Passing of the Torch

Lost in the continued coverage of the Stanley Cup victory is the fact that with the retirement of Mark Recchi, the assistant captaincy remains in limbo. With a team chopped down the middle with veteran leadership and rising stars, it should be interesting to see with whom the “A” lands.

The obvious choice, in my mind, and that of many fans, would be to hand the “A” to a guy like Andrew Ference. Despite nagging injury issues, Ference has managed to endear himself to his fellow teammates, and has made a name for himself as a guy who will stand up for anyone on the ice. His vocal leadership and ability to keep his head in the game will translate well along side the stoic leadership of Captain Zdeno Chara and the other assistant Captain Patrice Bergeron.

The issue is far from over here though. Kelly and Peverley have both been mentioned around internet forums, and guys like Milan Lucic can make a strong case, but it remains to be seen whom this team will look towards for leadership in this coming season.

I know you’re probably sick of polls, so this will be the last one for a while.


26 Responses to Passing of the Torch

  1. Bruin$ 4 life! says:

    in my opinion it should be shwan thornton hands down

  2. bergeronforselke says:

    lucic. he is a born leader. been captain of a team before

  3. seguin>hall says:

    Are you guys serious? The “A” will be given to its rightful owner.. Tim Thomas

  4. mook says:


  5. Bruins says:

    Thornton. Wouldn’t mind Seids either. Ference wouldn’t be bad either but then again he did throw Paille under the bus that one time.

  6. bergeronforselke says:

    bergeron C
    chara A
    lucic A

    • Mcpuck says:

      They wont take the captaincy away from chara. Not at this point. But my main problem with lucic is I dont think hes completely figured himself out yet. Thornton would work for me too

    • Jefe77 says:

      Its not that they would take the C from Chara, but my argument for 4 years has been the same; Bergeron is the true heart and soul of this team. Pretty sure it’s in Chara’s contract to remain captain, at least that’s what I’ve heard (which seems ridiculous that Neely or PC would honor that).

      Give the ‘A’ to Lucic, and let the world know that’s what style of hockey the B stands for.

  7. wreck. says:

    Thornton. No doubt. The guy is the definition of a true teammate. If there is any doubt, watch the CBC feed of the on ice cup celebration. He’s the first guy that mentioned Savvy – after quite a few other B’s player interviews. That speaks volumes to me about the kind of guy he is in the room.

  8. mook says:

    Bruins win the cup and you guys want to strip chara of the C?

    • mcpuck says:

      I don’t think anyone’s really arguing for Chara’s removal as captain. He’s taken his leadership to a new level over the last few years. He is, in my opinion, one of the best Captains in the NHL.

      Proved it this year.

  9. Bruins says:

    I actually do think Bergeron is the heart and soul of this team but that’s a credit to Bergeron rather than a slight to Z, who is a fantastic captain and leader in his own right. Taking the “C” off of the captain of a successful team, let alone the Cup Champion, is just retarded.

    And I agree with Mcpuck about holding off on Lucic right now. For whatever reason I don’t think he has completely figured himself out yet. Eventually he’ll get an “A” for sure.

    Even though it’s stupid to speculate 7 or more years down the road when Chara has retired, it’ll probably be:

    C – Bergeron
    A – Lucic
    A – Seguin

    If any relatively young players on the team are Bruins for a very long time, if not life, I’d have to think it’ll be these guys, although Seguin is obviously way more up-in-the-air than Bergeron or Lucic. Horton gets consideration too along with Hamilton, depending on how he develops. All of these guys have qualities you look for in a captain or assistant captain. I don’t see Krejci as captain material.

    • Jefe77 says:

      I don’t think myself or anyone alluded to removing the C from Z as Bruins mentioned…its more just recognition of Bergeron’s career long commitment and passion to be a Bruin.

      Chara is absolutely one of the best captains in the league, and talk of any issue now is a moot point after proving he could lead a team with so much built up expectations from a 40 yr drought to a Cup victory.

  10. seguin>hall says:

    Again.. We have a 37 year old guy who just won the Conn Smyth and Vezina (2 in 3 yrs). He is not affraid to throw.a massive body check, enjoys fighting assholes like alex burrows, and always has his team’s back. I can almost gaurantee he gets the “A”.. And he deserves it.

    • CCMGoalie says:

      I agree that he deserves it, but, (even as a former goalie/captain myself) it’s VERY difficult to pull off without problems. My main concern would be giving the A to Timmy and putting too much pressure on him, but also in a more legisitical concern: Goaltenders cannot cross their blueline during gameplay. Therefore if Thomas were to go up the ref’s circle and question a call if Chara and Bergeron aren’t available he would not be able to go and approach the Referees and state his case. He also wouldn’t be able to communicate with Julien and the other coaches very easily. I love Thomas as a leader, and he still can be without a captaincy thrown in there.

      I think Thornton is also another choice that would be great, but is even better as a non-elected leader because he’ll be able to be intense without having the stigma of, “What is there assistant Captain doing starting fights like these?” (Personally I think that’s bullshit and he’d make a great Assistant Captain, but I still think he’s better as a presence and a guy for intensity)

      I think an option people haven’t really looked to yet is possibly sliding that assistant captaincy to Greg Campbell. The guy doesn’t back down from anyone, puts 100% into every shift, and leads by example. He has an intensity factor that compliments his leadership style without going too far over the line, as Thornton can occassionally I think Campbell would be a great choice, he’s not too young (i.e. Seguin, Marchand) and he’s not too far into his career that he could be possible trade bait. (i.e. Seidenberg, Kelly, Peverley) He’s going to be a Bruin for a long time. Management loves him, fans love him, and the players respect him. (Despite ties to his dickbag father) Just an alternate suggestion.

      • bergeronforselke says:


      • CCMGoalie says:

        Too much pressure on him right away. He will take a hold of one of those letters soon, but not just yet. His streakiness is still pushing me from making him that leadership figure just yet. Couple more years of maturing and it won’t be a question.

  11. mook says:

    wheeler signs for way too much in winterpeg.

    • Vince_m says:

      We really have to get to the cap floor and I think that’s why they gave Wheeler so much.

      • Bruins says:

        We? What?

      • Vince_m says:

        We as in Winnipeg – the Jets need to get to the cap floor. As far as I know they are far from it. From what I have read in the paper they keep signing mostly AHL players that have played with the Moose. It was even mentioned that won’t sign Hindy even though he has said he would love to play for the Jets.

  12. Neelyforpres says:

    I’m pretty sure they don’t HAVE to give it to anyone. You don’t have to have two assistants. I think they will give it to Thornton, just look at the difference in the team when he started playing in the Vancouver series. He’s becoming a Boston icon. Goalie as a captain is rare and just logistically awkward. If he’s not in net he can’t fulfill his duties and I think they have to name an alternate.

    Great site.

  13. Studlycodfish says:

    Bruins sign Knight and Spooner to entry-level contracts,good stuff. Go Bruins Go!!!

  14. bdolo says:

    With all this young talent waiting to come up to the play with the big boys. How are these kids gonna get any playing time? Who’s going to be fighting for jobs this season?

  15. seguin>hall says:

    Spooner is VERY good.

  16. Bruins46 says:

    So many options here as multiple players are deserving. My vote goes to Shawny…toughest guy in the league, now a 2-time cup winner and a natural leader.

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