Anyone else expecting another snooze fest Bruins-Rangers game?  Even if that is the case, it is a big game for both of these teams. The Rangers are trying to clinch a playoff spot and the Bruins are hoping to move up to either first or second in the East.  While the Bruins task will be difficult, it is not unlikely since Philadelphia has been struggling lately.  Look for tonight’s lineup to be a potential playoff lineup, with Sheriff Shane Hnidy and Steve Kampfer sitting.  All signs are also pointing to Tyler Seguin being a healthy scratch in favor of Daniel Paille and Michael Ryder come playoff time, but for tonight’s game he’ll be skating with Shawn Thornton still out.


125 Responses to Bruins-Rangers

  1. Studlycodfish says:

    Go Bruins, feeling a 3-1 win for the Bssssss!!!

  2. lucic crew says:

    Of course go bss but to be honest i won’t be that mad if they lose. I know they won’t make the playoffs but the laughs are playing really good hockey. I want that last draft pick to at least be pretty good. So like i said go bs go.

  3. ELWOPPO says:

    Shawn Thornton named Masterton nomanee! Kessel won it in 2007!

  4. Caperfan says:

    Anybody know if this game is being broadcast on NHL Centre ice?

  5. ELWOPPO says:

    This julien is playing with fire, We already clinched the division! Why is he playing our full squad? He should be resting players not risking injury!

  6. Birdman2403 says:

    I’m pissed ! I have Center Ice…game not on !! FACK !!!

  7. Gcole says:

    What a goal from paille holy shit

  8. lucic crew says:

    Wow what a first period, beautiful boys absolutely beautiful.

  9. Studlycodfish says:

    Good first period!!!Go Bruins!!!

  10. Studlycodfish says:

    I got center ice and the game is on? Sometimes it won’t be on the HD feed but on the standard feed but I have it on the HD feed all the same!!

  11. lucic crew says:


  12. Gcole says:

    Fuck, will this bring thomass GAA above 2? I want him to finish the season under 2, thatd be crazy!

  13. Haus says:

    Paille is playing incredible tonight. Maybe the best Bruin on the ice.

  14. edski says:

    Dennis Wideman i mean sidenburg you idiot

  15. Haus says:

    This game has gone to shit.

  16. moast says:

    wow……..defence? 3-0 collapse, not good going into the playoffs….FUCK!!!!

  17. Gcole says:

    Your fucking kidding me right? FUCK YOU

  18. Bruins says:

    LOL at us and 3-0 leads. Oh well. Buhbye Leafs.

  19. moast says:

    I really dont want anyone on here to say shit about how this is no big deal “there already in the playoffs”…Bullshit!
    That was another infamous coasting with the lead. Throw in horrible defence and there you go, a brutal collapse. These are like the playoffs for the bubble teams and if ya cant match up with them, when will you? Fucking Sad!

  20. Haus says:

    Seguin sighting there on the skate-off. He and Seidenberg were better off not showing up.

  21. bruins5 says:

    pinch me that was a dream… Look, the rangers clarely needed the win more, but bruins if your going to lose dont lose by giving up 5 unanswered goals. embaressing

  22. Studlycodfish says:

    Oh well to bad let that one get away, pick yourselfs up off the mat dust off and get ready for the next one!!! Go Bruins!!!!

  23. Eehhhh says:

    Seguin needs to be watching the playoffs. Ryder is the obvious choice. Seguin is not ready. Most bandwagon fans trash Ryder by regurgitating what they hear on sports radio.

  24. Gcole says:

    Weren’t they supposed to try their best tonight, that’s why they didn’t rest anybody?? in that case my friends, this fuckin team doesn’t have the heart to go anywhere this year……. AGAIN.. FUCK ME!

  25. ELWOPPO says:

    We gotta be the worst team in NHL holding leads! Especially 3-0 leads!

  26. Birdman2403 says:

    McQuaid is also brutal! Kampfer also not that great in my opinion. Hnidy…get ready to play !

    This is a fucking joke. This could be the first round opponent and that was the effort….blows my mind !

  27. zamer says:

    FUCKEN sad how many games have they lost being up by 2 or 3 goals,this is a stanley cup contender no fucking way.The last 2 periods outplayed outhit and thomas sucked theres no fucken way we are going far in the playoffs.This game is going to effect the confidence of this team,its hard to take when your winning 3-o at one point and lose 5-3,well all we can do is hope for the best from this TEAM.

