How the Kessel Trade Helped Get Horton and Kaberle

Phil Kessel for a 2010 1st and 2nd round pick along with a 2011 1st.  The return so far has been Tyler Seguin and Jared Knight, with the third installment due late June and looking like a top 10, possibly top 5 pick.  But the trade has been more than just those picks.  The Bruins also had their own picks, so they were well stocked up on draft choices. Add that with a fairly deep pool of prospects, and the Bruins had ammunition to make a move.

Bruins fans have always wanted the B’s to make that big move, whether it be Marian Hossa, Ilya Kovalchuk or even the superstud known as Raffi Torres.  But the B’s have shied away, making smaller moves such as Mark Recchi, Steve Montador, and Dennis Seidenberg.  I believe part of the reason for this is that the team did not have a surplus of picks from either being sellers in previous years or just from trades.  The Bruins didn’t want to mortgage the future on players who were purely rentals. If you look at Chiarelli’s track record, he has re-signed both of his major deadline acquisitions in Recchi and Seidenberg, and one has to assume Kaberle is going to re-sign as well.

Right before the draft, the Bruins traded Dennis Wideman, their 2010 1st and and 2011 3rd round pick for Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell.  Horton was the type of forward the Bruins needed to target.  A young talented guy with a fair contract and locked up long term.  This trade isn’t made though if we don’t have the Toronto picks from the Kessel deal.  Part of the reason why that pick was expendable was because we got Seguin and we had 5 more picks in the first two rounds in 2011.

Fast forward to mid February.  The Bruins traded Joe Colborne, a 2011 1st and a conditional 2012 2nd for Tomas Kaberle. This was the biggest deadline move since Gonchar/Nylander before the lock0ut.  While it was a heavy price, he was clearly the best defenseman to be traded this deadline.  Again, this trade does not happen unless the Bruins have those picks in 2011 from the Kessel trade.

The surplus in picks and young players allowed the Bruins to be more aggressive in a situation where they previously had been shy to pull the trigger.  So not only did Kessel get us Seguin, but also helped us acquire Horton and Kaberle.

23 Responses to How the Kessel Trade Helped Get Horton and Kaberle

  1. Studlycodfish says:

    Wonder if mister opionated Joe Thorton will speak out about those dirty head shots his boyfriend Danny “Fucken” Heatly and his Fluffer,Murray dished out against the Stars lastnite?

  2. #4 says:

    Nice read. Dont forget Colbourne got crushed in a Marlies game the other day and is out with a concussion.

    The leafs curse continues.

  3. pearson says:

    ahhh it never gets old. i love when people explain how much we fleeced the leafs on that deal.

    • #4 says:

      Kaberle has been solid. The price was high but it was the best available.

      I think the real fuck up was a 2nd rounder for Kelly. Did you notice how Peverley scored when he finally completely looked off Kelly on that sick goal?

      Which of the following doesnt belong?

      7th rounder for Kovalev, 2nd rounder for Wizniewski, 2nd Rounder for Kelly?

      • jimmy50 says:

        I think your missing the point on Kelly. He is a depth move that is versatile, good on face offs and PK. Never has put up big numbers. Plus he signed another year at a cheap price.

        We have plenty of picks and prospects worry about a second round pick.

  4. moast says:

    Marchand may get a suspension?
    He needs to stop with the bad penalties and stupid plays. Maybe get back to scoring?

    • #4 says:

      Dont see anything on TSN. But I didnt like that hit 1 bit.

      Marchand lifts that elbow a bit and catches him right in the back of the head. Kind of reminded me of the Steckel thing on Crosby. Marchand kept his skating line and umberger got in the way but Marchand still might of clipped him from the blindside with the elbow there.

      In general Brads play has slipped a lot lately IMO. He is what 0-0 -1 over the last 6 or 7 games? Taking alot of bad penalties over that span.

      So i doubt a suspension is coming but I wouldnt be surprised/upset if it did.

