Kampfer back tonight

Steve Kampfer will return to the lineup tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets.  He will skate on the third pairing along side Dennis Seidenberg.  Kampfer had been out after suffering a concussion. Andrew Ference, who has been injured with a lower body injury, is also expected back shortly, possibly by next game.


17 Responses to Kampfer back tonight

  1. ELWOPPO says:

    That should help, Ference is also key to this defence unit!!! C’mon boyz lets win 2nite! Win this one for lucic crew who is in Bahamas for 4 dayz! But im sure he’ll find a way to watch it!? Go B’s!!!!!

  2. cebbie says:

    As much as Ference is the whipping boy on this team I would be curious to know thier record with him in and out of the lineup- it seems like when he is out they loose more often than not.

  3. #4 says:

    In reading TSN and other canadian news outlets stories about the Chara thing. Why do Canadiens fans constantly say that Bruins fans did nothing about Cooke on Savard?

    Im pretty sure Jacobs/Chia/B’s fans lobbied enough to cause the league to create rule 46 or w/e.

  4. moast says:

    I understand that they want Ryder to sit as he is sucking balls and to give Seguin another chance but wouldn’t this lineup look better?

    Not sure I like the projected lines. Put Rechi back with Marchand and Bergeron.

    Lucic Krejci Horton
    Marchand Bergeron Recchi
    Seguin Peverly Ryder
    Kelly Campbell Thornton

    Seriously, give Seguin a 3rd line role and let them gel. See if the second line can recreate there chemistry and then the 1st and 4th are status quo.
    what juliens hardon for Paille…..just dont get it.

    • Bruins says:

      I’d like to see him hold down one specific position. Seriously, when he does play he’s constantly switching between either wing and center all the time. Learning to play in the NHL must be hard enough without having to switch positions every week.

      • moast says:

        I agree…..Julien continues to move the bottom 7 around and nobody can get gelled….throw in the fact that Ryder/gretzky has forgotten how to play/pass….should be an interesting game tonight.
        I’d like to see Rask get ridiculously hot right now.

  5. Bruins says:

    Mook, it’s atdhenet.tv now. It should be on. If not myp2p.eu usually has it too.

  6. mook says:


    ok ads now? i’m out. later people.

  7. #4 says:

    Im skeptical of Kampfer’s return. Dont get me wrong I love the kids game. Wish he was a bit bulkier but he is my favorite D prospect on teh B’s in years now.

    Its just with his history and the fact that he had a few setbacks allready coming back from this most recent concussion, id sit him for a while longer. Make sure his noggin is 100% for the playoffs.

    I have a feeling we’d be seeing Valabik rather than Bart/Kampfer right now if Valabik didnt have to pass threw waivers.

  8. Caperfan says:

    We better win tonight folks or some serious doubt is going to start creep into the heads of these boys!!!!

  9. zamer says:

    Ok tell me whats wrong here,I read where Atlants gm was after Stuart for peverly then he heres our gm wants kaberle.Then thrashers gm waits tell boston pulls off trade with To, then knowing we need cap space he asks for wheeler which our gm agrees but wants another player back to even the trade which is Valabik.So we traded stuart,wheeler,colbourne,our 1st for KABERLE tell me Im wrong.

    • Manitoba Fan says:

      I have come to the realization my friend that you seiously despise the trades PC made. For Stuart, wheeler, Colbourne and Our 1st we got Kaberle, Peverly and Valkabik. Pc not only unloaded salary, he left room to resign Kaberle. Peverly is a cheaper and better cap hit then Wheeler. Stuart and Wheeler would have wanted more money and in all honesty as a bruin I lost all faith in Wheeler. Minus his rookie regular season performance he has been useless. Good for one game shitty fo ten. Thats how I fell. I am proud to be a bruins fan and happy with the trades we made. I know its sucks to loose zamer, but this team is alot better than what we went into the playoffs with last year.

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