Chris Kelly acquired from Ottawa

Chris Kelly has been acquired from the Ottawa Senators for the Bruins 2011 2nd round draft pick. Kelly will be used as a third line center/energy line forward.  Kelly is a left handed shooting center who is excellent on the penalty kill but a second round draft pick seems like an overpayment. Kelly’s career high in goals and points are 15 and 38, respectively.  Acquiring a forward may mean the Bruins are working on another deal to shed a winger (Blake Wheeler), especially since Kelly is under contract for one more year at $2.125 million.


56 Responses to Chris Kelly acquired from Ottawa

  1. mook says:

    2nd round pick for chris kelly is an underpayment. well done chia. adios paille.

    • pearson says:

      why paille? paille is a lock for the 4th line, and he plays well there. i think adois wheeler, and adois seguins-playing-time.

  2. mook says:

    once the trade goes through for the defenseman, you are right. in the meantime, paille can get a feel for the pressbox.

    herald: Chiarelli also expressed optimism that he will land the needed blueliner before the Feb.28 deadline, saying the B’s have nine names on their list of possible trade targets.

    My guess at the nine names:
    Tom Kaberle
    Drew Doughty
    Erik Johnson
    Matt Greene
    Chris Campoli
    Ian White
    Keith Yandle (that’s cost us)
    Brent Seabrook
    Andy Sutton

    Outside chance: Wade Redden at reduced salary, same with Souray. Imagine Suoray and Chara on the line? Fack.

  3. cebbie says:

    Still think they need a true number one center –
    Dont know what planet Krejci is on this year –
    Horton is out in space looking for him –
    Right now you have an energy line – checking line – one line made up by maybe I’ll show up players and the top line lost in space –
    The talent is there but add one real centerman and the rest will shuffle into place.

    • willisss says:

      Go ahead and give me Krejci’s numbers please? what is the deal with half the people on this site rippin krej’s tits off this year…wake up gents

      • pearson says:

        leading the team in assists just aint good enough.

      • pearson says:

        …im joking.

      • cebbie says:

        39 points in 50 games – hardly a # 1 centerman – he should be a point a game at least – Hell Recchi has 2 less assists than him and he is ready for the old age home. – Krejci no doubt is a great player but I still think his head is up his ass this year.

      • Mate says:

        he is playnig with two great power forwards and is just getting by with them. Imagine a guy like Kesler or Toews…or even a healthy savy with those two guys! Krejci’s numbers for a first line center playing with the guys he’s playing with are weak, he is not a number one center and his numbers are just okay for a number 2 center

  4. mook says:

    kampfer has a concussion?

  5. Vince_M says:

    how come Patrice Bergeron isn’t on the ice?

  6. Bruins1 says:

    I hope we aren’t doing what i think we are, and that is gathering older guys who belong on the 3rd and 4th lines.

  7. lucic crew says:

    chris kelly oh oh watch out here comes the cup.

    • moast says:

      I actually don’t mind this deal. I’ve been looking into his play:
      -fast and somewhat gritty
      -Has 2 less goals than horton
      -His teammates love him and OTT fans are pissed hes gone
      -Responsible and plays great PK

      I think that having a guy that will bust his ass and is accountable is a start with this team. This team is full of no show fucking lazy slackers. Hopefully he will rub off on the rest. A line of Ryder-Kelly-Seguin could be the fast line they need. say good bye to Wheeler though, which Im not too worried about. He has looked better the last little while but still isn’t getting shit done.

      Son’t get me wrong, Chia has a lot to do if he wants them to contend.
      Here is my proposal….not too sure about salary:

      TO: Wheeler, Hamil, BOS 1st
      BOS: Kaberle

      COL: Stuart/Ference, BOS 3rd, Prospect
      BOS: Hejduk

      Lucic Krejci Hejduk
      Marchand Bergeron Horton
      Ryder Kelly Seguin
      Recchi/Paille Campbell Thornton

      Chara Kaberle
      Seidenberg Kampfer
      Boychuck Ference/McQuaid

      This isn’t exactly what I would like but is better than what we have. If Richards is available that would be prefered……chia cmon buddy offer this:
      TO 1st, Krejci, Prospect(s)…..and yes I would replace Krejci with Richards….assuming the deal comes with an extension.

      Lucic Richards Horton
      Marchand Bergeron Recchi
      Ryder Kelly Seguin
      Paille Campbell Thornton

      Chara Kaberle
      Seidenberg Kampfer
      Boychuck Ference/McQuaid

      • lucic crew says:

        Yes moast #2 with the richards 100% agreed. Im not knocking kelly i think he is a goog third line center. It just comes down to the HUGE lost of savard. So you get a richards all is well but dont see it. I dont even see kabs coming here,oh i so want to be wrong.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Personally, I have to disagree with the Kaberle option you have up here. Anything more than one roster player or a couple of picks is too much for him for the numbers he’s put up the last few years and the headaches he’s caused the Toronto GM’s. Plus on top of that, he’s a UFA at the end of the season so we give away all that for a rental if we don’t resign him? I don’t think Wheeler for Kaberle is a fair trade.

