Should Seguin play in game 2


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  1. lucic crew says:

    Its been real boys

  2. lucic crew says:

    No never really, im just really pissed off yes im talking right out of my ass, im fucken frustrated. Its always to the end, and the bsssss will prevail. GOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lucic crew says:

      Thanks manitoba, i was joking i know it was a dumb thing to say just wanted to get some fire from you guys. And williss shut up thats your comeback. From your post i gave you credit for your smarts. So your saying im wrong for defending my country. I would love to see your reaction if i would say shit america, which i would never say i have alot of respect for america especially beantown. So for you to say that when there are canadians here and were all on the same side, thats what gets me WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE. Ans then you dog our country, come on man of course im going to say something. By the way i still stand by my prediction 4 1 GOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mook says:

    i think the jitters have been worked-out.

    bruins all the way from now on.

    • moast says:

      Im feeling that vibe too Mook! The Bruins will come out on fire tommorow. And LC I agree with you too. Nationalism is great but c’mon between Canada and America is bullshit. I love Canada and have a lot of pride. I respect the states and too have a lot of respect especially Boston. There is no need for any americans on here to talk shit and say that we are all the same. If people knew shit about Canada, they would know that Montreal is a fucked place and doesn;t get much respect as a city or as a diving, pussy fuck face french bastard fucker hockey team. The only thing I hate about the Bruins fanbase is that they do that stupid fucking USA chant at the games. Wake up idiots 80% of the Bruins are canadian with what 2 Americans. Its sad to hear.
      As far as Seguin goes, he will rip it up when he gets a chance but he isn’t needed quite yet. Keep in mind he is pretty young and if Lucic and Kaberle can make an epic mistake then Seguin can make them, even worse. So, I say keep sitting him until its needed.

      • lucic crew says:

        Spot on

      • moast says:

        So here is a little insider deal on the bruins. My friend that I play hockey with just got back from spending 10 days with his best friend Recchi. He just got an email from him about last nights game and he said that they aren;t worried and are pretty confident that last night was just an off night and that they will take care of the Habs tommorow.
        It kind of made me feel better but actions are louder than words. It was nice of my friend Vin to call me with this news as he saw how fucking angry I was last night….good guy.
        Now let’s go Boston!!!!!!!!

  4. lucic crew says:

    Moast you just made me glow inside with that post GOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ELWOPPO says:


    David Krejci Sets Confident Tone for Bruins, ‘We Have to Win, and We Will Win’

    David Krejci had a front-row seat to the Bruins’ frustrating collapse in the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals, after a wrist injury in Game 3 against the Flyers ended his season prematurely. Based on what he’s saying now, however, the Bruins won’t be dropping four straight anytime soon.”Obviously, we want to win,” Krejci said after practice on Friday. “We have to win. And we will win.”We don’t want to go to Montreal with a  2-0 [deficit],” the center continued. ”That would be tough. But I’m very confident in our team.”The Bruins outshot the Canadiens 31-20 on Thursday night, but couldn’t get one past a locked-in Carey Priceand fell 2-0 in Game 1 at TD Garden. Despite the loss, Krejci is still confident that the Bruins can take the series.”It’s a long series,” said Krejci. ”We lost one game, it happens. We lost the first game against Buffalo last year too and then we came back. It’s just one game. If we win tomorrow, it’s a tied series.”The Bruins will have their chance to even the series in Boston on Saturday night, when they face off against the Habs for Game 2 at 7 p.m.

  6. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    we are gunna DESTROY the french fucks in game 2! no one wins 2 games in a row in our building! cmon boyz lets take em down!!!!!!!

  7. backbruin says:

    Exactly, it was an off night and we were still dominating “at times” against the habs….I truly don’t remember them having any sustained pressure besides a couple pp’s…Im not worried at all, and this may be the first time i have felt this way in a few playoffs now!!

    let’s set the tone boys…early and often!!!

    go b’s

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    Marchand said yesterday he knows that the fans werent booing at the team on Thurs but more of the outcome of the game! He said that we are great fans and VERY LOYAL! Also said he understands the frustration of the loss as Boston fans hate Montreal just as much as we do ( The Bruins)! Its good to know that the rivalry is still thier, And they understand that a first round exit to these smurfs is unexceptable!
    Go B’s!
    5-1 tonight!

