3 up 3 down


1. Tim Thomas. Another solid performance for Thomas as he continues to make him case for the Vezina by posting another shutout. Is it me or the Bruins play differently when Tuukka is in net?

2. Zdeno Chara. Chara scored the first goal of the game on a fortunate deflection. Chara was solid all night especially when playing physical against Jonathan Toews.

3. Brad Marchand. After disappearing for a few games, Marchand looks to have found his form again. When he is skating hard and being aggressive it makes the Bruins a much harder team to play against.


1. The Blackhawks. They looked completed uninterested in this game. Although it was their second game of a back-to-back road swing, clearly it wasn’t even close to being their best effort.

2. Rich Peverley. 0-5 on face-offs. Not much else to complain about.


103 Responses to 3 up 3 down

  1. Bruins says:

    March 31 – vs. Leafs – Tuukka
    April 2 – vs. Thrashers – Tuukka
    April 4 – at Rangers – Timmy
    April 6 – vs. Islanders – Tuukka
    April 9 – vs. Senators – Timmy
    April 10 – at Devils – Tuukka

  2. lucic crew says:

    I just finished watching the game and i have to disagree with your post pekese. Was that chicagos best effort probably not, not interested i dont know about that. These guys are fighting for their playoff lives. Me personally i thinks the bs shut them the fuck down. GOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Oh and thanks again manitoba fan.

  3. Haus says:

    Down #3: Having 4 games worth of posts on one thread. Pekese and Matt, I completely understand you can’t make this blog your lifes’ work, but its a pain in the ass to read when everything is tossed together casserole-style. Hence, a suggestion: starting next season you should post gamedays seperate from the other topics. Here’s an example:

    Bruins Finally Show Some Life. (206 comments)

    Gameday 76 vs. Chicago (40 comments)

    3 up 3 down. (5 comments)

    You wouldn’t even have to write up gameday posts, they could be used for pre/in-game/post-game commentary by all of us who chime in on here.

    All in all, however, this is a cool thing you got going here guys, and ill be continuing to add my .02 throughout every season.

  4. CCMGoalie says:

    Let me spear-head this before it begins:

    Neely8: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    LucicCrew: Love the optimism and aditude man, I may not be on here EVERY game after we play well, badly, or indifferent but I do have to give you respect for not being a bandwagoner.

    Neely8: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    ITakePhaneufscockdownmythroatafterhepullsitfrommyass: Your team’s a joke, your GM’s trying to not be a joke, your coach is a joke, your username on here is a joke, your claims of knowing anything about hockey are a joke (No one who REALLY follows hockey claims that the Leafs are going to take the cup), Phaneuf as Captain is a joke, Kessel as a franchise savior is a joke, Your starting goalie is an AHL goalie therefore an NHL joke, Grabovski is a diving pussy, and finally YOUR TEAM IS A JOKE.

    Neely8: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Can’t wait to head down to the Garden for the final home game of our regular season, (Leafs fans, that means we’re going to have a few more games AFTER the regular season. They’re called Playoffs. You should watch some Playoff hockey so you guys can FINALLY see real teams play for something that matters other than a high draft pick that you’ll eventually trade away for a streaky winger whose going to have a mental breakdown when “Ronnie” won’t let him play with his friends anymore.)

    And finally, as always, Go B’s!

    P.S. Neely8: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  5. Neely8 says:

    I see Ive made a great impression with all of you! Right back at ya CCM! For someone who isnt popular my name gets brought up quite often! Not that it matters but let me clear shit up! I love the B’s Im just sick of the heart break they have put me through in the past! Its hard to stay positive when the team constantly finds ways to colaps in the playoffs year after year! But u people on here are convinced that the Bruins are invincible and are winning the cup this year so I guess ill just have to sit back and watch come April! Maybe im wrong? We will see?

    • Hendrik says:

      I guess it’s Not the Point wether you’re optimistic or not, but you just don’t Leave your fucking team just because it loses.

