Best of 3

The Bruins return home tonight to host the Montreal Canadiens in game five of the first round.  So far every home game has been won by the visiting team, a trend the Bruins hope to end tonight. The lineups are expected to stay the same for both teams. Here are some key points for game 5

1. Get the top line going.  The Lucic-Krejci-Horton combo has been invisible almost all series long.  The Bruins are at their best when they’re best players are producing regularly.  To add to that, when the top line is playing physical, the style of play is almost contagious to the rest of the team.

2. Get the powerplay going.  Paging Tomas Kaberle. Please wake up.  Kaberle was brought in here to help the powerplay, although the results are worse with him than without him.

3. Keep the fourth line off the ice.  The fourth line was brutal in game 4, especially Shawn Thornton.  Since Montreal doesn’t really dress a tough guy, is there really a need for Thornton?


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  1. lucic crew says:

    Lets get a win tonight boys, 4-2 final GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    Yes thier is a need for Thornton! He brings experience, mental and physical toughness! Also he passed his career high in goals with 10! His forcheck and body checks are far more better than Seguin! Playoffs are no place for a 19 year old rookie whos afraid to mix it up! Next year different story, This year team is solid 1-4 when thier on thier game!

  3. Bruinsfan17 says:

    yea i have to agree thornton brings a lot of heart to this team, keep him in the line up. And please would Kaberle and Chara do something tonight!! Other than that, GO B’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gcole says:

    Amazing the difference a couple games can make

  5. God is on OUR side!!!!!! says:

    keep thornton in guys, he fucks around mentally with the habs, he is an important piece in the roster.

  6. Caperfan says:

    Forsure keep Thornton in the lineup. He brings more than toughness, he is a good skater and lots of hustle, heart and experience. He genrates energy out their which inspires others. We need the number 1 line going tonight. These guys can be the differnce in ending this series over the next two games.

    Get it going boys.

  7. backbruin says:

    Thomas be good tonight baby… your thing!!!no garbage all you baby

  8. North B says:

    Here we go boys.. GO BRUINS!!!

  9. bergeronforselke says:

    great game so far LETS GO BBBBBBBBBS

  10. North B says:

    Fuck off diving Habs..

  11. Gcole says:

    Fans should break out the no diving signs right about now

  12. willisss says:

    The bruins will be the first team in nhl history to win the cup with out scoring a power play goal

  13. Gcole says:

    This game is longer than marchands nose! Haha that’s fucking funny

  14. ELWOPPO says:


  15. North B says:

    Bergeron gets the winner..

  16. Gcole says:

    Double OT it is.

  17. bergeronforselke says:

    wtf wheres the penalty shot… and this non existant powerplay is getting rediculous

  18. Gcole says:

    Hows it even possible for their powerplay to suck in every possible occasion it could help them… Playoffs, OT in playoffs and the same old lifeless powerplaya!!! What the fuck?

  19. lucic crew says:

    I can’t take this please boys don’t let us down. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. goosegoose says:


  21. bergeronforselke says:


  22. lucic crew says:


  23. ELWOPPO says:


  24. bergeronforselke says:

    yeaah buddy!
    oh and stop using my name whoever wrote “sex”

  25. Et Le But!! says:

    Habs in 7!

    • Andy says:

      Fuck off! Don’t you have better things to do then come on to this site after a LOSS?! Go cry with your douchebag Habs fans!

  26. Studlycodfish says:

    So stressfull,Horton baby now the boys got to come out ready to put their blades down on the Habs necks and close this thing out!! Just for the record Cherry has called the winning goal getter the last two games!! Go Bruins Go!!!

  27. Bruins says:

    Wow, that was an amazing game to watch. Both goalies stood on their heads.

    Bergeron, Marchand, Seidenberg and Chara were absolute studs. The Ryder line looked good too.

    McQuaid and Kaberle were god awful, but they were the only two negative standouts. I expect that from Kaberle, but not McQuaid. Oh well, the rest of the team played great.

  28. Andy says:

    I agree. Timmy gives me a heart attack when he comes out of his crease like that, but what a save at the end!

    The other positive is that as the game progressed, Krecji’s line started to click. Lucic was really pressing early, but he started to make some plays late. Got his 1st point and maybe some confidence. If they can keep that up, it could be a game-changer on Tuesday.

    As for the PP, they just stay to the outside and don’t move the puck quickly! You have to get guys out of position and get guys to the front of the net! That should’ve been a penalty shot for Bergy, though. Don’t know how he missed that one? Maybe he didn’t want to call one in OT?

    Anyway, obviously big win, but as we saw last year, we have to close this thing out – quickly. I don’t want to have to come back home until Game 1 of the next round!!

    Lastly, did anyone notice how long these linesmen took to drop the puck for faceoffs? How many times did guys get kicked out? Just drop the fucking thing already!!

    • Bruins says:

      Yeah that was pissing me off. There was like 100 guys that were thrown out of the circle tonight. You could tell Bergy was getting pissed off about it.

      Which brings up my next point: Bergeron. Did he lose even one draw from the third period on? Seriously, rack your brains. I don’t think he did. He was all over the ice tonight and was throwing the body more than usual. I don’t know how you could possibly think he’s expendable. Patrice Bergeron: the heart and soul of the B’s.

      • Andy says:

        Hey, I’ll agree, Bruins, that Bergy has certainly stepped up his game. Not that I ever doubted his talent or heart (one of the few I didn’t).

        Guys like Ryder, Bergy, Marchand, etc have certainly stepped up their game. You just hope that the Krecji line has finally found that spark to be unleashed!

        The PP HAS to get much better, though, especially if we get out of the 1st rd. There is NO way we advance far if we don’t start getting the puck to the net and getting guys in front!

        Have to match the intensity MTL is going to bring on Tues. Again, it’s all about the start…

  29. Bruins says:

    Question: do you roll with Kampfer over Kaberle when Kampfer is healthy again? Kaberle has become the 6th defenseman and a pretty brutal one at that.

    • Andy says:

      I’ll tell ya, the mere fact that the question is even brought up is sad given what he was expected to do and what he has done. At the same time, honestly, it’s not just his fault about the PP. They were stagnant before we got him. As for the rest of his game, I just don’t know. Subpar to say the least. You wonder how much not being in the playoffs for 7 yrs has affected his game, although he wasn’t great in the 6 weeks during the reg season, either.

