The Wait Continues

August 23, 2011

It seems the wait will go on, as the two sides have still not come to terms on a contract for cult hero Brad Marchand. Normally this wouldn’t seem all that disconcerting, as many rookies hold out for contracts they don’t nearly deserve, but this situation is quite different. I’m sure that as fans and armchair GM’s, we’ve prognosticated what should and will be done, and we’ve all got our own opinion as to why it hasn’t happened yet. But how likely are these scenarios?

The most likely explaination is that the two sides are slowly working the other until one is forced to give some kind of consession. From the Bruins front office’s point of view, Marchand is an exciting player, whose age and relative inexperience weighs heavier than his home town fan-following. From agent Wade Arnott’s point of view, Marchand is an exciting player whose burgeoning skills and ability to produce in the clutch will be a boon to the Bruins, or to any other team willing to pay him what he’s worth.

The question is what is he REALLY worth, and who stands to lose the most during the prolonged discussions? We all have our own opinions on whether he’s worth this amount or that amount, but in the end, there’s not much of a market for early 20’s pests who can score goals in a Stanley Cup Finals game seven victory… it’s just unprecedented.

Which is why as a fan, I can’t see why Boston doesn’t just swallow the pill and overpay. Even if you are overpaying for what you get from him statistically, the amount you get from jersey sales alone must be worth the risk. Besides, if he’s only as good as he was last year, wouldn’t you rather him playing for you than against you?


Fantasy Hockey

August 9, 2011

It’s been brutally slow on the Bruins News, and I’d rather not post needlessly, which is why I’ve been away for a bit. That being said, I know there’s some die-hard and knowledgeable hockey fans here (most of us are anyways). To those of you who play fantasy hockey, I was interested in running a little bragging rights BR&N fantasy league. If you’re interested, let me know in comments, if I get more than 10, the first 10 to respond will get precedent.


A Little Laugh

August 2, 2011

Unrelated to the Bruins I know, but I figured a laugh wouldn’t hurt anyone.

With EA Sports NHL 2012 slated to be released in just over a month (I’m a huge NHL video game nerd…) I thought it’d be fun to revisit the greatest NHL video game commercial of all time.