Should Chara be suspended?


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  1. moast says:

    No intention and Chara is not dirty.
    He will be suspended as the league will suspend no matter the intention….I see 2 games.

  2. mook says:

    it’s not chara’s fault that the glass began there. also, if chara had enough time and skill to not only see it was paccioretty, but then decide to time his hit exactly when max’s head was in-line with the glass…then chara could possibly be a robot.

    • lucic crew says:

      yup yup and yup

      • RAph says:

        Who cares about the intention? If after 13 years in NHL’S ice you don’T know that you can kill somebdy in that part of the ice.. you just don’t deserve to play that game.. sorry mom i push my brother in front of the car.. I swear it’s not my fault!! the car was mooving… You are absolutly mindless if you realy think that what hockey should be!! who care about what is your favorite team here.. Since NHL decision, Now it’s truly legal to break a player neck in that part of the ice..
        What will you say if next game against MONTREAL something similar happens to Bergeron or Lucic!!? Not A WORD!! cause it’s NORMAL!! SHIT HAPPENS!! (Chara was after paccioretty since 3 last game… but he did’nt know it was him!!… HEllo!! even at 10 years old i kneew when a player i hate was on the ice.. so you think Chara have a less than 10 years old boy judgment!!! Sometime it’s crucial to ask for an example to avoid the worst… The Worst is coming.. maybe you will regret your words that day! shame on you! Violence FANS!! Sports would be so much better if you wer’nt that blind!

    • Bruins says:

      It was all part of Chara’s master plan.

  3. Jefe77 says:

    Agreed, 1-2 sounds realistic. I say no games personally.

  4. moast says:

    Off topic but Im pretty stoked to see the new 2nd line of Bergeron Peverly Marchand.

    Fast, talented and can score…..not sure about the 3rd and 4th though.

    I’d like to see this:
    Lucic Krejci Horton
    Bergeron Peverly Marchand
    Recchi Kelly Ryder

  5. ELWOPPO says:

    The way the rink was constructed is not Chara’s problem! Let him walk!

  6. #4 says:

    Guys, even I have been able to purposely put people into the stanchion before and im not 6’9 260lbs. Like I literally have done this before to people playing and its vicious.

    So if I knew where I was and how to put someone into it, couldnt chara of meant to? I mean I dont think he meant to break the kids vertibrea and give him a severe concussion. But he might of meant to put him into the stanchion.

    Because of that I say 3 games sounds about right.

    • pearson says:

      im with ya.

      i literally spit my beer out. follwed by some laughter. but then i actually though max was dead.

      ps. lucic had the same hit the other night against the lightning but it wasnt late and he wasnt directing his head.

      3 games. im cool with that.

  7. willisss says:

    If neil did this to krejci how would we respond? He will get at least 5 games, its the bruins

  8. cebbie says:

    If any team knows about injury the players on the bruins are aware – Between Bergeron and Savard over the past two seasons. I doubt there was any intention on chara’s hit – He is the biggest and likely the strongest player in the league – if he wanted to hurt people he could do it every game. If he gets suspended any more than three games Cooke should have gotten leathal injection after being hung.

  9. #4 says:


    Not even a fine! Let the habs fans tears fill the rivers up in quebec.

  10. Richardo says:


  11. backbruin says:

    Max Pacioretty suffered a severe concussion and a fracture of the fourth cervical vertebrae when he was hit into the stanchion by Boston defenseman Zdeno Chara on Tuesday night.
    His vertebrae is not displaced, according to coach Jacques Martin, but Pacioretty will remain under observation at the hospital. The Montreal Gazette is not only speculating that his season is over, but that his career could be in jeopardy as well. We wish him the best in his recovery and we’ll update his condition when we get more information.

  12. Jefe77 says:

    Justice is served.

    • Jefe77 says:

      And I am not celebrating a hockey players injury, but my comment is in respect that the league made the right decision.

  13. moast says:

    Shitty to see anyone hurt even if it is a gutless fucking hab. Im glad that they didn’t suspend Chara….just like someone else mentioned, if that hit happened anywhere else on the boards, 2min interference.

  14. lucic crew says:

    Nice i told you. All that was, was unfortunate accident. All the people saying chara should suspended you should be ashamed of yourselves. Poor guy was just doing his job and playing hard. Some people on here saying he doesn’t deserve the C and i said that couple times, we are wrong to say that he is a hard worker and plays to win thats captain in my books. Good for the nhl recognizing that it wasn’t a dirty play. GOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    • #4 says:

      LC I said he could be suspended but, I dont think it takes anything away from Chara as a player/person. He’s not dirty or cheap, just an unfortunate outcome of a play that many hockey players make.

