You say Clode…I say Claude

A must win.  Biggest game of the year.  Can’t go down 0-2 going to the Bell Centre.  53 seconds in…my god you have to shitting me.  It’s called Bruins.  Is this series over?  Yes and most likely.  Sure, we’ve things happen, but how many teams beat Montreal twice at home?  Especially with Thomas’s track record in Quebec.  Let’s be real, it’s probably over. Let’s go over some issues with the past two games.

1) No speed.  This team looks like Glen Murray post lockout.  Everyone is moving at a snails pace compared to the Habs.  I swear there is 7 of them on the ice.  There forwards just blow past out defense and get to the net.  There forwards can easily pressure our D, and then curl back and clog the neutral zone because our defense and offense can’t make anyone miss.  It’s dump and run and repeat.  No possession into the offensive zone.  They scored their ONLY goal this series on a nice rush.  Majority of even strength goals in the NHL come on the rush.

2) Turnovers. All 5 of the Habs goals have come off of stupid turnovers.  Can’t do that in the playoffs.  Enough said.

3) Softies.  Look I like Thomas, but the guy gives up way too many softies.  Granted he has made some nice saves, and he can’t help the team sucks at scoring, but the 2nd Gionta goal in game 1 completely killed any chance there and the 3rd goal in game 2 just can’t happen.  He has to smother those shots.

4) Stop shooting in the fucking chest.  My god, every shot is in the chest.  Price has played well, and I don’t want to take away from him, but I could save 90% of the shots.  They need to aim for the corners/5 hole.  Every shot is in the chest.

5) Get to the net.  No one is there to bang home a rebound.

6) Shoot.  Just get it on net and on goal.  Too many blocked shots and shots wide.

7) Defense needs to jump up.  They keep peeling back at every 50/50 puck on the blueline.  Let’s go.  And stop the D to D bullshit…move it up.  Just allows the other team to setup.

I could go on.  This team is just not built to beat the Habs.  Sucks we were without Chara, but he ain’t scoring many goals himself.  This team has no legit wingers with speed and a shot.  You can’t argue that.  Majority of the past cup champions have had some  combo of lethal forwards and a number 1 center.

Sorry, but this team is not constituted for a run.  We saw it all year.  They’d go in spells where they couldn’t buy a goal and then they’d rip off a 6 goal game.  There goal total was inflated because they had like 10 games where they scored 5-6+…the rest were in the less than 3.

Seguin please.


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  1. Caperfan says:

    Very well stated, thats why we were all frustrated all year long. The team is just not that good. furthermore neither is Montreal. Bullshit year and its all but over. Could be a house cleaning from the to down???

  2. willisss says:

    Hahaha matt with a fire under his ass….awesome

  3. zamer says:

    Look folks reality is our team is ok but not great and we carry some older players how arent in pace with a fast game and some guys how just show up.Its sad to say but theres next year and a new coach for sure because we suck defensively and find a goal scorer.Fuck Im pissed off.

  4. goosegoose says:

    Yea it’s over folks bye bye Claude. And chi needs to stop giving long term contracts. Neely is gonna clean house this summer

  5. Ange says:

    Let’s face it, since the early 90’s the Bruin’s are built for the regular season. They are not built for the playoffs. Nothing to lose now, bring on Rask and Seguin and see what happens. I agree that a good house cleaning is in order next year if they lose first round.

  6. lucic crew says:

    Im depressed, all that shit talking i did this year my apologies to whoever i got into a fight with.

    • moast says:

      Its all good buddy. You are a true fan. The shitty thing is that us fans have more heart, desire and passion than the teams that they force feed us. The part that truley sucks is that most of us have to go through this because we will bleed black and gold till the day we die.

      • moast says:

        A person who I feel real bad for is Bergeron. He is one of the few players on this team who has real talent and he has to play with shit players always. Give him #2 role and two top wingers and then we will have an amazinf 2nd line. As much as I love Recchi, hometowner and all, he is slow and needs to retire. Nothing left to prove. Poor Bergeron.

      • Bruins says:

        How much of Recchi’s production is solely because of Bergeron? lol

      • moast says:

        I agree. Bergeron does make the players on his line better. Give him wingers and the goals will come. What about Lucic Bergeron Marchand as a second line?

  7. moast says:

    Lets hope that:
    -Fire Claude right now!
    -Kaberle does not get resigned
    -Clean house on Defence
    -Use TO’s 1st to get the best dman available.
    -Recchi, Ryder, Kelly, Paille are gone
    -Trade Thomas
    -If your keeping Seguin sacrfice Krejci for a #1C
    -Go with youth: Seguin,Caron,Marchand,Knight,Spooner
    -Run with Rask and Kudhobin
    -Try and get a power forward like Nash
    -Get a coach like Neely, O’Reilly, Torts
    -Find an elite center
    -Upgrade on wings

    ___ ___ Horton
    Lucic Bergeron ___
    Marchand Seguin ___
    Thornton Campbell ___


    Chara (TO’s 1st)
    ___ ___
    McQuaid ___

    This has been almost as painful as the Philly collapse. At least last year they made it to game 7 of the second round. We all knew that this team was psycologically weak. I did say things this year that got people pissed and got called a bandwagoner but really, this team is not good. Our highest goal scorer was Lucic and 5 of his 30 were empty netters and now he thinks he is Neely….except when neely scored 30, 40, 50 he would still run through you and if he couldn’t he would beat you down. True Bruin.
    Sad state for us all and I am still holding out hope but really 0-28 series after losing the first two. Not happening, not with this team. Claude should not have makde it past the Philly series. I’m also questioning Chia at this point. The Kelly trade, Kaberle sucks, the Ryder and Ference deals. Sure he got 2 first and a second but then gave a first and a second back to TO for a player that should have a career sucking balls, hes that bad. I’m also confused at nobody commenting on how weak it is for Chara to miss tonights game due to not drinking enough water.

    All in all boys, lets see what next year brings….almost should be a Bruins slogan.

    • Haus says:

      To be fair to Chara, when you get a bad flu with massive diarrhea, that’s how you get dehydrated enough for the hospital, not failing to drink enough water.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      I’m not usually the positive one, but they still have to lose 2 games, dude….let’s try and hope that we can steal 2 out of montreal…unrealistic, yes…but so was montreal coming in here and stealing 2 from us…

      if you bleed black and gold…show some more faith….

  8. CCMGoalie says:

    I’m so sick of all the trade Thomas talk! The guy just won the fucking Vezina trophy 2 years out of the last 3! And just set a record for Save % in the regular season. He does give up some soft goals on occasion, but he also makes WAY more big stops that he has NO business making to keep us in games we didn’t play well enough to be in.

    Do I think moves need to be made and Claude probably needs to go? Yes, I do. Claude’s system isn’t offensive enough for today’s NHL.

    Kaberle shouldn’t be resigned.

    Recchi (as much as I love and respect the guy) needs to retire, his age has DEFINITELY shown this season, congrats on the Hall of Fame and thanks for your efforts and hustle Rex.

    Chara needs to spend less time hiking mountains and more time RELAXING during the off-season so he stays healthy for an entire year.

    Kelly has been a decent pick-up, but I don’t think he necessarily fits into our system’s future. we have too many young talented centers coming up through to hold out for the guy. I vote we try and send him somewhere for a prospect or a pick.

    Rask and Timmy need to start sharing a bigger portion of the games. I say do modified Moog/Lemelin split.

    Hnidy’s been a fun experiment, but he’s not the kind of depth we need.

    Kampfer needs to step up into the big leagues next year full-time.

    Seguin needs to bulk up for next year so he won’t be getting muscled off the puck. Next year he’ll be a 3rd line center and be a force there.

    Paille: As much as most of you seem to hate the guy, he’s EXACTLY like Sobotka. Pure grinder who mucks it in the corners, but what Sobotka had in scoring Paille has in speed and penalty killing ability. I say we keep him, he’s a great 4th liner.

    Horton needs to use his shot more. Snap shots, and quick wrist shots are where he’s going to score.

    Ryder will probably either take a pay cut, or sign somewhere else. One of the most pure shooters in the league, but he needs to find consistency. He’ll thrive out West somewhere.

    Can we bring back P.J. Stock? I miss that little fucker.

    Same with P.J. Axxelson.

    • Andy says:

      The reason why people are now hard on Thomas is because he has WON ONE FUCKING PLAYOFF SERIES IN HIS CAREER!!!!! You can take your Vezinas and save % and, quite frankly, shove them up your ass!! The guy is NOT the goalie to take us to the Cup. He’s not the only guy to blame – by a longshot, but he just does not step up his game that a Cup winning goalie needs to in the playoffs…

      Plus, his only win was aganist a hapless, injured, untalented, reeling MTL team that just physically showed up in the playoffs. They would’ve been swept by anyone they played…

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Look it’s kind of hard to not notice that Thomas isn’t playing that badly. Granted first minute goals a tad unacceptable, but it’s hard as fuck to win games when you don’t score goals in front of him. Give the guy a break man. You’re just like everyone who said to trade the guy this offseason and then ate their words when he put up UNBELIEVABLE numbers. Chill. You’re pissed. I’m pissed. We’re all pissed. But as the great Mike Keenan once said after being fired, “You can’t keep swapping out foot soldiers, eventually the general has got to go.” Don’t get me wrong I like I Claude and his style, but the guy plays too defensively to get anywhere in the post-season. This team does need some changes, and unfortunately I think one of those needs to be the coach.

  9. Loooch says:

    Well I was hoping to come on here and see some positive reinforcement. I was hoping #4 would tell us it’s only 2 games and we will win this in 7…but there’s no point in denying the ineviteble. We’re done. Such a lifeless piss-poor effort for the most important game of the year. I want to see Rask and Seguin in for game 3. Everything is so predictable. Lucic looked lost out there. Fuck, I’m pissed. Nice knowing ya Claude.

