Bruins Sign Former Hab Benoit Pouliot to 1 year Deal

The Bruins have signed former 4th overall pick Benoit Pouliot to a 1 year deal worth 1.1 million.  He is nothing more than a body at this point.  He will probably be the 12/13th forward with Paille and Thornton.  It’s a low risk, high reward signing.  He could turn out to be a 20 goal scorer, or he could continue to be a 10-20-30 guy.  This is not the guy to replace Recchi or Ryder, so no need to freak out if you are against the signing.   It’s the equivalent to signing Cam Barker, or Nikolai Zherdev.  Pouliot has talent, it’s just up to him if he is going to put it together.


11 Responses to Bruins Sign Former Hab Benoit Pouliot to 1 year Deal

  1. Haus says:

    13g-17a-30pts for 1.1mil on this silly money day is pretty impressive by Chiarelli. My problem with the signing is personal. I just don’t like the kid. My mind can be changed though.
    Bergenheim got 2.75mil a year. I would have been bullshit if Chiarelli threw that kind of money at him. Bergenheim is not worth double a Peverley.

  2. Bob says:

    I thought that Latendresse was better than Pouliot. Pouliot is too inconsistent…he doesn’t always show up. However, the Habs defensive style of play didn’t suit Latendresse nor Pouliot. I think coaching sometimes has to adjust to the player and find ways to exploit the players strengths rather than having players always adjusting to the coach’s style. I think that was what Julien did with Ryder. I am hoping a change of scenery and another chance will give Benoit something to work for.

    • phil says:

      this kid lives near my home and I have followed his career.It’s real easy for an organization to foul up a player …the Wild and the CH did just that.The Bruins cannot lose on this guy his stats talk for themselves in Montreal he held a regular +8 when the team held a +1….Pouliot was Montreals top scorer playing five on five. If Claude Julien teams him up with the right players …guys like Séguin and Peverley…well all I can say is YOU MOST PROBABLY GOT YOURSELVES A NEW POWER FORWARD AT A REAL BARGAIN!!!!

  3. mcpuck says:

    Pouliot is worth about 1 million. maybe two if he shows up.

    That being said, I expect now that Ryder is gone to see Kaberle get locked up. All the other UFA D men that we’ve talked about being a suitable replacement have been locked up (Erhoff, Bieksa, Pitkanen, etc etc) and for decent money too. I think if Chiarelli can steal him for 1 or 2 years, I’ll deal with the little extra cash.

    I also think that he will surprise if he gets the chance to play in Boston next year. You’ll see him put up some nice offensive numbers and he’ll improve dramatically with a chance to learn the system we run here.

    I hope he’s back… call me crazy.

  4. mcpuck says:

    Also, can I remind everyone before I get the “Kampfer is ready” crap that there were three guys we were ready to anoint as a break out star in oh say… Dennis Wideman and he of his 50 point, Norris seeking campaign, and maybe a guy named Blake Wheeler and his 5th overall “wow he’ll be even BETTER next year!” prognostications.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Kampfer and think he’ll be a solid guy at the NHL level, but I’d rather see a relatively sure thing (meaning we know what we’ll get) with Kaberle, than a “I hope he’s everything he was and more cuz we let go a perennial 40-50 point D man” take his permanent spot. Just my two cents

    • G-Rant says:

      I’m with you. Hoping Kaberle is brought back and has a great season.

    • Haus says:

      Listening to Chiarelli it sounds like Kaberle will re-sign. Kampfer does need ice time, if you go in with an attitude that all young guys will flop than why bother carrying prospects? Don’t get me wrong, if Kaberle comes back at the right price I won’t complain; nor am I saying Kampfer is a sure-fire all-star, but I like the philosophy of graduating 2 prospects a year.

      • mcpuck says:

        I’m not down on Kampfer, but if they don’t resign Kaberle, I imagine they’ll be looking for another solid puck mover to replenish the well. I think Kampfer will be fine, I like him, but I’m not ready to lend him the reigns just yet. I think he’ll get tons of playing time, and a chance to steal a roster spot is still there whether Kaberle is on the roster or not.

  5. mcpuck says:

    Here’s another issue, the bruins are deep in the prospect pool for D-men and 2 of the 5 guys they’re currently starting (Boychuck and McQuaid are under 30 years old.

    Now, this is purely hypothesis, but why not look at moving a guy like Boychuck who is already 27 and may have reached a bit of a plateau in his game (maybe even his peak) and promoting Kampfer to the big club. If he doesn’t pan out, you have a few guys in the minors chomping at the bit, and you’re going to have to have a place for Dougie Hamilton in a year or two, and with Boychuck coming to free agency next season, it’ll be interesting to see if they’d have the cash to bring him back anyways.

    I say get a solid return on investment there, resign Kabs for 2 years, promote Kampfer and use one of the three prospects for the 7th spot (Alexandrov, Bartowski, Bodnarchuk).

    Besides, if we have to lock up money in guys like Krejci and Tuukka, I’d be okay if it was at the expense of a Boychuk.

  6. nlbruins says:

    Pouliot will strive under Julien, this kid went 4th overall for a reason,Don”t forget Cam Neely has some influence on PC, and if Cam thinks he has the goods then i am ok with it.

    • phil says:

      All I can tell you is …you know your hockey…. I suspect Neeley is in the process of creating a DYNASTY…just let him go ..and watch the results…I’m a proud Montrealer and watching all this all I ca say is GO BRUINS GO!!!!!!

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