Savard shut down for season

According to, Marc Savard will be shut down for the remainder of the season after suffering a concussion for the fourth time in his career. The Bruins must now look internally in the immediate future to replace Savard’s production. With the trading deadline fast approaching, look for the Bruins to be in the mix for a skilled forward.

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  1. willisss says:

    I’m fine with this….sorry for being an asshole, but I have been done with him a while ago. I realize its not his fault, but we can move on

    • jimmy50 says:

      This season we can move on. Still carries a $4 million dollar cap hit the next 6 seasons.

      I say we trade Stuart and picks/prospects only for a puck moving and Power Play point producing Defensmen. I am fine with what we have on offense.

  2. Gcole says:

    I’d like to see the bruins get someone that can help their pathetic ass powerplay. Other than that you can’t really complain too much, the size and talent to win is all there, just need the boost and consistency, and I would imagine having a dead pp unit become a threat would be all they need.. As for who that is: who the fuck knows

  3. lucic crew says:

    Went on sports net to see the kessel not happy. Wow some of you on here talk about complaining, you should go that site, i now have three broken ribs from laughing so hard. I knew he was always a little bitch even back when he was, pains me to say this, a bruin before there was trade talk i was like get rid of him. Thats his little bitch attitude going gets tough doesn’t play hard, little hog and complains. Yet again my hat goes off to pc we should all be thankful we have a brilliant gm. So pc the bruins fans need you again go get someone pmd ,20 30 gs i don’t give a shit anyone for the lost of savard. PS BRING ME AND THE LOYAL BSSSS FANS AND THE BEAUTIFUL CITY OF BOSTON THE CUP GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Go to sleep u sick man U! Look, The team has fucked ur head up so much that ur writing posts at 1:30 in the morning on a Monday! Ur worst than me!

    • pearson says:

      did you see what he said!? man o man. as much as i hate the leafs, they have a SOLID following up there. im not suprised in the least bit he got tore apart for that. especially after what they gave up for him (thank you very much!)

      poor phil though, hes just never going to amount to what they want him to. and in the mean time, we here in boston are glad to just reap the benefits.

      ps. id give toronto a 3rd round draft pick if they wanna just get rid of him now……. actually. at his price tag, nahhhh.

      • lucic crew says:

        Dont forget we here in toronto reap the benefits too, the smart fans that is, the bssss fans. And yeah agreed i never want kessel back let him rot with the bitch ass leafs.

  4. #4 says:

    Does he retire now? I mean I agree wit Willis that I’m ready to move on. I also feel sort of sorry for hunwick he might of ended savys career. He’s got to feel bad

    Unlike that POS Matt Cooke. He’s such a clown throw a wicked dirty knee on knee at Ovechkin yesterday. Got a penalty but no suspension. Whn will the league get rid of this fuck. Its clear as day the pens only have him around to throw cheapshots at the competitions stars. Such dirty bs I hope boogaard boards him and he gets a grade 100 concussion then pisses and shiTs himself on the ice. Fuck Matt crooke

  5. #4 says:

    If possible the globe has targets for the Bs.

    I think 3 good players to add would be

    Ruutu replacing wheeler
    Anything or. Arnott

    That would be a cup favorite

  6. Haus says:

    Go check Spectors page from yesterday. He absolutely tears KPD a new ass.

  7. black n gold says:

    hope PC spends this money wisely !! don’t waste it on overrated players or past there prime ( ei. Arnot or Antrropov ) Too bad about Savard looked ruff when he first came back but a couple games just before the hit he was getting into a good grove this always happens to the nice guys . miss u savy n look after yourself enjoy the time with your kids bud

  8. Bruins says:


  9. averynathan says:

    so glad the bruins got rid of kessel, he knows there is a problem and does not CARE.

  10. pearson says:

    damn. im watching this savard presser. i feel so fucking bad for this guy. you can feel his frustration and you can tell hes holding back alot of emotion.

    just terrible.

  11. lucic crew says:

    A toast to the moast

  12. Pen says:

    well the good thing is Savard is pretty much a scratch golfer so with all this free time he might make a run at qualifying for the US open….B’s win the cup…Savard makes the US open…Matt Cooke and Big Ben get caught up some rape charges..Cookie takes it hard in slammer and realizes he likes it and never wants to leave ….I win the lottery…could be a great year..

  13. backbruin says:

    That was tough to watch. We all say no problem but the emotion he and PC for that matter was tough to view. He has played his heart for this team and we should all appreciate what he has done. He has made others better and more confident over the coarse of his stay in Boston and for that i thank him! That’s the reason he’s out because he was trying to squeeze out position on hunwink where most would do a slow turn to absorb the hit! Have some respect for a guy that bleeds black and gold and give it a couple days before the vultures try and bury him!!

    thanks savy!!


  14. moast says:

    Savvy, regardless of supposed locker room issues, is a Bruin. He has a huge heart and Im glad that he is putting himself and his family first. Everyone should no matter what the circumstance. He will be missed and hopefully he comes back with a vengance.
    This years team will be fine without him as long as they pick up the #2 dman and a gritty 3rd line centre.

  15. ELWOPPO says:

    Bruins recall Caron! Who the fuck is hurt now? Better be because Hamel is going down to provy! Cant take any more injuries!

