Mark Stuart on the block?

According to Joe Haggerty of, there is interest around the league in Bruins defenseman Mark Stuart. Stuart has been a healthy scratch in favor of Adam McQuaid for the last three games. Stuart signed a one year $1.675 million dollar contract in the offseason and will be an unrestricted free agent at the conclusion of the season.

Haggerty states that if the Bruins deal Stuart it would simply be for salary cap purposes, allowing them to add another player at the deadline. If the Bruins were to trade Stuart, without getting another defenseman back in some sort of deal it may end up being a mistake. If any of the current top 6 defensemen (Andrew Ference) were to get injured, it would force them to put a rookie (Matt Bartkowski) in the lineup. However, if the Bruins trade Stuart and upgrade on the blueline, possibly a puck moving defenseman, that would allow them to push McQuaid to the 7th defenseman spot. The Bruins will most likely lose Stuart at the end of the season, so making a trade would be worth a shot if it nets them an upgrade on the blueline.

117 Responses to Mark Stuart on the block?

  1. gibbz says:

    bergeron is first star for the month of january!

  2. #4 says:

    Nice blog Pekese I completely agree with all you said.

  3. moast says:

    Anyone know who or which teams are t be involved other than Phillips?

  4. mook says:

    Our worries are over:
    37-year-old defenseman Aaron Ward, who was forced into retirement after last season because of various injuries, is hoping to play again this season. “I’ve been talking to a few teams, and I think something may happen.” – Boston Herald

    hahaha no shot.

    Anyhoo, if you guys are under the impression that stuart has any actual value, you’re wrong. He’s about as useful as jock itch. Pure salary dump.

    If Chiarelli Stuart to Ottawa or Islanders, then it’s better if he makes them a better team NOW. We get the parts we need, and betters the chances of those shit teams catching the leafs for our pick to appreciate.

    • Haus says:

      So what you are saying is, some of the GMs in the league are calling the Bruins saying, “hey, you’ve got a useless defensman that we’ve had our eye on. What would it take for you to dump his salary on us?” I think a 4th rounder would be the return for Stuart, seeing his UFA status pending. Stuart has toughness and leadership qualities and is an ideal back pairing guy, sort of what Boynton brought Chicago last year. I think trading Stuart could help the Bruins by using his cap $ to get a different kind of Dman (here comes my Andy Greene referral again). There are redundancies in Johnny B, McQuaid, and Stuart. Stuart costs more and is being outperformed by the other 2. Simple math for PC.

      • #4 says:

        I feel the same way about the redundancies of Boychuck/McQuaid/Stuart. I guess if one is to go it has to be Stuart. He has the most value to other teams former 1st rounder.

        I think he has more value than you give him mook. I think Wheeler/Stuart Bos 1st could bring back a high impact player.

  5. seguin>hall says:

    The idiots on nhl insider just posted that there may be a deal which would bring zach parise to the bruins for 2 first rounders, a roster player (wheeler), and a prospect. I think they’re spiking the coolaid in Bristol.

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    If Saavy goes on LTIR do u think Chia goes out and gets another forward or uses the money to get a PMD! What do u guys think?

  7. seguin>hall says:

    In order to win the cup, I believe this team needs another 20-30 goal scorer. Other than that, they have the pieces.

  8. moast says:

    Gritty winger & Top 2 Dman

  9. Haus says:

    PC made a statement saying the team is ‘seriously considering’ shutting Savard down for the rest of the year. Savard due in Wilmington for an evaluation today. We may hear something by this afternoon.

    • moast says:

      IT’s the only logical move…..for him and the team….take er easy Savvy

    • pearson says:

      i would hate for his career to be over. especially like this. but even worse i would hate for his life to be over if he came back and landed another shot.

      just hearing the name savard makes me cringe. i dont think ive ever felt so bad for an athlete.

  10. #4 says:

    Back at it tonight in Carolina. I suspect this is going to be a really energetic game. Bruins just thwamped Carolina in a back-back home@home. Now the canes got all this crowd energy from the allstar game along with pressure not to lose again to the bruins.

