Marchand suspended two games

Brad Marchand has been suspended two games by the NHL for his elbow to the head of R.J. Umberger. Here is the video:


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  1. moast says:

    Maybe this will set him straight and get him back on track. Really missing his offensive contributions. Will be nice for him to sit and watch a couple of games.
    I want a Peverley Bergeron Seguin line real bad!!!
    Make it happen CLAUDE!!!

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    Who gave the suspension, Pacioretty or NHL?

    • moast says:

      you don’t like the 2 games they dished out?

      • ELWOPPO says:

        If Chara didnt get his no suspension, Does Marchand get 2 games? Poor Marchand never stood a chance after the whole Chara fiasco! The NHL had no choice!

    • #4 says:

      You know whats fucked up Paccioretty is concussion symptom free and may be ready in 4-6 weeks. Are you freaking shitting me?

      He went to the MTl game last night? So let me put this out there good for him he coulda been seriously hurt.

      But who done the lying? HMMM Canadiens organization, Max himself? HUH 4-6 weeks and Canadiens fans wanted Chara sentenced to death.

      Something stinks about this whole thing.

    • Bruins says:

      Eh, this one was fair IMO. There was nothing dirty about Chara’s hit but this one was a blatant cheaphot. It souldn’t matter if the guy gets injured or not. It’s all about intent. Could be good for Marchand actually. He’s been pretty bad lately, not only offensively but running around taking bad penalties.

  3. Bruins says:

    Too bad Pacioretty couldn’t get healthy by next week to get the shit booed out of him. What a pussy.

  4. Gcole says:

    now lets see lucic hit pacioretty through a pane of glass!

  5. jimmy50 says:

    Just saw that the Heatley elbow was on Steve Ott. I think we all agree he deserved that, haha.

  6. GoLeafsGo says:

    Dirty players deserve to be suspended. This little pest had it coming for a while. Twat.

  7. GoLeafsGo says:

    Marchand = Twat Fart

    • moast says:

      Our little Marchand would beat the shit out of the whole Laffs team you fuck. Why do you bother coming on here? Really though, is your life that depressing that you need to come on here and try to mkae fun of a top team in the east. I guess so, you are a Leafs fan…poor guy!

  8. Caperfan says:

    After all the bullhshit with Chara, Marchand was doomed. Maybe now the fucking refs will stop picking on the bruins. The NHL now has their pound of flesh.

  9. moast says:

    How was Seguins goal? Didn’t see it….

  10. moast says:

    Oh and fuck the PP…I mean really…I’d love to complain about coaching on this matter but these guys are NHL players and the other team has one less player…how the fuck can they be this brutal?

    • moast says:

      Can’t even get excited about 5 min PP…..AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Manitoba Fan says:

        We had a couple golden opportunities, but couldn’t barry. But I don’t disagree that its hard to watch our PP.

      • moast says:

        There were some looks but fuck around….they need to start hammerin them home or its goona kill them come playoffs.

      • Manitoba Fan says:

        Whats else bothers me lately is Sidenburgh. Fuck he makes awful decisions and passes lately.

      • moast says:

        I agree…he is off for sure but it also seems like the whole teams passing is shit lately, minus the top line.

  11. willisss says:

    Power play goals ain’t our thing, they never were….no reason to get upset by it anymore

    • moast says:

      Can we get upset in the playoffs when special teams are make or break.
      Between unable to score on the PP, taking non stop penalties is looking ruff for this team.
      I see what your saying though….no reason to complain about something that wont change.

  12. Haus says:

    Soft cough up by Bergy leads to a break for a goal the other way.

  13. Haus says:

    Nice defensive play by Thornton on Paille. Man the 4th line has been weak.

  14. Haus says:

    Nice rush!

    • #4 says:

      First line, Peverley, Kaberle and Chara have been the whole team tonight

      (Excluding Tuuka obviously he’s been good)

  15. #4 says:

    That fucking play is what seperates Bruins from Habs. You see that>? Bergeron ate a stick to the face and almost ripped off a snapshot for a goal.

    A hab woudla dialed 911 said he had a grade 100 concusssion and organized a protest.

    Way to fucking go bergy.

  16. willisss says:

    Looks like mcquaid tried selling that one

  17. ELWOPPO says:

    Sell or no sell, It was a stick to the face! The ref was right thier too? WTF

  18. Bruins says:

    Well I think it’s clear which d-man will be sitting when everyone’s healthy after that game. Take a seat Kampfer.

    • moast says:

      No shit what a brutal game by the kid. Stupid penalty and wasn’t it him flailing around inside the net on the tying goal…..can’t wait for Ferences return.

  19. ELWOPPO says:

    Fuck you Nashville, u have a team of nobodys! Enjoy ur win, ur team and franchise is a joke!