      • Haus says:

        Neely8 strikes me as a guy that like all these “diehard” Red Sox fans around here,when prior to 2004 would say exactly what he’s saying about the Bruins now. Why does he say it? Easy, because its safe. He has a better chance of being right that they will be among the 29 teams that don’t win the Cup than the rest of us, who are willing to believe and hang in there through thick and thin for the day that they will be that 1. In the end, and if it so happens the Bruins don’t win it all, that doesn’t make you right. It just means you were a coward for not risking a little faith. And if the Bs DO win it all, well, you will know in your heart of hearts that it won’t mean that much to you anyway. For those of us who are willing to stick our necks out a bit and actually believe in something, it will be fucking sweet.

      • Haus says:

        Re: my gameday thread idea. What do you guys think?

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Haus, I think the gameday idea is a pretty good one. But like you said, these guys don’t have to devote ALL their time to this obviously. But in the end, I agree, I think doing something like that would be easier even if it was just a blank thread that allowed comments before, during, and after the games.

  6. willisss says:

    Pants tent

  7. Haus says:

    Oh, and another thing. I fucking hate Tuesday night games. I saw only the 1st period of last night because I play on Tuesday nights. I really hope that the playoffs are on a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule.

  8. Vince_M says:

    You may call me a bandwagon jumper. I hopped on the bandwagon the last time the B’s won the cup. I know one day I will jump off the bandwagon – that day will be when they bury me with my B’s jersey (or cook me whichever). Until that day I guess I am here for the ride good or bad this boat ride is to fun to leave personally I have too much faith to think otherwise.

    Great game last night!!

    P.S. Neely8: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  9. Gcole says:

    SO ANYWAYS, besides all the drama going on here. did anyone see what happened when thornton went by the chicago bench after getting cut? i looked away because i dropped by bag of funjuns and i looked back up and he looked like he was ready to beat someones ass on the bench!

    • Bruins says:

      Thornton only said that someone on the bench said enough to piss him off and that he didn’t know who it was. Who chirps someone getting slashed with a skate?

  10. moast says:

    -Awesome game by the B’s….true playoff feel to there play.
    -No way in hell Timmy doesn’t win the vezina.
    -Thursday game against the Leafs will be epic!
    -Neely8 all you have to do is not come on this site.
    -Thornton looked like someone was talking shit from the bench…I was hoping he would be back to beat the shit out of someone…40 stiches!
    -Haus, I like the gameday idea….keep it fresh….its hard sometimes to come on here and have to scroll down 200 comments, especially with all the drama and fucking homos that come on to troll.

    Fuck ya Bruins!!!!!! Worked over those Hawks!!!!!
    People say that they don’t have the offensive talent but I disagree….especially when they go up against Toews, Hossa, Kane and shut them out!!!!! Bring on the fucking playoffs already.
    As far as what days they will be on….this guys doesn’t give a shit, put them on at 3am on a wednesday and I will be cheering at the tv waking up my kids!!!! Fuck ya!!!

  11. Richardo says:

    FYI – The NHL Playoffs start Wed April 13th but it looks like the playoffs will start on Thursday April 14th for the B’s.

    The Celtics are playing at home on that Wednesday and Bob Segar is in town for that Friday.

    The Most Likely Scenario assuming its Montreal:

    HOME: Thur 4/14
    HOME: Sat 4/16
    AWAY: Mon 4/18
    AWAY: Tue 4/19 or Thur 4/21 <- if its the HABS
    (RUSH is at Bell Centre for Wed 4/20)

    • Bruins says:

      Fuck Bob Segar and the Celtics. Let’s go B’s!

    • chitownbruin says:

      I see game #2 set for Friday, and celtics 1st home playoff game is set for saturday night. anyway to confirm the schedule?

      • Richardo says:

        there is a concert at the garden that friday

      • jimmy50 says:

        Well if we play Montreal, the C’s start Saturday, and Rush is playing Wednesday prob 2 scenarios.