    • Bruins says:

      TBH I think he should be suspended. It was unarguably a cheapsot. Maybe something like 2-4 games.

  5. Birdman2403 says:

    It was unneccessary for sure. I didn’t think it was that bad though. I hope he gets 2 games. Sick of all the whining about the treatment boston gets

  6. moast says:

    While Marchand is suspended, and he will be suspended, Id like to see:

    Lucic Krejci Horton
    Peverley Bergeron Seguin
    Ryder Kelly Recchi
    Paille Campbell Thornton

    Let me rephrase that, I’d love to see seguin with bergeron and PEverley.

    • moast says:

      If it works than that is awesome to get Seguin going. If it does than maybe swap out Marchand and Paille as Marchand is showing that when his play is slipping, his frustration turns into disaster for Boston.
      It’s one thing to get under peoples skin but to go around with cheap shots, dirty hits and stupid penalties makes you almost rather have Wheelers offsides.

  7. Caperfan says:

    sounds like Marchand is looking at two game suspension?

  8. Bruins says:

    So Pacioretty is apparently back in 3-5 weeks. Looks like he milked that for all it was worth.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      You got it right on the button “Bruins”
      Little faggot started a huuuuuge comotion over a standard hit into the boards! Earlier this week they showed the rally outside the bell center just before their game, They showed fans holding up death to Chara signs and were wearing “Lucic is a bitch” t-shirts!
      TSN is so fucked, They werent even telling fans to move away of the camera! I swear everyone hates the Bruins!Not quite sure Y?

  9. #4 says:

    2 games official per Bish.

    Hopefully Julien will play Seguin-Bergeron-Peverley

    Put Ryder on the 3rd with Kelly-Recchi. Bahh who am I kidding Seguin will be scratched Whitfield will play 2nd line on emergency recall..

  10. Andy says:

    Honestly, I can’t stand the argument of “even though the price was high, he was the best D on the market”. What the fuck does that mean? If the market for D was shit and Ference was the best available, that justifies what you gave up?!

    I’m not saying that Kaberle is awful, but it was certainly too much, and then if they re-sign him (which they should NEVER do), you give up ANOTHER 2nd rd pick in 2012?

    If we had $20 mil in cap space, I’d consider re-signing him. We’re already at $59mil for 19 skaters, according to CapGeek. However, with Ryder gone, you basically used those savings. We already have enough overpriced, underachieving guys on this team. Re-signing Kaberle is would push this team further away from a Cup..

  11. Andy says:

    Here’s another opinion I had on Seguin. What good does it do this kid to be sitting up in the box for multiple games at a time? I can see 1 game every once in a while, but why didn’t we just send him to the minors 4-6 weeks ago and start fresh next year? I think he’s going to be a stud, but it’s like with the Sox. Why would you call a guy up to sit the bench, when he can get playing time with the PawSox?

    The only reason he’s getting playing time now is the injury/suspension. I don’t like Julien doesn’t like him. He just wants to bring him along slowly. At the same time, though, you can’t sit this kid out for 6-7 straight games, for a guy like Paille. It’s not like we’re in jeopardy of making the playoffs. I think it would give Seguin a lot of good experience playing the last 10-15 games, playing aganist desperate bubble teams and just the whole “pre” post season stretch.

    What are your guys’ thoughts?

    • jimmy50 says:

      He can’t play in the AHL by rule. Its either Juniors or Big Club. Stupid I know.

      • Andy says:

        I know. I didn’t mean the minors. I meant juniors. And you can’t do it now. Juniors are already very close or in the playoffs, right?

        I’m just saying that I would think, if you’re not going to play him for a stretch of games, send him back to Plymouth. At least he’s playing and he has a fresh start next year.

        As awful as Jumbo Joe was in his rookie yr -and how much Burns & Ftorek didn’t like him – at least he played (although for an awful team). Seguin doesn’t get much out of watching game after game after game…

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