    • moast says:

      I hope there sending Hamil back as Caron>Hamil and Hamil will be packaged with Stuart and Picks to TO for Kaberle or OTT for Phillips.
      Of the two, I hope its Kaberle.
      Don’t shoot me when i say that but really, what other PMD is out there? Kaberle could also be a rental with a chance of re-signing so its a trouble free move.

  16. Ry.boychuk says:

    Saavy is going to be an effective center here for the next five years….people seem too quick to forget his game. These are the same people who wrote off Bergy when he took two full years to get back to form after a similar situation.

    It wouldve been really nice to see what horton could’ve done this year playing with a playmaker the caliber of a healthy marc savard.

  17. willisss says:

    Muse is an nhl shoe in….anyone think rawlings has a shot? He looks sharp tonight…I saw him play last year vs bc and he ssucked….the guy is huge and looked llike he got better

    • JRy says:

      Warsofsky looks good besides that one unlucky bounce off his stick and in his own net. I wonder if it is weird for cross and warsofsky playing against each other in a huge rivalry knowing in the big scheme of things they are teammates.

      • willisss says:

        let us not forget cross ad fallstrom…i love the bean pot

      • Bruins says:

        Fallstrom is probably the most key part of the Thornton trade we have left… My count right now is:

        Ference, Fallstrom, MIN 2nd

      • #4 says:

        I watched the NE/Harvard game. I played together with 2 of the best players on the ice.

        I played on a Dpairing with Huxley Harvard Capt Junior year of HS and McCloud on NE was on the same team. They both looked really good!!

        Cool to see 2 guys i know out there tearing it up. Seans got mad skill as always.

  18. Bob says:

    How much to give up for a #2 D-man?

    Stuart & Hamil for Phillips? For sure.
    Wheeler for Kaberle? For sure.

  19. Bruins says:

    No love for Savard by alot of you. This isn’t just another guy. He is a KEY piece when healthy. It’s no coincidence that the PP is reduced to shit when he’s not in the lineup.

  20. Haus says:

    To Birdman: This from todays Boston Herald, “Its been happening a lot and you have to make sure you take responsibility. Obviously, I know Daniel feels bad about what happened and he didn’t mean to, but at the same time those hits can be avoided. I’ve said that before, so I’m not going to change my speech because it happened to someone on our side.” – Patrice Bergeron

    I agree with you that you would hope a players comments won’t divide a dressing room, but its definitely not Ference out on an island here. In fact, one of the team leaders and a guy who many clamor for to be captain, agrees wholeheartedly with Ference.

  21. Rob says:

    Sorry to burst the Kaberle bubble but we’re seriously delusional if we think we can get him. Burke will ask for too much (i.e. two firsts and a 2nd or equivalent player value… sound familiar?) and PC will not overpay that way for a rental (see last 2 years). We don’t need wingers, we need a relatively productive 3rd line C (and I mean productive now! not wheeler, or seguin, or hamill, or arniel, a legit proven nhl C) and a Mobile Dman that can help with the transition game/PP(preferably an elite PMD but not necessarily). Phillips is a realistic target but he’ll help more with our transition game than our PP woes. He makes good passes out of the zone but after that his value is more defensive. We might be able to get McCabe from Tallon in FLA. Great PMD that could probably be had at a reasonable price but also a big cap hit so PC would have to get more creative than I think is comfortable for him. A really good option actually is NJD. Lamoriello would love Stuart and one of the half dozen D prospects we could offer (and possibly a 2nd or 3rd rnd pck if theres some competing offers) for A. Greene and Arnott. Sounds like overpayment I know but its a sellers market and we have assets. PC could probably buy into a deal like that with Savvy out. And Yes… Greene is getting older and has only one solid year on his resume but has skills this team lacks on the back end for cheap money, Arnott is old but he’s also a *15-20 G 3RD LINE C* with the ability to help a little on the PP and he’s a solid vet with WINNING playoff experience at roughly same cap hit as Savvy. This move wouldn’t be the perfect fix but would still make the team better for a playoff run… and has the benefit of being a realistic scenario both teams could agree on in theory. Just my 2 cents… (We can debate salary cap penalties after we plan the Cup parade, hahaha)

    • lucic crew says:

      yeah sounds right

    • Haus says:

      Good post, do everyone a favor and post more often.
      Arnott- 4.5m
      Greene- .7375m

      Savard (IR)-4.007m

      I think it can be done if Stuart (1.675m) is moved, which would probably have to be done in a seperate deal. Both Greene and Arnott are UFAs at the end of the year, so no need to feel burdened by Arnotts’ big cap hit. I believe that the deadline is the only time the Bruins could pull this off, seeing that every day Savvy is on the IR, about $ 23,000 is added to the Bruins’ max acquisition space.

  22. jimmy50 says:

    Trade deadline 20 days away. Basically will come down to Phillips or Kaberle. Both 32 years of age and decent in size.

    Phillips 2-2=4 -26
    Kaberle 2-32=34 -2 (21 Power play points)

    My wish is Kaberle obviously as he should compliment the other D-men nicely and give us that PMD and PP producing spark we need. Looking back at recent history Chiarelli stays quiet at the deadline in terms of big name acquisitions because he wont “sell the farm”.

