Kampfer, Hamill scratched

After an embarrassing performance on Friday night against the Redwings, Claude Julien is hoping getting fresh legs in the lineup may result in a better showing in today’s rematch. Tyler Seguin will be back in the lineup and centering the third line. Good news though, this is the fourth and final game of Daniel Paille’s suspension, meaning the veteran winger will probably be back in the lineup while Seguin and Hamill can “learn” from the press box. Mark Stuart is playing in place of Steven Kampfer and is expected to skate on the third pairing. Kampfer, the rookie defenseman and an Ann Arbor Michigan native with over 50 family members and friends in attendance, will be a healthy scratch for the first time in his NHL career.

UPDATE: Zach Hamill was sent to Providence following the loss to Detroit.


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  1. Bruins says:

    “GOOD NEWS though, this is the fourth and final game of DANIEL PAILLE’s suspension, meaning the veteran winger will probably be BACK IN THE LINEUP”


  2. ELWOPPO says:

    Really Marchand? Gonna cut u some slack cuz you’ve been awesome this year!

  3. Studlycodfish says:

    And Brad gets that one back sweeeeeeet!!!! Nice pass by Ryder as well!!!!! Go Bruins!!!

  4. ELWOPPO says:

    Like ive said all year, your awesome Marchand!

  5. spencer says:

    i know its a business and these are professionals, but really!? scratch kampfer when he has 50 fam/friends at the game. i dont think hes been playing poorly. i do think this is a statement that mcquaid is locked into the top 6 and will be in the defensive core for the playoffs, which i think is a great move. hes an awesome physical presence and his puck handling continues to improve

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I’d rather have seen Kampfer in the lineup than Stuart today, but this could’ve been a move by PC to put Stuart out there and show everyone what the guy can do. I hate to jump back on a train again, but Wheeler looked SOFT today. He didn’t win ANY one-on-one battles in the corners. And I understand that Detroit is ridiculously good, but come on. The guy looked like he was limper than your grandfather’s dick in the corners.

      Agreed on Scratching Kampfer being a dick move. Dude was interviewed and said that he was excited to play in front of his family and friends from back home, but this is a business and unfortunately sometimes that means making the unpopular moves for the good of the franchise. I honestly think this was a move to showcase Stuart and dangle the worm, so to speak. Any thoughts?

  6. willisss says:

    Scratching kampfer was a dick move

  7. Bruins says:

    What an up and down game for Marchand. 1 goal but solely resonsible for 2 goals against.

  8. Bruins says:

    The Wings are goooooooooood.

  9. Manitoba Fan says:

    This is like a game the wings are using to prACTICE their skills. Fuck me! We get no lucky fucking bounces.

  10. ELWOPPO says:

    Thiers three periods guys! Give them a chance!

  11. Manitoba Fan says:

    Detroit is sooo good with the puck. No one misses a pass and everyone picks that pass up all of the time. Not too sure what Siedenberg was doing on that third goal. Completely left his position leaving Draper wide open. Our best line so far is the Seguin line. WTF are Lucic, Krejci and Horton doing. They look awful.

  12. gibbz says:

    trade chara and thomas. just kidding!

    we just cant catch a break.

  13. gibbz says:

    ok i relize detroit is a great team, but seriously pc needs to make a fucken trade, i cant take it like this any longer. enough “standing pat”

  14. Gcole says:

    Don’t understand this team at all. Any time I think I do they pull this shut and makes you wonder.. Where did the heart go?! WTF. Just because Detroit isn’t a rock em sock em team doesn’t mean YOU SHOULDN’T BE THAT WAY TO THEM. I know I sure wouldn’t want a team like the wings, I like the bruins that go out there to kick their ass AND win

  15. Mike says:

    That 3rd goal was Seguin’s fault and not Seidenberg’s…Seguins is responsible for the high winger…Boston needs to make a trade…seriously, the team as it stands cannot beat Detroit…they just can’t…Brad Richards would be a great pickup…but I think we might need 2 guys…a D man but not Kaberle…not sure who else would fit our team though…Chiarelli will have some work cut out for him…

    • Manitoba Fan says:

      Guess i missed that play, I thought ference and Seguin were right their on the play. Seen something different i guess.

  16. Manitoba Fan says:

    Marchands brutal mistake and a weak second period lost us this game. I ain’t pushing not panic button yet. Detroit is retarded good. So are the Bruins but again Detroit was a little better today. We have to win the next 3 games. They should be wins against weaker teams. Three mistakes cost us the game today; Marchands giveaway, Seidenbergs blown coverage on Draper and Chara pinching which led to theodd man rush for the fourth goal.

  17. Birdman2403 says:

    Yet again the Bruins have pissed away a chance to pull away from the Habs. Now, right back to where we started.
    Krejci was awful today and really has done nothing to step up and fill the void. He was the worst Bruin on the ice today ! Horton….my God…hit the empty fucking net !
    I’m all for trading Toronto’s pick and Krejci IF the return is VERY good. Takes something to get something !

    • Manitoba Fan says:

      Toronto’s 1st for sure, but for me Krejci stays. I don’t see the reasoning to be crazy upset right now, ya we lost, i think we played better than friday night but still weren’t good enough. I mean we have been playing great of late but lost the past two game. Lets not get all crazy. I mean i do wanna see a change but its difficult to see where. I really like our lines. I thought Seguin Ryder and Wheeler looked great today but will they keep that up? We’ll see. PC has a tough job ahead of him. Paille will be back. Get a little veteran presence back. Anyway hold your heads up boys. Great teams also loose games, Detroit just lost like four in a row before friday.
      GO BRUINS!

      • Birdman2403 says:

        I also liked the Seguin line today. I’m not getting crazy however, the west teams ( Detroit, Vancouver ) are what you have to measure against. And right now the Bruins are not there. If we want a good return ( Richards or that type) your not getting him for Paille and 3RD rounder !