  9. Haus says:

    Hey to all the CanadiAns that post here: I couldn’t agree more, it is knuckle-dragging retarded to trash Canada as a country. Canada is a beautiful country with good, classy, self-effacing people. And I’m not just saying this because of my family ties to Nova Scotia. I hate hearing the USA chant at NHL games because its just silly in that environment; save it for the World Cup and the Olympics or any other time our national teams are playing. So, from the Merrimack Valley, tip o the cap.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I agree with you there Haus, no need to trash each other’s countries. I’m from Vermont and hear that shit all the time and it’s not how this series or any game should go down. I hate the Canadiens (who for the most part, aren’t Canadian anyway), not Canadians.

      On the flip side of that, any team’s fans that Boo or are obnoxious during another countries natonal anthem need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! (Aside from the Standing Ovation Bruins fans did in response to our National Anthem being booed during the playoffs a few years ago and yes, that may be a tad biased, but at least its not jeering or booing) It’s 2-3 minutes tops, depending on how long the singer milks those last couple verses, stand up, take your hat off, and keep your mouth shut until the end when you either cheer or applaud. That’s it. You may not like a team or there politics, but this is sports. Chill the fuck out and enjoy the game.

      (Not directed at any person in particular, just something that’s been bugging me)

    • lucic crew says:

      Class act haus

  10. Caperfan says:

    Well stated CCMGoalie, I agree leave the Nantionalism bullshit out of it. I am a die hard Bruins fan for over fourty years and I am from Nova Scotia and I love my country but I dispise the Montreal Canadiens. Cheer for your team and leave it at that.
    Interesting to note you are from Vermont and your post name is CCMGoalie. CCM hockey equipment is a canadian company and stands for Canadian Custom Made

    • CCMGoalie says:

      CCM is in my opinion one of the Standards for gear, they used to have a manufacturing warehouse in VT, they’re the oldest standing company in hockey equipment and they originally made Bicycles. Fun Fact. (I work at a sports store in VT that specializes in hockey gear, hence nerd out there haha)

  11. Caperfan says:

    awesome facts CCMgoalie, as a kid a owned a few CCM bicycles. They were tougher than a pigs snout.

  12. ELWOPPO says:

    Chara in hospital! Bruins medical staff evaluating situation!
    Ha ha ha ha
    Thats all i can do is laugh! Unbelievable! What the fuck else can go wrong!

  13. Caperfan says:

    checking other sites, sounds like Chara has some type of flu bug?????? unless he cannto walk he will play

  14. CCMGoalie says:

    FUCK! Chara hospitalized for dehydration?! I blame Subban. His status for tonight’s game is uncertain still, and he did not participate in today’s morning skate. Don’t get me wrong I think Hnidy’s a capable defenseman, but he could go in for Kaberle and I wouldn’t be upset, but in for Chara? No one can replace that guy’s size.

  15. Bruins says:

    This is Chara we’re talking about. He’ll play.

  16. pearson says:

    chara will play.

  17. backbruin says:

    read this….he’ll play…..

  18. Et Le But!! says:

    Bonsoir mes amis. Time for beatdown #2. Should be a lot easier for the habs tonight. Chara may be out!! Does not matter though – we showed you last game and we’ll show you again tonight.

    Back to the Chara dehydration issue – seems to me that it is highly suspect that he mysteriously comes down with that. What a lame excuse!! He knows the jog is up and like the selfish child he is, he wants to pick up his marbles and go home. I bet that this dehydration (cough cough) persists to the Bell Centre. That is the main reason why Chara is faking this condition. He is terrified of the reception, let alone the brutal fuck over that the Habs will lay on the Bruins that night. Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole!!

  19. G-Rant says:

    Here we go BRUUINS!!! 4 1 win tonight boys. Time to take it to OUR level

  20. bergeronforselke says:

    LETS GO BRUINSSS. i wanna see lucic start off early and hit every fag on the ice and lead the team through this game… 4-2 bruins. lucic scores 2

  21. B's on MV says:

    Anyone have a live stream for tonight’s game? I’m in NC – this will be the first game I will have missed all season if I can’t find a stream.

  22. bergeronforselke says:


  23. Gcole says:

    NO CHARA! son of a bitch! Cock sucking herpe infested Montreal hooker!

  24. Craig says:

    No fucken Chara, fuck. Go Bs Go

  25. Craig says:

    The Bs will responed tonight without BIG Z.

  26. Vince_M says:

    Has anyone heard if Seguin is going to play?

  27. bergeronforselke says:

    HERE WE GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!

  28. bergeronforselke says:


  29. Gcole says:


  30. lucic crew says:


  31. bergeronforselke says:

    no better time then now to get the pp going!

