Fresh Start

It’s a curious thing when the free agent market explodes, and an even more curious one, when it seems that the well has been tapped.  No, I don’t mean there’s no one left to sign, I just mean many of the “sure thing” guys we as fans set our hopes on have been signed.  Simon Gagne, the Bruin Killer, has shopped off to Hollywood, signing a 7 million dollar deal over two years. Tim Connolly is a Leaf, Brad Richards is a Ranger. Even Tomas Vokoun has found a home in Washington, where he’ll have a chance to do some damage for the first time in a long time.

Gagne in LA, Connolly a Leaf, Richards a Ranger. Even Tomas Vokoun has found a new home between the pipes in Washington.  It seems that the free agent frenzy has reached a fever pitch, one that even Peter Chiarelli has to admit has left few options to replace what this team has lost already.

As you all know from numerous comment debates,  I think Kaberle will resign with the Bruins. I think this for a few reasons. First and foremost, all of the other viable options to replace him have been signed. I’ll list the options here that remain.

Brian McCabe
Brent Sopel
Steve Eminger
Shane O’brien

What do these guys have in common? They’re low to bottom pair D men, with little upside.  This is not the case with Tomas Kaberle. Sure, he didn’t play lights out, and at times looked down right Widemanian. That being said, he has a lot of offensive skill, and seemed to find a place on this team late in the playoff push.  With a full off season under his belt, and a renewed faith in himself and his team, I predict a return to the numbers that pushed PC to make a move for him in the first place.

With the resources expended to retain his services (1st and 2nd round picks plus Joe Colbourne [former first round pick]) it’s a safe bet PC doesn’t want to let him walk without making an offer.  With the cap play we have now that Ryder is out of the equation, it’d be foolish to not take a one or two year flyer on a guy who’s played at an elite offensive level for many years.

Now, I may be wrong, and with the emergence of young guys like Steven Kampfer on the horizon, there are still in-house options. Regardless of what happens, it’s this flexibility that makes me smile when I think of our beloved Bruins future.


44 Responses to Fresh Start

  1. Haus says:

    How about both?

  2. Gcole says:

    honestly i dont like kaberle, but in order for this trade to not be a complete butt-raping, you need to have the guy play for more than what he has now! not to mention actually DO SOMETHING productive. if they let him walk, toronto completely raped us on this deal, they got colbourne, and i forget what else at the moment but i think its a 1st rounder, and we got a guy that was supposed to help our pathetic powerplay score some more goals, and ironically it GOT WORSE WITH HIM HERE! he was not a big hitter, not a fighter, not the best Dman, and didnt help the powerplay, so pretty much the bruins got fucked on this deal, the only possible saving grace is to sign him for a year and hope he makes up for sucking nuts this year.

    • Bruins says:

      Who cares what the trade looks like? You always do what’s best for your team. Did San Jose rape us on the Thornton deal in terms of value? Yes. But do we win the Cup with Thornton in Boston? Probably not.

  3. zamer says:

    fuck kaberle bring in a tough D men thats going to clear the net and have players keeping there heads up.Whats wiht the Oilers signing all tough guys are they following Bostons style of hockey.

  4. Bruins says:

    Yep, fuck Kaberle. Unless someone’s coming in on a one year deal, roll with Kampfer. We don’t want to lock up any more money long term with Krejci and Rask to sign next season, especially on Kaberle.

  5. CCMGoalie says:

    Heatley to San Jose for Mavlat from Minnesota.

    Wait, what?

  6. bergeronforselke says:

    lucic krejci horton
    marchand bergeron caron (remember the chemistry of bergy and caron at the beginning of last season?)
    peverly seguin kelly (too many centers? trade kelly for a ryan clowe type winger.)
    thornton/ campbell/ paille/ pouliot

    chara sidenberg
    mcquaid ference
    kampfer boychuk

    thomas 50
    rask 32

    i wouldnt mind seeing the bruins sign babchuk(huge shot) or mccabe for defense. and maybe langanbrunner for forward and unload kelly

    what do u think?

    • mcpuck says:

      I love Langenbrunner, and he’ll probably be relatively inexpensive.

      I still think Kabs is the best option on the back end, but he’d need to prove to naysayers he just laid an egg at the end of last season.