      • ELWOPPO says:

        Agreed, Everybody relax! Trust Chia he knows what he has to do! He’s very clever! The Bruins are still in great position! U will see we will go on a winning streak!

      • backbruin says:

        Relax, don’t you tell everyone to relax….how could you!!! everyone on here hates you, nobody wants you here….can you believe this bruins nation he told us to relax….grrr lets’s fight lucic crew come help me please!!bahahahahahahahahaha

        that’s how you sound dude!! that’s how you attacked me…. now you wanna keep this going and make these true bruins fans have to read our garbage, or do you want to drop it and purely post on important issues aand not all this garbage!!!

        i’ll leave it up to you bra!

        THE Hillbilly!!

  18. jimmy50 says:

    I think these last two games proved a couple things.

    1) Only play Tuukka against teams below us in the standings when Thomas really needs a break.

    2) Make a trade for big name rental player to make us a true contender

  19. UEDkop says:


    I find such a statement laughable coming from the Co-owner of the organization that employs Cooke on a nightly basis.

    • Haus says:

      Agree 100% Mario STFU. Not only does he write out checks every week to Cooke, his team jumped these same Islanders last week with :16 left in the game. What comes around goes around. Also, Dallas placed Krys Barch on the IR the other day with broken facial bones from the fight with Thornton. That means the Bruins broke 2 guys face that game, as Ference shelved Burish with the same injury.

    • #4 says:

      Even the NHL live guys called him on it. I think everyteam should play Pitts like that until they waive ratt cooke

  20. Birdman2403 says:

    We better go on a streak. We play Leafs, Isles and Sens !

  21. Haus says:

    Guess I’m glad that I missed todays game, only the 2nd one I’ve missed all year.

  22. gibbz says:

    “BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli is willing to deal the Toronto Maple Leafs first round pick in the 2011 entry draft (which he obtained as part of the Phil Kessel trade) but the only two players on the radar worth parting with that pick is Dallas’ Brad Richards and Atlanta’s Zach Bogosian…Dupont expects Bruins defenseman Mark Stuart to be dealt and claimed the LA Kings had interest…He also suggested it was possible Toronto defenseman Tomas Kaberle could be dealt to the Bruins by the deadline.
    SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Chiarelli is willing to return the Leafs first round pick I’m guessing Kaberle could be his in a heartbeat. Chiarelli could be waiting in vain for either Richards or Bogosian. I do however agree with Dupont that Stuart could be on the move by the deadline.”

    sounds good to me.
    stuart and somethin to tor for kab. Tor 1st and something for richards or bogosian.

    • gibbz says:

      i guess if we get kaberle then we dont need bogosian

      • North B says:

        From this article, Erik Johnson, Brewer and Brad Boyes are available.. Chia should package Wheeler,Stuart and picks to land Boyes and one of those D men from the Blues..

      • UEDkop says:

        You think Boyes would come back to Boston after being chased out? He was a big scapegoat here, if you remember. If we can, I’d try to weasel Erik Johnson out of there too but that’s dreaming big.

        If it did work, this is funny to think of:

        Boyes to StL for Wideman.

        Wideman, 1st, and 3rd to Florida for Campbell and Horton.

        If we got Boyes back (and assuming we move – let’s say – TOR 1st, Wheeler, AND Stuart) it would basically be Boyes, Campbell, Horton in for Wideman, Stuart, Wheeler, two 1sts and a 3rd. That sound worth it?

  23. UEDkop says:

    And trust me, I would love to see Boyes back here. I really liked him. I’m just skeptical of how much he wants to be back here.

    • North B says:

      I was thinking Boyes for roster players (Wheeler, Stuart) not necessarily including toronto’s pick.. Boyes played on a bad Boston team back then, he is having a tough time this year on a team that is likely not going to the playoffs.. Just saying Chia should pick up the phone and throw an offer out there and see what comes back..

      • #4 says:

        bergeron and boyes had good chemistry. It sounds retarded saying this but Marchand-Bergeron-Boyes could be a nice line.

  24. black n gold says:

    Typical lazy bruin game hard to watch when there not skating is this ever going to end !!! it better by playoff time or where going to be disappointed again.

  25. moast says:

    Well it just shows you how much this team needs an elite forward and a top 2 dman before playoffs. If they cant squeek one win out of two games with Detroit, they will have a hell of a time beating Vancouver, Philly or Detroit deep in the playoffs.
    This weekend proved to me that this is only a playoff team and definitly not a contender. Too many rookies and lack of pure talent.
    The likes of Caron, Seguin, Kampfer, Hamil, Paille, Wheeler, McQuaid etc will not get you to the finals……they can be contributers but need a better surounding cast. This top line is sad to watch. This team plays houdini way too often and when the playoffs come, Im not holding my breath if KEY changes aren’t made. Thomas will not win the cup on his own….the vezina yes Lord Stanley…..no.

    • Bruins says:

      Nah I still think Detroit is the cream of the crop in the league. I like our chances much better against VAN and PHI than against DET.

      • backbruin says:

        They are tough becuase of puck control which is how we like to play…they are just better at it then us. This is where we need to recognize this and bring our other strong suit, “physical play”…we were just a step short and i believe it was a good learning experience to play a team that solid!!!

        hey i would love to see them cup final….that would mean we have a chance….let’s go b’s

  26. cebbie says:

    For all who think the bruins do not need to make a few trades before the deadline – They where soundly beaten by Detroit – We have no answers for speed – the defence was standing there lost – I believe we can beat all the teams in the east the way we are but changes need to be made to go all the way —

    • #4 says:

      Detroit looked exactly like what they were. More experienced tougher on puck extremely disciplined. They don’t flub any pucks they just execute to a t.

      However they are an older team and I expect the bruins to look like that in several years.