    Should be a battle, early fight and lots of up&down hockey.

    Watch out for horton tonight
    5-3 B’s

    GO B’S!!!

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    If Eklund was ever right make it now !! Brad Richards would be UNREAL !!

    • #4 says:

      No doubt about that. But Eklund also has the B’s persuing Parise.

      Seems like in his mind the B’s are going after every high $ high impact forward in the league now that Savvy is out.

  12. mook says:

    haus, #4…

    – 4th round pick for stuart means he’s not worth shit.
    – adding wheeler and a FIRST ROUND PICK will OF COURSE land a “high-impact” player. if you take stuart out of that combination, it will do the same thing.

    and boychuck/mcquaid are not outperforming anything. all 3 of them are just vanilla defensemen.

    watch the games and then comment. reading opinion articles and then representing those thoughts as your own ideas makes you sound like a jackass, and it is obvious you don’t watch the games…or other teams…

    i was saying all of last year i didn’t think stuart was special. now, all of a sudden, people have a huge boner for him. noone is inquiring about him…chia is obviously shopping him like he did with sturm.

    boynton played 7 games for chicago last year…3 in the playoffs. he was also (according to tsn) traded for “future considerations”. he was also supposed to be the bruins next captain at one point…go figure.

    i’m tired of listening to you two fucken idiots with your crazy trade proposals. as if teams are ready to trade all their pmd’s for fucken wheeler and stuart.

    • #4 says:

      woah heavy post….

      The only player ive been saying i would really like to aquire is Regehr.

      Nick fuckin Boynton reference? What? Wtf are you talking about here?

      Wheeler and Stuart are roster players on most every team in the league. So they have some value even if its not alot. A team who is on the outside looking in with a high paid PMD with an expiring contract might want them. Get rid of a contract add 2 mid 20’s roster players with cheaper salaries makes sense.

      So why are we idiots?

      • #4 says:

        Why am I even talking about a PMD, I didnt even mention a PMD.I just said a good player could might be attainable for them2 + a pick.

      • Haus says:

        #4, look back in the archives 3 DAYS AGO and you will see this same mook nitwit arguing with Moast saying how much Stuart/Wheeler would improve the Leafs if they were traded for Kaberle. He states Stuart would be a #3 Dman in Toronto. I’m starting to believe this guy is mentally ill. Or he tries to wind-up people for the fuck of it.

    • Haus says:

      Wow, not sure who the hell you are talking about not watching the games. I work overnite, thus I get to see EVERY game, whether on TV or in the rink. You on the other hand haven’t probably sniffed the inside of the Garden. As far as wild trade ideas, dipshit I’m the one that’s on here playing Debbie Downer shooting them down and picking them apart. Go to the archives and get educated. My one genuine trade proposal all year has been Andy Greene, and chances are high he is available. The 4th round return for Stuart is based on a few factors, 1) impending UFA 2)low value in return for ALL deals so far this year, and 3)other GMs knowing the cap favor they will be doing the Bs. That said, it could be higher. All in all, what I read from your post is a tear-filled rant towards us for not sharing your hatred of Bruins players.

      Don’t watch the games or other teams….. Are you kidding.

    • lucic crew says:

      did i miss something, easy buddy relax.

    • Ward says:

      i called it way before you buddy

  13. Haus says:

    Oh, and I never made any claims to trade Wheeler all year. You have me mistaken.

  14. cebbie says:

    First I heard about Richards I was hopefull but if you look at his stats over the past ten years I was surprised – I believe he never scored more than 27 goals and has been a consistant negative +/- his whole career except this one – Im not sure he would make a shit differance depending what we would have to give up to get him.

    • Haus says:

      No way in hell Richards goes anywhere. Dallas is in 1st place. How would you feel if your team was in first in your division then management goes ands ships the main catalyst of it out of town? Sorry, man, aint gonna happen.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        Dallas is in ownership hell. You never know. Maybe the NHL is telling them to unload as they may own them like the Coyotes situation. Just saying….never know, there may be more to this behind the scenes ????