  10. Gcole says:

    atleast win a fucking game… is that too much to ask? jesus christ man… where are all of you saying bruins in 5 or maybe 6? i was listening to everyone say this, nesn people, radio, everwhere that it would be bruins in 5. HA. thats what being cocky and thinking you will win gets ya. NOTHING. you have no earn your fucking wins, you arent given them because you seem like the better team. at this point im questioning why i watch every game, and blow off friends to watch the bruins, its bullshit. why do i do it? at this point i just want to see somebody fuck up subban, than il be somewhat pleased. somebody destroy the shit out of him, so he wont need to dive to get the penalty, hell be knocked the fuck OUT.

    • Haus says:

      Yeah because the predictions on ‘Bruins Rumors and News’ got the guys too cocky. Montreal may not be as talented as everybody else, but they got more balls than every team in the league. I hate the fucking douchebags, but there is no denying what I say.

      • Bruins says:

        Haha I can just imagine Lucic or someone coming on this site. “Hey guys, no worries! We got this in the bag!”

  11. Haus says:

    This is fucking devastating. People can delude themselves all they want and blame coaching, but it has all come down to what’s in guys’ chests. We should have known from last seasons’ run that what Montreal lacks in talent, they more than make up for it with heart. 27 blocked shots! Did they even have half that many shots of their own? They get the shit beat out of them all night long and still win, just like last year vs WSH and PIT. Basically, the Bruins biggest problem has been they are facing a team that despite their diving ways and lack of size,they have the biggest balls in the league.

  12. Andy says:

    Guys, look back at comments that I have made in the past. I have been saying the same thing – this is a good team during the season, but when it comes to having the balls, heart & determination to do what needs to be done in the playoffs, we’re about 100% short. We also do not have the leadership on this team. Not just Chara, but someone who has the talent to and does lead this team when they’re down. The only sign of life we’ve gotten this year when we’ve shit the bed is the 4th line. Doesn’t that say it all?

    I said a couple weeks ago that we need to blow this team up. This wasn’t just because I was pissed that we lost a few games – this has been on ongoing problem for the last 3 years. We don’t have the heart, talent, or desire to do what it takes to win.

    Did you see MTL diving at pucks in the neutral zone, getting sticks in lanes, and doing everything they could to block shots? Did you see that out of US? No, 2 goals were scored tonight because Boychuk (who everyone loved last year) was out to lunch and didn’t have the determination to “no fucking way let that guy get to the puck or the net”. He’s just one example. How many times did we just throw the puck to no one in particular. And who was there first? Not a Bruin! I could go on and on, but I’m preaching to the choir.

    The problem is, it starts at the top. At no point in his tenure has Chiarelli’s moves proved to be any more pathetic, where we gave up WAY too much. I wouldn’t give up a bucket of piss for Kelly, let alone a 2nd rd pick! Kaberle – too big a stage for you, buddy. Exit stage left, but take one of our top prospects & a 1st rd pick with you! Maybe PC had a plan, but it blew up in his face. We have no speed, no youth, no defensive prospects, no energy, heart, and not much talent, when you get right down to it.

    Julien, obviously. No in-game adjustments, just rolls 4 lines, and I think his “blaz-a” approach to everything is evident in his team’s inconsistent, uncreative, boring team. We need a young, energetic, passionate coach which will hopefully lead to the same out of our team (think Guy Boucher).

    As for the team, I’m dead serious when I say that NO ONE is untouchable. I can see getting rid of anyone, including Bergeron. I like Bergy, but he’s not a GOD, as a lot of people on this team would have you believe. You say “oh, if only he had the wingers”. If Bergy was a #1 center, don’t you think he’d be with Lucic/Horton at least ONCE? That’s just an excuse. He’s simply a 20 goal/50 pt guy who is good on faceoffs and defensive position. Is that what we pay $5 mil/yr for? When push comes to shove, he just simply isn’t a guy that you are going to build a team around. As I said, I like him, but he’s a no. 2 center at best, and that’s if you have a Thornton/Sedin/B. Richards/Datsyuk as your no. 1. We don’t. This isn’t an attack on Bergy, because I like him, but the point is that NO ONE IS UNTOUCHABLE.

    We have to re-build this team for the playoffs, just as if we were an EDM or FLA needs to build their team to get IN the playoffs. If we do not, then it’s just going to be another early exit every spring…

    • Bruins says:

      While the Kelly and Kaberle moves I agree were bad, how can you put so much blame on Chiarelli? Do you even remember what this team was like before he got here?

      And singling Bergy out is just stupid. Did you not catch his 70 point seasons? Every time he’s had to step up into a first line role he’s produced at about a point per game. Not to mention he might be the most versatlie player in the game. No one is “untouchable” league-wide, but he’s as close as you’re going to get for us.

      But yeah, let’s ditch the 3 straight ~100 point seasons, and go the route of rebuilding like the Florida Panthers…

      • moast says:

        I agree on this….don’t even think of touching Bergy. His heart and talent are not an issue. Try giving him some wingers, 1st line try and captaincy.

      • Andy says:

        How can I put so much blame on PC? Let’s see, the Chara & Savard signings were Mike Gorton’s, Lucic, Bergeron, Krecji, & Marchand were O’Connell’s picks, as was the trade for Rask and signing of Thomas. And albeit you cannot put a draft – good or bad – on a GM, his drafting has certainly been below average. He overpays to keep his own players and we have a cap-strained team because of it. We have a god-awful defenseman in Ference signed for 2.25 mil/per and for THREE years!! Christ! He gave fucking Marco Sturm a NO-TRADE clause, simply because he had to retain at least one piece of the Thornton trade to make it seem like we got something out of it. His decent trades – Wideman, for instance, turned out to be a defensive liability who couldn’t hit the ocean with a puck. I could go on and on. My point is, it starts at the top. We can’t do anything about Jacobs, so it starts with PC. I think his track record w/ this team is spotty at best and that’s exactly what this team is. You want to defend THAT?!

        As for Bergeron, as I mentioned, I love the guy, but people on this board treat him like he’s a GOD, and he is, IMO, a good, not great player, who is a no. 2 center at best and many times this year has simply DISAPPEARED. If he didn’t score last night, would you’ve even noticed him? I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have..And this whole thing about “giving him wingers” is just an excuse. If the organization really considered him a possible no. 1 center, he would’ve been put on a line w/ Lucic & Horton, but he wasn’t. But my overall point is that I wouldn’t just dismiss shipping ANYONE on this team out, including Bergeron.

        And again, we focus on 3 straight 100 pt seasons. Really? We got ELEVEN points this year because we lost in OT or a shootout. There is no fucking shootout in the playoffs. I’m not dismissing the 100 pt seasons, but let’s be realistic, this team is a good team, certainly not a great one, and is FAR AWAY from being a Cup Contender. Is that what we want? To rest on the laurels of a good season or to win a fucking CUP?! Mine is for the latter. Teams like Carolina, Edmonton, Buffalo, Ottawa, etc have been to conference and or Stanley Cup finals after having “average” regular seasons.

        We haven’t been to a fucking conference final in NINETEEN YEARS and not to a Stanley Cup final in TWENTY-ONE!!!

        When does it end? This year is going to be just more of the same – another disappointment. We just want to go with the same ol shit next year? We don’t have the CAP ROOM to sign players and even if we did, besides B. Richards, who else is there worth signing?

        I just think we need to get fresh blood in here – including PC, Julien, and perhaps a couple “cornerstone” players, so that we can build a team for the PLAYOFFS – speed, grit, determination, talent, and most importantly HEART – not to have another 100 pt season and get bounced in the 1st or 2nd rd…

    • TheBellEnd says:

      im gonna laugh my balls off when the bruins win this fucking series and you come on here and spew how you KNEW it was gonna happen…dont hurt your fucking ankles jumping off the bandwagon, dick

  13. jimmy50 says:

    My only thought line up wise is to replace McQuaid with Kampfer. He showed good puck moving skills during the season, and joined the rush and created some chances. That is exactly what you need against Montreal. As for Seguin you can dress him if you like but he is going to play minimal minutes and look lost out there. He is not playoff ready.

    Also might consider replacing Thomas with Rask to spark the team but doing it in Montreal would be tough.

  14. Birdman2403 says:

    This team is a play-off joke and has been for the past few years. There is no life on this team at all. How can you not get pumped to play the Habs. FUCKING BRUTAL.

    Our D is absolute fucking garbage ! I prsy to God we don’t lose 6-0 in Montreal, but is is a very good possibility !

    I also pray that as a Winnipeger we get a team back ! Then I can cheer for my hometown team that will have no expectations. Instead of cheering for the Bruins , that are supposed to win the cup every year, but instead shit the bed every year !

  15. bergeronforselke says:

    lucic savard _____ (Speedy winger)
    Horton bergeron marchand
    ______ seguin _______ (A shooter and a Checker)
    Thornton Campbell Paille

    Chara ______ (PMD)
    Sidenberg _____ (Vlabik)
    Mcquiad Kampfer


  16. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    cmon lads look at philly last year, they were down 3-0 in the series and game 7 for that matter, and they STILL came back and won. Its not over until its fucking over! we are gunna go into the bell center, and give to them what they gave to us on home ice! keep the faith guys, its not over yet!

  17. ELWOPPO says:

    Cant say the Bruins shit the bed these last 2 games! We outshot out chanced an out played the habs in both games! Hell we even hit 2 posts in game 2! I think it was just a matter of bad luck and Price that prevented us from winning both those games! Perdiction Chara comes back for game 3 and makes a HUUUUUUUGE impact! Dont fool urself we were all over the Habs in these past games! Definatly the better team!

