Slowing Down

The unprecedented frenzy that kicked off the recent free agency period has seemingly fizzled into a vat of simmering rumors and speculation. As the smoke clears, the Bruins team is much in tact and very little has changed aside the obvious departures of Michael Ryder and Tomas Kaberle.  It’s a reasonable expectation that Joe Corvo, who the Bruins acquired from the Carolina Hurricanes for a 4th round pick, will step in and play solid minutes. Still, the departure of Michael Ryder leaves a hole up front, and it remains to be seen if the signing of Benoit Pouliot was a mere depth move.

With as many talented prospects signed down in Providence, there’s really no rush to anoint any one player, even Pouliot, as the heir apparent. A team returning as many skaters as this one has, will likely require very little tinkering, so they’ll let the young guys duke it out for the spot.

With any position battle in any sports, the media likes to hype a few guys more than others. In this case, I’ve seen a few names pop up over the last few days. Jordan Caron is at the top of that list, and guys like Ryan Spooner, Jared Knight, and Max Suave have had their due. With the addition of the 24 year old Pouliot, it’s likely to come down to this short list of players who vie for the final roster spot.

My head says it’s Pouliot’s job to lose, and only because they went out and asked him to sign on, but consider the leash short.  Right on his heels is Jordan Caron, who had some moments, and a decided chemistry on a line with Bergeron in his limited NHL ice time.  In the end, the Bruins won’t look much different, but the mystery will be fun to watch unfold.



28 Responses to Slowing Down

  1. mcpuck says:

    In truth, there’s two spots open on this roster, what with Recchi and Ryder gone. My gut tells me we’ll see Pouliot and Caron win em’ out of camp, but there really isn’t any guarantees.

    Horton – Krejci – Lucic
    Caron – Bergy – Marchand
    Kelly – Peverley – Pouliot
    Thornton – Campbell – Paille

  2. Bruins says:

    It probably won’t happen because it’s either OHL or NHL for him, but Spooner deserves a spot. He’s just an incredible player. He’s blowing everyone away at camp yet again. Of course, we’ll have to see if he can do it against the vets again, but based on talent, he should get a spot on the roster.

  3. cebbie says:

    Whats the hold up with getting Marchand signed –
    Trade coming?
    – Rask and Marchand to Tampa for St Louis .
    – Thomas Marchand Mcquaid to Tampa for Stamkos ?
    I think the Thomas and St Louis BFF factor may be in play

    • goosegoose35 says:

      rask and marshmont for st louis would be the dumbest trade ever.

      • bruins4eva says:

        remember its jordan caron….and jared knight…lol….i would love to see spooner get a chance…so jack edwards can have fun with that name

      • cebbie says:

        I never said it would be a good idea – just cant understand why Marchand is not signed yet – Maybe his head got a little too big after last year.

    • Bruin$ 4 life! says:

      are you fucked? timmy is worth 3 of stamkos the only way id trade timmy marchand and mcquaid, is if stamkos, hedman, downie and 2 first rd picks and a 2nd rd pick come back

      • ELWOPPO says:

        Now ur talking crazy! Stamkos for Timmy is a steal! The kid scored 50 last year! and he’s what 21 years old? Thats just scary! I Love Timmy but he’s got 3 MAYBE 4 years left in him! Use ur brain!Stamkos will be potting 60 goals in his prime!

      • Bruin$ 4 life! says:

        goaltending wins championships my friend i think the bruins a case and point, you can have a guy who scores 100 goals unless you have a good goalie your done. rask is good, but hes not timmy good,he will be good eventually and i really dont want stamkos he takes away a spot from one of our young guys or dan paille who had an amazing playoff

  4. Debruins says:

    who the hell is Matt Hamil? Isn’t it Zack, either way he’s a bust, maybe Matt is better than Zack.