    • Haus says:

      For all who think the Bruins don’t need to make any trades at the deadline? I think that post has an audience that’s grand total is 0…maybe 1.

      • cebbie says:

        We can all stick our heads in the sand – they are not good enough to go far in the playoffs with who they have as of today. You know there will be problems when Ryder and Wheeler are the two best players on the ice against Detroit.

      • Haus says:

        Stick our heads in the sand? EVERYBODY that posts on this site agrees they need another player or two to make a cup run.

  27. #4 says:

    Can we trade CJ and a 2nd rounder to Detroit for Babcock?

  28. Gcole says:

    It would be nice to see the bruins stick up for themselves like the islanders did man. They were full out beast mode on Pittsburgh. I’d rather see a few guys get suspended for a few games and know that justice was served than have nothing happen at all (like Randy jones… Like matt Cooke…) the bruins just took it like a bitch and didn’t go back after them. Isn’t this teams imagine and phrase “big bad bruins”?

    • #4 says:

      Kinda fail timing here GCole. Dont you remember MTL and DAL 1 and 2 weeks ago?

      Look id rather not Bertuzzi someone and go after them viciously like the islanders did. Calling up AHL goons to goon up the other team isnt kosher. No matter how bad they have it coming(the pens had it coming BADLY).

      I just want for one night to play 5-4 whenever cooke is on the ice. The one guy not in the play trails cooke and tries to fight him all shift every shift. Until he doesnt get off the bench anymore.

      • pearson says:

        haley isnt a goon. hes actually fairly nice. however, he wasnt called up to give them a scoring boost.

        i cant wait till he gets back to bport for me to hear first hand about that game

      • #4 says:

        Thanks good info.

        Be cool to hear what he thought about skating down to fight the Goalie and getting a gang style beatdown.

  29. moast says:

    Murp and Haggs:

    I’m with you, Murph. IMO, best deal they can do for this yr is a package deal w/Toronto for Kaberle and Versteeg


    They are suggesting: BOS 1st, Wheeler & Stuart.
    Won’t put this team over the top but would tighten things up for sure…..Thoughts?

    • Haus says:

      Even though KPD is a knucklehead sometimes, I agree with him on this: are you ever gonna get a year like this out of Timmy again? Probably not, time to go for it THIS YEAR. Even if it costs pieces of the future.

    • North B says:

      The reason Kaberle has not been traded anywhere for two years, he is not worth more than a 2nd round pick.. Trading a roster player and 1st round pick is way too much..
      Versteeg is basically a 4th line player on the Bruins.. The Leafs suck because most of thier players suck.. How about looking around the league instead of just Toronto.. Unless Chia can absolutely rape Burke on another deal, forget the leafs..

  30. mook says:

    i’m sick of hearing about forsberg…finally over.

    • pearson says:

      are you kidding? you couldnt stop hearing about it? where? espn doesnt cover hockey, and especially not the avalanche. the guy is one of the best players of this time so tip your hat.

      kinda fuckin lame he only had like half hour comeback. i woulda loved to see him own shit again

  31. black n gold says:

    Still nothing PC WOW !! Neely go punch him in the face !! PULL THE TRIGGER

    • Haus says:

      Do you have inside info on what deals have been proposed?

      • black n gold says:

        Most of my input is through twitter. Its the most up 2 date talks and links thats all l can tell ya. Plus most of the time its just kicking tires

      • Haus says:

        That’s what I’m saying dude. Who knows what’s been offered/ who’s been asked for in return.

      • black n gold says:

        True I liked when the Parise whispers were going around. I would give up a lot 4 that guy

      • Haus says:

        I’m sure Rask would have to be included in a deal for Parise.

      • black n gold says:

        I would think about it if Parise came with a contract extension ! Just heard Kaberle has waived his no trade clause to 7 teams could get interesting

      • black n gold says:

        Trying 2 confirm but Boston, Montreal, New York R are the only names I heard not sure who the other 4 teams are PLUS Im trying to find a better source 2 confirm he has waived his NTC

      • black n gold says:

        Cant keep up dreger is saying he has not been asked 2 waive and this other guy is telling dreger hes wrong and it will be done by friday and that it not 7 teams he’s waived it 2 its just 1 team and I have no idea who that team is. So take it 4 what its worth !!

  32. gibbz says:

    versteeg to philly for 2 picks including a first….Bob mckenzie

  33. Haus says:

    I’m guessing any ‘big impact’ player the Bruins have inquired about, the other team has asked for Rask. I think Rask is better value than the TOR 1st.

  34. bruins4eva says:

    loves how every other team gets better and the bruins stay the same…this year better be different

    • #4 says:

      Dont count on it. Seriously.

      • moast says:

        Im kinda leaning towards agreeing with bruins4eva….Im hoping that Chia does something but I cant see it.
        The market is slim and the pickings are hard pressed to make this team contenders. True, he did say that the To 1st is in play but they will need a Richards coming back to use that which wont happen.
        Sorry to say it but this deadline wont be anything exciting. I love the Bruins but there chances this year, with this team just doesn’t cut it. The only big deal that Chia did at the deadline was Wides ofr Campbell and Horton…..Campbell is amazing and Horton…..not so much.
        This team needs an elite forward and a top2 dman to make them contenders and I cant see it happening with whats out there combined with Chias personality.
        Playoffs will be fun but nothing has really changed to address a team that had an epic Choke last year….except for Timmies play.
        I hope Im wrong!!

