“Why they ain’t signed Marchemont”

If you’re like me, and you spend more than your fair share of time perusing the major sports sites reporting hockey, then you’ve no doubt read the well circulate quote from Brad Marchand.

“They know I want to be here. I know they want me here.”

The statement as a whole, which he was quoted as saying at the Stanley Cup DVD Premier, smells of confidence, whether genuine or manufactured. But despite this, we’re left wondering what in the world is taking so long? After all, he did have a phenomenal playoffs, outscoring a slew of recognized superstars with 11 goals in 25, including outscoring both Daniel Sedin (9) and Ryan Kesler (7), who both played the same amount of games. When playoff performances are judged at a premium, it’s rather perplexing when a deal is prolonged such as this.

But is it?

It’s difficult for the average fan to put in perspective how much of your time disappears after you win the Stanley Cup. I, like you, have never known the sweet taste of drinking from the glorious challis. Yet, if one were to think on it, the Bruins haven’t stopped going. Since winning the cup, the Boston Bruins players and brass have been spotted everywhere. From local appearances, Foxwoods, and several hometown visits, it’s not hard to imagine a distinct lack of time.

With all of that said, is it any real surprise that the two sides, which both sound confident a deal is forthcoming, haven’t had the time to really sit down and discuss what Brad Marchand’s really worth? I imagine as the furvor around the cup victory continues to dwindle, the amount of time The Bruins and Brad Marchands camps spend on this will increase exponentially.

In the words of Marchand himself, we can probably expect “getting something done in the next week or two.”


6 Responses to “Why they ain’t signed Marchemont”

  1. mcoldpuck says:

    nothin to worry about. me thinks the “brass” as you put it, discovered him, had the guts to play him, and rode him all the way to the cup. I’ll go out on a limb and say we haven’t seen the last of the ‘Marchmont‘ jersey!

  2. Haus says:

    You are spot on, Mcpuck. Of course he will be signed soon, anyone who believes there is even a sliver of possibility he won’t must be new to the NHL. Really, how many Restricted FA’s have ever been signed by another team? And I mean guys on the roster, not minor leaguers that are RFA. I’m sure you could count them with one hand.

  3. Haus says:

    I could have put that better. Only 1 player,Dustin Penner 4 years ago today in fact, has changed teams via an offer sheet since the lockout. Penner cost EDM over 4mil a year their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks the following draft(2008). Very unlikely to happen.

  4. Jefe77 says:

    I don’t know…..but it seems rather obvious that there is NO REASON to have any question that this contract is a matter of time.

    There is no reason to rush negotiations. There is no reason to think that an offer sheet will be signed. There is no reason to think that they would trade Marchand, no reason to think they would decide to not even offer him a contract, and hire him as a Belorussian scout. There is no reason to think they are going to do anything at all, except sign him when they do.

    People are probably busy enjoying this thing….called the Stanley Cup. This is a non-issue, non-news bearing subject. Except that Bruins fans seem to be lividly pursuing ANY team news at all. Who can blame all those fans looking for substance….the fact of the matter is….any Bruins fan who exhausted themselves mentally 1% as much as i did en route to the Cup…can just chill the fuck out, and enjoy a celebration that doesn’t even necessarily define Bruins hockey.


  5. Trent says:

    More coin for the Nose Face Killah.

  6. girls of desire…

    […]“Why they ain’t signed Marchemont” « Bruins Rumors and News[…]…

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