  32. bergeronforselke says:

    boychuk’s brutal tonight

  33. Gcole says:

    I want to see a bloodbath game. Fuck it. If theyre gonna lose might as well be entertaining right?

  34. Gcole says:

    So I think I’ve made my decision that Claude julien needs to go, how many years in a row can you suck balls in the playoffs and keep replacing players? OTS COACHING! powerplay is laughably bad, PK is a joke lately, they get scored on like five god damn seconds into the pp!! This teams loaded with talent and toughness but can’t get it done. WHOS NEXT TO BLAME? can’t blame individual players for a bad pass forever, the coach doesn’t do the job

  35. Et Le But!! says:

    TOLD YA SO!!!

    Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole!!!!

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Go to Africa, find a monkey. Fuck said Monkey until it tries to claw your eyes out of your head. Go find another Monkey. Repeat second step. Die of AIDS.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Before dying of AIDS make sure to fuck Subban so he gets it and dies of AIDS with you. Much appreciated, all of humanity.

  36. moast says:

    I am officially embarrased to be a Bruins fans. What a bunch of useless cunts. It starts with that fat fuck Julien. This team is useless. The defence is horrible. Timmy looks like shit. How can a team lose one player and shit the bed so bad. Chara, WTF buddy drink some water ya fucking fool! Anyway, Im sick to my stomach right now and embarassed. How many years will it take to get some talent on this team. Lucic and Horton will take them to the cup……bitch please. Chara, how can you forget to drink some water. Where is there medical staff. Brutal. Unless they win this game, Im hangin up the jersey until the show some changes. How many picks were give away to get that useless JKaberle and Horton is the saving grace. The second overall pick doesn'[t even get to play.
    -Put in Rask
    -Fire Juline and have Neely behind the bench.
    -Sit the defence for rookies

    So pathetic…..sorry for ranting guys but this team that is p[laying underdogs looks like a fucking joke. So embarsed to be a fan.

    • dallasmith says:

      Lucic seems to believe he is now a finesse player and a pure goal scorer. Stick handling and losing it at B’s line has killed us for two nights. Can’t give up yet, but it looks like the same inconstant effort we saw in the regular season. If it’s really the coaches fault, fire him right now, put Neely behind the bench in Montreal and try to kick start this team. It will never happen. If we’re going to play Montreals’ no check, pond hockey style, let Seguin play. Bruins were brutal at home all year so this should not be that big a surprise. Expecting a different road team to SHOW UP in game 3.

  37. Et Le But!! says:

    Ooooh!! Touchy, touchy, touchy aren’t we? And we only in game 2. Wait to you limp into the Bell Centre – what a joke of a team!!! We can play the rest of the series at half speed and still pound you.

    • willisss says:

      Dude get cancer

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I wouldn’t talk about limping, How’s Pacioretty walking these days? You fucking idiot. Shut your mouth and get on a Habs site and cheer for them. Get a life. If this is what you do for kicks, you must live in the middle of FUCKING NOWHERE and have nothing to do but fuck cows and fondle yourself to Carey Price making another chest save off of a Bruin shot put RIGHT at him. (Not denying his few saves he made that were actually decent) I am however shitting on you because you root for a team that doesn’t get called for all of the cheap shit that the NHL is trying to get rid of and call them the classiest team in the NHL? Yeah sure… Least we admit to being the Big Bad Bruins, (when they actually show up) Blue Collar or no collar from our Boston Boys. So do everyone a favor and go take a nice nap with your head in your oven and your balls (if you have anyway) in the microwave.

  38. zamer says:

    Our D panics like there fucken scared and thomas cant make the big save,its like we are cursed against these frogs and Price is the Difference.

  39. bergeronforselke says:

    coaching/ goaltending breakdown on the two rebound goals.

  40. Et Le But!! says:

    see you monday for the ultimate bruin beatdown. Easily 6-1!!! Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole.

  41. bergeronforselke says:

    named pk subban

  42. moast says:

    On a serious note, as I have cooled down a bit. One goal in two games doesn’t cut it. Neither does having Lucic and Horton as your firepower. Above all of that, I have lost a lot of respect for Chara. He is supposed to be the leader and he has let everyone down. If it comes down to the fact that he is dehydrated, that is as weak as this team.
    All you MTL fans that post on here….go fuck your faces you french peices of shit. Nobody including everyone outside of Quebec likes or respects you. Even if you win this series, you will not advance.