      • bergeronforselke says:

        kaberle always skated with a tampon up his ass. and would love to see langenbrunner with the bruins

  7. Seguin>Hall says:

    ARE YOU GUYS NUTS?!?!?!? We just won a stanley cup. Remember? Its been 39 yrs since that has happened. Kabs looked great in the last few games and the guys on the team loved him (he was the 4th or 5th guy to get the cup in celebration). How exactly was the trade a “raping”. In hockey, the biggest prize is the Stanley Cup…we just won it. We DID NOT get raped. In fact, we did some raping of our own.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Kaberle got the Cup as soon as he did because he hasn’t ever won one before and was one of the older players on the team. They’re not going to throw the Cup to Seguin or Marchand right away because the veterans have earned their stripes. (I don’t think Kaberle earned his spot on the team with his production or defensive game) If he comes back strong next year and puts some serious work into his off season workouts and is serious about being a contributor and plays hard every shift instead of looking like the fat kid with shitty facial hair who got smoked on both cheeks with a dodgeball. I don’t think he earned his pay, spot on the roster, or the cup this season. If Bartkowski had been in there and made the mistakes he did it would’ve been chalked up to rookie errors. Errors no VETERAN should make on a regular basis.

      Resign him for nothing to a 1 year deal and if he proves himself there, offer him a short term deal with some decent money but nothing horribly expensive. That’s my say.

  8. dookie says:

    Kaberle signs 3 year deal with Carolina for $12.75M. Another overpayment imo. There was no way that Chia would strap the B’s for that kind of $$$ for what Kaberle would give them in return.

  9. mate says:

    kaberle to carolina for over 4 million a year?!?! wtf? are you kidding me? What a piece of shit, the B’s bring him over for a lot get him a cup and this is how he says thanks for beleiving in me and giving me chance to win a cup? what a dirt bag! fuck him! Why would carolina pay him that much, they should run that gm out of town! Well, let’s give it to the kids, let the youth get it done now fuck signing washed up losers like kaberle who by the way played like a bitch during the playoffs, he didn’t deserve to wear the jersey anyway. Eat shit Kaberle!


    • North B says:

      Yup, the Bruins won the cup despite Kaberle.. 4 large is
      a fucking joke for this dick.. Can’t wait till the canes come to
      town next year and Krejci flips the puck into Kaberle’s corner
      with Lucic steaming down the wing..

  10. CCMGoalie says:

    Bruins bring in Joe Corvo (A Bruin Killer on the PP) for a 4th rounder from Carolina. There’s our new veteran presence on the PP point. I like it. Kaberle is no longer a Bruin with no heart or hustle and Corvo isn’t against us for pretty cheap. I call it a win-win.

  11. mcpuck says:

    Corvo is solid, you’ll certainly not hear me complaining

  12. Andy says:

    I’ve changed my tune on this, but I would’ve liked to see Kaberle back. Two reasons. One, you wonder what a full year would’ve looked like and Two, there were no better options on the FA market.

    Having said that, I would NEVER have given him 3 years, let alone 3.25 mil per!! I’ll take Corvo. Makes Ference $$ and he’ll be a UFA next yr, so I assume he’s a 1 yr rental, which is probably what PC wanted Kaberle to come back for, but wasn’t going to happen.

    I like the fact that he’s a PP guy AND got almost the same number of pts last yr as Kaberle did (with just more goals). However, CAR has now gotten rid of him TWICE – once to WSH at the ’10 deadline (then re-signed him) and now to the B’s. Not saying that CAR knows everything, but I wonder if his D zone isn’t as bad (or worse), than Kaberle’s…

  13. Andy says:

    Also wanted to chime in on something else here. First of all, we won the Cup, so all’s well. My concern, though, is that we are standing too pat, figuring “hey, we won the Cup, and all but 2 (3, counting Recchi) are coming back, so we’ll be alright”. However, as we saw from 08-09 to 09-10, just because you’re at the top, doesn’t mean you will stay there if you don’t “keep up with the Joneses”.

    Remember when we were the #1 seed, all sorts of scoring, etc. What happened the next year? Couldn’t put the puck in the ocean and barely made the playoffs (although we should’ve gone to the EC finals).

    I’m just afraid that we’re standing too pat. We got Pouliot & Corvo. Granted, we may have Kampfer & Caron, but we have no idea what they’ll bring next year, so you can’t bank on it. Look at all of the other teams in the EC :

    WSH – now has a no. 1 goalie in Vokoun
    PHI- we know their story. Perhaps more balanced 1st line to 4th and they have a #1 in Bryzgalov
    TB – re-signed Roloson, already has a solid team
    PIT- will get Sid & Malkin back
    MTL- signed Cole, will have Markov back
    BUF – Erhoff, Regher, Leino
    NYR – Richards
    CAR – Kaberle, Ponikarovsky, re-signed Pitkanen,Jokinen
    NJ – will be better w/ Parise back & Brodeur healthy
    FLA – not fantastic moves, but they won’t be a bottom-dweller next yr
    TOR – hasn’t done much, but WILL be better next yr

    My point is that the EC is getting more & more competitive every day. The Blackhawks barely made the playoffs this year. I’m not saying we have to put together MAJOR moves, nor am I saying that we’re done, I just don’t think we can stand pat – don’t think Pouliot & Corvo are enough, not when our 2 biggest competitors in the EC (WSH & PHI) addressed their #1 glaring need (goalie) this offseason..