  5. bergeronforselke says:

    its actually Zach lol

  6. mcpuck says:

    okay okay okay guys, this was a bit of a flop post. It’d been days since I posted and it seems I’m the only one alive here (again) so I figured I’d post despite being nearly brain dead. I made a few (yup… a few) mistakes, my bad.

  7. Bruins says:

    Here’s a question. With Ryder and Kaberle gone, and Ference being a stud last year, is there even one Bruin who is even slightly overpaid? Remember that Savard doesn’t count against the cap if he doesn’t play.

  8. mook says:

    you guys are already talking trades? good gravy.

    i’m interested to know what division we end-up in. if winnipeg joins the central and bumbs detroit to the northeast…where do we go?

  9. Bruins says:

    The Wild owner said MIN and WPG will move to the Central Division with CHI, NSH and DAL (and possibly CBJ too). That makes zero sense geographically but I guess it is what it is.

    That would (probably) make the other two West divisions:

    Southwest – SJS, LAK, ANA, PHX, STL/CBJ
    Northwest – VAN, CGY, EDM, COL, STL/CBJ

    And the East with Detroit:

    Southeast: FLA, TBL, CAR, WSH, PIT
    Atlantic: BOS, NYR, NYI, NJD, PHI
    Northeast: DET, TOR, MTL, OTT, BUF

    Either way, both Columbus and St. Louis are getting royally fucked over.

    Here’s what it should be:

    Northwest: VAN, CGY, EDM, WPG, COL
    Central: DET, CBJ, CHI, STL, MIN
    Pacific: Same

    Northeast: Same
    Atlantic: Same
    Southeast: FLA, TBL, CAR, WSH ,NSH

  10. Bruin$ 4 life! says:

    guys, can someone tell me why Zach Hamill is a bust? he looks good in the couple games ive seen him in

  11. zamer says:

    I think that other teams are adding grity players in our conference because they seen how the bruins won the cup.Caron,pouliot will give us size but if I were gm I would like to see Mcdermaid with campbell and thornton from what Ive read about him hes a big kid plays hard is tough and can shoot the puck.Paille is ok when he wants to play,its time to bring in some guys from providence and given a chance and these three are big guys.

  12. ELWOPPO says:

    just had an arguement with my friend! (A leaf fan might I add) He says Bruins fans are all retards if we didnt except Stamkos in a trade for Krejci and Seguin! He laughed at me when I said no deal! Doesnt he realize that Seguin is expected to be our future captain and Krejci is our number one center! An an awesome one at that!

  13. seguin>hall says:

    Boys.. We just won the stanley cup.. Can we please refrain from using the word “trade” for at least a couple months.

  14. bruins4eva says:

    mark my words losing michael ryder is a big loss …and i hate to say that but he was huge for us in the playoffs….remember his glove save against montreal….and his huge OT winner in that series….he probably single handly save our season in that series

    • bruins4eva says:

      oh by the way i HATE him as well but the guy was huge for us…

      • Gcole says:

        I feel the same way! Never like him much but he did do great in the playoffs and saved our ass

      • Richardo says:

        I agree as well…. though I also feel he isnt worth 3.5mil/yr on this team… he’ll disappear down in Dallas… especiallly if they miss the playoffs…

  15. mcpuck says:

    For those of you against the talk of “trades” and such, keep in mind this is the slowest part of the summer for us. It keeps the mind sharp to posture on ridiculous and unrealistic trades. Makes us feel whole haha.

  16. ELWOPPO says:

    Mcquad signs 3year extention! Details to follows!

  17. Andy says:

    I’m gonna throw this out there – just for debate purposes, cause I am debating w/ myself on this (which will probably never happen anyway).

    What are your thoughts on signing Kovalev?

    Obviously, he’s 38 yo, the Randy Moss of hockey in terms of effort at times, and is awful defensively.

    However, he’s still got some of the sickest hands in the game, would immediately help our PP, and if you can get him at $1 mil, would be a decent 3rd line option…

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