      • Haus says:

        That wouldn’t be a good idea to damage the market by pissing off the fans if that was the case.

  15. Haus says:

    We still have Eklund rumors on this site? Ridiculous.

  16. ELWOPPO says:

    Eh, cant blame us! Sometimes its good to dream!

    • pearson says:

      im gonna start my own site called icebuzz. wanna subscribe?? i promise to have at least 3 new rumors everyday!??!!!!

      • Haus says:

        Can I be a contributer? Ill just place player cards in front of my 2yr old neice and however she chooses them, that will be my rumor of the day.
        And while my neice is making the rumor of the day, I can write a column stolen entirely from a phantom opinion piece and present it as my own thoughts. Right, mook?

  17. lucic crew says:

    Lets get one tonight boys ain’t going to be easy. GOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  18. willisss says:

    I’ll give credit when its due…playing without a mask was bad ass…that’s all I’m saying before you fucks jump on my tits for being a bandwagoner

  19. willisss says:

    Oh and nesn needs new comercials…between southwests fee court, wb coffee, and “push the limit how gay is this” toyota ad, I’m losing my shit

  20. Bruins says:

    Looch, I love when you fight, but lease don’t take yourself off the ice for 5 minutes when you’re fighting a guy that’s lucky to be in the NHL.

  21. Loooch says:

    any links for the game?? has been taken over!!
    and is effed too

  22. gibbz says:

    ugh seguin.

  23. lucic crew says:

    No haus not you that huge rant mook came out of left field with.

  24. Gcole says:

    Fucking kidding me right! I take a shower and I come back and it’s 3-1 now?? WTF

  25. #4 says:

    Best game of Samsonov’s career vs the b’s tonight

  26. Manitoba Fan says:

    Seriously, I am happy that the bruins got seguin cause i do believe when he grows some balls he will be a deadly player in the league but WTF. At first i figured it was just julien not giving him enough ice but fuck he is non existent out there. IMO he is a better hockey player than Skinner(not taking anything away from Skinner), But Jeff Skinner plays with some fuckin balls. He gets his nose dirty to get the puck and is not scared to take a hit. On the other hand Seguin is scared out there, he makes to many blind passes because he doesn’t want to get hit and never goes to the corners to dig for the puck. Saying this i do believe he is gonna be a good player he just needs some time to get comfortable with himself playing amongst men. I guesss Thornton wasn’t the greatest rookie immediately either! Fuck ya Timmy

    • lucic crew says:

      I was coming on here to say the exact same thing good for you. Horton about time keep it up and thomas what can i say, im like a broken record with you. You da man!!!

    • Bruins says:

      He played 6:37 tonight.

      • lucic crew says:

        Ok then you tell me why hes playing little time. Oh so cj playing him little time because hes playing amazing. Come on stop everybody just stop. All bias bullshit thats all i hear hes 18, he gets no ice time give me a break. THE GUY IS AFRAID OF HIS OWN SHADOW. Its so bad look at his turnovers he does not want get hit. Oh and this 18 year old bullshit somebody go tell skinner and hall stop doing what your doing, your to young because 2nd overall shouldn’t he being the same thing. Yes in the future he will be a stud but what i see right now is shit. Say what you want you know it i know the whole world knows it.

      • tyler segay says:

        He sucks

      • Bruins says:

        Tonight he was particularly bad when he got playing time, there’s no arguing that. However, what are you supposed to do when you get that little time? There’s no way he can get into any kind of a groove. The playing time he’s seeing is reserved for plugs that do nothing but fight.

        Hall and Skinner were thrown into the fire with all that playing time but they got enough under their belt to get comfortable. At the ASG Hall even said it took him about 20 games to get comfortable, and that was with knowing he wouldn’t be held accountable for any mistakes he made and that he’d still be getting his 18 and a half minutes a game. Seguin on the other hand knows that he won’t see daylight again if he turns the puck over once.

