Wow, what a game


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  1. lucic crew says:

    Thats what you get when you awake a sleeping bear. Poor bastard just wanted sleep, but no the the fucken toilet seats wanted to act tough. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

    • moast says:

      MY brothers flew into town tonight to surprise me and watched the game over some beers and my night couldnt have been any better.
      Moast epic game I’ve seen since the Dallas game.
      This will define the rest of the season.
      PK is the biggest fucking pussy Ive ever seen. He is a trash talking coward that will get his when his balls finally drop and he decides to walk the walk.
      Love it…..throw in a gritty forward and a top dman and this team is there!!!
      Don’t poke the Bear…..I mean really I never saw any Smurf episodes as a kid where they went around taunting Bears!

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    Next time u plan on fighting the bruins, Do yourself a favour Montreal and bring an army! That was painful to watch if ur a habs fan! Just got the shit kicked right out of them! I wonder if Subban will ever drop the gloves unstead of using that big mouth of his? U fucking wiesel u! The whole lot of them, Wiesel’s on skates!

    • TheBellEnd says:

      except for Josh gorges…for some reason I can’t bring myself to hate him…but he’s injured so……fuck em all…hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  3. Gcole says:

    Good to see these two teams still hate each other, makes for an awesome game

  4. willisss says:

    I have never been this hung over on a Thursday morning….my cubical is sspinning and I smell like beer, smoke, and shame….the comments I made to living people last night made me wake up with self regret…..and it was all worth it

    • Jefe77 says:

      We wouldn’t have any other way, Willisss.

    • lucic crew says:

      haha atta boy willy

    • Eric D says:

      I actually laughed when I read this post because i was so drunk last night at the game i was flipping hab fans off everytime we scored and then continued to the bar for some more drinking and as I read your post I was sitting in class thinking the same thing… “fuck im wicked hung over, i might throw up, i prob stink like booz, but it was all totally worth it to see that last night”–
      i must say i picked a great year to finally become a season ticket holder…

      i wonder what trade is going to happen…?

  5. pearson says:

    i dont know that id go for a dman right away. i like the corp theyve got right now. the powerplay doesnt ness. depend on a defenseman. i think every single dman theyve got brings something to the table, and im not sure mcquaid is ready to take a seat

  6. Vince_M says:

    Great Game!! Pleasure to watch the damn Habs get the shit kicked out of them!!

  7. Paul from SFL says:

    I agree 100% which D Man isn’t standing up? We don’t need to spend any cap space there. I also think Hamlin fits in with that 3rd line, he is smart and dishes the puck well. Lets give it a few games to see if permanent chemistry develops. It was certainly there last night. If Hamlin can get Wheeler and Ryder scoring what are you going to do with new personnel.

  8. BosBrn77 says:

    I know I threw a similar trade suggestion up a while back…. but with PC saying something IS going to happen…. why not…

    To Chicago- Stuart, Wheeler, Hamill. Bos 1st & Min 2nd

    To Boston- Seabrook & Stalberg

    or the same offer to Atlanta for-
    Bergfors and Bogosian

  9. zamer says:

    The bruins played a good game,Thomas let in some softies but they kicked ass.Hamill is ok his game is just average I think Colboune would be better because of his size.keep caron for the year I like his game.If the bruins make a trade lets get a player that fits the bruins style.

  10. #4 says:

    Ill be watching this one again when I get home tonight.

    Willis I learned that lesson after the Dal game cut myself off after the 2nd peroid LOL!!!

    What do you do? Im a systems analyst.

  11. Bruins says:

    Brad Marchand on hitting the guy after the icing call:

    “I had no idea it was an icing. It’s tough when you have a crowd like we do, blocking out the whistles.”

    I love this guy.

    • lucic crew says:

      Nothing but love for marchand

    • Gcole says:

      I read his lips when the camera was right at him in the scrum he was saying “I didn’t fucking hear it”

    • pearson says:

      hahahaha…..yeaaaa….its a reasonable EXCUSE, and not a bad thing to say, but, i dont buy it for a second.

      somehow i dont think , “i fucking hate the canadiens, and i wanted to run him straight through the boards and keep the emotion high,” would go over well.

      kid keeps it real. love that shit.

