Bruins acquire Kaberle, Peverly, and Valabik

The Bruins have acquired Tomas Kaberle from Toronto for Joe Colborne, their 2011 first round pick, and a conditional pick in 2012. The conditional draft pick will be a second rounder if Kaberle resigns in Boston or if the Bruins make it to the finals.  In the end this deal could turn out to be two firsts (Colborne 15th overall in 2008) and a second for Kaberle, which seems like a vast overpayment for a defenseman like Kaberle.

The Bruins have also landed Rich Peverly and Boris Valabik from Atlanta for Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart.  Peverly is under contract at $1.325 million for this season and next.  Peverly can play wing and center and is an upgrade over Wheeler both offensively and defensively.  Valabik is under contract this year at a $762,500 cap hit. He is a restricted free agent next season. Taking a shot on the 6’7” 245 lb defenseman is a good risk to take. He will report to Providence. The Bruins win big in the Atlanta deal.

Now the question is what happens on that third line? Does Tyler Seguin find himself watching from the press box again, sitting in favor of Daniel Paille? Does Julien bump Horton down to the fourth line?  Here’s a potential look:









128 Responses to Bruins acquire Kaberle, Peverly, and Valabik

  1. willisss says:

    Fucking. Awesome.

  2. Bruins says:

    I do not the Kaberle trade. I love the Peverley trade though. This guy is very underrated, and to get him as a salary dump is awesome.

  3. gibbz says:

    will they play tonight?

  4. G-Rant says:

    All good moves, pumped!!

  5. gibbz says:

    thanks wheeler and stuart. u guys played well. i will miss you but peverly and vlabik will fill the void! GO B’S FUCKIN GO

  6. UEDkop says:

    Holy shit! I leave for two hours and the trades are flying left and right. PC is a master! Both trades are amazing! Chara is one of Valabik’s idols, if I’m not mistaken (aren’t they both from Slovakia?). Think of the development that could happen! I am SO pumpred for this.

  7. Vince_M says:

    Will all of those players play tonight?

    Anything else coming?

    • UEDkop says:

      I’m inclined to say stop it there. PC has totally scored big with these moves. Peverley is a decent scoring winger, Kelly is the third line center, and Kaberle is the PMD we needed desperately.

      It’s done and I’m thrilled.

  8. lucic crew says:

    Fucken right pc you the man. Dont listen to these haters, picks serious we still have torontos first. I feel sorry for your girlfriends/ wives all you guys do is bitch. SWEET PC WELL DONE GOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSS

  9. Bruins says:

    The Peverley trade was mastery by Chia. Wait until you see him play. He’s unbelievably skilled.

  10. Bruins says:

    No more trades! This team is set. Who sits though, McQuaid or Kampfer?



    My god, I LOVE that offense right now.

    • #4 says:


      These moves scream to me of Competing with DET/PHILLY..

      Seguin-Peverly-Ryder could be freaking deadly. Pevs can skate man.

      Pevs or Kelly > Wheeler

      I bet the boys arent looking forward to playing aginst stuart any time soon though HAH!

    • Bob says:

      Peverly had the most ice team of any Thrasher forward. As a third liner he will be more effective. He also won 55.5% of faceoffs. I think that he adds a great dimension the Bruins. I also having like two centers Kelly and Campbell on the fourth line and as P-killers.

      Looking good.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      Kampfer sits in my opinion. But some nice options now ! Habs only have 1 d man…and it’s subban the clown !

  11. Craig says:

    Kaberla will play tonight

  12. MattG says:

    Awesome stuff, little overpayment for Kabs, but clearly were taking a run at it, so Im ok with with. A steal from Atlanta, hope the boys do well there.

    • #4 says:

      I criticized the Kaberle Deal as I didnt expect much else to get done.

      Man I was freaking wrong. Wheeler is addition by subtraction but Kelly is the freaking cocaine laced icing on the cake.

      woooWEEE> I did nothing at work today hahaa.

      • lucic crew says:

        Its allllllll good 4, i do expect my bottle if excuse me WHEN WE WIN. GOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • #4 says:

        I said Kelly I meant peverly. I think you all understand.

