Boychuk needs more games like this


112 Responses to Boychuk needs more games like this

  1. ELWOPPO says:

    Big bad bruins kids!!!!

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    If anyone gets an injury update on Mcquad, please post! He is important to the defence core!

  3. Haus says:

    Boychuk has been brilliant throughout the playoffs.

  4. Gcole says:

    Who else is fucking tired of VS and NBC and how the only fucking thing they talk about is last years collapse. WE KNOW! NOBODYS FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT

    • Bruins4Stanley says:

      i said the exact same thing last night i live in canada and the game was on tsn but once again before the game started they talked about and showed highlights from last year and im shaking my head like enough already we know what happened and havent forgotten

  5. moast says:

    Last nights game was epic:
    -Timmy was a beast
    -Top line came through
    -still loving the 2nd and 3rd lines
    -Defence was damn good concidering
    -Boychuks a killer….keep it up kid!!

    I had all of the analysts out there and there anti-Bruins rhetoric. Does anyone on tv back the Bruins other than Cherry? duck me was it annoying watching the game on TSN with Pierre mcGuire and that other douche bag basically sucking JVR’s dick the entire game. No really, one had JVR’s cock and the other had his balls…..oh and EtLeBut was detailing JVR’s ass as that is his forte.
    Anyway Im sick and tired of hearing about the collapse and how good JVR is. Who was the star of the game? TIMMY MUTHER FUCKERS!!!!

    Win this Bruins….fuck em up in four on home ice and make a true statement to erase last year once and for all!!!

    • moast says:

      I hate all the analysts…

    • lucic crew says:

      Fucken right buddy GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bruins says:

      Let’s be honest here, JVR had an insanely good game. So did Timmy.

      • moast says:

        He did and im denying JVR. I just think the announcers on TSN overdid it about him.

    • Jefe77 says:

      A teammate and I were talking after my beer league game after the Bruins game. All he could talk about is how the announcers weren’t giving the Bruins shit for credit, especially after sustained pressure with chance after chance.

      Not sure how many of you realize this, but Comcast which owns Versus owns the Flyers.

      Fuck Philly, fuck Comcast, fuck Versus, GO BRUINS.

  6. Bruins4Stanley says:

    i had the best laugh when boychuk nailed coburn as that is my ex girlfriends step brother hahaha

  7. G-Rant says:

    Remember when mtl won the first 2 games…BELIEVE was my advice. Look at these guys go!! Timmy your locked and loaded buddy, GO BRUINS!!!

  8. Mook says:

    Mcquaid day to day with sprained neck

  9. Caperfan says:

    I agree Moast the announcing on TSN is fucking terrible and all one sided. Same can be said for the CBC for that matter. Fuck it, we will just keep up the winning. Gord Miller always was negative against the Bruis and Pierre MacQuire is an idiot. He changes his position like the fucking wind. Glen Healy is trying to be the hockey style version of Rush Limbaugh except he`s not intelligent adn Bob Cole got early stages alzhiemers the way he announces.

  10. ELWOPPO says:

    Pronger and Carter might play game 3 or 4! Why is it everytime we play these fuckers they add guys but we lose guys?

    • lucic crew says:

      Who cares bring em on i no fucken ah shhcard. Inside joke for those people who don’t understand my english. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ELWOPPO says:

    Looch, Dont get to cocky remember how we were talking last year when we were leading the series 3-0?

  12. Jefe77 says:

    Time for a Shane Hnidy green-light special on Richards.

  13. Hendrik says:

    JVR really has become one heck of a Player over the course of last year. He was the #2 Overall pick in 2007, so maybe that could get people to be a little more patient with seguin. He might need a few years just like JVR.

  14. Spencer70390 says:

    hi fellas, I am a season ticket holder, and made the trip to philly for game two. I was the ONLY fan in the ENTIRE arena (no lie) wearing a bruins jersey. I noticed maybe 20-30 bruins fans in the whole place, and i was sitting upper deck. THe other philly fans wouldnt even let me in or out of the bathroom, and made it difficult to stand up and cheer without being pelted with beers. Now, my post isnt to complain, its to compliment the other aspect of their crowd. They are way more engaged then I have ever seen the garden crowd and are incredibly loud. Why do Bruins fans travel so poorly and why is this not a hockey town again? Also, the guy next to me said in the buffalo series there were approx. 750-1000 sabres fans so he was shocked. Can we make the garden a place opposing fans dont want to come into?

  15. Whopperfoo says:

    I’ve noticed that the fake garden crowd can often times be subdued and is regularly carried by some legit intense fans in the balcony. I really wish it were different but I don’t think it will change, it’s a boston sports mentality now – you find soft fans at all the boston sporting events (red sox/pats/celts/bruins).