      BTW, is Horton on the PP at ALL? I thought the 1st unit was Bergy/Lucic/Krejci/Kaberle/Chara and the 2nd was Recchi/Marchand or Ryder/Peverley/Seidenberg/Ference. If Horton is not on there, that’s a joke!

      Here’s my take on the PP units –
      1st – Krecji/Recchi/Horton/Bergy @ D/Chara
      2nd – Marchand or Peverley/Ryder/Lucic/Kaberle/Seidenberg

      Marchand is a natural centerman isn’t he? Anyway, we gotta mix it up!

    • #4 says:

      No Kaberle has 2 assists on 2 huge goals in the last 2 games. Hes a bit of a cardiac player out there but when he threads the needle (drool)

  30. Bruins says:

    Do we bring Ryder back? LOL. I was against it all season, but there are no questions about him in the playoffs. He ALWAYS shows up for them.

    • #4 says:

      haha 2.3-2.7 mil 1 year or nothing(which is like 1.8-2.3 with the cap increase). No more 4 mil crap.

      Im not going to take anything away from ryder though absolutely boss these last 2 games, and he has the save of the series. Brick I think pointed out that at one time Ryder was a goalie.

      • Andy says:

        I would consider it, if it was at half his salary, especially w/ our cap situation.

        $4 mil, no way. $2 mil? Possibly…

  31. Jonovision says:

    so is it still time to give up on the playoffs? lol jus kidding told ya the B’s werent out! kaberle and Boychuck were awful thank god for Thomas…good game boys

  32. CCMGoalie says:

    SUCH A GOOD GAME TONIGHT! Michael Ryder, where the FUCK did you find this game? I FUCKING LOVE IT SO MUCH that I’d marry it and raise a family of tiny little games for Seguin to pick up and start applying to his own skill set.

  33. ELWOPPO says:

    Just finished watching the game again. Is it just me or does Glen Healy absolutely dispise the Bruins! All Ive been hearing all series is how lucky we are and how we won againts the better team! He has nothing but bad things to say about us! Never gives us credit! WHATS UR FUCKEN PROBLEM HEALY U FUCKEN GOOF! U!

  34. willisss says:

    Rememeber that time I was right? Happy easter ya clowns! I love you ass holes

    • Jefe77 says:

      Keep the faith Willisss. I know you always do, and good to know other Bruins fans hadn’t thrown them to the wolves after game 2.

      Elwoppo, Glen Healy is just another tool-Bruins hater.

      Fuck them ALL.

  35. backbruin says:

    Last night was one of those games that you can’t complain about whatever way it went….besides the pp…both teams played great all the way through…I’m very proud to be a bruins fan after being down two going into montreal and now being up 3-2……Whoever said this team doesn’t have heart should be changing there minds after the guts these boys have showed….

    Now last night was a hockey game….wow

  36. Caperfan says:

    Heally always calls down the Bruins but remember he is working for CBC, so he will have to favor the Canadian team no matter what, to keep his job. He is a goof, two years ago he said Boston has to stop the ridiculios goalie experiment a get rid of Thomas and get a world class goalie. Thomas since those remarks won one Vezina and will probably win another this year. So what the fuck does Healy know!!!! He’s a major fucking goof.

  37. ELWOPPO says:

    Probably? No I believe he is a shoe in to win it AGAIN! But yeah u make good points!

  38. backbruin says:

    Healy has always been a chump that won’t change…I don’t think his peer’s like him much either…For a backup goalie he certainly thinks he knows it all…Jealousy anyone!!!

    I think we should start the “i hate Glen Healy club” you’ll probably see Cherry,Ron,Bob Cole, and Healy’s wife all sign up quickly!!

  39. ccm8 says:

    The past two games have been classic B’s vs Habs rivalry games. I told my buddies from the beginning that you can never count this team out and that once they get off the snide in the goal scoring department they’ll start to take it to them.

    I just hope we can all agree that we really couldn’t have asked for much more from a series between two teams and fanbases that absolutely can’t stand one another.

    • ccm8 says:

      And I can’t agree with not dressing thornton, how can you say that montreal doesn’t dress a tough guy? I’m pretty sure that white has been in the lineup regularly and that he’s re-arranged boychuks face earlier this year.

  40. lucic crew says:

    Happy easter to everybody and their fam. Come on boys lets end this one in montreal GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Jefe77 says:

    Et le blue, Et le blue…..where are you?

    Happy Easter! I hope Montreal is in great spirits for the holiday.

  42. ELWOPPO says:

    Nice game Buffalo? Fucken idiots!

  43. Bruins says:

    The Canucks are about to make our choke job last year look good by comparison.

  44. Bruins says:

    So apparently Z got a nomination for the Norris. I’d guess Weber and Yandle are the other two. Chara should win it; it blows my mind that he led the entire league in +/- with the role he has to play.

    81 GP – 14 g, 30 a, 44 p, +33, 88 PIM
    25:26 TOI, 2:48 SH TOI, 3:08 PP TOI

    82 GP – 16 g, 32 a, 48 p, +7, 56 PIM
    25:19 TOI, 2:06 SH TOI, 3:38 PP TOI

    82 GP – 11 g, 48 a, 59 p, +12, 68 PIM
    24:22 TOI, 0:43 SH TOI, 4:05 PP TOI

    81 GP – 18 g, 50 a, 68 p, +18, 24 PIM
    24:17 TOI, 0:26 SH TOI, 4:08 PP TOI

    82 GP – 16 g, 46 a, 62 p, -2, 20 PIM
    23:28 TOI, 2:40 SH TOI, 4:03 PP TOI

    So as you can see Chara and Weber are the only ones who give you “everything”. Lidstrom has 5 on 5 questions and Yandle and Visnovsky don’t kill penalties.

  45. Haus says:

    Off-topic, but I figured since we got a layoff between games. I’m looking for some good names for my new team. Any ideas? Green and gold looks like they will be our primary colors.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      The dragon flyers lol

    • #4: Marshmont Game WINNAH! says:

      Try and find a local sponsor. Those are the best team names in the leagues I play in.