        He’s constantly being shifted from wing to center and back again, and for the most part he isn’t playing with talented players. And on the whole this season he still has a positive differential in takeaways to turnovers.

        Just chill the fuck out for like two seconds, about Seguin and about everything with this team. It’s like you people won’t except anything less than perfection. This fanbase has to be the biggest bunch of whiners in the league.

      • Bruins says:

        For an example, do people remember Bergeron in the Olymics? It was like watching a different player. Even his faceoffs plummetted because of it. When you don’t get playing time, you can’t get into any kind of a groove, and you’re constantly on your toes because you know your mistakes will be magnified.

        I’m not calling for Julien to give him more playing time because the team is doing well, I’m just telling people to chill out.

      • #4 says:

        Good posts Bruins.

        Did you guys not see Skinner get laid out every other shift last night? The only reason why Hall and Skinner have more pts is related to ice time, and EDM sucks and CAR is a bubble team in desperate need of someone with SKinner’s talent set.

        Seguin came into arguably a better(or worse?) situation with Savard-Krejci-Bergeron-Campbell 4 NHL centers in his position. Forced to play Wing, switched back and forth every week through the lines.

        I do admit that he looks timid no doubting that. I actually wish someone would call him out on it like Recchi or something. I mean the kids got like 9 hits all year or something. He’s small but not that small grow some balls Tyler.

  27. ELWOPPO says:

    I fucken hate Montreal! How is this french faggot team winning? Thier team is average! How are they close to us in the standings?

  28. lucic crew says:

    for my last post i forgot it, i dont want the PHDs in here to get upset.

    • Haus says:

      He is behind Skinner, Hall as far as development, you are 100% correct. He needs to play tougher and less anxious. Some of that will come with time and once his balls drop. Some guys are just a little more mature than others at that age.

  29. lucic crew says:

    Bruins your happy cool, im not. All im saying there is a reason for his lack of ice time. No coach in his right mind takes minutes from you cause he rips it. Now what my beef is in my eyes it doesn’t even look like he is trying. I was one of the few on here ripping on horton for his lack of goals but one thing i can say other then his a lack of scoring he brought it. Hitting, back checking, passing shooting defence etc etc. Do something you tell me what he does i got all night ill wait for you, tell me what he brings to the game right now. Nothing thats what, now haus said a very good point some people mature faster say that and were on the same side cause like i said in the future watch out. As for complaining who cares thats what this site is for the good talk and bad talk. We as true fans praise, vent complain. See this is a wicked site love coming on here but i dont think some people says what on their mind cause people like mook and the bell end will tell them off. Me i welcome it. So when the bss kick ass i will be praising if they play like shit i will be complaining. All in all bsss fan for life goooo bsssssssss.

    • lucic crew says:

      And as for perfection you damn right. I WANT A CUP maybe your happy with being so damn close. Not me its been to long. As for pc other then his brilliant smarts he needs to get balls, buy them i dont give a fuck and land someone big with all the power he has in his pocket.

    • jimmy50 says:

      Prediction: Seguin is healthy scratch in playoffs, just like Wheeler was his rookie season. Remember when Jeremy Reich played instead, lololol, oh the good ole’ days.

    • Bruins says:

      Did you not get any of that? In order for Seguin to get comfortable he needs playing time. You really expect some kid to come in and dominate against men with minimal playing time when he knows he’s going to be benched for one mistake? If you give him a boatload of playing time with no consequences he’ll get his feet wet and start playing better, just like Hall/Skinner did. Do people not remember how bad Hall was to start the season?

      • lucic crew says:

        Fine whatever right now i dont see it you can give him 1000 minutes a game, it won’t change anything in my mind. Hes a scared little boy, you have to want it mentally and i don’t think he does yet. Case closed your happy with him im not yet.

      • Haus says:

        I understand what you are saying, but I think Julien is in a bind because this franchise is in ‘win now’ mode and can less afford the learning curve whereas EDM and CAR can be more patient as the expectations for the season are much lower.