  12. lucic crew says:

    Boys you should hear the arguments im getting in with these loser fucking hab fans. They are actually calling the bruins cowards because of the fights they got into. Excuse my spelling, they said spaceck is an old man and we have no fighters can you believe that shit. Elwoppo you got it right on the money fucken weasels on skates. Why do you think thornton snapped he knows there fucken weasels and said enough is enough. And heard marchand said three bruins offered to fight subban and turned them all down. Yes elwoppo weasels on skates.

    • moast says:

      Bunch of pussies…..most of us on here could put a team together and beat the shit out of these fucking cowards. Tell those guys that its the most heated rivalry in hockey and that the smurfs are guttless, dirty, cheap fucking homos……dont matter what any of these fucks say…..the Bruins owned and this is one of the main reasons that I am a die hard.
      My dad passed away about ten years ago and when he did, we buried him with his Bruins jersey. I watched my dad have these conversations/arguments with Habs fans over and over and he always said, at the end of the game it only matters who showed up to play and never gave up.

      Fuck the Habs and there pussy ass style….Cunts cant match the BBB!

      • lucic crew says:

        As sad as that is for your pops rip, thats sick with the bruins jersey, again rip to your pops sounds like a intelligent manand stand up guy. PS this year is for your dad and all the bs fans GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

      • moast says:

        Thanks man….wasn’t trying to get anyone down on here but it shows that some people are die hards and some are bandwagoners.
        He was lucky enough to see the cup hoisted and that made it easier for him to love them. Wait until the cupo is ours again, it will be sickening how many “die hards” will be back to celebrate.
        Future is bright and depending on what Chia does, this is a bad ass team that will hurt other teams come playoffs.
        BOS MTL 1st: BOSTON
        BOS PIT 2nd: BOSTON
        BOS VAN SCF: BOSTON!!!!!!
        Then I would be able to die a happy man!

  13. CCMGoalie says:

    Looks like Fisher is off the list of possibilities, just got traded to Nashville for some picks.

    • #4 says:

      Good move for NSH hard to imagine Fisher making any team worse. They must want to push into the playoffs. Cross any of thier better players off the list too.

  14. moast says:

    Shits and Gigglz:

    BOS: Brent Burns
    MIN: Wheeler, Stuart, pick/prospect

    BOS: Gaborik
    NYR: TO 1st, Bos 1st, Paille, Prospect

    Lucic Krejci Gaborik
    Recchi Bergeron Marchand
    Horton Seguin/Hamil Ryder
    Caron Campbell Thornton

    Chara Burns
    Seidenberg Kampfer
    Ference McQuaid/Boychuk

    Don’t kill me… time of year to speculate.

    • Bruins says:

      I won’t kill you but… no.

      • moast says:

        not even somewhat interested? I think this is the first one of my ideas that actually might work cap wise too….proud of me.
        Didn’t think it would appeal to anyone especially after I realized the Burns has concusion issues and Gaborik is really overpayed and doesn’t really fit on the team……Thansk for being nice though!!

      • #4 says:

        Moast im going to bust your bubble badly here.


        14 G
        18 A
        32 PTS

        16 G
        18 A
        34 PTS

        Burns is younger, a defenseman and has close to as good offensive stats as Gaborik. Only your trading crap for Burns and Gold for Gabby. I think you get 2 1/2 strikes for that wifff!

      • Bruins says:

        It’s not that I’m not interested. I’d kill to get Burns on this team. Burns is one of my favourite players ever. Plus he fills a huge need. I’m saying no it will never happen.

  15. #4 says:

    wtf why wont my comments post.

  16. cebbie says:

    Still think Phllips and Spezza for Wheeler – Stuart – Hammil – Boston’s ‘s first

    • lucic crew says:

      ill take it, dont knock spezza he wants out of that loser organization. He is not trying his hardest, put him in a bs uniform watch what he does.