    I will say the crowd does crank it up a notch or two from the few playoff b’s games I’ve been at over the past couple of years.

  16. Bruins says:

    I’m not looking forward to next series yet because of what happened last year but is anybody else stoked about playing the shitty Lightning if/when we make it to the next round?

    • #4: Marshmont Game WINNAH! says:

      Never look ahead.

    • backbruin says:

      no jinx looking ahead shit…..let’s win this series kid!!! jeese bruins after last year and other years please bite your tongue…..i’m with ya wnating Tbay but let’s put dirt on the flyers before we want anyone else!!

  17. Mook says:

    I was in Ottawa and it was easily 60% bruins jerseys. I also went to barfalo for playoffs last year, and it was good bruins representation.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      Ive never talked so much smack in my life today! My work associates wanna stab me! My nieghber doesnt wanna talk to me, He just walks away! And my friends are so pissed Boston is winning! They cant take me anymore! Sorry guys I cant help it! Im just so proud of the Bruins lately! I really feel “something a bruin” this year! LETS GO B’SSSSSS!

      • backbruin says:

        i disagree, and i get your neigh”bours” but that’s nor here or there….we can agree that something is a bruin….T h e i r the problem because you seem so easy to get along with……Their not as it has become a pet peeve…sorry i hate being the teacher but fk me!!!


        let’s do this tonight boys beers flowing positivity glowing and the flyers are blowing…oh hell ya

        let’s gop bruins……let’s go bruins

      • lucic crew says:

        Tell marco to shut his mouth GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. North B says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!

  19. moast says:

    A thing of beauty!!

  20. Gcole says:

    Calling a timeout 1:03 into the game, is that a record?? Lol

  21. lucic crew says:


  22. ELWOPPO says:

    I fucken hate 2 nothing leads but keep it up boyz! The hits were devastating aswell! Go B’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!

  23. Gcole says:

    Hey Peter laviolette is the pressure still on the bruins you stupid fuck? Just because you made a once in a lifetime comeback last year doesnt mean it’s gonna just happen for you again this year!

  24. moast says:

    That was a very impressive first period….40 more minutes and then watch all of the media and peter start the epic comback talk….fucking bullshit!
    Go Bruins!!!

    The hits are making my night!!!!

  25. Gcole says:

    I’m calling it now, 2nd period the bruins will either score a pp goal or lucic gets one

    • Gcole says:

      Well they hit the post twice on the PP. did someone curse this team on the PP or something WTF man

  26. Haus says:

    Excellent so far. Kaberle needs to bring alot more than he has, only sore spot thus far.

  27. ELWOPPO says:

    I think this team is the real deal! What do you guys think?

    • Manitoba Fan says:

      Well I dont want to say to much but I am one proud mother fucker. They are playing extremely well. GO B’S

    • backbruin says:

      i think good thoughts kid!!!! i’m smelling a eastern conference birth but we have 1 more to go!!!

    • Gcole says:

      Well they won a 7 game series against their rival, they’re about to go up 3-0 in the second round, all while having no goals from their top goal scorer and being 0-29 or 30 on the pp. I’d say yea they’re for real

  28. backbruin says:

    fkn clininc boys wooooooooooooooooooooooooo……men against boys!!!!mmmmmmmmmmm revenge is sweet…..1 more and i want it friday…….

    absolute domination!!!!fk yaaa

  29. Gcole says:

    3-0 bitches!!! They got this shit.

  30. Gcole says:

    How the hell can people actually watch a baseball game? It’s so fucking boring and uneventful. I honestly have more fun studying for finals than watching a baseball game.. Just my random thought of the night

    • lucic crew says:

      lol yup, great game boys looks like my prediction was right about Horton what a beast. Everybody is playing beautiful. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ELWOPPO says:

    Did Marchand get hurt at the end? He was swearing after he got hit and threw down his stick in frustration on the bench? Didnt look good!!!

    • Manitoba Fan says:

      Dont think he got hurt, showed him sitting on the bench after the play and he wasn’t being attended to by medical staff. Seemed fine. Probably just wanted the right guys out there to actually get the job done on a 5 on 3.

  32. bruins4eva says:

    i just wanna go and say no matter what happens the rest of this series…for all you haters out there that hated Claude Julien and his system and thought he shoulda been fired…just admit you were wrong…thats why the players play and the coaches coach…julien system was the key tonight right after the last game where thomas had to stand on his head…they come back with a huge neutral zone stand…resign this coach quickly he has turned this team around in just 3 short years…and a lot of credit is due to p.c. for going out there and getting a couple of pieces like kelly for a second round pick who a lot of you thought was the biggest mistake ever…well choke on your words now…oh and by the way GO BRUINS!!! just one more game and i will be a happy man

    • lucic crew says:

      Good for you buddy i was going to say the same thing and not one person manned up to their dumb comments. He is a great coach, and the chara has no heart comments, like i said 4000,000 times amazing captain. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gcole says:

      I’m not sure man, there’s times this team should be kicking ass or playing hard and don’t even show up, not so much this playoffs, but how often this season did that happen? And sometimes you scratch your head like WTF?! At a piss poor effort. Then there’s tines like this where he’s a genius. I dont get it..

