Get Their Man

The Bruins and Carolina hooked up over the weekend as the Bruins shed themselves of the media headache that had become of Tomas Kaberle and traded for Joe Corvo to replace him. It should be noted that the Bruins acquiring Corvo was mutually beneficial because it cleared up the necessary cap space for the Hurricanes to sign Kaberle.

Both players are nearly identical from a physical standpoint. Corvo is 6’1″ 205 pounds, and Kaberle is 6’1″ 214lbs. But, and it’s a big one, Corvo’s blend of offense and physicality will mesh well with this group in Boston, and Kaberle’s run and gun style of defense will also fit the transition game down in Carolina.

Most importantly though, the move clears up both a question mark on the blue line, and a little bit of cap space. Corvo’s hit is 2.5 million and he becomes an UFA at the end of this coming season.

It seems PC may still have some tricks up his sleeve.


2 Responses to Get Their Man

  1. cebbie says:

    Checking out some Corvo highlights – he does have a wicked shot and no hesitation to shoot total opposite to Kaberle – Noticed he is wearing number 77 – guess that will have to change..

  2. Andy says:

    Interesting stat…last year and in 2008-09 when he played full seasons (he only played 50 gms in 09-10), he had 191 & 213 shots on goal, respectively…

    Not many D get to 200 shots on net. Last yr, he was 9th among D and in 08-09, he was 6th…

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