    • jimmy50 says:

      Agree. No where near our best hockey but we did take it too them in the scoring chances. Shit isn’t going our way. There was a good 15 minute span where Timmy didn’t even action.

      Just frustrating to watch. Hopefully we take 2 in Montreal that is our only chance.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      You drop 2 games at home as the higher seed….you shit the bed! Get over the, we outshot them ( all the fucking shots hit Price in the chest ). We lost 2 in a row at home, and likely the series because of it. SHIT THE BED !

    • Andy says:

      Woppo, I agree that we got more chances, but we didn’t CREATE a lot of prime chances. When we did, we hit Price in the chest or missed the net.

      My main concern is how many times did we just throw the puck and cause turnovers? How many times did our players just simply not make the effort needed to “do whatever it takes to stop the other team”? Boychuk just coasts back and doesn’t pick up the guy for the rebound – TWICE. It’s just indicative of the entire team attitude. MTL had 3 guys in the corner in their D zone – determined to get that puck back and out. We had TWO guys. No wonder we lost the battle. The 3rd guy is just standing there in the slot, hoping the puck will come to them. I had the same problem with my PEE WEE team!! Plus, when we tried to get open, a MTL player was on us like white on rice. Can’t say the same for the B’s in our D zone…It’s just the difference between a team that will advance in the playoffs and one that will be playing golf, AGAIN, prematurely. Not to mention the fact that Julien REFUSES to make in-game adjustments…

      I don’t think there is any doubt that we’re the better team – when we play the way we’re capable. We have NOT done that in the 1st 2 games. They have the momentum and I can’t see us, given our inconsistency and HEART to do what it takes – reversing this series.

      I will be more than happy to eat my words if the B’s can somehow change their fortunes. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening…

  18. NSbruins says:

    The Bruins should watch the Buffalo/Philly game and bring some of that grit to the rink. Miller was slashed every time Philly got near the net. The Habs are out coaching the Bruins.

  19. jimmy50 says:

    Does anyone question the Hnidy dressing over Kampfer???

  20. Bruins says:

    If Julien yet again refuses to make adjustments I think you have to fire him in the offseason.

    I think putting Seguin in is a given (take out Kelly), and I’m leaning towards Rask to switch things up. That isn’t to say Thomas has been bad, and he’s definitely not the main reason why we’ve lost the first 2, but he certainly hasn’t been good either, and it seems that the Habs and Leafs (wtf?) are the only teams that have him figured out. Maybe a change will spark the team.

    If Julien refuses to make any of these changes or at least doesn’t switch the line combinations up and we lose, he should be canned, no questions asked.

    • Birdman2403 says:

      I agree with Seguin being out in. However, this is Thomas’s series to win or lose. No way Rask gets thrown into this mess !

      • Birdman2403 says:

        *put in

      • Bruins says:

        It could change the whole complexion of the series. You can’t get more of an opposite playing style to Thomas than Rask. And it may spark the team. You have to roll the dice sometimes, and going into Montreal down by 2 is a good time to do it.

    • Andy says:

      I can see your pt about Seguin, Bruins, just to change things up. The problem that I have is that, we should not forget, Seguin has a real problem getting dirty in the corners and shies away too easily.

      Is that something that we really need? I know that Kelly has been nowhere to be find, but is Seguin an upgrade?

      At the same time, I can see trying to just change things up to try and find a spark. I could see putting in Seguin, but it wouldn’t be without reservations…

  21. Bruins1 says:

    Where is Haus now?? I said it before (look at the past messages) Kaberle was not th rigth one to go after and we should of got rid of Thomas for scoring. I always wanted Jack Johnson, and most of you mocked me and said I didn’t know what i was talking about.
    Well look at us now.. Kaberle has been awful, he is not our answer, and I think we can use some scoring now. I can’t believe how Toronto ripped us off. Burke is laughing now! Next year changes need to be made.
    *Coach is gone.
    *Thomas traded
    *Recchi Gone
    *Bergeron or Krecji need to go (team is too safe and no one feels pressure) We can get a good return for either
    ** And my favorite, trade Seguin for #1 pick and draft Larsson.
    Ryder Gone

    We need heart on this team. Trade Thomas to Philly for Hartnell

    I want shake-up and i want a young tough team

    • Bruins says:

      Jesus Christ…

      Alright, so let’s get a few things straight:

      1. Jack Johnson is a -78 in his career, and a -36 the last 2 years desite his team being good and him not having to face the other team’s top lines.

      2. Thomas’ play in the last 2 games outweighs the 60 previous record setting games?

      3. Bergeron and Krejci gone? For what reason? What the hell does too safe mean?

      4. You probably would have traded Stamkos after his first season too.

      5. The general perception around the league is that we were the toughest team in the league this year.

      • Manitoba Fan says:

        The whole trade bergeron or krejci thing is just fucking stupid. If it wasn’t for Krejci last year we would have never even gotten as far as we did in the playoffs. When he went down the whole team sunk like an anchor. I sorry my fellow bruin buddies but Bergeron or Krejci gone would be fucking devastating. Seguin is way tooo weak on the puck, I’d probably say 3-4 years before we see his talent in the bigs. We have been losing our games to MTL cause of or D. All Five goals were turnovers. I truley believe we were the better team both games but our D let us down and Carey Price has been phenominal. Ya we havent been scoring but I wouldn’t say its from lack of effort. Come the offseason there will be moves but we all have to stop saying stupid shit out of anger. Thats just my opinion. I would fucking loose it if we traded Bergeron or Krejci. Any other team in the league would die for those two. And for PC job if we loose this series I guarantee you he still has it, but as for Claude he will be gone. I frustrated to boys but I have seen it soo many times where a shittier MTL team beats a fucking good Bruins team. Series ain’t over tell it’s over boys. Keep the faith WE HAVE BEEN THE BETTER TEAM!

      • Andy says:

        I will comment on your 2nd and 5th pts, Bruins.

        Were the 60 record setting games during the regular season or playoffs? What the hell does save % record or another Vezina for regular season play have to do with the PLAYOFFS? This is a guy who has won ONE fucking playoff series in 3 yrs and that was aganist a pathetic MTL team who would’ve gotten swept by any playoff team.

        Again, who gives a shit about the PERCEPTION and what other people around the league say? Are we getting brownie points for it? This team might be tough, but speed and heart have killed us in this series so far, and we don’t have much of either…

      • Andy says:

        Plus, most “experts” picked the B’s to go to the Cup final (god knows why), so it really just shows what the “experts” and people around the league know…

      • TheBellEnd says:

        here here…finally, some sanity

    • backbruin says:

      thomas for hartnell….cmon guy!!

    • willisss says:

      dude…i 100% hate you

  22. Studlycodfish says:

    Bruins will win this series and it will be even sweeter when they do with the Habs being up two games got to belive, it’s a seven game series and till it’s over I have faith!! Go Bruins Go!!! They need the fans to be behind them not against them!!!

  23. backbruin says:

    not giving up on you yet boys, let’s get the next one and go from there…..we have been very good on the road, so maybe we can play the next 4 in montreal?!?!!

    if any of the bruins actually visit this site then wake the fk up, your in a series right now against our most hated franchise…start playing like it for god sakes!!hahahahaah

    cmon boys i know some of you want to give up and i can’t blame you but let’s try and muster up some positive attitudes for atleast one more!!!

    let’s go boys wake up!!

    • Bruins says:

      Yes. It’s fine to be frustrated but when your entire arena is booing you even before your first loss, it’s ridiculous.

  24. Bruins1 says:

    What games have u guys watched? The Bruins show no sign off a fight in them. You guys all rely on the past.. And to say jack Johnson is a minus player, what ahs Kaberle been doing? I take JJ in a minute over Kaberle. Admit it, we got the wrong guy. Can’t wait to see what u panzies say after this series. Guys like u here are just liek these Bruins. You are all make believers. U think were champs, but we haven’t done a thing to prove it!!
    I am a hardcore bruisn fan, so don’t say Im not. Tired of the same old shit from these guys and going no where fast.

    • Bruins says:

      JJ has been on a good team, and is consistently one of the worst +/-‘s in the league. And I’m not disagreeing with you about Kaberle. I think he sucks. JJ is not the way to go though.

      And no, you are not a Bruins fan. If you can’t wait to see what we have to say after the series then you are hoping they lose. You are not a fan.

  25. bruins4eva says:

    I STILL BELIEVE….Lets stop gripping our sticks too tight and making stupid passes….and LETS WIN

  26. North B says:

    Last night the Habs score 43 seconds into the game, then Seindenberg takes a penalty 2 minutes into the game. The CBC camera shows Julien throwing a tantrum, screaming at the officials.. The fucking game is only 2 minutes old and the coach is already panic-stricken… Julien does not have the ability to coach in the playoffs, the players are not responding… The entire Bruins bench was in panic mode 2 minutes into the game lead by Julien..

    Regardless of this series, win or lose.. A coaching change must be made in the summer..

  27. willisss says:

    i cant even read the bull shit you dumbass’s come up with…the ONLY think i read that makes sense is a coaching change…i do not agree with claude’s game plan. other then that? keep it in your pants. Krejci is THE BEST offensive player on this team, without krej, how many goals does looch have this year? fun fact for everyone on this blog, IF YOU THINK THAT DAVID KREJCI IS A BAD HOCKEY PLAYER THAT MUST BE TRADED, THEN YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON AND SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO CALL YOURSELF A BRUIN FAN…yes he missed an open net, the puck was on edge, he was a split second to react and he missed, your new found hero marchand did the same thing, but god forbid you bandwagoner’s jump off his train and call him out.

    can we at least LOSE this series before all you clowns call it a bust? yes, we are down 2 games, yes it fucking sucks, yes it will be tough to win in gayville , yes this team has broken our hearts before, but shit….our effort is there, anything can happen, remove your tampons, and watch the fucking game. i thought hab fans were suppose to be the cry babies

    im guessing elwappo or lucic crew will be the first to respond and call me a fag or somthing

    • Haus says:

      I’m with you 100% Williss. As for Bruins1 calling me out, I’m right here motherfucker. The same place I’ve always been, a place you’ve been too scared to be. You are the biggest bitch troll on this site. Its instructive that the only time you got anything to say is when things don’t look good. Its time for you to get honest and reveal yourself as the Sabres fan I know you are. Its strange, I usually like the Sabres fans I meet.