      • bruins4eva says:

        like i said players play and coaches coach… you can’t blame coaches for the effort on the ice…he puts a plan in place and then its up to the players

      • Haus says:

        GCole:You strike me as a guy who really thinks a team can go 82-0. Stop watching cell phone commercials this is reality. There is gonna be nights where you don’t have your game or the other team outplays you. My guess is you haven’t had much experience watching NHL hockey so you have no idea what other teams go through.

      • Gcole says:

        Not what I mean haus. What I was referring to would be hyped up games they come out flat. BUT WHO CARES NOW lol they’re doing fine now I’m not gonna get into something like this

  33. Seguin>Hall says:

    Let’s go out and get that elusive 8th win. Game 4 is huge b/c I don’t wanna have to hear about last year EVER AGAIN.

  34. Bruins says:

    We’re completely wrecking the Flyers right now. Outclassing them in literally every single aspect of the game. Let’s keep it that way.

  35. Bruins says:


    Bergeron – 17/19
    Campbell – 11/12
    Krejci – 8/8
    Kelly – 3/6
    Recchi – 1/2
    Peverley – 3/8 (you bum!)
    Bruins – 43/55

    Richards – 2/12
    Giroux – 3/14
    Powe – 3/10
    Betts – 1/7
    Briere – 1/4
    Carter – 2/6
    Zherdev – 0/1
    Leino – 0/1
    Flyers – 12/55


  36. willisss says:

    Not this year, there will be no epic comeback, no amazing fall, no fairy tale ending…this is our playoffs, our time, our game, and will be our cup…the bruins and lightning will be dancing next round, and this is a match I love and expect the bruins to take it in no more then 5. Expect to be heading west to motor city….during the finals..

    • Bruins says:

      I agree. I have zero respect for Tampa. 4 or 5 games.

      Detroit better be eliminated though.

      • Haus says:

        I definitely have respect for the Lightning. They have 3 bonafide superstar forwards, an energy line that has been dominating, size and scoring prowess on the back end, and a goalie who has shown in the past can carry a team all by himself. Add in a good young coach and a team who is really starting to ‘get it’ I’m telling you now, it won’t be easy.

  37. Bruins says:

    Zero PP goals first series, one PP goal second series, TWO PP goals third series. Book it.

  38. ELWOPPO says:

    On the way to work this morning I stopped by the church and lit a few candels for the Philadelphia Flyers!

  39. ELWOPPO says:

    Ha ha ha I just read kessel E-mailed some of the Flyers to spark a comebak of some sort! U little bastered U! Bitter? U shouldnt have been a greedy little keebler elf! Than maybe u could be playing in the playoffs with the BIG BAD BRUINS!

  40. #4: Marshmont Game WINNAH! says:

    Here we are again.

    Composure boys composure. Never look ahead, tomorrow is the night of destiny. It is yours, TAKE IT.

  41. Bruins says:

    Tampa is trash. Remember that game where we beat the shit out of them on the scoreboard and on the ice and their assistant coach started bitching to the media about the Bruins being too rough? And they dive almost as much as Montreal. Absolutely no respect for this soccer team. We should wear them down a couple games in.

    The only thing I worry about is if the refs keep biting on their dives and putting them on PPs.

  42. Caperfan says:

    The game last night was one of the best Bruins efforts I have seen since the days of Bourgue and Neely. The guys were simply awesome and dominated. Lets end this thing tomorrow night!!!! WOW.

  43. Jefe77 says:

    It was another superb effort. The Bruins have shown they can win close games, open games up, beat the opposition down physically, and now have all 3 positions playing well.

    Last thing we need, is for Looch to start lighting the lamp. The Bergie line is the best in the playoffs, and if Ryder’s line starts potting goals again….

  44. pearson says:

    im not worried. but i am thinking about how last year we were in such an identical spot. creepy.

    what do you guys think about the other series goin on now?

    • Bruins says:

      Sharks look good. Really good. I’d prefer the Canucks in the SCF, but we can take both. Playing Jumbo Joe would be cool. Already looking past the Lightning.

  45. Gcole says:

    Nobody is giving the lightning a chance? Hello guys they’re making it as far asthe bruins are, they’re awesome too it’s not like they would be easy! First things first, WIN THIS SERIES and go from there.

  46. ELWOPPO says:

    R.I.P PHILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Richardo says:

    GO BRUINS!!!