    The question is now that his contract is finally up, will Burke settle for less at this years deadline and get at least something for him. He is naive to think a playoff contender (Bruins) will trade a roster player (Wheeler) in this deal. Neither will a projected top 7 pick in the draft be moved for a rental player.

    A prospect and 2nd to 4th round picks go to Toronto for Kaberle:

    Stuart traded to Western Conference team for a pick

    Chara Kampfer
    Seidenberg Kaberle
    Boychuck Ference
    McQuaid Bartkowski

  23. cebbie says:

    Fisher or Spezza and Phillips – For Stuart – Wheeler and Bruins first round pick – I would be happy with that

    • #4 says:

      Absolutely no thanks on Spezza seeing as he’s done for the year(I think) also he is just another glider out there. Would not fit in with the system or Bergy/Krejci.

      Fisher/Phillips would be a good deal. I hope PC can grab 2 players in a trade


      • #4 says:


        of those I think Greene/Arnott is the most likely. Its tough to stomache 4mil for Arnott but hes UFA so w/e he’ll be gone and you dont need to worry about his cap hit.

        KPD still has the B’s getting Richards in a deal that would include a 1st, Wheeler+Stuart. The $$$ just barely works with Savvy out.

        IMO its retarded but with DAL being on the buble as a franchise maybe 8mil is too much for Richards and rather than watch him walk 2 roster players + a pick would actually be appealing to them.

      • cebbie says:

        Spezza just came back from an injury – Had two points last night – he is still pretty young (27) 6’3″ 215lbs , smaller salary and all around better player than Richards – Get him out of Ottawa and on a real team I think would make him even better

      • Haus says:

        Spector exposed KPD as a hack once again the other day. He’s got a real boner for Richards. Hey, I wanna bang that actress that plays Erin on ‘The Office’. Smart money is on me in Vegas….

      • willisss says:

        Id rather bang pam

      • #4 says:

        Wasnt this allready a MFK?

      • Haus says:

        Pardon my ignorance, MFK?
        Yeah I dig Pam too, but Erin strikes me as a dirty girl behind the cute, innocent facade….

  24. Haus says:

    I could be wrong, but I doubt there will be an intra-division trade. Toronto is most unlikely to do a deal with the Bruins. NJ, EDM, CLB, FLA most likely trade partners.

  25. pearson says:

    i was never sold on kaberle. but uh, our powerplay needs some love and kaberle has ALWAYS been a solid PP dman. if theres ever been one player that chia wanted, kaberle is it and now he has more than enough reason to go get him.

    i think we get him, at a slight overpayment, and we do so before the deadline

  26. Haus says:

    Just heard Shawn Thornton call in on the Toucher and Rich show. They asked him about the Ference comments and he said he understood both sides of the discussion. He also said Ference wasn’t trying to hurt Paille and the 2 have talked about the issue. Thornton added that there is no tension in the locker room, in fact the entire team got together for the Super Bowl.

    • #4 says:

      Just Mad Mike spewing nonsense once again. Don Cherry is hit or miss so I wont rip him.

      Cant wait till Kathryn rips on him for Yashin during the next BOS vs NYI game intermission lol.

  27. #4 says:

    Oh Crap!!!! Bergeron Down

    During a drill there was a loose puck along the half wall when Bergeron went after it. It appeared the puck came up and hit him the face. He dropped his left glove, grabbed his right side of his face and quickly skated off the ice followed by team trainers.


  28. The Hosers says:

    On Savard, concussions, headshots, Ference vs. Cherry, and how Matt Cooke should perceive his own career:

  29. moast says:

    So, Chia has said that they will trade and that the TO1 is in play for the right deal and that they have thrown around one idea including it.
    Nervous and excited at the same point.
    I mean really, he is talking from a true point of power……2 1sts, 2 2nds, stocks of prospects and thrown in Ryder, Wheeler, Stuart, Paille as fillers……old Harvard should be able to make something happen.
    Darren Dregger was saying that the price fpor Kaberle, even if for a rental, would be a prospect and a 2nd…..with the way the pp has been, I’d offer that for sure.
    These Richards rumors are killing me. I know its a long shot but I’d still like to hear them say that he is untouchable…….anyone have a link to this if its out there?

  30. gibbz says:

    i’d like to see versteeg and yandle in black and gold

  31. moast says:

    Seguin healthy scratch tommorow……think this will light a fire under his ass?

    • Gcole says:

      Didn’t last time..

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Keep in mind that this could be merely a resting thing. The kid’s never played an NHL or AHL schedule before. WAY more games than his Juniors team dreamed of in a season. This could be a preservation effort so he isn’t completely burned out like Wheeler was in the playoffs in his rookie season.

      • Haus says:

        Canada Jrs play a 78 game regular season, so he has played this long before. But I think your main premise is correct, this could be a resting thing. The physical maturity aspect again. I’m not worried.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Ah my bad on the numbers thing, I thought they only played about 50 games during the season. Good catch.