        Lucic if they win and I manage to buy some Scotty Blue ($113 a bottle last I checked) Ill drive up meet you drink it and get my own B’s tatoo.

  13. ELWOPPO says:

    All my leaf fans are pissed! They wont even answer thier phones!

  14. Mike says:

    The best part of all these moves is the 3 guys joining the lineup are smart…can log minutes…faceoffs will improve and PP will improve…grittiness is better as well!!!…finally, it appears that Boston will make a cup run…with a decent forward and defensemen…whomever they are ready to step in and contribute…Boston hasn’t had this type of depth in years…we still are going to have a top 5 to 7 pick in June….the rookies are good on the farm and getting seasoned…this might be their year…

  15. Mike says:

    The best part of all these moves is the 3 guys joining the lineup are smart…can log minutes…faceoffs will improve and PP will improve…grittiness is better as well!!!…finally, it appears that Boston will make a cup run…with a decent forward and defensemen not dressed…whomever they are ready to step in and contribute…Boston hasn’t had this type of depth in years…we still are going to have a top 5 to 7 pick in June….the rookies are good on the farm and getting seasoned…this might be their year…

  16. lucic crew says:

    Sounds good 4

  17. #4 says:

    Lucic-Krejci-Horton (should score more than it does)
    Marchand-Bergeron-Recchi (Extremely Efficient)
    Seguin-Peverly-Ryder (Skil+Speed+Potential+Creativity = ???)
    Kelly-Campbell-Thornton (Best 4th line in the league by far!)

    Chara-Kaberle (dammn even that sloth McCabe put up big numbers with Kabs imagine Z)
    Seidenberg-Kampfer (These 2 work well together both seem to be solid #4s)
    Ference-Boychuk (solid 4-5 defenseman)
    McQuaid (solid 5-6)
    Valabik (BEAST!)

    This freaking lineup is deadly. I hope baby Chara can develop playing with his idol. Cant hurt to have 2 chara’s out there. Like Shaq and Baby.

    Nice job not selling the farm PC. I think the price for Kaberle was a little high. But that might have been a bit of a handshake deal between Burke and PC.

    Burke probably told PC fool me once……. So they agreed it would be a slight overpayment.

  18. Bruins says:

    Yeahhhhh Radiohead album out a day early. Nothing to do with the Bruins but I’m pumped.

    • pearson says:

      and it sucks.

      oh yea, someone check valabik’s dimensions. hes a monster

      if they put him and chara on a line, and they wont, thats a dpairing of 13’4 and over 500lbs. both slovakian.

      today was christmas come early. everybody….CHEERS!

  19. ELWOPPO says:

    Is this a rental for Kabs, or will they sign him? We see?

    • moast says:

      Kaberle only wanted Boston and even though Boston said they had 9 to look at (Burke Ploy) they have wanted Kabs for years.
      So, I guarantee that there will be an extention asap or at least before free agency!
      Super pumped about this team.
      The new aquisitions will at forward will create alot of competition for playing time and line slots.
      I am hoping that Peverley owns and pushs Horton to start scoring, if not, slide Pev into the top line and Horton down to the third.
      Love how most of the players can rotate.

      Fast, gritty, accountable, pp help…..fuck ya!!

  20. John says:

    Looks like Boychuk and Paille are the odd men out. These were marginal players in the first place though. But they are great insurance to have in case of an injury. I really like the acquisition of Kelly because he brings stability to a team that sometimes doesn’t show up. He plays the game the right way and wins a lot of faceoffs. Kaberle fills a big need. Peverley is a better player than Wheeler and brings a weapon this team hadn’t had before.

  21. CCMGoalie says:

    I think all of these trades are pretty favorable for the Bruins. I’m not thrilled we lost Colborne, but from what I’ve heard he’s been a soft player in the AHL and that’s just not Bruins hockey, i.e. Kessel, and now Wheeler.

