Bruins Draft Dougie Hamilton at 9

Forget all the pre-draft talk of Ryan Murphy.  The Bruins selected defenseman Dougie Hamilton ninth overall tonight out of the OHL.  Hamilton is a 6-5 beast who is still growing and was the 2nd ranked defender behind Swedish native Adam Larsson.  Hamilton gives the Bruins a much needed blue chip prospect on the backend.

For a few minutes, it seemed that hulking forward Sean Couturier could slide down to the ninth spot, but Philly, in need of some forwards after trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter yesterday, snagged him.  Ryan Murphy ended up going to Carolina a few picks later.

Few thought Hamilton would be there at nine, well maybe no one.  There were some rumors of the ninth pick going to Nashville for Ryan Ellis, last years 11th overall pick, but those rumors proved to be false.

Hamilton was the guy the Bruins really wanted (aside from Larsson) and it was a surprise he made it to them.  Hamilton will most likely spend another year in the OHL, but as Chiarelli said, anything is possible.

The final tally on the Kessel trade is Phil Kessel for Tyler Seguin, Jared Knight, and Dougie Hamilton.


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