  20. Studlycodfish says:

    That was one that got away, thought Rask played ok but also thought all 4 goals were weak. First goal weak shot, next to Rask got his self out of position and couldn’t get back and that last goal was weak as well!! Go Bruins Go!!!

    • Bruins says:

      Blame him on the second one. Blaming him on anything else is just wrong, especially the third one. What the hell else could he do? lol

      • moast says:

        no shit….stopped basically a break away then the rebound and maybe if Kampfer wasn’t swimming in the net and taking a body the goal wouldn’t have happened.

  21. Caperfan says:

    This team is fucked unless they find their power play which to this point looks hopeless. Frustrating bunch of under achievers. looks like they will meet Montreal in the first round and the way they are playing they will be gone in five or six. oh ya, wait untilnext year!!!!!!!!! fuck off

  22. #4 says:

    I dont know who was worse, Kampfer witha few brutal plays or Boychuck just being consistently bad.

    Cant blame Tuukka for that one

  23. Caperfan says:

    The bruins are not capable of holding onto any kind of a lead and every team in the league knows this. Put some pressure on their “D” and you will most likely have success. The rookies make mistakes and the others are slow. “bad combination”.

    The fucking gutless Habs expose this everytime they play us.

  24. willisss says:

    haha dude tuukka fucking WHIPPED his stick….awesome.

  25. Manitoba Fan says:

    Second goal was definetly weak but this game was ours. The tying goal was bullshit. Like how many nashville players are gonna have an opportunity. Where were all of our players. FUCKIN BACCHECK. Tuuka made two fuckin saves and they scored on the third shot. Three different Nashville players got a shot on net. Thats bullshit, where were our boys. Thats why Rask threw his stick in the air. He was fuckin mad at evrybody. And I don’t blame him. I hope he looses his shit on evrybody in the dressing room. Kampfer is a fucking plug, what was he doing on the tying goal, and nice fucking penalty in ot. STUPID. I guess at least we got a point. I say leave the lines the way they are but sit Paille and put Marchand back on the fourth. The fourth line blows without Marchand. They were always a good line before the move. Just my opinion.

  26. Bruins says:

    Anyone else loving Pevs game? I was a big fan beforehand.

  27. zamer says:

    That was awfull to watch the bruins losing to a no name brand team,fuck they even beat us one on one many of times.Kampher lost us the game and our old age defense seems slow as the season is taking there toll on some of these guys.Besides my bicthing Nashville was the lucky team tonight we just fucked up.

  28. Haus says:

    A lot of hate for Nashville on here. I actually hope that’s one of the non-traditional market teams that work out.

    • Bruins says:

      Their fans actually seemed really into it, i was impressed. There are some fairly successful markets in random places. The Hurricanes are another example.

      • moast says:

        I agree. Man there fans were into it, nice to see.

      • Haus says:

        To be fair… A city absolutely loaded with bars and a strong Irish history to boot on St. Patty’s day, no wonder the place was bananas.
        That being said, I just see a lot of potential for hockey in that town.

  29. Bruins says:

    No talk about Seguin’s goal? What a snipe.

  30. Studlycodfish says:

    I’ll agree that Rask did all he could on th third goal , but the first was a weak shot that he saw all the way and the ot goal was a slapper from the point that he saw all the way got to have those, just my thoughts. I also agree Kampfer didn’t help us out much tonite as well!!! Go Bruins Go!!

    • Bruins says:

      The first one was a mad scramble. What do you mean he saw it all the way? And the fourth was a Shea Weber blast on a 4 on 3. Cut him some slack.

  31. Bruins says:

    Hornqvist not suspended? How does that make sense?

  32. Studlycodfish says:

    Sorry Bruins that first goal was a weak shot coming down the wing the second he got his self out of position, the third not his fault and the ot goal don’t care if it webber no screen saw it all the way should of had it bet he would say the same!!! Go Bruins!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      Wasn’t the first one the huge scramble in front? I have no arguments about the second. He should’ve had it even if it deflected off Boychuk.

  33. JRy says:

    Lucic krejci horton
    Peverley Bergeron seguin
    Recchi Kelly ryder
    Marchand Campbell thornton

    Chara kaberle
    Ference mcquaid
    Boychuck seidenberg

    I guess that’s what I would try next

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I like that idea for the offense, but I’m not entirely sold on putting Chara and Kaberle together full-time. I’d rather see Kaberle with Boychuk, Chara with Ference, and Seidenberg with McQuaid.

  34. UEDkop says:

    I have a feeling Seguin is gonna let loose. Shootout winner and absolute snipe 1:50 into the next game? Put him on a line with some semblance of playmaking (aka without Ryder and Kelly – nothing against Kelly just saying he’s more of a defensive center) and he’ll start lighting it up.

  35. Studlycodfish says:

    You are right Bruins the first goal was the scramble the second was down the wing, but I though he got himself out of position on th first one!!