    • Bruins says:

      There’s basically no difference between scratching him and what playing time he’s getting right now.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        But keep in mind that him being scratched isn’t anything against him as a player. It’s so he doesn’t get over whelmed by It’s so he can learn the game and develop as much as possible before he’s put directly in the spotlight. Taylor Hall’s growth is going to be stunted because he is expected to carry such a large load on a low-end NHL team. Don’t get me wrong, Hall will be VERY good, but not quite as good as he could’ve been had he gone somewhere where he isn’t so heavily pressured to be and impact so quickly. He needs to be ready for the NHL and its rabid fans. Look at Carey Price two years ago, he couldn’t handle the pressure of the NHL and the Canadiens’ fan base.

        And as much shit as this will have thrown my way, Bruins fans, ESPECIALLY, the fair weather ones are just as bad as the Canadiens’ fans when it comes to putting high expectations on young players who just aren’t ready for it. I.E. Hamill, the kid just doesn’t have what it takes to make it big in the NHL like we all expected him to do.

    • #4 says:

      I honestly wish they would scratch thornton for this game. The midget team is small fast and has no fighters. What will Shawn even be able to do?

      Id like to see what a line with Seguin-Caron-Campbell could do.

  32. Rob says:

    Loving that PC has put it out that the TO 1st rounder is in play. It should be. That said the whole B. Richards talk is getting ridiculous. DAL is just as secure in a playoff spot as the Bs are, he has a NTC, and both Richards and the DAL front office have reversed course on their early season proclamations that they’re ready to part ways. In fact wouldn’t be surprised to see him get extended even before July 1st with the way the team has turned around. In fact very few Western teams are going to be sellers at the deadline with the standings so tight as they are. If you take EDM out of it (they’ll be sellers with little to offer-Hemsky’s made of glass, Penner has bouts of Horton-esque inconsistency and Cogliano has lost tons of value as a legit contributor imo) only 7 pts separate the 8th place team and the 14th place team as of 08FEB. Most Western teams will actually be fiercely competitive with the Bruins for assets at the deadline. GIBBZ and MOAST: I would love to see Yandle or E.Johnson in a spoked B as much as you guys but PHX and STL are very high on those kids being “core” players. It’s the equivalent of asking the Caps to trade Mike Green i.e. most likely not happening. CBJ, STL, MIN could be offering some core players and good supporting pieces (think Klesla, Tyutin, Collaiacovo, Steen, even M. Koivu but NOT guys like Nash/Backes/Boyes/Burns) but it won’t be until right at the deadline when the playoff race shakes out a bit more. To piggyback Haus: biggest trade targets for Bs would be ATL (if they keep falling in standings), OTT, NJD, NYI, BUF, TOR, FLA and the three teams above but every other contending team will be looking to raid their cookie jars too and I agree with Haus that intra-divisional trades will be harder to come by with so many buyers. Interesting to note that CHI was floating Seabrooks name quietly to teams around mid-december to gauge interest too, sorry I don’t have the link that backs that up handy though. Also folks even though we can add around $4.5M in additional salary (as per PC this afternoon on ‘EEI) any amount we go “over” the hard cap to replace an IR player will be cap penalty for next year, eating up Ryders expiring cap hit and possibly making the hopeful return of Savvy another cap nightmare like it was this November. Food for thought.

  33. Rob says:

    Whoa!!! And sorry that I don’t seem to grasp the concept of paragraphs folks… my bad… thats a tough read there… apologies to all

  34. zamer says:

    Come on folks if the bruins are make a trade or two lets get some players that are going to make the team a bit stronger younger bigger and guys how can fit with the talent we have.We dont need no kaberle or penner or richards,we need guys how ca come to play every night.Forwards like Simmonds from LA or Raymond from VAN or Clowe fom SJ.Defense Allen from Flo or Burns from Mnni or Regher from Cal.The bruins have have what many teams want 4 picks in the first two rounds.

    • pearson says:

      not sure if you meant them specifically, but simmonds, raymond, and clowe are awful examples…. they arent going anywhere.

      maybe mikko koivu from minny? SOLID center that could stay under the radar and be available. hes signed for the next couple years…soo… but who knows

  35. Bruins says:

    Looks like all the Savard talk this week got Cooke fired up. Knees Ovechkin and boards Tyutin from behind tonight.

    Yandle? Koivu? They’re both the faces of their franchise and will NOT be moved.

    • #4 says:

      PHO will be in a tough spot with Yandle. They have no money. No attendence he is a big name.

      Maybe a compensation of a top5 pick and two young roster players with upside + a prospect(colbourne) will interest them. I would assume Yandle would sign here so its a huge win and I dont mind losing that pick at all.

      I mean its a pipe dream but these are 3 weeks of the year where anything is possible.

      • Bruins says:

        I’m giving this a 0% chance. A team like Florida wouldn’t trade Bouwmeester during the season when they were on the outside looking in on a playoff spot and when he was a UFA. Phoenix is a playoff team and Yandle is only an RFA. If you’re going to trade your best player for future pieces in the middle of the season when your team is doing well, you might as well pack up and leave Phoenix anyways, because any loyalty from the fans will disappear.

      • #4 says:

        Meh your probably right.. I can see Yandle getting an offer sheet at least. Any way you hack it everyones going to be interest in him.

        When you have the talent and no $ to pay it things can happen.

  36. Bruins says:

    Playing the Islanders vs. a goalie playing his first career game. Even the Leafs can’t screw that one up.

