Who Is On the Bruins List?

Just some names the Bruins are probably looking at.

Simon Gagne
Marek Svatos
Tomas Kaberle
Ian White
Anton Babchuk
Nicolas Bergfors
Jamie Langenbrunner

I would expect 1-2 of those guys to be Bruins in the next day or two.


3 Responses to Who Is On the Bruins List?

  1. mcpuck says:

    I think the key to any signings is going to be length of contract. The reason I don’t think Gagne will sign is he’ll be looking for a nice 3 or 4 year deal and he’ll get it on the open market. With teams searching for the cap floor, I think the Bruins get out bid on him, especially with PC looking forward to next years cap situation and wealth of FA’s.

    Also, I’m curious to see how the Mark Savard situation pans out. I haven’t heard much as to whether he’s trying to return, but I imagine he’ll drag it out longer than need be, and that’ll hurt the team as far as signing FA’s because they need to be wary of his cap hit if he’s ready.

  2. lucas says:

    bring in langenbrunner on a 1 yr. deal. good vetran leadership then sign Bryron bitz to a minor league deal, maybe 2 yrs.

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