Potential Free Agent Targets

The Bruins come off the Cup win with only two three key unrestricted free agents, Mark Recchi, Michael Ryder and Tomas Kaberle.  Recchi has already retired, and it seems unlikely Michael Ryder is back unless he takes a 1 year deal at around 2-2.5 million.  GM Peter Chiarelli has had some negotiations with Kaberle’s agent, but it seems he may wait to see what shakes out in the free agent market before committing to a deal.  Let’s take a look up some options for the Bruins.

Simon Gagne – Bruins fans have been wanting this guy for a few years, one because he has killed us in the playoffs, and two, he has a natural goal scoring touch.  He isn’t likely to be back in Tampa Bay, and the former 40 goal scorer has had his share of head injuries the past few years.  He is 31, and hasn’t played more than 63 games in the past two seasons.  When healthy, he can be a 30 goal scorer.  He would fit nicely on the 2nd line with Bergeron and Marchand, or even the 3rd line with Seguin and Peverley/Kelly.  He could get a 2 year deal at around 3 million per season.

Brooks Laich – Laich is a center who can also play wing.  He is a consistent 50 point/20 goal guy.  He is entering the prime of his career and is only 28. He will likely command around 3.5-4 million per season, which may be a little rich for the Bruins considering they have a ton of forward vying for roster spots.  He isn’t the dynamic forward they may be looking for, but he fits the mold of what the Bruins like.  He is the type of free agent, especially in a weak market, that will likely be overpaid.

Ville Leino – The late blooming Ville Leino.  Stay away from him.  He gives me that Radim Vrbata vide.  He had one great season and that great playoffs two years ago, but he is going get a deal at around 4-4.5 million. Remember, he was playing on a high scoring Flyers team with a bunch of guys who could score.  He will get a 4-5 year deal at around 4.5 million.  Too rich for the Bruins.

Niclas Bergfors – He will be a UFA after Florida non-tenders him.  He is only 24 and the former first round pick scored 21 two years ago.  He may be worth a shot at around a million bucks.  Could play in the third line and managed a +2 in 20 games with Florida.

Joni Pitkanen – Pitkanen will command around 5 million bucks, but unlike Kaberle is only 27 and plays huge minutes (25 a night).  He has some offensive pop, but not the same kind of playmaker Kabs is.  He is a guy who could fit the Bruins well.

James Wisniewski – Wisniewski is also 27 and had a monster season for the Habs and Islanders.  He will likely get around 4.5-5 million as well.  He has only surpassed 30 points once in his career, last year, which may be a turn off (one year wonder vibe).  He also isn’t a goal scorer, even with his big shot (only 10 goals once in his career).  Defenseman tend to be later bloomers though, so this could have been his break-out season.

Christian Ehrhoff – Only 28, Ehrhoff has been a 40+ point guy the past three seasons.  He can powerplay a PP and logs some big minutes.  He is soft though, as we saw in the Vancouver series.  I don’t think he is the first choice for the Bruins, and he could command up to 5.5 million on the open market.

Kevin Bieska – The 30 year old has a huge injury history, stay away.  He will likely re-sign in Vancouver, and hasn’t been healthy much in his career.  Will get around 4 million per.

Sami Salo – See Bieska, except 36.


20 Responses to Potential Free Agent Targets

  1. STANLEY "11" says:

    Forget the F/A’s. Time to start using the farm.

  2. Gcole says:

    I think the less they change, the better! Imagine how confident this team will be next playoffs knowing pretty much the whole team is back intact after a long up run!

  3. Bruins says:

    Savard retires. Resign Marchand at $3 million. Caron in for Recchi. Ryder and Kaberle walk. Sign Pitkanen at $5 million. Kampfer and Hamill in the pressbox.




    Cap hit – $60.472143 million
    Cap Room – $3.827857 million

    • Bruins says:

      If Ryder is willing to take a 1 year deal under $3 million, bring him back, and have the bottom 6:


      • CCMGoalie says:

        Why’re you scratching Paille again after the guy just had a ridiculous end to the season? He’s definitely earned his spot on the wing on the 4th line.

        I say if we can resign Ryder to a low level 1 year deal throw him with Bergy and Marchand as insurance for Marchand or Seguin hitting a severe sophomore slump.

        I agree on Kaberle, let that fool go. He was a waste of a prospect and a pick. Personally I’d rather see Kampfer get the time in there and let the kid see some ice and develop. Right now he’d make a great 5th or 6th D-man and give him some time on the PP to see his puck moving ability.