    • pearson says:

      i work for the islanders affiliate. mikko is having an AWFUL year. when i heard he was making a start…. sucks. poulin was solid all season till he got called up and injured…..

  37. Gcole says:

    Why doesn’t Toronto just fucking trade kaberle and get it over with lol it’s rumored every fucking year

  38. ELWOPPO says:

    I wanna see playoff intensity 2nite at the Garden! No prisoners 2nite! We need to make a statement againts those french homos! This shit ends now! We rock the Habs 2nite! LETS GO B’SSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  39. Bruins says:

    We have to beat the Habs. It’s ridiculous how much trouble they give us. We have a winning record against every other East playoff team (except a .500 record vs. the Rangers), yet we can’t beat a bunch of midgets.

  40. black n gold says:

    They better come out flying tonight cause you know the habs will. Ryder Wheeler Horton need to step up 11 million between these guys and were not getting our moneys worth. Trade this garbage and to all you Seguin bashers if he had as much ice time as Horton I would bet alot of money he would have more goals then Horton. Should have left him in the OHL rather then insult him with 4th line minutes and almost no pp time cmon people lets use our heads !!

    • lucic crew says:

      ill take that bet

      • black n gold says:

        lol I new you would but hear me out . Seguin has not had a regular linemate gets less then 10 minutes a game you almost never see him on the PP but still has what 8 goals now Horton gets 1st line duty gets to play with better players probably around 16 minutes or more a game and is always on the PP and he only has 13 goals . I would hate too take your money lol lucic crew

  41. Haus says:

    I’m trying to figure out why everybody is down on this team. Am I the only one who thinks they have a shot this year? Everywhere I read, everyone I talk to, everything I hear, is tons of complaining and negativity. The funny thing is that everybody has a different problem with this team. I appreciate you guys on this site from Canada, because the city of Boston has already given up this year.

    • ImNotFromCanada says:

      I’m from Boston and love what I see.

      • Haus says:

        Ok its just me and you buddy! And #4.

      • moast says:

        Im from Western Canada and love this team.
        They are deep and talented but there needs to be a few things that happen in order to make a deep run, which I think that they will address. PMD and a winger/center. The one thing that can make or break this team are Seguin, Horton, Ryder, Wheeler…..if they are no shows like that have shown to be, it will be pretty tought to win with no goals.
        Time will tell and it will depend on who they bring in. This Phillips thing is killing me…..dont want this guy on the team. Need a true PP quarterback and there isn’t much other than Kaberle and Pitkanen.

      • Haus says:

        That’s what I’m saying Moast. You are lucky you’re in Canada, in Boston people are done.

      • #4 says:

        I think we’ve had the sports-radio talk. Around here GBA(greater boston area) Sports Talk Radio takes up like 35-40% of the total volume of radio listeners.

        Now 98.5 talks a bit about the bruins. Problem is most of the time these guys have poor opinions, no nothing of hockey, are saying something just to get a rouse. OR admit only watching one out of every 5 or so games (IM LOOKING AT YOU FELGER)

        Tons of listeners take this talk and immediately refabricate it as their own opinion even people who dont watch teh B’s call in to repeat to the Hosts what they just said and then the host blows them for it.

        Its a bad cycle. And to be honest Boston sports fans arent really of the blue-collar type anymore. SOX PATS CELTS area ll winners recently. I mean I cant stand the uppity martini drinking pats fans crowd.

        Thats what makes me glad to be such a minority bruins fan Haus. I might not be loudest mofo at a game but I spend alot of time explaining plays to everyone I know.

        When the bruins win Ill be the one who’s able to say “I told you so” to all the bandwaggoners. That to me will make this all worth it.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I agree, how many analysts have predicted a Bruins vs Red Wings Final? And the majority of them, mostly from TSN or VS (Not Mike Milbury who needs to shut the eff up), have picked the Bruins to win in around 6 games.

    • moast says:

      On a side note, I’d love to move to Boston and be able to get season tickets. I would definately help the negative aspect as I love this team through and through. Tough to move though one side of the continent to the other and from one country to another…..anyone know of any good sign shops that need help? Need to come down for a while and check shit out……

  42. Haus says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people aren’t real fans or anything, or that people should shut up. I’m just surprised in how much in the minority I am. I hear what other guys say at the rink when I have games, listen to the radio, read message boards… All negative.

  43. black n gold says:

    Im from Canada and the bruins are a big part of my life. Im just sick and tired of the inconsistent play I do believe in this team they just need to nut up and be a harder team to play against every night !!!

    • Haus says:

      You see, I would say the Bruins are one of the more consistent teams in the league, winning 2of3 or 3of4 almost every week since the new year. And other than that 7-6 loss to Buffalo, I can’t think of one game where an opponent made it look easy to play against the Bruins. I watch a lot of out of town hockey, and judging what I see the Bruins are right there among the elite in terms of consistency and competitiveness.

      • black n gold says:

        You make a good point but look at who’s in net Thomas is the reason we win most nights the guy has been insane all year. NO one other then maybe Stamkos has had a better season then Thomas. Should win heart trophy !!

  44. UEDkop says:

    Maybe not the IMMEDIATE fix people are looking for, but apparently Zach Bogosian is on the market.

    What do you think of this? With the right development I kinda see him as a Letang-type defenseman. Good pickup for the B’s or do we need something more immediate?