      Ive seen a bunch sponsored by local bars/restuarants. there is one sponsored by a chineese place and they get hammered there after every game and get some free grub hah.

      • Haus says:

        Yeah the sponsor is part of the plan; I’m currently working on that. That’s why I want a 1-word name, to easily incorporate the sponsor name.

      • #4: Marshmont Game WINNAH! says:

        Alot of them are like stupid names that remind me of little league.


        Like the “A.J Liquors Lightning”

        or something.

  46. ELWOPPO says:

    Put Rask in for game 6, Fuck Montreal’s shit right up! If he gets shelled than you go with a fresh and confident Thomas for game 7! IF Thomas gets rattled in game 6, It might affect him in game 7! Thats why I say Put Tuukka in for 6!

  47. Whopperfoo says:

    I’d agree that move has some validity, but the way thomas closed out the last game he is absolutely going to want to be the one to win the series tomorrow. He’s the hot goal tender and you gotta ride a hot goal tender.

  48. ELWOPPO says:

    Good point guys, But im just worried that he is gonna get shelled in Montreal tomorrow night! Cuz u KNOW Montreal is gonna bring it, ITs Do or Die for them. Let Rask try to win it for us, U know he’s ready and DIEING to get in thier! And if he shits the bed no big deal u bring in a confidant and well rested Thomas for game 7. Instead of a rattled Thomas in back to back nights! Thats the Beaty of having two great goalies! U think montreal can do this? LOL Alex Auld,

  49. willisss says:

    I can’t believe what’s going on in chicago right now…

  50. moast says:

    People up here are sweatin bullets like we did. Lots of cocky turned into fear.

  51. Caperfan says:

    No way, leave Tthomas in for game six, were not going to get shelled, the Bruins are a better road team and they can play their defensive style better onthe road and dont have to please the home fans with exciting hockey, Thomas is getting back in his grove, leave him to fuck alone. I think Montreal has got some injury issuess well and if the Bruins come focused tomorrow this thing is over.

  52. Whopperfoo says:

    I’m pretty sure thomas is going to bring the heat just as much as the habs, if not more. Guy fuckin wants it.

  53. Whopperfoo says:

    desharnais out for game 6 with sprained knee.

  54. Et Le But!! says:

    Montréal va gagner le match numéro 6!

  55. Whopperfoo says:

    blah blah blah…

    pas de plongée

    Suck it et le butt, you love a team that is an embarrassment to hockey, they should be used as an example for what kids should NOT look up to in sports. Diving hacks.

  56. Mook says:

    Is everyone back on the bandwagon?

    • Bruins says:

      For now. One more loss and it should be roomier.

    • Haus says:

      It appears so. That is of course until the Bruins get outplayed in any 3 minute span, then the sky will be falling once again.

      Side note: shouldn’t we call out Matt and Pekese for throwing in the towel too?

      • Jefe77 says:

        Haus, I’ve called out Matt like 20 times the last 3 seasons. No response every time.

        I usually start by saying, “Damnit Matt,”…

        Love his passion, but his logic has failed me many times.

        Matt speaks from his heart, and while his Bruins analysis can seem WILDLY inaccurate, I still appreciate his presence here. I missed laughing at his angry rants this season. Welcome back, Matt.

        Pekese is more patient, and usually speaks in wiser tones than Matt. I rarely have disagreed with Pekese, but sometimes completely.

        Matt and Pekese are a good compliment though. I have given both the credit they deserve, and regardless of opinion, we should be grateful for their work.

        Thanks to both for keeping the blog going for 3+ seasons now.

        Anyone remember some of the complete idiots that used to run the blog?



        How bout some of the posters that are gone?

        What ever happened to Psands, or MCpuck, or James, or Vince_m, or the gay Bruins fan, Mat_M. Sorry for saying ‘faggot’ so much Mat. Its a bad habit, but sounds so empowering when insulting habs fans.

        Wheres Ohniner, Mooks mortal enemy? Mook and Ohniner were supposed to meet in downtown Toronto to duke it out.

        Where’s Jimmy50, Bosborn77, Gibby, Bruinsfanupnorth and wheres that asshole ‘anonymous’?

        Go Bruins.

      • Haus says:

        Not calling into question the work they do at all. I love that they provide the forum, hence my 1,000,000 posts. I’m just living out the final moments of my ‘eat shit’ streak to those who fell into despair a little too early. As for the posters of old, wow what a nostalgia trip. I think I argued with everyone on that list at least once.

      • willisss says:

        Who was that clown who was some coach for a half assed echl team?

  57. zamer says:

    Wacth the refs in this game they will make some fucked up calls,Ive seen this before especially in Montreal.

  58. ELWOPPO says:

    Where’s backbruin? My buddy! Lol

  59. Whopperfoo says:

    Weisnewski out for this game with back issues. Paul mara likely to skate.

    Patrice centering the PP top unit. The way he’s playing I think it’s a pretty solid move, but I’d also like to see chara up front to change it around even more. So maybe:



    • #4: Marshmont Game WINNAH! says:

      You do realize you have Chara on the wing?

    • #4: Marshmont Game WINNAH! says:

      Wiz and Desharnais being out is huge. Def a confidence blow tot that team.

      They have been 2 of the gritteir and peskier habs that really help them get the puck up ice and thats where the habs can make things happen.

      Mara is a pylon, maybe Lucic will be able to catch him with a big hit because Lucic hasnt even been able to catch gill yet this series.

      • Haus says:

        TSN has them both as game time decisions as of 11:23am. I expect Desharnais to be out definitely, Wiz I’m unsure of.
        I’m gonna make a prediction that the Bruins close this one out emphatically, 5-1, Lucic with a pair.

    • Bruins says:

      If Chara was to play up front he’d be in the center, screening the goalie, not along the wall.

      But we definitely shouldn’t do that. As terrible as our PP has been all season long (actually, since Savvy went down), Chara was only 1 goal off the league lead for PP goals by defensemen. He’s not what we need to switch up.

      I think a huge problem is entry into the offensive zone. I say we just give the puck to Krech behind the net and let him weave his way through. He proved he could do it with ease in the Olympics and I rarely see us breakout like that.

  60. moast says:

    Knots in my stomach for tonights game…..couldn’t come soon enough.
    Gooo B’ssss!!!

