I created this site a few years back to give all Bruins fans a place where they could get all the latest information as possible.  I personally was having trouble finding a good site where I could find all the Bruins news in one place so I decided to make my own.  Bruinsrumors isn’t a site with insider knowledge or rumors created in message boards, but a site where we find everything Bruins and expose it to Bruins fans on one site.  I started the site at blogger, but it was harder to update so I moved it here to WordPress.  Here we will try to offer the best insight and updates as possible. Anything Bruins related will be here.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog.


Contact Information

If you have any comments, question or inquiries, please email us at bruinsrumors@yahoo.com.

NOTE:  If you email us, please do not leave the title blank, or anything spam-like, as we get a lot of spam and it may be deleted.  Please just type Bruinsrumors or something like that in the title of the email.

Link Exchange

If you own a site or blog, and are interested in exchanging links, send us an email and I’m sure we can work something out.  A little extra publicity for the both of us is never a bad thing.  We prefer that your site be about hockey in one way or another.

Interested in Writing?

If you are interested in writing for Bruinsrumors, please send us an email with a little information about yourself, and a potential post that you would submit on the blog.   We will gladly take a look at it and give you our feedback.


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