  48. moast says:

    OK Boys! Tonights the night we prevail and move on to greater things. Beating MTL in the first round was a good fire to light in the bellies of the Bruins. Move on and sweep the Flyers to exersise two demons. Playing Tampa Bay will be great for a team that hasn’t peaked yet and is rolling hard. I love the chances against Tampa Bay for reasons that aren’t too obvious. There is not pressure at this point. Being in the Eastern finals for the first time in decades is more than anyone can expect from them…..not only that, if they take the body to Tampa, lights out!

    Lets not move on too far from that as they need the elusive 4th win. Tonight is the night we are without a doubt, confident, proud supporters of the best pro sports team on the planet….The Mother Fucking Big Bad Bruins!!!!! GOOOOOO B’SSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. backbruin says:

    no glimmer of hope no spot of sunlight, finish these guys now….boom!!!

  50. ELWOPPO says:

    Bobrovsky gets the nod! Pronger questionable! May the Lord be with u PHILLY!

  51. lucic crew says:


  52. Chibruin says:

    Bruins are flying tonight Philly just doesn’t look that good

  53. Gcole says:

    Atta boy chara. Il take the penalty, fuck it don’t take their shit!

  54. lucic crew says:


  55. backbruin says:


  56. backbruin says:


  57. backbruin says:


  58. backbruin says:

    Just mentioned about bergies cuncussion problems fk me!!!

  59. Manitoba Fan says:

    I fuckin hope he is okay. He does everything, pk,pp, faceoffs. And centers our pretty fucking deadly 2nd line. He went off on his own.

  60. Pen says:

    anyone know when the Tampa series might start? do they wait for the Western series to be over before starting? A nice break might help Bergy but it might hurt the momentum we have built…..Go B’ssssss!

  61. Pen says:

    25% chance to win the cup!

  62. backbruin says:

    that didn’t look very good….neck snapped back…….sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    but let’s celebrate woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo demons are gone boys fkan a

  63. backbruin says:

    I hope i’m jumping the gun but cbc is now going to give an update on bergy…….”black cloud” is how they said it….you know you would think the way we are playing we could catch a break for one year…..please be ok bergy….iyiyiyi

  64. Gcole says:

    WHAT??? THIS IS THE LAST GAME COVERED BY NESN? FUCKING KIDDING ME?? what the fuck man!!! Are te shitty red sox more important?? BULLSHIT!! FUCK!!

    • Haus says:

      No, national tv (Versus and NBC in the U.S.A) takes priority. Its like this every year. Sucks but they pay for that priority.

  65. Manitoba Fan says:

    They did show Bergeron skating off the ice after the hit. He didn’t seem weak in the knees or feet. Obviously something didn’t feel right. Hopefully it was more precautionary cause they did go up in the game right after that.

  66. Haus says:

    Hopefully, seeing that he is a big proponent of head-injury awareness and safety, practiced what he preaches and used the quiet room. By the time he would have come back, its a 3 goal lead. Let’s hope I’m right.

  67. backbruin says:

    cbc analysts don’t sound very positive…..may be a day or two to get any kind of story…..he skated off but he did look weak in the knees……say it ain’t so bergy

  68. Caperfan says:

    great win boys, chase the demons away. Bergy will be alright it wasnt a head to shoulder or anything like that. I think he gat a good jolt but he’ll be alright.

  69. Bruins says:

    The thing about concussions is that some don’t look that bad right away; remember Savard’s Hunwick hit. Fuck, he better be ok though. This team can’t stand to lose him.

  70. Andy says:

    Gentlemen, 19 fucking years! Long time coming! I will eat my words and say that this team looked VERY impressive and I’m hoping that this is a sign of things to come! I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, because we still have another 2 rounds to go, but 3 weeks ago, I was down (as you all know) on this team, figuring there would be another playoff letdown, but they have proved me wrong, regardless of what happens going forward..

    Having said that, I am scared SHITLESS about Bergy! I hope it’s not like Krecji last year, when we just weren’t the same team afterwards. I keep trying to tell myself that it’s just precautionary, but when he went down, it was still 1-1, so you would think they would do everything necessary to get him out there, but maybe they held off as the lead increased.

    Lastly, I’m so fucking sick of everyone talking about them not having Pronger! Was he not there when he won the 1st 3 games last year?! No one wants to talk about THAT, but when they come back, it’s all about his leadership?! FUCK OFF! He’s a classless, dirty fucking GOON!

    Whatever, they’re gone…but we continue!!

  71. ELWOPPO says:

    Guys Bergeron is gone! Lets face it! When u go straight to the dressing room after getting rocked to ur head its BAD! Especially with his history! This fucking team is cursed with injuries! I swear to God!

  72. lucic crew says:


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