Do Bad Trades Still Work?

Looking back at the Kaberle deal, it’s easy to say we got the short end of the stick. With what we gave up to get him (1st round pick, 2nd round pick, Joe Colborne) it seems in hindsight we may have been better off keeping our capital and going on without Kaberle. Still, the fact remains that the Bruins went on to finish the season 14-6-4 and in case you’ve been living under a rock, they won the Stanley Cup.

So how much does a trade affect the team mentally?

I’ve always contended that when ownership shows a commitment to winning, the team follows suit. If you’re in the locker room, wondering what you have to do to bring home the trophy, doesn’t a deal like the Kaberle one instill confidence that you’ve got what it takes to make a serious run?

Before the trade, our power play was dismal at best… after? It was a disaster. But you saw how guys like Milan Lucic (30 goals in the regular season), rookie Brad Marchand (21 goals and 41 points in 77 games) and leaders like Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara taking over games, responded.

I also contend that giving up draft picks is a much more sound philosophy than trading away prospects, yet is it worth it to watch those picks and prospects develop in another system for a crack at the cup?  If we’d finished the season and got beat by Montreal or Philly, I may have said yes.  It was a steep price for a player who gave little contribution to the overall success we had. But the fact remains, we persevered through the inept power play and often shoddy defense from a certain “short term solution” to win it all.

I pose a question. How important are trades like this to the team psyche, and can ownership and front offices affect a team merely by making a big trade, even when on paper, it doesn’t work out?


10 Responses to Do Bad Trades Still Work?

  1. Gcole says:

    “incase you’ve been living under a rock, the bruins won the Stanley cup” ummmmm wait a minute, isn’t this the same blog that apparently WAS living under a rock during the finals and didn’t even post a fucking thing, and never recognized them winning?!

  2. Mcpuck says:

    hey now. I wasn’t writing for this site then gcole. I jumped on because Matt wanted someone to help, and I’ve tried to keep posting despite being the only one here

    • Gcole says:

      Yeah my bad I didn’t look who posted that, pretty sad that they never said anything! Christ I remember them posting nonstop shit about getting kovalchuk!! But being in the finals and WINNING THE CUP didn’t generate one post? WTF

  3. seguin>hall says:

    And… This was the best post on this site since the bruins traded Phil Esposito. I agree 100, without the trade, the b’s don’t win the cup.

    • mcpuck says:


      I don’t think everyone would agree with us S>H, but I truly believe commitment has to be from the top down, can’t just be with the players. If you look at the teams that have won the cup in the recent past, there’s been a few things present in (almost) every cup winner.
      1. Great drafting/player development.
      2. The willingness to spend on players who make your club better (even if on paper).
      3. And the foresight to make the “right” trade.

      Now, we all know the Bruins have had a myriad of success drafting players, and supplementing youth through signings and trades (IE Rask, Wheeler…)

      Now with Trades/Signings, by saying the “right” move isn’t an indication of how well those moves worked, but more so it’s indicative of how willing a team is to admit they have a hole, and that same willingness to find a solution.

      Before PC was here, we had to watch an inept GM make the “wrong” trades at the “wrong” time. We watched ownership show decided reluctance to spend money. We watched a coach hamstrung by these factors try and coach a team of 3rd liners (and did a fairly decent job of it during the 2000’s all things considered).

      The change? All of the above. Jacobs spent money, PC made smart, even if unsuccessful moves. Julien instilled confidence in his system, and the leaders showed the team how to play as a team.

      This bodes well for the future, as the key to a successful championship is a well oiled machine, not just a few shiny looking gears.

  4. ELWOPPO says:

    Long Clip but worth watching! Starts off in good fun but gets worse and worse!!!

  5. Bruin$ 4 life! says:

    what kinda stuff is on the championship DVD?

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