Savard Out for 11-12′

In an unfortunate twist, it seems that Bruins center Marc Savard will not be ready to play this season after suffering a season ending concussion 7 months ago. This news means that we’ve likely seen the last for the fiesty but productive center man, as 98.5 The Sports Hub was reporting that it’s likely Savard will retire from hockey. Whether this news is accurate or not, the news of his shut down is saddening.

Prior to his concussion at the hands of Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke, Savard was a point a game player on the Bruins top line. Following the first concussion, Savard was a shell of himself. Eventually a Matt Hunwick check ended last season prematurely for Savard. I know as a Bruins fan I’m pulling for Savard to recover and get one last crack at playing for the cup, but the prognosis is certainly grim.


13 Responses to Savard Out for 11-12′

  1. Gcole says:

    Sad but honestly this is not a surprise to anybody that follows the bruins, you knew it was gonna happen

  2. bdolo says:

    Not surprising, but very tough to hear. It wouldve been great to get to see Savvy back out there.

  3. mcpuck says:

    the only thing surprising to me is that with about a month left before the season starts, he’s already being shut down. There hasn’t been enough news stating he was having major set backs to make me expect it this early.

    I figured they’d try and get him on the ice for some non-contact stuff first, but maybe they’re just being mum. I have a feeling we’ve seen the last of the Savy-era 😦

  4. Mook says:

    Did they end-up putting his nameon the cup?

    • backbruin says:

      chia has petitioned the league, he is 16 games under the desired amount but they do make exceptions….let’s hope so in this case!!

  5. Studlycodfish says:

    Thanks for coming out Savy, you will be missed and with this news and his money coming off the books I suspect that Brad will be signed very soon!! Go Bruins Go!!!!

  6. ELWOPPO says:

    Thanks Again Cooke!!!

  7. Bruins says:

    Not surprising but this sucks. Savard, Chara, Thomas and Bergeron were the main pieces that turned the culture around in Boston.

  8. Bruin$4life says:

    it would be a shame to lose savard BUT we dont need him what more could anyone ask of this team? i would rather have savvy retire than play but not produce. look at Bergeron, it took him 2 full seasons to get back to his normal self luckily he was a younster savard is 34 i think, and by the time he get back into it he will be too old to even compete. i say hang em up, sorry marc, thats just the way it is

  9. Haus says:

    Here’s the deal: if Savvy retires a portion of his salary will count against the cap until the contract runs out. If the Bruins declare him medically unfit before every season, that cap space can be used.

  10. Ric says:

    with reguards to cook ,,, wouldn’t be nice if the rule was that the offender sits out 2 weeks longer then the injured player takes to recover ….and if they dont come back you are out of hockey ….
    That would be sweet

  11. Bruin$ 4 life! says:

    just my 2 cents on the crosby injury: karma is a bitch isnt it pittsburgh? remember the cooke hit? fuck you PIT!

  12. Seguin>Hall says:

    Ok so u guys know I’m a fairly knowledgable fan and have been on this site forever.. I knew this was coming, but somehow it is still incredibly difficult to swallow. I fell in love with Savy as he pulled Steve Ott from a pile of Stars in a line brawl 3 yrs ago, and he quickly became one of my favorites. That being said, I hope Matt Cooke dies very soon, in a very slow and painful manner. I also hope that pussy Sid the Cunt never plays another game again.

    P.s. I then hope Marion Lemuix crashes his Lexus on the way to Cooke’s funeral, and never moves his legs again.

    I’m mad.. Cooke is a repeat offender and an asshole.. Punish him!!!!

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