      I agree with the no suspension as much as I agree with 3games(if he got that). I just hate to see people hurt like that, and I recalled doing that on purpose to people before.

      Montreal is going to fucking Riot. I hope this derails their streak and the B’s pull away. Pax has been huge for them and a bruin killer to boot.

  15. Bruins says:

    The NHL gets one right.

  16. gibbz says:

    like willisss said, if it were krejci getting hit i would be pissed off, i know it wasnt intentional, but holy shit! broke his vertabre and concussion!!! i would’ve liked to see a fine, and matt cooke dead haha

    • lucic crew says:

      I just want to to clear this up cause maybe its me im a little fucked up. Did you just say you wanted boston to get fined? And if thats what your saying wow just wow, way to be behind your team. Our loyal fans got to love em.

      • bergeronforselke says:

        im with u lucic crew

      • TheBellEnd says:

        you’re an idiot…you’re gonna tell me if this happened to one of our guys you wouldn’t be calling for his head???

        don’t be a fucking homer, retard

  17. Caperfan says:

    Great! no suspension for Chara, the league got it right. To bad for Pacioretty but thats what you get when you fuck with the bull, you get the horn! This guys is a rookie and he is yapping on the ice all the time and took that cheap shot on Chara after the overtime game and showed no respect for a 13 year veteran and showed no class. I think Chara saw an opportunity and took it, I don’t think he intended to hurt the guy the way it did and but thats the breaks, pardon the punn.

  18. Caperfan says:

    Dont listen to the Montreal papers like the Gazette etc. they will spread their propaganda and try every angle to use this to their advantage the rest of the season and playoffs to intimidate the refs etc. They have been doing this since the days of the Rocket. Imagine Pacioretty career may be over. How in the fuck can anyone make this determination this early. It is a violent game and shit happens. If this happened to a Bruin player last night they would all be singing O’lay O’Lay in the stands and wouldn’t give two fucks. No sympathy from me on this one.

    • lucic crew says:

      Good for you buddy and imagine if that happened at gardens, they would want blow it up and say its not safe their. Fuck montreal their fans and organization.

  19. Caperfan says:

    right on lucic crew, they are alredy saying it Montreal. They calling the bruins organization a bunch of thugs etc. I say when we play this team that you have to play them aggressive and lay the body but keep it smart and dont cross the line. Montreal does not want a physical game with anyone in a long series. Punishing these guys is the answer and everyone know this. the Bruins didnt play this way last night and for good reason as everyone in the league was waiting for them to beat the shit out of montreal again. Save it for the playoffs where we allknow the game is different.

  20. backbruin says:

    I just hope this doesn’t affect chara the rest of the way….yes he’s a pro and yes he’s a leader, but you know how this kind of thing where it’s all over the press could affect his aggression….now i personally don’t think it will but these kind of things are a big deal to most players….”besides matt cooke” i just hope he moves on and plays hard the rest of the way…which i do believe he will do!!!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      HOLY FUCKEN SHIT!! I actually agree with backbruin on something!! This is crazy!!! I Was actually thinking the same thing today! Remember when Bertuzzi ended Moore’s Career he broke down in tears on live tv and was very clearly effected by all the media, Just like thier doing with Chara! Bertuzzi was never the same!! BTW The Bertuzzi incident happened 7 years ago yesterday! Spooky huh?

    • pearson says:

      i dont think chara is highly aggressive to begin with. he does push people around after the whistle sometimes, but hes not the guy thats gonna lay someone out in the neutral zone. thats not to say he isnt physical, but he usually leaves that for down low and in the corners when hes gotta seperate someone from the puck.

      i hope it doesnt make him feel guilty and make him lose focus the rest of the season. but i dont think it will.

  21. lucic crew says:

    lol no moast i was saying thanks cause im the one that said that sorry wasn’t saying that to be a dick.

  22. lucic crew says:

    Hey look who it is that fucken loser the bell end. RETARD when did i say i wouldn’t be mad, look at all the post before you post a.d.d faggot. Im a homer? See if you came on here more then once a month to say your STUPID COMMENTS you know you could never call me a homer you fucken waste of sperm. You were born a loser and you will die a loser. And dont worry i will be here next month to hear the stupid shit that comes out of your mouth dummy.

  23. ELWOPPO says:


    Montreal Police Swamped With Complaints About Zdeno Chara’s Hit on Max Pacioretty

    Canadiens fans are taking Zdeno Chara’s hit onMax Pacioretty very seriously. The Montreal police department has been swamped with complaints from Habs fans, asking to file a criminal complaint against the Bruins’ defenseman, The Globe and Mail reports.Chara delivered a crushing hit on Pacioretty during Tuesday night’s matchup, sending the Habs’ forward headfirst into the divider between benches. Pacioretty suffered a severe concussion and a fractured vertebra as a result of the hit.The complaints started flooding in on Wednesday afternoon, after the NHL announced that Chara would not receive a suspension or a fine for the hit. According to the report, a Montreal media outlet suggested the idea, and fans started calling the police station nonstop with complaints.The Montreal police are now requesting that fans stop calling in with their grievances, as it is blocking actual emergency calls from getting through to the police department.”Someone in the media has been telling people to call the police to complain,” Sgt. Ian Lafreniere said. “This shows a serious lack of responsibility.”