        If we don’t resign Ryder I wouldn’t be against us bringing in a guy like Brooks Laich to throw on a wing with Bergy and Marchand. Big, gritty, sneaky shot and a nose for the net? Sounds like a bigger version of Marchand to me. I’d also be interested to see if we could somehow lure Bergenheim out of Tampa Bay, (Before anyone crucifies me on here, I understand that’s highly unlikely to happen without giving up a roster player, maybe resign Ryder cheap and trade him out there to make up for it, same idea could apply to Kaberle because Tampa Bay has expressed interest in him)

        Caron is going to be your 13th forward and Hamill is going to be in the AHL one more year and then let go. He just doesn’t have that next level to bring his game to, or he just doesn’t want to go there enough. Either way he’s a bust, but we’ve got enough talented youth in our system to recover from this.

        Next year is going to be interesting for sure.

      • Haus says:

        Brooks Laich is a nice player, but somebody is probably gonna blow him away with an overpriced deal. You wouldn’t have to give TB a damn thing for Bergenheim, he’s a UFA.

        Overall, I’m skeptical about making any huge signings that go beyond this season. We got some big free agents of our own to lock up after this season, plus some young guys that need ice time.

      • CCMGoalie says:

        Touche on Bergenheim Haus, I wasn’t aware he was a UFA this offseason. And touche on the young guys as well. I think we’re better off standing pat more or less. We just need to stock up on draft picks this offseason/regular season and further build this team for the future. It’s science.

  4. Haus says:

    Laich re-signed in WSH. 6yrs/27mil 4.5mil cap hit. I’m telling you all this now: there is gonna be some over-inflated deals coming on Friday. Not saying he’s not worth it or anything, but he got 4.5mil without even hitting the open market.

    • UEDkop says:

      I’m beginning to see it now. If Kabs hits the market he’ll get a contract and I don’t see the B’s signing any big players to fill his spot. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kampfer step in.

      PC has proven he’s savvy with the cap and signing the players he needs. He’s looking ahead to next season.

  5. zamer says:

    I say dont sign kaberle or ryder trade Kelly release paille then bring in Caron,Sauve,Mcdermaid.These young guys deserve a chance they have size,scoring,toughness and can be great players.

  6. goosegoose35 says:

    I just hope philly with all of their new found cap space doesn’t make a ridiculous offer for Marshmont that will force us to match and kill our cap space.

    • Bruins says:

      How much would they have to offer in order for you to let him go?

    • mcpuck says:

      This is a scenario I’m not particularly worried about. If the Bruins want him back, and I’m sure they do, they’ll be willing to pay 3 to 3.5 for him.

      Who is going to offer him any amount significantly over that? It’s not like we’re talking about a 5 year vet here, he’s only got one full season under his belt, so he’s still a relatively pricey question mark. We’ve seen guys get paid and not produce before, so I think it’s safe to say he’ll stay in Bean Town.

  7. nlbruins says:

    Love to see Kobasew back for dirt cheap

    • mcpuck says:

      I’ve been saying this since the day I woke up from my Cup hangover last week. I think Kobasew was a perfect fit for Julien’s system, and it can’t hurt to have another little spark plug guy who can pot 20. He’ll come quiet, something around 2 million, and can bounce around the lineup on an as needed basis. Great option there and I bet he’d love to come back here.

  8. CCMGoalie says:

    I cannot understand why so many of you guys are chomping at the bit to get rid of Paille. Why break up the most effective and consistent line we had? Paille-Campbell-Thornton together all season for 2011-2012 will be ridiculous.

    I agree nlbruins, seeing Kobasew back in the black and gold wouldn’t be something i’d hate to see. Throw him with Kelly and Peverley on the 3rd if we plan on letting Ryder walk and that 3rd line is the definition of a workhorse line.

    Word is Philly is submitting a giant offer to Stamkos in Tampa Bay. No way Tampa lets him walk unless they really want Philly’s picks for the next 3 years.

  9. Andy says:

    I love how Philly is always rumored to sign every big name player, when they didn’t – and still don’t – have ANY cap room. What do they have $8 mil to work with?

    Plus, next year, after there’s a new CBA, the cap will be lower, so the teams that spend to the cap will be screwed and will have to release players…

    PC even admitted that at his presser today…

    I would’ve liked to see Jokinen, but he signed today.

    A name I would LOVE to see is Andrew Brunette. 38 yo, but would be a great replacement for Rechs. Got 18 goals last yr, 46 pts, for a shitty Wild team…

    Sign Brunette, Bring Caron up, and here’s your lineup


    • mcpuck says:

      I say skip Brunette. He’s not worth the 1-2 million it’ll cost to sign him. This team doesn’t need any more leadership, unless it’s an all world guy like Mark Recchi, and Brunette certainly isn’t that. With guys like Bergy (who’s been in the league for 7 or 8 years now) it’s better to let this team mature a little bit and only take guys like Brunette as a reactionary measure. When we hit the Free Agent period next year, it’ll help to see which guys contributed and which guys didn’t as opposed to chin scratching because Brunette ate up a roster spot.

      Caron could play at the NHL level, I can almost guarantee it.

  10. rassodare i glutei…

    […]Potential Free Agent Targets « Bruins Rumors and News[…]…

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