    • #4 says:

      I really like Bogosian. Drafted after right after Dought thats some elite company.

      He could be a great fit and the price tag might be lower than his comparables. Id love to see it happen.

      • Haus says:

        Thanks for bringin’ rhe sunshine earlier. Believe me there are very few people I will celebrate the cup with. I just wanted to let the guys from Canada know the climate here in Boston regarding anything Bruins: Frosty. I feel they would be rather stunned.

    • Haus says:

      I like the kid. He’s had a few nagging injuries and has been missing a game here and there because of them. That’s hurt his game in my opinion.

  45. dookie says:

    Leafs trade Beauchemin to Ducks for Lupul.

    • moast says:

      I think the ducks gave up alpot on this one…..Lupul, a prospect and a pick for Beuchamin….not sure of this one.

      I also heard that a possible deal for Phillips and Fisher is possible. Any thoughts?
      BOS: Fisher & Phillips
      OTT: Bos 1st, Hamil, Stuart, Wheeler

      • black n gold says:

        I really like Fisher comes to play every night but 4 million is alot for a thrid line centre and then Phillips is solid but I think he’s 3 million or more not sure the money works here unless Ryder is involved

      • mook says:

        heard from where?

  46. ccm says:

    There has been a ton of trade talk about various players and the B’s, the suspense is really starting to build up but PC seems intent on making a big move. Personally, i’d love to see Bogosian in a B’s sweater and he’s definitely available in Atlanta.

  47. #4 says:

    Cooke suspended 4 games for his extremely dirty hit on Tyutin. Good. Not enough but thats a start!!

    Bogosian rumors are flaring up right as Bos talks about trading a 1st round draft pick… Hmm coincidence?

    • moast says:

      How about a deal like this (cape wise?)

      Bogosian & Kane/Antropov/Bergfors

      TO’s 1st, BOS 2nd, Wheeler, Stuart

      • #4 says:

        Keeeeeep Dreammin…

        More like TO 1st, Caron, Wheeler, Min 2nd

        if we are gettin Bogo+one of them.

      • black n gold says:

        Thats even more money dude and Atlanta would want way more in return. Might get bogosian and kane for that offer think it would be both 1st round picks and wheeler stuart for kane and bogosian ( just 2 get them talking )

      • #4 says:

        If its kane add in even more.

      • moast says:

        Just thinkin and trying to kill time as I patiently wait to see what Chia pulls out of his sleeve. Supposedly TO might have another trade today.
        I know Im dreaming but fuck man…..Kane and Bogosian…..hell yeah!!

  48. lucic crew says:

    Black and gold don’t feel bad ill give you that money with a smile on my face. Just for this year im talking like this with seguin because like i said a million times down the road watch the fuck out with this kid, love it that the bssss have this kid. A 18 year old kid having better numbers then horton that i dont see no matter the minutes.

    • black n gold says:

      You could very well be right too. I get very upset with Claude when veteran players like Horton and Ryder never get scratched or benched it always the kids fault ( ie. Kessel Wheeler now Seguin and this is why he got fired from NJ cause he was doing it with Parise ) This kid is very good sure he’s scared to go in the corners but he’s only a boy, that should be his linemates job until he gets comfortable and they should no that. Yes your right look out cause in two years we will be saying Hall who? or one better kessel who? thanks for the laughs

  49. lucic crew says:

    We all know e la but fag is going to come on here and say his two cents. So ill say mine first fuck you and your bitch ass habs. Lets goooooooo bsssssssss.

  50. gibbz says:

    if yandle, bogosian, or kab arent available for a decent price, i would like to see Joe Corvo in a b’s uniform

  51. mook says:

    chia says toronto’s 1st round pick is available.

    • UEDkop says:

      Biiiiiiiig move on the way. I doubt Kaberle is on the market now the Beauchemin is gone, too. I’m think PC has his eyes on Atlanta. The prospect of a deal for Bogosian and/or Antropov is making my pants tight.

  52. backbruin says:

    not sure if this has been discussd today but here is some positive news..

    Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli made it clear that the Bruins will be active leading up to the February 28th NHL trade deadline and says that the first-round pick obtained from Toronto in the Phil Kessel trade is in play if the right deal came along.

    “Yeah, I’d look at it, sure,” Chiarelli told sports radio network, WEEI. “I’ve had discussions involving that pick. I certainly would look at it. We’ve got a lot of assets, so that alone allows us to be creative also … there’s been one [deal] that we’ve thrown around here internally, I don’t know that I would do it but it’s something that warrants further discussion.”

    With the recent news of first-line centre Marc Savard suffering a season-ending injury, Chiarelli said there was now added flexibility to their salary cap space.

    “Basically, you can replace that salary; that cap number,” Chiarelli told WEEI. “So that’s [$4 million] and a little bit of change. … So with Savard on LTI you have the ability to replace that player with a number of players up to an amount of $4 million. That’s not cap space, that’s actual salary. We’ve got some good flexibility right now.”

    When asked if there would be some kind of deal before the deadline, Chiarelli said “I would bet on it.”

    The Maple Leafs sit in 26th place in the standings through Wednesday, meaning the current pick could be a top-5 selection for Boston.