  61. Caperfan says:

    any predictions on a score tonight boys,

  62. Caperfan says:

    I’ll take that, I think 4-2 B’s Lucic and Horton breaking out tonight!!!!

  63. backbruin says:

    no prediction here and i don’t care…….JUST WIN and let us all exhale for 2-3 days……i need to take a break from the beer…….well maybe i won’t go that far but i sure would like to know that were on to the second round tonight!!!!!!

    come on boys right from the gate!!!

  64. moast says:

    If they come out and stick to there play of the last few games, coupled with the loss of two MTL players they will do fine. It will again, be a battle of the goalies. This is Timmy’s and the Bruins playoff statement game. When they pull off this win, it will shed some of the cloud that has plagues them since Philly. That cloud is overhead in Kamloops and seems to be headed to Vancouver!

    • backbruin says:

      wel said, i agree finish them tonight no rask starting bullshit that i’ve seen in previous posts…..Timmy plays well we win let’s do this yall!!

  65. lucic crew says:


  66. Gcole says:

    What a lucky break there holy shit

  67. backbruin says:

    ya ref didn’t see it, very lucky. timmy come on kid!!

  68. backbruin says:

    and oh ya, watch ryder right now….he looks half asleep!!

  69. moast says:

    I can’t watch….fuck me a 2min 5on3

  70. moast says:

    It’s only one! Lets go Bruins!!!

  71. Haus says:

    We’re ok. I still stand by my prediction

  72. Gcole says:

    What the hell seidenberg.. Think you could have swung at him any fucking harder and more obvious

  73. Gcole says:

    They play like this montreals gonna win no problem..

  74. moast says:

    1st period in a game like this, in MTL is going to be trouble. If it werent for the 5on3 I think this would go 0-0 into the 2nd. Once the jitters are over, you will see them battle through!!!!

  75. lucic crew says:

    Tough break, its only one goal no prob boys. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  76. Haus says:

    Nice dive Ryder

  77. Haus says:

    And a dive by Kerry Price

  78. moast says:

    Fuck do i ever hate PK Subban….what a piece of shit!
    When will he get his? Seriously fucking hate that guy.

    • Haus says:

      I’ll tell you what though, that fucking kid can skate, shoot, and pass. As he matures he’s gonna be a force in this league.

    • KKK says:

      I HATE THAT HE”S BLACK, He is ruining a white mans game

      • Haus says:

        Go fuck yourself. You come on here for the first time and then go and tarnish the images of everyone who posts here. You are a fucking disgrace and I hope your mothers corpse is raped.

      • haus loves little boys says:

        Relax bro and take a joke, maybe tonight go out and watch the game instead of sitting with ur computer in ur lap like a nerd bitching on a blog site about every little call, and no body here even has an image unless u want the word to know u hide in ur rooms everytime the bruins play so u can chat online with a bunch of people u dont know. Grow up and get some friends, there are people outside of your house that like the bruins too, try a local bar or restaurant

      • Haus says:

        Great concept! As you know, a little modern technology allows you to be anywhere and text posts from your cell phone. So, once again ill be in downtown Lowell. Details made on request. C’mon down, ill buy you a beer. Maybe even introduce you to one of those people you don’t like.

      • John says:

        Sounds good I’ll be there next weekend for the series vs philly

      • Haus says:

        Cool man. Firefighters Club on Fletcher St on Saturday. No bullshit!

      • John says:

        If we can pull this out then sounds good I’ll see ya in lowell

  79. Caperfan says:

    The seventh player in the striped shirts are going to be working for Montreal tonight boys!!!seen this show to many times in the past. Bruins gotta be smart as they will be called for anything… we go..

  80. Gcole says:

    Enough of the fucking diving! My god this is one of the only sports where these guys are MEN, don’t start with the acting like a pussy and taking a dive. And what the fuck is that call on Bergeron for goalie interference?? HE BARELY TOUCHED HIM an price goes falling backwards this pisses me off so bad

  81. Gcole says:

    Can’t the bruins just pretend that they’re behind in the series again and play that way??

  82. backbruin says:

    I’m ok with the first besides Looch and ryder….Looch honestly looks like he’s in a pre game skate and ryder is ding his typical game on game off!!!

    Looch is really starting to get on my nerves….he doesnt stop and start he curles and goes for a skate!!!!

    positive thoughts but holy fk start hitting and beating on these midgets!!!

  83. moast says:

    Top line just looked brutal….cmon lucic!!

  84. moast says:

    Wow….so Lucic is done for the series.
    It looks like spacek turned though….thoughts?

  85. Haus says:

    He’s milking it. I hope he’s dead. I mean it.

  86. willisss says:

    Such pussies

  87. backbruin says:

    joke nuff said…….garbage spaceck turned into that fk me!!!

  88. Haus says:

    He’s got a cut and he’s milking it

  89. pearson says:

    the refs are just ruining this game. im not complaining, but the no-goal call, now lucic. its just been sloppy.

  90. Gcole says:

    Lucic hasn’t done anything anyways there’s not much loss really. Oh and STOP TAKING PENALTIES!! let’s give them a few more 5v3s too. FUCK ME! and you can bet your ass if the bruins had those 5on3s they wouldn’t have scored. Bullshit. If they end up winning this they must have broken a record for winning a series without a single powerplay goal or a single goal from the teams top goal scorer.

  91. tom says:

    fuckin pussy habs can only score when the refs hand them the goals

  92. Gcole says:

    Their powerplay is laughably bad, it’s actually funny to watch them, it’s honestly like they could care less and just want to get the two minutes over with.

    • Haus says:

      Sorry to call you out again but, they couldn’t care less? Serious? The PP problem is they don’t move and funnel everything to a Chara slapshot. Get it down low damnit!!b

  93. Gcole says:

    Hide your babies I might punch one in the face if I see one

  94. Haus says:

    This is seriously the only group of people I wish would be in a charter plane crash.

  95. willisss says:

    I knew going into this series that our powerplay was going to be awful…I can say I wasn’t exactly expecting this

    • Pen says:

      just wait ..I sold my wife’s soul to the devil for a Bruin’s powerplay goal in the third…the sad part is my wife might actually be nicer without her soul….lol

  96. tom says:

    i really hope the refs let us win!!!!