  36. pearson says:

    its time to get hot and stay hot for the playoffs………

  37. moast says:

    I think Marchand is going to come back and rip it up….just a thought.

    • #4 says:

      I completely agree.
      I dont think he’s going to become a dirty player. I think he’ll always be on the edge but he will learn from stuff like this.

  38. zamer says:

    We need to sit some of our D they look tired like Siedenberg and boychuk fuck he brakes a lot of sticks when hes ready for a slap shot.Ference and the sherriff will be very helpfull and only time will see how these tades perform come playoffs,god I wish bergeron how some big wingers he would kick ass.

  39. bruins4eva says:

    this powerplay would work a lot better if they weren’t so predictable (feeding chara for one timers) altho i did like seeing seguin out there for the pp the kid is working hard and finally seeing more time its about time

  40. Neely8 says:

    If we lose tonight againts the Leafs, Im not watching the Bruins anymore!

  41. Studlycodfish says:

    That’s cause your not a real Bruins fan loser, you should stop watching now!! Go Bruins!!

  42. lucic crew says:

    Lets goooooo bsssssssss fuck these leafs up.

  43. ELWOPPO says:


  44. Bruins says:

    Woooooow we look fucking TERRIBLE right nw.

  45. Haus says:

    That’s Lucic’s man. Fucking stupid.

  46. ELWOPPO says:

    Bruins are a very weird team!

  47. Haus says:

    Hustle, hustle, hustle. Great job Mcquaid.

  48. Haus says:

    4th line is shit.

  49. #4 says:

    fuckin knuckle ball

    • Haus says:

      Multiple opportunities to get it out of the zone failed. Whoever said push Kelly to that line or Marchand when he gets back has the right idea. 4th line are killing this team lately.

  50. #4 says:

    I like seguin mixing it up with Phanuef. Where did this come from?

  51. Bruins says:

    The first 10 minutes might have been the worst the Bruins have looked all year, but at least they picked it up the second half of the period. What is it with us vs. the Northeast? It’s probably the worst division in hockey.

  52. Bruins says:

    Bergy deserves better wingers. Keep Pevs up with him.

  53. #4 says:

    Nice save Riemer. He is a good thing for the leafs which makes me angry.

  54. Bruins says:

    Seguin the best player on either team so far tonight. Kid shows up when the spotlight’s on him.

  55. Bruins says:

    Dminating the whole period and then we get scored on first opportunity, Unreal.

  56. Haus says:

    Neely8 is a half-game away from never watching the Bruins again.

  57. Bruins says:

    Wow Thomas. Just wow.

  58. lucic crew says:

    brutal fucken brutal

  59. Bruins says:

    Thank you Tuukka

  60. Birdman2403 says:

    Timmy has not been good lately at all ! The bruins d and PP are both shit ! Not a good combination at all.

  61. Bruins says:

    We’ve actually played pretty well (outside of the first 10 minutes). This is all on Timmy. I’ll let it go because of how good he’s been this year, but he really needs to pick his game up.

  62. Haus says:

    Demoralizing. Bruins the better team almost all game.

  63. Caperfan says:

    This team is a fucking mess right now and again I`ll say it`s th coaching. Nobody is hitting, no cylce game, no fucking power play , no fucking goal tending holy fuck boys were in trouble!!! lazy fucking effort again tonight. I just dont think this team is that good and Claude Julien looks like he got no answers???. Where are Bergeron, Lucic, Campbell, Krejei, Recchi Thomas etc they are invisible tha past six games???? this team is a fucking mess, not competing not, competing etc etc etc!!!!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      How the hell are they invisible? We’ve been dominating since the 10 minute mark of the first. This is a case of terrible Bruins goaltending and very good Leafs goaltending. Although the end of the second was pretty bad defensively.

  64. Neely8 says:

    Thats it for me guys, ive had enuff! This team is done for the year and so am I! Nice meeting all of you!

  65. bergeronforselke says:

    wtfffffffffffffffffff i love the bruins but holy shit

    recchi- great career but i cant wait to see him retire
    ryder- never wanna see him in a bruins unifrom again, he skates to slow
    kelly- waste of a 2nd rnd pick
    paille- what can i say? he needs hands.
    thornton- would rather see caron
    ference- shaky in his return(maybe rusty?)
    sidenberg- needs to be scratched for a game or so
    thomas- omfg this isnt gonna win him the vezina or a stanley cup
    claude julien- fat fucking faggot, we need a new coach.

    overall, seguin is a beast he’s playing so well lately and will truely be an impact player down the road. This season has been great, the bruins are great, but this game is dissapointing. there needs to be a few changes i think.

  66. Bruins says:

    Only plus-side to the Bruins getting blown out: time for some rough stuff in the third!