    • Hendrik says:

      Cmon…. Did you See chara he looked like shit before the game… I’d rather say i respect that he tried…

      Today was the game where all the chara haters could see what this Team is without him

  43. Caperfan says:

    Claude Julien I have beensaying all year has to go, He did not have this team ready to play and his worrying panic look spread right through this team. I said in February he had to fucking go for a bunch of reasons including he cannot coach any type of offence but it’s to late now. Our best player are not our best players and that equals disaster. especially against this team (Montreal) boys which in themselves are not a great team makes all the worse.

  44. moast says:

    Recchi gone
    Ryder gone
    Kelly gone
    Trade Thomas
    Try and trade Krejci and something for Richards
    Hope Savvy comes back to his old self
    Hope Seguin matures
    Hope the prospect have some luck

    • Bruins says:


      Hallelujah. He’s the most overrated player in the league. I’ve thought this for years and years and years. Please tell me more people see this now?

      You keep the 2nd, not to mention you can use the free cash for another d-man like Pitkanen.

    • TheBellEnd says:


  45. Neely8 says:

    I would like an apology from all of u! I told u! This team will break ur heart!

    • Gcole says:

      I actually sided with you when people were all over you for being a bandwagoner and shit… Truth is you were speaking the truth and this is all this team does is fucking piss you off and upset you. This team pisses me off

    • willisss says:

      I would like you to suck my dick your fair weathered, hack, douche bag, pink hat, wannabe bruin fan, cunt….go watch basketball, you do not know shit about hockey, nor do we give a flying fuck about your bullshit insight. Noone likes you, stop posting, get. Fucked.

    • Jefe77 says:

      That would be like saying Hitler was correct.

      Get out of town dude.

  46. zamer says:

    We are outcoached and they are better defensively we are not going anywhere because WE CAN NOT FUCKEN SCORE we look fucken brutal and like I said our D fucken sucks and thats why we are losing and they want it more then us.

  47. bergeronforselke says:

    idk how to keep faith anymore.

  48. bergeronforselke says:

    if you havent relized it yet, we’re fucked

  49. Bruins says:


    Although if Claude doesn’t switch something up, I’m headed down to Boston with a torch and pitchfork.

  50. Studlycodfish says:

    Bruins will win this series wait and see,I understand all the fustration but u will all see!!!

    • willisss says:

      Make that two

      • TheBellEnd says:

        maybe its our time to come back from a 3-0 deficit???

      • Jefe77 says:

        Willisss, I have preached faith, loyalty and patience at this site for 3 years now.

        Probably the main reason I dont post every day anymore, because if the Bruins lose 1 or 2 games, they go from great to ‘sucking’.

        If there is one Bruins team who can overcome this BS, its this one.

        Bruins in 7, for the thriller at home.

  51. CCMGoalie says:

    Goodbye Claude, it’s been real buddy. Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed your style but it’s clearly just not working for us with the pieces we have in this puzzle.

    Peter, DO NOT re-sign Kaberle. His play on the Blue-line was BRUTAL tonight. Little showing of grit in the corner with Gomez, but after that the guy might as well have been playing with a righty (He’s a lefty for those who hadn’t noticed) instead of shooting the fucking puck when he should’ve on MULTIPLE occasions that ended up costing us valuable scoring chances when we needed them, he passed it over again and again. The guy needs to pull the trigger and hold the blue-line and I’d be okay with what paid for him. We overpaid, I admit I was excited to see him play for us and didn’t think the cost would be THAT far out of proportion. Openly I admit, I was/am wrong. We need to pick up someone that can move the puck AND play Defense. Not just one. On that note, down goes the beer and off goes my mouth. Enjoy your night’s ladies and gentlemen because on Monday we’ll see what this team is REALLY made of and so far in this series I’ve yet to be impressed.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Go B’s (As pissed as I am right now there is still hope for us to pull this around and get this ship righted. I did after all say this series would be decided in 6 games.)

  52. dallasmith says:

    We saw the past two games 15 times this year. They are what they are. Inconsistent, lack of intensity. Krejci, Horton, Lucic no show, power play sucked all year and continues to suck and defensemen back on heals when forwards aren’t skilled or fast enough to stop coughing it up in the neutral zone.
    They say you can’t play 82 games with the same intensity as the playoffs. B’s can, unfortunately.
    Unprecedented, but fire Julien tonight. You’re going to do it anyways. Let’s see these guys skate back to the bench to face Neely every time they turn it over or don’t hit someone. Not giving up yet,but WAKE UP.

  53. boxhead 24 says:

    Bruins will win this series wait and see!!!!.

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