    I sincerely wish them all the best of luck and no hard feelings. Wheeler will thrive on a team like Atlanta and Stuart will be a good shut down D-man for them. Kaberle will definitely help our PP.

  22. Vince_M says:

    If everything goes good, being in Winnipeg I might be able to see Wheeler and Stuart all the time as part of the Winnipeg Thrashers.

  23. jimmy50 says:

    Don’t forget that Wheeler was stolen from PHX for absolutely nothing. Also Stuart’s game is similar to Boychuk and McQuaid. So to make that trade for Peverly is huge for us. Like the depth now:

    Lucic Krecji Horton
    Recchi Bergeron Peverly
    Seguin Kelly Ryder
    Thornton Campbell Marchand

    Chara Kaberle
    Seidenberg Kampfer
    Boychuk Ference

    • #4 says:

      You cant be seriously splitting up Bergy-Marchand?

      Peverly-Bergeron-Marcahnd??? Cha-CHING!

      • jimmy50 says:

        I am only because Marchand makes the 4th line that much better, and Peverly on the line with Recchi and Bergeron could be just as deadly. TBD.

  24. dookie says:

    Cap-wise it would appear from where I stand,
    PC has worked wonders –


    Thomas $5.0M
    Rask $1.25M
    Bergeron $4.75M
    Lucic $4.083333M
    Savard $1.443433M
    Ryder $4.0M
    Horton $4.0 M
    Krecji $3.75M
    Seguin $0.90M
    Wheeler $1.584946M
    Recchi $1.0M
    Campbell $1.1M
    Paille $1.075M
    Thornton $0.8125M
    Caron $0.309785M
    Kelly $0.580662M
    Marchand $0.60M
    McGrattan $0.075443M
    Arniel $0.0006129M
    Peverley $0.370448M
    Hamill $0.042339
    Chara $7.5M
    Seidenberg $3.250M
    Ferrence $2.250M
    Boychuk $1.875M
    Stuart $1.206720M
    Hunwick $0.413172M
    McQuaid $0.575M
    Kampfer $0.391716M
    Kaberle $1.188148M
    Bartkowski $0.010242M
    Schaeffer $0.766667M
    Eaves ($0.41667M)
    Prior year cap penalty $1.759795M

    Total projected cap hit at present = $57,878,811
    2010-2011 cap limit = $59,400,00

    Cap space = $1,521,189

    The above calculations are based on the daily cap hit per player x the # of days on the roster. For example, Savard’s daily cap hit is $21,544 and he has only been on the active roster for 67 days. The rest of the time has been spent on LTIR. 67 x $21,544 = $1,443,433.

    I am no wizard when it comes to the salary cap, but if my #’s are close, PC has done a masterful job and still has over $1M (prorated) to play with.

    • #4 says:

      According to Murphs or Haggerty I cant keep up anymore. They got rite above 1mil to spare.

      With the to1st min2nd in this draft? Thats freaking masterwork there Mr> Chiarelli!

  25. moast says:

    TO’s 1st 2011

    BOS’s 1st
    Conditional 2nd

    I would make that deal any day of the week. I may be missing a piece or two but you get my drift. This was for people who think that the overpayment was real bad. Boston is ahead in this picture.

  26. moast says:

    Tonights Game:

    BOS 9 OTT 1

  27. #4 says:

    Who’s supposed to be available?

    I want to see Kaberle and Kelly in the lineup tonight? Maybe hold of on Peverly?

    HOw long is that trip from ATL to OTT, I mean he must want to get some of shit together and find a flight first right?

  28. moast says:

    So now, hear me out, if the top line keeps slipping and has more no shows….who would do this 11th hour deal.

    DAL: TO’s 1st, MIN 2nd, Krejci, Hamil
    BOS: Richards

    Lucic Richards Horton
    Marchand Bergeron Recchi
    Ryder Peverly Seguin
    Kelly Campbell Thornton

    • lucic crew says:

      Like i said moast round of beers, fuck ill buy you a bar.

    • Bruins says:

      For a rental?!?!?!?!? Come on man, that’s insane.