  28. Bruins says:

    We’re 28-2-2 with leads this year. Not too worried about it. I’m only worried if we go up early by 3-0 specifically. Also a bit unnerving that we play our worst hockey against the bottom 3 playoff teams in the East, one of wich we’ll be facing, but whatever. We’ll pull through.

  29. Andy says:

    Hey, just another case of when they have you start feeling good – BAM! – they shit the bed! Sit back with a 3-0 lead and let the other team come back on you. Sound familiar?

    I’m not going to say that “oh, they’re going to blow it in the playoffs now”, but we all know their track record and if they shit the bed again, honestly, would any of us really be suprised?

    FYI, did anyone watch Chara w/ that horseshit effort on the winning goal? Not blaming Chara for the loss, of course, but it just shows you OUR leadership…

    • Haus says:

      I would probably sit Chara wednesday. Kind of a careful game from him tonight, not a lot of push. Probably has got something nagging him right now, I know there was concern he picked up an injury the other night.

  30. pearson says:


    kemba shooooooow

    who cares about the bs tongight, theys in the playoffs and we just cruushed the chapionship. shit on me all you wayant, keystone lights allllll daaaaaay

  31. willisss says:

    Those uconn fucks just lost me $1000….yea I will be drinking until its time to go to work

  32. Bruins says:

    Agreed with Haus. The East title is out of reach. Might as well rest most of them, except for the young guns and guys that need to get going (new additions + Ryder).

    Knowing Clode though, he’ll probably rest Seguin.

    • #4 says:

      Yup agreed.

      I want to see Suave and Spooner(whos in providence now) get called up for a game.

      Just have a line of Suave-Seguin-Spooner for the heck of it and to see what your 1st/2nd line in 2years will look like….

      I missed the epic collapse so I wont comment on it. But I guess the B’s and I learned to not assume a 3-0 lead means a victory.

      This could be the perfect reminder at this time of the season for them.

  33. Gcole says:

    Lol can’t even escape upon on a bruins site.. I hear it enough I live like 15 minutes from uconn!

  34. moast says:

    On a brighter note, Bruins just signed Carter Camper and he will be in Providence today with Spooner and Knight.
    Camper had 19-38-57 totals in 39 games this season and was one of 10 finalists for the 2011 Hobey Baker Award.
    Future even brighter!

  35. CCMGoalie says:

    Ryan Callahan with a Fractured Right Leg, reports ESPN, TSN, and THN.

    Huh, guess that’s why no one should block Chara’s shot without the required gear: Bullet Proof Glass.

  36. Bruins says:

    Haha what a terrible name though.

  37. zamer says:

    All I heard today on sports was how bad the bruins choked again versus the Rangers,and this team will not make it past the first round.Its hard to understand this team in many ways and it starts with our defensive play the hot and cold goalies and Im not impressed at all with Kaberle play lately and hes weak defensively.Savard will be missed come playoffs,and what the fuck with signing another centerman hows small and weak defensively.

  38. Craig says:

    Tough one GOLEAFSGO. Next year you guys will start 4 or 5 and 0, plan the parade route, then go 0-10 and realize your team still sucks balls. Until next year, hopefully you stay hid in your closet. BS forever.

  39. Seguin>Hall says:

    This is a perfectly random post I know but I was just thinking this so I thought I’d vent it to all of you: If I ever see that bastard Matt Cooke with my own eyes, I’m going to grab the nearest blunt object I can find and beat the living F out of him! He doesn’t deserve to live!

  40. willisss says:

    I’ll be at the game tonight, my hockey buddy dave is singing with rene

  41. ELWOPPO says:

    Full lineup again? I guess julien doesnt believe in resting players in meaningless games for playoffs!

  42. backbruin says:

    My biggest thing right now is for the boys to stay healthy!!! no silly injuries with 3 games left in the season……so please stay healthy first and for most!!

  43. Gcole says:

    A full 2 minute 5 on 3 and NOTHING?…

    • moast says:

      Worrying about potential injuries is the least of there problems right now. They are horrible and WTF 2 full minutes on the PP….weak! How they miss Savvy!