  97. CCMGoalie says:

    So is Lucic done for the next game as well? Or is that just for the rest of this game?

    Also: HOW THE FUCK CAN THE NHL ALLOW REFS THIS BAD INTO GAMES?! (I am not usually one to blame refs for games, but holy christ…)

  98. Bruins says:

    Thanks refs. Hell of a game you’re calling.

  99. tom says:

    they get paid by the game, so a game 7 means more $$$$$$$$$$$

  100. G-Rant says:

    Refs just handing MTL their ‘magic’ of staving off elimination. Give me a break…oh and hey, spacek is back after turning his back on that hit…so can lucic come back now too? NO?! Bullshit all around

  101. North B says:

    Kaberle is fucking horrible!!

  102. willisss says:

    Start shit, then skate away. Subban is such a black ass hole…yea I said it

  103. pearson says:

    they’re gonna score, i know it.


  104. tom says:


  105. goosegoose says:

    well i guess that last “cover up” negates the first non goal of the game…

    • Haus says:

      It looked like MTL had advantage for the puck. I was glad they blew the whistle. If noone on TSN or Versus calls out the nonsense major on Lucic, for me they lose all credibility as hockey analysts.

  106. Caperfan says:

    Stupid fucking undisciplined penalties in the first cost us the game. The Zebras didnt help either but you have to expect that in Montreal and Toronto they dont give any decisions to the visitors its that simple. I will say it again and I hope I am wrong but you only go as far as your best players take you. Montreal’s best players were that tonight and again ours were not. The first line has to be our best line boys and its totally fucked up. furthermore with this line doing shit that contribitung to a totally fucking embarassing power play which I have been saying for weeks is going to come back and haunt us. If we keep going O – for on the power play its going to be the differnce in this series, just watch

  107. Chitownbruin says:

    These refs were an absolute joke tonight. Too many calls to list. Yea our power play is killing us but we were still the better team tonight. I’m looking forward to playing these flopping fucks tomorrow night.

  108. Caperfan says:

    Seventh game anything can happen. Boston does not play well at home and if Montreal gets the first goal its going to be more the same, five guys back,dump i out and wait. Our big guns have to start playing like big players and show the fuck up. It becoming disgraceful. Peverly, Kelly,Ryder and Marchant are our best players. If the other guys were going this thing would have been over two games ago. Frustrating to watch

  109. Bruins1 says:

    kaberle is horrible. I hate the deal for him so much more.. Lets win the game tomorrow though! Power Play needs to wake-up

  110. willisss says:

    Not worried one bit. It took those dick sucking soccer players 2 5 onn 3s to get goals. That whole “hockey” program is a joke.

  111. Caperfan says:

    willisss, I agree its fucking disgraceful but our boys dont do anything fucking easy. I hope were not in for another fucking monumental let down. The Bruins are a fragile bunch and if they show up nervous as they have shown many times during this series by the time they settle down it could be to late. Pressure is on them being home and this team does not resond well to pressure as we have seen in the past. I am worried.

  112. lucic crew says:

    game seven it is. Not worried GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

  113. Caperfan says:

    What is the status of Steve Kamfer? is he still injured? I would insert him in the lineup for the power play. He has good speed and can handle the puck. Fuck! we have to try something we are standing still out there and we look like a pee wee team, its that fucking disorganized and mind boggling.

  114. Manitoba Fan says:

    I believe Lucic is out just for today’s game. I also truly believe that Lucic and Chara must be playing injured. Just my opinion. And I don’t care what any one else thinks when i say that our powerplay does suck and we were given opportunities but the refs won this game for Montreal. Two 5 on 3 goals, come on, obviously they are going to score. But for instance, that slashing call on Horton when he was in all alone was awful. Fuckin Brutal. We were the better team tonight, if we can play like this tommorrow we should be alright. Price made huge saves, and I wish krejci could just fuckin score.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I was speculating with my uncles (also diehard Bruins’ fans) and we all were saying the same thing. Chara isn’t playing as physically as he could. Same with Lucic. Looch isn’t driving to the net like he used to and isn’t winning the battles he should win. I’m guessing either a shoulder injury or a problem with his back’s condition. Chara is supposedly still fighting some virus that he caught towards the end of the season. Explains the dehydration and lack of energy towards the end of the game. Just a few thoughts.

  115. Birdman2403 says:

    2 things KILLING the Bruins. The PP is beyond brutal and guys have to SHOOT THE FUCKING PUCK !! Krejci looks like shit. This series is going to game 7 and the Bruins best players have yet to show up !!! Maybe tomorrow would be a good time you idiots !

  116. Haus says:

    At least in Soccer you can be suspended for simulating an injury that causes a player to be tossed from the game.

  117. pearson says:

    they HAVE to take camalieri out of his game right from the get go. the midget comes up huge in game 7’s.

    the bruins are clearly the better team, but montreal is smart and knows how to match up. i think the first goal will win the game

  118. willisss says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that not only do we win tonight, but we win big. 4-1 boston.

    • Haus says:

      Jesus, any time everybody seems real confident on here I get more nervous. I’m fucked up like that.
      To your point, to my eye the Bruins have been the stronger team throughout the series. I hope MTL just doesn’t have anything left to give.

  119. Bruins says:

    The B’s (and Chara) WILL win a game 7.

  120. Bruins says:

    5 straight playoff years losing game 7 would be too much. The boys will pull this one out.

  121. Bruins says:

    If we’re goin to play Thornton for 2 minutes a game, why not give Seguin a shot?

  122. Caperfan says:

    I agree, Montreal wont play physical anyway so insert Seguin and add some offense. He just might be the difference especially on the power play. we all know the kid has a good snap shot and see’s the ice very well. we need some offense there’s no tomorrow.

  123. Bruins says:

    Bergeron robbed of a Selke nomination yet again. Datsyuk played under 60 games and got nominated. What a joke.

  124. moast says:

    So, lots of talk about the PP this morning and the nervous tension of a huge Bruins win or another Bruins collapse. I have myself and the boys decked out in B’s gear and feel confident that they will win at home and make everyone proud. Then the other side of me reads a comment today and the pit of doubt grows in my stomach….too many things to come together?