    The Bruins sit third in the East, but is just two points ahead of the Montreal Canadiens for the lead in the Northeast Division. The Bruins play the Canadiens this evening on TSN (7pm et/4pm pt).

    looks like there’s a deal on the table that intersts the organization and it sounds like it could be a dooooozie!!

  53. dookie says:

    Antropov is only ok in my books & I think that PC is hoping to make a bigger splash than that. Evander Kane on the other hand would be a great addition. Bogosian has a lot of upside and is young. With CJ’s guidance and approach coupled with Chara’s coaching he would also be the perfect fit in our defensive corps. Wheeler, Stuart, a prospect and a pick (preferably Boston’s 1st should do the trick).

  54. Bruins says:

    Don’t get too excited about the TOR pick in play. Chia was point blank asked if he’d consider moving it and basically all he said was that he’d consider it (in his usual manner of covering all the bases). He did say that he had one serious discussion with another team about it though.

  55. Bodangus says:

    What about Brent Burns from Minnesota or Shea Weber from Nashville? (With a package centered around the Tor 1st)

    • CCMGoalie says:

      NEVER gonna happen for either. They’d be trading away their biggest assets in a crucial time. Especially a big no on Nashville’s part, Weber’s their Captain, no way they trade him mid season for a draft pick and a center prospect.

      I would love to see it happen, but that’ll only happen when Orr and Neely decide to through their skates back on and go for the Norris and Selke respectively.

  56. backbruin says:

    well he can be playing games about moving the pick bruins, but how long do you think he wants to play it safe and take the pick when he just lost his top playmaking center?? As long as it’s not ridiculous ie;(Burke) i believe he will move the pick!! if there is anything close to being fair to him he will make the move this year…..right now were a second round playoff team and we need two key elements to push us over the edge!!! if any of us think were getting these players without giving away that pick then your fkn nuts!!! to put it mildly!!hahaah

    we have a young team and have future but we are close and PC knows it so don’t be shocked when that pick is gone!!! and frankly i could care less about the pick with a team like this….time to call check mate on this league baby!!

  57. ELWOPPO says:

    Not quite sure why everyone is going nuts for bog and Ant? Bog points are nothing to brag about, I know he’s young and only gonna get better! But we need help on the point NOW! Not in the next few years! As for Ant, hes got 10 goals this year? These two guys are making everyone on here cream in thier pants? Im i missing something here?

  58. black n gold says:

    Not sure if anyone else heard this but last night darren dreger said there was bruins scouts watching the blues vs panthers game for what its worth he said a possible Eric Brewer trade

  59. gibbz says:

    lineup tonight?

  60. CCMGoalie says:

    Good to see Wheeler playing like it means something tonight. Also good to see him jump in, in Seidenberg’s defense. Though Seids shouldn’t have taken that shot.

    Moen’s trying to bring down the fists of Lucic tonight I think…

  61. gibbz says:

    does anyone else want to kill cunty price and PricK subban among other habs?

  62. Gcole says:

    Marchand is the fucking man

  63. willisss says:

    This team is full of fucking homos…price is a twat, subban is a cunt…moen is a mixture of the 2 and all the fans love nothing more then getting tripple stuffed in the ass…..fucking hab faggits

  64. North B says:

    Lucic is going to FUCK someone up tonight.. Please make it that Subban bitch..

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I’m hoping he grabs a hold of Moen and just beats this Komisarek attitude out of him.

      Thornton needs to grab a hold of someone and fight-rape them. (Force fighting them, much like he did to that fucker Ott back in 2008-2009)

      Price burying his stick and glove into the back of Looch’s head? Misguided effort on being tough. It’s a common mistake by Habs. They tend to think cheap little chinsy shit is the same as being tough. I’m hoping Timmy vs Carey Spice after the game? Old school in the parking lot. Bearhunter vs Ball muncher! Should be a good one…

  65. Manitoba Fan says:

    Fuck ya Price fuckin pushed Lucic first that little bitch. Probably no penalty for that though. I hope someone fucks subban and moen up. I also hope the boys keep this pace up and lucic rearranges someones face.

  66. lucic crew says:

    Someone on here said they would be willing to trade krejci because of his play, please dont ever say that again. Like i said for the longest time its that fuckhead horton SHOOT THE FUCKEN PUCK. Marchand wow, bergeron wow and thomas wow. All in all so far so good. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  67. Bruins says:

    Subban is such a little cunt. Seids shoots the puck like a millisecond after the whistle goes and Subban tries to start something only to run away.

    Marchand is fucking incredible. He could do nothing for the rest of the season and still pick up the 7th player award.

  68. lucic crew says:

    Now now lets not start with the kkk chants

  69. pearson says:

    cmon guys. man up and enjoy the carey price stuff! its highly entertaining to watch and ill watch ‘carey spice’ (yea i stole that and im keeping it) fuck with looch all night. he plays the best when hes pissed off and with the peewee size lineup montreal rolls with id love to see them piss our guys off.

    shits gonna get wild. buckle up.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I say keep it, let’s spread it all around New England so Price knows what’s coming every game. I like his intensity, but even as a former goalie, you can’t be doing shit like that and NOT at least expect someone to come after you. I should know, I was a goalie from peewees on up through and I was ALWAYS top 5 on my teams for penalties.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Gotta love guys like Mcquaid picking up their first goal of the year in a game like this, especially after Montreal ties up a minute earlier.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Not the outcome I had hoped for, but I knew it’d go nuts tonight!