    • pearson says:

      i dont think it woulda cost that much. nash gave a 1st and conditional pick… i tend to think wheeler is a big chip

  17. zamer says:

    fuck that how about backes and brewer for stuart wheeler TO 1st.

  18. The Hosers says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sure you’ll be proud of an additional scathing review of Matt Cooke, this case in the case of his hit on Tyutin:

  19. mook says:

    sell the farm for seabrook.

  20. #1 beesfan77 says:

    I want she’s weber …. lol ya right fun to team tho!

  21. #1 beesfan77 says:

    Shea that is

  22. mook says:

    i’m thinking a forward is in the card though…that is probably what chia wants more than anything.

    seguin has two weeks to earn his spot.

  23. ELWOPPO says:


  24. lucic crew says:

    Sick video goooooooo bsssssssss

  25. Manitoba Fan says:

    Has anyone heard whats up with Krejci? Is he alright? Just wondering cause watching the game on tsn and the panel just said they don’t know what effects that punch had on Krech.

  26. Manitoba Fan says:

    GOOD! Thanks

  27. pearson says:

    ok. setoguchi keeps popping up in rumors. SJ is after defense. i dont care what any of you say, Stuart is still a solid defensemen. not sure we could do it setoguchi for stuart straight up, but tweak that deal around for me?

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I’d be more than ok with Setoguchi in a B’s uniform, but I doubt it’ll happen. For Setoguchi to head over here we’d have to send Stuart, Paille, and the Boston 1st pick to SJ for Setoguchi and some prospect in order for that to work.

  28. Dbruins says:

    To Bos: Veersteeg, Kaberle
    To Tor: Tor 1st , Zack Hamil

    Any thoughts maybe we can throw Wheeler in there

    • CCMGoalie says:

      No way that’ll happen without at least Wheeler in there too. I agree with whomever said it in the last thread, we are definitely going to over pay for anything coming from Toronto, everyone will.

    • #4 says:

      I really like grabovski, if your giving em back the pick and Hamil and Wheeler I want Grabo.

  29. cebbie says:

    Just throwing it out there for discussion – Is Seguin tradable for a blockbuster deal – what do you guys think

  30. pinocchio69 says:

    Kaberle and kulemen has been traded to boston for Siedenberg, kampfer and marchand!
    Stay tuned for details!

  31. Vince_M says:

    So what is happening with the development of Seguin? Is he in everyone’s mind getting a raw deal with CJ?

  32. cebbie says:

    How about Seguin – Boston/Toronto first pick – Boston/Toronto’s second pick for Kessel

  33. black n gold says:

    No way Seguin is getting traded ! unless its 4 Drew Doughty lol Why would we trade him and has anyone ever traded a top pick like that after they just drafted him ? Don’t think so ! Stop drinking the bong water ! STOP DOUBTING THIS KID NEEDS TIME !!!!!! HE’S NOT A BUST !!!!

  34. mook says:

    seguin being traded has just as much validity as the taylor hall being traded rumors. no shot!

    so how long until montreal claims voros off of waivers?

    • Haus says:

      Good catch. Voros I think would be a necessity over there if they learned anything the other night, at least as a guy who’s always willing to go. They have plenty of rats.

      By the way, Chara and McQuaid should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to Pacioretty. There is never a good reason to hit a woman.

  35. moast says:

    Since Blackhawks are eyeing Stuart, what do you think it would take to make this trade? It would be the game changer that Chia keeps saying.

    BOS: Seabrook & Sharp
    CHI: TO 1st, BOS 1st, Stuart, Wheeler, Prospect(s)

    That is if they fall out of playoff picture and would be willing to move them.

    Lucic Krejci Sharp
    Marchand Bergeron Recchi
    Horton Hamil Ryder
    Seguin/Caron Campbell Thornton

    Chara Seabrook
    Seidenberg Kampfer
    Ference McQuaid/Boychuk

    Cup finals for sure!!
    Let me have it!!!
    BOS 4 DET 3

    • #4 says:

      If they would do it I would do it in faster than you can say “steal”.

