Kampfer out with mild concussion

Steve Kampfer has suffered a mild concussion and will miss at least the next week. With Ference already injured and Shane Hnidy not yet ready to return the Bruins are expected to recall a defenseman from Providence.


94 Responses to Kampfer out with mild concussion

  1. Bruins says:

    Bergy out too vs. PIT for “personal reasons”. I say call up Bartkowski again with Kampfer out.


    Kelly is a versatile guy so I’d plug him in there. Hopefully Bergy isn’t gone too long.

  2. Richardo says:

    Looks like Bergeron will miss tomorrow’s game for personal reasons…

  3. Bruins says:

    Apparently on 98.5 Tampa Bay assistant coach Wayne Flemming said that “Bruins fans go to watch the fights first and hockey second.”

    And bruinsrumors poster Bruins says that Tampa Bay fans go to watch the Rays first, the Bucs second, and don’t know what the Lightning are.

    Lightning = pussies as evidenced by them turtling all over the ice last night, and their coach bitching about fighting.

  4. GoLeafsGo says:

    Another Bruin with a concussion….. Karma is a bitch. This is what happens to a dirty team. I hope the bruins play the Leafs in the first round… Expect a rude awakening bruins fans. Go Leafs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • willisss says:

      I find it adorable that a string of wins can erase soooo many bad playoffless seasons….so I will tip my hat to you. I just feel bad for leaf fans, I can’t even get mad at them anymore…theyr just too adorable

    • pearson says:

      how many bruins suspended this year for dirty hits? how much in fines levied on the bruins this year for dirty hits?

      matt cooke… trevor gillies…

      please bitch. bruins play for points, and a cup. the leafs play for draft position.

    • Bruins says:

      Komisarek punched out a woman lately?

    • Pen says:

      Living close to Toronto, I have to say I admire the Leaf’s loyal fans….they are a lot like loyal Bruin’s fans…

      save for their grand delusions and constant support of shitty Toronto sports franchises

      but the beer is good and strip bars are even better…

      Pay for a brew and lappie and don’t pay any more money to watch your hapless Maple Laughs! Only then will they actually try to get better.

    • backbruin says:

      go fk your hat little leaf fan, and yes if we did “get” you in the first round 4 games later we wouldn’t hear from you for about a year!!

      no balls, you only chirp when things are good….thankfully we hear from you 3-4 days a season…bahahahahah

      you really do suck

    • moast says:

      Not sure why wnyone on here even replies to this fucktard…..I mean really he is a trolling Laffs fan and is just starting shit. He knows damn well what his team is. I still cant understand how they can be so loyal to a non playoff franchise that has Pussy ass prima donas Kessel and Phaneuf as the faces of there franchise….painful!

  5. GOLeafsGo says:

    We will make the playoffs….. the question is when will the Bruins AKA “Dirty Goons” choke…. I can’t wait!!!!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      We all know that you losers wish u had our team! Choke or no Choke, The Bruins Will win the cup within 3 years! The Leafs, Well…..6 years and counting with no playoffs! 7 after this year! On a positive note Ur goalie is pretty good! If that makes u feel and better? With hard work and determination, He could win the Vezna, Just like Tim Thomas!!!

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Least our team skates with their heads up in warm-ups douchebag…

    • #4 says:

      Most pathetic bandwagon fanbase in all of hockey. I hate habs fans but they stick by thier teams.

      Leafs fans are pathetic. Only when things are going as best they could for the team amidst 8 years of totally pathetic seasons do they get the guts to talk trash.

    • God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

      why is some asshole leaf fan on a BRUINS blog? are you to stupid to find your own? well you must be stupid, you like the leafs HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    No Worries!

  7. willisss says:

    Off topic but today is the cape cod st pattys day parade, cheers to my bruin brother

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    Does the streak end today? I’ll tell u one thing Boston better play a complete game tonight rollng all four lines and getting solid goaltending! Even though the Pens are without Sid and Gino, Their depleted team has been playing together now for over a month now! The Bruins our playing without thier two best centerman for the first time this year! Timmy I got a feeling its on you tonight buddy! (Like he hasnt heard that before) L-E-T-S G-O B-S

  9. moast says:

    Anyone heard lineups with Bergeron and Kampfer out?

    Lucic Krejci Horton
    Marchand Peverley Recchi
    Ryder Kelly Seguin
    Paille Campbell Thornton

    Chara Boychuk
    Kaberle Seidenberg
    McQuaid Bartkowski

  10. pearson says:

    WAIT. why are leafs fans here?
    -they’re only on a two game win streak. bruins on a 7.
    -tomas kaberle, who has played for the bruins the past week, is leading the leafs in assists still.
    -your “sniper” and leading scorer still has less goals than our power forward leading scorer. also has one less ball.
    -leafs are 4 points out of a playoff spot. however, are 4th in the division.

    but yet, they’re hot? its really sad and unfortunate that they are ultimately not playing for a playoff spot, but more so to keep the bruins from getting a higher draft pick.

  11. B,s fan says:

    I want to see Valabik for fun 🙂

  12. lucic crew says:

    Lets go bssss 8 in a row tonight GOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS!!