      • Bruins says:

        I’m not arguing that, Haus. That’s just the situation Seguin got put in. All I’m saying is it’s not a cause for overreaction.

      • lucic crew says:

        Oh and as for hall you got it right on. The start of the season he was slow, key word start. UMMM i believe were in game 50 and look at him now. And as for edm, car its not like the coach said we suck so i can focus on you and play you more. No buddy in the end you have to impress hall skinner are impressing seguin is not. And that = no minutes fuck how can you not see this like talking to brick wall

      • Haus says:

        Ok let’s put this to bed. Bruins, I agree no need to overreact, he is growing. Absolutely patience is the key. Lucic crew, his growth will be slower than Hall, Skinner because he perhaps isn’t as physically mature and he’s not getting the minutes as a result. I really don’t think any of us are really disagreeing with each other, maybe just saying it differently. Remember, even if his growth is slower its still growth and he wasn’t drafted to be the man right away but to be the man over the course of his career.

  30. pearson says:

    whats everyones thoughts on paille?

    not just because he scored last night, but the guy is in it every time he starts. he always makes himself noticeable. skates hard, hits hard, grinds hard and he gets to the net consistantly.

    i will gladly argue with anyone that says hes not one of the hardest working players on the team

    • mook says:

      unless he scores on every shift and fights three times per game, i say we sit him and call-up reich.

      seriously, 7 d-men wouldn’t be that bad. double-shift campbell and bergeron and we’re good to go. maybe boychuck will be less tired by the third period. watch him in the third, he disappears…

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I agree completely Pearson, I’d rather see Paille in the line-up on a night where he won’t score than watch Wheeler stumble and struggle all night and get a goal off his skate from someone else’s shot. Paille is the victim of a numbers game right now, much like Stuart at the moment. When there’s a spot in the roster he’ll play, but when we have everyone he grabs a seat in the pressbox.

      With Savard, supposedly, going to be shut down for the rest of the season we should look to see Paille get a spot in the lineup more consistently or we could look for Caron to come back up. I’d rather see Paille get the time so that both players are skating and getting decent minutes. Look for Wheeler or Seguin to be playing Center much more often in this instance.

      Also what do we think of the rumors that IF Savard is going to be done for the season, that the Bruins will have the cap space and the room in the lineup to go after Brad Richards from Dallas?

    • willisss says:

      I want me some caron, he impressed me when he was up with the big boys

  31. Parise-to-bruins says:

    Screw Richards… Dallas would only sell Richards if they got a lot in return that would effect them now since there in a cup run…
    I personally think NJ (if they dont make a playoff push) go into seller mode and get rid of parise… in that case i think the Bruins would be the best fit for him. I would seriously give up stuart wheeler (throw in Hamill from ahl) tor 1st pick/Bos 1st pick for parise… obviously im not looking at numbers but on paper the bruins would look like…



    Like i said i didnt look at numbers but if that were to happen we’d still have room for another dman somewhere for rental purposes… tell me that doesnt look sexy

  32. UEDkop says:

    I’m just glad to see that the All-Star break hasn’t slowed down Bergeron. Keep that point streak goin’!

  33. Bodangus says:

    NHL live just said that the Bruins are going to sit Savvy for the rest of the year – how much of a kick in the nuts would it be if the B’s trade for Richards and he wears Savard’s number 91…..

  34. Haus says:


  35. Haus says:

    Lou Lamiorello, GM for NJ theoretically decides to trade Parise. What would he want? My thinking is it would cost Rask, Colbourne, Kampfer, and a 1st. At least. So in other words the Stuarts and Wheelers of the world, who have value but are not guys that single handed win games for you like Parise can, won’t be enough. Yeah one may say that’s too much but there are other teams who would be interested and bid high too.

  36. Bodangus says:

    It wouldn’t cost that much for Parise unless Lou gives you a window to work out an extension – you’re not trading a top 10 goalie, one of your top prospects, a 1st and Kampfer for a 2 month rental….Rask is untouchable in my opinion.