    I’d still like to see a Cory Stillman or Langenbrunner signing (although I think the latter is going elsewhere).

    • mate says:

      bryzgalov…what has he done? Vokoun? proven loser. When is the last time a Russian goalie did anything? Fuck the Russains they are soft and play like bitches. i like Boston’s moves Corvo is a bargain! have you seen what d men are going for right now? Benoite will be 20 goal guy, a good fit on the 3rd line. Caron will step in and…oh ya tyler will have a year under his belt. Don’t forget about savard. Bruins look good they don’t need to go out and spend too much money on guys when we have a solid team for next year. Let the kids play! Fuck the over priced free agents! Phili made some bad moves, Richards and Carter should not have been let go, I will tell you right now phili will finish lower next year without those guys, they are elites and were not replaced. PC is brilliant!

  14. Andy says:

    FYI, when I say “not that I’m saying we’re done” in the above, I’m talking about in free agency/trades..

  15. ELWOPPO says:

    Andy I agree 1000%
    I think the B’s still have a good squad but Im still not happy losing Ryder and Kaberle and replacing them with Corvo and that dirty hab! Granted they saved alot of money with these guys but I need at least one decent signing! I was hoping for Gagne, Cole or Knuble! But looks like Chia is gonna try out Caron, Spooner or Hamel!

    • bruins4eva says:

      gagne already signed with the kings and cole signed with montreal

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Keep in mind, when we brought Ryder in, he was in the EXACT same position as Pouliot. So referring to him as a “Dirty Hab” is pretty ridiculous seeing’s how you’re so enarmored with Michael Ryder, who once was a “Dirty Hab.”

      • Andy says:

        The problem w/ that comparison, CCM, is that when we signed Ryder, we were just hoping to make it back to the playoffs, so the expectations were low. Plus, Ryder HAD scored 30 goals w/ Julien as coach in MTL.

        Pouliot, sorry, has done nothing in this league yet. Hopefully that changes, but at least Ryder had topped 30 goals. Pouliot was the no. 4 pick and he’s done nothing so far..

    • mate says:

      gangne? loser look at the stats he has done nothing over the last few years and would cost big bucks not worth it…Spoowho?…..Knuble? you would have to give a lot of money to him and then what? not be able to sign a young kid back? Get handcuffed with an old fart like him, what does he have left? where would you put him in the line up? I would rather have a young Buck who you know will play with fire like Caron in the line up over gagne or knuble. WE HAVE A GOOD TEAM! THEY WON THE CUP WITH THIS TEAM! THIS TEAM ONLY LOST 3 GUYS! THEY WERE REPLACED…KABERPUSSY WITH CORVO, RECHI WITH BENOIT, AND RYDER WITH CARON. WE WILL BE FINE! TOP OF THE EAST NEXT YEAR

  16. Haus says:

    Not even a month into the off-season after an epic Cup win and people are pressing the panic button. I should have figured, seeing its the same people who threw the team under the bus weekly during last season. Fans need the same testicular fortitude as the team itself.

    • CCMGoalie says:


    • mate says:

      WELL SAID!

    • Andy says:

      Who’s pressing a panic button? I never said I was panicking. My point is that all of the other teams in the East have improved and I feel, not that we have to spend millions and overpay, but that we need to replace what we lost up front. I’m fine w/ Corvo for Kaberle. However, Pouliot being a classic overachiever, it’s hard to expect much, and I think “assuming” that Caron or one of the other kids will just step right in and produce is risky to say the least.

      No one is panicking. I just don’t want us to just be content with a Cup win, so that we feel like we don’t have to do much, especially when other teams in the EC have improved…

  17. zamer says:

    Corvo is just below Kaberle with no balls defensively,its ok for a while but this team needs a tough D Thats going to make a difference.

  18. North B says:

    I wonder if Chia checked to see if Wideman was available before pulling the trigger on Corvo?

    • mate says:

      let’s just move on and forget him, we gave him a go it didn’t work it will never work, Florida just gave him away for nothing that should tell you something

  19. mook says:

    so…any rumours?