  70. Bruins says:

    Well, this is the most entertaining game of all time.

  71. Gcole says:

    Dammit I wanted to see a legit bout between the goalies!!!! But they were both smiling and laughing so I guess they have no intentions of killing each other

  72. North B says:

    Fuck you Price!!

  73. Bruins says:

    No more fighting Timmy. Jesus Christ lol

  74. Bruins says:

    All of our good players in the box.

  75. Gcole says:

    Not a good night for goaltending stats but fuck it keep it going!

  76. pearson says:

    anyone remember mark stuart? imagine the damage he’d be reaking in this one. everyone seems to be making runs at subban but havent landed yet… stuart woulda put him back in 3rd grade by now

  77. gibbz says:

    mike milbury is an idiot.

  78. Gcole says:

    Il take a lucic hat trick please

  79. lucic crew says:

    Elwoppo keep me posted going to the hospital had a mild heart attack. Lucic your are my favorite, horton you should thank lucic for your million assist.

  80. Haus says:

    I think Subban is a cunt and all… But cut the fucking shit with the racist talk. You make the rest of us Bruins fans look like idiots. This isn’t for everybody just one guy. You know who you are…

  81. UEDkop says:

    Jesus, forgot about our PP… where’d our Penalty Kill go?

  82. JRy says:

    Horton is racsist hahaha first evander Kane now pk subbitch

  83. backbruin says:

    fkn hell ya…do any of us have doubt of the heart of this team now!!!! these guys are fkn animals!!!this is what i’ve been waiting for fkn right boys wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  84. Haus says:

    Fuck all the naysayers the locker room is just fine!

  85. gibbz says:

    get outta the way refs!!!

  86. Gcole says:

    Man this 6 goal night won’t help thomass numbers lol

  87. CCMGoalie says:

    And Ference isn’t a team player…BULLSHIT

  88. Bruins1 says:

    Montreal’s defenseman P.K. Subban is one of the biggets cowards I have ever seen in hockey. He acts tough, but when he is confronted backs off, and only says things when the refs get between him. What a PUSSY!!

    • #4 says:

      Actually that ref was completely out of control he should be fired. That was incredibly dumb and dangerous how he held back thornton there.

      Also he dove in on the potential Subban fight.

  89. Bruins says:

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was a good game.

    • #4 says:

      literally this is exactly what I was going to say.

      Love the uppercuts Campbell and Boychuck dolled out some beatings at the end there.

  90. dookie says:

    I guess the CHumps learned tonight that if you keep knocking on the door, someome is eventually gonna answer. lesson learned – Don’t fuck with the bear.

  91. lucic crew says:

    Fucken right woooooooooooooooooo horton i like when you make me look like a dummy just keep it up. THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FUCK WITH THE TRUE BIG BAD BRUINS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  92. Caperfan says:

    boys if the B’s land a good “D” man to kick start the power play this team could be seriously dangeous in the playoff. The B’s are a good team when they play big and aggressive. If they can ever find a power play holy shit the possibilities are scarey. “Come on PC land someone good”

  93. North B says:

    A dude that lives two doors down from me is a Montreal fan, he has the habs flag hanging from his porch.. After this game I wanted to go over there, knock on his door, when he answers, say nothing and PUNCH him in the face..

  94. ELWOPPO says:

    Krejci broken nose? What do u guys think? I FUCKING HATE SEEING SHIT LIKE THIS!!! (WHAT THE FUCK WERE U THINKING DAVID??)

  95. Birdman2403 says:

    That was a CLASSIC ! Unreal, hope Krejci is ok. I guess he had the itch to fight like everyone else !

  96. Manitoba Fan says:

    Was watching game on tsn and pierre was saying that krejci was cut. So hopefully not and and hopefully he isn’t hurt. Don’t think he is though probably needed to get stitched up. He definelty shouldn’t fight though and fuck Pouliot to fuckin fighting Krejci like that. So David pulls him out of the pile, thats what players do for each other. But that fucker sees who it is and decides to take advantage of that. Fuckin pussy wouldn’t of done that to any other player out their. Lets figure out that penalty kill to boys….that was weak. IMO so was thomas. Still love him though.

  97. black n gold says:

    That game had everything but a coach fight ! cmon Claude take off the ty u got this ! lol

  98. Bruins says:

    Kind of got lost in this game but Hamill made a couple unbelievable passes tonight, one for an assist.

  99. lucic crew says:

    moast if i put anymore black or gold blood in me ill blow up but thanks for the offer.

  100. Haus says:

    The Seguin scratch all makes sense now. The plan was to get nasty tonight and the Bruins don’t want any of the Montreal cowards taking a run at the kid. Smart move.

  101. Hendrik says:

    Fuck The habs, nuff said

  102. Caperfan says:

    Shit the bed effort tonight against the red wings. I knew this was going to happen.This is our Bruins!!! If they don’t hit and play aggresive against good skating teams(ie. Montreal) this is the result. Can anyone recall one hard body check in the game tonight against the Red Wings????? lets see what they do on Sunday? This team is hard to figure out sometimes.

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