    • TheBellEnd says:

      Willisss….good on ya for speaking your fucking mind….I cant wait till the B’s win this series and everyone cries “I knew this would happen…I BELIEVE!!!!!”

      if you all believe, then lets wait until they actually LOSE THE SERIES….fuck

  28. Jonovision says:

    to hell with all you sory ass cry baby losers!!! this is the team thats going to break the B’s curse! remember our guys were awsome on the road,and its only game 3…

  29. goosegoose says:

    Is it me or have the habs beaten the Bruins at their own game? They have been playing the neutral zone trap and just forced errors. They have also been more physical than the habs we have seen in the past. Throw in a dive or three as to not loose their soul and you got the habs beating us at our own game. The worst part is…


    that’s what it comes down to. He is so stubborn that he won’t change what he is doing to counter what the other team is doing. Look in 2009 when Carolina had the 2 man fore check. it took Claude 4 games to counter it. Sorry Claude but its time to leave boston

  30. Caperfan says:

    Boys! I know everyone is frustrated to say the least and we all want to have hope the Bruins can come back and they can. However, its the way the Bruins are losing thats so disheartening. they look so disorganized and unready play at the start of the games. They are not getting consistent pressure with multiple scoring chances off of any play. Price will stop the first shot most times and no second or third chances are occurring or being generated. Where`s the cycle game? The Bruins are good at this and create chance, its none existent. This to me comes down to heart and desire and who wants to win more. We seen all year this team for the most part lacks heart and determination and right now Montreal wants it a lot more. Claude is being out coached and his frustration and lack for answers is spreading uncertainty to everyone on this Bruins team. Montreal has all the momentum and confidence and reality is we are in serious shit. There’s always hope and anything can happen but holy fuck there has to be a monumental turn around for that to happen and I just dont see that happening, Sorry!!!

    • Andy says:

      Caper, the reason why the cycle doesn’t work is because you can’t cycle when the other team outnumbers your players in the O-zone! They consistently have 3 guys in the corner, while we have 2. Go back and look at the last 2 games. Of course, if Julien could figure out and alter the game plan, you’d find that the best way to get around that is to have 2 guys in the corner and another at the bottom of the circle. I mean, it’d be 3 v 3 anyway, so even if they chip it out around us, at worst, it would be a 2 v 2 on the way back.

      You can’t have 1 guy in the slot looking for a pass when we’re outnumbered in the corner! It’s just so fucking simple, yet we don’t do it b/c no matter the situation, we have to keep a 3rd guy high!

  31. CCMGoalie says:

    Look here’s the last thing I’m going to post on this thing until after tomorrow night.

    Some of you (and admittedly I have at times this season too) sound like a 10 year old girl holding their breath, stamping their feet, and throwing a tantrum because we didn’t beat the Habs in the first 2 games. It’s a 7 game series for a reason. Give the series time before we start counting it all down. CHILL THE FUCK OUT! Yes it’s fine to be frustrated at the play of the team right now, it’s fine to be pissed off. It’s not fine to start acting like a bunch of douchebag Habs fans and start trading everyone who had an off game, plan to demolish the Garden, and chase Chiarelli out of Boston with pitchforks raised and torches lit.

    It’s not over until it’s over, the Philly series should be a GLOWING reminder of that. So sit back, knock a few brews down, chill the fuck out, and root for the team. If you’re not willing to do a combination of that last one and at least one of the other two get the fuck off here and shut your fucking mouths. You sound borderline Forrest Gump retarded with a hash of Gary Busey fucked up in there too. Bo B’s

  32. Bruins says:

    Andy, AKA Dumbass,

    Firstly, you’re a fucking idiot. We had the worst OT/shootout record in the entire NHL. Worse than teams like Edmonton and Ottawa. Being 3-11 and failing to pick up many bonus points in a gimmick just illustrates how underrated they are.

    And if you suggest that Bergeron disappears for stretches I’m convinced you do not watch this team. No one that watches this team regularly would suggest that Bergeron does not at least bring something to every single game he plays. No he doesn’t put up as many points as the offensive superstars but he excels at every part of the game. If his offense isn’t there sometimes, he’s helping the team out in another way.

    Lucic was a Chiarelli pick, and while he didn’t pick Krejci, he developed in Provi under Chia.

    And then you bitch about him having to make up for O’Connell’s Thornton trade. LOL. Are you complaining about Sturm and Wideman anymore?

    And finally, for the stuidest thing you said: do you actually think Jacobs let an interim GM dish out $12.5 million on two players when he was just holding Chiarelli’s spot????? While Chia couldn’t physically take the role of GM yet, he was calling all the shots. I wonder if he had any influence in the Chara signing, seeing how he had been in Ottawa for Chara’s entire career…

    Oh, and the Rask trade was Chiarelli’s.

    Retard. Go cheer for your Habs.

    • Jefe77 says:

      Chiarelli was allowed to tell Gorton what to do on those signings, so effectively they were 100% his work to bring them here.

    • Andy says:

      Bruins, that’s fine that you want to resort to the name-calling. I won’t get into that.

      The point being is that you want to focus on the “well, we had 3 100 pt seasons” and “Thomas will win the Vezina”. Great! So what?! The last 2 playoffs have resulted us losing to an inferior team in Carolina that simply wanted it more than us and then last yr, when not only does this team not have the heart to put away a team down 0-3, but they did it in game 7 as well!

      The point is that this team does not have the consistency, heart or determination to beat lesser teams. That has been painfully obvious in the last 2 playoffs and now we’re down 0-2 going to a barn we haven’t won in all season!

      Apparently, you just think the status quo is OK and you’re satisfied with “another 100 pt season”, just so we can lose early in the playoffs. I’m not. As I’ve said numerous times, this is a good team, but DEFINITELY NOT A GREAT TEAM, and certainly not a Cup contender. That’s the reality. If you want to act like they are, that’s your problem. As history has shown us, they just don’t have it. Do you think signing one FA or making one trade is going to change it? Again, I don’t.

      Some radical changes have to happen to turn this team into a “good season, get bounced early team” to a “good/great season, built for a Cup run” team. As I said, if you want to pretend like they’re just THIS CLOSE away from the latter happening, then that’s your problem.

      I have been a B’s fan for 30 years and have seen these team go to the Cup final TWICE! We haven’t been to a Conference final in 18 years! I have seen recently the inconsistency and lack of leadership & heart come playoff time. I want it to change. We need it to change.

      If they come back in this series, I will gladly eat my words and hope that they can start that march to the Cup! Sadly, though, I just don’t see it happening. Hey, B’s, prove me wrong, and I’ll be the 1st one to admit it. However, I see the staus quo that we’ve seen for 18 yrs happening again!

    • Andy says:

      And that’s fine that PC was pulling Gorton’s singings of Savard & Horton, but you’re going to tell me that he drafted Lucic? I don’t think he even had the job, unofficially, when the 2006 draft happened and even if he did (i don’t know the date), he did enough homework with our scouting dept and everything to make the Lucic pick? Really, enough to call it HIS pick? I doubt it. Plus, Marchand was drafted the same class. I didn’t see you mention that HE was PC’s draft pick. And so was Kessel. I don’t remember people labeling Kessel as PC’s pick, either.

      I think what is more indicative is that the ONLY high end prospect that he had in the 07 & 08 drafts was Colborne and he’s GONE! You really can’t be serious when you say that PC has really had a solid draft history.

      As for Sturm, the point is that they gave a NTC to someone who would NEVER have it with another team, which goes to my point of him overpaying to keep and sign his own players! Ference is the obvious example. How many other teams do you see paying a no. 5/6 D 2.25 mil/per? Answer : NONE. Which simply goes back to how this team is run, who is signed, who is not, who is traded and who is not. We are right up aganist the cap with many players who are grossly overpaid. If that turned into long advancement in the playoffs, that would be one thing. But it doesn’t…

      Finally, as for Bergeron. AGAIN, I like Bergy, but it’s not as if he’s untouchable. And when I say he disappears, I’m not just talking about on the scoresheet. I see a guy who you barely notice. And no, I’m not going to consider the guy a GOD, as many of you do, because he wins faceoffs and works hard. I’m not questioning his work ethic or that he has talent, but as I said, he’s a no. 2 center AT BEST. I’m also sick of the excuse of “give him wingers”, because if they considered him a potential no. 1, he would’ve been GIVEN wingers! I’m not saying definitely trade him, but I certainly would not just dismiss it outright…

      Very simply put, Bruins, we can disagree. You have one opinion, which appears that you want to ride the status quo, which has disappointed us for a number of years, and I can have mine, where I believe radical changes are needed to turn this team into a true Cup contender. I’m not a dumbass. I’m not a retard. I am a passionate B’s fan who dies a little bit more every year when this team fails to live up to expectations. Just as in any other walk of life, you can only suffer so much disappointment before you are demanding change – and not just a tweak from the status quo!

  33. ELWOPPO says:

    Willis i agree with everything u said! Krejci is Definatly the best player on the team! And for the record I still believe we win the series! I spoke with Lucic Crew today and he is very depressed and angry! He is convinced we are done! I am being an optimistic, Maybe some of you people on here should try and do the same? Instead of negative fools!!!