  67. zamer says:

    What a pathetic defensive show the bruins are putting on,also the leafs are out hitting us and winning battles but we have recchi,paille,ryder,and the players in the trade that going to make us better FUCKEN BULLSHIT.We have one good line and bergeron like Iv said we lack size on the wings and we are not the same team from a month ago,Detroit fucked this team up when we lost those back to back games.

  68. dookie says:


    Absolute worst game & effort of the year. Brutal!!

    Ever since the Vancouver game we have consistently been outplayed, outshot and more importantly out-worked. It is completely unacceptable to be out-worked!!!

    Play-off ready? Are you kidding me? They will be shellacked by the Habs 4-0.

    No emotion, no pride and no passion whatsoever. What they do have however is a whole lot of “I don’t give a shit’ effort.

    I like julien and the system he has put in place, but you have to wonder if it’s time. NJ saw the very same thing before they let him go and looked what happened to them. They had a great playoff; which is far more than the B’s are gonna have.

    I can’t stand to see another Hab-Bruin playoff disaster. I’d rather lose to anyone else but them.

    Grow some balls B’s for fucks sake!!

  69. Bruins says:

    GET THOMAS THE FUCK OUT OF THE NET! Rask looked good in his play and now you put the guy who’s having his worst game in years back in? Fuck you Clode.

  70. Caperfan says:

    Guys, I have been a bruins fan for over forty five years and I thought the defensive style of Julien was good for us but he has taken this team as far as he can. We cannot win a cup with him, he is incapable of generating any poer play or offese when it is needed and the players are showing it now. this is the same thing that got him in trouble in Jersey adn Montreal. those GM’s knew they were screwed if they stayed with this style. I also have watched Claude Julien since his days when he played defense for the halifax Citidals over twenty yers ago and he is all defense and knows fuck nothing about offense. This team is severly perplexed and has no idea what to do on a fore check, cylcle and most of all power play. We are in really trouble now. the bid question now is what do you do with the coaching. It’s tolate in the season to bring in a whole new system? Your stuck with Julien and its anòther wait until next year and for me forty years is to fucking long!!!!

  71. Neely8 says:

    Fuck you Haus! Its not my fault this team is shit! Ive giving up! Is that ok? Jesus!
    Im out,

    Ps fellow bruin fans, do yourself a favour and quite while your ahead! Theyre break ur heart in the end!

  72. Bruins says:

    Gotta love Horton. Follow suit boys!

  73. Haus says:


  74. Haus says:

    For those of you who are still fans… We got problems.

  75. Caperfan says:

    The Bruins are going to fuck up home ice advanage to the Canadiens with this pathetic losing steak and we are going to lose to them in the playoffs first round and again we’ll have to put up with the harrassment!!! this makes me sick the way these guys are performing

  76. Bruins says:

    Still pissed at Julien putting Timmy back in. To Timmy’s credit he played well in the third, but why put him back in the first place?

  77. Caperfan says:

    Post game, Don Cherry says there is something going on inthe dressing room with the Bruins? Players like Shaun hornton who’s ice time has been cut with the arrival of Kelly and Peverly couldb ethe issue. I think julien cannot manage the team and players are pissed off and he has lsot heri confidence, Look at it guys no emotion or drive in anybody even the new guys. This team is not cohesive and things are fucked up and Julien cannot figure it out. The camera went on Peter Chiarelli aftr the forth goal whetoronto scored during the game and he looks fucked as well.

    • Haus says:

      You Canada folk should rethink this Don Cherry as a national treasure horseshit. The guy is nothing but a self-promoting hairless cunt that dresses like a homosexual juggling clown, minus the stilts. He creates more dressing room drama throughout the league with his bogus speculation, making other guys think that he’s got inside sources. Who would even talk to that big-mouth? If I was in the NHL, I wouldn’t talk to him at all until he started looking like a professional and stop insulting people by wearing his LSD-inspired suits. Fuck him, fucking cocksucker. I would run over his dog then eat it.

      • Bruins5 says:

        could not have said it better myself Haus. People from Canada think Don Cherry is some reincarnation of god. hes a fucking loser who dresses like an idiot

  78. Bruins says:

    Props to Seguin. He really had an amazing game tonight. Best player on the ice for either team and second star of the game after Reimer IMO.

    • GoLeafsGo says:

      Seguin the second star? LOL! I think anyone that knows hockey could see that Joey Crabb had a stronger game then Seguin. Seguin didnt even get a point… the kid is over rated! Anyways….. The Bruins are very inconsistent. They are going to choke big time in the playoffs. Montreal in 6…… That my friends is not a bruinsrumor its fact. All the replies to this post can’t change the fact that the Beyond fucking suck!!!!! EAT SHIT!!!!! GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!

      • Bruins says:

        Playoffs… so Leafs fans have heard of them?