      • lucic crew says:

        No thats lord stanley, insane was you not wanting kabs

      • Bruins says:

        What is Krejci, shit? You’re trading a top 10 pick, Krejci, a top 2nd pick for 25 games of Richards.

      • lucic crew says:

        For a cup thats exactly what saying. Long run yup you right not smart. The time is now we are so fucken close. Sometimes you got to take risks.

      • Bruins says:

        I’m not against getting Richards if the price is right but trading one of your team’s top centers who is signed to a good deal beyond this year, and who is way younger than Richards is nuts.

      • moast says:

        No nuts if there is an extension in place and firms up cup chances. I should have mentioned that the deals I speak of are always with extensions in place.
        I would trade krejci out for Richards any day. If Krejci showed up and played like Krejci can every night than I would stay with him.

      • Bruins says:

        Oh that’s alot different then. I’d still be hesitant to do it though.

  29. willisss says:

    Dallas interested in tor 1….

  30. Bruins says:

    Chia press conference coming on soon.

  31. Craig says:

    I heard Kabs to Tor. for kessels.


  32. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    i just want to thank stewie and wheels for their time in boston

    • UEDkop says:

      Seconded. I’m especially sorry to see Stuart go, he was one of my favorite players when he actually got time. Always great to see him score that rare goal, too.

  33. Bruins says:

    Kaberle/Peverley not playing tonight.

  34. ELWOPPO says:

    Leafs are gonna get Richards,U Watch!!!!!!!!!!

  35. dookie says:

    I must have heard incorrectly. Thought I heard PC say that Kaberle is enroute to Ottawa and that he would return to TO after the game and will rejoin the team out west. Peverley is in enroute to Atlanta from Phoenix and will join the team Sunday.

  36. black n gold says:

    Its about time !!! Good job PC and yes Kaberle is playing tonight woooooo Ottawa u r so fucked

  37. Caperfan says:

    Awesome, i love the deals exaclty wht the B’s needed. lets hope for quick chemistry and get this team where we all deserve to see it with a good playoff run.we all suffered long enough. I want a fucking cup

  38. willisss says:

    damn i wanted to see them play tonight

  39. Bob says:

    Gae up way tooooooo much for Kaberle. Look at Brewer and White trades.

    • moast says:

      Whos Bob…..thanks for stoping by….Kabs is a great signing!

    • black n gold says:

      Hello dude Kaberle is way better then those guys only lidstrom has more assist then kaberle since the lockout year

      • Bob says:

        Yes, I know Kaberle was great. But I sure hope that he can deliver. As a rental, I think that we gave up alot. We could have waited and signed him next year for nothing. Although I think that Markov RFA would be a better signing.

        Interesting we gave up 4 first rounders today (pick 2011, Colbourne, Stuart and Wheeler.

  40. moast says:

    So, after this trade, sitting with the line up they have plus:

    -TO’s 1st
    -MIN’s 2nd

    I’m quite extatic and could give two shits about the 1st and Colburne…..this team is stocked for years to come! the only thing that I would suggest is this:

    1. Use TO’s #1 to get the best defensman available
    2. Start looking at stocking the goalie prospects!

  41. Chris Ross says:

    This Kaberle trade is definitely an interesting one as the Bruins are getting someone who is a free agent at the end of the season, so essentially he is a rental player. I’m not a big fan of rental players because anything short of a stanley cup is a failure when you acquire a rental player so even though they have two 1st rounders we don’t know if giving away these prospects and draft picks could come back to haunt the Bruins. Kaberle is a very solid player, but the Leafs must have been happy to get a pretty solid package for him. I think the Leafs did a very good job with the trade and it could even be one of those win-win types of trades. But only time will tell I guess.

  42. Manitoba Fan says:

    Some people on here may believe that PC made a mistake or gave too much up for Kaberle, but fuck that? Get your heads out of your ass. I have buddies who are Toronto fans and they are pissed that he is gone. Kaberle is exactly what we need and sometimes you have to give up a little to get a good return. So they got our 1st round pick, which will probably be like 20 or higher, same with the philly pick. Like Congrats on you Burke you got two picks super late in the first round, in a weak draft. Some say he wants to trade those two picks for a top 5, good luck. PC did awesome today in my opinion. PEVERLY, great pick up. Fuck people we still have TO’s first, and Minn 2nd rounder.
    Getting loADED TONIGHT.