  34. G-Rant says:

    Big win comin tomorrow in Frogtown. Followed by another. This team will win the series. Believe.

  35. bergeronforselke says:

    sooo…. who’s out there for good coaches? once we fire claude.

    this team can pull it together i know it. they need more fan power!!

  36. Vince_M says:

    For me, I don’t hear the fat lady singing just yet. I still thing the B’sssss can pull it out and beat the Habs. They have to dig down and find the heart to play Bruins hockey. Put Seguin in and see what the kid can do, he didn’t go 2nd for nothing. All they need to do is find their hearts and get their heads out of their ass and do what they have done all year.

    We can still do it!!

    • pearson says:

      you can only play one period at a time. the habs are just as close to winning this series as the bruins are to tying it. personally, i think the bruins have pressured real hard and Price has been the trump card so far.

      this is the perfect pressure, do-or-die situation that thomas THRIVES in.

  37. pearson says:

    im starting to get worried about ‘lucic crew’… you alive buddy?

    its pathetic to see how many of you post here every half hour all year and then jump ship and give up after 2 games. can anyone tell me how long this series is?

    and uh, if your about to commit suicide over an 0-2 hole, find a flyers fan and ask them about an 0-3 hole……………..

    • Haus says:

      I hear ya pal, just don’t have the time in the day to argue with everybody. That’s why earlier in the season when everybody quit on the team the first time (or second or third….you get my point), I made a blanket statement to all that if they are right, well congratulations and hope you’re pleased. But if your wrong, well get fucked and stay away from my team.

      P.S. I’m glad none of these guys play on my team.

    • lucic crew says:

      lol, good one pearson, and haus relax im worried where does it say in MY post were done, were shit. I haven’t said one thing where all these people are speaking their mind, which by the way they are allowed doesn’t necessarily mean they are giving up. Calm the fuck down haus.

      • Haus says:

        That’s my point LC, I AM calm. And yes I am glad none of those guys play on my team.

      • Haus says:

        And by the way, I haven’t seen you quit yet, why you taking what I write so personal? Bruins get an early one to set the tone tonight, win 4-1

    • #4 says:

      Hey man.

      Im a big believer in keeping quite when things arent going great. Dont mean ive jumped ship but im watching quitely. I still think the bruins have their best hockey of the year yet to play.

      But if they do get swept CJ,PC are both gone. IMO.

  38. goosegoose says:

    I hope Claude mixes things up today…seriously

  39. #4 says:

    Bruins will lose tonight. Go down 3-0 in the series and then win out the next 4 games. Book it.

    Ohh how sweet it would be to do that to MTL.

  40. Jefe77 says:

    This site is amazing. Great to see all the faithful, loyal and patient fans sticking with the team.

    Wake up, and blindly cheer for your Bruins. We all deserve to be frustrated, but the TRUE Bruins fans don’t sit down in the middle of battle and throw their hands in the air.

    Like children, you teach your team to win, you teach resolve and the idea of not giving up when facing adversity.

    “t takes neither courage nor intelligence to cheer for a team only when that team wins. The true test of a fan’s mettle is the same as it is for a player: Were you there when you were needed?”

    -Ian Wilson

    • Jefe77 says:

      The first sentence was not sarcastic. I see a lot of loyal and faithful fans here.

      How stupid would any Bruins fan feel to kick this team to the curb, and watch it regain its momentum for a run???

      Real stupid.

      • Bruins says:

        “How stupid would any Bruins fan feel to kick this team to the curb, and watch it regain its momentum for a run???”

        that question makes no sense. They wouldn’t be a fan if they did that.

      • goosegoose says:

        its ok to be a true fan who is realistic. no one stopped cheering, we’re just accepting the fact that this is not our year.

      • backbruin says:

        yeah and that’s what the flyers were saying down 3-0…’s easy to be negative in this situation dude….i could see if we were being dominated all game every game but that’s not the case….have faith fucko!!(goosegoose i mean) if you want to talk realism then realism is that were do to win one aren’t we??

      • Jefe77 says:

        Bruins, you know what I meant…

        Goose, why accept that ‘fact’? Maybe its not ‘our year’ to win the Cup. But if you are saying the Bruins are done now, I’m certainly not accepting that ‘fact’.

        There’s been dozens of 0-2 comebacks, no reason it can’t be us. Regardless of what many people have said here in the last 3 topics, I still think the Bruins have what it takes to go to the finals.

        The playoffs are all about match-ups. We have no idea what could still happen in that regard.

      • goosegoose says:

        The Bruins are not done now, They may be but I just do not think with this coach we will take home a cup. I hope I am wrong. They are too inconsistent for my liking. Again you have to be realistic. I would not be surprised if the bruins roar back and win in 6 also i would not be surprised if we loose in 5. I just hope the dam refs are not so one sided next game…that shit was just lame.

  41. #4 says:

    You say Clode… I say he’s a fucking Chode.

  42. #4 says:

    Commence Drinking in 3….2….1….

    Bruins game tonight im predicting a loss but this will be the turning in poin in the series. This will be the game where the Bruins turn shit around and they might not win but I think they scare MTL this game and then win out the next 4.

    Go B’s, Also play seguin Thornton has done 0, zip, zilch, nada this series. Seguin time at least he can keep up with the frogs.

  43. backbruin says:

    Andy sucks, all you want to do is be pessimistic and it’s easy when we’re down 2-0….why not tell a bruins site full of guys that eat drink and bleed this team something that we don’t realize….we know were down, we know the team can be inconsitent….great, but so are many teams in this league…..we just need to get hot starting tonight!!!

    yes my cups half full, yes i may indeed be blind….but one thing i’m not is a guy who will give up until the clock strikes 12…..for once maybe think to yourself when you open your beer “we’re still in this” “wehave a shot if we win this one”

    throw a dog a bone andy….seriously dude go bruins go…go bruins go!!

  44. Pearson says:

    If chara puts subban into the stanchion then ill be completely content with whatever outcome.

    Bruins 3-2, but trail most of the game.


  45. Bruins says:


    The only things I haven’t addressed:

    I am not OK with the status quo. However, when you routinely put up 100 point seasons, something is bound to click sooner or later. Blowing the team up when you are putting up this many good seasons is stupid.

    And the ’06 draft is the same situation as the Chara/Savard signings. Wasn’t officialy GM but he was calling the shots. He was communicating with Gorton from the Sens table.

    • Andy says:

      Point is, man, that I think there have been more misses than hits with PC. And that’s NOT because we were down 2-0. I would’ve said that at any time.

      Listen, we’re all fans here – except the douchebag Habs fan. I love this team just as everyone else does. But I’m also a realist and I will not blow sunshine up anyone’s ass that we have a REALLY good team when, in reality, we have an inconsistent team that, not just in these playoffs, but in years past, have been outplayed and have lost to lesser teams. I have seen a lack of heart & leadership with this team. I think it can’t be solved in just one or two moves for depth guys or something like that…

      Having said that, I was fucking unable to watch the game tonight, but fucking A, it’s a start! You just wish they could come out AT HOME like they do on the road! In any case, need to have game 4 and it’s a whole new series!

  46. goosegoose says:

    omg we scored first

  47. zamer says:

    I hope they win at least one but to me the refs might fuck this game against us,remember its montreal.

  48. goosegoose says:

    omg they scored twice

  49. goosegoose says:

    wow a time out wish Claude would do that…

  50. Gcole says:

    Now why can’t they start like this at home?

  51. Bruins says:

    Wow at how bad the refs are tonight. Way to go B’s.

  52. Haus says:

    Most one-sided reffing of the season.

  53. lucic crew says:

    Fucking right boys keep it up.

  54. backbruin says:

    hey andy……eat shit!!!

  55. Gcole says:

    This team better not fuck up this 3 goal lead.. Fucking jack Edwards had to say something and they score now! SHUT IT JACK. everytime you say something cocky it bites you in the ass right after you say it

  56. North B says:

    Timmy has to stop kicking out 12 foot rebounds..

  57. zamer says:

    I hope its not a Ranger meltdown.

  58. Gcole says:

    Their powerplay is pathetic!! They look like turtles compared to Montreal for gods sake. They are flying all over the place and the bruins look like the senior citizen league

  59. zamer says:

    Timy great saves please close your legs two weak goals but thanks for the win.

  60. FrenchFrog says:

    1-ok game from the Bruins, awful third period
    2-Bergeron is a beast.
    3-Timmy made me so nervous sometimes
    4-Bergeron is a beast
    5-Now the Habs are also in the ‘afraid to lose mode’

    Go B’s let’s win 4 in row and eliminate them in their own building! (F*** I hate the Habs)


  61. Bruins says:

    Andy and Neely8 will be crying themselves to sleep tonight.

    Let’s gooooo B’s!

  62. CCMGoalie says:


    That being said, we still have a ways to go before this series is tied up and we’re in the driver’s seat. Good game overall, Timmy’s 5-hole was so open BP almost took the blame for it. Horton got smoked near the end of the game, I hope he’s alright and back to smashing faces and scoring goals. Go B’s.

    (Hope they find some more inspiration while they practice on the 1980 rink. Just being at the rink and playing games on it, back in my playing days haha, you just get an air of the energy in that building. Bring it back to the Belle Centre)

  63. lucic crew says:

    One step at time boys one step. Good win tonight, thomas you got to close your legs don’t be a slut. Mind you, you did make some huge saves tonight. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  64. Andy says:

    Anyone else? Hey, it’s a win and of course I’m happy about that. You think I would be disappointed, Bruins? Yeah, that’s what I’ve been hoping for. I post because I secretly want the B’s to lose! Give me a fucking break!