  24. zamer says:

    I work in a Arena for over thirty years and Ive seen guys hit those stanchions many times and suffer major injuries and CHaras hit was him rubbing the player along the boards and believe me many players dont even know where the stanchions are and when it involves speed and hiting in this game.I wish the Montreal player the best,we are all human and in any sport anything can happen.

  25. Bruins says:

    Montreal fans are the WORST. Who the fuck does that???

    And Pacioretty is already bitching about Chara.

  26. Bruins says:

    What the fuck??? This shit is getting way out of hand.

  27. Bruins says:

    I’ve decided that I’m going to skip school for the rest of the year in protest of the NHL not suspending Chara. The NHL can take my exams for me.

  28. ELWOPPO says:

    Imagin if it was Camm,Gionta or Subban who got smashed! What would the people of Montreal do than? Take it to the Prime Minister of Canada? I bet u Stevan Harper would have to step down!

  29. ELWOPPO says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUUKKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ELWOPPO says:

    Dont mind the different colours beside my name.My Iphone changes E-mail adresess on me for some stupid Reason?

  31. willisss says:

    I do not want any of our big scorers playing next time we play the habs…

    • Jefe77 says:

      Don’t worry Williss, unlike the fragile habs, our players can protect themselves much better. Not to mention, we don’t need to call up a damn goon just to settle a score.

  32. willisss says:

    Cry me a fucking river…whiny hab cunts….this is getting so out of hand. I think soccer is more their sport

  33. ELWOPPO says:

    Montreal police launch criminal investigation on Chara’s hit on Pacioretti!

  34. zamer says:

    This is getting out of hand with these fucken people in Montreal now the cops in Quebec want to investigate the hit,all this is to rattle chara bruins players and managment making the bruins the bad team of the league.fuck grow up people its a sport that involves physical play amongst men.Canadian fans need to get a life.

  35. Eric D says:

    I really hate montreal’s players and fans with a passion, just listening to 98.5 the Sports hub all morning and people (hab fans) are threatning Bruins fans and Bruins players. Personally I would fight every habs fan that walk into the Garden, but for what? When savard was hit by cook we didnt threaten pitt fans or even cook, we were all just hoping to see thorty go out there and kick the shit out of him…
    F the habs and heir fans, they are an EMABRESSMENT to hockey and should really knock this stuff off

    • lucic crew says:

      Yeah, im going to be decked out in bruins gear and go out and see what montreal fans have to say. I will more then happy to have a conversation with them.

      • Bruins says:

        But they’ll call the police on you! I say you beat the shit out of them and then they’ll really have something to call the police about.

  36. Loooch says:

    Hey boys, my buddy is coming to Boston to see the Laffs play on March 31. If anyone has any ticket hook-ups can you shoot an email off to:

  37. BIGBADB'SSS says:

    I say we make tomorrow smash a hab day! Everytime you see a Monreal fan walking down the street or at work just go up to him and smash him! Dont even say anything! When the people ask why u hit him/her, Just respond “Just because?”
    Just for being a fan of a ridiculas and pussy organization!!!!

  38. Eric D says:

    Funny: Kessel, Brian Wilson, Spezza, and Chris Neal all defended chara on his hit, even mike cammalleri and subban didnt say it was a dirty hit necessarily, its just a big storng player.

    Lets not forget Pacciortti’s hit on Mark Eaton a while back… that could have been a lot worse
    ( )if Eaton was seriously injured. Did he get in trouble for that hit, nope… so give me a break.. it was a freak accident end of story

    • #4 says:

      Exactly the montreal attitude and double standard is unbearable. Its as if no other players in the league matter except for the habs.

      Was their outcry over Bergeron, Alberts, Savard, Crosby up there? No. There wasnt they couldnt give two craps to be honest.

      Lets not forget a lapierre hit from this year 100X worse than anything chara has ever done.

      Where is the criminal investigation into that? They are dellusional. I really think the league should look towards supplimental discipline towards the Habs and the fanbase. As well as issue an IMMEDIATE CEASE AND DESIST on the Chara investigation.

      If they will not respect the NHL’s decisions as an organization, riot violently, and constantly wish harm on Bruins players and Fans. They shouldnt be allowed to have hockey.

