The Joe Thornton Trade Tree

Joe Thornton——-> Brad Stuart……..Wayne Primeau……..Marco Sturm

Brad Stuart……Wayne Primeau———-> Chuck Kobasew……….Andrew Ference

Marco Sturm——-> Future considerations

Chuck Kobasew——>Craig Weller, Alexander Fallstrom, 2nd round pick

Craig Weller——>Matt Bartkowski, Dennis Seidenberg


So from the Thornton trade, we have Dennis Seidenberg, Matt Bartkowski, Alexander Fallstrom, Andrew Ference and a 2011 2nd rounder.  Obviously we traded other pieces alongside the above players, but it is always interesting to see the long term effects a trade has on a team.  There is also the Chara/Savard signings that directly relate to this move as well.  Just something to look at.


17 Responses to The Joe Thornton Trade Tree

  1. Bruins says:

    It’s kind of misleading to say that Weller got us Seids/Bartkowski. He was nothing more than a throw-in on that trade.

  2. Studlycodfish says:

    Fuck Joe Thorton anyways, should keep his big sooky mouth shut “waaaa Bruins get special treatment waaaa”. He should worry more about choking on fat dick in the play-offs!!

    • ELWOPPO says:

      agreed! He used to be my favorite player when he played for us! But after those comments he made last week, I lost all respect for him! Still a great player but shouldnt bad mouth your old team, The team and fans always treated him good……No?

  3. Studlycodfish says:

    Yeah ELWOPPO he used to be my favorit player as well, even up to last week I still pulled for him to do good, but I hate winy player with other agenda’s when they speak. I have lost all respect for him, go warm up your bottle of milk Joe, mabey two cause your buddy Danny Fucking Heatly might want one to. Babys!! Go Bruins Go!!!

  4. Mate says:

    what has joe done in sj? I don’t see any conference championships or cups there. enough said

  5. #4 says:

    Objective question guys.

    Would this team be better if it was constituted like this.

    Lucic-J. Thornton-Kessel

    D stays the same. Would we be closer to a cup (I assumed krejci was dealt if Joe was here)

  6. Bruins says:


    You gotta admit that was an amazing line before the lockout.

    I still can’t really hate Joe. Just the way he is in interviews I’d say he’s one of the coolest players in the league. He was just so laid back. That could explain his play in the playoffs though.

  7. ELWOPPO says:

    These Habs are to much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. seguin>hall says:

    Had to comment on this one. Not only has big joe been a HUGE choke artist in SJ, but he was a HUGE playoff choke artist right here in boston. He’s a big guy, and I’m pretty sure brad marchand could kick his ass. He’s a pussy, a choker, and pound for pound, the biggest woman in the league. F HIM

  9. mook says:


    does atdhe still show games?

  10. spencer70390 says:

    No atdhe doesnt, try or

  11. ELWOPPO says:

    Well for all those people following the leafs and our draft pick, If Rangers and Buffalo both win tonight you can kiss the Playoffs goodbye for the Leafs!That would give both those teams an 8 point lead over Toronto! That would mean EVEN if Rangers and Buffalo win just half thier remaining games, (6 out of 12) Toronto would have to win 10 out of thier last 12 JUST TO TIE! Aint happining! Lets go Rangers…..
    Lets go B-U-F-F-A-L-O!!!!

  12. Gcole says:

    Can’t wait for the next habs game! Talk about adding fuel to the fire

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