Bring on Tampa!

The Bruins completed their second round sweep of the Philadelphia Flyers and will now face the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Three Stars of the series

Tim Thomas : Thomas was elite all series long.  Goaltending played a major factor in the outcome of the series and clearly the Flyers came no where close to matching Thomas in net.

David Krejci : After a disappointing series against the Montreal Canadiens, the first line center finally woke up against the Flyers. The crafty center finishes the series with 4 goals and 4 assists.

Zdeno Chara : When Chara missed game two in the first round, it was a clear indication that the Bruins are simply not the same team without him. Chara continued to regain his form as the series progressed and was at the top of his game against the Flyers.


81 Responses to Bring on Tampa!

  1. Mike says:

    Well, before this series started…I was worried about the Flyers giving fragrant hits to injure players…I counted on 2 important players being down and out after the series…hopefully, I am wrong and the Bergeron hit only affects him today and not for any future period…he is one of our top 3 pieces to win a cup…

  2. Seguin>Hall says:

    I have a very very bad feeling about bergy. He left immediatly and was never seen again, even in an hour of postgame.

  3. Bruins says:

    Bergeron is the worst possible player to get injured. Him and Chara. Any other player and I wouldn’t be worried at all, but this would undoubtedly be a big blow. It is only Tampa we’re facing though, so I think we’ll still be ok for now.

    • Haus says:

      I still think you are crazy for dismissing TB so quickly.

      • #4 says:

        Im praying that Bergy will be OK for the TB series.

        Not having the Bergy line to matchup with the Stamkos line completely changes my perception of how this series would play out.

        I had KHL Line dominating and the Peverley line chipping in with Berg line shutting down Stamkos and putting in a few themselves. If bergy is out and you have the Kelly line on shutdown duty then??? I have no idea how that would work out.

        Glad we have kelly.

  4. Haus says:

    Very nervous about Bergeron missing any significant amount of time. Anybody else think the hit by Giroux was not only late, but targeted the head? I would love of someone to go knee hunting on him next season.

    • Jefe77 says:

      Amen, although, I would like to see much more than his knee crushed.

      This is, my worst nightmere going into the 3rd round. Patrice was(is) the Conne Smythe favorite; clearly the Bruins MVP and arguably the best in the NHL.

      This is exactly why PC got Peverely and Kelly, so lets hope they can step up, and Kelly does his job half as good as Patrice.

  5. ELWOPPO says:


  6. Gcole says:

    Let’s get this series going!

  7. Caperfan says:

    Anybody hearing any word out of Boston on the status of Bergy?

    I know he has concussion problems but the hit didnt seem to be to his head although he did take a good jolt and it doesnt take much when your proe to those injuries. We are going to need Bergeron to beat T.B.

  8. Andy says:

    I’ve been searching all over this morning to get status. PC’s got a presser at 1130am EST, so I’m sure we’ll get something then.

    I think it goes without saying that he probably has SOME sort of concussion. It looked like an inadvertent helmet to helmet. I thought it was a clean hit, that unfortunately rung his bell. It was Giroux after all. If it was Hartnell or Carcillo, that might be a different story.

    Here’s my hope – I am rooting HARD for NSH and/or DET to extend their series to at least 6 games and take it to next week. I believe that they cannot schedule the next round until all games in this round are over. If we don’t start until, say, next Saturday, maybe a week’s worth of recovery will be what Bergy needs.

    We absolutely need him to play at least some of the TB series…

  9. Andy says:

    Of course, after I post, I go to the Globe online and I find this from KPD from Twitter :

    Kevin Paul Dupont
    Not from team, but top source has confirmed Bergeron concussion.


  10. Haus says:

    Chiarelli called the concussion ‘mild’. That’s something that wouldn’t be said if not for believing there is a good chance he returns at some point.

  11. ELWOPPO says:

    Expected to miss start of Conferance Finals! Could be back at some point in Tampa series! Great news! Also mcquad and Kampfer ready to start game 1. GO B’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  12. Seguin>Hall says:

    Dear Tyler,

    When I invented my name on this a year ago, I invented it with the playoffs in mind. You’re rested, you’re healthy, and you’re ready to make a story for yourself. Step in for our MVP and shine, I know you can do it!

  13. Haus says:

    The way I see it while Bergy is on the shelf that Campbell should see a large increase in minutes. Roll with 3 centers, Seguin to see alot of PP time.