  39. lucic crew says:

    These montreal fans are a bunch of fucken pussies, go watch ballet bunch of fairies.

  40. Bruins says:

    So does this mean we could have tried Cooke and got him the death penalty?

  41. lucic crew says:

    Let the arguments begin, elwoppo and i are arguing with are slow cousin, who yes is a dirty habs fan. Wow the shit that comes out of their mouths. Fuck em all GOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. lucic crew says:

    LOL Bruins i know bunch off pussies would too. Your right they would call the the police might as well choke one if im going to get arrested.

  43. lucic crew says:

    Where the fuck is haus

  44. ELWOPPO says:

    I cant wait for the rematch with these french pussies! I gotta feeling thiers gonna be more fifireworks! Go B’SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  45. Edski says:

    So what u think about an old school goon game against the Habs

    Reich thornton cambell
    Horton lucic Mcdermid
    Rouuso mcgratten Mcgratten

    Valibik mcquid
    Bodnarcuck boy chuck
    Chara hnidy

  46. backbruin says:

    I’m going to find a hab site and raise shit….this whole thing is making me sick to my stomach… would think that Jesus was hit by Chara…hab fans are all prima donnas….the center of the universe….criminal investigation because all the fans are calling the police..bahahahahahahahahahahahah wqell of course they are……can we still bring up charges on cooke….let’s rally and we will all call boston police to investigate that hit!!!!

    habs blow there fans blow harder and the montreal police dept by the sounds of it blows everybody!!

  47. Edski says:

    Please post Habs site

    • lucic crew says:

      yup we will go bombard their site.

      • Edski says:

        Send which URL ur attackin

      • backbruin says:

        it’s ridiculous, i know but i’ve been looking for 1 hour and can’t find any easy sites like ours to jump on without signing my life over?????

        i thought i had one and it had a ridiculous set up and was very unorganized…if any of you can find one post it as the wine is flowing and i want me some froggy!!!!

        pls post if any of you guys can find one!!!

      • bergeronforselke says:

        i got one and made an account.

        username: habssuckass

        password: bruins
        if u guys wanna use tht account go ahead.

  48. Hendrik says:

    Tuukka is already 24?? Damm I thougt He was still Young

  49. backbruin says:

    how is it so hard to find a habs blog…..are they on lockdown do to the police investigation!!!maybe they are collecting all the information on all blogs to make sure they can build their case!!!


  50. Haus says:

    Absolute radio gold just happened. Simulcast between 98.5 Felger and Mazz and some English language sports station in Montreal. Felger tore the clowns up there a new ass, pointing out their hypocrisy regarding the criminal investigation and some of the dirty hits the Habs have commited. Montreal goofs ended up hanging up on him.

  51. Gcole says:

    Lmao the Montreal police are investigating the chara incident! (tsn article) get over it pussies! Didn’t see the bruins do that for bergy and savvy, and those were actually dirty!

  52. ELWOPPO says:

    Chara was interviewed after todays practice and told reporters that HE WILL NOT CHANGE THE PHYSICAL ELEMENT OF HIS GAME Dispite the hit on Pacioretty!
    Good for u Z, U shouldnt have 2!

    • backbruin says:

      exactly, and i’m glad to here it…..this is a mockery of the game……they all get payed well to play hard, and that’s not a hit that should be scrutinized…go b’ssssss tough game tonight, i would love to see a statement tonight…..cmon boys!!!

  53. Bruins says:

    I think hitting should be banned from the game. I also think they shouldn’t play hockey on ice because the blades on skates are too dangerous. Also, water wings on the players should be considered in case there is a flood.

  54. moast says:

    Timmy coming up huge!!

  55. moast says:


  56. pearson says:

    the quotes on that site linked above at amazing!

    “What did [Colin Campbell] do when his son used an elbow pad as a weapon to repeatly hit Pyatt in the face?”

    “I’d like to see an apology”

    “Will someone fight Chara the moment he gets on the ice?”
    -yea, if a couple of your midgets wanna hop on each others shoulders…

    dear montreal: this is why you are canada, not america. this is why people call you pussies.

    i would have loved to see chara do an impression of ivan drago: “If he dies, he dies.”

    • moast says:

      Woah there Pearson….lets leave Canada out of it.
      Quebec is not Canada hense the separtation bullshit. The rest of us in Canada don’t feel that way these fuckin habs fans do. Im a proud Canadian and a proud B’s fans and your walking a fine line calling Canadins pussies

      • moast says:

        Aren’t you from Ontario?

      • lucic crew says:

        Was going to say that, watch what you say about canada.

      • moast says:

        Thats some definate bullshit LC, considering a lot of people on here are from Canada.