        Gm 1: Th
        Gm 2: Sat (Matinee or night game, C’s play too)
        Gm 3: Mon
        Gm 4: Th
        Gm 5: Sat
        Gm 6: Mon
        Gm 7: Wed


        Gm 1:Th
        Gm 2:Sun
        Gm 3:Tue
        Gm 4:Th
        Gm 5:Sat
        Gm 6:Mon
        Gm 7:Wed

      • jimmy50 says:

        I take that post back. Game 6 would be in Montreal and cannot be in the Bell Centre because of Lady GaGa. WTF. Won’t speculate again but looks like there will have to be games on back-to-back nights somewhere.

  12. Bruins says:

    Vince_M, you’ve been riding the bandwagon for 40 years? Best bandwagoner ever!

    • Vince_M says:

      Hey, it’s been a bumpy ride for some of those years but not once did I ever fall off. In all those years I have never lived for another team. Even when we had the Jets I was at every Bruin game. Even the day after my son was born.

  13. lucic crew says:

    Haus the game day i like, telling off neely i really like. You got it right on the button with the odds, of course the odds look better for him. Faith thats all we can do the bs will prevail. And its not like im talking garbage because they have a shit team, neely8 they have a very good team i dont know what else you want them to do at this point. Haus is probably right your just a red sox fan talking nonsense. Anyway fuck it all we can do is keep the faith boys and good things will come GOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  14. John says:

    Anyone know if Da Costa signed yet?

    • moast says:

      Im hearing that it will be this week and the Boston is in it along with 20 teams. Slim chance but would be sweet!

  15. Neely8 says:

    “AGAIN” Im gonna explain myself for those people who cant read or understand english! 1st off im not a sox fan im a Bruins fan! 2 im not playing it safe by routing againts them in the post season, Of course I want them ti win the Cup! 3 not really sure why u people keep bringing up my name? I feel that the Canucks,Wings. And Flyers are the favorites and might have the edge over us! Sorry im not super stoked with our chances likethe rest of u! Ive watched this team toooooo long to jump the gun and run my mouth because of a third place finnish! Can they win, of course they are still very strong defensivly and also offensively! Goaltenting is also unreal this year! But on the other hand weve been here before 2 years ago with a similar team! And they got eliminated by the Canes! Than last years epic fail! Its just hard to stay positive when the team keeps finding ways to blow it! I hope this year they prove me wrong and win it all! I would be soo happy!

    • BACKBRUIN says:

      Neely 8, just so you know, you are posting on a bruins site with people who are die hard fans that follow this team religiously. We are all aware of “OUR” teams past, and have a pretty good idea on what we have needed in the past and what we currently have..Why you insist on being negative about OUR team on a constant basis and no don’t say it’s being a realist becuase OUR team is right there for “yes once again the conference champs.” So because we go through a bit of a tough streak or lose a game that you may think resembles a previous year, does not mean you jump ship and tell “A BRUINS SITE” THAT WE CAN’T DO IT, our team has done this before, we have no chance of winning this year..??? The point of having a favourite team is to want them to succeed, and whether you think our team isn’t good enough or not you should be positive…..Why are we so bad in your eyes…because of the flyers series……ya it was horrible but we were two periods from in my eyes a stanley cup final. beating montreal of course…..our team has played very well the last 2-3 years and has given us something to cheer for during the season and playoffs…….you need to rethink your thought process as i think your missing the point here!!!

    • Bruins says:

      Saw name and did not read.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      no worries dude…I”m probably a bigger Bruins fan than most on here and I agree with you…as much as I want to belive we WILL win ( I think we CAN win), I just see some stronger teams than us…I hardly think that means I’m less of a fan for it…anyone who thinks so is an idiot…see below!!

      • TheBellEnd says:


      • BACKBRUIN/neely 8 hater says:

        I’m an idiot???who the fk are you dude…you and neely 8 are alwyas negative with this team and rarely have anything good to say…go fk yourself!!!