  14. ELWOPPO says:

    Nice Jefe77,
    Hopefully Bergeron can get lots of rest and come back without missing a beat! BTW Good for you Nashville for extending the series last night! Hopefully the Wings can do the same 2nite!!
    GO B’SSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  15. Andy says:

    I think what’s going to be monumentally important is these 1st couple days and how he responds. If he has the headaches, etc, it will certainly be more than a couple games. If his symptoms are minor, then you would have to hope for a week.

    As for Seguin, I would agree with the “PP time, maybe 5-10 min/game” prediction.

    Personally, I think the way Peverley has played – not always noticeable on the scoresheet, but plays a solid, effective 2 way game – would make him my choice to center the Marchand/Recchi line. Here’s my take :





  16. North B says:

    Seguin has offensive skills, but he is a pansy.. Arniel and Caron have also been skating with the team. Tampa has size/skill, if this series gets really physical I would rather have Caron playing limited minutes.

    • willisss says:

      When I think of tampa, I don’t think “big and bad” we will mop the floor with these pussies, I nevver thought we were out even down 2-0 to the habs, I called us beating philly in 3…..( we all knew what I meant) and I know for a fact that it will take more than 5 games tp send those fags packing

      • Jefe77 says:

        Was right with you man, I couldn’t see this team going out like that.

        I didn’t call the Bruins in 3, but I know that this team has built character through its experience in the reg and post season for 3 years now.

        Its our time….

  17. ELWOPPO says:

    This is why I cant stand Flyer fans! This was I believe game 6 last year againts those pieces of shit!

  18. lucic crew says:

    Not this year wooooooooooooooo

  19. Gcole says:


  20. Bruins says:

    Are teams blowing 3-0 series leads a regular thing now?

  21. ELWOPPO says:


    • Jefe77 says:

      I’m actually pulling for the Wings to win a game…holy crap…the measures i take for the Bruins.

  22. lucic crew says:

    Beautiful more time for bergey.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      I guess backbruin is rubbing off on me?!?!

      • Haus says:

        Disgusting. What you and Backbruin do for leisure should be kept to yourselves.

        Haha just kidding. I couldn’t let that pass. Cheers boys!

  23. ELWOPPO says:

    Sooooo what do you guys think of the conference finals? Do the Bruins have what it takes to solve Roloson? He leads all playoff goalies in save % and goals Againts! And can we stop thier killer offence? Also will we be able to win without our leading scorer out with concussion? These are all important questions! I think its gonna be alot tougher than most people think!

    • Bruins says:

      Absolute walk in the park. I was worried a bit about Montreal because they tend to own us for whatever reason, and even a bit for Philly because of last year, but there may not be a team the Bruins play better against than the Lightning. The style the Bruins play is perfect vs. the Lightning. We should wear them down easily.

      The only worry I have is the refs biting on the diving operation they have going on down there, but the NHL came out with a statement on cracking down on diving for the Conference Finals so it looks promising.

      The other matchup I like is that they’re throwing all of their eggs in one basket. They’ve been rolling with a Stamkos-Lecavalier-St. Louis line, which lets Z and Seids matchup against them, and hopefully Bergy if he’s back.

      • ELWOPPO says:

        Ur pretty confident! I hope ur right? Remember they just swept the team that finished 1st in the east!

      • Jefe77 says:

        I don’t thing that Tampa will be a walk, but lets hope your right.

        I know this, the Bruins are built for play-off hockey, whereas the Caps are not. The Bruins just finished playing a tight series, and then opened one up against the most physical team left after themselves. Tampa did not face very strong goaltending in Neuvirth, but they did in Fleury. However, I truly believe Timmy has found his groove, and that gives us a huge edge.

        What it comes down to, is will Kelly step up in Bergies absence on his line, and will Tyler play playoff hockey. I am confident in both players, but they need offensive pressure from more than the Krejci line. Lets hope Ryder can find the net a few times as well, he still was still playing responsibly last series but with less chances on net.

  24. Bruins4eva says:

    I just read on haggs twitter page that bergy’s agent said he was in good spirits….and also this series will either start thursday or saturday depending on sharks wings series….lets hope for a game 7 there

  25. UEDkop says:

    Looks like Gagne will be playing against the B’s. This worries me… he’s a Bruin killer like Vanek. Remember when he came back from injury in the Philly series last year? Yikes.

  26. Gcole says:

    Chara better not shave, he’s got quite the badass beard going.

  27. Haus says:

    Bruins in six

  28. ELWOPPO says:

    If Detroit wins today we play on Sat. If lose we play Thurs! Lets go Wings!

  29. bdolo says:

    I moved to tampa from boston a few months ago so I’ll be at these games fully rocking the b’s jersey!

    The lightning are a solid team too with a lot of scoring potential and a solid goalie throughout the playoffs, but I think the b’s will have their way with them. Go B’s!