    “What if Ryder, Horton, and Lucic didn’t take 3 minutes to wind up for a snap shot? What if Krejci shot the puck? What if the team set the tone in game one with solid hitting and energy? What if Kaberle played with some vested emotion? What if the corners on Price’s pure position style were targeted?

    I watched the Canucks game last night and saw a team that I have always wanted the Bruins to be. Hard hitting, skilled forwards that come up huge in big games. We have the goaltending but the rest is to be desired. The only players I can rely on tonight are Chara, Bergeron, Recchi, Marchand and Thomas. That isn’t enough to make me feel very confident about this game.

    With that being said, Chara will own the MTL skilled players. Lucic will find his game and wake up the Krejci and Horton monster. Thomas will single handily win this game, shutting the door. The Bruins will come out fast and hard hitting. The shots will create rebounds and they will be on the doorstep wo capitalize. The PP will score tonight. The fans there will have there back. THE BRUINS WILL PREVAIL!!!!

    Go Bruins! Do it for not oonly yourself but for the vast amount of fans that have had too much heartbreak to do it again. Score goals, thats it, score goals!

    • Bruins says:

      The Canucks should NOT be your example of players that show up in big games. They should have swept that series and the Sedins and Kesler don’t show up in the playoffs.

      • moast says:

        I agree…to some degree but they definately showed up in game 7…now will the PP or HULk line?

      • Andy says:

        Moast, I agree. If you watched that game last night, there was SO much more up-tempo, crisp plays, more energy play that not only this series, but almost every other series.

        The BOS-MTL series does not have nearly the amount of up-tempo, sharp play that the VAN-CHI did. It’s more “toss the puck out of the zone, dump & chase, throw it on net and hope” action…

        And you can’t base it on “Sedin twins & Kesler didn’t show up”. Kesler was all over the ice and if he didn’t score, it wasn’t for a lack of trying. But guys like Burrows, Raymond, Hamhuis, Edler, etc showed up plenty, on both the scoresheet and making plays/working hard. Games 4 & 5 Vancouver came out lackidasical, sure, because they thought they had it wrapped up. But in Games 6 & 7, players on both sides stepped up BIG TIME

    • Haus says:

      Nice post bro.

  125. lucic crew says:


  126. Haus says:

    All of the pressure on the Bruins tonight. MTL rides in worry-free.

    • backbruin says:

      na i don’t buy it…..there both worried!!! game 7 how can you not be….i don’t buy that shit anymore….the parity in this league doesn’t make the higher seed have anymore pressure then the lower seed… the habs had 2 less wins then the bruins……i don’t buy it sorry haus….i get tired of hearing the pressure thing….as you can see!!hahaha

      • Haus says:

        Agree 100% on the parity thing. But whereas in MTL, they already have the built-in excuses (no Markov, Gorges) and the coach is relatively safe. While here the coaches head is on the line, and the ghosts of the last 2 game 7s.

  127. goosegoose says:

    Alright boys. Marshmont gets the GWG tonight. our PP is gunna score 2. Take it to the bank

  128. backbruin says:

    I’ve watched the lucic hit 20 times and it wasn’t deserved of a 5 minute penalty. Spacek was moving forward dumping the puck in and if you look he turns back as “and unlike what the broadcaster says” he did see him coming that’s why he turned back….and watching the CJ presser he mentions that the ref said he had to give him 5 and a game “because he was cut” now CJ seemed unsure of that rule as did the press but that was the wrong call….

    anyways the past is the past these guys better bring the house down on the habs tonight or i can see alot of anger raining down on this team!!!

    lets go bruins dadadadada let’s go bruins dadadadada

    game 7 habs/bruins it’s good to be alive!!

  129. Whopperfoo says:

    My gut feeling is that Bruins are going to destroy the habs physically and on the score board. THe PP is going to light up for a goal, maybe 2.

    Garden is going to be rabid tonight!

  130. #4 says:

    my boy emailed me this made me laugh my ass off.

  131. Caperfan says:

    Moast, very good post and I think you stated what most of us really feel. I know we were all frustrated at certain times this year with this teams lack of enthusiasm but we need sixty minutes of everyone pulling on this rope. If they dont show motivation tonight and dont come out storming then they will never be ready then only one thing to do is blow the fucker up. Pressure at this sage is bullshit, there is no tomorrow and this franchise needs this team to prove it now and move o nthe the next round and show some serious balls!!! Just fucking do it!!!!

    • moast says:

      I agree that things will have to change but not really a full blow up. I put my thoughts lower on the page and I see a few holes.

  132. Haus says:

    Wiz, Eller, and Spacek all game-time decisions. Desharnais looks like he’s out.

  133. Manitoba Fan says:

    Just wanna say that no matter what happens tonight boyz I am proud to be a bruins fan and always will be. We have been the better team in this series in my opinion and were just snake bitten last game with some unfortunate bounces and HORRIBLE reffing. If the boys can play the same game as yesterday and stay out of the box we should be fine. GO B’s GO!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Caperfan says:

    TSN hockey panel have the bruins all but wrote off in game 7 tonight. They say basically the same group of players who have lost four game sevens dating back five years. They further state the Bruins are playing probably for their coach’s and GM jobs in this game tonight. I dont agree with the first part of their statement but would agree with the second part.

    Any thoughts???

    • moast says:

      Well that is a tough one. For starters, they are homers and want MTL to win. You can’t really blame them for writing them off. They are out four years in a row in game sevens including last years collapse. Coupled with an 0-26 after trailing by two. Bruins have also showed that they aren’t as good at home. Throw in the fact that the refs will be biased as usual and the fans will turn on them if they need to makes it tough to have confidence.
      But you know what…fuck them, fuck MTL, fuck the refs, fuck the past game sevens, fuck the 0-26 and definately fuck PK Subban in the ass with EtLEButs dick!
      This is the Bruins game!!!
      This is our house!!!

      • moast says:

        Oh and if they lose, Julien is fired and replaced with Dale Hunter and Neely takes over as GM!

