Stuart & Ference
    IN: -Caron, ?

    Lucic Bergeron Marchand
    Horton Krejci Ryder
    Recchi Seguin Caron
    ? Campbell Thornton

    Chara ?
    Seidenberg Kampfer
    Boychuck McQuaid

  19. #4 says:

    Wow Im really liking the looks of this.


    Lots of depth and grit in that forward line up along with a big scoring threat on the first 3 lines and the 4thline with seguin has a bit of offensive punch as well.

    ON Defense


    • cebbie says:

      Seguin is not a fourth line guy –
      He really should have spent some time in Prov. playing full time on a regular shift.
      He is suffering from Samsonovitis – skate like hell and fall down – Actually Kessel and Wheeler also had a touch of this disease.

      • #4 says:

        The league has a deal with Major Junior that you cant play in the AHL unless your over 19 at the start of a season. So he is ineligible to play in Provy.

        Its to protect Major Junior form having all its best 18yo boucne to the AHL.

        Considering Fisher can play Both wing and center next year you could see.

        Lucic-Seguin-Fisher as Tanguay would only be a rental.

  20. pearson says:

    the big player to be had at the deadline is going to be brad richards. although dallas is really rolling. lets say the bruins made a push, what would it cost them in return? at least 3 to 4 mil in space. and that is assuming savard hits the LTIR.

    i know hes a rental. but with age creeping up on recchi, thomas, even chara a little, i wouldnt mind them losing some youth in exchange for richards.

    • pearson says:

      “i know hes a rental. but with age creeping up on recchi, thomas, even chara a little, i wouldnt flip out over a ‘we gotta push for now, not later” type move

    • Haus says:

      Richards has zero chance of going anywhere. They are in 1st in the Pacific and have been all year. Trading Richards would lose them 1/2 their fans by showing that they don’t care.

  21. Gcole says:

    dam i miss one game and everyones ready to trade away half the team again? chill out dudes, this team isnt bad, theres just something wrong with the coaching that does not motivate them to play every game ( i think). look at how this team plays when inspired, they DOMINATE. theres always going to be bad games and bad times, but generally speaking this season has been great. but what really matters to me is that this fucking team DOESNT CHOKE IN THE GOD DAMN PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR. show that you care and dont fuck it up like the last however many years.. i try not to think about it too much. if youre up 3-0 in the game, and/or the series, FUCK IT, dont take it easy. pour it on! pretend they made fun of your mother and are outscoring you, go fuck their shit up

  22. #1 beesfan77 says:

    Take off the Ference glasses are u serious…. he’s horrible do u know hockey we are paying over 2 million a year for him …. I would rather of kept montador for less … when we play buffalo he looks a lot better than Ference.

    • Haus says:

      Ah…hindsight is terrific isn’t it? If you check the archives you will see that I wasn’t a fan of re-signing Ference. But he’s here and playing well. Only Bergy, Marchand, and Chara have better /- on the team. After all, the best way to judge a Dman is if the team gives up goals when they’re on the ice, and the Bruins don’t when he’s out there. As for Montador, if you say you saw the year he’s having coming, then I know you are full of shit. I was a proponent of picking him up at the deadline for the toughness he brings, but he only really has been a bottom pairing guy at best throughout his career.

      • Ward says:

        Stuart most overrated defense man to slow on the back check not great in his defensive zone and awful in the offensive zone. and ferrence is a beast nuff said best hockey sense on the defensive side.

      • Bruins says:

        “Ference is a beast”


  23. 7_Phil_E says:

    I say trade everyone except for Chara. Rebuild! 😛

    For the most part I like what we have. Wow. we lost a game. Do you really think that we will go all season without losing?

    give your heads a great big shake!

    • #4 says:

      That would be a terrible way to rebuild. You are retarded.

      • #4 says:

        I don’t understand your attitude. First line center goes down and were trying to think of replacemts. I won’t be shaking my head over anything. This team won’t go far with savy out if they don’t use his money a replacement. So I don’t get this comment at all.

        Try again.

      • 7_Phil_E says:

        And you are the genius when you don’t understand sarcasm?

        As I went onto to say in the 2nd part
        “For the most part I like what we have. Wow. we lost a game. Do you really think that we will go all season without losing?

        give your heads a great big shake!”

        We are winning alot more than we are losing, let the team play out. If Savvy is out for awhile and goes on LTIR then use the money to replace him. A little tinkering here and there, a little more strategy on the coaching side and we could see Lord Stanley make a long term trip to Boston.

        Man #4 unwind a bit. Oh, and read the full post next time.

      • #4 says:

        I read your post. Your sarcasm was directed at me most likely because of my suggestions on using savards money.

        Then you went on to tell us to shake our heads because and that we cant expect the team to win everygame. No Crap. Nobody was was trying to trade the whole team because of that game, But just how to use savards money.

        I dont like the attitude you took towards me and moast so I let you have it. It was a constructive topic that you chose to bash for no reason.