  43. zamer says:

    I like the kaberle but our GM shouldve not given that fucken conditional pick,Toronto got 2 first rounders if we resign Kaberle for say 5 years he will be 38 while Toronto will have 3 young kids.

    • moast says:

      A. Who the fuck cares about what TO does
      B. Conditional Picks…..late 2nd round….meh
      C. The 2nd 1st rounder has nothing to do with BOS
      D. Colbourne is another Blake Wheeler
      E. A tandem of Chara & Kaberle for 5 years…oh no!
      F. I hate people trashing on age and the older vets
      look at lidstrom, chelios and recchi and thats the severe end of things. Just cuz your in your 30’s don’t mean your old or slow or washed up….its called experience and every team needs it!

  44. Gcole says:

    Why isn’t Thomas playing against Ottawa?!

    • moast says:

      Cuz OTT sucks balls and he needs more rest.
      Tuukka needs to play mang…..he needs confidence before the playoffs.
      I know what your saying as Timmy is the SenSlayer! but i think with the addition of Kelly playing his old team and Kaberle as well as OTT having half there team traded…..BOS should be just fine!
      Like I said before I am predicting a 9-1 win!

  45. Manitoba Fan says:

    Fuck people who cares that we gave up Colbourne and two picks for kaberle. We still have a better first round pick then them, and a second round pick also. So we gave up 3 prospects, but will be drafting 2 in return. Who is to say that any of these prospects turn out to be anything. It’s a chance you take. And like i have said before they are getting a very late first rounder. Big deal. I guarantee you our first round prospect turns out better then theirs in the long run. Take a deep breath. People were bitching that we can’t get the puck out or our end and our PP sucks. Well PC just addressed that and IMO did a good job. Ever since PC has takien over as manager this team has been pretty good for the most part.

    • moast says:

      I agree and have posted my point earlier:

      So, after this trade, sitting with the line up they have plus:

      -TO’s 1st
      -MIN’s 2nd

      I’m quite extatic and could give two shits about the 1st and Colburne…..this team is stocked for years to come! the only thing that I would suggest is this:

      1. Use TO’s #1 to get the best defensman available
      2. Start looking at stocking the goalie prospects!

  46. dookie says:

    Great job by PC today. Sad to lose Wheeler & Stuart, but the team is improved from last night and if all goes well, is poised for a long playoff.

    I’m sure the team is stoked by today’s news and most, if not all the players, can now relax and concentrate on the task at hand. Having said that, I hope they send a message tonight and destroy the Sens, 9-2. The only way they lose tonight is if they take the Sens too lightly after todays activities and leave their enthusiam and emotion in the room.

    Surprised to see Tuukka back in goal tonight seeing that Thomas’ stats against the sens are lights out. Oh well, Tuukka needs the work – the more he plays, the better he gets. Go B’s!!!

    • CCMGoalie says:

      PC told Kathryn right before the game that the Bruins are pretty much shut down for the trade deadline on major moves and they’ll likely stand pat from this point on. I think this will be great for the boys on top of the new additions to the roster. I’m hoping they put Peverley-Kelly-Ryder together. I think that line could be pretty dangerous against other team’s 3rd lines.

  47. Manitoba Fan says:

    Turn up the CCR and fuckin drink boys!

  48. chitownbruin says:

    anyone know another link for a live feed? got shut down, not working well.

  49. Bruins says:

    Pretty bad period against a weak team. Let’s go boys!

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I think it’s still a “feeling it out” game. I hate to categorize it that way, but think about it. They’ve got two new faces in the lineup who’ve never seen a Bruins’ system on paper before, one who arrived an hour before gametime, and the other playing his former team for the first time in his first game for his new team. Give them some time. Once this gets rolling we’re going to be DANGEROUS.