        ____ ____ Horton
        Lucic Bergeron Marchand
        Ryder Peverley Seguin
        ____ Campbell Thornton

        Chara ____
        Seidenberg ____
        McQuaid Boychuk

  135. Caperfan says:

    Hey man, I am trying so hard to believe and want this win so much its actually difficult to watch. Fourty years of disappointment its hard to be optimistic but I am trying and would be one happy fucker if these guys just for once come through.
    We gotta be due for a big win to get over this choke curse. Just show up boys

  136. backbruin says:

    as i go through my pre game ritual i’m feeling down boys…..i hate saying it but my normal positive attitude i’m not feeling good about tonight!!!!! can someone on here please lift my spirits…..i hate admitting this right now……i will blame lady gaga for this if we lose…..i will never see a lady gaga concert and may be seen protesting her concerts from here going forward!!!

    please boys lift my spirits as i have a bad feeling in my gut!!!

  137. moast says:

    Being a sports fan is like being religous. Its all about faith…even if it is blind at times. Don’t get me wrong, I am the furthest from religous you can find but the parallels between the two are there.
    I am a Bruins fan….always have been and always will be. This is a team rich in history and players that will kill you on the ice and on the score board. I believe that they will win…if I didn’t why am I a fan. This is my team! This is our team!! This team is filled full of talent and it will show tonight. The players will be there and dont think for a second that Neely isn’t going to go in that room and tell them whats up. This is his team and it will show tonight. No player wants to be a choke artist, or a player that doesn’t show up.
    Enough is enough with all of the bullshit!
    Tonight is do or die and we will see what this team that has been put together over the last 5 years can do!
    They will win!!!!

  138. Caperfan says:

    backbruin, I am feeling your hurt man, I think its because we have been denied so many times in the past under similiar circumstances, its hard to be positive. On the other side this gotta end sometime and I am hoping its tonight. I am hoping they learned from last year that you agotta leave it on the ice and have no regrets leaving these guys having a long summer if they lose. So go out and get the fucking thing!!!!!!

  139. Caperfan says:

    Ok boys going down in the man cave to warm up the fifty inch plasma. good luck dudes I will talk to you all duirng the first intermission.

    we need Lucic, Horton and krecie and a power play goal and the refs to fuckoff and let us play and we will do it!!!!

  140. lucic crew says:


  141. pearson says:

    cheers boys.

  142. North B says:

    GO BRUINS!!!

  143. moast says:

    Anyone know who is scratched on there team?
    I have no volume at work.

  144. moast says:

    Hell ya Mother fuckers!!!!

  145. Bruins says:

    This start makes me nervous lol

  146. moast says:

    That wasn’t a penalty….fuckers!!!

  147. moast says:

    How many times will they score like that before the Bruins figure it out?

  148. Gcole says:

    Again on the powerplay….

  149. Bruins says:

    Thanks again refs.

  150. backbruin says:

    bad call as usual two guys fighting for puck and we get the penalty……fk i’m angry… tired of the habs getting call after call year after year!!!!fk me!!

  151. moast says:

    I’ve seen at least 2 penalties on MTL with nothing called…fuckers!

  152. Haus says:

    Subban is a punk scumfuck who as good as he is, his bullshit has no business in this league.

  153. Gcole says:

    So apparently there’s no possible way to make this team Good on the powerplay. And if they can’t kill penalties against Montreal it’ll be hard for them to win.
    And isn’t there’s supposed to be a penalty for diving?????? Come on man. Fuck these referees

  154. Gcole says:

    Fuck subban es such a diving pussy nigger. Yeah I said nigger, fuck it I’m
    Not racist at all but fuck him he is a dirty little blacky

  155. Caperfan says:

    need the next goal boys that will be disheartening for the fucking habs and get us cranked again. lets go boys!!!!

  156. lucic crew says:

    Come on man, karma leave the race out of it. Bs are playing good just keep it up and we win. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. North B says:


  158. Bruins says:

    So I guess it was possible for a PP to be worse…

    • Gcole says:

      Does the coach have the option to decline the penalty like in football? Because they’re honestly better off not having any more powerplays

  159. willisss says:

    Dude ttheeyr not even skating right now

  160. amber0617 says:

    Fucking brutal….Kaberle needs to be skinned alive with salt and vinegar to follow. PC, I will drive from the west coast to destroy you myself if you try and sign this no talent peice of shit has been waste of space non puck moving ex leaf fuck face homo.
    He should not be on the ice.

    • amber0617 says:

      not sure why my name is coming up as my wifes but it is me moast!! Fuck Kaberle and fuck the Habs! All the Bruins need is someone to step up and be the finisher!!!

  161. Gcole says:

    If they somehow win, does anybody honestly think they’re going anywhere with a joke of a powerplay. Average at best PK and can not HOLD A FUCKING LEAD…. STILL!!!!

  162. lucic crew says:


  163. amber0617 says:

    I know its hard guys but keep the faith. The goal will come with this pressure.
    I know Kaberle looks like a piece of shit but fuck me Lucic looks like he has cement shoes….is he hurt?
    I know hes not this brutal!

  164. Bruins says:

    No hitting Boychuk! You should know that!

    What a joke the reffing has been the last two games.

    • moast says:

      If the reffing was fair and Lucic and Kaberle played the way they should/can, the series would have been over in 5. Instead, the lack of talent is showing.

  165. Bruins says:

    I can’t believe Marchand didn’t shoot on that one play.

  166. Caperfan says:

    Boys after watching that period no matter what happens win or lose this team is no fucking good and has no balls. They are the weakest fragile bunch of fucks that the bruins organization ever assembled. Do you honestly think this team can go anywhere even if they win this series which by the way unless your fucking blind is in serious jeopardy. This thing shold ahve beenover whenit was two nothing but we know this team and no lead is ever save. they can lose composure in a heart beat. Ya, I am off the band wagon who gives a fuck. Cocksucker!!!!

    • moast says:

      I thought I was going to be the first one off…guess not.
      I will wait and see….although I agree with most of your sentiments.

    • Gcole says:

      I think the whole bandwagon fan bullshit is stupid. If anything it completely
      Normal to be pissed off at your team
      In these situations, and the few who always seem to believe, or say they do, and simply just blindy believing and not being real.
      this team doesn’t have it, win or lose and I think I’d they lose this then bye bye coach and a few players

    • Haus says:

      So… This is your last post? Too bad, I thought you brought alot to the table. Positive and negative. Take care Caper.