  13. Bruins says:

    I don’t understand our PP. We’re usually completely controlling the play 5-on-5 but can’t even get it into the other team’s zone on the PP. That’s my only beef with this team. I can’t believe we’re on this huge streak with an ice-cold PP. Just shows how good the Bruins are in all other facets of the game.

  14. Manitoba Fan says:


  15. Bruins says:

    Pretty bad effort outside of the physical play but awesome sequence to tie it up. At least we got a point. Had to watch the Penguins feed tonight. I want to strangle their announcers.

  16. Birdman2403 says:

    Brutal play by Seidenberg. At least another point. Have to beat the Habs !

  17. ELWOPPO says:

    The right team won 2nite, Not even mad! Worst defensive game of the year! Luckily we got a point because we clearly got out played and deserved to lose! Hopefully we come out hard next game againts the french faggots! I also believe Bergeron and ference will be back for that game, So thats good news!

    • #4 says:

      Missed a most of the game Beer Olympics in framingham last night. From what I saw it didnt look the B’s game last night.

      Thomas let in a couple softies imo too. Its all good 7 in a row and a loss to a tough team no compliants here.

  18. willisss says:

    not a bad loss boys, we stole a point from a good team…let’s be realistic, we’re not winning out the rest of the season, but stealing points from games we should have lost? Fuck it, I raise my glass…15 out of a possible 16 points is somthing I’ll taake any day

  19. GoLeafsGo says:

    Hhhhhhhaaaaaahahaha. BRUINS CHOKED!!! Thomas is starting to AWFUL!!!! GO LEAFS GO!!!!

  20. lucic crew says:

    Oh well can’t win them all, we didn’t deserve to win that game anyway. So getting that point was huge. Im not mad at all 7 in a row and when they lose they still get a point sounds good too me.

  21. zamer says:

    Cant win every game,it was just one of those off days but one thing some players like seguin,paille even recchi seem lethargic.These guys need to pick up there game to make a difference Ive allways said these are our weak links.

    • ELWOPPO says:


    • GoLeafsGo says:

      Too bad you don’t have Kessel

      • BosBrn77 says:

        Go slap your Mom and her brother…. err… I mean your Dad for giving birth to you!

      • ELWOPPO says:

        We had him, He was a greedy little bitch! So we shipped him to the “Laughs” for the 2nd overall pick and prob a top 5 pick this year! To bad ur GM is Mentally challenged! Go Bruins kid!!!!!!!

      • averynathan says:

        looks like the sabres just set that playoff bar a little higher. hahahahaha no team who has allowed 29 more goals than put in the net belongs in the playoffs.

    • BosBrn77 says:

      I think this would be a great time to alternate who is sitting. Give everyone a rest and a chance to watch the game from a distance. Give them a breather, not a punishment. We are going to make the playoffs…. and we would be so much tougher if everyone was refreshed and ready.

      • pearson says:

        id sorta disagree. the key at this point in the season is going into the playoffs hot. so yea, tweak the lineup by sitting some people to rest them, but keep the same lineup as best as possible. id think you’d really want to maximize chemistry at this point. not exactly give extra rest.

        kampfer needs some rest though. hes young, and never played this many games in a season. not sure about when hes ready, but im ready to see the sheriff back out there

      • BosBrn77 says:

        I do agree with what you are saying. But to give a few of the guys one night off to catch their bearings and watch. Recchi could use some rest, let Horton watch a game, same for Ryder and even some of the d-men. Give them a different perspective. Not as punishment, but to see it from the outside looking in.

  22. zamer says:

    Im a diehard bruins fan for many years and I beleive that we do not have the team right to make it to cup finals.We have been lucky to win many games because of our goalies,our powerplay isnt great defensively we giveaway the puck when pressured in our zone and teams know that because we clutter around our net.We need size in certain positions because come playoffs it matters for physical play where battles are won,we have some players that arent going to take us there.Ive watched all there games since these trades its like we are missing something.

    • Bruins says:

      Jesus Christ…

      • #4 says:

        Least he didnt trade Seguin this time.


      • lucic crew says:

        Even though i hate that word, im with you bruins people are never satisfied.

      • BosBrn77 says:

        He would be pissed if he won the Powerball with one other person! Bet he hates to share… because it is obvious NOTHING is good enough!

        Damn, let the team continue to gel together. I honestly, after watching this team for over 35 years, believe this team CAN win it all!

  23. ELWOPPO says:

    Looks like the Flyers are human after all! Rangers smoked them 7-0 this afternoon! They have lost 4 in a row! Good fuck them! Thats what happens when u dont invest in a decent Goalie!

  24. UEDkop says:

    McQuaid tied for league lead in +/-. +27 with Brian Campbell.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      I seen that! Thats amazing! This kid came along way! And to think I bashed his play last year in the playoffs, What was I thinking? He’s a younger version of Stuart but better! Go B’s!

  25. Marchmam says:

    Recchi isn’t practicing.

    Seguin moved to Bergeron’s line for practice, should be an interesting line if Recchi sits out tomorrow.