    • moast says:

      Nevermind….Seabrook to resign with the hawks.
      Still pry Sharp out and land Kaberle?

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Hate to be a naysayer, but I highly doubt that Seabrook AND Sharp would leave Chicago for less than 75% of our roster. Sharp is getting talked about for the Hart trophy, no way Chicago trades him away right now. Seabrook is far more likely, but still going to cost us one of our first round picks, Stuart, and probably Hamill/Colborne as well. For Seabrook, I say do it, but highly unlikely still.

      If somehow PC manages to talk the Chicago GM (my bad for not knowing his name) into throwing Sharp in there as well for not much more I think I’d refuse to believe it was real and that I was somehow involved in Inception and it was all a dream. Though I’d be ecstatic.

  36. pinocchio69 says:

    BREAKING NEWS Bob Mcenzie just Tweated that the Bruins have just completed a trade with the Leafs that will send Siedenberg, Marchand, Kampfer and Tor 1st for Kaberle, Kulemin and Bozak!

  37. #4 says:

    Woohooo!!! Forsberg is playing tonight!

    Being part Swedish he has always been one of my favorite players of all time! Go bring em hell Forsberg I hope he can be 80% of the player he was.

  38. ELWOPPO says:

    Tuukka in 2nite! A liitle support for him boyz! Come on!

  39. black n gold says:

    Burke has been spotted in Boston they say he’s going to watch the game against the redwings tonight !! Take it 4 what it worth.

  40. ELWOPPO says:

    Micky Ward to drop puck 2nite! Fight night part 2 tonight?

    • Haus says:

      Micky is from my hometown. I went to all 3 fights vs. Gatti, along with a few other in his career. Good guy, hangs out downtown in different bars from time to time. Just a regular dude, down to earth.

  41. lucic crew says:

    Its tuke nuke time goooooooo bsssssssss

  42. JRy says:

    I bet Burke would be looking at hamill

  43. willisss says:

    Tuuuuuule…..your killin’ me dog

  44. moast says:

    Wow they defiaeltely aren’t playng well tonight.
    Definatelely need a spark!

  45. moast says:

    Having troubles keeping up with the talent on the Red Wings…..Lets go Bsssss!!!

  46. backbruin says:

    krejci not skating of late, looks to european lately…needs to gain back his edge!!!

  47. EdSki says:

    Tank it?

  48. Bruins says:

    Jesus Christ Tuukka…

  49. lucic crew says:

    Atta boy tuukka way to make a statement.

  50. gibbz says:

    we suck tonight, wqouldnt be surprised to see a trade tomorrow

  51. moast says:

    Loved the game against Montreal….hate this game against Detroit. A game like tonight, really shows that they are missing a pre concussion Savard and a #2 defensman. These issues will be addressed at the trade deadline. If not, they will not be able to compete deep in the playoffs, not against talented teams like Detroit.

    • Haus says:

      Can you say emotional letdown? Let’s see what happens Saturday before saying they can’t compete against teams like Detroit. For now we just gotta relax.

  52. Haus says:

    Brick is saying what I’ve been saying all year. Looks good on me 😉

    Don’t feel so bad, Bruins nation. Pittsburgh is down 8-2 to the Isles after 2.

    • lucic crew says:

      Haus take that smiling face and stick right your ass. Naw im just joking.

      • lucic crew says:

        it up, and im still joking. what a bull shit game.

      • Haus says:

        This morning as I was leaving work said that tonight would be a dud of a game because they play a well then don’t show up the next game. I told him there might be a letdown after all the emotion but his point wasn’t valid, seeing they’ve won 4 of 5. That’s the casual fan mentality, and Brick correctly pointed out that this team HAS been consistent, best record in the East since Dec.

        LC, I put that winking face in to get a rise out of someone, thanks for fulfilling my hope. Good on ya.