      • Andy says:

        HAHAHA!! What’s funnier – a douchbag Leafs fan posting on this site or a douchebage Leafs fan who’s team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2004 posting on this site? I love how all the Leafs fans are jerking themselves off over “hey, we’re 6 pts out of a playoff spot” because they are the closest that they’ve been in SEVEN years!!

        We suck? That is priceless! The Leafs FINALLY get over 70 pts in a season and you’re going to say we suck? HAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s like a Pirates fan telling a Twins fan that the Twins suck

        Listen, shit for brains, go grab your picture of Dougie Gilmour, some lotion and a wet rag and remember the good ol days. Just don’t let your mom catch you again!!!

  79. Caperfan says:

    no disrespect “BRUINS” but Seguin was O.K. if anything. this kid has a long way to go an by no means was he a second star. None of the bruins deserve any mention whatsoever. They were all terrible and outplayed by a team that is not going to make the playoffs. The Bruins were pathetic and are in serious trouble.

    • Bruins says:

      Did you not see how many chances he was getting? He even set up (Kelly?) perfectly in the third through a glut of players too. Reimer had a fantastic game and stoned him every time, simple as that. Give credit where it’s due.

  80. zamer says:

    Toronto wanted this game more and I give them credit they played hard and we played brutal.Our D looked bad and scoring is our problem,Saverd will be missed and like Iv said I wish we had some size on the wings guys that win the boards.Put julien on waivers let houda run the show.

  81. Caperfan says:

    Seguin shows signs on why he was drafted second overall and he will be good some day but right now he is a kid playing with men. I am not putting the kid down he just needs time and experince Overall I am saying he the rest of the Bruins need a serious gut check and better get their act together in a hurry. I truly believe they can be better under a different coach. I dont think they can win a cup with Julien and I would pull the trigger riht now and bring in ken Hitchcock as I am sure the results would be no worse in the end.

    • Bruins says:

      I’m not talking about Seguin’s season, I’m talking about this particular game. I thought he was fantastic.

  82. Birdman2403 says:

    Blow this up. All new lines…..

    Peverley-Bergeron-Ryder ( Caron would be nice to see )

    D scratch Seidenberg…AWFUL !! Play with some desperation. I said this a while ago, if we play Montreal round 1, we are done !

  83. Bruins says:

    I’d go:

    Lucic-Krejci-Horton (no need to change this up)
    Peverley-Bergeron-Seguin (give Bergy players who aren’t duds)
    Marchand-Campbell-Ryder (Marchand’s play was slipping before the suspension)
    Thornton-Kelly-Recchi (Rex has been god-awful lately)

    I’ve always been a huge Seids fan but his play hasn’t been very good lately. Maybe sitting a game would do him some good.

  84. Haus says:

    Waive Paille, bring up Caron, scratch Thornton. Kelly center the 4th line. It isn’t the playoffs yet, but we are getting close. Use the homestand to re-work the powerplay down at Ristuccia.

  85. jimmy50 says:

    I think we need to go back to the 4 lines of depth that is really hard to play against.

    Lucic Krejci Horton (Been dominate just need to finish more)
    Peverly Bergeron Recchi
    Ryder Kelly Seguin
    Thornton Campbell Marchand (Productive 4th line when these guys made it up)

    PP1: Lucic Bergeron Krejci
    PP2: Peverly Horton Ryder

    PK1: Kelly Peverly
    PK2: Campbell Marchand
    PK3: Bergeron Recchi

    • Bruins says:

      Bergeron is by far our no. 1 PKer. Why do you have him on the third unit?

      And Seguin looked good on the PP. I’d keep him out there.

  86. Andy says:

    Listen, people, I have said this for a while but I think it becomes more & more evident – this team is a good team, but is not even close to being a serious Cup contender. On the ice, the reason is simple, too many games of no leadership, no balls, no heart, and no passion. Off the ice, we sign the wrong guys, overpay to re-sign guys, and don’t have a great farm system.

    There are so many things that keep this team from being a Cup Contender. I do think it’s time to let Julien go. Not because he’s a bad coach, but I think the players get too comfortable and just have that “who gives a fuck” attitude to most games. Worst coaching decision we made was giving Ftorek the job instead of Laviolette. We need a young, fiery coach who wants to play an uptempo game and need players who complement that system.

    We sign guys like Ryder & Sturm – complete overachievers – and re-sign jokes like Ference & Paille. We give out $4 mil contracts like they’re aspirin. Only prob is most of these guys don’t deserve that contract. Now we’re looking to overpay Kaberle, who again isn’t worth the contract and we overpaid for in the trade anyway. If we re-sign him, I guarantee we will want to get rid of his contract a year from now. That’s the position Chiarelli & Co put this team in.