      • pearson says:

        no but im serious. but honestly there is always that stigma that follows canada around as a bunch of bitches. maybe thats just the french of quebec, but hey, canada IS hockey. its what canada DOES. so stop calling the cops on a 7 footer that checked your CONNECTICUT born player.

        how bout instead, you man up, lace em up, drop the gloves, and try to shove it down our throats next game. but go ahead, throw some cheap hits, i think this bruins team would be more than willing to answer whatever you throw at em.

    • bruins5 says:

      im sorry Canada but seriously America is better. its not really a discussion. Does not mean i don’t respect the Canadian people, the U.S is just a better place

      • lucic crew says:

        Thats fine you should like your country more. You like the states, i like canada just don’t dog someones country. What it come down to we all love the bsssssss.

  57. Gcole says:

    Hate the people in Montreal but I love the hell out of the city itself, went there a month and a half ago for a bachelor party weekend and fucking love the place as a city

  58. ELWOPPO says:

    Fuck Canada!

  59. lucic crew says:

    I here you moast, i just called elwoppo and gave him shit for that STUPID comment. Hes only joking yeah i know not funny at all.

    • moast says:

      I know hes joking but it seems old Pearson aint

      • pearson says:

        nah cmon, im saying that theres def that stereotype and that they really arent helping it.

        this isnt figure skating, its hockey, its canada’s sport. so dont go calling the cops.

      • pearson says:

        i am still bitter about that gold medal game though. fuck you guys. and fuck crosby. haha

  60. moast says:

    Just to clarify:
    People on this site….more than half canadians
    Boston Bruins….17 Canadians and 3 Americans

    Nothing pisses me off more than to be lumped into a group of fucking french bastards that cheer for a pussy ass, diving bullshit team like the Habs.

    OK, now Im over it!

  61. Gcole says:

    Boarding?! 25 feet away from the fuckin boards?!!

  62. moast says:

    Wasn’t quite a PPG but I see it as one!!!

  63. Haus says:

    Getting outplayed thus far….

  64. CCMGoalie says:

    These penalty calls are a FUCKING joke…

  65. moast says:

    Fuck around….what do they think is going to fuckin happen when you spend a whole period in the box!!

  66. moast says:

    McQuaid is a BEAST!!!! Love this guy!!!!

  67. Gcole says:

    Why can’t they Play like this every time they let in a goal? Fuck em up!! Yeahhhhhh

  68. moast says:

    That McCormick is a fucking cunt…calling on Looch and then seeing the fear in his eyes was priceless!

  69. ELWOPPO says:

    Not worried! For some strange reason? Justice will prevail! Watch!

  70. lucic crew says:

    Thanks refs your doing a stand up job.

  71. Haus says:

    This is the way I expect the rest of the season to go as far as the officiating. The Bruins will be under the microscope.

  72. backbruin says:

    tired of always seeing 5-3 against…how ofetn have we seen it in our advantage!!! fk me

  73. #4 says:

    Wow offsides on that? No slash on that?>

    This game is terrible.

  74. #4 says:

    Ugh……… Man if peverley nailed that shot. So close.

  75. Haus says:

    Oh well, no way the Bs win the shootout anyway. As soon as it went to OT it was over for me.

  76. ELWOPPO says:

    .Leafs lose, we get a point, If Montreal loses and we win tomorrow im happy! 6 point lead over the habs, Ill take that! FUCKING MOTHER FUCKING BUFFALO!

  77. Caperfan says:

    I hate to say this but I am now convinced this league is corrupt. the refs in this game were obviously biased and the bruins are a marked team. This is terrible and this league is in fucking trouble

  78. Caperfan says:

    Overall boys you have to say the Sabres were relly lucky in the games agains boston. they have got all the breaks and bounces. I still would take this matchup in the playoffs. It the refs that have me concerned they have been giving too the bruins all year and after tonight its going to get worse

  79. Birdman2403 says:

    A couple of points….Thomas was great tonight however, a few of the goals he just seemed to overplay and the puck was just out of reach. Secondly, and this kills me to say it, we need Ference back. Seidenberg has been BRUTAL the last 3 games. He passed to the Pens for the OT winner, tonight he got beat regularly and was lying on top of Thomas for one of the goals. What the hell happend ot this guy ????

  80. Bruins says:

    No 4 on 4 or shootouts in the playoffs boys. I take our terrible OT/SO record as a positive. Only the Senators are worse than us at it. We’re better than our record.

  81. Bruins says:

    Habs got whooped today by their old goalie. It might be overruled though. Cops are investigating the game tape as we speak.