    I do love, though, how when we win, we’re the greatest team in the world. Of course it’s a big win, but as Winston Wolf said in Pulp Fiction “Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet!”. It is still a hill to climb. They need to come out the same way in Game 4. If they don’t and lose, we’ll be back in the same mode we were after game 2.

    Never fucking doubt for a second, though – any of you – that I am any less of a Bruins fan that any of you are. I want this team to win a Cup as soon as possible. I’ve been patient & positive with this organization for MANY MANY years. We’ve had many promising teams that have not delivered. I truly hope that this one proves me wrong. Based on the past, especially the recent past, though, I have my skepticism, which I am entitled to.

    Big win tonight. Let’s hope for the same on Thurs to even this bitch up!

    • BACKBRUIN says:

      Wow your drink is always half empty isn’t it realist!!!

      please don’t use the realist excuse for your negativity…..yes it’s only one game, but an extremely big one after losing two and going into the lions den

  65. Bruins1 says:

    Thanks goodness for some lucky bounces. Give them credit, but horrible game plan 2nd half of game. sat back too much. Thomas again with the 5 hole goals. we still need 2 be better because habs took it too us.

  66. willisss says:

    And I’ll start the ass kissing with…….

  67. #4: Marshmont Game WINNAH! says:

    Anyone think Julien benefits from not having the last change? Some of those matchups/line combo’s worked great for the B’s last night. Didnt see that much in the Gahhden.

    Also Calling Lucic, where are you bro? Need a big game from him on thursday.

    Overall good win but too sketchy for my liking, props to kelly for making a strong play to seal the deal in the last minute there where the habs were surging.

    Kelly-Peverley have been great all series, Kaberle not-so-much. 2 for 3 on the trades by PC, you know its bad when the only defenseman with less time than the one who cost you a former first rounder, a 1st round dp, and a potential 2nd is McQuaid.

  68. pearson says:

    “Bullshit year and its all but over.” -caperfan
    “Its sad to say but theres next year and a new coach for sure” -zamer
    “Trade Thomas. If your keeping Seguin sacrfice Krejci for a #1C” -moast
    “We’re done.” -Loooch
    “We don’t have the heart, talent, or desire to do what it takes to win.” -Andy
    “trade Seguin for #1 pick and draft Larsson.”


    we’re one game back now and looking good. we’d look alot better but this montreal team is good.

  69. Neely8 says:

    Right back at ya dick head! Oh yeah…….Go fuck urself!

  70. Birdman2403 says:

    Habs have lost the last 2 series they had a 2-0 lead in by winning first 2 on the road !

    ’96 vs Rangers….won the first 2 in NY and lost 4 straight after.

    ’06 vs Canes…..won the first 2 in Carolina and lost 4 straight after.

    Just sayin’……….

  71. Caperfan says:

    Pearson, well said and I am ecstatic the Bruins won last night and it made my day today for sure. The boys played well for two periods but if anybody here felt this thing was save going in the thrid period is full of shit. We were holding on by our fingernails. In any event, I will take the win any way we can. Just think what could happen if they would actually play for 60 minutes, get a solid goal tending effort and a fucking power play!!!! the boys to give it all on Thursday and if they can pull this off they will be bac in the drivers seat. I will be cautiously optimistic Pearson, best I can do, sorry man, 39 years of this leaves some doubt.

  72. hendrik says:

    “One reason Ryder is able to score is that he has tremendous heart. He simply never gives up on a play”


  73. ELWOPPO says:

    Only good thing about 3 day break, Rest! Rest Chara, Rest! A 50% Chara made an impact in game 3, Im hoping a 100% in game 4 will just be scary? Go B’s!

  74. Gcole says:

    Do you guys actually think that the bruins WILL win this series? I’m not asking If it’s POSSIBLE or that they COULD win either. I honestly don’t believe they will, they’re too inconsistent and you can’t even count on them to show up for the next game, as we’ve seen all season, one great game then the next is terrible.
    Hope I’m wrong, but I’m not seeing it, and it really sucks… Think about it their powerplay is a joke and embarrassing compared to montreals. The PK isn’t as strong as it could be, it’s not that reliable in my opinion.

    Frustrating shit! They are so talented and capable but can’t get their shit together

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Kelly to have X-rays! Facial injury!

    • Vince_M says:

      YES!! I do actually think the Bruins will this series. I do actually believe that the Bruins will end the drought and win the cup.

      Clik your heels 3 times and say “I Believe”!!

    • Richardo says:

      Duuuuuude, wheres MTL’s PP??? huh?

      If we win tomorrow, it’s a whole new series… Right back to 0-0 with 2 of 3 at home… If they can pull off a win tomorrow (playing good or bad), the two losses wont mean shitttttt!!!!

    • willisss says:

      Why not? They got nothing to lose….other then respect….a few roster players….probably some fan base…I’m pretty sure their coach….their playoff confidince…..and overall moral

  75. Studlycodfish says:

    Well son the Bruins will win and carry that momentium right to the cup and all you who have little faith go get bent losers!!! Go Bruins Go!!!

  76. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    lets go bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will dominate the frenchies in game 4 !! fuck them!

  77. Richardo says:


  78. backbruin says:

    Time to get your game faces on…..biggest one of the year tonight…..3-0 Boston timmy gets his shit together tonight……at worst 3-1

    let’s do this boys

  79. backbruin says:

    Bro’s before Ho’s boys where’s the boys at come the biggest game of the year??????????

    bad karma….let the positive posting commence…get the jitters out

  80. backbruin says:

    I’m sick as hell and i’m still having beers like a good canadian for OUR boys………cmon b’s quick start!!!!!!

  81. North B says:

    Here we go boys… GO BRUINS!!!

  82. backbruin says:

    they look sleepy…cmon boys wake up!!!!

  83. backbruin says:

    not suprising they look like there out for a sunday drive!!!

  84. moast says:

    Lucic…..your supposed to be a force. Fuck me….

  85. North B says:


  86. backbruin says:

    this may be the worst i’ve seen us all year fkn long!!!!!! thomas has held us and i pray for 1-0 at the end of first!!!!!

    time to get interested in 7 months of your invested time boys!!!!

    my god, let’s get it going….you have hal fkn gil and brent sopel dominating this game…..pathetic!!!

  87. backbruin says:

    qoute….playing like a bunch of peewee players….cbc

  88. Caperfan says:

    Boys that was the most embarrasing display of heartless, gutless and uninspiring hockey this teamhas played in years. Waht a joke. No leadership up front on this team boys equals no offense. Claude has lost the confidence in these guys fucking terrible

  89. moast says:

    Top line is brutal, for a top line.
    Lucic is a no show pussy. Please reply people and stand up for our “New School Neely” What a joke.
    Bergeron for captain.
    Fire Julien now, right now.

    • moast says:

      anyone…I just called Lucic a pussy and nobody is outraged…hmmmm.

      • backbruin says:

        nope……he half heartedly tries and hit guys that are completely lined up!!!!….puck dumped in last 3 minutes and he did his patended wiff that he has developed!!!! very disap in looch…!!!! sick of hearing about the “other” things he contributes because i’ve seen none of them!!!!

  90. backbruin says:

    please boys prove us wrong and come out like you care…………….cause right now i think i could put a team together that would honestly beat you!!!! and i’m not joking….x ohlers and ahl ers!!! horrible period!!!

  91. North B says:

    Ryder!! Okay boys lets hang in there…

  92. chitownbruin says:

    cant put this one on thomas. hes getting bombarded

  93. backbruin says:

    wow……horrid…….ooops another goal…..hey claude….montreal is going up the middle on every pressured breakout!!! i see it everybody see’s it…please adapt now as were down 3-1 in game 4 you dumb fk!!!

  94. Haus says:

    Ill say it now. Even if the Bruins come all the way back and win this series, Montreal is still a better team.

  95. willisss says:

    Well……drink up boys

  96. Caperfan says:

    No guts, no guts, no guts, this team has been fragile for along time, none of us should be surprized. We all have been watching this fucking this shit since last year. Outside Chara we have no defense and no offense going at all. Remember boys, you only go as far as your best players take you!

    Where are our best player?????

  97. zamer says:

    Plesae Wheeler,, Stuart For shit and our D should be in oldtimers league what a sad team.

  98. Caperfan says:

    ya, O.K Haus, but where does that leave the Bruins!!!not built for the playoffs and no Heart? ya, that fits

    • moast says:

      Nice to see a tied game.
      They will only win this series if the top line steps up. Once again, Krejci is not a top line center and Lucic is a second line winger…..too soft.

    • Haus says:

      How old are you, 8? Not everything in life is an extreme. For instance, don’t you look like a bitch when its 3-3 going into the 3rd but you gave up after 10 minutes?

      • moast says:

        Hey Haus, for starters, go fuck yourself and your bullshit pom pom waiving atitude. Were you a cheerleader in school? Calling me 8 because Im calling it like I see it. Ferences goal was a fluke and if it weren’t for Thomas, it would be 8-3. The top line sucks balls. I look like a bitch because they decided to play a couple of shifts? Please. Like I said before, go fuck yourself with your pom poms ok.
        Lucic has done nothing since he hit 30 goals. Does’t score, can’t skate, doesn’t hit, doesn’t fight. What does he do lately besides skate slow. Krejci gets nocked off the puck when any one comes near him.
        I’m not giving up, I just see the lack of heart and passion of this team and that is what you need to win in big games.
        Did I mention go fuck yourself with your pom poms?
        Let’s go Boston!!!

      • Haus says:

        I wasn’t even talking to you.

      • moast says:

        Sorry Haus, Im on my period these days. Habs make me made. Sorry. again.

      • Haus says:

        Ferences goal was a blast to the corner top shelf, no fluke.