      • pearson says:

        so wrong moast. the market is slim? last year the key guys available were ray whitney and raffi torres.

        also, campbell and horton didnt come at the deadline. campbell is one of the best 4th line centers in the nhl. not knocking the guy, but take that with a grain of salt. horton has shown an incredible shot and the ability to snipe the shit out of the best goalies. he also had 5 points against our arch rival the other night. no big deal.

        there is 0 chance that chiarelli takes this team to the playoffs and lets all the other teams beef up. keep in mind washington and pittsburgh wont be playing bad hockey for long. philly just added even more offense. in this conference there are so many offensive teams and thats where the bruins can counter; but they need more if wash is going to turn it around and pitt is going to add more offense while sid rests.

        thomas is playing his balls off, and if the defense can keep teams from even reaching thomas then we completely trump anyone in the east.

        the only people that dont know the bruins are determined to land more defense, especially for the powerplay, are the people that dont know what hockey is.

        its going to be an overpayment for kaberle… ill bet you.

  35. Bruins1 says:

    We don’t want to trade TOR 1st rd pick. Look like it will def be top 5. We can get our stud d-man there (Dougie). However, I would only trade it if we receive a guarentee young proven PMD . examples(Johnson, Bognarski, Seabrooke, )
    I wouldn’t mine trading our 1st and a prospect for Brian Campbell.

  36. Bruins says:

    Does anyone have any idea what Burke is doing? This guys moves are so random.

    • #4 says:

      No clue. But he seems to be getting pretty good returns for his deals.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      He’s just rebuilding the franchise he was given. Plain and simple. He knows that paying big now for players he can’t keep in the future isn’t going to pay off and he needs to draft well. He’ll take a First round pick and a 3rd rounder for Versteeg whose been under producing this year, though most of that is due to injury.

  37. moast says:

    Since Caron and HAmil were sent down, ya think there is something happening sooner rather than later? I know Paille is back but doesn’t that leave no extra forward?
    I am starting to hear some Rene Bouque chatter out there….thoughts on that.

    I do see what your saying Pearson and like I said, I hope I am wrong. I gave Soupy props for sure but Horton has not impressed me. All of the names thatI would love to see here happen aren’t even available. Why are people continually tossing around Richards, Bogosian, Seabrook etc? Its all specualtion when the reality is, and I agree with you again Pearson, that the Bruins will overpay for Kaberle…..Im thinking BOs 1st. Then they will add a player like Rene Bourque and hope for the best. I feel the need at forward is a veteran like Tanguay, not another young kid.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      With talk that the Blackhawks are trying hard to sign Seabrook could be a sign that someone wants him, but won’t take him if he’s got UFA status at the end of the season. Rumors are the B’s are interested and the Blackhawks are interested in Stuart. Could be something in the works there.

      Rene Bourque wouldn’t be a terrible fit for us, but he’s not the pure scorer that we need right now. We need someone who can make the big plays and score the big goals when we need them.

      • Haus says:

        I would be shocked if CGY gave up Rene Bourque, unless they are looking for a player with similar quality but different skill set. Even that seems odd because they just gave him that extension last year.

  38. Vince_M says:

    I have a strange feeling that PC won’t really do much.

  39. Bruins says:

    I want Bogo.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I think this might be our best option at this point. I know he’s not an immediate impact guy, but he will be good and for the price I think he’d be worth it.

  40. Haus says:

    You can add COL to the list of ‘sellers’ now. My guess is they put J-M Liles, Chris Stewart, and Milan Hejduk to market.

    • UEDkop says:

      Stewart, really? He seems like a franchise player for them. I can see Liles on the move (and in a B’s jersey. Whaaaaaaat)

      • Haus says:

        The reason I listed Stewart is because he’s in the doghouse over there. Healthy scratch vs. NSH on Saturday. Just speculating.

  41. ELWOPPO says:

    Seen this on Hockey buzz,

    Hemsky to Boston, Deal A – I see two possible deals. The first is Hemsky and Edmonton’s 2nd for Toronto’s pick (likely in the Top 5). The reasons Edmonton would do this is obvious: It would give them the ability to draft both a center and a defenseman. As much as Adam Larsson is everyone’s favorite to be picked first overall, the Oilers might have just as much interest in Dougie Hamilton, who plays a very Luke Schenn sort of game. The Oilers need to get bigger and meaner on defense, and Larsson, while he has size, in a gentle giant. Two firsts in the top five means the Oilers can walk away with either Landeskog or Couturier, plus Hamilton…two players that would address areas of need in Edmonton as the Oilers move forward.

    Hemsky to Boston, Deal B – This is a ridiculous suggestion, I admit. What if the Oilers were to shift Hemsky, their #1 overall pick, and a 2nd to Boston for Toronto’s #1 pick and Tyler Seguin? Even though Seguin has had a rough season, I’ve heard people like Bob MacKenzie speak about how there are no players in the Class of 2011 that compare with the talent level Taylor Hall and Seguin have. With the 1st overall pick, the Bruins could likely acquire Larsson, which would be ideal for their needs. With the 5th overall pick (let’s say), the Oilers could still likely take Hamilton, and they’d have their future #1 center in Seguin. It’s a win-win situation. Plus, the Oilers could still end up winning the lottery with TO’s pick, and end up picking 1st overall anyway. Gotta love the lotto!

    • Eric D says:

      Deal A: Is Hemsky really what we need or want? Granted hes on a shit team but is he worth a top 5 pick? Yes we would get him and a top 3 pick in rd 2. I disagree with how this draft isnt tallented.. the top 5 kids will play next year and the bruins have one of them with TOR 1st pick…
      Deal 2: to quote jack edwards, “Snowball chance in HELL!!!” The bruins will NEVER trade seguin… hes 18, and a promising Center and with savard on the verge of retiring, there not going to get rid of him… I like the Idea of our top 3 centers as:

      Bergeron (age 25), Krejci (age 24), Seguin (age 18)why would you get rid of theat?!?
      Not to mention chia already said he has built his team around centerman aka hes building around them still

    • Bruins1 says:

      How I look at it is this: I would trade Seguin and Ryder to Edmonton for, Hemsky, Penner, a d- prospect, and their 1st rd pick. Why because Seguin has loads of potential but is in Claude doghouse. We would get 2 very solid players from them and the #1 pick thsi year. I see it as this then:

      To Edmonton: Seguin and Ryder

      To Boston: Hemsky, Penner, prospect , Larsson (#1 pick this year), and our Tor Pick (top 5 pick, you could package ours and Tor to move up to a number 2 pick even)

      When you look at this deal, doesn’t look so bad. what u think?