  82. Haus says:

    3 things….
    1. Refs were atrocious tonight. And it affected the Bruins play considerably. No flow, the lines all fucked up because of PK duties. The league should have called Neely, tell him to take a point and cancel the game. It was basically a ‘scheduled loss’.
    2. There was absolutely zero sustained pressure in the Buffalo zone. Sabre D owned the boards, all 4 centers getting beat one on one down low consistently.
    3. Birdman beat me to it; this team is much better with Ference on it. The Bruins really miss his minutes. Mcquaid has been good this year but right now he and Seidenberg are playing more minutes than they really should be.

  83. pearson says:



    • lucic crew says:

      BULLSHIT, back to the earlier conversation those french fucks wanted to leave canada thats why we don’t want to be associated with them. Come to think of it wish they did go motherfuckers. PS that was sweet win in the gold medal game.

  84. ELWOPPO says:


  85. Bruins1 says:

    The Kaberle trade looks like a bust. He doesn’t fit our system like I said all along. We should of gotten someone better. Kaberle looks awful in our zone, and the PP, what a joke!! Toronto is laughing now from they way the ripped us off.

    • GoLeafsGo says:

      lol. Thanks 🙂

    • bruins4eva says:

      you are an idiot…even tho we haven’t scored on the powerplay…i do believe recchi’s goal was right after it ended…and if you have noticed our pp has changed they have a really good rotation going on between the defense and the center its a matter of time before they start cashing in…

  86. ELWOPPO says:

    Thomas Vanek with a goal and assist last night! Just out of curiousity, Can someone tell me what this guys career numbers are againts us?

    I bet u will be blown away! When will the dummies on boston ever figure out how to stop this guy? Hes a bruin killer!

  87. mook says:

    kaberle trade is not a bust you moron.

  88. zamer says:

    I dont care what anybody says Peverly,kelly,kaberle are not going to make this team any better then they were.This team needed size and a goal scorer guys how could make a difference,yes its good to play well defensively but we need to score goals and win the one on one battles,fuck we shouldve went after stewart from the Avs and Clowe from the sharks now these are guys how play hard,fuck beregeron would look great between these players,hope Im wrong but these new players have to pick it up.

    • bruins4eva says:

      of course now you say this when they are on a 3 game losing streak but when they won 7 in a row nobody was saying this….lastnights game was a joke from the reffing standpoint…you can’t win games when your getting horrible calls…

      • #4 says:

        Yet they still almost won. Peverley looked good with Bergy-Marshmont.

        Kelly instant chemistry with Recchi, if it wasnt for 1 man team Ryder that line would be great.

        Kaberle made some really great passes, Im still waiting for my Kaberle moment though. He hasnt wow’d me yet.

  89. ELWOPPO says:

    I agree with u Zamer! These guys are capable of alot mmore! KABERLE 1 point in 8 games (or so) is not cutting it! And stop saying are PP has great rotation u sound like an idiot! PUT THE MOTHERFUCKING PUCK IN THE NET!! 0-18 is absolutly ridiculous! This is not a joke, CJ needs to change shit up! Maybe take Chara off the point and park him unfront of the next for screens,tips or bang in rebounds! IDK im no coach!

    • Haus says:

      I think the PP has had good rotation…and still say it needs to be changed. I would even go so far as putting Chara down in front of the crease. See how Buffalo worked the puck down low and created clusterfucks in front of Timmy for both PP goals? That’s what I want.

    • pearson says:

      YES WOPPO. YES. its something ive been saying/thinking for awhile. chara in front of the goalie will absolutely wreak havok.

      boychuck can bomb it hard like chara so just leave him up on the blueline.

      think of all the times they were late in a game and desperate for a goal… they park chara down there and it always seems like theres a ton of opportunities.

  90. mook says:


    As players from around the league continue to voice their opinions on Zdeno Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty, San Jose Sharks centre Joe Thornton has taken a different angle in his most recent comments.

    Speaking to the Globe and Mail, the usually-reserved Thornton suggested that Chara’s club, the Boston Bruins, tends to receive favourable treatment from the NHL when it comes to discipline matters.

    “It’s just something with Boston,” Thornton told the Globe and Mail. “It just seems like they have a horseshoe. We’ve seen the [Milan] Lucic cross-check to the head [of Maxim Lapierre] earlier, and there’s no disciplinary thing.”

    Thornton was once a member of the Bruins, after being drafted first overall by Boston in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft. The Bruins traded Thornton to San Jose in 2005.

    “It’s just something about Boston and the disciplinary [process] is on their side. I’m not sure why that is. I’m not assuming that Colin [Campbell]’s kid is on the team and that’s why, but it’s really bizarre.”

    Campbell, the NHL’s vice-president of hockey operations, was not involved in reviewing the Chara hit because of the conflict of interest the case presents since his son Gregory plays for the Bruins. The case was handled instead by NHL senior vice-president of hockey operations Mike Murphy, who decided that no further discipline would be assessed to Chara on the Pacioretty hit.

