A Little Laugh

Unrelated to the Bruins I know, but I figured a laugh wouldn’t hurt anyone.

With EA Sports NHL 2012 slated to be released in just over a month (I’m a huge NHL video game nerd…) I thought it’d be fun to revisit the greatest NHL video game commercial of all time.


10 Responses to A Little Laugh

  1. bdolo says:


  2. mook says:

    Canucks signed Owen Nolan to a professional tryout. He is instantly the toughest player they have.

  3. seguin>hall says:

    Apparently they have an extremely tough equipment manager. Can rep 145 lbs on the bench 2.5 times. He may just be the toughest guy in the organization.

  4. mook says:

    anyone get the bruins cup dvds?

  5. seguin>hall says:

    Not yet, but I have watched game 7 30 times, no joke. My favorite part is the guys after Marchand scored the empty netter!

  6. Mcpuck says:

    I spent the last couple of days at Hampton for the Louis c k show and wore my two girls no cup shirt. Elicited many great comments lol

  7. Richardo says:

    Guys, take a look at TSN’s Carcillo press conference…. It’s pretty funny…. he calls out Maxim, Glass, & Raffi…..

    Oh and I didnt know guys like him get press conferences…

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