    Finally, as far as drafting, since 2007, we’ve drafted 4 forwards in the 1st rd (3 centers) and what did we do with TOR’s 2nd rd pick when we just drafted Seguin as a center? Of course, another FUCKING CENTER!! When was the last time we had a solid D prospect in the system? Lashoff, Hunwick, Boynton? Gimme a fucking break?! The young D that we have (McQuaid, Bartkowski, Kampfer) were ALL TRADED FOR. Amazing how you feel the need to trade for young D, but god forbid you fucking DRAFT one, shitheads!

    I’m not kidding when I say that if we really want to become serious Cup contenders, this team needs to be blown up – from the top down. We need young, hungry, energetic players – and a coach who employs that kind of system. We need a front office who isn’t going to make retarded fucking moves for overpaid, average players. We need to get new leadership (hello Chara) and need to see the consistent effort, regardless of the score. This team’s FOURTH line is the only consistent line, and the least talented. What does that tell you about this team?

    Bottom line – if you want to be serious Cup contenders, you have to blow this whole fucking thing up and start over. I would almost rather we were NYI, OTT, or EDM, because then we KNOW we have to re-build to have any shot. Instead, we keep being a playoff team, which makes people (wrongly) think that we’re that close, when, realistically, we’re not close at all. It makes their performance in the playoffs every year hurt a little bit more…

  87. #4 says:

    ” re-sign jokes like Ference ”

    This still?

    ” do think it’s time to let Julien go. Not because he’s a bad coach, but I think the players get too comfortable and just have that “who gives a fuck” attitude to most games.”

    He is a good coach not a great coach. He needs to go, this team needs a motivator and honestly I think that CJ’s shelflife is long out of date.

    Was trying to take you serious until I got to this part

    “Bottom line – if you want to be serious Cup contenders, you have to blow this whole fucking thing up and start over. I would almost rather we were NYI, OTT, or EDM, because then we KNOW we have to re-build to have any shot. Instead, we keep being a playoff team, which makes people (wrongly) think that we’re that close, when, realistically, we’re not close at all. It makes their performance in the playoffs every year hurt a little bit more…

    Every year a losing streak, and every year same BS shows up in the comments section. Seeing as mostly every major hockey news outlet ranks the bruins in the top 7 cup contending teams (TSN in top3), I think there is a strong majority of knowledgable hockey people who have the opposite opinion of you.

    • Andy says:

      First of all, yes “Ference still”. It is just indicative of signing a below average D to WAY above avg salary. This guy is a NUMBER 5 D at best, and we sign him to 2.25 mil?!

      Secondly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what other hockey experts say. I have been a B’s fan my entire life. In the last almost 40 years we have reached the fucking finals TWICE?! TWICE?! It’s the same ol bullshit! Two years ago we had the 2nd best record in the league. Along comes Carolina, a #6 seed who used speed, heart, and passion to beat us. Then you have last year. What else do you need?

      This isn’t just about some losing streak. I have been saying this for years. We have many of the wrong personnel to win, mainly due to leadership, people not stepping up, being inconsistent, and many times not having the balls, heart, & passion night in and night out. That is not what makes a Cup contender. If you want to delude yourself into saying that is what it takes, then I can’t help you there.

      The 6 gm road win streak was nice, but I can’t remember who said it (not on this board – on NHL Home Ice), but it sums it up perfectly – “During the regular season, the B’s can line up with anyone on any given night and win. However, when they get into the playoffs and have to win 4 out of 7, more often that not, they are going to get the short end of the stick – mostly by their own doing”.

      You guys know the history of this team. What really makes you think that this team REALLY has what it takes to make it out of the 2nd rd – which they haven’t done since 1992 – let alone win a Cup?

      I certainly don’t see it and until I’m proven wrong, I am going to stand by my opinion that this team needs a MAJOR overhaul in order to really become serious contenders…

      • #4 says:

        Look the way they are playing right now they wont last 1 round in the playoffs. They need Thomas to get back to unworldly save % and GAA of the first 1/2 season. To do anything past rd2 this year.

        That said I strongly disagree on blowing this team up. Ill start my analysis.


        Currently this team has a strong 2A-2A-3-4 center line up. With seguin as a potential true #1 center. BOth Bergy and Krejci are capable of putting it all together when the pressure is on. However niether is a true #1 center.

        WIth seguin upcoming and doing so nicely I’d say the team is strong and young in this position that. GRADE A-


        Weakest element of the team no true #1 winger. Lucic is developing into one at a rapid pace. Too many plugs filling in holes in the line up. Kelly,Recchi,Thornton,Paille,Ryder.

        Horton is inconsistent, Peverley has been good. Seguin is maturing. Lucic is a beast, Mrachand can be a top6 forward if he keeps his head in the game.

        Grade B-



        Then big dropoff. THe rest of the D is #4-6 type DMAN. Ference is solid, McQuaid as well but both will make mistakes. Boychuck Kampfer Siedenberg can all be off or on.