    I think the B’s need more grit upfront and not Shawn Thornton grit more like Jason Arnott

    • Haus says:

      Just to clarify, I’m NOT in favor of trading Tuuka. I was throwing out a hypothetical so people can get real and shut up with the Eklund nonsense. It wasn’t a trade proposal on my part. Lou wants to resign him, plain and simple. If there was a problem signing him, he only would be traded around draft day 2011.

  37. lucic crew says:

    Fair enough haus

  38. Haus says:

    Correct Parise wouldn’t go for that much unless there was some sort of an extension agreement. But then again, what did Kovy go for? And NJ would def love a goalie for when Brodeur retires. They have very little in the pipeline.

  39. willisss says:

    To all the seguin haters..skinner is tearing it up….hall is tearing it up…does anyone here want to swap records with either of those teams? The kid is young enough to be my son and I’m 24…pump the brakes before going all “dennis wideman, andrew ferrence, blake wheeler, matt hunwick, or whatever bruin of the week you feel like clipping” on him

    • mook says:

      This week it’s “Trade Tuukka”

    • Gcole says:

      Well if hall and skinner are doing so well on shitty teams, why wouldn’t seguin be able to do the same on a more talented team? That’s what I’m wondering, I think he has a problem with growing some balls and playing hard, personally

      • Bruins says:

        Do you not understand the concept of icetime? Right now the difference between Hall and Seguin offensively is that Seguin puts up a point every 38 minutes and Hall puts up a point every 29 minutes. That’s not even taking into consideration the fact that Hall has played about 70% more on the PP than Seguin has and he’s actually hetting consistent playing time where he’s been able to work up his confidence, and not going out the odd shift like Seguin is. If we’re looking at what situation is beneficial to an individual player, it’s the one on the worse team.

    • Haus says:

      You guys gotta read the posts more carefully. 1) No one is hating on Seguin. Some people are wondering why he isnt doing what Hall and Skinner are doing. I think its been spelled out quite clearly that it comes down to ice-time and overall maturity. He wont get the ice-time because unlike EDM and CAR the Bruins are much deeper and are in Cup contention mode, less room to allow the kid to take his knocks and go thru trial and error. Seguin will be spectacular but given the situation the learning curve will be slower. Thats not to mention that just looking at him he is not as physically mature as the other 2 mentioned, hes still growing into his body.
      2) No one said the Bruins should trade Tuuka. Show me where you read that. I made speculation on what NJ would want for Parise, not “hey lets do this”. Pull your head out of your ass, Mook. Im getting the feeling that you are bitter after being corrected over that 2-way contract Boychuk/Mcquaid discussion last week. Its time to get over it, fuck we are all wrong from one time to another here.

  40. Bodangus says:

    I think the issue with Seguin is partially about ice time, the other big piece of it is that he plays scared, I understand that he’s only 19 but at some point he’s going to have to start going in the dirty areas if he wants to get more ice time….

    Taylor Hall is going to be a stud…40-50+ goals per year and plays hard/physical…He’ll be a better Mike Richards.

  41. gibbz says:

    tyler seguin,mark stuart BOS 1st rd for taylor hall
    id take it

  42. JRy says:

    Seguin is five months into a 20 year career. Everyone expert around said hall was going to more of an impact player right off the bat! Sure seguin should grow a pair out there but do you think he won’t have it figured out soon enough?! Good thing some of you guys weren’t the gm of the lightning a few years ago or stamkos would have scored 51 goals for ANOTHER team last year! I mean im not the first to say this but he shot a puck 97 mph last weekend and he still hasnt shown that aspect of his game! Seguin is still the future of this franchise and for any one to say they want to trade him, to me, is rediculous!

    • Haus says:

      I agree with what you say but no one seriously said ‘trade Seguin’.

      • JRy says:

        Ok I must have mistook the people ragging on him for people wanting to trade him because it seams to be a common trend to turn on players. My apologies gang.

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