      • BACKBRUIN/neely 8 hater says:

        oh i see “bell end” your probably a bruins fan more then most……..by that statement you have just proven your idiocy!!! ya your the beiggest bruins fan of them all???hahahahaha what a stupid comment!!!

      • Haus says:

        BellEnd, the reason people give Neely8 shit is because after a loss a few weeks back, he said he was done following the team and encouraged everyone on here to do the same. It really has nothing to do with his opinion, its more that he should have left by now.

    • willisss says:

      I didn’t even read this, but shut up

  16. Bruins says:

    I want to see how sweet of a BEARd Bergy can grow this year damnit! He’s got the potential to be an all-time great.

  17. BACKBRUIN/neely 8 hater says:

    didn’t we beat vancouver this year???didn’t we just hand it to philly and chicago in the last week???? hey neely’s 8, get with the program freind…….this team is built for a series….pc has done a great job and imo deserves credit because this team will be hard to beat 4 times in 7 games…….and yes they can be beat but i like our chances to get deep in the playoffs!

  18. Caperfan says:

    Neely8, slow down amd take it easy. I understand your reluctance to believe the Bruins can get it done this year as I know you are afraid of being seriously disappointed again. However, the team is the best its been in long time going back to the days of Bourgue and Neely when they competed for the cup against the Edmonton Oilers in my opinion. So go with it and embrace the opportunity. In the end they still may not win but our chances have never been better since a long time, let’s stay positive and hope for the best. Let’s enjoy the ride now matter how long it lasts. This is a good team and every bit as good as philly and Vancouver. They have a legitimate shot if they play aggressive, stay healthy and get good goal tending and that goes for any team that has any chance of winning.The Bruins have all the pieces, they just have to execute.

  19. Caperfan says:

    thank you BellEnd, I have a good feeling about this team the past few games as they seem to be taking things serious and appear focused. I also think they have another level we haven’t seen yet as well especially in the physical aspect of the game.

  20. Caperfan says:

    Talk to you guys later, gonna tune in and hopefully watch Carolina beat the midgets from french town.

  21. Neely8 says:

    Yes ur all right and make good points lets hope the Bruins prove everyone wrong (including myself) and go far! BTW If they make it to finals or Conference finals I wil be happy! Second round exit like previous years is unexceptionable! The team must STAY focused and learn from thier past!

  22. lucic crew says:

    Went on the habs site had a good laugh, even bigger laugh when a frog said pk looks very orr like.

  23. Manitoba Fan says:

    No problem lucic crew, I’ll have the back of any bruins fan any day. Especially when Toronto/Montreal plugs post disrespectfull comments towards us B’s fans. They shouldn’t be posting here ever! I stay the fuck off their sites cause I couldn’t give two shits about what they think or their teams for that matter. Any lets keep this up boys!!!! GO B’S

  24. Manitoba Fan says:

    I hope we destroy the leafs tommorrow. That would be deadly, some sweet redemtion!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      Tuukka Time!

    • lucic crew says:

      Oh its going to happen don’t you worry.

      • Manitoba Fan says:

        It better, boys are on fire right now. Not just that, I got a buddy coming by to watch the game who’s a leaf fan and I have been beaking him steady. Telling him we are seeking redemption like we did against Montreal. I also told him he could borrow one of my bruins jerseys for the playoffs so he has somone to cheer for!!!! I am just being honest!! HA HA LMAO! Leafs suck, GO B’S

  25. Bruins says:

    We better not have any fucking matinees in the playoffs.

  26. jimmy50 says:

    Random post: Just looking at the UFA and RFA’s this summer. What are your guys thought on Drew Stafford in Boston next season. He is a RFA. With Ryder becoming a UFA and Recchi likely to retire that frees up 5.6 million in cap space. Also let Kaberle walk unless a real fair deal, not overpaid. The projected lineup obviously has Savard LTIR.