  91. lucic crew says:

    Give it time boys, i know time is running down but it will click. And what is with all the name calling shit people cant say their opinion without being called a dickhead. Thats what this site is for facts and opinions, i cant remember telling someone off cause they say their opinion fuck what are you 12. What it comes down to yes the power play does look crisp and smoother but also put that fucken puck in the net. I dont care that it two seconds after the power play that they score, now its amazing for our 5 on 5 stat but you got two min, not 2:01, 2:02, you got 2. And for that our power play is brutal. This is the only thing that is holding us back from a great team, this one little thing. So yeah im frustrated with the lack of scoring on the power play but me personally im not worried to much talent to not score, we see

    • #4 says:

      Jarvis needs to be booted to the curb. Team needs a fresh mind on the PP.

      The players look lost good crisp passes with no real plan.

      Its like they dinkle 1-2x defenders they could work the puck down low for a 3-1 front of the net. Instead its like a light turns on and the spinaround pass to Kaberle to Chara for a bomb. regardless of any other options available.

  92. Bruins says:

    I’ve made it known since day one I wanted nothing to do with Kaberle. I do think we’ll regret this trade later. That being said, he’s doing better than I thought he would.

    • mook says:

      why? what are you judging kaberle on?

      he plyed on a shit team for so long, and has had two pretty awful seasons. anyone would, with a trade hanging over their head!

      i’m in toronto too, so i’ve seen my share of kaberle. i think he looks pretty good out there. he’s making good quick decisions and creating space…5 on 5. the pp will click…relax.

      • Bruins says:

        He’s embarassingly soft. His PP ability is very overrated IMO. He NEVER makes the most out of his opportunities. The guy just won’t shoot if he has a good shot. Defensive play is not strong at all. I do love his first pass out of the zone but that’s probably the only thing I really like about his game.

        I’m not going to judge the trade so soon. All I’m saying is we’ll probably regret making it in the long run. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

        And I’m not freaking out about the trade. Like I said he has looked better than I thought he would so far. I just have the feeling that I’ll end up disappointed about it, like I was when it was originally made.

  93. zamer says:

    Fuck now Via rail canada is also in the news about Chara this is fucken stupid Im even laughing my god whats wrong with these people.Im so fucken tired of this shit its like he caused a brutal crime,you frenchies are fucken morons with no life.

  94. Manitoba Fan says:

    It seems to me that some people on here are really starting to judge the trades PC made. I think PC has done a great fucking job with every trade he made. Some say he should have gone after a goal scorer. Ya he did his name is Nathan Horton, and everyone was sooo happy when we got him. I don’t think anyone predicted that he may only score 20 goals. But I am extremely happy that he is a bruin. Horton, lucic and Krejci are great.
    Also people said we need a puck moving defensemen. Well he went and got that. I don’t think he was able to get a goal scorer and puck moving defensemen with out moving alot of other peices which guaranteed would have pissed off many. What PC did at the deadline was make our team deep. I am happy with everything. It is easy for us to sit here and judge these guys, but we are not the ones out their. Peverly for Wheeler is okay by me. Smaller cap hit and i’d say a little better. Mcquaid is our new Stuart and cheaper, plays just as hard i think. Its all about the cap, PC has done good. Besides Vancouver we are right up their in points with, Detroit, Washington, Pittsburgh, Philly, T Bay. We have the 2nd best +/- in the league. Good teams loose games to, Detroit is on a four game losing streak, philly just snapped one. We are in way better shape then we were last year going into the playoffs. And on a side note I believe the P-Bruins are undefeated since PC picked up Valabik and that goalie from Minnesota.
    GO B”S GO

  95. ELWOPPO says:

    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that he is concerned about the growing number of NHL injuries! Anybody else u would like to get involved in this situation Montreal? Maybe Obama, or the Pope??? Cant wait to hear whats next? Way to go Montreal, U guys are doing a great job promoting this hit!

    • Gcole says:

      Funny shit, maybe they’ll send military to Boston to interrogate chara next

    • Bruins says:

      I actually don’t have a problem with what Harper said. He was point blank asked about it, didn’t even mention Chara and just commented on injuries in general. He also said that’s the league’s business, not his own.

      It’s these clowns that are taking out their sponsorships and who are wasting the police’s time that are the problem.

  96. moast says:

    That PP was disgusting….at this point Id rather them full strength all the time.

  97. willisss says:

    Aright ill be the first one to say it, Bartkowsi….sucks

  98. willisss says:

    Ference has been lights out this year, and kampfer shows true natural puck moving d potential

  99. moast says:

    Thats gotta be the most predictable PP in the league.