  99. ELWOPPO says:

    I hope Boston wins 2nite!Not for them, But to make all u guys look stupid! Go B’ssssss!

  100. Caperfan says:

    no, quite a bit older than 8 Haus, I don’t think look like a bitch at all. The score is 3-3 but are you really watching the game. Don’t you think we are a bit lucky??? I wonder what team will show up in the third???? who the fuck knows with these guys. hopefully someone who can score a few goals.
    All kidding aside Haus, how far do think this team can go playing like this?

  101. Gcole says:

    Special teams man, gonna be the killer you can see it coming! They just plain suck on special teams, and if anyone here thinks otherwise than you are blind

  102. Caperfan says:

    any predictions boys???

  103. Caperfan says:

    whats going on with Lucic and Horton? these guys can be the difference in this thing. Lucic looks like he’s on a three day drunk out there.

  104. North B says:

    Peverley gets the winner…

  105. ELWOPPO says:

    Horton game winner! I have a vision!

  106. Bruins says:


  107. Haus says:

    Fuck you all.

    Just kidding. Go B’s!

  108. backbruin says:

    perseverance….Ryder wowowowowowo….any doubters!!!

  109. Haus says:

    I’m thinking it took a lot of guts and heart to pull that one out, but you won’t hear that on this site.

  110. bruins5 says:

    WOW fuckin rite boys

  111. backbruin says:

    hey haus…..look at every post in the last two weeks…..under backbruin…it’s called positivity… it baby oh fk yaaa

  112. backbruin says:

    wow i have the flu and i/m hammering beers which ofcourse makes me feel better….but i will now go straight to sleep so i can do it right saturday night baby……haus i love you mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let the ride begin bitches mmmmmm

  113. Caperfan says:

    Ok, I eat shit, but holy fuck boys can anyone figure these guys out. I will say it again, if they can put 60 minutes together and get a power play this thing wouldnt be close!!!! unbelievable. Now you would think going back home they will have all kinds of momentum……Hmmmmmmmm. no predictions from me…

    • Haus says:

      Ebbs and flows happen in every NHL game. I never quite understood the full 60 minute effort cliche. Its impossible to achieve to a fans’view of things. The Bruins won a few 7-0 games and afterward people were still clamoring for a full 60 min effort.

      And Caper,
      My apologies for jumping on you earlier.

  114. Bruins says:

    Tank it.

  115. willisss says:

    yea. I shed man tears..

  116. backbruin says:

    wow I’m just happy…..let all the criticism and negativity wait for a couple of days….let’s enjoy this comeback huge victory and let it shine for at least a day

  117. #4 says:

    Well if that wasnt fucking awesome!

  118. Studlycodfish says:

    Been saying it all along boys got to have faith, these guys don’t even have the peddal to the metal yet!!! Bruins fucken rock boys Blow the roof off the GARDEN next game!!!! Go Bruins Go!!!

  119. lucic crew says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCK IIIIIIIINNNNNNN RRRRRRRRIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHHTTT. No heart? I don’t know about that. Member i said three periods, some people need to calm the fuck down and wait for the whole game to finish. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  120. Bruins says:

    How awesome was Ference flipping off Habs fans after his goal?

    • FrenchFrog says:

      Let’s sign him long term just for that. I can’t get enough of Habs being victim of the magic finger.

      On a side note, could we see another 3-0 comeback in the Chicago-Vancouver series? Hawks looks like champions again and Canucks looks like shit…

  121. Et Le But!! says:


    • FrenchFrog says:

      You can keep PK Suckdick for you and throw him the Ferrence finger lock in his ass. Hope you like the game tonight.


    • Et Le But!! says:

      Oooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!!! So now you guys like Ryder? According too this blog and 98.5 the sports hub Seguin should have taken Ryders place!!!!!!!! And Kelly should not have alot of ice time!!!! LOL BOSTON DOES NOT KNOW HOCKEY!!! GO HABS GO!!!!!

      • Jefe77 says:

        Oooh! You sure got us Et le Blue!

        Except for the fact that we just scored 9 goals on your stupid-ass team.

        Who gives a shit what the clowns on 98.5 say, but glad to know your listening to Boston radio you fuckin homo!

        Ryder’s in your sleep….ha ha ha…..

      • willisss says:

        your adorable

      • God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

        dude give it up just fucking give it up you suck we rock, deal with it

  122. Bruins says:

    What is with the Habs and gay stuff?

  123. moast says:

    I am eating my words tonight. My bad. I need to calm down and relax. I am wrong about heart, Im just sick of seeing Lucic coast out there….he is so much better.
    Imaging this team with the top line producing like they have. Anyway, I am going to relax and watch the whole game before I start bitching.
    Sorry again Haus, I thought that was an attack at me and I whould have known better as we have disagreed but also have good talks.
    Sorry bruinsrumours as I have better insights to offer than bitching.
    Positivity, whoever said 4 straight after being down 2-0, Im with you on that.
    Fuck these Habs, fuck PK and fuck Price.
    (That felt weird but who knows maybe positivity works?)

    • Haus says:

      For the record: I couldn’t be a cheerleader in high school because everytime I put the uniform on my balls would hang out.

      • moast says:

        haha glad your still cool bout shit! Just think about how much you would haven taken the other teams off of their game though

  124. ELWOPPO says:

    I WISH I KNEW WHO THIS ET LET BUT WAS?? What a shit kicking i would give him! BRUINS STYLE! KINNDA LIKE THAT 7-0 game!! REMEMBER? BTW Hows paccioretti doing?

  125. Andy says:

    Well, boys. Brand new fucking ballgame! The ridiculous thing is that we did that w/ our 1st line completely invisible! Good to see Ryder & Kelly earn the paycheck tonight.

    NOW, if this fucking team doesn’t come out on Saturday and blow this fucking MTL team out of the water, there’s something VERY wrong! All the momentum is ours, but it was theirs heading into game 3, and momentum can swing just like that in the playoffs.

    PLEASE, for Christ’s sake, B’s, come out guns blazing Saturday! You fucking owe it to all of us!!

    And to answer your question above, Bruins, it’s because he’s a French faggot douchebag!

  126. backbruin says:

    oh i see andy, now your going to start leaning towards the b’s……is your glass becoming half full all of a sudden….fk i’m tired of the regulare jumpers on here….you should all be called out and make your own site…..the i’m not sure of bruins rumors…..go fk yourselves…..weak ass shit!!

    • Haus says:

      At least he comes on to take his slings and arrows, unlike Neely8 and Bruins1.

      • Andy says:

        What the fuck are you talking about, backbruin? Am I not allowed to say that it was a big win? After all, I am a HUGE B’s fan. And if you go and read my post, I’m not all giddy, like some of you are, after one win. If they don’t come out guns blazing in game 5 and lose, then we’re right back to where we were – a game from elimination. It was a HUGE win, don’t get me wrong, but we’ve only evened the series. There’s still a hill to climb, just not as big as prior to game 3.

        Having said that, in terms of my “negativity”, I find it amazing that people on this board can either deny or ignore how inconsistent this team has been and over the last 3 years, what a playoff underachiever they have been, despite their regular season accomplishments. That’s what I’m pointing out. You want to take that as negative, that’s your problem. That’s the reality of it. You can’t deny that with a better effort we should’ve beaten Carolina and we all know last year. You can’t argue with the playoff results, as much as we love this team.

        Sorry, I’m not going to say “Go B’s, you’re the best, we’re awesome” when we have put out shit efforts with no heart or desire in playoffs past. This team hasn’t been to a Final in 21 years and to a conference final in 19!! If they played their hearts out and lost to a better team, then so be it. But the majority of the time, they just shit the bed and lose to lesser teams.

        And despite that, you want me to say “Go B’s, you’re the best!”? And if I don’t follow your cheerleader act, I’m an asshole?! Bull-fucking-shit!!I ALWAYS want them to do well and live up to expectations and if they don’t, at least give it their best. Given their past playoff underachievement, I reserve the right to be skeptical of this team, and not immediately break out the fucking pom-poms after every win

        Last night was an incredible win and they showed, admittedly, what I doubted that they had. I very much hope they keep that up and come out guns blazing tomorrow, which is a MUST.

        Don’t confuse my view on the reality of a playoff underachiever with my passion as a B’s fan, that at the end of the day, I want a fucking Cup from this team, as we all do…

  127. Bruins says:

    Hahaha did Ference actually say his finger got stuck in his glove? What a champ.

  128. Haus says:

    One thing to take note of: the kelly line found their success by doing the exact same thing MTL forwards have done all series; creating traffic at the crease then whipping the puck at the net from the corners. And also, I’m curious if Lucic is hurt, he looks a step slow and is backing off when MTL players try to engage him. Give Subban and Gill credit too, they’ve shut down the Krejci line. Not Charas best game, but guys like Ference and Seidenberg really stepped up their game as time wore on.

  129. Haus says:

    Am I the only guy from Mass on here? If not, who saw that fuckface who tried to kill his baby wearing a Bruins tee to Salem District Court? Its all over the papers and the news. Thanks, asshole.

    • moast says:

      Thats shitty…fuck him. We have a guy up here that killed his 3 kids last summer and wants to be able to leave the psychiatric ward to get Starbucks and go for walks…fucking people

  130. moast says:

    I have a feeling that Saturdays game won’t be an all out Smurf beatdown but, what I am predicting is for one of the following to happen which will produce victory:

    -1 line comes out and scores big time
    -Defence finally click (Kaberle) and is also offensive
    -Timmy owns the entire game

    Can’t wait for Saturday. Bruins game, BBQ, Beers and +18 on the new deck with the family! Deadly!