      • black n gold says:

        Haus Im going to say it again THOMAS steals more games then u think inconsistent play again you can’t play 10 minutes of hockey and expect to win unless Thomas stands on his head and there has been a lot of those games this year ! So thank THOMAS for your so called consisted play !! just say’n you might not believe it but its true ( your lying to yourself man ) I call it how I see it sorry if your pissed at me

      • Haus says:

        The goalies wear the same colored jersies as the rest of the team, as far as I know. Does that mean when Carolina won the cup, only Cam Ward got his name etched on it? Goaltending is part of the game, in fact its the most important part. As for the entire team, hell, no team in the NHL is wholly consisent and anyway I am talking results, and they don’t lie, not even to myself.

      • black n gold says:

        LOL said nothing about this not being team sport or lol what jersey thomas wears so if your pissed cause I STATED THE TRUTH ! suck it up . Way too many lazy games and Thomas saves the day ! Do you understand thats how we get those wins hello ? LMFAO Cam Ward question retarded its called a Conn Smythe Trophy that HE WON NOT HIS TEAM cause they wouldn’t have won the CUP without him ! Just like Thomas he will win the Hart Trophy mark my words !! Done trying to make you understand when your not truely watching the game

      • Haus says:

        Ok, your quite the meathead first for thinking I’m pissed about something and second for not even reading what I wrote. THE RESULTS are consistent, doesn’t matter whether you win them 25-24 or 1-0. And there is my point. Having the best record in the East since Dec means you are consistently getting results, correct? Also, Cam Ward carried that Carolina team and they won the cup but it doesn’t matter (according to your logic) because the team in front of him wasn’t consistent and sometimes struggled to score. Of course I would like for the Bruins to walk all over their opponents throughout the season but that isn’t reality. If you know anything about hockey at all you will know that momentum swings are a part of the game and that the difference in talent from one team to another in the NHL is miniscule, such is the way of the salary cap. This team has and will get better as the season progresses and you gotta stop getting so discouraged every time the team loses.

      • Haus says:

        Those NJ teams with great records and cup wins were pretty consistent, right? WRONG! Because Brodeur stole a lot of games for them!

      • black n gold says:

        YES u have made good points but our team play in front Thomas has not been consistent. You honestly believe our team has been playing for the full 60 minutes game in and game out weather we win or lose and that is bullshhhhh cause they haven’t been yes we have found ways to win and momentum can only change a game if you let it !!! Im not saying we suck but we as team need to be a lot better through the whole game !!! THATS CONSISTENT TO ME and maybe a few trades might help this ! Why do u think everyone loves marchand ? cause he plays hard every night !! and thats what I want to see from the whole team. This jersey should mean something when you put it on !!!!!

      • Haus says:

        Yeah like you said I want a full 60 minutes every night and such but really, what team ever gets that? Almost every single game this season, the effort has been there even if the execution always wasn’t. Prime example: the Horton slump.

      • black n gold says:

        Horton is a bad example that guy is lazy go’s when he wants takes lazy penalties rarely ever backchecks but thats ok we only pay him 5 million dollars ! NO team is going to win them all I know that maybe u should watch a Vancouver game they skate check and go to the net for 60 minutes and I truely believe were better then them so why do they have a bettter record then us ? We should be at least 1st in the East

  53. willisss says:

    Whatever,,,they were coming off one of the most emotional games played in that building….its hard to match that level of play…classic example of a big game hangover, its common in all sports, not just hockey, not just the bruins…they didn’t show up to play and I really didn’t show up to watch..I felt the same way about this game as, what I’m guessing, the bruins did…I didn’t really feel it….we bounce back per usual…and by the way, hamill blows

  54. Birdman2403 says:

    I love Tuukka, but the guy needs to play. He needs 60 games. He looks lost out there. I’m not saying don’t play Thomas, but makes a ? For next year. Can Rask really sit another year?
    Stuart is as good as gone and so is Torontos pick. Hopefully something good coming back.