      I like Kaberle giving two great passes over to Chara on PP for two solid one-timers right away. One got blocked, but the one that got through created a big rebound that should’ve gotten shoveled in.

      PC: “If you build it, it will come…”

      • Bruins says:

        Kaberle will have to impress me here. I am simply not a fan.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        You know I wasn’t/have yet to be completely sold on him yet, but I think now that he’s in a place he wanted to come to his play will pick up. I still would’ve been way happier Seabrook, but if Kaberle pans out I’ll be content. So far I like his work on the blue line with Chara on the PP. Couple good shots from the point.

        Side note: Krejci seems to have found SOME of his play making magic tonight. What think?

  50. Bruins says:

    Marchy and Seguin!

  51. dookie says:

    ‘Feeling out game’ or not, the B’s need to take 2 points outta here tonight. No excuses – play more assertively. nothing less than 2 points will suffice.

  52. lucic crew says:

    Is it cause i hammered or the bruins playing like shit. They better fucken win

    • Manitoba Fan says:

      I don’t like the way their playing either. I think lots has happend today boys lost a couple good buddies, but it will come around. They better win today though.

  53. gibbz says:

    just became a fan of kab. marchand kicks ass

  54. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    guys where the hell did brad marchand come from? this kid is amazing!! he makes seguin look like nothing!

  55. lucic crew says:

    atta boy bsss not a bad game i know it will be better give time boys.

  56. willisss says:

    Krej is our best set up man on the team, his vision and ability to read a play and slow it down is top notch…I’m sick of the fucking morons on the radio and the morons in blogs who bash his game, if you can’t see what he brings to this team, then you don’t know a single thing about hockey…fact

  57. JRy says:

    Wow Erik Johnson to avs…..didn’t see that coming

  58. Bruins says:

    The Bruins roster is really starting to shape up for next year now.

    (Sauve or FA)-Peverley-Seguin

    Subtotal – $24,370,330 + $7,557,143 (Savard and Seguin)


    Subtotal – $15,719,167

    Subtotal – $6,250,000

    Buyouts – $258,333

    Total (With Savard in and Seguin hitting all incentives) – $54,154,973
    Total (With Savard retiring and Seguin’s base salary) – $47,497,830

    Marchand being resigned to play on Bergeron’s wing is a given. I know Chiarelli plans to do anything he can to resign Kaberle as well. If Kaberle is resigned, one of Boychuk or Ference will be the odd man out, taking $1,875,000 or $2,250,000 off the cap respectively.

    I have absolutely no idea what Marchand will be asking for, but I’ll put him at about $2,200,000 (the Wheeler salary). Kaberle I’m assuming will come in at around $5,000,000, but I’ll call the total $7,500,000 just to round it up (I might be overestimating Marchand, but underestimating Kaberle).

    So, assuming both are resigned and Ference is traded, that brings the cap to $52,747,830 + Seguin’s incentives. So, if the cap stays the same hat’s $6,652,170 in cap space (minus Seguin’s incentives) with one spot on the wing to fill, and whatever extras they want. That can either be filled by Sauve and his $845,833 salary, or somebody in free agency.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Holy fuck, That was quite the post Bruins! Good work!

    • Manitoba Fan says:

      I completely agree with your post Bruins. The only thing is i believe that 3rd line with seguin and sauve will be weak. Unless seguin steps it up alot next year and plays with some balls. I have a feeling PC will test the free agent market or I also think he may try to resign Ryder but more along the lines of 2.5 million. Thats just my opinion. I think what you have drawn up there with those lines looks great. I really like that Kelly he plays hard and he’s a big boy. I just not sold on that third line. Great post though buddy!
      GO BRUINS!

    • willisss says:

      impressive post…true bruin fans are the smartest fans in new england

  59. willisss says:

    Its crazy seeing bobby butler score…I playyed agaisnt him in the winter jam tour and again during states….looks like he won

  60. ELWOPPO says:

    Fucken FIGURES! Colburnes first game he kills it! What he have 2 goals and the shootout winner last night !!! Give me a break!!!!

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