        (Despite how much I’ve been ragging on Wheeler lately the guy has a lot of potential he just needs to play a more physical game, games where he is involved physically are the ones where he and the rest of the team really show up. For example the Bruins vs Canadiens game a couple weeks ago, Wheeler jumped right in after Subban when Subban went after Seidenberg, Wheeler turned around and may not have produced on the score sheet but he played big and made some important plays happen. If Wheeler could do this on a consistent basis and not do the Kessel-esque play GREAT for two games then disappear for 7 routine I wouldn’t have a problem with him if he was consistently physical.)

      • moast says:

        I really too doubt the Richards deal Lucic Crew… we can all dream. They do need to replace Savvy…..for sure.
        I disagree about Wheeler….hes had enough time to show his true self and he has turned a corner but Im not sold on his play anymore, especially if we cna use him to get help. They will have to get rid of players to get players though as there are too many players on this team… my opinion, Wheeler should be the first to go, along with a handful of dmen.
        We wont get Kaberle for anything less than Stuart/Wheeler and BOS 1st.

  8. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    i agree 100% with you moast, in order for us to get kabrele, it will be a huge overpayment i wouldnt want to give up stuart wheels and our first unless a guarenteed 4 year or more extension is assured

  9. #4 says:

    IM thinking that this “system” just doesnt utilize some of the teams most talented players correctly.

    Whats a constant sense the institution of the system?


    All of thier production totals have decreased every year!!

    I dont think CJ needs to go but I would want Neely+PC to force his hand to change up his game. We’ve seen so many games this year when the Defense is really on with its transition game and we wind up scoring 6+ goals.

    However, I don think the talent is there on the backend to do this consistently.

    I wouldnt add 1 PMD I would add 2! Kaberle/Bogo and A Greene or another cheaper PMD. When this team moves the puck up ice the guys like Wheeler Krejci Horton Bergeron there offensive machismo shines. When we get bottled up in our dzone and centerice you see games like last night!

    Add 2 PMDs and go with an aggressive skate the puck up ice and attack with your speed and skill and size(Theres plenty of it) This team could be a force! Because its so good allready a few tweaks and cupbound baby. Fuck Philly were tougher and Bigger.

  10. ELWOPPO says:

    Kelly not at practice 2day, Visa issue’s! Nice huh!

  11. UEDkop says:

    I feel like Liles’ name keeps popping up in rumors. I kinda like that.

  12. jimmy50 says:

    Not only does this move make us better in our own zone and in the PP, I also see this as our replacement for Recchi in the near future.

    The bigger deal to make us a true Cup contender is in the making…

  13. Caperfan says:

    get rid of wheeler I agree, he is a soft player and yuo cannot teach toughness. Make the deal for Kaberle now and make an effort to resign him. Chara and Kaberle would look very nice on the points and re-generate the power play which we all know is dreadful.

  14. zamer says:

    Kelly is a good pick up,one thing he comes to play every night.We need some changes on D for sure,because our defense has a hard time with fast players.One thing that scares me is our goalies at one minute they are great then there shit.We have no good goalies in the system its scary.

  15. JRy says:

    I wouldn’t give up a first round pick in a potential kaberle deal. Guy never impressed me.

    • KaberleWontSaveUs says:

      He’s a solid dman but I don’t think he’s worth more than a second round pick…… I don’t see why everyone loves this guy

  16. moast says:

    Just a thought….Nik Zherdev may be on waivers.
    anyone know if hed be worth it at half price?

    • Fire Claude!!! says:

      sounds like hed add more offense than kelly, and at half the price and no second round pick

      • backbruin says:

        We don’t want Zherdev guys, he’s a loafer. And for a guy with his skill he is getting little oppurtunity on one of the more prolific goal scoring teams in the nhl because of his loafing….oh ya and he doesn’t back check so we know how that story goes on CJ’s team!!

        not the answer, but i love Milan Hejduk….he would help our pp and fit in quite nicely!! vet

  17. Bruins1 says:

    That a great point. why should we give up a1st rd pick for kaberle. Wouldn’t we be better if we offered our first, another pick and a prospect for a younger PMD like maybe Bowmeester, Seabrooke, or either Jack Johnsons(St.Louis / LA)? I never understand why waste a 1st rd pick on older players, when you cna add a few more details for a better, younger PMD. I would of easily offer our 1st, our two 2nds (which we gave 1 for Kelly)and a prospect for any one of the 3 mentioned. At least this way, we would be able to keep them for a few more years, while they are in their prime. hate wasting picks on older vets .