    • moast says:

      Watching the replays of the PP and am asking myself where is the person in front of the net? Has anyone seen him? Is he invisible….not sure.

      • lucic crew says:

        I agree just dont go on the power play and we will win every game, what is going on with this power play.

      • moast says:

        Def LC something is wrong when you have a better chance of scoring 5on5 than 5on4…whos job is it as coach?

  100. moast says:

    Horts!!!!! Back from the dead and Im loving it!!

  101. Bruins says:

    Can we please try something different on the PP? This is getting ridiculous now.

  102. moast says:

    Thats what the PP needs!! It needs only 5 on 3’s!!
    Nice to see thought~

  103. Bruins says:

    I love how Chara is responding to all the criticism. He’s been even more of a beast after the hit.

  104. lucic crew says:

    Atta boy bergeron way to help thomas out you fucken dummy.

  105. Bruins says:


  106. willisss says:

    Well if we are going to slump it might as well be now…coast untill the end of the season and shift into high gear right before playoffs

  107. Birdman2403 says:

    This is fucking brutal. Blowing a 2 goal lead and getting outworked BAD by one of the worst teams in North America.

  108. ELWOPPO says:


  109. Birdman2403 says:

    Can we still buy out Ryder. Fucking useless. Seidenberg, Ryder take a hike. Awful

    • #4 says:

      hahaha would be so pointless but w/e> He has been terrible lately..

      This guy does not pass the puckK! I wouldnt even want him on my mens league line. Put him on the 4th line seeing as he has no use for teammates.

      • Birdman2403 says:

        I know it would be useless…but Cheechoo looks like Ovechkin compared to Ryder ! Ryder should switch spots with Seguin !

  110. Manitoba Fan says:

    Is Marchand hurt or something?

  111. ELWOPPO says:

    Well I will be the first to say it,

  112. Caperfan says:

    I hate to say this but here we go again!!!!!. I cannot help but think this team would do so much better if we had a different coach ie. someone like a ken Hitchcock??? I cannot stand the look on Claude Juliens face when the team is lethargic and unresponsive like they are now and as we seen so many times. It is almost like he, C.J. doesnt know what to do. Does anyone else get this feeling or notice this.

    • lucic crew says:

      I hear you but im still not going to blame cj. I knew we lost when they scored two seconds left. Momentum buddy momentum .

  113. Bruins says:

    We’ve been bipolar since that 8-6 Montreal game, (shades of last year) after being a very consistent team before that. Gotta give the Isles credit tonight too though. They played a great game.

  114. backbruin says:

    as positive as i like to be with this team, after being elated and getting my wine on i’m starting to get discouraged…now this isl team is better then most think but blowing two, two gola leads in a row is starting to piss me off!!!like last year, the lack of effort after getting a lead is obvious… would think this team after what happened last year would get the killer instinct… god boys, your lack of physical play after getting a lead reminds me of a pre school class at nap time….you better get your shit together boys, sooner then later

  115. zamer says:

    We are Stanley cup contenders because we play defensively so well giving the puck to the other team because our goalie is the best and our trades are going to take us to the promise land,GOLF COURSE.

  116. Caperfan says:

    I agree that things are not really very looking positive. Thomas is looking regular for a couple of weeks now and outside our top line, which is playing O.K. everyone else is shitting the bed. Our team defense is aweful and I dont think any lead is save with these guys, fucking discouraging. I tell you my gut still thinks we can do better under a different coaching system? we have the players but they aint playing.

    • Bruins says:

      I disagree about Timmy. he stood on his head again tonight.

      Top line is playing more than ok as well. Bergy’s line needs to pick it up.

  117. newguy says:

    hey, im new to watching nhl hockey, and i was wondering if u guys could answer my question; what was the lockout?

  118. Birdman2403 says:

    I don’t care how many we win or lose. The Bruins have to avoid playing the Habs in the first round. So, in order to do this we need to finish 2nd. Not going to happen blowing points night after night, especially to shit teams.
    I hate Montreal more then anything in the world, but I’m telling you….we don’t want them in round 1 !!!

    • #4 says:

      You do know that EDM has beaten Detroit and Ottowa has beaten PHI right?

      Dont let one let down game derail what you guys thought about this team. Now if Curly would see the light that Thornton is beyond useless right now and freaking play Seguin against a SHIT TEAM LIKE THE ISLE! The team might get going again.

  119. Studlycodfish says:

    Wow boys jump off the wagaon, when we pick it up again I’ll slow it down so you can all jump back on again, pathetic through think and thin. PC has done his job, CJ is doing his job, the team needs to pull their heads out their ass that’s all they’ll figger it out, got to have faith. If they don’t there still the team I want to be cheering for!! Go Bruins Go!!!

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