        Grade B+

        Thomas can be #1 in the world or a tuna like last nite. Rask could start anywhere but boston, buffalo, nashville, van. 2 Good goalies

        Grade A

        So really this team is close. Its centered around a young core that is melding and developing nicely. Aside from the obvious weakness on the wings this team with a few smart moves is a cup contender. As long as a big issue is addressed.


        What can I say, time and time again CJ has let us all down. His fumbling of Seguin and insistence on using Paille and Thornton along with an abyssmal PP and playoff choke jobs leaves this as a position of weakness.

        Grade C

        If this team doesnt go past 2nd round this year I expect CJ to be gone. BUt I dont think this team needs a rebuild just a change of philosphy and better Roleplayers and complimentary players for the Core.

  88. Gcole says:

    Dam looks like shit hit the fan! I had my bros wedding so I completely missed the game. Atleast I didn’t miss a good game!

  89. zamer says:

    Besides us picking up peverly,kelly,kaberle in trades,if you could trade for three players right now to help this team who would you pick.I like Clowe works hard Simmonds speed grit then hemsky speed goal scoring these are prototpye bruins.

  90. jimmy50 says:

    8 pts out of first in the Eastern Conference
    First in the North East Division

    3rd in Goals Scored (East)
    2nd in Goals Against (East)

    I am not quite sure what more you guys want?

    • Andy says:

      What we all want, jimmy, is a FUCKING CUP!! That is all well & good that we’re in the playoffs. I’m not discounting that.

      What I am discounting is this team’s heart, passion, and willingness to do whatever it takes to reach that ultimate goal. They do not do it enough on a consistent basis – and haven’t for years!

  91. Manitoba Fan says:

    Keep the lines the way they are for the rest of the year but sit Paille and put Marchand back on he fourth. They need him in a bad way.

  92. Bruins says:

    I calculated the standings by awarding each team who was tied after regulation with 1 point. OT wins and losses are all awarded 1 point. A regulation win = 1 point, regulation loss = 0 points. This is a fair representation because there is no 4 on 4 or shootouts in the playoffs. Awarding OT losses/wins 1 point is fair because it is like saying that team had a 50% chance of either winning or losing if they continued on with the game 5 on 5 (like in the playoffs). I converted it to points percentage, and rounded it to 3 places.

    1. PHI .634
    2. BOS .600
    3. WSH .575
    4. PIT .563
    5. MTL .542
    6. TBL .521
    7. NYR .479
    8. TOR .466
    9. CAR .458
    10. BUF .458
    11. OTT .424
    12. NJD .423
    13. FLA .403
    14. ATL .403
    15. NYI .390

    1. VAN .658
    2. SJS .575
    3. DET .570
    4. PHX .568
    5. CHI .542
    6. LAK .542
    7. NSH .535
    8. DAL .521
    9. ANA .507
    10. CGY .500
    11. MIN .493
    12. CBJ .472
    13. STL .458
    14. COL .380
    15. EDM .361

  93. bruins4eva says:

    i wonder if matt cooke will be suspended this time??? i hope so

  94. Caperfan says:

    Word around the league is Matt Cooke is looking at around an 8 games suspension? deserves at last 8 in my view.

    ANDY, I agree alot to what you said in your previous post. I dont care what our goals against are, or our goals for or our save percentages etc. We all know from looking at this team night-in and night-out they are not going to go far in the play offs because they lack serious desire, passion and when you get right down to it thet lack a true leader. That’s why they cannot hold onto leads there is no one on this team to take charge and settle things down in those game moments every team goes through and fro those reasons They are not cup contenders. I truly hope I eat my words but I see what I see, with these guys and my heart and brain tell me it aint so. Many of you on this site know hockey and know the Bruins and their history and I am sure many feel the same way?

  95. jimmy50 says:

    If you think the Bruins will bring regular season intensity into the playoffs you are wrong. Even Ray Bourque once said you can’t play playoff intensity all year because you won’t make it into the playoffs healthy.

  96. Manitoba Fan says:

    I am just trying my hardest to stay positive here but I don’t feel our team would be any better right now if we didn’t trade wheeler or stuart. I really do beleive that Peverly, Kelly and Kaberle make us a better team. We are struggling right now and its gross to watch but I really do believe we have a better team going into the playoffs this year then we did last year. I mean it wasn’t a fluke that we won 7 games in a row. I truley believe that our lines should stay the same as they are right now, fuckin leave them and put Marchand back on the fourth. Soupy AND tHORNTON need that kid back. When he was there I bet our fourth line was one the best in the league. In all honesty I thought the first 10 mins of yesterdays game was bad, but after i thought we controlled most of the play, Reimer was good. We are in a rut, we’ll get out my fellow bruin buddies, mark my words. Was at a local pub last night talking with a senators fan, this guy says Kelley is a player every team needs, he loved him on ottawa. I really wanna like this guy cause soo many Ottawa fans were pissed when we got him, I am keppin the faith. Its funny how all us bruin fans are naturally pissed at our play lately, but this guy I was talking to was laughing at me about it. He says look at my team, but then brought things into perspective. This guy believes that our team is the real deal and thinks it will be Philly/Bos eastern conference final. Obviously i hope he’s right but just thought it was nice to hear a guy who doesn’t like the bruins at all give our team props!Keep the faith boys, its all we got right now!!!