  44. moast says:

    I don’t care what the stats are with Ference in the line up…..he sucks balls!!

  45. moast says:

    4th line is the best line on the ice!

  46. Gcole says:

    If you think about it this teams just as fucked as last year, why? Their weakness is special teams and consistency. Only time they dominate games is in brawl filled high scoring games, and how often does that happen in the playoffs!

  47. moast says:

    Sorry guys, I think Im the first to break.
    This team is bad. they have all of there players and cant dominate a weak team so how will they win in the playoffs. There PP is horrible, the PK is soso. The best line is the fourth. They better get MTL in the first line as this is the only team they are showing up for this year. Not sure what else to say, love the 4th line and if it weren’t for Timmy this team wouldn’t make the playoffs.

    I do have an idea though how about the 4th line on the PP? Nobody else can do anything!

    • Gcole says:

      You’re not the first I beat you by one minute! Lol. And I forgot to add they can’t hold a fucking lead!

  48. Gcole says:

    Ahead by two… If they lose this fucking game I don’t even know what I’m gonna do that’s how pissed off I will be. What’s it gonna take for this team to learn that lesson??? You’d think last years playoff choke would have taught them

  49. Bruins says:

    All of our main forwards are in double digits for goals now. Fuckin’ A.

  50. Birdman2403 says:

    Bruins look like shit ! The PP will kill us unless it gets going. But right now this team is spinning it’s tires ! Hopefully the B’s can find their game in time.

  51. Caperfan says:

    fucking power play isnt bad it is simply rotten. We aint doing nothing in the playoffs boys if the power play is performing the way it is and there is nothing to suggest its going to change. Its been this way for two years. On another note the Kaberle trade hasnt hurt this team but the offensive punch he was suppose to bring just didnt happen. I think our expectations of him so far are disappointing and the trade didnt do what it was suppose to do. I hope something changes in the playoffs and the boys bring something else then they are showing or were done.

  52. moast says:

    What isall of this talk about second gear come the playoffs? Really, I do understand that teams play different come the playoffs but c’mon, finding there game? This is what, game 80.
    Tell me one contending team that you can use the term pathetic to describe any aspect of there play?

    Good thing there is Timmy and the 4th line!
    Go B’s?!!!!

  53. moast says:

    Nice to see Krejci demoted as his play lately is as boring and uninspired as the PP

  54. Haus says:

    Vancouver is a bad team. They lost 2 in a row to Edmonton. Philadelphia is a bad team, they are on a losing streak. I remember how strong Washington was last year going into the playoffs. We all saw how important that was.

  55. Studlycodfish says:

    Why don’t you guys find a different team to cheer for since you guys hate this team so much? Bet you guys will be on here talking about how big of bruins fans you are when were lifting the cup at the end of the play-offs weak!!! Go Bruins Go!! First in the division, no worst than a third place finish in the conference but yet such a horrible team lol lol lol!! Ye have little faith!!

  56. Haus says:

    Now I’m not gonna go crazy and say the Bruins WILL win the Cup, but I will definetly say they CAN. In this years playoffs, the way its shaking out, about 7 or 8 teams have a shot to win it all. The Bruins are among them.

  57. moast says:

    Awesome you guys! Im pretty grateful to be surrounded by such true Bruins fans. Playoffs are a different season and it seems interesting that consistency and PP production is going to appear out of nowhere! Can’t wait! Yes, there ranking in the standings are good and it looks like they will play Montreal and that will be an awesome series with a Bruins victory but after that who knows. All I do know is that a team needs to show up every night and be great on special teams to win a cup.
    I love the Bruins, always will and always have and don’t need anyone to tell me otherwise, I will never even meet anyone on here face to face. Im a realist and being third in the division is great but if you get bounced in the first round, they don’t let you keep playing because you are third in the weaker of two divisions. What I will say is that I love the 4th line, the Physical aspect, the goaltending and the future of this team. What I hate is the top two lines disapearing act, the god awful PP and the bottom 2 D pairings.
    Since I said my views and some of them are negative I guess I am not as much of a Bruins fans as others. I will always be a Bruins fan but I will not always be there waiving pom poms sorry Haus. I hope that they play as well in the playoffs as the Bruins team in your head.