        I disagree without a Go-To winger, and a #2 Dman for Chara this team gets bounced in the 2nd round again.

      • 7_Phil_E says:

        Sorry but it wasn’t directed at you or Moast. It wasn’t directed at anyone at all. It was just thrown out there for everyone to see. On every post here you see everyone wants to get rid of someone or another. One bad game and they want to trade someone. For the last while a lot of what’s on here is to get rid of Savard because he isn’t like he was. But Bergy wasn’t the same way when he came back either, but he worked through it and in my mind he is the best Bruin out there. Hell, the best Bruin I have seen for quite awhile.

        And if you think you let me “have it” keep practicing.

    • Haus says:

      I hear you. With the parity in the NHL its inevitable that you are gonna lose your share of games. The Bruins have been on a pace where they win 2 of every 3 games, which is solid in todays NHL, and actually the Bruins have been one of the more consistent teams in the last 2 months.

  24. seguin>hall says:

    I want them to trade for fisher so I can see carrie underwood in the owner’s box… That I’d pay to see

  25. mook says:

    haus is right and i have also been saying it…

    ference is having a great year. so is wheeler, but some of us are stuck bashing them.

    i’ll be the first to say that mcquaid sucks. he can go anywhere, i dont care. cut him. people like him because he fights once in a while, but he can’t play defense for shit.

    • #4 says:

      Wheeler is mediocre at best this year Mook, thats why he is on the 4th line.

      I dont think anyone has more of a knack for taking penalties or going offsides at just the wrong time as wheeler.

      Ference is solid this year. He is playing like our #3 sometimes #2 defenseman this year, but I still think he is better suited to be a #4 guy and this team needs a real #2 Dman who can eat minutes and free up Chara to do more offensively.

      • mook says:

        being on the 4th line is not an indication of being “mediocre”. wheeler is having a good year i think. he’s playing well away from the puck and actually using his body to create space.

        i feel safe when he’s on the pk with krejci, and he can play centre too. he may not be scoring as he did 2 years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s not playing well.

        like i said in the past…we have 4 “2nd lines” on this team.

      • mook says:

        and if being offside is an indication of being a poor player, then gretzky is the worst player in league history. just saying…

      • #4 says:

        Im up and down on Wheeler. I notice his decent play in all 3 zones. But sometimes he gives you a real forehead slapper of a play.

        He must have one of the worst one timers in the NHL as well. I like his speed and size and positioning as well as his hands. But he just does some things that anger me sometimes.

        Oh and when you score 80+G in a season you can go offsides all you want so there goes the gretzky comparision.

        But lets face it they paid him 2.2mil to produce PTS he’s only on Pace for 40 PTS. IMO thats not good enough and I know Milbury would agree with me.

        Im with you guys I hope he puts it together but Id love him to start scoring but he isnt.

      • #4 says:

        last line should read.

        “Id love him to start scoring but he isnt.”

    • Haus says:

      In response to you 2 gentlemen: I know I’m not the only one who is seeing what Ference is doing. The coaches, front office, and pundits have all seen his improved play and that he has produced more than expected. Its the fans who either don’t watch all the games or who are too lazy to see otherwise that aren’t. I wouldn’t say Wheeler has been great, but his off the puck play, the stuff that doesn’t translate well into a scoresheet and is most appreciated when you are actually in the building that has been good. He has natural ability with the puck and now that he has learned the nuances of the game I just hope he doesn’t get run out of town before he puts it all together. Remember prior to his rookie year he was considered very gifted but quite raw. As far as Mcquaid is concerned he is what he is; a bottom pair guy or a #7. I think there is a role for him on this team because he plays an intimidating style and can go with the big boys when need be, giving Thornton a break and hopefully squashing all the McGratton nonsense. If you’re looking for a Dman that’s been a little of a disappointment, I would go with Seidenberg. The guy is paid as a #2 but makes silly mental errors and sometimes just seems lacksadaisical. I know there is alot more to him than what he’s shown thus far and I’m optimistic that we will see his best when the games count most. Boychuk isn’t disappointing because as I said last year and got wrongly slaughtered for it is that last year he was playing over his head, and that his skating game is why he was in the minors for 7 years. People kept calling him the young hotshot prospect and future #2 when actually he was older than Stuart and Wideman.

  26. lucic crew says:

    shaq is my new favorite bruin. And as for ference i think he is playing great hockey.

  27. Bruins says:

    Skinner named to the all-star team. Big-time snub to Bergeron and Selanee. It might only be because he plays for Carolina though.

    • mook says:

      yeah it’s for the kids in carolinma to have more players to cheer for. i think it’s kinds good to include him since–as we all know–the allstar game doesn’t mean anything

  28. mook says:

    now subban on the allstar team is ridiculous. anyone who has been a healthy scratch for 10% of the season should not be an allstar.

    call me spiteful, but i wanna see that bigmouth get crushed.

    p.s.: does lucic fight anymore? let’s go!

  29. Bruins says:

    Go to about 4:40 in this audio. Aaron Ward is awesome.

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