    On another note, shit is heated up here with Canucks fans. They are scared as the history with Chi ain’t good. Losing 12-2 in the last 2 games is scary with Luongo giving up 10 of them has them on the heels and momentum is with Chi going back home. Erie feeling around here with my memories of Boston last year. Sure they’ll pull through……oops wrong team!



    • moast says:

      *1 line – Lucic Krejci Horton

    • Andy says:

      Hey Moast, what’s your take on Luongo, since you’re up there? I’ve always felt he was overrated. I mean, they put him up there with the likes of Brodeur, Roy, etc and he has never accomplished what they have.

      Are Canuck fans up there feeling the same thing? I mean, the last 2 games haven’t been ALL him, but what do you say about a guy who’s gotten 10 goals scored on him and been pulled in 2 games?

  131. Richardo says:

    There are good hangovers and bad hangovers….. this is a goooooooooood hangover!!! GO Bs

  132. ryan says:

    this blog blows. its the habs and canadians in the playoffs and there are no posts… close it down and stop posting cause its a waste of fucking time

  133. Gcole says:

    New post already

  134. Bruins1 says:

    Im here Haus, dont worry.

    I will give them credit, these guys fought back. Howvever I am am still upset with how our Top Guys aren’t doing Shit out there. There is no excuse for that!! Lucic is awful this series, along with Horton. There no no excuses why they aren’t producing. Montreal isn’t a dominating defensemen team, and even if they were, our top lines needs to dig in harder and find some heart! Thank goodness for Ryder and Kelly, & Pev.

    Let it be known and looked at, I always said keep Ryder while most of you made him the scapegoat!! I do however, think Thorton should be out, and let Seguin play. We don’t need Thornton this series. Seguin would fit better in.

  135. Bruins1 says:

    Backbruin & Haus,

    Just because we don’t agree with your comments or with how the team is producing earlier, doesn’t mean we aren’t Bruin FANS!! We want to win, and we get tired of the same old crap from the same guys every year. Im glad they tied the series 2-2. But Our top line is on vacation when we need them the most, and out PP is horrible. You can’t always look at the team and say support them. U also have to look at the negative side too.

    Glad we are tied, but thats only due to thomas’s play and our 3rd line right now. I want us to win, but the Bruins haven’t looked impressive in any of the games. besides a few chunks of time. game 4 was all Montreal until the timeout. Game 1& 2 was Montreal, and Game 3 was all Montreal except the 1st period. We should be better than that, and this is why some of us here say the negative comments, because we expect more. This effort wouldn’t be good enough if we played a better team!

    • Haus says:

      Fair enough. But don’t you think you’re selling MTL short? As much as we all hate them there is a good team over there. And I can’t agree with you about games 1 and 2. They definitely weren’t “all MTL”. For me, game 3 and the 1st period last night was the worst the Bruins played all series. As far as the first line goes, they have been shut down by Gill and Subban, just like Ovi’s line in round 1 last year. And you’re right there is nothing to do but dig harder for them. It goes without saying, the PP is non-existant, time to try other options.

    • Haus says:

      You say you have to look at the negative side too, but here we are in game 86 and this is the first time you’ve posted after a win. And the credit you gave was begrudging to say the very least. When, seeing that you are a huge Bruins fan, ever have anything positive to say? They had a 100 pt regular season, and now claw themselves back into having the edge in this series. When?! I don’t think I’m going too far off on a limb to say that your like the percentage of fans who are happier when there is a lot to complain about.

  136. Vince_M says:

    Fuckin A Boys! Way ta go Bssss!!

    Watched the game at Hooters last night. When Ryder scored the game winner I was the only person in the whole place to stand and cheer!! Beer, Hooters and Bruins…magical night. Fuck the Habs!! Fuck Subban!!

  137. Bruins Fan says:

    One word for Ference… THANKS ! hahaha

  138. pearson says:

    ill repost this:

    “Bullshit year and its all but over.” -caperfan
    “Its sad to say but theres next year and a new coach for sure” -zamer
    “Trade Thomas. If your keeping Seguin sacrfice Krejci for a #1C” -moast
    “We’re done.” -Loooch
    “We don’t have the heart, talent, or desire to do what it takes to win.” -Andy
    “trade Seguin for #1 pick and draft Larsson.”

    • Andy says:

      Pearson, if you go on ANY team blog that are down a couple games in a series, coupled with the fact that this team is 0-26 in its history when down 2-0, why would you expect anything else?

      Go onto a Flyers blog dated last May. I’m sure they were saying even worse things down 0-3 to us. Even the most positive person in the world, even though they would say “we’re still in this and can come back”, probably has some doubt in their mind.

      Regardless, brand new ballgame. The start of tomorrow’s game is going to be the indicator. If they can’t get up for this, then there’s a SERIOUS problem!

      • pearson says:

        you’re a joke.

        this is the best time of the year. playoff hockey is a whole differant sport. and i didnt watch 82 games this season to jump after 2 in the playoffs.

        so how bout a little optimism and shut the fuck up when the bruins dont sweep every team through the playoffs.

  139. Haus says:

    Will Julien get credit on here for the timeout and adjustments last night? Didn’t think so.

    If you were a MTL fan, how would you look at this series and assess your players?
    Be honest and remove your Bruins-centric ideology.

    Vince M- was it the same Hooters you took your wife to on your anniversary? Maybe my all-time favorite post, man.

    • Vince_M says:

      Yes it was the same Hooters. Put all my tickets in for a Savard jersey but didn’t win. I guess 2 jerseys out of 3 tries isn’t bad. I gladly gave up winning to see the Bruins win!!

  140. Hendrik says:

    The main thing is that we as a Fanbase stick together Folks! I just experienced this with my favourite soccer Club in Germany, One group was for keeping the Coach and the other was for sacking him, and it splitted the whole fanbase! Dont let that Happen to us!! Wether you See the Team critical or you have unending faith, we are all Fans of the B’s so lets Not insult each other or start a stupid “real fan” debate! Don’t Claim youre a better fan than someone else, Let’s Be United and Win this fucking Series!! (except of course all the bandwagoners, they suck).

    So c’mon now, Let’s stand together and GO BRUINS!!!

    • Andy says:

      I like it, Hendrik! Despite disagreements and various opinions, the one undeniable fact is that we are all on here for one reason – because we’re ALL B’s fans and want a fucking CUP!!!

  141. ELWOPPO says:

    Thomas,Rinne, and Loungo are Vezna finalists! Also Ference fined 2,500 NO SUSPENSION!

  142. Manitoba Fan says:

    It’s been awhile since i have posted boys sorry. Just been keepin my feelings to myself and waiting for this thing to turn around. I have to agree with Haus when i say that I also believe the Bruins were the better team in games 1 and 2. Even though we lost i thought it was all Boston. Game 3 was all Boston also, but those two goals Timmy let in were gross and gave Montreal the momentum. That shit happens. Montreal has played well and I never thought this series would be easy. IMO Boston can’t played their rough style game cause obviously the refs are calling pretty shitty penalties. We have gotten our opportunities but well you guys have seen our PP.

    I would also like to comment on some peoples feelings about Krejci not being a good number 1 centermen. Well in my opinion I am happy he is our number 1. I think Krejci is spectacular with that puck. The guy is fuckin awesome. Some people were commenting that he and Bergeron are not untouchable and can be traded. Sure no one is untouchable but loosing either of those two would be DEVASTATING. People have to think before they post out of anger. Look at last year boyz, Krejci went down and we sunk like an anchor. Obviously our number 1 line is not producing and they are naturally frustrated but I think thay have had alot of opportunities to score. I mean i am frustrated by it also, but is it just me or are they always trying to make too many passes. SHOOT THE FUCKIN PUCK.

    I would like to give props to the Kelly, Peverly, Ryder line. Good fucking work boys. IMO I haven’t disliked Kelly at all. I am not sure what people thought when we got him. We didn’t get him cause he scores goals. Our third line sucked. Wheeler and Seguin couldn’t center that line. Seguin is gonna be spectacular player, but I am gonna say at least 2 more years. And Wheeler has always dissapered in the playoffs. Kelley brings depth, hard work and outstanding pk abilities. He is like a bergeron with out the scoring. He does not much wrong out there. Peverly has also impressed me. He is very good with that puck, but fuck i wish he could hit that net when he comes flying across that slot.

    I am gonna go out on a limb when i say this but I think Rask in game 5. Not cause I think timmy has been terrible I just think give him one game rest. He has faced alot of shots and over playing Timmy brings on a shitty timmy. We have the momentum right now and should be able to win game 5 with hard work and then give Timmy game 6 in Montreal. I have all the faith in our team boys. Lets keep our heads up and stand proud together boys. From the bush of nothern Canada, GO BRUINS GO!!!!!!!!!

  143. lucic crew says:


  144. averynathan says:

    im off to cuba tomorrow morning’ i hope i can see game 5 there. does anybody know?

  145. Caperfan says:

    averynathan, good luck trying to watch the game in Cuba. I have been there the last three playoffs seasons and no Hockey. Some resorts carry ESPN but its usually Spanish and a lot of soccer,soccer, soccer. You will get the scores and highlites. I was suppose to go last week but my boss passed away and left me in charge. No vaction, could be worse though, could be him.

  146. Gcole says:

    Two games pass and no new post yet? Slackers…

  147. Bruins1 says:

    Lets see if our Bruins can win tonight. here is their test Haus. Lets win one for the Gipper!!

  148. backbruin says:

    how about the first goal and momentum this game……let’s put our own lock on a game…..timmy needs to sharpen up tonight and we should take this game!!! and not saying he’s played horrible as he’s made some big stops….but he has let in a few shakey ones….i don’t recall toop many good habs goals to be honest!!

  149. lucic crew says:

    Lets get a win tonight boys, 4-2 final GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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