  26. moast says:

    WTF Story of the day: Whitfield AHL honored as player of the week: four goals and three assists in just two games

  27. Et Le but says:

    Get ready to loose!!!!!!!!!

    • moast says:

      Go fuck your face you smurf lovin homo! You know Boston will dominate the game in every aspect!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Get ready to get the shit kicked out of you AGAIN!!!!!!!! And dont come on here trying to intimate us ur team dont scare nobody!! Weasels on skates!! Thats ur faggot teams new name!!!!!!! GO B’SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

      • lucic crew says:

        Well said Elwoppo, you french fried fucken faggots. The bs are going to kick the shit out of you homos again et la butt fag. GOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS!!!!

    • Jefe77 says:

      Et le blue! Finally! Your back!! Remember me you fuck-stick? I will never forget you, The pussy turtling habs fan who cried when we swept his stupid team.

      Very cool, we’ve missed you sorely here, and I hope you stick around for more abuse, because I have been waiting over A SEASON and A HALF for your stupid ass to show up again.

      I will never forget your posts during the 08’playoffs. Your failed expectations of winning was spectacular entertainment, but to watch you back pedal and start asking for us to give the habs credit was almost as fuckin’ pathetic as the history of the habs pussy skaters.

      The Bruins are going to break more habs faces tomorrow, just like your fragile emotions.

    • lucic crew says:

      First of all learn how to spell you stupid french faggot. Second hahahahahahahahaha that was the worst video i have ever seen. Somebody put a real video on, hey elwoppo put the welcome to the jungle video or black and yellow those were sick. Show this french pussy real videos, hahahahahahahahaha fag video for fag fans. The bs will prevail tonight GOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Bruins says:

    In le but, I’ll talk to you in your language so you can better understand me. Fuck off. Pardon my french.

  29. Jefe77 says:

    Not sure why anyone is responding to that numbnut leafs fan…his team is the largest epic fail in the history of a Canadian hockey team (any hockey team), on any level.

    We should focus on ripping apart et le blue, who’s bipolar rants, fragile emotions and ability to ignore all logic provides much greater entertainment.

    The fact that he posted before every game in 08′ here, when the Bruins won 7 out of 8 reg season games, and then swept them in the playoffs was proof that he lives among the delusional bunch of dumbshit habs who believe they will win another cup.

    They haven’t figured out that its over for them; they haven’t realized that every player in the NHL despises playing there.

    Let’s just hope et le blue is still as stupid as he ever has been, and keeps coming back here.

  30. willisss says:

    I’m watching bruins habs clips on youtube in my cubical all day…I’m not doing a fucking thing…too excited

    • #4 says:

      Willis I get the feeling me and you do the same thing at work ever day there is a big game haha. Im loving gresh and Zo right now.

      Make the hosers cry tonight Bruins!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      I just lost “ALL” respect for the Habs! THAT WAS SUPER GAY! WOW! Please stop posting here, u really are a homo!

  31. #4 says:

    Hahahahaha Felger is ready to trade blows with this marinara character from mtl radio talk. I want this game to start right now!

  32. backbruin says:

    here boys, fk this et le but faggots music…here’s the shit….give a listen before the game…..and watch the lead singer he’s an angry man…i know you have all seen it but games like tonight i love cracking a beer and listening to this shit!!!mmmm fk you habs!! eat it!

  33. Bruins says:

    I just ran into Doug Gilmour at the grocery store across from my house (he coaches the Kingston Frontenacs)! So awesome! I even had a small conversation with him. He saw my Bruins hat and said that we have a gem in Spooner! I talked a little bit with him about Spooner and Gudbranson and then wished him luck in the playoffs. He seemed like a great guy!

    • backbruin says:

      wow, your deep under cover living in kingston….not to far from ottawa and montreal for that matter…..stay strong..hahahah….that’s cool always liked Dougie!!

      • Bruins says:

        Haha there’s of chance of me switching allegiances (not that there’s anything to switch to anyways). Bruins fan for life!

  34. lucic crew says:

    Hardcore video fuck you et la butt fag, now thats a song take your little fag song and team and get the fuck out of here. BRUINS FAN FOR LIFE GOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. lucic crew says:

    GOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kick the shit out of the homos again.

    • backbruin says:

      you feel me, make sure you watch that just before game, and make sure your a dozen beers deep it will add to the affect!!bahahahaha

  36. ELWOPPO says:

    Since were all in the video mood!!
    Go B’s my Nigga’s!!!!!

    • backbruin says:

      Loved the tat……going to vegas on monday, i took a picture of the tat for some ideas!!!

      beautiful vid…mmmmmmmm go bsssssss

      habs………………..blow me!

  37. bruins5 says:

    habs are a bunch of soft ass bitches. Bruins better be ready to play in a beyond hostile environment

  38. moast says:

    Loved hearing Marchand trash the Habs this morning…..this game will be great!
    I thin it will be closer than we are hoping with the Bruins winning on 2 PP goals…..mouthy frenchys!! When will they learn!!

  39. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    FUCK the world! the Bruins are in town! fuck the habs!

  40. Gcole says:

    Wake up assholes!

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