    • Haus says:

      So its waving pom-poms if I don’t literally shit my pants over a game that meant NOTHING? They didn’t dominate the Islanders…who gives a shit. They won tonight going 75%. If that game meant an iota Lucic would have fought Martin in the 1st period. And more guys would have been diving out to block shots than Paille, who not coincidently is fighting for his playoff life. The PP is a real concern, I grant you that. There is no going around that. But ill ask you this: what team doesn’t have concerns going into the postseason? I won’t hold my breath for your answer.

      • moast says:

        No Haus, its not waiving Pom Poms if you dont shit all over your team over a blah game. It’s shiting all over poster when they get frustrated over there team that pisses me off. I get mad and frustrated with this team when they dont play to there potential. Beleive me, I understand that this was a game of very little importance to either team. The thing I wanted to see from them was a solid 60 minute effort and a good win over an injured bottom dweller team. I would agree with you if they were resting key players but when they are throwing the best players they have I expect to see better. Boston is a contender, rolling there full line up tonight and just sqeaked out a win.
        Im frusrated mainly because when you see a win like they had over the blackawks and then see them shit the bed in NY you have to be concerned. So, I saw this game as a lot more important to them than meaningless. The 4th line showed up to play and it showed how valuable they will be come the playoffs. I wanted more from the top two lines. Imagine if all of the lines played as hard as the fourth. I think its a scary thing when people say that they already made the playoffs so being cosistent isn’t important because they will be better when it counts. With the history of this team, I have doubts about there ability to turn that switch on and off when they feel like it. They needed to make a statement before showing up to the show to show the teams that they are for real.
        Beleive me Haus, I have no problem with you and love this team and know that they have what it takes to win the cup but I do have doubts with there ability to show up when it counts. There isn’t much more to say about the PP, its horrible and will be there achiles heal.

      • Haus says:

        Moast, I wasn’t shitting on you. What I was doing is illustrating a point that EVERY team in the entire damn playoff structure is pretty even. You’re out in BC, are the media and fans losing it over the EDM losses? Probably not. The way it looks with the match-ups every favored team has as good a chance to get knocked out in the first round as they are to go to the finals. Not one sure-fire advancer.
        Also, I’m not the kind of fan who says a player sucks balls at life one day then turns around and is ready to hand him the Hart trophy the next. In fact, I feel as if I’m insulted as a fan when I read that the players and the team are terrible when empirical evidence shows much differently. It may come from growing up so close to the practice rink, and having family connects that I would meet all the players as a kid. The Bruins were more than the team I rooted for, they were guys I knew, guys I would see eating breakfast when my cousin and I blew off church or finished delivering the papers or getting their suits dry cleaned at the place my aunt worked. There’s nothing wrong with criticism, but like praise, it should be even-handed and fair. Even me the pom-pom waver will criticise bad play, but maybe it frustrates people that I’ve kept the same opinion of their chances all year. And really, does it make sense to say that they are garbage now when only a few short weeks ago everybody including yourself had them as a cup favorite?
        Cheers, Moast. I knew you would return my salvo with something of value to say. I’ve enjoyed discussing (and arguing) with you all year.
        Now let’s get the frigging PP scoring!

      • Haus says:

        As for tonights game, anybody who watched it would know that a lot of guys backed out of battles, no use getting hurt vs. The Islanders. Even rolling out full strength doesn’t mean full throttle. So yeah, I’m glad they didn’t go all out and were still good enough to squeak out a win. The ‘Hawks game was before they clinched anything, way different setting.

      • moast says:

        Props to you Haus. I mean, 50% of my my rant was from the team and the other 50% was that im a pretty impatient guy. I need the Bruins to succeed in the playoffs. It has a lot to do with the fact that Im not really over the collapse of last year and then seeing the collapse in NY has got me in a weird space. I see this team as a contender and I think this is one of the best teams in my fan history. I do see your point about how there weren’t going full throttle but it seems like the top line, mainly Lucic and Krejci have been really coasting the last couple of games. Im sure it is different being the one playing the games knowing that the playoffs are coming and not being too excited. I just see the night and day attitude and approach between the top and bottom lines and wish it were even throughout the line up. Wishfull thinking and no i don’t want them to get hurt either, but with the NY effort, you think Julien would want more consistency out of them going into the playoffs.
        It may be hard to beleive but people out here are pretty stressed out about how Van can lose two games in a row to Edm and then add in the suspension to Torres, assuming there is one, haven’t seen yet. So, sorry to go off on this team and you but Im stressing/so excited about the playoffs and if they shit the bed, Im going to lose my fucking mind! Especially when I know they can dominate!
        Cheers to you Haus and all the bruins fans on here! im going to try and take a more possitive stance as these last few games really are meaningless.