  42. mook says:

    moast…whenever you “hear something” i want a link. otherwise don’t spread this eklund shit around.

    rene bourque? are you fucked? calgary would have to be crazy.

  43. mook says:

    ESPN: It’s believed the Bruins and Atlanta Thrashers “started spitballing” about Zach Bogosian after the Thrashers inquired about Mark Stuart, but Friedman points out the Thrashers current management doesn’t wish to repeat the mistake of previous management four years ago of mortgaging the future for a playoff quick fix as it did with Keith Tkachuk. Friedman doubts the Thrashers part with Bogosian unless they get an impact player and the pick in return

  44. mook says:

    leafs signed voros! hahahahah

  45. Bruins1 says:

    Only way I trade Seguin would be like this:

    How I look at it is this: I would trade Seguin and Ryder to Edmonton for, Hemsky, Penner, a d- prospect, and their 1st rd pick. Why because Seguin has loads of potential but is in Claude doghouse. We would get 2 very solid players from them and the #1 pick thsi year. I see it as this then:

    To Edmonton: Seguin and Ryder

    To Boston: Hemsky, Penner, prospect , Larsson (#1 pick this year), and our Tor Pick (top 5 pick, you could package ours and Tor to move up to a number 2 pick even)

    Whe you look at this deal, doesn’t look so bad

    • #4 says:

      yes it does.

      I am going to propose a new rule for this site.

      Before you post a proposed trade take a second to think about it from the GM of whatever team your trading to’s perspective.

      If you immediately go WTF IS THIS CRAP?

      Then stop writing and dont post it.

      • Bruins1 says:

        I did that.. Seguin has been a healthy scratch. Claude doesn’t care for him right now. I am not giving up on Seguin, but you can’t count on him this year.
        So you trade him to the Oilers, who want him. You ask for Hemsky and Penner to help you this year. And their 1st round pick will be the 1st overall for Seguin. Then you think about the toronto pick, and we have then 2 picks in the top 5. Take Larsson and another high prospect, and this deal looks like a steal. The Oilers would take Seguin because their reports have said they wanted him as well as Hall. You wouldn’t want to win this year, and still have a bright future?? Think about it.

      • North B says:

        Rule no. 2

        Stop proposing trades with other playoff teams, where apon the Bruins get their best player for our shit player..

        Example: Richards and Carter for Wheeler.. That kind of shit is just retarded..

  46. #4 says:

    In contrast to my last post Ill swing my deal breaker for this team.

    To: FLA
    BOS 1st 2011
    Bos 3rd 2011

    To: Boston
    S. Wiess (C)

    To: NJD
    Bos: 2nd 2011
    Add prospect if needed.

    To: Boston
    A Greene (D)

    To: TOR
    Cond 5th

    To: BOS




    Philly = Boom Roasted!

  47. mook says:

    i want ian white. bring it.

  48. willisss says:

    Anyone else going to the game tonight?…I’ll be the drunk one

  49. Bruins says:

    Sees that people are talking about trading Seguin and trading for White:

  50. mook says:

    the fan590 in toronto just said kaberle will only waive his NTC for Boston. they claim that they heard from a source close to his father.

  51. mook says:

    thefourthperiod: Brian Burke goes on radio in Boston and confirms Leafs/Bruins are engaged in trade talks.

  52. black n gold says:

    burke has confirmed that they have been talking trade with the bruins and yes mook the only team kaberle wants to go to is the bruins. Neely was asked if the bruins are close to making a deal and he said yes

  53. pearson says:

    toronto wont trade kaberle right before they play each other, but something tells me they’ll get it done and leave him here in boston

  54. mook says:

    on the other hand, fatso TSNBobMcKenzie says Kaberle hasn’t waived NTC, Sportsnet says he has, Neely says a deal (no specifics) is close.

  55. black n gold says:

    Neely said this right after burkes interview and Kaberle agent said no comment

  56. Bruins says:

    I don’t like Kaberle but if he only wants to go to Boston he’s basically handcuffing Burke, kind of like the Kessel situation, so we shouldbe able to get him for a good price. Burke doesn’t have to trade him though of course.

  57. Gcole says:

    How about the bruins first rounder and mark Stuart and (maybe) a prospect

  58. CCMGoalie says:

    I’d be happy with Kaberle coming to Boston for a draft pick and an AHLer like Penner or Bartkowski. I don’t see the B’s sending Stuart to Toronto for Kaberle because Kaberle’s value is so low right now and Stuart is playing some of his best hockey in the past two years, when he does get to play.

  59. Bruins says:

    I’d hope it wouldn’t be a first involved. Kaberle is a UFA. Chia might get permission to work on an extension though I guess.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I hope that we keep the Toronto 1st at least. I would rather see us deal some picks for Kaberle instead of losing talent. Or make a multi player deal and bring some offensemen into the talk. Although now that Burke has sent Versteeg out to Philly I doubt he’ll be trading much upfront. Maybe we lure Kadri away from Toronto and send him down for now.

      • moast says:

        BOS: Kaberle, Kadri
        TO: BOS 1st, Wheeler


        BOS: Kaberle
        TO: Wheeler, BOS 1st

        Kaberle may have hand cuffed Burke but he doesn’t have to trade him either. So, it will be a bit of an overpayment. Possibly BOS 2nd which turns into there !st if an extension happens.
        Interesting that Kaberle only wants Boston….no brainer though!! Go B’s!!!