    Lucic Krecji Horton
    Marchand Bergeron Stafford
    Peverly Kelly Seguin
    Thornton Campbell Caron

    Chara Seidenberg
    Boychuk Ference
    McQuaid Kampfer


  27. ELWOPPO says:

    Backbruin I dont think TheBellEnd was taking to u? U like to start with everyone huh? Ur starting to sound like me now! U wanna go? Im bored!

  28. Manitoba Fan says:

    Just got home from hockey and seen tonights scores. WOW, St. Louis beat Detroit 10 – 3. LOL! Not that it means anything to me or our team just think thats hillarious!!!! GO B’S GO!!!!!

    • lucic crew says:

      Manitoba from a bs fan to a bs fan, friend or not do not let that dirty leaf fan touch the beautiful bs jersey he will curse it with his loser team. Living in toronto i have alot of friends who are dirty leaf fans and they all know don’t even touch my jersey. What can i say im very superstitious.

      • Manitoba Fan says:

        I hear ya buddy. I usually only watch the playoffs with my ol man and a few buddies of mine who are all die hard b’s fans. No one else is allowed. I just told my buddy bout the jersey to rub not makindg the playoffs in his face.

  29. Richardo says:

    Our magic number is 2 points for the Division with the MTL loss…

  30. Studlycodfish says:

    Bruins rock!!!! This is our year the Cup will be ours!!!! I’ll be wearing my Looch jersey every game and growing my beard right to the hoisting of the Cup!!!! TT will win the CS and Horton will be our best forward just wait and see!!!! Go Bruins Go!! P.S just seen Ward just picked the Flyers over the Bruins in the east, what a loser!! Go Bruins Go!!!

    • #4 says:

      Flyers B’s ECF… It will be a battle of a series. One to remember, I dont see it not going to 7 games.

      I hope the B’s draw MTL first round then TB in the 2nd round, avoid the rangers that series spells playoff death sentance. Even winning it will be a war the team will need to be ready for PHI in the ECF.

      That said the time is right for the B’s Sid/Malkin out, Ovechkin slumping, VAN has alot of injuries the Bruins better push far this year.

      It starts with steamrolling into the playoffs and 5-0 win over the Reimers(Who else even matters on that team?). Go B’S Need to take keep building momentum right up until the last minute no slowing down this year!

  31. Richardo says:

    Big game tonight boys!! Let’s clinch this division TONIGHT!! and put those pussies from toronto away for good!!!

    Go B’s!!!

  32. moast says:

    Lots of motivation tonight boys!
    -Clinch the NorthEast
    -Redemption from last game
    -Its the fucking Leafs
    -Fuck Phil Kessel
    -Gain ground in the east
    -Make TO’s pick better
    -Put a dagger in TO’s slim playoff hopes

    It’s endless….this to me is a true test of where they are at. The motivation is there, they are playing sick hockey these days and are at home.

    BOS 5 – TO 0
    Tuukka to start!!


  33. moast says:

    “Michael Ryder telling me he “cant try to do too much” tonight while getting into lineup after recent healthy scratches. Still not getting it”….Haggs

    Ryder is a fucking douchebag and I cant wait until this lazy unmotivated piece of shit is out of Boston and his 4 mil cleared….waste of god damn space! The above statement is what he said after being benched and scratched, you think a guy would get it but no his precious feelings seem to be hurt…..fuck him!

    • Bruins says:

      I’m no Ryder fan but Haggs is a fucking idiot. What an out of context quote. He obviously means he can’t overthink things and grip his stick too tight. Alot of the time Ryder likes to try to dangle the whole team as well which costs us.

      • moast says:

        Good point. Im only hearing a sample but over the last while, the comments that Ryder makes are pretty lazy sounding with no accountability. I do like Ryder when he plays the way he can. Lately he is trying to do everything himself and not shooting. He has good support on his line and he is a shooter……so shoot, that is not overthinking things.