  55. Bruins says:

    What a weak game. Tuuk man, that was terrible, but the whole team played like shit. I mean how do you get outshot 15-8 in the third when you’re down 5-1 going into it? they just gave up.

    Oh well, 1 game.

  56. lucic crew says:

    Atta boy haus wanted to see if you were sensitive or good sense of humor good for you.

  57. Bruins says:

    Next game is in Detroit and it’s a matinee. Fuck. That will probably be one to forget as well.

  58. zamer says:

    Today we got beat by a talented team,how came out faster and wanting to win.Tukka has lost his confidence for sure hes not the same goalie,I hope the bruins realize you have to work a little harder and use your head against teams like Detroit they are good.

  59. pearson says:

    wouldnt normally post this here, but uh… did anyone catch the isle/pens game?

    what the fuck happened there!?

    • Bruins says:

      The Islanders are that loser kid in school that snapped for being made fun of.

      Too bad Cooke wasn’t in the lineup. They probably would have suckered him.

  60. gibbz says:

    i want grabner to be a bruin.

  61. Eric D says:

    ok im pissed about the let down last night too..but we need to understand that the sseason is 82 games long and the bruins are playing good hockey. The games like dallas and montreal were like playoff games to them…and if they play like that (maybe minus a few fights) in the playoffs they will win. I dont want them burning themselves out before the playoffs and have a let down in there. Honestly i would rather them throw it in cruise control, play fundemental hockey and just make the playoffs…then turn it up, cuz when they play like the habs or stars game with that emotion they wont be beat in a 7 game series

  62. mook says:

    i don’t really see the bruins pulling-off a blockbuster, but a small series of deals that would increase the productivity of the back-end.

    ian white from carolina for a 4th round pick.

    i would think that rj umberger +4th could be had for blake wheeler and boston’s 1st + 3rd.

    think about it…

    ian white is cheap, and is a better version of kampfer. umberger is a solid centre and would be the piece we’re missing.



    • Haus says:

      I like the thought process here. Ian White is a guy who can move the puck and play gritty on the back end. Not sure if CAR would give him up but a player of his ilk can help and that’s the realistic level of guy that would be available. Umberger may be available.

  63. backbruin says:

    who cares, we had a bad game….it’s a let down after a huge one which is always the case….watch how they bounce back Sunday afternoon…if they don’t then we can give them a rip but for the love of god can we please stop ripping these guys after every loss!!!

    Their fine, it happens and how many of us that have played on solid teams have come out and stunk it up once and a while!!! they are fine and will make the right move here in a couple of weeks….it won’t be huge but it will count!! mark my words they will not give away a bunch of players in a crazy package deal…it will be mostly draft picks with maybe one prospect or maybe one roster player!!! it’s all good clowns


  64. ELWOPPO says:

    Who’s a clown? U didnt just call us all clowns did u?

    • backbruin says:

      looks that way doesn’t it…..believe me Elgrubbo, i don’t expect you too understand it’s a term of endearment!! get mad and spell a bunch of words wrong and swear like a trucker!!!

      …….ya clown!! bahahaha

      • ELWOPPO says:

        Why did u even come back on this site? Nobody likes you on here cuz ur a fucken loser who thinks he knows everything! When in reality u know FUCK ALL! Who are u to call us clowns? Do urself a favour and shut ur mouth when it comes to the Bruins and ur comments on all of us! I said it before, And ill say it again UR A GOOF AND YOU’LL ALWAYS BE A GOOF! Your an embarrassment to all bruin fans and u talk like a little fag!