        Kaberle to Chara….GOOAAAALLLL!!! PPG!!!!

      • CCMGoalie says:

        I would be very happy with the first option you put out moast, but I hate to be a pessimist, but I don’t think Burke will go for that. I bet to make that happen we’d have to throw in some prospect as well. I’d rather not give so much to Toronto for just Kaberle.

        As much as I rag on Wheeler for being a 6’5″ pussy on skates some games, he is going to be good when he gets some consistency or gets onto a team that has guys to go get the puck for him while all he does is float around the slot looking for a shot. So Wheeler in our divison makes me slightly nervous, but a lot less so than Stuart against us in our division, so as for the lesser of two evils I’d take it.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        If sending Wheeler to Toronto were going to happen I’d like to see Caron get called back up and split time with Seguin on a wing through the rest of the season. Give both kids the chance to get into a decent number of games and they bothn get the rest and experience they will need to become the elite level NHLers they are going to be.

  60. black n gold says:

    Burke said in the interview that they are not getting that pick so drop it

    • moast says:

      I didnt beleive it anyways…..I can see our going but not the TO pick.
      This trade may not be too bad…..especially if Chia can get Kabs and a veteran gritty top 6 winger without moving the TO pick Id bee super pumped. Extend Kaberle and then use the TO pick to get a stud dman at the draft:

      Chara Kaberle
      Seidenberg TO#1
      Kampfer Boychuk/Mcquaid

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I honestly believe that the PC throwing the “Oh the Toronto pick is up for grabs” idea out there was just a simple bait and switch. We’ll let me people bid for it and then counter with our pick in its place. PC’s a tricky SOB.

  61. Bruins says:

    Kessel would get his first on us on a BS call.

  62. Gcole says:

    I’m filing a lawsuit on Tim Thomas for giving me a heart attack

  63. Vince_M says:

    Any chance Kaberle can change jerseys in the middle of the game?

  64. Gcole says:

    Not impressed at all with that first period.. This teams got no fire unless there’s all out brawls!

  65. Manitoba Fan says:

    Fuckman no kidding. Why does it seem we always struggle against toronto. Fuck we should be dominating them. Both those calls against us were weak, I think. I sm not very impressed right now either, Montreal beating buffalo 1- 0. Lets go boys

  66. willisss says:

    This place is silent….you could read a book in here

  67. black n gold says:

    Chara actually hit someone !!! So they gave him a penalty. Yes I agree with u guys we should be flying after those 2 loses to Detroit cmon boys

  68. ELWOPPO says:

    We have 2 first rounders this year? Didnt we trade one to Flor for Horts?

    • CCMGoalie says:

      No we traded the Boston first round pick for last year’s draft. We got Toronto’s 2010 and 2011 first and second round picks in the trade for Kessel

  69. dookie says:

    The B’s once again are playing down to the level of their opponent. Enough of this bs. Time to ratchet up the intensity and kick ass. Put the leafs away now. The longer the bruins permit them to hang around their chances of an upset increases.

  70. Manitoba Fan says:

    BRUTAL! we look awful

  71. Gcole says:

    Recchi is awesome on the point for the PP

    • Birdman2403 says:

      couldn’t disagree more…he looks awful ! I love Recchi, but he’s no d-man. Just clearly shows why we need a Kaberle type. Sorry

  72. dookie says:

    one week ago we were 4 up on the habs with games in hand. we keep playing this way tonight and we will be out of 1st. Absolute disgraceful effort so far.

  73. dookie says:

    one period game. time now to force the play – leave no prisoner and play with emotion.

  74. Gcole says:

    Lmao at grabovski all dizzy from charas hit

  75. Bruins1 says:

    Changes need to be made with this team. We can’t even beat a team that are in the bottom dwellers? They only have a few good players and we expect the Bruins to compete against the elite? lolololololololo u gotta be kidding!

  76. Gcole says:

    While they’re at it let’s give Toronto another pp so kessel can get his hat trick, what the hell happened to the PK?

  77. Bruins1 says:

    No one on this team is UNTOUCHABLE !@!!!!!!

    • Gcole says:

      Makes me laugh how everyone seems to be untouchable or too valuable to the team to trade. Besides a select few, who isn’t replaceable?? And with someone better. This team isn’t going anywhere in the playoffs, they can’t beat the god dam maple leafs after dropping two in a row and supposedly being hungry

  78. Bruins says:

    Epicccccc fail. This better not be a slide like last year.

  79. dookie says:

    4-3 Leafs. The Bruins are absolutely brutal and have been since the Dallas game. A loss to San Jose, Detroit twice and now the Leafs. Sure we beat the Habs but it was a sloppy game – 6 goals against. This team, the way it is now is going nowhere fast. Piss-poor effort, sloppy sloppy defensively and no intensity or desire to compete. What a joke for a supposedly good team. Ship everyone out and bring in players like the leafs have who are at the very least willing to compete. Another epic failure by the Bruins in a game they had to have. I pity our chances on the 6 game road trip. I say 1 and 5, no more.

  80. lucic crew says:

    wow brutal

  81. Caperfan says:

    The game against the leafs tonight was disgraceful. Shitty fucking effort. I agree with you dookie they are going nowhere fast. Last four games were aweful and this team is very fragile.

  82. JRy says:

    I’m scared Thomas is starting to cool down. Not just today but lately he hasn’t looked as great as he was earlier on. Sure he still looks good and a lot of it is probably the players in front of him but if he goes back down to just all-star goalie status we could see this team slide.

  83. CCMGoalie says:

    This team needs to improve their powerplay, and after tonight I definitely think Wheeler needs to go. That little pull up move on the side boards hasn’t worked since he scored that great goal against St. Louis his rookie season. He’s good trade bait because he’s got so much potential, he needs to be in an offense first organization so he doesn’t need to be defensively responsible.