    I like how we dealt for Horton. At least he is younger and has potential. Kaberle does not impress me for 1st rd pick, Wheeler and prospects as they are saying. NO WAY!!

    • Haus says:

      Ok so what you are expecting is… A team drafts a kid, nurtures and develops him, realizes he was exactly what they hoped he would be; then, right as he is about to hit his prime, trade him away for picks so you can try again. Does that make sense to you? Why would LA trade Johnson? They signed him to a 7 year extension LAST MONTH. Now you think they would trade him? How in the world does this make any sense to you?

      • Bruins1 says:

        Just like any deal. If you make it attractive , the team will take it. Johnson did sign for 7 years, but are u saying u would never trade a player because he signed long term. If u packaged anything worth thinking about, teams would do it.

      • Haus says:

        What I’m saying is that they have made a major commitment to the kid. Signing him for 7 years then trading him in the same year, what does that say about an organization? It says they have no direction. If you were LA, would you trade away Johnson? For 2 picks and a prospect?

  18. jimmy50 says:

    Just by looking at our current roster I am not sure a D-man is what is needed. The PP needs more work than the puck moving defenseman position.

    Lucic Krejci Horton
    Recchi Bergeron ________
    Wheeler Kelly Ryder
    Thornton Campbell Marchand

    Leaves Paille, Sequin, Caron on stand-by. If you ask me that lineup, with 4 lines rolling, could really wear down other teams.

    Trade Stuart, picks, and/or prospects for a true second-line RW that can score. Question is who?

    That leaves:

    Chara Kampfer
    Seidenberg Ference
    Boychuk McQuaid


  19. jimmy50 says:

    Quick thought. Blockbuster deal for Dustin Brown. LA is out of the running it looks like and this kid would be solid on our second line.

  20. Bodangus says:

    Love Dustin Brown…plays hard every night, doubt the Kings would move him (unless you overpay)

  21. Bruins1 says:

    well our top 5 pick looks more like top 10! Thanks to us giving them 4 points

  22. backbruin says:

    Love to get Milan Hejduk from Colorado..he would add that pp threat and experience to this team that would help us immensely. I haven’t seen any rumors on the B’s going after him but he could fill Savy’s spot on the half boards quite well…only problem is his cap hit, i think it’s 4 – 4.5 so if you add kaberle with hejduk we would have to get rid of what another 5-6 million…I think it could be done but it would take a lot of small deals and action on Chia’s part!!

    Also i was reading that there’s a good chance Seguin is going back to the minors. Has anyone else read this??

  23. ELWOPPO says:

    Hey Broke back where were u last Sat? Was waiting for u at some Hillbilly bar in London! Next time ur gonna stiff let a guy know? Thats not nice!

  24. ELWOPPO says:

    While i wait for my buddy to respond, TSN is reporting that Kaberle Will get traded to Boston barring a complete meltdown! Chiarelli is trying to shed some salary to fit him in long term! Stay tuned……

    • backbruin says:

      sure you were!!!bahhahahahaahah your a joke “KID” WhY start with me again?? Do you think these guys wanna here this shit faggot!!

      your not tough, your not scarey oooooo, your a punk that shit talks, an internet gagnsta!! just drop it kid. Honestly it’s getting old!!

      Now site i apologize for any rescent b.s you’ve had to read between me and the retard, and i’m asking this little puke to shut his fgkn yap and move on….there’s your olive branch douche!!! now go fk your hat!!

      • backbruin says:

        And if you really want to show how tough you are considering these posts were after the weekend…Joe kools and yes hooked on phonics it’s with a “K” i’ll be there all night long baby!!! come see me!! i’ll by you a beer….;)

      • backbruin says:


  25. Scott says:

    What about sending a D-man to Vancouverto shed cap? Their D is hurting badly, no bieksa, edler, and i think hamhuis.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Stuart to Vancouver for some picks would be the most likely way to go there. But that also leaves us with a jam up front involving our forwards. With the addition of Kelly we now have yet another decision to face as to who to sit. If we send someone out, and and are both reporting that Wheeler is the most likely due to his $2.2 mil contract to help make room for Kaberle to come from Toronto, whom TSN is reporting that the Bruins are currently trying to unload salary to make room for him in the cap, that being the only hurdle keeping him from joining the B’s. Expect PC to be busy the next week or so.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Also numerous bloggers for ESPN are saying that Blake Wheeler’s play is lackluster at best this season and he’s not going to reach his full potential in Boston because it is a defense first organization. See it’s not just me fellas, Wheeler should go for the good of the Franchise and for his own development.

  26. CCMGoalie says:

    Also announced today, Paul Mara heads to Montreal for a 5th round pick to Anaheim. Think this is in effort to provide a grittier, tougher edge to their team in preparation for the Bruins at Canadiens game?

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