  97. Manitoba Fan says:

    I am just trying to lighten up the mood around here boys, but the high powered, offensively potent Tampa Bay lightning are also struggling. They are 2-4-4 in their last 10 games. It just goes to show that all good teams do struggle from time to time. The bruins are 4-3-3 in their last ten just in case people were wondering.

  98. pearson says:

    wow. a whole mess of gm’s on here that know how to fix things. no leadership, no passion, no grit?? what was everyone saying after the montreal game a month ago? or the streak we went on a few weeks ago?

    fire claude. christ sakes.

    call up caron? no. too young. paille isnt as bad as people make him out to be.

    kelly doesnt do shit? i think hes like a bergeron without the scoring touch.

    and whoever it was that wanted to sit thornton is retarded. “you dont build a team with guys that can just deke and shoot top shelf glove side.”

    • lucic crew says:


    • Haus says:

      I’m definitely not retarded, Pearson. Thornton hasn’t done his job lately. Not making strong, simple plays and being responsible in his own zone. No shit you don’t win with a bunch of finesse guys, but wouldn’t you want to see a different look occasionally? Don’t get me wrong, I like Thornton as a player and by all accounts he’s a great guy. Its a long season, some parts need to be changed in and out once in awhile. Not saying to keep him out forever, just change it up a bit to match opponents.

      • lucic crew says:

        Yes and another thing he is a fucken hog, that play against the leafs when it was basically a two on one. If he passed it guy was wide open guaranteed goal. Could of changed the whole game, just saying. The guy never passes and im all for shooting but fuck come on if the guys wide open pass the fucken puck. These goals that he has have gone right to his head most of the time he takes the stupidest shots, so yeah haus i see your point on that one.

    • Andy says:

      Pearson and others – this isn’t about THIS losing streak, nor am I saying that this team NEVER plays with grit, heart, & intensity.

      The problem is that it is WAY TOO INCONSISTENT and has been for years. I also don’t expect to have “playoff intensity” for 82 games, nor do I expect them to never have a bad game. Of course that’s going to happen, but for those of us who grew up playing hockey (which I assume is the strong majority), most coaches will say regardless of the outcome, if you went out there and gave it everything, that’s all you can really ask.

      Well, there have been far too many games where the OTHER team has given it their all and we come out playing like shit. I’ll go back to the Carolina series a couple years ago. There is NO FUCKING WAY that they should’ve had more intensity, heart, & passion than us, but they did, and that’s how they won the series. The real problem with this team is that you never know what you’re going to get game in and game out. I don’t think anyone is suprised they can go on a 6-0 road trip, then go 1-2-4 or whatever they are on the latest trip. It’s inconsistency. I can’t blame it ALL on the coach, because we’ve seen this with past coaches. I think we need a change in organizational philosophy – which, to me, is to develop our own players (draft well – and not just ONE FUCKING POSITION), stop handing out ridiculously overpriced contracts, and really try to implement a 2 way, speed, grit, passion team that will give the same 110% effort every night.

      In my last chapter of this novel, I will point out that I don’t mean have a fire sale with this team, but I don’t think that firing Julien is the easy fix, either. I think he should be fired, but some of the personnel on this team needs to go. Don’t re-sign Kaberle, let Ryder go (and probably Recchi), and use the offseason to acquire good, young players with heart and passion.

      I don’t know if there’s an easy fix. This team just needs to get their head out of their ass and on most nights, take it to the OTHER team, not the other way around…

  99. willisss says:

    At least we can all agree that neely8 is a hardcore douche who doesn’t know shit about hockey, or the bruins

    • Haus says:

      And you he probably read your post and gritted his teeth, trying to pretend he doesn’t come on anymore. I bet he wants to respond sooo bad. Haha fuck him.

  100. ELWOPPO says:

    Did u guys see Cooks hit to that guys head?
    This hit is dirtier* than* my browser* history

  101. Studlycodfish says:

    And I am still waiting for Mario the French loser to weigh in on that elbow???guess I am going to be disapointed! Go Bruins!!!

  102. Hendrik says:

    Does anyone know how Many shootout losses Montreal has?

  103. Haus says:

    I stand by my comments that Don Cherry is a cunt, but, apparently there was creedence behind his statement that there is locker room drama right now. I’m hearing the 4th line guys are bitter.

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