    Positive note, Ryder played very well. Physical and he drew a couple penalties because he was such an offensive threat.

    Horton was fairly invisible tonight. Dude needs to start being consistent.

    Maybe everyone on the roster is nervous cause they know no one is safe, with the exceptions of possibly Recchi, Bergeron, and Thomas and they’ll settle in once the deadline has passed and PC either stalls or makes the moves this team needs.

  84. Bruins1 says:

    Horseshit! I said it before, we should be the sellers. Don’t want kaberle who is older. I want a young and exciting team!! I mena it when I say trade Thomas, Krecji, and Chara and see what you can get for them. I am so sick of people saying Chara is awesome!! He’s a joke on the ice!! How many goals against do we now have? Thoma sis another player we shoudl trade. Rask needs time to play, not the bench. When he plays now he has so much pressure on him that he has mental break downs due to him knowing he has to do well or he is out. I want new BLOOD on this team!!
    Everyone is tradeable and I dont want old players in return. Recchi on the point on the PP. WHat a f***ing JOKE this team is. Some needs to go, maybe the coach!

  85. Bruins1 says:

    Stop with thsi b-s on Wheeler all the time. Where were guys like Krecji, Horton and Lucic today? When is Lucic’s last big hit? Ryder Wheeelr and Seguin played well together. Get off Wheeelr’s back already. Blam someone else. Where’s the captain of this team making a difference.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      How many times has Wheeler flubbed off a shot that his linemates set him up for? When was the last time his little pull-up move on the side boards provided a chance? I agree, Horton Lucic Krejci didn’t show at all tonight. They also need to step it up. But Wheeler is nothing more than a 6’5″ Phil Kessel (Who interestingly enough is listed as 6’0″ and 202lbs. I didn’t know they took measurements on Saturn for the Maples Leafs, seems like a bit of a commute for measurements)

      Wheeler needs to get his shit together and start playing like anyone else in the NHL that is 6’5″. Banging bodies in the corners, winning one-on-one battles (Which he loses 9 out of 10)

      You can’t tell me that he is doing his share on a CONSISTENT basis. (Granted the rest of the team needs to pick this up too.)

  86. Caperfan says:

    I agree CCMgoalie this team neads a power play real fast. Special teams are crucial and they are momentum changers in the game. We have a shitty power. I also agree Wheeler needs to go as he is the biggest pussy on this team I hate his game its the same each and every night. He’s good trade bait.

  87. zamer says:

    fuck this team looks shity or fucked when they play the leafs,we are not a stanley cup contender at all.when your being out played by a team that not even going to make the playoffs and loose at home your fucked. tim thomas must of not done his yoga today.maybe getting beat by detroit twice fucked them right up.

  88. Birdman2403 says:

    Worst players tonight in order:
    1) Krecji 2) Thomas 3) Ference 4) Seidenberg 5) Chara

    See a theme here ?? Our D are Shit ! PC better makes a FEW moves or this will be another disappointing playoff. Thomas was unreal in the first half. Now he has come back to earth a bit, this team is average at best.

    Krejci has done fuck all since Savard went down, Wheeler skates around and does nothing, Ference spends to much time finding his jock after he gets walked around…….

    I don’t care who, but this team needs a shakeup and it needs it now !!

    Que the …” Don’t panic. they are fine…..bullshit !

  89. Caperfan says:

    Your right Bruins1, all the players you mentioned had bad games tonight. Wheeler however for his size doesnt bring anything of much value to the Bruins night in and night out. He is very frustrating to watch. “get rid of him”

  90. Bruins1 says:

    Wheer are they guys on here that will say: We aren’t Bruin fans, or Its only a few games!

    This team is not good enough. We will make the playoffs, but we wont go far!! Mark my words!

    • lucic crew says:

      I want to argue with you so bad but i cant your right.

      • moast says:

        I was thinking the same thing. He has bee shit on all year and now people are seeing that he is justsaying what most of u are thinking. This team sucks alls right now. Why bother with Kabs…..need so much more to make this work.

        Lucic….remember when he used to be physical and make room for players?
        Top line is a fucking joke.
        Marchand is kinda slowing down.
        Horton sucks the biggest balls around.
        Chara really needs help.
        The rest of the D are bottom 4 at best.
        Wheeler is the biggest pussy around.
        Krejci only when he wants…fuckin princess.
        Julien has no idea how to get a team going.
        Chiarelli is too patient and will think that Kaberle will fix all…..delusional.
        Neely needs to take fucking charge.
        The third line is always great.
        Love Bergerons line too.

        I was waiting patiently for people on here to start the excuses…”there worried about being traded” bullshit. They suck against top tier teams as well as the worst teams in the league. Sure the goals against is one of the best in the league….onlybecause of goaltending….and that is even coming down.
        This team is in a world of hurt come playoffs unless they can get something like:
        Bogosian, Kaberle and Richards.

        People are even going as far as saying that this team can beat any team in the East….are you fucking kidding me…..Philly WILL walk all over this team and are actually making moves to get better.
        Gange, Hartnell, Pronger, Leino, Carter…..all of these players are better than all of the Bruins minus Chara and Bergeron.
        My opinion is to trade for a Dman like Kaberle and hold onto picks…..because there aren’t any attainable players that will make these HEARTLESS, NO SHOW, PRIMADONA fucking choke artists play any better! Ok, Im starting to feel better.
        Cup contenders……bitch please at this rate they will be lucky to make the playoffs.

      • #1 beesfan77 says:

        Ahh moast gagne plays for Tampa bay now ur a lil off bud!

    • CCMGoalie says:

      We need to bring in some serious talent to have a shot at going deep in the playoffs. Otherwise, you’re right Bruins1, we will not go further than the 2nd round AT BEST.