        Who does everyone want in the first?
        MONTREAL! is my choice!!

  58. pearson says:

    i went. i think it looks worse in person, but hey, there was nothing to play for for either team so there was obviously no intensity.

    the powerplay worries me though. it could easily be the thing that puts them in a tough spot in the playoffs

  59. CCMGoalie says:

    Kampfer assigned to Providence tonight after the game, reports Thoughts?

  60. spencer70390 says:

    He will be on the playoff roster, the question is who is the 7th defenseman. I bet claude has Hnidy in the 7 slot right now.

  61. Birdman2403 says:

    Hnidy over Kampfer for me.

  62. Dbruins says:

    For Hnidy to be in McQuaid will have to sit.

  63. MentalWhale says:

    Hey all, can someone tell me why they’re called the Merlot line?

  64. zamer says:

    Yesterdays game it looked like some of our D look tired,couple of tmes we gave the puck away these guys need to sit.Right now we are not the same team we were a month ago like theres no edge to there game.Maybe Im wrong but its like there missing something but how knows they might be a totaly different team come playsoffs.Lets kick ass.

    • pearson says:

      i was there and it looked awfully sloppy. siedenberg was sloppiest; goal and all.

      we all have to keep in mind that
      a) the playoff seeding is all but set for them
      b) only seguin, ryder, and paille are fighting for the last spot. seguin not so much.
      c) these last games only serve as a tune-up for the top lines
      d) there is no intensity as no one is trying to get hurt.
      e) the teams they are playing are garbage and are done for: they wouldnt mind leaving a mark to ‘go out with a bang’

      im not saying this is the way id have it, but also realize that when we’ve played the top teams in the league, we’ve played them tough. real tough.

  65. Caperfan says:

    Moast I am with you, I want Montreal in the first round. All things considered everyone says the Bruins with their history they should avoid Montreal in the first round. However, I think with our skill, size and using it to their advantage it will be a big factor in taking out the frenchmen. I am afraid however because of the Chara – Pachorety incident the refering will impact how the Bruins play and everyone knows Montreal gets the breaks and calls from the refs on most nights!!! any thoughts???

    • pearson says:

      bring em on. i for one like the dramatics. montreal/overtimes/philly/game 7s… it all makes the whole run that more exciting.

  66. Studlycodfish says:

    Go Bruins Go!!! ( While I wave my pom poms in the air) fucken right I am, being negative never gets anyone anywere!! If you look at our record we have been very good against the top teams and not so good against the lower teams why is that? It’s because the boys don’t get up for those games as much, but come play offs I think the boys will be up for all their game hench stright to the cup final and lifting that bitch when it’s all said and done!!! Go Bruins Go!!!!

    • lucic crew says:


    • moast says:

      Easy there Studlycodfish….I know the pompom thing is directed to me and thats all good. Haus and i talked through that and I just admited that im a little aprehensive as I haven’t got over the PHI series of last year and then the NY game didn’t help. I know they are taking it easy until the playoffs. The only real concern that i have is the PP and i think every Bruins fan has that concern.
      Other than that, bring on MTL and fuck yah these playoffs are going to be amazing.
      Bruins over the Habs will give them the edge in the wide open East. So, as far as the last two games go, I don’t give a shit bring on the first round. The Bruins will own!!!

      Ill second you LC GOOOOOOO B’SSSSSS!!!!!!!!

      • lucic crew says:

        Hey moast just so you know if you think i was giving you a shot when i said atta boy to studly, not at all your a stand up guy. I was giving him credit for his attitude for the bssss. I got your back if some dick head talks shit to you. And no haus thats not going towards you or the majority of people on this site lot of respect to the people here. And just like someone said and made me laugh, were going to lift that bitch in the end. GOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!

