Pronger out for game 2

According to TSN, Chris Pronger will not play in game 2 tonight. Pronger had previously been sidelined with a broken hand, but this injury is thought to be either a leg or back injury.


29 Responses to Pronger out for game 2

  1. Gcole says:

    Man Philly has some shit luck with goalies

  2. Gcole says:

    Someone stop van riemsdyk for gods sake

  3. bergeronforselke says:

    whata hit by boychuk!

  4. ELWOPPO says:

    Keep up the pressure Boston, This game is very important! Sooner or later thier shit goalie will crack! This Bobrovsky is lucky man!

  5. Gcole says:

    Jesus Christ almighty STOP VAN RIEMSDYK ALREADY! every fucking shift he’s open for a shot!

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    Not good! Philly is bringing it! Fck!

    • Gcole says:

      About time for the bruins to get a timely powerplay and fuck it up when it could have been a game changer lol.. Laugh at it now but seriously somethings gotta happen! Shit can’t keep going like this

  7. Gcole says:

    Who else shit their pants with about a second left and briere whiffed on that

  8. ELWOPPO says:

    M-I-L-AN L-U-C-I-C
    Book it kids!!!

  9. Jefe77 says:


  10. Caperfan says:

    hey haw, make the final… 3-2 Bruins!!!! nice efort boys with five D men. Back to beantown we go to finish this off.

  11. North B says:

    Thanks Timmy, 52 saves wow!!

  12. bruins4eva says:

    somebody on this team better be blowing timmy…matter of fact everyone on this team better be blowing him except krechji

  13. lucic crew says:


  14. ELWOPPO says:

    We did hit Two posts no?

  15. Andy says:

    Boys, a win’s a win, but TT won that game. We had no business winning! We just looked slow & tired, especially in the 3rd.

    Looch & Kaberle, in particular, but among others, looked out to lunch. Seidenberg & Bergy were solid.

    Don’t know if I mentioned this before, but our PK, at times, looks like we’re just 4 goalies out there. The only problem is we don’t block many shots! Then, when we get it in the corner, we just look to rim the puck without looking!

    In any case, I’m not looking to be a downer and I’m glad we won. It just scares the shit out of me how bad we got outplayed in the 3rd. If it wasn’t for TT, this would be 1-1 going home.

    However, it was and we’re 2-0. This is going to be a huge swing game in game 3! Gotta come out flying like they did in game 1!

  16. Bruins says:

    It’s gotten to the point where I just want to see how far the B’s can go without scoring in the PP.

  17. Bruins says:

    Yeah that win is on Thomas. But that’s why we invest in goaltending. The Flyers should take note.

  18. Haus says:

    So what Thomas stole the game. Noone seemed to notice when Price stole 2 of MTL’s wins!

    • pearson says:

      not really sure what your goin for with this one…..

      go bruins?

      • Haus says:

        Its for the obvious belly-aching to come because the Bruins had to weather a storm tonight. It happens, its the playoffs.

  19. pearson says:

    i worked till 930. but its all good i had the game dvr’ed… wrong. it recorded up till 2 mins left in the third. what a horrible day.

    raise your hand if you picked bruins in 4 in that previous poll….!

  20. ELWOPPO says:

    Mcquad probably out with concussion? Look for the Sheriff or Kampfer to step in!

  21. Haus says:

    There’s that heart and resiliency this team supposedly lacks. Sometimes you win when the other team has a better night, but you have to possess the balls to do it.

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