  20. Bruins says:

    Who are people worried about in the East. Caps look good (Vokoun is actually sick), but they’re proven chokers. They can have their President’s trophy and 1st or 2nd round exit. Pens are only good with Crosby, and it’s up in the air what he’ll be like when he comes back. Philly imploded; they aren’t a contender. Other than that teams may have gotten better, but not to the point where they’re contenders.

  21. Andy says:

    My point is, Bruins, that the one glaring weakness for both the Caps & Flyers has been goaltending – for years. Now they have both addressed those weaknesses. When you say the Caps are chokers, of course they’re going to look that way with Jose Theodore or Michael Neuwith in net. And no, Bryzgalov hasn’t done much, but he was on an overachieving PHX squad where he had to single-handedly win games for them. He’s on a better team now. And again, don’t discount the fact that PIT is going to get Sid AND Malkin back. They were a #4 seed WITHOUT those 2 guys…

    I think you vastly underestimate how much better the EC has become in the last few days…

    • mcpuck says:

      Lets be honest here, when it comes to playoff hockey only the Penguins are a better team. Washington still doesn’t have the defensive accumen to tough out a 7 game series with a Boston, Philly or NJ, and sadly for Philly, they won’t have nearly as much offensive punch, and I think they’ll miss guys like Carcillo and Leino a hell of a lot more than they think.

      If Boston was a fringe team I’d agree with you, but these additions (including the possibility of Crosby and Malkin back) won’t do much to affect the Bruins making the playoffs, and in a 7 game series, they have a decided advantage thanks to the maintained depth and size advantage over every team in the east (thanks Philly for that)

  22. Andy says:

    Arnott & Langenbrunner to St. Louis…

    • mcpuck says:

      St. Louis is what the Bruins were before PC and Claude… a team for old guys to die… they MAYBE make the playoffs again… 6th 7th or 8th seed, and get bounced by the strength of the top 5 teams in the West.

      They need to get a bit younger and address the lack of consistency on the offensive side of the puck. Losing Boyes hurt them BAD and I think these additions don’t do much aside from “character” stuff.

  23. Haus says:

    WSH- is 1.8mil over the cap, probably will move Semin
    BUF- has to sign their RFAs, another D, and a backup Goalie, has only 335,000 in cap space. They will have to move a top 6 forward.
    PHI- lost Richards, Carter, and Leino. Pronger is iffy with injuries racking up.
    PIT- will get Crosby and Malkin back, yes; but lost what I feel was a heart and soul guy like Talbot. Probably Rupp too.
    NYR- always underachieve
    TOR- will be hoping Connelly will finally stay healthy, Liles is being asked to take a greater role than he can handle.

    Yes some teams got better, MTL will be tough, TB may be stronger as well if Rolly doesn’t start showing his age. The Bruins and Chiarelli were beyond wise staying out of this horrendous UFA class and locking up Bergy and Chara. Look for them to get something done with Krejci during the season, and maybe a few others. Keep in mind, we did our improving at deadline day, and avioded overspending on guys like Kelly and Peverley with good contracts. Caron and Kamper could of been on this team all season but got caught in a numbers crunch, many other places would have had them skating 82. The goal is to be Cup competitive every year with homegrown players and cap savvy, much like DET. Good on them for not “keeping up with the Joneses”, especially with this crop of Randy Joneses. Don’t throw away your organizational plan because some teams mortgage their future with silly money to 3rd and 4th liners. Keep in mind the cap will go DOWN next year. Give your guys a chance to blossom.

  24. Andy says:

    Again, I’m not saying that we have to be big spenders here, but you cannot deny that almost every team has improved in the EC.

    And you also cannot base past performances on what is going to happen in the future. Prior to the 2008 season, what would you have said about the TB Rays? “Oh, they suck!” And they go to the WS!! The point is that I’m not saying WSH or PHI is going to the Cup Final because they got Vokoun & Bryzgalov, respectively, but you cannot argue with the fact that they were strong teams before and those 2 are better than what was a weak position for both. Is VIlle Leino worth 4.5 mil. Of course not, but he’s better than what they had. Is Richards going to bring NYR a Cup? Probably not, but again, better than what they had, which makes these teams better and more compeition for the B’s. Not sure how you can argue that…

    And again, I’m more than fine w/ Corvo for Kaberle. However, we lost 90 pt production from Ryder & Recchi. We signed a guy that has been an underachiever and we’re counting on a rookie or two to make up for that? I’m sure you can understand how one might be hesitant to be 100% on that.

    Now, we may not be done, either via trade or a smaller FA signing (again, I’d like to see a guy like Cory Stillman, who still has juice left and is a veteran presence), but given how other teams have improved and how much more competitive this conference has gotten, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to stand pat and to rely on rookies and a classic underachiever to make up for what we lost…

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