  167. dookie says:

    Absolute brutal 2nd period. Where is the heart & passion? Kaberle is crap for sure right now, but Lucic is even worse. When he got tossed the last game, the Bruins played much better. I would bench him for a shift or two to see if there is any improvement. Just move your feet boys and at least try. They way they played that period is like they don’t give a shit. The series is down to 20 minutes – I guess we all know pretty soon if the Bruins have the drive, tenancity and deternination needed. Balls or pussies – we are about to find out.

  168. Caperfan says:

    Ah dookie, if you were to bet your house what would you actually bet? Us your brain and not your heart!!!!

  169. Bruins says:

    Montreal is the only team I’m really worried about. They seem to be the Bruins kryptonite for whatever reason. I’m a little bit worried about the Flyers, but I can’t imagine the Bruins would pull the same shit they did last year. If they did no one on the team would have a pulse.

  170. Caperfan says:

    Bruins, cannot build character in a team, these gusy dont ahve much character and no real leader to take charge aand settle things down. Chara is a good defenseamn no question but not a team leader!!!! who leades now?????

  171. zamer says:

    THE bruins are giving Montreal the victory and some of our big players just should up and please do not sign Kaberle he looks scared.

  172. Caperfan says:

    remember, you only go as far as your best players take you. Where are our best players??? Marchand is our best player every game and he is a rookie, he cannot carry this team by himself.

  173. Gcole says:

    Anybody know why Horton and lucic aren’t playing tonight?

  174. Bruins says:

    Ference is a boss this year.

  175. Gcole says:


    • Bruins5 says:

      Your trash man you really are. Please for the sake of everyone on this site dont call yourself a bruins fan you worthless piece of shit….Go bruins

  176. lucic crew says:


  177. moast says:

    Not sure what to say….I knew they wouldn’t hold that lead. B’s got away with a couple of legit penalties and Bergies was the dagger.
    Overtime will be intense and I am having a hard time convincing myself to watch the OT.

  178. bergeronforselke says:

    Lucic you fucking faggot skate.
    horton handle the puck
    kaberle commit suicide
    chara give the C to bergeron.
    jesus christ if we lose this im gonna be so pissed off i cnt stand it.

    oh yeah claude….diet you fat fuck

  179. ELWOPPO says:

    G-cole that was uncalled for! Whats wrong with u! Ur a classless piece of shit! What does his skin colour have to do with it?

  180. Pen says:

    GO B’S GO ….no time to give up hope!!! The next lead we get will be the only one we need. I call Lucic, he needs it to earn his fucking paycheque

  181. backbruin says:

    completely deflated…………………speechless….

    do it boys!!!! i feel like i was in a duster myself tonight!!!

    seen this road before…nothing else to say!!

  182. Pen says:

    Fucking right!

  183. Gcole says:

    Did they just win or did I fall asleep and have a dream?

  184. bergeronforselke says:


  185. Bruins says:

    MY COMPUTER JUST FUCKING SHUT OFF!!!! I came back and saw they won though! What was the goal like???

  186. lucic crew says:


  187. Caperfan says:

    Unfucking believable, I knew if I went on a rant they would prove me wrong again. In any event its a much better playoff with them french fucking midegets no longer in the picture. Let’s see where this goes now with Philly. Top line gotta be better and that fucking powerless play has to come around or this will be quick. Enjoy the win boys we all deserve this one. We were owed

  188. moast says:

    Epic as they come… it!!!!
    Philly it is!!!!!

  189. backbruin says:


    no other comment!!!


  190. Bruins says:

    Fuck the Flyers. I want PIT to come back too so we can go through our 3 biggest rivals on our path to the cup.

  191. ccm8 says:

    fucking right!!!!!

  192. Vince_M says:

    Fucking A!! Screw the Montreal Olympic Diving team!! Black and Gold forever!

  193. Bruins says:

    Still waiting In Le But… Where are you?

  194. UEDkop says:

    I hope none of you are taking for granted the OTHER moves made by PC (not Kaberle – he can pick it up big time). Peverley and Kelly were the stars of the first round in my mind. Those two I will forever love.

  195. Andy says:

    I just read every comment from after game 6 to now. It’s amazing – go back & look – how up & down we got! It’s called passion, boys, and everyone on this blog has some! I was on the same up-and-down rollercoaster the entire time!

    UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!! I was scared shitless when we got up 2-0 (and 3-2), because I thought for sure we wouldn’t hold either lead, and we didn’t! Bergy has to know better w/ that high stick!

    I had the EXACT same thought as Gcole when Horton scored – did we just win? Did I fall asleep & dream? I couldn’t believe it! I admittedly thought that this was Carolina/Philly all over again. I watched to see what scrub from Montreal would get the winner. My money was on Moen.

    Christ, it’s about fucking time!! I’m still in shock! We can say what we want about the Krecji line, but 2 OT winners!! And boys, we just made history! 1st B’s team to be 0-2 down and come back. 1st team EVER to go 0fer on the PP and win! History was made – and it’s about fucking time!!

  196. Andy says:

    Oh, and regarding Philly, obviously, the PP has to be better, but so does the PK. Philly has a good PP as well. We gotta do a better job.

    Is it a good thing that we’re going on the road for the 1st 2, since we’re a better road team?

    The B’s need to use last year as motivation, but not get TOO emotional. This is a new year and revenge is always sweet, but we have to play smart and hard. Consistency is going to be key. We cannot come out flat in any period and if we do, stop the bleeding as quickly as possible.

    Thomas was good, he has to be great aganist Philly. Ference was a beast, but we need all of our D, especially shithead Kaberle to step up his game. And it goes w/o saying that we were fortunate to get out without the 1st line doing much. They have to be better…

    Saturday cannot come fast enough!

  197. Caperfan says:

    Andy, great post, you are absolutely right we were all up and down all year long and the emotion and passion by everyone was enormous. especially during this first round which brought it all to a head. Everybody on this site no matter how negative we got sometimes bleeds black and gold and tht shows more than anything. All we want is our team to win so bad and they came through.
    I think the B’s will be more settled in the next round against Philly. Not saying we will win but I like our chances. I think this whole Montreal mind melt think gets everyone fucked up including the players as nothing short of a win is a disaster. Keep up the comments boys I love reading the passion on this site.

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