  30. Bruins4eva says:

    Haggs just reported that bergy was at TD Garden today feeling better….good news for him and the team

  31. Jefe77 says:

    Game 1 at Boston: Saturday, May 14, 8 p.m.
    Game 2 at Boston: Tuesday, May 17, 8 p.m.
    Game 3 at Tampa Bay: Thursday, May 19, 8 p.m.
    Game 4 at Tampa Bay: Saturday, May 21, 1:30 p.m.
    Game 5 at Boston: Monday, May 23, 8 p.m.
    Game 6 at Tampa Bay, Wednesday, May 25, 8 p.m.
    Game 7 at Boston, Friday, May 27, 8 p.m.

  32. Jefe77 says:

    Subject; John Buccigross, the fukn tool.

    Here is a recent letter I wrote to that fuckstick, and I encourage all Bruins fans to send him a note basically telling him to go fuck himself.

    For years I had watched you on NHL2Night with as loyal of Bucci following as you could imagine, and I often took a grain of salt with your criticisms of Bruins teams. Most of those Bruins teams deserved your constant berating, demeaning, and relentless reminders that the Bruins pretty much suck if they don’t have 20 Cam Neely’s on their roster.

    That’s great that Cam is your favorite player, and that you had your special ‘Bruins’ relationship with your uncle. That’s jim-dandy, but to me, but it’s insulting to hear you take a crap all over one of the most proud franchises and inner-city fan bases.

    No John, I don’t need a sugar-coated line of BS every day of my life about the Bruins, but in the end, you have insulted those who have loyally followed that team. My grandfather was a season ticket holder, and I remember how passionately he would explain to me what it ‘meant’ to hate Montreal. My father was a season ticket holder during Bobby Orr’s era, and I was raised to understand that at the culture and spirit of Bruins hockey has NO place for any fair-weather fans.

    I guess that’s what you are, correct? It seems plainly obvious that until the Bruins win a Cup, you will give them NO credit. PC and CJ have done an excellent job taking this team and rebuilding it into a contender in 4 seasons. Oh, I forgot, Peter Chiarelli has NO idea what he is doing because he removed “all the Bruins speed”, by trading Kessel. I can’t wait to read the next 20 articles over the next 10 yrs on how stupid of a trade that was. Meanwhile, Tyler Seguin will probably surpass Kessel in overall talent, and impact on the game. But never mind that.

    Let’s revisit your article from a few years back ‘It’s just not cool to be a Bruins fan anymore’.

    At the time of writing that article, not only had the Blackhawks not won the Cup yet, but they were still at the bottom of the barrel, with Wirtz sill firing on empty. But, no article titled “Its just not cool to be a Hawks fan anymore’.

    Toronto. Gee, I guess it’s always cool to be a Leafs fan???

    Get my point?

    What about Vancouver??? They sure did a lot with all their talent up until now. How much playoff success have the Canucks had? Exactly John. Very, VERY little in comparison to the Bruins. Not sure where you rank the Canucks after making the second round twice in 10 years since they failed to win in 94.

    I wonder what Cam would think if he read your article; think he would enjoy a full length article bashing all the heart and gusto that he put in for fans? Do you think Cam lives in some fantasy world where only he deserves credit? No, because he is a true Bruin.

  33. ELWOPPO says:

    NESN sign jack edwards to contract extension! I love this guy! Him and Brick make my day! Great News! Although Dale Arnold was kool too! ( Remember him?
    Go B’sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  34. Bruins says:

    Sharks would be a bigger choke than us. They don’t have injury excuses.

  35. ELWOPPO says:

    Dont forget we blew a 3-0 lead in game 7! Makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it!

  36. Seguin>Hall says:

    Jumbo Joe straight up dissappears in big games. The only reason the sharks are where they’re at is joe pavelski, niemi, couture, setiguchi, and the supporting cast! NOT bc of the first line.

    Also, if it means anything, before the playoffs started I was hoping for a matchup with TB! I’m still confident with the match-up, and hopefully this time off will cool them off.

    As far as the lines go, I like what julien is doing. The Ryder-pevs-seguin line is gonna be able to match speed with anyone! Let’s call it the “lighting line”, bc that who they’re going to create major problems for.

