Where Are We Now

** HEADS UP ** I just want to let you guys know I’m taking off for vacation for the next five days. So if there are no posts until Sunday, fear not, for I will be back.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll toss you guys one last bone until I’m back.

With the offseason creeping slowly towards a close and with camps and preseason seemingly right around the corner, it’s fair to look at how our team progressed or digressed in the offseason.  Assuming that Marchand resigns (and I’m confident he will), this team remains relatively unchanged aside from the departure of Ryder and Kaberle.  I, like many of you, think this team is better off standing pat. Regardless of any moves that may or may not be coming, we can assume this team will compete for glory yet again.

But what about the other teams in the East. There’s been a good amount of movement as teams posture to improve on their 2010-2011 seasons. Buffalo looks very different with Tim Connolly running for the hills and Christian Erhoff and Ville Leino donning the slug jersey. Montreal, as we’ve been accustomed too, made a few moves, losing Halpern, Pouliot and Hamerlick and adding Erik Cole and a few other role players. Toronto doesn’t even look like the same team, and Ottawa… well I don’t think we have too much to worry about there.

I believe this Bruins team will be a better team in all aspects of the game. They’re power play can only continue to improve, their PK and 5 on 5 game will be as good if not better, and in overtime, this team finally has confidence. I full expect them to finish first in the Northeast, and challenge Washington and Pittsburgh for the title in the Eastern Conference.

I’d like to know where we all stand on this though. Did they make the right moves? Would you have liked to see some more action on the front ends parts? Will anyone compete with Boston for the Northeast title? And how will Boston stack up against the other East powerhouses.

Let us know in the comments!

** PS ** I will be on here on my phone, so I can participate somewhat.  See you guys in 5!


14 Responses to Where Are We Now

  1. Bruin$ 4 life! says:

    the Benoit Pouliot move reallt puzzles me, he has HORRIBLE stats, and is certainly not a replacement for Ryder. I really like Corvo i personally think he is underrated, he will be an asset on the powerplay and will help the transition game. Corvo is similar to wideman except Joe, isnt a turnover machine. Corvo is also the poor mans Kaberle, very good addition. I would love to see Jordan Caron, Ryan Spooner, Maxime Sauve and Zach Hamill compete for roster spots. Dougie Hamilton will be mostlikely sent back to juniors for this season, simply too much depth for him to compete for a roster spot. Barkowski, Kampfer and Alexandrov will be competeing for 7th D spot. Thomas and Rask will probalbly split the games unless Thomas steals the show again this year. All in all the Bruins are a force in the east and will compete for the presidents trophy and a Stanley Cup repeat. Cant wait for next season!!!!!!!!!

  2. lucas says:

    dont forget ko ko and arniel also could challenge…i think the favorites have to be caron, spooner and knight…also Pouliot is a very talented player just hasnt gotten things to work at the nhl level yet…his is a low risk high reward guy…his he plays to what he is capable of he is a complete steal at 1 mil. and if you plays terrible its only 1 mil so they could find away to get rid of him

  3. Gcole says:

    Did matt and pekese die? What other excuse is there to disappear during the finals and after winning?!

    • CCMGoalie says:


      Sarcasm: harsh or bitter derision or irony (not directed at you Gcole just hopefully warding off the idiots who get on here and bitch too much that there hasn’t been an update, they have lives outside of this site guys, give them a break)

      • Gcole says:

        I’m not complaining much really it just boggles my mind what would have priority over the bruins in the Stanley cup finals, and winning!! I know I didn’t go anywhere on a game night, fuck everyone else who knows the next time they’ll be there!

  4. Studlycodfish says:

    Here’s a question guys, What’s going on with Savard will he be back ( which I hope he is as long as he is able to) or does he retire and that money’s come off the cap? Plus I hope Savy gets his name on the cup!! Go Bruins Go!!!!

  5. backbruin says:

    well we have 8.7 million and still have to sign marchand….i can see that being close to 9 million over 3 years…so that gives us just under 6 million…and if savy doesnt play then does that make it 11 million????

    bruins, fill me in on the numbers bro…your like our sites accountant!!thanks

  6. Dookie says:

    At present, the Bruins have $8,747,024 available cap space and the roster is at 20 players (2 goaltenders, 6 defensemen, 12 forwards). They usually carry 7 D so I suspect that they will add either Kampfer, Bartkowski or Alexandrov to the roster, all of whom carry a cap hit of $850,000. Their 12 forwards include Savard ($4,007,143), but does not include Marchand.

    I suspect that Marchand will get $3M thereby leaving cap space of $4,897,024. Personally I don’t see Savard returning. He didn’t look all that well last month when he was interviewed at the parade and seemed quite uncertain about his career. Whether through retirement or LTIR, the Bruins should get additional relief thereby bumping the cap space to $8,904,167

    With Savard out and Marchand in, that we still leave the Bruins with 12 forwards. Claude likes to carry 13 forwards so I suspect that Caron would be the choice. His cap hit is $1.1M and this will leave the Bruins with a completed roster and remaining cap space of $7,804,167. Note – included in that total is Seguin’s potential bonus of $2,650,000. I would love for him to reach all his bonus objectives, but if he doesn’t, it will only add to the available cap space.

    Great position to be in!! Reigning Stanley Champions, most of last year’s roster returning, promising rookies and juniors and a lot of cap space available. Great job Mr. Chiarelli!!

    • backbruin says:

      so is there any rumors of us going after anyone, seems like we have a lot of cap space!!! sign a good forward for 1 year 3.5 million and maybe a depth guy for 2 mill…sounds good to me!!

  7. Mcpuck says:

    the Bruins have been incredibly staunch in their no big moves policy. I doubt very much anything of consiquence comes aside from the Marchand signing

    • CCMGoalie says:

      Agreed McPuck, I don’t forsee PC making any big moves or even any big signings this summer. Why break up what’s working? Look at the Blackhawks, they had a great team, but couldn’t keep them together due to the Cap and this year they get bounced in the first round. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Marchand signing within the next week or so. I like what we have, we shouldn’t mess with it.

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