        So Bruins do you see or want him back next year as a 3rd with a pay cut?
        Im torn as I know what he can do but he can be replaced with a FA or a rook?

      • #4 says:

        Ryder cant go away fast enough… No way he is coming back.

        Gotta see how Spooner-Knight-Suave-Arneil look at training camp and consider dumping ryder+moving kelly = 6.2m for a nice top6 winger in the offseason.

        He is being scratched in favor of Paille as a 30yo veteran with a 4mil contract NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  34. Bruins says:

    I don’t want him back, no. Caron takes Recchi’s spot and either a UFA or Sauve (most likely a UFA) takes Ryder’s spot. Unless Ryder signs for a ric=diculously cheap price, let him walk.

  35. ELWOPPO says:

    Young fenom Da Costa signed with the Sens today!

  36. Richardo says:

    Thornton and Boychuk are out; Ryder and Kampfer are in!!!

  37. GoLeafsGo says:

    Get ready to suck it Boston. My Leafs hit some bumps this year but they are the better team. Get ready to eat your words you losers. The Big Sad Ruins will choke again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lucic crew says:

      lol enjoy golf again, again,again,again,again,again you fucken loser.

      • moast says:

        I wanna punch this guy in the face so fucking bad it hurts!

      • ELWOPPO says:

        I like how u typed “again” 6 times for the amount of times they missed the playoffs in a row! Although technically its 7 straight if u count the lockout! What a joke of an organization! I would shoot myself if i was a Leaf fan! Them and the panthers gotta be the joke of the NHL!

    • Richardo says:

      2 non playoff years down (with your boy Phillip)…. 3 to go!! <—- enter Jack's Evil laugh here HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Gcole says:

      id like to hear your argument on how the leafs are a better team, what evidence do you have for that? standings? NOPE… goals scored? NOPE…. defense? NOPE… goaltending? NOPE…. and if all those are no what the fuck else is there to argue? that there is ONE player on your team that has the ability to score more goals than anyone on the bruins (which is debatable..).

      whats in the water in toronto? its crazy how there so many god dam loyal fans that dont go away yet their team SUCKS!. and yeah boston and toronto havent won a cup in a long time but atleast the bruins are competitors! only thing toronto competes for is the draft pick (that they dont even get to keep lol)

    • backbruin says:

      wow leaf monkey, your shit is getting old….how about some new material!!

      ya choke……..i’m just happy our team has the chance to choke as funny as it sounds because you guys don’t have the option!!bahahahah

  38. Bruins says:

    GolfQueefsGolf is your new name.

    • #4 says:


      Its gotta be tough rooting for a team with only 2 players on it that any other team would want. Grabo and Reimer.

      Dont worry Burke will trade them away for some one dimensional hack in the offseason its “part of his plan”


  39. moast says:

    So….John Scott says he will kick the shit out of Thorty! Good luck you plug!

    • Gcole says:

      Just like laraque was going to with lucic? Too bad those idiots (larauqe and Scott) neither have a future in the NHL lol.
      Where’s all the Montreal douches with laraque? Luck will fight him now! ..oh yeah no one wants Laraque and he’s not in the league anymore.. And lucic is busy being a 30 goal scorer!!

  40. #4 says:

    Thornton’s Fight Card 2011:
    Boogard Win
    Goodard Win
    Hordichuck win
    Shelley Draw
    Gilles Win
    Carkner Win
    (Theres more these are the important ones)

    Jansen 2x Wins
    Winchester WIn
    Stortini Win

    SO who’s fighting the tougher guys Scott? Good luck with thornton he handled Boogieman im sure he could smash you, you tall prick!

  41. moast says:

    Fuck yah everyone is getting pumped cant wait for the game!!! Rake those Leafs!!!!!

  42. backbruin says:

    I wouldn’t want to be a leaf tonight….statement time….my prediction 4-1 b’s…..and what do you guys think?? i put the ov/under at 2.5 for fights tonight!!! place your bets!! let’s see some bets…

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