      • moast says:

        All good LC you guys are all good! As my doctor has said, Im suffering from PPAD (Pre-Playoff Anxiety Disorder) Symptoms include irrational thinking, Past collapse memories to surface, fixating on special teams and impatience. He said the only cure is faith, Confidence in the tradition that is Bruins, Loads of Guiness and you guys!
        Much love!!!
        Lets Go Boston!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Jefe77 says:

    How can we not want the Habs in the first? Give me the dirty habs. B’s in a sweep.

  68. ELWOPPO says:

    If Toronto beat the Habs in reg tom and Buff get at least one point againts Columbus, We play Buff first round! BIG DAY TOMORROW! WE WILL SEE!

  69. Studlycodfish says:

    No Ill will towards you at all Moast, but I am that guy that’s always looking at the bright side of things I really am waving my black and gold pompoms to the max, you are right about the pp but just look at were we are without it, and come play offs when the boys figger the PP out we will be that much more dangrous!!! Oh yeah I love this time of year I really think the boys are going to rip it, bring it on!! Go Bruins Go!!!!

    • moast says:

      Fuck man if that PP clics this team will be a force….already think they can but man if they get it rolling with there stingy defence its lights out. Any team that breaks through all of that then has to deal with Thomas!!! We all know how that will end!!!
      Now Im having a hard time deciding between the Habs and the Sabres….hmmmmmm!!!

  70. Bruins says:

    67% we play MTL, 33% we play Buffalo.

  71. Bruins says:

    Last time we played some other team than MTL or BUF in the first round was NJD in 02/03.

  72. Vince_M says:

    Wondering if there will be a new post anytime soon?

    Big day today, hoping the Bssss will come out like a bear and play hard. Still don’t like afternoon games.

  73. Studlycodfish says:

    I was thinking when ever I bring TT up to people the non-Bruins fans say he’s a flopper he to un orthadox, it makes me laugh if TT sits out the next two games he’ll set a new record in save percentage with .998 over taking Hasek with .997 who also was a flopper very un orthadox player! Stats don’t lie two of the biggest Floppers of all time and probly two of the best save percentages of all time lol just saying!!! Go Bruins Go!!!

  74. Studlycodfish says:

    Lol .938 and .937 sry

  75. Gcole says:

    Anyone else just see that in the crowd the retarded person going crazy and the guy next to him like WTF I have to sit next to this guy all game?! Lmao

  76. Gcole says:

    WTF man I miss like four minutes of game time and missed both goals

  77. Gcole says:

    Horton better not be hurt

  78. hendrik says:

    That was a pretty dumb fight by Horton

  79. Studlycodfish says:

    I kind a liked it I love the edge he has !!!! Go Bruins Go!!!

  80. lucic crew says:

    Good game boys, congrats to thomas breaking thr record no surprise. On to the playoffs GOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!

  81. Bruins says:

    Timmay!!! Beauty goal by Pevs too. He’s like a better version of Ryder offensively and WAY better defensively.

  82. Bruins says:

    Hasek vs. Thomas best season comparison:

    Hasek (98/99)

    64 GP – 3817 MIN
    1759/1878 SVS
    .9366 S%
    1.87 GAA
    9 SO

    Thomas (10/11)

    57 GP – 3364 MIN
    35-11-9 (1-5 in Shootout)
    1699/1811 SVS
    .9382 S%
    2.00 GAA
    9 SO

    • Bruins says:

      So while people will probably try to discredit Thomas because of games played, just remember that Thomas only faced 67 less shots than Hasek did. That’s almost exactly 2 games of work for Thomas.

      And for the record Thomas finished the season with a sub-2 GAA. I just rounded up.

  83. CCMGoalie says:

    Not really bragging or anything, but I was not only at the Senators game today, but spent the 2nd period hanging out and shooting the shit with Lyndon Byers! I bumped into him at the Patrone Palace (or whatever it is) and asked him to come up and join us for a bit and he ended up staying and chilling with us for the 2nd period. SUCH a chill guy, and was all for signing autographs for the younger kids in the room. Got a great pic with him and my uncle, I’ll see if I can post it on here or not.

    (That’s me in the Green and White hate with the goony as fuck and drunk grin on his face)

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