    • pearson says:

      i dont think anyone can argue with you man.

      i dont think this team is as far off as you think, but with all these looming trade rumors i think they need to solidify the team and leave it be. figures the defense is the unstable part right now…. no one knows whos going.

      and lay off wheeler. you dont think he knows hes gonna get traded? or at least knows hes thee most tradeable person. im sure its a bi distraction.

      i do think the trade thats been waiting to happen since savard went down is really distracting the team effort. pull the trigger PC.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Pearson: I’m sure it is a big distraction for him, but he’s a professional. Look at Kaberle’s play tonight. The guy didn’t play fantastic, but he did his job and produced. Wheeler needs to be able to play under pressure as well. He is a younger player so I expect there to be some growing pains, but we can’t make excuses for the guy for the whole season so far. Sure he’s put some pucks in the net, but he’s not playing to his potential.

  91. Birdman2403 says:

    Chris Kelly to Boston for 2nd rd pick

  92. Bruins says:

    Eh, Kelly aint bad. Would have thought it would be a third though. Couple years at a decent price. See ya Paille.

  93. ELWOPPO says:

    Wow the team loses three games in a row and all of a sudden, They suck? Just last week the same guys were saying Cup contenders! U guys are speaking out of anger! U guys are all gonna be sorry when the Bruins get thier shit together!

    • pearson says:

      im with ya on this one. i still think we need that trade asap. oh hey look, chris kelly.

    • Haus says:

      I missed all but the 3rd tonight, had my own game. Good call El Whoppo on the Bi-polar characteristics of people on this site.Last week they were talking cup and this week they suck. At the end of the year, and if they are right that this team ‘sucks’, well congratulations. Good for you for being right. But if there is a run in this team and they make Conf finals or better, all of us who didn’t quit on them this week will remember you.

  94. ELWOPPO says:

    Chris Kelly traded to Boston!

  95. CCMGoalie says:

    Chris Kelly to Boston for Bruins 2011 2nd Round Pick, announced tonight. I don’t think this is enough. Not even close. Good start, but not enough.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I think this trade means that for sure at least one forward, if not two, are going to go in the next 13 days. As much as some people disagree, I think Wheeler should be one to go, and as much as I hate to say this, Ryder is also REALLY good trade bait right now. To quote someone up above, “Gotta give something to get something.”

  96. Andy says:

    I’m not going to jump on this bandwagon, in terms of “this guy and that guy sucks” because I’ve said it before.

    This is an underachieving team and will continue to be until someone on this team has the balls and willingness to LEAD. Too often this team simply looks to their teammate to get the job done. How many times does the 4th line have to be the catalyst? We can make all the excuses we want, but this team IS a bunch of overpaid, unachieving, inconsistent pussies! No one has the balls to reach and exceed expectations.

    And now we got our dumbarse GM going out and spending a SECOND RD PICK on CHRIS KELLY?! Are you fucking joking? We already have an underachieving F w/ 23 pts in Wheeler. We already have a tough guy in Thornton. AND we gave up a 2nd rd pick?! Even if they ship Wheeler off, a 2nd rd pick?!

    The thing is, we could sit here and talk about how we’re all complaining because they’re on a losing streak. It is MUCH MORE than that. Realistically, where do we see this team going in the playoffs? 2nd rd? Maybe? They’re not a REAL Cup contender and they really never were. We just wanted to believe they were.

    A MAJOR overhaul will have to take place w/ this team. From the top on down…

  97. Andy says:

    Shit, my bad. I thought we traded for Chris NEIL, not Chris Kelly. I get the need for a no. 3 center, but this is the best we could get – and again, for a SECOND RD PICK?!

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I wondered what you meant man, glad it got cleared up. I do agree that a 2nd rounder is a little over payment for him, I think at most PC should’ve sent a 3rd for him, but you know how it is. The people in the streets have all the ideas on how to run city hall.

  98. Haus says:

    So…. The running theory this week is to tank it.

  99. Gcole says:

    Who the fuck is Chris Kelly?!

  100. ELWOPPO says:

    Rumored that pitts wanted Kelly but Boston beat them to it! Good 2way player that scored 15 on the third line for a shitty Sens team last year! Now get Kaberle and I am confident we will be a force to be recond with!

  101. Haus says:

    Kelly a good PK guy with a lot of character and grit. Ottawa fans loved him. I’m surprised you never heard of him GCole, he’s played against the Bruins 6x a year for the last 6 years. BOS 2nd for him. Price seems high but he’s not a rental as he’s got another year on his contract.

    • Gcole says:

      I mean I’ve heard the name but I don’t know jack about him lol. And had not heard his name come up once in all the rumors and stuff I’ve heard so I’m more surprised than anything. Why do we need another center that’s not a #1 is my real question.. Don’t we have like three or four of those in providence waiting for an opportunity? And if there is a logical reason for this my bad, don’t know everything.

  102. willisss says:


  103. mook says:

    chris kelly is a great player, and a 2nd rounder is underpayment. this guy is pure effort and should inspire other players.

    obviously other forwards are going to move.

    • pearson says:

      i was waiting for someone to assure me. he cant be that bad. the team hes been on for the past couple years have been awful.

      it just makes me wonder, whats the plan for seguin!?

  104. mook says:

    Joe Haggerty reports several hockey sources claim Kaberle has not been asked to waive his “no-trade” clause, while another source claims any potential deal with the Leafs is centered around winger Blake Wheeler or defenseman Mark Stuart, a possible third round pick as well as a prospect, possibly Zach Hamill.

  105. Bostonnnnn says:

    Why is Kaberle so over rated.

  106. North B says:

    Kaberle has never been worth more than a 2nd round pick for the last two years.. This Haggerty fool thinks the price is Wheeler/Stuart a pick and a prospect.. Are you fucking kidding, that is a HUGE overpayment.. Chia is not that stupid..

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