E-mail, Site Stuff, etc.

Hey everyone, I first off want to apologize to anybody who emailed me in the past few months.  I just read them all.  Just a quick note, anyone who emails me just please put Bruinsrumors or something Bruins in the title because I get bombarded with spam, so sometimes I will accidentally delete an email that’s not spam.

Also, I’ve been getting a lot of advertising type of emails.  If you are looking to do such, please just send me a link exchange and I’ll look at it.  I’m not going to link up every site I get, just one’s I feel relate to hockey and the Bruins.  I’ll be checking the email now, so I’ll try to get back to everyone who sends us stuff.  And please don’t send us anything regarding our old blogger domain, it show’s you didn’t even read the last post in huge letters that says we moved here.  Again, if you want us to talk about something specific let us know.


One Response to E-mail, Site Stuff, etc.

  1. moast says:

    Why are the bruins inconsistent?
    Why do they have troubles showing up to big games?

    Bruins 4 – Columbus 2
    Marchand with 2……

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