  37. moast says:

    So, my insight and feelings to this Tampa series are pretty optimistic.
    I do beleive that we have the better defence and goaltending than Tampa. Offence is pretty close with the edge going to Tampa. Does this really matter? I don’t think so as long as the special teams can come through. I feel that the lines will produce:

    Lucic-Krejci-Horton (Rolling hard and will continue)
    Marchand-Kelly-Recchi (Same line, less goals, solid)
    Seguin-Peverley-Ryder (Fast talent and offense upside)
    Paille-Thornton-Campbell (Will hurt them physically)

    Seguin is a talented, offensive, young kid that is not stupid. I may be overly optimistic with him but now that he has a chance to shine, especially against Stamkos, he will! He is fast and has a wicked shot. He was playing his best hockey leading up to the playoffs and will show everyone why he was 1/2 overall.
    Obviously I would rather have Bergeron but that aint happening right now. To be honest, I would replace any forward on the team with Bergeron as I see him as the best forward on the team.

    This series will not be a blowout but I feel the Bruins can do it. Shut down there top line, battle the rest, stay level headed, have great specal teams and leave the rest to Timmy and Chara to shut them down!

    Fuck ya boys this is what we’ve all been waiting for just like the team has. They are a determined bunch that knows how to get it done.

    Come out flying and hit everything in sight!!!

  38. Bruins says:

    Who are our Conn Smythe frontrunners?

    1. Bergeron (we’ll see about his injury)
    2. Thomas
    3. Chara
    4. Seidenberg
    5. Marchand
    6. Horton
    7. Krejci

    Really any one of those guys has a shot.

  39. ELWOPPO says:

    Bergeron still not cleared for contact! Status still unknown! THESE MOTHERFUCKEN PHILADELPHIA FLYERS! The always gotta take out our best players! Fucken jerks!

    • Jefe77 says:

      There not jerks, they’re gutless cheap-shot artists who don’t answer the bell.

      • ELWOPPO says:

        This is bullshit! We got a real shot at the cup this year and our best player is cuncussed! I cant believe this? He better fucken come back! Thats all im gonna say!

  40. Haus says:

    ESPN picking TB in 6. For the record they picked PHI in 6 and I believe they liked MTL too.

    • backbruin says:

      what does espn know about hockey….bahahahaha fk them! espn radio is horrible for hockey coverage….seems like espn t.v is annoyed to have to put it on every night!!

  41. backbruin says:

    Patrice Bergeron (concussion) didn’t skate on Friday, but coach Claude Julien remained upbeat when talking about him.
    “He’s improving. He really is improving. We’re optimistic about that,” said Julien. “We knew he was going to miss the start of series, but how much of it he’s going to miss we can’t tell you right now. He’s on the right track. We’re just staying positive. I’m not going to say much more because with concussions you have good news, you have setbacks, and you have all kinds of things that can happen. Right now he’s moving in the right direction.” Bergeron needs to be without concussion-like symptoms for at least seven days before he can resume physical activities. We’ll keep you posted. Source: May 13, 1:57 PMOndrej Pavelec – G – Thrashers Ondrej Pavelec stopped 43 of 47 shots in the Czech Republic’s 5-2 loss to Sweden.
    Pavelec wasn’t able to lead the Czech Republic to a Gold Medal this year, but he might still be able to help them in the Bronze Medal Game. Pavelec started off strong, but he allowed two goals in each of the second and third periods. May 13, 1:16 PMPatrik Elias – W – Devils Patrik Elias scored twice in a 5-2 loss to Sweden on Friday.
    The Czech Republic won the Gold Medal last year, but they’ll be playing in the Bronze Medal Game this time around. Marek Zidlicky, Milan Michalek, and Jakub Voracek each assisted on one of Elias’ two goals. May 13, 1:14 PM Hockey Tickets Stanley Cup Finals Tickets Philadelphia Flyers Tickets Chicago Blackhawks Tickets Detroit Red Wings Tickets Montreal Canadiens Tickets New York Rangers Tickets Dallas Stars Tickets Other tickets: Football | Baseball | Basketball | Hockey AdvertisingJobsHelp / Contact UsPrivacy PolicySite MapIndependent Programming ReportCopyright 2011 © NBC Sports Digital. All Rights Reserved

  42. backbruin says:

    Bergy update above!!!

  43. backbruin says:

    oops the last half of that has nothing to do with the B’S….Sorry if you read more then half as i must have copied and pasted more then i thought!!!

    go b’s

  44. backbruin says:

    cool article on EA sports simulation predicting canucks/bruins final….have a read

  45. lucic crew says:

    Lets go bs start off with a bang. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Gcole says:

    doesnt it feel to anyone else like the bruins lost? lol its been for fucking ever

  47. Bruins4eva says:

    Haggs has reported that bergeron did skate on his own this morning…a very good sign

  48. Resume says:


    […]Bring on Tampa! « Bruins Rumors and News[…]…

  49. Bold says:

    a gem of a post

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