  65. backbruin says:

    Like i said, you prove my point every time your little fingers hit the keys….you are an uneducated pompous fool who is an embarrassment to this site….when you comment we as in the bruin nation are embarrassed by your constant swearing your ludicrous 15 year old comments and your hilarious attempts at analyzing hockey!!! If you could read or could understand a word that has more then one syllable you would realize the clown comment was a gesture in fellowship…but know, your pea brain sees the word clown and like a dinosaur it translates into eat food now!!! like i’ve ripped you and shut you up before i will once again tell you that nobody here enjoys your comment besides your buddy from t.o named lucic crew or whatever his name is!!! when you know hockey and can articulate it in the way most of us university/college/ regular Joe’s can understand,comprehend and quite frankly want to listen to maybe any of your lude pompous stupid comments we may take and comment on……your an idiot is basically what i’m saying….i hate everything you post and i think your as dumb as a doornail!!!

    please shut the fuck up moron!!! that’s more the language that you can understand!!!

    go call lucic crew so the two of you can try and come up with something smart… at least he makes coments that are somewhat reallity…


    stfu douche!!!

    can’t wait to here you threaten me….i live in London ontario!!! bye for now fuck face!!!

  66. backbruin says:

    “you didn’t just call us clowns did you” really…..really….really……after my entire post ask all of your so called buddies on this site if they understood my comment or gesture fool!!! ask them if they think i was being beligerent….i know from hearing most on this site they can articulate what i was saying!!!! feel shame eldummo!!

  67. ELWOPPO says:

    Holy fuck, im in London Ontario right now! Where abouts u live homie? Maybe we can meet at a bar in this fucken hick city! Ive been waiting for this moment for sooooooo long! Lets see if ur ballz are as big as ur mouth!

  68. ELWOPPO says:

    Why am I not surprised? Fucken pussy! Im at some shit hole called Roxbury pub and grill WHEN or IF you grow some balls!

    • pearson says:

      normally id tell you both to shut the fuck up cuz no one cares, but he just gave you the place hes at. slug it out you two… and get someone to put it on youtube…. i think we’d all watch….

      dont back down……….

      • ELWOPPO says:

        No i left now! How long u want me to wait? Me and my friend had couple of beers and bounced! Fucken little bitch wasnt gonna show anyhow, Who was I fooing?

      • backbruin says:

        hey moron, i’m 2 hours away!!! I guess i should have chartered a jet…fk you must be the dumbest fk i’ve ever had the privledge of reading….

        bahahah hey do me a favour tough guy come down to Joe cools next Saturday!! i’ll be there all night!!! i’ll have a b’s hat on!!! come find me!!!

  69. lucic crew says:

    You fucken right i’m going to stick up for elwoppo, thats my boy. You need to shut the fuck up because you come on here once a month, tell people off and then your gone. Trust me elwoppo knows his hockey, elwoppo you dont have to prove it to nobody on here. You know it, i know it and all our friends who we can have conversations with know it. So don’t waste your time with CLOWNS like backbruin. PS London haha dont make laugh yee haw hillbilly. PPS nice touch on the big words, what did you get a thesaurus for your birthday? Hillbillies don’t know big words like that, im proud of you,you can read.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Lucic Crewwwww! Wondering where you were? As you can see broke-backbruin-mountain has bit off more than he can chew! I called him out by waiting for him at a bar in his OWN town but he was a no show! Whatever he’s a chicken shit homo and thats all to it! Sorry guys for all the DRAMA, I just cant stand this goof! And him calling “US” clowns just tipped me off! Bona Note! (Goodnight)

      • backbruin says:

        hillbilly holy fk….have you two ever left T.O…………..Or you just got there one or the other hahahahahaha

        shut up “kids”

    • backbruin says:

      typical T.O. center of the universe comeback…i guess a hick town is a pop around 400,00….ya!! why do i bother with you two fools….oh i know because it’s fun..bahahahahaha

  70. ELWOPPO says:

    * Fooling *

  71. Bruins says:

    Shaddupppppp. Jesus Christ, what a bunch of drama queens.

    • backbruin says:

      thanks, this was all becuase i called people a bunch of clowns after a spirited post about my bruins!!! these two moron’s couldn’t understand it was a term of endearment which i stated in a following post!!

      i wasn’t really calling you clowns you dumb fk!!! think about

      my god i can’t believe i’m still explaining this, you were looking for this not me sir!

  72. Gcole says:

    What a buzzkill of a turnover… Wtf

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