Could Bruins Make a Play for Jagr?

Tomorrow is July 1st, the free agent frenzy.  Michael Ryder and Tomas Kaberle will test the market, although there remains a decent chance one of them is back on a 1-2 year deal.  GM Peter Chiarelli has cap space (around 10 million), and has only two holes to fill.  He is wary that the cap will go down next season, when the new CBA is made, so he is going to stay away from long term deals, especially in this weak UFA market where demand is way higher than supply, and the talent level is mediocre at best (Ehrhoff 10 years, 40 million, barf).

But what about Jaromir Jagr?  The 39 year old winger would be a perfect fit for the Bruins.  He has Stanley Cup experience, as does the rest of this team.  He would be on a 1 year deal at under 4.5 million.  He would help improve the PP and fit into the top 6 role, maybe on Bergeron’s line.  He could still probably put up 60-70 points on a team with some skill.  I mean he had 71 points with the Ranger his last season, on a team with no talent really.

Would you take a chance on him?


10 Responses to Could Bruins Make a Play for Jagr?

  1. MattG says:

    Not at anywhere near 4.5, I can’t see anyone giving him over 3 let alone the Bruins.

  2. Bruins says:

    Yes, but only on a 1 year deal. He’d be dynamite with Bergy. Our team would be absolutely unstoppable with the cycle game.

  3. Haus says:

    Quoting 10mil in salary cap space is wrong. Marchand isn’t on the books yet (3.3?) Plus Caron and Kampfer (2 total) knocks it down to about 4.5mil.

  4. nlbruins says:

    Caron fills in for Recchi probably on the 3rd line with Peverley and Kelly, Kampfer i am fine with over Kaberle, i would spend some money on a 1 year deal towards Gagne(bruin killer every year in the playoffs) forget Jagr he wants to play in Pitt or Mtl. Hopefully a guy like Langenbrunner would come aboard for 1.5 mill/yr.

  5. nlbruins says:

    Whitfield has resigned 2 yrs, 2 way contract

  6. Andy says:

    Ryder to Dallas. We sign Benoit Pouliot to a 1 yr deal! That sounds an awful lot to me like a Paille clone. What’s the point? It is only a 1 yr deal, though.

    I’d still like to get a veteran leader (Cory Stillman?) to step in for Recchi.

    Did you see where Dallas signed Sheldon Souray for 1.65 mil? C’MON! The B’s couldn’t pony up a 1 yr/2 mil deal for this guy? Rocket from the pt. Would be great on the PP…

    Anyway, whatever, I guess I’d just like to see a little more movement, given that all of these other EC teams have been making moves. Not saying you make a move to make a move, but it appears a lot of these teams have upgraded…

    • Haus says:

      Alot of these teams essentially committed suicide. Word is the cap is dropping next year when the CBA expires. Teams paid top-line money for muckers. My top 3 examples:

      Bergenheim gets 2.75mil a year to skate 7 minutes a night and put up 7g-13a-20pts if he has an extraordinary year. Is he worth double Peverley?

      Joel Ward is brought to WSH to replace the outgoing Matt Bradley. Only at triple the price. 3mil for Ward? Marchand should ask for 5mil then.

      Ville Leino is a nice checking line player. But at 4.5mil a season, he’s gonna cash fatter checks than Lucic and Horton.

      If the salary cap drops below 60mil next year, would you want your muckers making this money? I smell future buy-outs.
      If Peverley was a UFA this year instead of next year, we are talking 5.5mil a year. Insane.
      If Souray plays more than 30 games this year I will be shocked. Let somebody else deal with that disaster, we got a kid in Kampfer who needs ice time to grow and is young and fresh.

      • mcpuck says:

        I say bring back Kaberle for 1 year @ 4 million.

        I know you think I’m nuts, but give the guy the money he’s been making… we have the space, and if he goes for a one year deal, we can either sign him long term if he pans out, or let him go if he doesn’t. I can’t see him asking for more than 4 million considering how poorly he QB’d the power play, and I imagine he may have a chip on his shoulder to prove his doubters wrong.

        Call me crazy but I have a feeling he’ll put up better than decent numbers next year regardless of who he signs with.

      • Haus says:

        I replied to you on another forum but I’ll do it here too. Listening to Chiarelli, it appears Kaberle will be returning. I’m not opposed to this. Seeing that he slipped thru the first day, you may be able to negotiate him down to less than the 4mil/yr you mentioned. With that being said, I wish the Bs will stick with their philosophy of ‘graduating’ a couple of prospects every year. That’s how you build a dominant franchise and keep your salary cap in good shape.

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